Skype Cast

I switched over to Skype, and read the name [Tiffany Harper] Hit Audio.

She frowned. “Hello?”

“Hey, I forgot I gave you my number.”

“You don’t have a webcam?”

“Sure,” I adjusted it, “What’s up?”

“Huh, I’m just bored, watching a movie.” I turned the sound up, and listened.

“Ah hah hah hah yeah? Oooh!”

“A sex movie?”

“Huh!” She looked back up at me. “What are you up to?” Nodding.

“Just paying some bills, nothing that can’t wait. What happened to you?”

“Oh,” she held up a cast, “I broke my leg.” Naked in bed. “It’s not too bad, I should get the cast off in a week or two, but I’m lonely.”

“Yeah, I see that.” Well, all I can see her face, but she got a smile on her face, and I turned the sound down. “Don’t you have a boyfriend?”

“Yeah, until I totaled his car.”

“Can you give me just a second?” I got up, and locked the door. “Sorry, don’t want anyone to walk in.”

“Huh, porn’s just not doing it for me any more. For one thing, they’re like strangers. I mean yeah, I don’t know any porn stars, but you never sent me a dick pic?”

“I’m sorry, I never got your number?” She asked for mine, and then never called me. “Let me get it out.”

“Oh, no. Don’t be sorry.”

“You don’t like that sort of thing?” She shook her head, but her eyes drooped, and she made this face.

“Huh! I like faces. I like your face, but you ever noticed how they never show the guy’s in the video? I mean, not enough, the camera focuses too much on her body, and if you’re lucky, you get to see his abs maybe.” She shook her head. “I’m sorry, it’s not very sexy, for you?”

“Oh no, I like your face too.”

She frowned, “Are you on a laptop, or a phone?”

“I’m on my laptop.” I don’t need a phone, but I got up, and unplugged it. Got on the bed, and lay down.

“Huh!” She sat up, “Let me turn over,” then she put her phone down, and all I could see was her ceiling. She had one of those that look like they’re made up of metal bars, with foam blocks between them, and florescent lights?” The view shook.

“There, I got something.” She grinned, and looked down, then a cock head came up slowly, and she looked up. Smiling, and kissed it. “Hahluh!” Licked it, so I pushed the laptop down to my tummy, and tilted the camera down. Stuck my arm up under the pillow.

“Can I see your body? I mean,” she rolled her eyes, “Yeah, I can see your chest, but can you pull your shirt up?”

“Yeah,” I had to push the computer down to my lap-top, but I pulled my shirt up, and she smiled.

“Hm!” ran the head back and forth on her chin, and then her lips, so they were wet, and then she licked them, her mouth opening, and going down.


“Shluph, phubp! Hm, can you move the camera up, closer to your face?”

“Yeah,” she smiled, and I patted her imaginary head. “You like that dick?”

“Smuph! Hn,” her nostril flared. “I like your face better, but. Huh!” She disappeared again. “Let me set you up. Huh!” The camera shook, and then tilted, so I could see a curtain behind her. Not like a window curtain, but more like a green shower curtain.

“Where are you?”

“Oh, in my hospital bed, but don’t worry. They moved the other patient out today, so I have you all to myself.” Then, she reached back, and rose up. The dildo practically slapped her in the pubes, and she had to twist sideways, but I didn’t mind. It made her chest jiggle, and bounce, so that one nipple practically pointed right at me, and the other one was almost sideways. “Huh, hah!” She sank down a little, then slipped up, and down a little more. “Yeah, I love that big fat cock. Huh! Yeah, give me that big fat cock, huh!” She had to hold onto the base, but I couldn’t even see her knees, let alone the cast, and she cradled one tit in her arm. Picking up the other one to squeeze it, and feel her nipple.

“Can you suck your own nipples?”

She shook her head, “No, but I can lick one.” She grinned, and sank down. “Huh!” Her tummy sucked in, but then she stuck out her tongue, “Huhlalalalah!” Flicked it, “Huh, huh!” Pinched it, and pulled it out to slip, and pop back, bouncing the other one in her arm, and riding my cock harder and harder, “Huh uh huh Ah, AH? Huh!” Her tummy really sucked in. “Huh, huh huhuhHhhhHhH!” That just made it jiggle, and her eyes rolled up with the most beautiful smile of pleasure, and she arched her back. The bed shook when she put her arm back to hold onto the faded sky blue metal, and put her elbow down, but twisted around like that, I could see her hip bone, a little ass cheek, and the dildo flop out on the bed.

“Huh! Huh, huh. Whwew!” She shook her head, and held her hand up, wiping her hair out of her face, and pulling it off of her neck. Stuck to it with sweat, and red hot. :Huh, I thought I’d never get off, thank you so much. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Yeah,” I got up, “Lay down, and hold your phone up.”

“Like this?” I lay my laptop out flat, “Can you turn it sideways?” With the keyboard off to one side.


“Huh!” I held my fist over the little black spot over the camera. “Yeah, cum on me, cum all over my body.”

“No, your face. I want to see your face.”

“Huh!” She grinned.

“Suck it.”

“Let me get my dong,” she nodded, but the camera swung all over the place. I saw her arm, and her shoulder, then her tits flop over.

“Nah forget that, just hold up the phone.”

“To my face?”

“Uhn! Yrh! Ng ng ng ng!”

“Mmmmm! Huh!” She wiped her mouth, and licked her fingers. “Smuip yummy yummy cum.” Then sniffed real loud.

All over my screen. “Huh! Huh!” That was pretty amazing, just for jacking off, with my laptop.

“Smooch!” Her nose covered the camera, and her nostrils flared, but it was dark, and out of focus. “See you later?”

“Huh, yeah. I have to wash off my screen, anyway.” It’s water proof, and. Jizz proof too, I guess. What is this, plastic?

“Huh, well you could come and pick me up in a couple of weeks.”

“Which hospital?”

“See you tomorrow, smooch. Good night.” She winked, and logged off.