Office Whore

On a rainy day I was outside at work trying to smoke under a awning to stay dry. When the side door opened and out walked the sexy MILF office chick. Long black hair, glasses, purple blouse, black pants holding an umbrella. She walked away and had a phone call and just when I was

Sister’s Skirt

Hey Jeff, is it ok if I go out like this? Kylee bends her ass towards her brother, giving him a shot at her panties under her daring mini skirt. That’s much too short, go change into something else. Are you sure? This is the longest skirt I have! I never got new clothes after

The power of boobs

I invited some friends over for some drinks, and we had a nice party time. One of my old friends, lets call him Daniel was there, I’ve known Daniel for like 10 years and he have always been a good friend to me. He is living in another city, so I agreed that he should

Anastasia Starts Work

As Anastasia waited for her friend Sophie in the college coffee bar, she was thinking. Sophie as a bright, bubbly girl with lots of friends yet she hardly ever took part in the college social events. She was also from a poor background, so where did she get the money to dress so well? Sophie

The Horny Teen Neighbor

The opportunity was now when her dad left for work and her mom went out with her friends on a Saturday morning. Sarah being the young brunette with brown eyes slim, given braces for humility, and petite build at a mere height of 4’10. Puberty being her best friend gave her a nice bust of