Sister’s Skirt

Hey Jeff, is it ok if I go out like this?

Kylee bends her ass towards her brother, giving him a shot at her panties under her daring mini skirt.

That’s much too short, go change into something else.

Are you sure? This is the longest skirt I have! I never got new clothes after that growth spurt.

Well, you can’t wear that. Go change.


She comes back with an even smaller skirt. The way it was tied at the sides makes it look like a loin cloth. She wasn’t even trying to hide her panties this time.

Kylee, that’s…

Ok, I get it.

Kylee leaves and returns.


What? My panties were too tight! I had to take them off. Look, if I pull down my skirt you can’t even see anything.

What about when you walk?

Kylee struts back and forth in front of her brother, Jeff. Her partially visible ass cheeks and sex cuts above her pussy made his cock twitch. He is f****d to sit down. Her skirt was only three inches tall.

You can’t see anything if you sit down like that either, right? Not even if I get closer?

Not yet.

Kylee puts a foot up on the arm rest, exposing herself to her brother.

I don’t think I should do this though, right?

Ha! Right.

But I do need to get a tan. Do you think I can lay on my stomach and be ok?

She lies on the floor, facing away from him, Jeff seated between her legs. Her skirt flies up as she lays down.

Whoops! Make sure that doesn’t happen.

She fixes her skirt and lies down with her knees together. Jeff gets a nice view but wants to see more.

This should be fine, right? I might be able to open my legs a little, what do you think?

I mean, so long as no one is directly behind you, and you aren’t around any mirrors, maybe.

Kylee bends her hips up to excite her brother. Then gets up slowly, bringing her ass to her heels, begging for doggy style.

You should probably put on some underwear.

It’s all too small. Wait, maybe I have something.

Kylee returns seemingly unchanged. But when she flips up her skirt she reveals a shallow shoelace bikini.

Look, I’m wearing underwear, just like you wanted!

Hardly, that is serving no purpose.

Underwear never really had a purpose though, did it? With underwear? Or without?

Kylee pulls her panties down, then back up, down and back up.

Does it even make a difference? Here get close.

Wearing the thong, she kneels around his legs, pointing her ass at his face. He really wanted to dive in. Off and on they go.

What do you think of the bikini?

You know, if someone was this close I guess it could make a difference.

Do you think I could just wear the bikini?

She strips off her skirt and struts around the room. 99.9% percent of her ass was showing. She tosses back her hair and reveals the other shoelace around her nipples.

See, I would be swimming like this…

She goes on her belly and does a swimming motion. His eyes were glued to her ass.

Or like this…

She flips over as a nipple jostles out.

Or I could do this.

A backstroke. She grew excited seeing his expression, watching his eyes glaze all over her body. Not to mention that pringles can in his pocket.

Look, I can even get my tan this way!

She lays on her belly and does the splits. Her shoelace gets swallowed up. He is starting to lose his cool. He can’t help but scratch his groin a bit.

I can even do yoga!

She flips her legs above her head, aiming her pussy at his face.

I’ll have to see you do that with the skirt so we can compare.

She grabs her skirt and walks back to Jeff. Slowly undressing in front of him.

Heh, don’t know why I took the top off, you just wanted to see the skirt.

One thing at a time, lets see the skirt.

She does the same yoga pose as before. The skirt lays the other way, covering nothing. Todd gets up to get a closer look. He kneels with her face between his legs. She can see his cock bulging through his sweatpants inches from her face. He puts his hands on her thighs to help his balance as he leans in to get a closer view. He inhales and salivates; his exhale tickles her pussy.

Think I could get a pretty good tan like this?

At this point why even bother with the skirt?

She undoes the string at the side, the skirt falls off. Jeff can’t take it anymore. He makes his move and buries his face in his sisters pussy. Aggressively giving her oral.

Ohhhh myyyyy godddd. Finally!!! Get your tongue down in there.

His precum is mounting up, a wet spot is visible on his pants.

She is wet beyond belief. He finds her juices delicious and audibly gulps down any overflow.

I’ve never heard of this yoga pose before but I like it.

Yes, licking a partners genitals is said to be purifying.

Do you mind if I could try doing yours?

No words, he just gets naked. Then back to oral. This time, they both were moaning. Before long they were itching to do the real thing.

Lie on your back, I want to try another yoga pose.

They weren’t going for oral this time. He holds his cock to her pussy lips, mixing his precum, her saliva, and her juices.

Ugh, just stick it in already.

He dives in his cock reaching her deep before bottoming out. Being brother and sister, they were a perfect match. Going slow he thrusts into her, all the way out, all the way in. She plants her feet and gyrates her hips, craving more stimulation. He takes the hint and hammers her hard. She wraps her legs behind his back as he lifts her into a seated position. He rubs her ass with one hand and her breast with the other. Naturally, they were making out. His cock rubs deeply in the crevices of her cervix, bringing her closer to an orgasm.

My god I’m gonna cum.

Cum with me.

He fires his semen into her as she clenches down and trembles into a mind-blowing orgasm. Unprotected. No condom. No pill. On the worst possible day of the month. He rams his cock into her cervix, filling her up directly.

Oh god yeah, give me your seed!

He continues to throb. Pouring his seed into her. She clamps down, afraid she is going to squeeze his dick off. That just made him cum harder. They locked together until the transfer was complete.

I’ve never heard of those yoga moves before!

Amazing, isn’t it?

Well, I guess it’s time to go to the pool. Perhaps panties do have a purpose, keeping your kids safe.

She puts her shoelace bikini bottoms on and opens the door.

Wait, what about your top?

You said earlier, one thing at a time. See ya!