Seatmate’s Sis

It had been a few weeks since I had returned from the conference in Chicago. The events that had transpired had been mind blowing. I had met a short little black girl in her mid-20s named Mya. She had an apparent fantasy about finding a white boyfriend. She found that and me and in the

Give me a pee

I honestly thought it would be apple juice. This is not apple juice. But I already told everyone I made the cheerleading team. My friends even threw a party. What is it going to look like if I back out now? “Come on, you piss-sluts. If you don’t keep your toilet hole open, you can

My husband seduced me

I know it’s been a tough couple of weeks and that I haven’t done much to help. I rely so much on you for strength and, when you tire or struggle, I don’t always know what to do or have the courage to do even the things that are within my power. Perhaps it is

Office Whore

On a rainy day I was outside at work trying to smoke under a awning to stay dry. When the side door opened and out walked the sexy MILF office chick. Long black hair, glasses, purple blouse, black pants holding an umbrella. She walked away and had a phone call and just when I was

Sister’s Skirt

Hey Jeff, is it ok if I go out like this? Kylee bends her ass towards her brother, giving him a shot at her panties under her daring mini skirt. That’s much too short, go change into something else. Are you sure? This is the longest skirt I have! I never got new clothes after

The power of boobs

I invited some friends over for some drinks, and we had a nice party time. One of my old friends, lets call him Daniel was there, I’ve known Daniel for like 10 years and he have always been a good friend to me. He is living in another city, so I agreed that he should