What a way to meet a girl and fall in love

The music was deafening enough a deaf man would could
have heard the noise. The club was crowded almost to
capacity. Jeff Wilson and the man beside him at the
bar kept bumping into each other. Jeff decided to get
out of there and go somewhere else that was a bit

As he finished his drink he noticed a crowd on the
other side of the floor hemming in a girl. He thought
he recognized her, an actress. People shoved paper and
little books at her they wanted her autograph.
Suddenly the paparazzi showed up. Somehow they got
wind of her and wanted expose’ pictures of her.

Jeff took all this in in a few seconds as the
paparazzi pushed through the crowd; a couple men took
swings at phototogs barging through the crowd nearly
starting a riot. Jeff wanted no part of this scene,
took the last gulp of his drink and decided the place
down the highway a country western bar was better
suited to his tastes.

He pushed his way through the crowd toward the front
door where two bouncers were having an argument with a
paparazzi over his lack of an ID. Seems he thought
because they were “paparazzi” they didn’t have to show
ID with birth date and a driver’s license. Wrong.

Jeff got outside, took a breath of fresh air, he
thought: “I don’t think I’ll be coming back here
anymore. I’m sticking with the country western set.
The only time they go nuts is when Allen Jackson or
Faith Hill shows up.” The place was stifling. The
sudden change from the ear shattering noise to just
the sound of the traffic was a jarring experience.

Crossing the parking lot to his black 4×4 Suburban
opening the door he noticed the young girl, what he
could see of her trying to get out to her car, the
paparazzi hounding her with flashing cameras and
others with microphones demanding some quote they
could misuse.

The girl was screaming for them to leave her alone.
She stopped long enough to scream at one to get away
from her. The one phototog looked at her like she was

Jeff watched for a few more seconds and decided this
had gone far enough. The girl could not even get to
her car, the paparazzi had her blocked in.

“Nah, this ain’t right.”

Getting in his truck, Jeff started it, pulled out of
the parking space to circle the parking lot then
flipped all his lights on for effect, and drove into
the crowd of paparazzi. He stopped amid the crowd.

Holding her hands to her face, the girl screamed. She
looked through her fingers and the tears when a black
Suburban pushed through the crowd stopping beside her.

Leaning over the seat her rescuer thrust the other
door open. “Get in! Hurry up, get in!”

The girl looked at the large truck then on impulse
pushed past the phototogs she yelled: “Get outta my
way asshole!” despite the tight fitting skirt and
heels she nearly jumped into the big truck slamming
the door shut on the group. “God I am glad to see

The girl pulled the door shut just as Jeff let out the
clutch. “Save the compliments for later sweetheart,
let’s make tracks.”

The girl wiped at the tears and stained mascara with a

Jeff rolled his window down long enough to grab one
guy’s camera, pulled it in with him still attached
with the lanyard. Jeff rolled the window back up; the
guy was screaming and banging on the window. Jeff took
out his Buck knife cut the camera loose, rolled the
window back down, punched the other in the face and
threw the camera back out.

“Go get yer camera, Junior.”

The camera hit the ground and bounced twice. The other
stared at it with his mouth open. “My camera!”

“Now let’s get the hell outta here,” Jeff said leaning
on the horn, he took off pulling out into the late
night traffic on the highway not looking either way.

The girl found the seat belt and buckled herself in.
“I hate to say this, but I don’t even know who you

“Jeff Wilson.” Jeff stopped at a traffic light
producing his badge. “OFI.”

“Amanda Krauss � um, actress, sometimes singer, mostly


The girl glanced at him thoughtful. He didn’t seem
overly impressed with her. However, Amanda leaned over
to look at the ID and badge pushing her dark hair back
from her eyes.

Jeff took the moment to look the girl over. He liked
what he saw; The girl was obviously young, maybe in
her mid-twenties. He liked the black mini-skirt half
way up her thighs with black stockings and black satin
blouse. Topping the ensemble off were a black faux
pearl necklace and black strappy heels. Although
disheveled from her experience he liked what he saw of

“What’s OFI? Never heard of it.”

“We’re one step below the FBI in the Justice
Department but just as important.” He snapped the case
closed to put it back in the jacket pocket.

“You’re a cop.”

“Um, not really. Was in the MP’s and CID in the Army.
OFI or Office of Federal Investigation sounded
harmless enough so I applied and got accepted.” The
light changed, the paparazzi were suddenly chasing
after them. “Oh, great here comes trouble. Hang onto
your boot straps, sweet heart we’re goina’ for a

“Where we going?” She suddenly had her doubts, she was
scared by this high speed chase.

“I’ll show you. Don’t be scared when I make a right
hand turn up a dead end street and head cross

“Cross country?”

“Yup. Ya want to lose this bunch of idiots, right?”

“Well yeah.” She looked back to see a couple of the
paparazzi pass slower cars.


Amanda watched as Jeff accelerated down the highway
passing other cars and trucks. He checked the rear
view mirror noticing they weren’t losing the paparazzi
any time soon. Amanda turned around again to watch the
paparazzi, it was like something out of a movie rather
than real life.

“I hope you know where you’re going?”

“Do this all the time. It’s my short cut home.”

“No kidding.”

She knew Wilson had her life in his hands as he slowed
long enough to make the sudden right hand turn up a
side street. Now the only thing that scared her was
Wilson’s driving.

Jeff turned the lights off, power shifted to low gear
made the right turn and drove to the end of the street
which ended but became a dirt trail. He slowed enough,
power shifted again without touching the brakes,
jumped the curb and drove onto the trail a short
distance � without the lights, crossed a ditch.

Amanda felt herself want to go airborne inside the
truck as he crossed the ditch. She realized she was
staring at an acre of hood in front of her the front
end clear the ground, front wheels still spinning then
it hit the ground with a thud.

“My god my stomach!”

Continuing a short distance Jeff made a sudden left
turn into a tree grove. Stopping he looked back,
smiling with satisfaction. “Now watch.”

Amanda looked back as the paparazzi stopped at the end
the street. “They’re going to see us.”

“Nope. That’s why I like black vehicles especially for
night. The license plates are coated with a lacquer
like paint to blank out any attempt at pictures, even
in day light. The windows are Mylar and tinted so they
don’t reflect light. And best of all, the manual
shifting. Oops, here they come. Now watch.”

Amanda loosened her seat belt to lean across Jeff to
watch the paparazzi pursuit. In the faint moon light
Jeff glimpsed her skimpy black bra and small pear
shaped breasts.

The first car jumped the curb the driver sped up along
the trail then hit the ditch head on crashing into the
ditch at full speed. The second car did the same
crashing into the rear end of the first. The others
turned left and right skidding to a halt, the drivers
realizing there was a ditch in the way.

“Oh my god!” she breathed watching the scene.

“I can just see the news tomorrow morning. What a
report this will make.”

She sat back down. “Now what?”

“Well, let’s get to the street then we’ll decide.”

He backed out of the tree grove, turned the lights on,
beeped the horn twice: “So long suckers!” And drove
across the field to the next street leaving the
paparazzi to yell at them.

Jeff drove on to the street took two more turns then
pulled in to an all-night donut shop. “Couple of
donuts and coffee to calm your nerves?”

She nodded her head. “Thank you.”

Amanda pulled a comb from her purse to fix her hair
and straightened herself first.

They walked in to the shop Jeff holding the door for
her, he looked the place over with a practiced eye to
detail: A couple cops, a couple other guys and the
shop cashier nearly lost their mid-night donuts and
coffee when they checked Amanda out. That black mini-
leather skirt gave everybody an instant hardon.
Getting a look at her in the light now he had a nice
hardon. They crossed the shop to an empty table.

They ate the donuts and drank the coffee mostly in
silence. They glanced at each other every few seconds
like two love sick teen agers.

“Thinking,” he said softly.

She nodded her head. “What do you want to do?”

Jeff thought she suspected what his ulterior motive
was. However, he was thinking along another track.

“Mind if I make a serious suggestion here?”

Amanda glanced up at him again. “Okay.”

“Just don’t be offended by my suggestion. If you don’t
like it, say so.” She stopped finishing her donut to
look at Jeff. “Guaranteed the paparazzi know where you
live and will be hanging around the place waiting for
you to return. They’re good for that stuff.”

“I live in a gated community. And besides I need some
sleep � and quiet.”

“My place.”

Amanda flicked a glance to the counter. She was out
numbered six men to her. She looked back at Jeff.
“Mind if I ask, is this for protection?”

“Very. Now the idiots won’t stop until they think they
can get the goods…” Jeff wagged his fingers in the
air. “Understand?”

“Like a book.” She finished the donut, wiped her hands
off. “I don’t suppose I have any choice now. But my

“A guy I know who does work on the truck has a
recovery service. If you want, I’ll have him pick the
car up in the morning.”


Jeff and the girl arrived at his town house which was
in a good section of the town. Jeff pulled the truck
into a garage parking so Amanda could get out and into
the house.

“Hold it. I’ll have to help you.”

Jeff got out, quickly circled the truck, Amanda all
but fell in to his arms. He was mildly surprised at
how light she was as he momentarily held her in his
arms. As Jeff lowered her slight form to the floor
their lips were but a few inches apart. She looked up
at him, suddenly she realized she owed him not her
life but her reputation.

The girl shyly turned away as she started toward the
house door. Jeff looked after her. She looked better
and better each time he was able to look her over. She
seemed to have been poured into the skirt. He started
to wonder how she got into the truck so fast with that
tight fitting leather skirt and heels on.

Jeff led her into the town house and to the kitchen
area. “Drink?”

Amanda looked at him with a grin as she settled on a
stool at the breakfast counter. “Beer?”


Jeff produced two pilsner glasses and two bottles of
beer. “Sorry, I don’t believe in that so-called light
stuff. Little better than carbonated dish water.”

Amanda shrugged.

He put the glass in front of her and they drank. He
finally said, “Okay, Amanda, sleeping arrangements…
You bed room. It has a separate door to the bathroom.
Me, I’ll take the sofa.”

“Oh I can’t take the bed room.”

“I insist.”

Amanda knew better than to argue at this point. After
all she reasoned, he saved her from the paparazzi. She
smiled again at the man who saved her. She took her
heels off to walk back to the bedroom. Jeff pulled out
the extra pillow and a blanket then went back out to
the living room.


Amanda closed the door and started to lock the door
then decided not to.

“See what happened.”

She crossed the room to the bed taking the blouse off.
She stopped thinking this was a strange circumstance
and coincidence that Jeff happened to be at the Club
and rescued her. Laying the blouse aside she took the
little bra off laying that with the blouse.

Jeff undressed down to his briefs, fixed the covers
and slipped under them. He was soon asleep and
dreaming of Amanda in the big bed alone.

The girl undressed down to her panty. As she pulled
the bra off she recalled feeling Jeff’s eyes briefly
staring at her and the blouse as it fell open as she
watched the paparazzi crash. Amanda knew Jeff could
plainly see the skimpy little bra and her nice young
breasts. Just the thought of a man like Jeff checking
her out sent a brief thrill though her.

Jeff looked at the clock on the entertainment center.
He woke up from his brief heavy sleep. A whole hour
passed and he was awake and he couldn’t go back to
sleep. The thought of the girl was still on his mind,
his cock was ridged as an axe handle. He slipped his
hand down to caress himself to sooth the aching. He
wondered what she’d be like in bed � sofa, anywhere.

“Nah, get real…”

Amanda wondered what he was like. She’d been tempted
many times by boys and men to go to bed with them just
for the satisfaction it’d give them to take her
virginity and use her for their pleasure. Her hand
slipped between her legs thinking about what it’d be
like. She knew the first time she would be taken by a
man it’d hurt. Then after that there would be pleasure
and beauty in it, especially from the right man � but
who and how would she know?

Frank tried to make himself comfortable on the sofa
but to no avail. He stared at the ceiling for a while
before turning over then he felt the hand and arm.

Only one person.


“Jeff, I couldn’t sleep.”

Jeff sat up turning the table lamp on. His eyes
adjusted to the light. Amanda sat beside him. All the
girl had on was the blouse and skimpy sheer panty. His
member gave a quick jerk as his eyes roved over the
girl’s nubile form. He slipped his arm around the girl
drawing her closer to him.

“Jeff, I still haven’t properly thanked you for the
way you rescued me.”

“No need to, Amanda. The way those hound dogs, and
I’ve called them worse, were after you, I’d have done
the same for anybody that’s hounded by them.”

Amanda smiled and leaned over to kiss Jeff. Mildly
surprised, Jeff met Amanda’s lips for a passionate
kiss, their lips and tongues met for the first time.
He slid his hand down her side then slowly back to her
breast feeling the soft stain tenderness of the flesh
and the small hard perky nipple through the satin. He
leaned her back to kiss and lightly suck on the base
of her neck then down her chest.

“Mmmmmmm,” she purred. “No one has ever done that to

Jeff ventured, “Virgin?”

The girl was embarrassed. She nodded her head. “Yes.”

“No boyfriend, partner or � otherwise?”

“None. I’ve known boys in high school, I’ve known men,
but I’ve never let any touch me the way you just did.

“Let’s take this to the bed room, more comfortable

He scooped her off her off the sofa into his arms
carrying her to the bedroom. Jeff carried her slight
form into the bed room laying her on the bed then
slipped in beside her.

Their lips met again then he kissed and lightly kissed
her neck.

Amanda folded herself in to Jeff’s arms as he casually
caressed her long dark silken hair. The girl put her
arms around him to kiss him. The girl moaned with the
arousal and excitement as Jeff returned the kiss. He
kissed her neck and face, after a moment he loosened
the buttons of the blouse to kiss her breasts;
slipping his hand inside the blouse Jeff saw in the
dull glow of the lamp he saw her beautiful breasts,
the nipples hard with her arousal tenting the

Jeff relished the feel of his fingers on her silken
smooth skin as he slipped them inside her thin satin
blouse to feel and fondle the full firm swell of her
little breasts, the little nubs of her nipples hard
and erect and sensitive to his touch. The young girl
whimpered softly with the sensuous feelings of his
hands touching her body.

“Gentle, Jeff… please I � I’m still virgin…”

Amanda closed her eyes as Jeff moved his hands along
her side feeling the satin smoothness of her young
body. He continued to kiss her, gently fondling her
breasts, fingering the tip of the nipple bringing soft
moans of pleasure from the girl.

Jeff hesitated a moment finally realizing he was her

“Mmmmmmmm, Jeff that feels so good � I love you so

The girl moaned with the sexual arousal and excitement
as he kissed her, without realizing it Amanda let her
legs spread slightly; she softly moaned as Jeff’s
fingers caressed the nipple sending waves of mild
warmth through her. Her face was flushed with her
fears of her first time. No boy or man that she had
been alone with did she let do this to her before.

Kissing the girl down her chest and breast caressing
her neck and chest down to her waist, Jeff loved her
with his fingers. Sliding a hand along her waist and
hips then along her slender legs, Jeff slipped a hand
under the open blouse. Amanda drew in a breath as she
glanced down watching him casually slid his hand up
her legs to her waist. She drew in a breath. Jeff knew
this was the way she envisioned the love a man she
chose to be her first would love her; this is what she
wanted now.

Amanda softly moaned with the sexual pleasure she was
feeling as Jeff casually caressed her thighs. She saw
the large lump that had formed in his briefs, his
breathing was more labored now as he kissed her
breasts. His virile malehood ached for release as he
touched the firm silken smooth form of her virgin
womanhood; her little panty was moist with her
womanhood juices; she didn’t know it but she was ready
for him.

The young girl moaned with the feeling of Jeff’s
fingers fondling her throbbing woman hood, rubbing the
silken smooth nylon against the rigid nub of her
pulsing virgin clit. Amanda began moving her hips, her
womanhood juices seeping wetting her pussy. The more
Jessica moved her hips in response to what he was
doing to her the more she enjoyed the strange feelings
it was giving her.

Amanda was close to her first male induced orgasm, she
was ready to let Jeff have his way with her, let him
do what he wanted, use her as he wanted. Her juices
were on the verge of surging from her pussy in a
stream of creamy liquid.

“Scott, make love to me now � I am ready for you to �
take me.”


“Ooo yes!” she cried her juices wetting his fingers
with the seeping of her womanhood juices as she was
near a powerful orgasm. “Jeff … be gentle,

After a moment Amanda gasped: Ooooh, ahhhg! then
moaned as her silky womanhood juices surged, wetting
her panty. Jeff nearly lost his load of creamy male
juices as the girl cam; the young girl’s male induced
virgin orgasm came in a sweet flow of her womanhood

After a moment Jeff finally said softly in her ear: “I
think you’re ready honey.”

Her long fine soft shoulder length brown hair spread
out over the pillow in a fan about her angelic
features. However, Jeff again kissed her face and neck
and breasts slowly moving down to her waist and hips
then her thighs, prolonging the pleasure of her first

Jeff moved his hands up to the waistband of her nice
pretty black string bikini panty, he slipped his
fingers under the waist band pulling it down her legs
tossing it aside, then making her spread her nice fine
slender legs.

“Be �be gentle, Jeff … don’t hurt me now…” She was
scared watching what Jeff was doing to her, albeit,
gentle and soothing.

“I won’t hurt you my sweet heart… No, baby… not
for the world…” The look of mixed awe and fear on
Amanda’s young face as he moved down between her legs
kissing her young body; first kissing her face then
lingering at her nice full firm breasts, nibbling and
sucking the hard little nipples then down to her
waist, and hips teasing her pulsing young virgin

He flicked his tongue over her swollen erect virgin
clit: Amanda cried out: Ooooh, ahhhg! then moaned with
the stream of her womanhood juices wetting her as I
lapped up her tangy sweet juices. He pushed my tongue
in to her virgin pussy, probing her womanhood Jeff
brought her to a series of orgasms; he nearly lost his
load of creamy male juices as the girl cam. The girl’s
second male induced virgin orgasm came in a sweet flow
of her girlhood juices.

Jeff probed and penetrated her virgin love nest with
his tongue savoring the taste of her womanhood
bringing her to another soul wrenching orgasm, her
fingers grasping at his head as he licked and sucked
and kissed her cherry pussy.

“Oh, Jeff � Jeff …. I’m yours … please take me,
use me as you want…”

She moved her body around pulling his head in to her
pussy his tongue probing her virginity as far as it
could penetrate her, sucking the juices of her
womanhood with a thirst he hadn’t experienced until
that moment.

His mind kept going back and forth to those days of
illicit love making, fucking his favorite girl cousin
thinking about what it was like taking her virginity,
what it could have been like to take Amanda at the
tender young age of fourteen; now, here he was without
inhabitation or remorse about to take Amanda’s
virginity; the pleasure and satisfaction was to be all

“Ssssss, Amanda, Ssssh, baby relax… yes, you’re mine
� and forever…relax and enjoy this…”

Jeff boosted himself up to take his briefs down
freeing his hard thick virile malehood excited him
even more. Then Amanda started to cry with the fear
knowing that she was about to finally be taken by a
man; it was her first time. Amanda stared at his hard
thick malehood erection jutting out from between his
legs as he moved it toward her throbbing virgin

He shifted his hips the thick knob of his cock head
was pressed against the lips of girl’s throbbing wet
pussy; she gasped as he pressed himself against her.
He shifted his hips again forcing his malehood in to
her penetrating her nice small pussy: “God, she’s so
fine � geezuz she’s so nice and tight…!”

He nearly came as Amanda cried out with the first
penetration of her nice small tight virgin pussy as he
forcibly took her. Time had no meaning as he
penetrated her for the first time before he was able
to force his throbbing male hood deeper in to her
virgin womanhood.

Amanda cried as Jeff’s hard thick cock filled her. She
thrust her hips at him as he drove his sudden lust for
her virginity thrusting his hard thick virile cock in
to her touching that sweet tender membrane that kept
her virgin until now. She gasped as he knew she had to
feel a man’s cock against it for the first time. Jeff
slowly pumped in and out of Amanda’s nice tight pussy
for a moment getting her use to a male’s cock inside
her. Then with a hard forceful thrust popped that
sweet little virgin cherry: she cried with the searing
loss of her virginity.

“Mmmmm, yesss, my little Miss Nice and Tight!” then
the feel of taking Amanda’s virgin maidenhood being
torn, her cries of pain as she was taken followed by
her moans of pleasure as the pain of her first time
subsided as he slowly with easy strokes fucked her
virgin pussy.

Amanda thrust her hips in rapid succession matching
Jeff thrust for thrust until she came again in a rush
of her girlhood juices. Jeff felt himself aching, his
cock ached inside her, he felt the boiling sensation
of his male juices, he was ready to cum, he needed to
cum, he could not hold back another minute if he
wanted to. He went stiff for the moment then with
searing pain and relief he lost my load of thick male
cream in to the young girl’s pussy; Amanda cried out
as Jeff’s thick male cum filled her with rope after
rope of cum.

Amanda collapsed, Jeff lay a top her body his stiff
cock still in her. For the short minute he lay on her
they recovered from their exertions. Amanda looked up
at him through her tears of pain and relief and the
loss of her virginity. She finally smiled and drew
Jeff back to her mouth; they kissed long and hard
their tongues intertwined then caressing and dancing
inside their mouths.

“No regrets?”

“I’m yours Jeff,” she said weakly as they broke the
kiss. “No one else.”

Jeff kissed again then looked down at her. “There’s
only one problem, babe.”

Amanda gazed up at Jeff, a cold chill swept through
her. “What’s that?”

Jeff grinned then said: “Seems we have a mess here and
need to clean up.”

Amanda felt relief as she sat up looking down between
her legs. “Oh.”

They changed sheets tossing them in the washer in cold
water and soap then showered together. Amanda
discovered the sensuousness of the shower then Jeff
laying her across the bed for the second time that


Late the next morning Amanda awoke feeling the other
side of the bed. She sat up with a start looking
around in the grey half-light of early morning. Jeff
was gone. Then an odor seemed to waif through the room
reminding her of home � her father in the morning.

She got up the T-shirt Jeff gave her just covered her.
A size too big but she liked it.

She went out to the kitchen, Jeff sitting at the table
reading the paper.


“Morning.” Jeff reached up to take her in his arm to
kiss her. “Want something to eat?”

“Yeah, I’m famished.”

He showed her where the cereal was � the adult stuff
and bowls were.

Jeff spun the paper around to show her the article on
the paparazzi. “And it was on the radio and television
too. Boys made themselves look like real jackasses

Amanda read the piece over the bowl of cereal. She
laughed at the report. “Serves them right after what
they did to me last night.”

“By the way, I took the liberty to call Lenny, my
mechanic to have Troy, his recovery operator to pick
up your car sometime this morning and take it to your
apartment complex.”

“Oh good. I won’t have to go back to that place

“No. And neither will I.”

She went to the section with the comics. Jeff watched
her for a minute thinking debating with himself about
the question he wanted to ask her as she ate the

“Amanda, mind if I ask you a question?”

The girl stopped to look up at Jeff. “Yeah?”

“Have you ever been on a real vacation to relax?”

“Sure. The Riviera, Malibu Beach, Hawaii… you know.”

“I mean a real vacation, not one with the paparazzi
hanging off balconies and flag poles photographing you
in your latest bikini.”

Amanda blushed. “I don’t know. What do you have in

“Northern Montana just seventy miles south of the
Canadian line.”

The girl paused in her eating. She looked at Jeff
puzzled. “What’s up there?”

“Depending on how you look at it, either there’s
nothing, or go there for peace and quiet and the
beauty � other than that cattle and wheat and oats.”

Amanda shrugged. “Okay. I’m between movie contracts
now anyway and nothing to do.” She finished her
cereal. “By the way, I need a change of clothes.”

“No problem. We’ll go over in my truck. I’ll show you
how to get in there without them seeing you when we
get there.”

“This ought to be enlightening.”

An hour and a half or so later Jeff pulled up to the
gate at Amanda’s apartment complex. As Jeff knew, the
paparazzi were sitting across the street with cameras.
Just before Jeff got there Amanda slipped on the truck
floor under a blanket concealing her from the

“Reminds me of that second movie I did.”

Jeff hushed her as he approached the gate. Amanda gave
him the magnetic card to slip in the card reader.
Seconds later the gate rolled back and Jeff pulled
ahead to the guard house.

The guard looked at the video monitor puzzled. Jeff
tapped the blanket. “Hone, you want to talk to the

The guards took a chance to look in as the blanket
stirred. Amanda pushed the blanket back holding her
fingers to her lips. “Sssh, The paparazzi might hear
us. He’s bringing me home to get my stuff. We’re
leaving town for a while. My car will be brought back
sometime today by a recovery service. They’ll leave
the keys with you guys.”

“No problem, Miss Krauss. We’ll take care of it.” They
waved Jeff through, the gate closed.

Amanda waited until they were down the main street
before she slipped back onto the seat. “Straight ahead
then left, then right. Park in my place for now.”

“Wow, you live back in here a ways.”

“So do a couple other celebrities and people involved
in the music and movie industry.”

They arrived at her apartment. Jeff parked the truck
they hurried up to her apartment. Amanda offered Jeff
something to drink while she called her manager and

“Since I’m between movies and singing contracts, and
road shows, I’m taking off for a couple months. No use
of me hanging around here getting in more trouble.”

“Where are you going?” the manager asked concerned. “I
heard about last night.”

“Yeah, that’s what I mean. I don’t know. I’ll tell you
when I get there. Ta.”

Jeff called his supervisor checking in with him.
Amanda quickly changed and packed for the trip while
Jeff waited in the living room reading a magazine.

She stepped out of the bedroom in a T-shirt and
designer jeans and shoes.

“One of the unwritten bennies of the job. When there’s
nothing to do, take off for a couple days. In other
words go fishing if I want.”

“Must be nice. What’s it like up there this time of
year?” she asked holding her hands out and twirling
for Jeff to check her out.

Whistling, Jeff said: “That close to the Canadian
border? Now it gets chilled in the evening, hot in the
afternoon. Will get cooler toward the middle of

“Gotcha.” She went back to finish packing.

By the time she finished Amanda had four suit cases
and an overnight bag packed. Jeff didn’t say anything
as he carried three of the bags down to the truck.
They put the suit cases in truck placing them with his
duffle bag and suit case then drove over to the
leasing office where Amanda paid ahead for two months
while she was gone.

“Wish others thought of this,” the clerk said as
Amanda wrote out the check.

“They don’t?” she said tearing the check from the
book. “Save a lot of hassle.”

The clerk shrugged. “Who knows, anyway, take care,

Amanda got in the truck and ducked to the floor as
they pulled out the exit side to the street. Jeff
cleared the exit, reaching over to turn the radio on,
Travis Tritt came on. Jeff turned the radio up the
music blaring from the speakers. He looked back to see
the paparazzi still watching the gate.


Jeff drove a couple blocks before Amanda resumed her
seat and buckled in. Within a few minutes Jeff left
the city behind entering the interstate heading west.

“Hope you like country western?”

Amanda shrugged her shoulders. “Okay. Something to
listen to.”

Amanda sighed in relief as she felt the stress and
anxiety lifted from her like a weight being set aside.
“Yes…!” she sighed. “Yes… thank you, Jeff I needed
this. God this feels sooo great just to leave all my
problems and worries behind.”

Loosening her seat belt Amanda slid across the seat to
give Jeff a passionate kiss on the cheek. “Thank you,

The big off-road tires set up a humming sound on the
interstate as the big Suburban ate up the miles and
all Amanda’s troubles now seemed days behind her.

“We’ll stop for the night around five where ever
that’ll be.”

“Sounds good.” Amanda watched as the country side
changed from the sprawling city to the urban to the
rural and finally the plains and mountains of northern
California. “Is it all interstate, Jeff?”

“If you want, we can easily take the slow scenic
route. We have nothing but time now.”


Jeff stopped for gas outside of a small town off
Interstate 80 for the “Beast” as he called the
Suburban. Amanda bought Jeff an updated map of the
route leading into Idaho. Studying the map as gas was
being pumped into the truck, they looked the route
over together.

“Cut across northern Nevada to Idaho then into

“At least three days if we take our time without
pushing it.”

“Whose in a hurry?”

“Sure isn’t me.”

They exchanged a quick kiss at the pumps, Amanda
climbed back in the truck as Jeff finished servicing

Jeff realized that Amanda was sharp at map reading.
She laid out a lazy route east over state route 95
into Idaho for themselves. Jeff showed her how to fold
the map into quarter’s military style. They got in the
truck and pulled on to the street east bound. Jeff
adjusted the radio again for a new CW station, soon
Amanda was singing along with the radio entertaining
Jeff. He began feeling young and alive again with the

Traveling together they discovered they were soul
mates in many ways. They talked about various
subjects; Amanda was well versed in many current event

Amanda would look ahead on their route for likely
motels. More than a couple they took one look at and
kept going. They stopped for gas and burgers and fries
near Twin Falls, Idaho. Jeff asked the waitress about
a decent motel for the night as they ate.

“Traveling, huh?”

“Northern Montana.”

“Whew, you got a ways to go. Um, try the place before
you get into Berkeley. There several good places off
the interstate there.

The first night on the road they stopped at a Best
Western for the night. Showers, a change of clothes,
they walked to a nearby restaurant to get a good meal
then back to their room. The two were too exhausted to
do anything but collapse into bed. Amanda put Jeff’s
T-shirt on again for the night she wore that morning
at the apartment. Jeff lay in bed in just his briefs.

“Um, wow? Is that the word? That shirt does something
to you.”

Amanda posed at the side of the bed. “For you.”

The girl got under the covers with Jeff, the two held
onto each other than Amanda rolled onto her side. Jeff
was behind her pressing himself against her back side.

“We’re setting a record here,” Amanda muttered.

“How’s that?”

“We’ve slept together now two nights in a row.”

“Like it?”


By the afternoon of the second day Amanda was driving
the big truck spelling Jeff from all the tedious
driving. They cut across Wyoming stopping at more than
a few tourist trap places. Amanda picked out the truck
stops near the interstate where Jeff was able to gas
up and they could relax and eat.

Jeff lay in bed watching Amanda slip the shirt on as a
nightgown. He felt a stirring within himself watching
her in the mirror.

“No need to ask if you like it, I can see the look in
your eyes.”

Jeff could see the look of merriment in the mirror.
The girl was enjoying herself now. Despite the
driving, they felt relaxed and at ease with each

“Darn and I thought I was being sneaky about it too.”

Amanda threw herself onto the bed, Jeff taking the
girl in his arms rolling her onto her back. “I don’t
think I’m going to get to keep this shirt on for very

Jeff kissed the base of her neck the girl moaned her
delight then he slowly opened the buttons folding the
shirt back from her breasts.

Jeff slid my hand over the smooth V between her legs
to fondle her pussy pressing the satin in to her warm
wet womanhood, molesting her pulsing clit. He felt the
heat of her arousal and excitement of her being with a
man like him.

Slowly with gentle caressing of her swollen little
clit, Jeff fingered her pussy as they kissed.

“Gentle, Jeff… gentle, please… I’m still not sure
of myself …”

After a minute she was breathing hard as she lifted
her hips, throwing her head back Amanda let out a
sharp gasp and “Oh!” she came in a torrent of her
feminine juices. He couldn’t help but grin that he’d
brought her to an orgasm so soon but seems she was
already aroused by the fact that she knew she’d get
laid at a motel. He drew the hand up to the waist band
of the panty then slid it in and down to her warm wet
pussy sliding my finger through the thatch of downy
hair about her throbbing young womanhood.

She sighed: “Ah, oh… yes, yes!”

Amanda’s face was flushed from her exertions. She
looked up at me through the tears in her eyes. He knew
she felt and was enjoying the feel of his hand on her

Jeff caressed Amanda’s pulsing clit wishing he could
go down on her and eat her out right there; more than
that, he wanted to just have the pleasure of fucking
the hell out of this little beauty that night. He
began sliding my finger into her bringing a sigh from
her as she gently moved her hips in rhythm to his

Jeff eased his finger in to her nice and tight young
womanhood � he couldn’t help but also think of her as
a young girl, a virgin again like that first night;
taking the girl for the first time. His finger slid in
to her nicely lubricated pussy until he was all the
way in then slowly slid it back, then in again and
then set up a gentle caressing rhythm as he caressed
her clit with his thumb. Soft moans and oooh’s from
Amanda told him she was enjoying what he was doing to
her; she rocked her body back and forth and moved her
hips with the fingering of her pussy.

After another minute Amanda thrust her hips and with a
sharp “Aaargh! Oh ye�sss!” she came a second time her
juices flowing on to his hand.

As he fingered her, Amanda reached over to feel and
fondle Jeff’s raging hard malehood. She grasped it
through the brief’s material and began caressing it
until he was afraid he’d lose it in a torrent of
juice. Jeff finally brought the girl off a third time,
her feminine juices coming in a stream that drained


A change of direction the next day took them north
into Montana by way of Billings.

“Home, hone,” said Jeff as they crossed the state line
in to Montana.

Another two days of casual driving Jeff pulled into
the small county seat town of Roscoe, Montana. He was


Jeff drove slowly into the town fighting back the
tears, an old George Strait song blasting from the
truck’s speakers. He tuned the radio to the local
radio station and the DJ Dave Bowman doing the DJ work
in the afternoon. They often compared the station to a
telephone booth. Jeff noted not much had changed even
in fifteen years; still the same familiar faces, same
buildings, same people doing a day’s work for a day’s

“My god, not much to the town, is there?” Looking
straight down the street, two stop lights and a
caution light, not counting the railroad crossing, the
highway connected with Havre and State Highway 2.
Amanda looked around at the town and the mid-day
activity amazed only thing it was missing was the gas

“Nope, what you see is what you get.”

Jeff could hear the familiar sound of the railroad
grade crossing and the cattle at the Cattle Auction. A
couple loaded cattle trucks passed them going out of
town headed to Billings.

It’d been near fifteen years since he’d been home. The
first place he headed for was the local real
estate/insurance/lawyer’s office, one of three in the

“Everything but the local dish and bottle washer,”
Amanda laughed as they walked in to the converted
house a small bell hanging over the door jangled.

“Bud!” Jeff called out as the door closed.

“Back here,” a voice called from the back of the
house. “Be with ya!”

Jeff offered Amanda a chair when Bub Miller stepped
out of the back.

“Wow! Are you a sight for these eyes! Where ya been

Bud and Jeff exchanged greetings and he introduced
Amanda to Bud.

Jeff asked, “LA since I got out of the Army. The old
Harrison place out east still empty?”

“Yeah. Halfway `cross the county and to Canada though.
What near ten miles? You want to stay out there?”

Bud stuck a tooth pick in his mouth.

“Mind if we stay there a while? Maybe two months

“Not a problem. What for a couple months you said?

“Yeah. Vacation � chill out, get away from it all.”

“Don’t blame ya.” Bud went to a file cabinet for the
paperwork and keys.

Jeff passed the keys to Amanda then filled out the

A short time later they walked out Amanda dangling the
keys in hand. “That was easy.”

“That’s the way they do things up here. Slow and

Jeff put the paperwork in the truck then crossed the
street to the sheriff’s office.

“Why the Sheriff’s office?”

“Let him know we’ll be in town for a while and where.
Besides see whose Sheriff now anyway.”

Amanda raised her pencil thin eye brows as they passed
a row of cruisers and a couple four by fours in front
of the office.

Jeff stepped in followed by Amanda. The deputies not
on the road looked up from their reports and other
work. Radio traffic crackled with static and
occasional deputies calling in. A woman seated in the
back tended the radios and switch board that tied in
the rest of the county.

A man kicked back at a back desk lifted the Stetson
from his eyes to see who was intruding on his rest.
Let it back down then lifted the Stetson again.

“My god, Jeff what are ya doin’ here?”

“Taking a break.”

“Hone, this is John Holden the Sheriff.”

John sat back down, his feet going automatically going
back to the desk. “So takin’ a break, huh? When ya
goina’ quit that Fed’s job and come ta’ work for me? I
need another good man.”

They sat down in front of the Sheriff’s desk, a deputy
got them sodas from the soda machine.

“I don’t know. I’ve thought about it. How’s things up
here lately?”

“Not bad. The d**g runners and them fools moved to new
territory. Last month one on the Canadian side tried
to out run the Canadian Mounties. They alerted us they
was coming. Crashed the border. Carl and Jim were
waiting for him near the border with them spike pads.
Guy run clean off the road over the ditch and through
the barb wire into Hack Parson’s grazing field. By the
time they got done with the idiots, Hack had to fix
his fence.”

They laughed at the image of the d**g runner’s car
plowing through a barb wire fence.

“So where are you two going to hole up then?”

“The old Harrison place.”

Holden whistled. “You’se half way to Canada, boy.
Anyway it’s all yours. Bud fix ya up then?”

“He did.”

Holden shifted his attention to Amanda. “So Miss
Krauss, this is yer first time to Montana, huh? At
least these parts.”

“Yes. To get outta LA.”

“Don’t blame ya any.”

Jeff explained to Holden what happened involving the
paparazzi. Everyone had a good laugh out of the story
especially the part about the ditch.

“Oh, yeah. Heard about it. Ditches can be hell …
her-her-her! Remember Dave over at the radio station?
He was talkin’ about it the other day. So it was you
who rescued her. Her � her �her. Love it!” Holden
laughed at the thought. “Yeah, you ever want a job
here, ya got it. That kinda ingenuity will go far
around here. Yeah, the town council will love having

They left the Sheriff’s office. “Hungry?”

“Thought you’d never ask.”

“The Steak House okay?” Jeff indicated the restaurant
across the street.

She shrugged. “Yeah, I suppose.”

Jeff led Amanda across the street to the Steak House.
Amanda looked at the age old menu in the window. “By
the way, Jeff you never told me you came from here.”

“You never asked.”


Amanda was treated to a steak dinner like she had
never had before. Steak done right.

Last on their agenda were groceries to last the next
couple weeks, mostly dry goods until power could be
restored to the house and refrigeration checked out.

The sun was just setting when Jeff pulled up to the
old farm house. “Home.”

Amanda squealed as she looked the house over. “I love
it, Jeff. Oh yes!”

Jeff got out helping Amanda out. They went to the
door, Jeff unlocked it then to Amanda’s surprise he
scooped her lithe form up to carry her across the
thresh hold.

That night they lay in bed after they had settled into
the house. Amanda lay across Jeff, her long silken
hair lay about her back as he held her close.


“Yeah, hone?”

Amanda drew a circle on Jeff’s chest. Lifting her head
to look at Jeff in the dark, she said, “I don’t know
about you � I realize this is kinda sudden, but I
don’t feel like going back to LA.”

“The place is kinda nuts, eh?”

She brushed her hair back. “Yeah. Despite being remote
up here I could live here.”

Jeff gave it some thought then nodded. “And Sheriff
Holden’s offer?”

“You’d give up working for OFI?”

“It’d be a helluva step down but I could. Both about
the same.” They settled down again then he said, “We
got nothing but time, let’s think on it for a while.”

Power was restored to the house that Friday and Jeff
took Amanda into town for a decent meal at the Steak
House. Following supper they walked over to the Roscoe
Road House, the local honky-tonk.

The interior of Roscoe Road House seemed to go back in
to forever. Overhead florescent fixtures hung from the
open ceiling but were not illuminated. Friday and
Saturday entertainment was a live band the rest of the
week was the piped in music from the local radio
station. The old Wurlitzer jukebox, seemingly broken
for as long as anyone could remember, stood dark and
idle in the far corner.

Amanda looked around, despite the country western
atmosphere she felt at home in the bar.

“I like this,” she said as they walked over to a table
near the band stand.

“I wonder what the band sounds like?”

They each ordered a beer and waited to see what the
“entertainment” was like.

A short time later several young men walked in with
guitars and a violin. Amanda watched them closely as
they set up and started tuning their instruments.

“Is that the band?” she asked quietly.

Jeff shrugged. “Guess so.”

“No girl singer?”

Jeff shrugged again. “Maybe hasn’t shown up yet. Still
early for them I suppose.”

They waited then the band struck up with a Keith Urban
number. Crowd was getting big as the band started
playing. Amanda listened for a moment then turned to
Jeff: “My personal opinion, they’d sound a helluva lot
better with a female singer included.”

Jeff grinned. Take the girl away from Hollywood, but
can’t take Hollywood out of the girl. “Tell them

Amanda looked at Jeff surprised then got up to walk up
to the band stand as the group was ready to begin the
next number.

“Excuse me…”

The lead guitarist looked down at the girl then nearly
did a double take when he realized who was standing in
front of him. “Amanda Krauss?”

Amanda nodded her head. “That’s me. I think you’d
sound a lot better with a female singer.”

Jeff grinned facetiously as Amanda talked with the
lead guitarist. The leader looked up seeing Jeff wave
at him.

“Know any country songs? By the way, Hank Gordon.”

“Hi. A couple. Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert…
Carry Underwood?”

“Gotcha.” She was handed a microphone. Hank grabbed
the old fashion microphone stand. “Folks, this a
tremendous pleasure to introduce Amanda Krauss � all
the way from LA, California. Wow! She’s goina’ do a
couple Taylor Swift and Carry Underwood numbers.”
Amanda nodded her head. “A one, a two …Wow!”

Amanda sang two songs even though the band hadn’t
practiced the songs they received a standing ovation
from the crowd. Before the evening was over the Road
House had a packed house. Word got around the town
like wild fire about Amanda; even several of the
deputies and John Holden stopped in to listen.

It was late when they left, Amanda was happy, the band
more upbeat and appreciative. She was invited back by
everyone. The band now had a girl singer they didn’t
have before.

Amanda was swinging Jeff’s hand back and forth as they
walked out.

“We’re staying.”

“We’re staying.”