Sloppy Seconds

I’ve been married to the woman of most men’s fantasies
for nearly ten years now. Those ten years have been
punctuated by some love adventures that make others
pale by comparison. Joy has always been a free spirit,
but given her heavenly body, that was easy to overlook.
For the first five years of marriage, we explored each
other in every sexual way imaginable. I could not see
how our love life could be any richer.

I guess I’d begun to badger her about fucking other
men. When we fucked I kept telling her how much I
wanted to suck another guy’s cum out of her. Just say-
ing it could often push me over the edge. Still, you
can imagine my amazement when I came home one day and
she told me in vivid detail about having it off with
the neighbors!

She had locked herself out of the apartment when she
stepped out to get the mail. At the time, all she had
on was her panties and a beach wrap. Darren, the guy
next door seized the opportunity and invited her to
wait in his apartment for the super to open our door.
One thing led to another, and suddenly he was pounding
his eight-inch monster into her.

Now, my wife has a hard time cooling down once she gets
going. Darren was wrung out, but she was begging for
more, so he invited four of his friends over. She said
she had never felt so wicked in all her life. It was
the first time she had done more than one man at a
time, but to hear her talk, it wouldn’t be the last.

She took them on one by one until an hour before I came
home. Then she did all five at once. The biggest,
fattest cock lodged in her cunt, the second biggest in
her ass, one in each hand and the smallest in her
mouth. She said it only lasted about fifteen minutes
but felt like hours.

While telling me all this, Joy stared sheepishly at my
shoes. When she finished she looked up and saw the
bulge in my pants. Smiling wickedly, she immediately
assumed a dominant role. She told me I would be her
slave for the evening. She laid out the special outfit
I had gotten her and made me bath her, shave her pussy
and apply generous amounts of moisturizer to her per-
fect body. I didn’t know what she had in mind, but I
knew that someone was in for a treat.

She disappeared from our apartment clad only in a sheer
robe, and a moment later I heard Darren’s door shut.
Surely this wasn’t what it was all about. Half an hour
later she burst through the front door and found me
kneeling by the side of the bed where she had instruct-
ed me to stay. “Party time,” Joy said. “Naughty Darren
couldn’t wait. He left a present for you.”

Joy reclined on the bed, unfolding her recently fucked
slit. I knew right away what she wanted me to do. The
sight of our neighbor’s cum oozing out of my wife’s
fiery hole did me in. I sucked so hard I almost turned
my wife inside-out. “Calm down, boy. There’s plenty
more where that come from, “she said, obviously enjoy-
ing herself. I was all the more anxious to see what
the night would bring.

She dressed in a black lace bra, a pair of “come and
get me” stockings, a garter belt and crotchless panties
that excited me to no end. She placed my finger in her
slit. “Do you approve?” she asked, placing my finger
in my mouth. She brought herself off on my fingers.
“Just a little preview of things to come,” she joked.

By eight o’clock, she had me bound with a blindfold on.
Occasionally she’d let me know that she intended to
keep my tongue very busy that night. When the doorbell
rang I nearly fainted with anticipation; what could she
have in store? It sounded like the whole neighborhood
was in our living room! The sound of clinking glasses
and sexual moans filled the air.

After a while Joy returned to the bedroom and kissed
me. I was more than a little shocked when she passed
me a mouthful of cum. “See what our guests have
brought you? I told you there was more.” She grabbed
my erection. “You see, darling, Darren arranged an
Abstinence Party. Each of our guests has abstained for
over a month.” She left the room again, this time
returning with a group of men. She walked over and
removed my blindfold. “I’d like you to meet your host,”
she said. “My husband, Tim.” The men smiled.

“And now, boys, it’s show time,” she said as she let
her robe fall to the ground. The men carried her over
to within inches of me and positioned her on her hands
and knees with her ass pointing straight up in the air,
“I planned the party, Tim, so you’d get a good show,”
my wife said.

I couldn’t believe how terribly aroused I got watching
as one by one the six men paraded by, pausing just long
enough to stick their dicks inside my wife and shoot a
load of cum into her. Joy instructed one of them to
untie me.

Now the men were all over her. She had a man on each
of her voluptuous breasts and another man straddling
her face. She moved him aside long enough to give me
directions. “Tim, I want you to guide the tour through
the attraction to make sure they don’t stay in one
place too long.” Instinctively, I knew what she wanted
me to do. One by one I grabbed their slimy cocks and
let them have her cunt just long enough to leave their
spunk behind and move on.

This went on for about an hour. My poor prick was so
hard it hurt.

“Not Yet,” Joy barked as she caught me touching myself.
“You have to earn that,” she called out. She ushered
all but three men out of the apartment. “Lie faceup on
the bed,” she ordered. I did as directed. She had the
men pick her up and center her on my chest. “Where are
your manners?” She shot at me. “you know you’ve got
to put your lips to the cup.”

Soon I was gulping down semen. “I think he approves,”
she said to her helpers. With that, they tilted her
right over my mouth. As the last of the party’s offer-
ings was sucked from her pussy, I found her love button
and she went off like a skyrocket, adding her own come
to my already special drink.

Joy climbed off my face and knelt over my cock. “Now
for the act that should bring the house down,” she
said. The three men moved into position as if they
were extras in a play. One of them worked his cock
into her upturned bottom. She “hand pumped” the other
two vigorously. “This is how it’s got to be from now
on, Tim,” she said between strokes. “I love you more
than I ever have, but I gotta’ have lots of cock.”