Sex Secrets

It was a promise. She promised me, and I was going to hold her to that promise firmly and securely.

She deliberately and sexually teased me with the blow pop (sucker), from day one, and I’d kept it with my pencils on my desk at work, fantasizing over this piece of candy and allowing for it to consume my every thought for the past several weeks. Now it was time for her to deliver. There was some very serious oral fixation and gratification coming up. Her name was Sweet and Sassy Thing, my gorgeous eye candy (who would give me the sweetest oral fuck)…Sweet and Sassy Thing was a one-of-a kind woman that made me weak in the legs and who gave me a shit load of pleasure. Man, she basically electrified my groin ablaze. My name is Stephen, and my woman is HOT & Sassy Thing, (Sometimes I just call her Sweet, or Sassy, or Sass, or just Sweet Sass or Sweet Ass). Anyway, we had planned this for just a little too long. Sweet and Sassy Thing gave me this blow pop on our first date, promising me a good, solid blow job very soon thereafter. Blow pop’s the one with the gum in the center, so after chewing and sucking on it for a long time, you get a nice soft, gushy surprise in your mouth.

We stayed aboard our city’s electric rail system and it was quiet. I just looked at her stooping on the floor and rubbing her pussy, as I pulled off my shirt and discarded it on the floor, and I approached Sweet & Sassy. The train was very still, stuffy, and airtight. I unraveled the crinkly cellophane wrapper from the red blow pop, slowly, while peering into her eyes and while her eyes peered back into mine. The candy was dry and I could see the dry crusting of the sugar all over it, but it was still smooth and I inserted the blow pop directly and purposely in the center of her waiting mouth. She sucked on it slowly like a baby, and I took it out of her mouth, slowly working with the flow of her natural hot saliva, and then re-inserted the candy and most of its stick into her mouth again. I did this like 10 to 12 times, and on the 13th, I grabbed her head with one hand, and undid my zipper with the other. With a one-handed, swift-swing motion, I took my balls, my throbbing cock, and basically my entire shaved package, and put it right in her face. “Hold the blow pop stick, ” I said. And, I placed my hand over hers, and guided her to suck the candy, and then, when I was ready, I took the candy away in one clean stroke, and inserted my cock in her mouth. “AHHHHHHHHgghhhhhh…..” the human-like sound escaped from me. Her mouth felt like a beautiful 102 degrees. It fit tightly and snuggly, all around my cock, just like the cellophane wrapper on the blow pop candy. So now, my cock was the blow pop and her mouth was its colorful covering.

The blow pop wrapper says that it is a bubblegum-filled pop, and that it is not labeled for individual sale. God, I hope that she doesn’t charge me cash for what I’m about to do to her. It was all too sweet, and too good. The flavor of the blow pop was cherry, and the flavor of my cock was musky and delicious, or so she said during the course of her moans and slurps of my pre-cum, and she went on to roll some sugary things in my ear, (Sassy’s my eccentric goddess, and now THE BLOW GODDESS), ”All I want to do is suck your big dick, baby. Now let me suck it, suck it, suck it…please! Pretty please with sweet squirts of pleasure on top?!! That’s all this real woman needs. Massive size and just the right texture and thickness…perfect dick measure…perfect artistic thrusts!” She also reminded me about several months ago when I stuck out my tongue, and went lickity, lickity against her fuzzy peach pussy. I couldn’t believe she was saying all of that, she was so-o-o horny and loved to suck. The only thing that’s disruptive over combining candy and blow jobs is that the sugar coats the mouth and disrupts the flow of the natural saliva, but Sweet & Sassy Thing took care of that problem. Now the sucking was getting to me, the dripping was sugary and spicy, sticky and perfect on my pulsating 9 inch cock. My throb was now red with the FD & C Red 40 or FD & C Blue 1 dye or food coloring from the blow pop candy. And like the candy, she loved it, she kept sucking and pulling and pulling and sucking while I fiercely fed her my big stuff.

So, with cock in one hand, and with my other hand clasped over hers, (which was holding the sticked candy); she got a good mouth-fucking. She deserved it…no, I deserved to receive it…Holding her head in my hands, I skillfully and masterfully screwed her in her mouth and rolled her mouth around my aching cock. It was so friggin’ hot; I started to sweat in my shaved pubic region as Sweet & Sassy Thing sucked my sweat and licked it up. I played with her and I was cute as I began rotating and offering candy for cock and cock for candy to her WAITING MOUTH, all along softly saying,

“Candy, Cock…Cock, Candy…Candy, Cock…Cock, Candy!” I was becoming the evil thrill master instructing her to,

“Suck it…Suck it long and hard baby! Pull the real candy from my balls!”

We were really into it, the Blow Pop and My Cock took turns ravishing her, in and out of her sweet mouth. For every long and hard suck on the candy, my cock got triple. We were having a threesome: the Blow Pop, Her Mouth, and My Cock. I toyed with her and sexually fulfilled my desires. My body and pelvis were shoved at her, my upper back resting against hard silver metal, the tiny train window barely allowing enough air to pass through. I began to motion and rock my cock at her face. In the c*****g heat of this closed train, I began spinning my cock right in her face and into her throat. She looked up at me in shock over my forcefulness, and then Sweet & Sassy Thing closed her eyes. It was hard for me to get all of my 9 inches into her tiny mouth, but I managed to get most of it in. I began to feed it to her nice and good, nice and solid right into the center of her mouth. My aim was meticulous, I didn’t even care anymore, I began giving it to her so good and so fast, that I almost dropped the blow pop. I placed what available hand that I had under her chin, and I exploited all of the control and worked my big stiff stuff so hard and so fast that I rendered her helpless to my aim and direction. ALL SHE COULD DO WAS TAKE IT! The small cabin began to smell like my musty pre-cum, sweat, and sex. I fucked her in her mouth the way that I wanted to, and she became the blower of *my* blow pop. “Suck my cock baby, suck my cock, suck it, suck it, suck it, and keep sucking it.” I was slowly losing my mind to myself.

Her big, pouty lips were quivering from my big cock sexing her mouth, and she cried,

“It tastes so good baby…”

It was time for another afternoon rush of excitement of train travelers, so the train engine rumbled and vibrated the entire hull of the passenger car. The hot and stickiness of the air was relieved by a sudden blast of the centralized combustion of cool air conditioning, so I could breathe, and I was thinking that my Sweet & Sassy Thing would be saved from this lack of oxygen. The train’s engine vibrated all the way down my bare back, and it felt so good. I swayed out of her mouth in the sudden forward propelling motion of the train, then I jumped into her mouth again, relishing in the fact that the hum and vibration from the engine would have pulsating POWER over my body, and I used this power to illicit and to dictate this sweet oral fuck.

I could feel her breath now exiting her nose all along my foreskin and cock. Sweet & Sassy Thing then slightly pulled my helmet down and awakened the really sensitive nerves. The real thrills started to come. Thrills like lightning that started at the center core of my stomach and shot out in hundreds of directions throughout my body. This felt so-o-o great!

“Give it to me!…Give it to me!” Sweet & Sassy managed to get these words out even with me bunched up in her mouth.

“I am going to cum so hard in your mouth!” I shouted out loud. “SASS! You don’t get it. (My voice was firm), I-AM-GOING-TO-C***E-YOU-TO-DEATH-WHEN-I-CUM-IN-YOUR-MOUTH!!!” And she began rolling her tongue and licking my cock all over…moaning that my cock was slick, long, hard, and sumptuous. The thrills started to come again. She sucked it, and rolled her tongue around it repeatedly…I began having little regard for the tenderness of her mouth, and began thunder-romping my ass in circles, and shoving it into her mouth! I took her head in my hands roughly, and whammed her HARD right in the center of her mouth. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten! —all the way to fifty! All she could do was to take it. Each rammin’-wham was outrageously delicious! I was squirting in her hot trap now. After I whammed her fifty fucks to the mouth, she started lapping all over my cock…like a wild, hungry puppy…going crazy over it…my cock…deep in her throat now….

She kept licking, and licking, and licking….

“Lick that dog! Lick that dog! (I was ramming it to her again, the HARDEST now!) Shove it down your throat and lick it, don’t ever want you to stop SASS!” I screamed at her.

The thrills were coming in even faster now. The suction was so perfect!! Just can’t hold on!! Her juicy, hungry mouth, eating me alive!

The blow pop falls to the floor and cracks…The blow pop wrapper is blowing in a corner against the suction of a tiny hole in the train’s side door. I slid down the train wall like a dead snake, with her continually rattling my cock while my come fills her mouth. I was too weak to thrust anymore. I dropped a tremendous loadx2 and pumped her mouth full of my cumx2. She swallows all, and I only had the energy to look at her cleaning me up, licking everywhere. Good little pussy. I some how found the energy to stretch and grab the blow pop off the dirty train floor; I put it in my mouth to clean the various filth off of it. Then I told her to suck the blow pop until it was all gone. Commuters and the Conductor would be coming again soon. This was some serious oral fixation and satisfaction. Sweet & Sassy Thing blowed the fuck out of my dick, and I’m the luckiest son-of-a-bitch EVER!