The Landlady’s Dog 2.

Suddenly, Carol felt her passionate neighbor slipping downward
in the bed. She popped her eyes open, raising her head to watch in
excited anticipation as the older girl’s voluptuous white curves
slithered warmly downward on top of her, easing Carol’s own legs
and thighs insistently apart with the wedging pressure of her
supple, shapely body. With her hands, Peggy spread the rounded
fullness of Carol’s trembling thighs even wider open until her
blonde curl-sprinkled loins and pouting vaginal lips were
completely exposed to the sparkling dark eyes gleaming hungrily
down from only inches above. And then Peggy dropped her head,
nestling her face into the soft, intimate hollow between the
panting divorcee’s widespread legs.
Immediately, the entranced Carol was swept up in a maze of
erotic sensations which rippled through her smoldering loins and
tremulous belly as she felt sizzling kisses along the heated flesh
of her inner thighs, felt the warm puffs of breath, and the wet,
searing contact of Peggy’s tongue! Carol’s breathing caught in her
throat as Peggy traced the sensitive inner softness of her cuntal
slit again and again, licking in long lurid strokes from the bottom
to the top … causing Carol to reflexively raise her naked loins
to each maddening stroke of the magic, up-licking tongue!
Carol felt her tiny clitoris quivering erect and knew that it
was peering out from its hooded canopy, swelling with the first
stab of intensive sensation as the other girl’s tongue grazed wetly
over it. She expelled her breath with a ragged, hissing sound,
slowly tossing her head when the lust-driven oral invader eased
hotly in between the desire-flushed lips of her cunt, worming
upward through the already wildly inflamed crevice toward the
straining little bud of her clitoris.
The blonde girl’s throat began to hum with unintelligible
gurglings. She held her breath, then exploded it sharply at the
electrifying contact of the obscenely exploring female tongue with
her tiny erotic nerve center! And then came new delights as she
felt Peggy’s hands creep upward over the tensing muscles of her
quivering belly, smoothing higher and higher to fondle and knead
the nipple-hardened fullness of Carol’s firm white breasts, while
her open mouth became ravenous below! Hot and wet, with lush lips
glued to the hair-fringed flesh of her seething pussy, Carol felt
the stabbing wet heat of Peggy’s lashing tongue laving and whipping
her swollen pleasure-bud! Greedily the older girl began to possess
the burning, fluid cunt beneath her, spearing and licking
everywhere until it seemed to Carol’s whirling brain that her lust-
inflamed pussy had been invaded by an entire legion of squirming,
raging tongues! But no, it was just a single tongue racing up the
hotly throbbing channel of her clutching vagina, worming into the
tiny slit of her urethra, returned to worry her aching clitoris
with maddening precision, and then driving hard up into her
sizzling cuntal passage again … over and over until she was
gasping and writhing in mindless ecstasy!
Ripples of lustful enchantment convulsed the naked flesh of
the blonde divorcee’s lewdly positioned body. Knowing hands
taunted the heaving mounds of her palpitating breasts and tweaked
their bursting nipples, while licking little flames of sensual fire
tongued at the hot, fluid sanctuary of her offered cunt. Obscene
wet sucking sounds filled the small bedroom and blended with
Carol’s desperate moans as she uncontrollably drew back her legs,
thrusting her loins salaciously upward to bring the wild pleasure-
giving tongue tighter into the hungering core of her naked flesh!
From his erect stance on the floor beside the bed, Sultan
watched the pair of white-bodied female humans, confused by their
odd positions, but not by the potent tangy scent strongly filling
his keen nostrils. He well knew its meaningful aroma after long
days spent in Peggy White’s care, and his own animal loins
responded heavily to its savory excitement. His ears twitched at
the whimpering sounds coming from the bed, and a whine of want
escaped his powerful throat. He moved closer, then hesitated,
knowing he was denied the right of the bed … but he had violated
that right already once today and been accepted …
“Ooohhh … ooohhh Goddd, Peg … Peggyyy … it’s too much!”
Carol wailed in a thin high voice, reaching down to clutch at the
short dark hair of her neighbor’s buried head. “Uuuhhh … it’s so
beautiful, darling! I-l never realized …!” she gasped, knowing
that her statement hardly made sense, but it did to her. She would
never have dreamed that the lovemaking of another girl could so
entrance her … no, so Completely overwhelm her with its forbidden
ecstasy … that was what she wanted to say! But she couldn’t say
anything sensible, and it was no longer the liquor she’d drunk …!
And then two things happened simultaneously! Sultan jumped up
onto the bed, and Peggy’s delicious tongue and mouth broke contact
with the intensively fired cuntal opening between Carol’s lewdly
upraised legs! Carol gaped down at Peggy’s lifted, glistening face
almost pleadingly, and was ready to reprimand Sultan when the other
girl said: “Has he ever done it to you, baby?”
The desire-crazed blonde stared at her in momentary confusion.
“Who …?” she finally asked.
“Sultan!” Peggy hissed, her dark eyes becoming even more so.
“No .. no, he hasn’t, has he? I ought to know that … because I
had to teach him!”
Carol continued to gape down at the stunning brunette lying
nakedly between her own widespread legs which she had slowly
lowered to the bed. She tried to corral her thoughts through the
liquor and lust infused emotions still controlling her obscenely
sprawled young body. It registered then! She had been right
before! Peg had used Sultan … had “trained” him …!
“You’re in for one of the rarest treats of all, baby!” the
once distraught wife who had burst into her apartment earlier, now
whispered hotly. “He’s beautiful! And he’s your own sweet
darling, Carol! Anytime you want him … but you can thank Peggy
for that! I-I hope you’re not angry …” she went on, raising up
to her knees, her cherry-nippled breasts swaying tantalizingly over
Carol’s face, and then she was turning to pet the panting German
shepherd who stood beside her on the bed.
Carol stared at the both of them, the feeling that they were
closer to each other than she had ever been with her own handsome
dog sparking a certain bitterness. But she could hardly
concentrate on that, not with the passion Peggy’s sensuous oral
lovemaking had set off inside her! God, it couldn’t end here …
like this … she had to cum … and Peg, being the passionate girl
that she was, must have to know the same release.
“Are you ready for the thrill of your life, Carol baby?” Peggy
lustfully whispered to her.
“Wh-What …?”
“Get up on your knees! Go ahead, turn over and get up on your
knees!” Peggy ordered. “That’s right … but spread your legs
wider … wider, darling … God, you’re beautiful that way! I
could eat your pussy right up to your tits!” the dark-haired girl
exclaimed as Carol climbed into the ordered position.
There was a tightness in Carol’s erotically quivering belly as
she lowered her face to the pillow, the vulnerability of her
exposed and up-thrust loins behind giving her an obscene, naked
feeling she had never known. She tingled inside from Peggy’s lust-
firing words, wishing that her friend would hungrily move in and
really eat her pussy all the way up to her tits! Her tits … oh,
God, they actually throbbed in the lustful desire permeating her!
And her cunt … it was afire! What was this thrill of her life?
How could her dog be the cause of it? What was going to happen
next …?

Chapter 4

“Prepare yourself, Carol honey! I promise you’ve never had
anything to equal this!” Peggy hissed in a feverish whisper.
Her naked buttocks raised high and her tremoring thighs spread
wide, Carol tried to twist her head with cheek still pressed
against the bed to get some conception of what was about to happen
behind her lewdly kneeling body. She saw Sultan standing with ears
erect and open-jaw, his lengthy pink tongue hanging loose and to
one side while his rounded, brown eyes gleamed at her salaciously
displayed ass-cheeks. At the same time, she saw and felt Peggy’s
hands on the stretched ovals of her up-thrust buttocks, luridly
spreading them wider apart.
“There, Sultan baby!” Peg’s husky voice sounded. “Did you
ever see a more inviting sight than that? Oh, Carol darling,
you’ve got the tiniest pink asshole ever! Honest … and I’ve just
got to kiss it …!”
A passionate shiver rippled over Carol’s naked body as she
felt the older girl’s face nuzzling warmly between the half-moons
of her spread-open buttocks … then, the delightful sensations her
moistened lips incited at they pressed hotly against the tiny,
sensitive opening of her puckered anus. Her lewdly searching
tongue tip followed to lick and probe, pressuring slightly into the
reflexively clenching orifice, while Carol gasped in pleasure
beneath the brunette’s lascivious mouthing. Sultan’s whimper
floated to her ears, and then Peggy’s delicious manipulations
“All right, all right, darling!” Carol heard her say. “Now
it’s your turn!” Go ahead while I hold her open for you! Come on
… move right up close, baby … that’s the boy …!”
Automatically, Carol found herself trying to spread her
straining thighs even wider, picturing narcissistically the obscene
appearance of her own voluptuous nakedness in her mind’s eye. She
heard her dog’s excited panting, and sensed his hot breath against
the soft white mounds of her buttocks. Then, she felt his long,
laving tongue slithering hotly into the smooth crevice separating
them. Again, Carol moaned at the electrifying contact, immediate,
feverish impulses of lust stabbed wildly through her warmly
secreting pussy and quaking belly. What Peggy didn’t know, Carol
thought, was that she had already and most definitely been
introduced to the heavenly wonders of her animal-lover’s lust-
quenching tongue! And why should she tell her …? All that
really mattered now was that she cum, and she wildly remembered the
dynamic climax Sultan had brought her earlier that day!
She felt Peggy’s hands lewdly clutching at her upraised
buttocks, pulling the soft cheeks farther apart to give Sultan full
access to her vulnerably gaping anus! His hot tongue wetly
caressed it, then dove lower to splay open her tender blonde-
fringed pussy-lips, grazing the seething pink cuntal flesh on its
way to her hardened little clitoris. She gasped out in impassioned
joy, trying to inch her knees even farther apart and open the
pulsating pink crevice between her straining thighs wider to him.
His long, curling animal-tongue thrust ardently, sweeping in an
obscene liquid flame through the sizzling wet inner-flesh of her
loins and flicking at the tiny grasping mouth of her tight vagina,
stroking her hungrily offered loins to a still more intensive heat
before he suddenly moved into an unexpected, astonishing position
behind her kneeling form.
Carol tensed as her massive pet’s furry body crowded in close
against her upraised buttocks. She was abruptly aware that Sultan
was standing on his hind legs, his powerful forelegs gripping at
the naked flesh of her hips! God Almighty! He must be mounting
her! She craned her neck, hardly raising her face from the bed to
gape wildly back at him! There wasn’t any doubt about it! He
intended to fuck her … just as if she were a bitch dog in heat ..
and … and Peggy was egging him on!
“That’s a boy, Sully darling … do it for Carol the way you
did for me!” Peggy’s husky voice luridly goaded. “Don’t be afraid,
Carol honey! It’s beautiful and you’re going to love it …!”
Carol’s desire-infused brain whirled with the incredulous
salacity of it! She tried to catch a glimpse of her passionate
neighbor’s face, but Peggy had turned away … was reaching for
something … her purse, Carol thought, giving up the effort as her
breathing seemed to choke in her throat!
“Oh God, Peg … I don’t know! T-this is absolutely obscene
… being fucked by a dog!” Carol gasped back at her aroused
“Yes … it is, isn’t it, baby!” Peggy licentiously whispered
… “And you’re going to love it! Wait … I’ll fix the vanity
mirror so you can watch!”
Oh God … this in unbelievable! Carol’s mind reeled, her
naked young curves trembling to the erotic stimulation both Peg’s
and Sultan’s lashing tongues had fired in her liquor-sensitized
flesh. Then, in the mirror Peggy had adjusted for her, she stared
at the sight of their lewdly locked position, sensually moaning at
the lust-flaming reflection. The bestial obscenity of the huge
German shepherd astride her widespread white ass-cheeks sent
irresistible charges of seething passion raging through her
quivering body!
Then Carol saw it, and she gasped at the breathtaking sight of
his glistening scarlet cock slipping out from its long furry
sheath, wet and red and hard, the tapered length waggling obscenely
as it inched forward, its bevel-topped head reaching and probing
the wet pink slit of her feverish cunt! She felt Sultan’s powerful
animal-body jerk against her smooth buttocks, saw his thickly
dangling cock trying to penetrate the tiny mouth of her upturned
He whined aloud, almost in desperation, his forepaws making
new demands against her naked hips as he jerked and stumbled on his
hind legs, eagerly struggling to bury the sleek, throbbing spear of
his raw animal hardness up inside her steaming human pussy-hole!
Carol stared at it all in the mirror, her own heavy breathing
and Peggy’s thundering in her ears. She shifted her lewdly
elevated buttocks in little wanton circles back at the still
growing dog-cock, hypnotized by its glistening red dance, the
tension inside her reaching a near unbearable degree! Oooohhh yes
… yesssss, she wanted it … her beautiful baby’s long thick cock
burning right up into the aching depths of her throbbing hot cunt!
“Help him, Carol! For God’s sake, how can you stand the
waiting?” Peggy gasped beside her. “Just watching is about to
drive me loony! Go on, grab ahold of it and put it in for him …!
Carol, with little mewling sounds unconsciously escaping her
lips now, reached back between the yawning white columns of her
thighs and grasped her pet’s slippery hardness, spread the silken
curls of her cuntal hair with its cone-shaped head, and guided the
hot thick tip into her wetly nibbling vaginal lips! Spontaneously,
the instinct-driven German shepherd humped forward, bursting his
solid cock from her grasp as he plunged deep into her acquiescing
pussy channel. Wider and wider, he stretched the moist, sensitive
passage, sending his flesh-searing rod slicing cruelly up into the
churning wet heat of her quaking belly!
“Unh, unh, unh, ooohhhhh Goddd!” Carol moaned as she felt
herself being stuffed full to the brim in Sultan’s unbroken forward
lunge. She watched in the vanity mirror with bug-eyed fascination
as the huge, scarlet length of blood-swollen dog-flesh slithered in
with a fierce wet charge, burying itself to the very hilt in her
shockingly stretched vagina! She both felt and saw her new lover’s
heavy, sperm-bloated balls swing savagely down, smacking flat
against her blonde pussy-hair as her own breath burst from her
The painful sensation of inner expansion came with a delayed
impact to explode through her obscenely impaled loins, forcing
guttural groans from her half-open lips. “Oh … oh, my God!” she
moaned, her widened eyes gaping unseeingly as her panting animal-
lover began to fuck rapidly up into her cunt from behind! Her head
jarring against the pillow from his every powerful, breast-
quivering charge, Carol tried to concentrate on the reflected sight
of his long thick scarlet cock plunging wetly up between her open
thighs as she began to move lewdly backward to meet his
breathtaking, brute strokes!
Peggy’s presence was suddenly obliterated as frenzied
sensations of basic lust spread through Carol’s sensuously slaving
body heaving backward onto the relentless dog-cock skewering deeper
and deeper up into her flame-filled belly from behind! Furiously,
the huge German shepherd battered his loins against his mistress’s
supple ass-cheeks, his pulsating rod of flesh sinking each time to
its full blood-hardened length up into the moistly sucking depths
of her clasping vagina! Whimpering uncontrollably, Carol rotated
her buttocks around and around the pleasure-giving shaft in a
building wanton furor, grinding her greedily clinging vaginal
sheath back over the length of piercing animal-cock in masochistic
The unmistakable beacon of her approaching orgasm flashed
through the blonde’s passion-crazed young body then, a fantastic
promise of still greater bliss soon to come! It coiled through her
seething loins like a showering burst of fireworks, and singed the
underside of her trembling belly with its loin-tingling sensations.
She moaned in lustful intoxication as the jagged edges of her
mounting sensual rapture stabbed at her abdomen, and ogled the
mirror to watch her darling’s long, thick dog-penis wetly
disappearing up between the soft whiteness of her absorbing
buttocks, his savage fucking tempoed in rapid, pistoning strokes!
She saw her own pink cunt-flesh moistly clinging to his huge,
handsome hardness when he pulled out of her, then disappearing back
up inside her hungry passage with every new thrust, his heavy, cum-
laden balls solidly pummeling her unprotected clitoris below
between the blood-swollen lips of her lust-inflamed pussy!
Carol’s brain was spinning with the effect of such never
before experienced carnality, her eyes feasting on the hedonistic
spectacle of her full white breasts, suspended and quivering
beneath her body as she raised partway up from the bed. In the
mirror, they seemed to ripple like ripe mounds of lush, pink-tipped
fruit before Sultan’s breathtaking barrage! She saw the flailing
veil of her long, ash-blonde hair as she tossed her head in a
maddened cadence to the thorough fucking her darling dog was
pounding into her, pleasureful moans hissing loudly up from her
heaving chest!
“Oooohhhh … my lover, Sultan baby! Fuck me, darling! Fuck
your Carol!” she cried back at the panting, furiously humping dog.
“Harder, baby! Harder … oh, harderrrrr …!”
The passionate, pleading tone to her voice let Sultan know he
was pleasing her. He whined in panting response as he hammered
instinctively up into her tight, slippery vagina from behind. He
knew he was bunging her joy by the way she was thrusting her soft
female cunt willingly back onto his aching hardness. The wet heat
of her human vaginal passage was clenching greedily at him, even
more so than hers of the midnight hair had done, and his blood
pounded hotly through his straining body for her.
He felt the dribbling wetness against his throbbing loins as
it trickled down the soft, smooth backs of her thighs from where he
was locked into her loins. His tongue hung loose and dripping from
his open jaws with the fierce pressure growing inside his raging
loins. And then, he saw the midnight haired one’s naked white body
crawling upward on the bed toward his mistress’s face, but he
hardly paid any attention. Only his roaring hardness thundering up
into the hotly milking core between his golden-haired mistress’s
long, white legs meant anything to him.
“Is it beautiful, Carol baby?” Peggy leaned down to whisper
close against the impassioned divorcee’s flushed young face. “Have
you ever had a more filling, capable cock fucked into you by any
man? Be honest, darling, have you?”
“0h … oh no, Peg. I. it’s beautiful … tremulous! Oh God
… he’s driving me mad with it …!” Carol gasped, her long blonde
hair flailing as she tossed her head from side to side in unhidable
rapture. Vaguely, she realized that Peggy was positioning herself
supine right beside her bead on the pillow, spreading her shapely
white legs wide apart and inching her curved hips downward until
her dark, curl-covered loins were directly below Carol’s face.
Then she lay partway back, her hands stroking down over the smooth
white flesh of her belly and hips, moving inward with extended
fingers toward the pouting, hair-fringed cunt-lips so erotically
placed there!
Fascinated by the added, lustful sight, Carol tried to hold
her head steady, a next to impossible feat with her darling German
shepherd’s huge cock pummeling her with trip-hammer velocity. Her
mouth watered with unfamiliar, lewd desire as Peggy’s fingers
slowly spread her own fleshy, cuntlips apart from either side, the
pink inner-flesh glistening moistly as it clung and then separated
viscidly before Carol’s avid stare.
Peggy held her pussy lips open so that the soft wet inner
folds were completely revealed in a lewd pink shimmering display,
her pulsing clitoris quiveringly erect, the tiny slit of her
urethra clearly visible, while the secreting oval of her vaginal
mouth worked hungrily in search of something to fill it. The raven
curls bordering the pink, desire-moistened flesh contrasted sharply
with the smooth whiteness of her heaving belly and widespread
thighs, and it was all more than Carol could resist!
“Don’t be afraid, darling … you’ll love this, too!” Peggy
hotly whispered. “Go ahead … lick Peggy’s cunt for her while
Sultan fucks you with his big cock! That’s right, baby … snuggle
your pretty face right down in there close and … and lick me to
death, you luscious girl! Don’t be afraid … do it, hon, do it
Carol was too overcome with lust to be afraid! Her hesitation
as she slowly lowered her face closer and closer toward the older
girl’s nakedly waiting loins was only to feast her eyes on the
lascivious sight. She hadn’t ever been this close to another
girl’s pussy, had never even touched one other than her own!
Then Peg’s hands moved away, letting the resilient outer-lips
of her cunt fold back in to kiss each other, leaving just a slender
pink slit that was even more entrancing to her. Carol studied its
long, tongue-beckoning line downward to where it joined the rounded
white ovals of her buttocks just above the crinkled circle of
Peggy’s tight little anus. A heady essence … a perfumed spice of
desire-filled heat stung her nostrils then, causing them to flare
excitedly as she felt the older girl suddenly reaching beneath her
to cup her swollen, nipple-straining breasts. A white-hot flame of
lust raged within Carol as she greedily spread her passionate
neighbor’s flushed cunt-lips open with her thumbs, and mindlessly
thrust her tongue greedily into the simmering liquid flesh!
While Peggy’s voluptuous body squirmed in naked pleasure and
moans of lust-incited joy gurgled up from her throat, Carol’s young
brain whirled in the overwhelming passion seizing all control from
her cock-stuffed body. She whimpered into the hot, fluid flesh of
Peggy’s wide-splayed cunt in time to the maddening dog-tucking she
was getting from behind, while her eagerly exploring tongue licked
and probed its way all over the pungent-tasting secret hollows of
Peggy’s pussy flesh. It raced up inside the older girl’s seething
vagina, feeling the pulsating clasp of her inner walls as she
rotated her lewdly invading tongue. Then she wiggled the very tip
wormingly into the gasping brunette’s tiny urethral slit, taunting
it for a full minute before dropping down to do the same to the
puckered little rectal opening below. Finally, with a long up-
sweeping lick, she hungrily centered in on Peggy’s frantically
palpitating clitoris, alternately caressing and stabbing at the
tiny erect bud, sucking it between her soft, ovalled lips to gently
nip and worry it with the edges of her even teeth.
“Oh God, oh God, oh God!” the dark-haired girl groaned in
lustful torment. “Ooohhhhh … shove your fingers up my pussy and
ass-hole while you lick it, honey! Both together! Please … it
drives me wild!”
A series of screaming little sensuous impulses shot through
Carol’s erotic nerve centers at her neighbor’s lewd request. She
was incited as much by the thought of what it must feel like to be
so obscenely ravaged as she was by the licentious thought of being
the aggressor! With open mouth and lips immersed in Peg’s wetly
streaming cunt, Carol excitedly placed the thumb and middle finger
of one hand at the two intimate orifices. Gently forcing first her
middle finger, she slipped its tip just inside the tightly
resistant opening of Peg’s anus, then, insinuating the other in her
hotly nibbling vaginal mouth, she plunged the pair of stiffened
fingers obscenely up into the writhing girl’s two burning channels!
“Aaaauugggghhh … God yessssss! That’s it, baby! Ooohhhhhh
… finger-fuck me hard, darling!” the older girl begged, her
voluptuous body jerking convulsively as it began a lurid rhythmic
undulation up against Carol’s enveloping mouth and salaciously
plunging fingers. “Ooooohhhhhh, harder, darling! Fuck them hard
… and ooohhhhh … bite my clitoris! Eeeeiiii … like that!
Like that! Oh, honey … I’m going to cum in a minute …
ooohhhhhhh …!”
Cum …? Cum …! God almighty! Carol’s mind screamed
inwardly. I’m going to shatter into a million pieces any second!
She could feel Sultan’s thickly expanding cock still plowing
without cease into the soft hot depths of her churning belly with
its hard pointed tip! Her burning pussy-channel was totally
stuffed with its rampaging hardness, her feverishly clasping
vaginal walls working in a rhythmic spasming action around the long
thick shaft of dog-flesh as if it were a separate entity from the
rest of her lust-crazed naked body! Her loins throbbed unbearably
from the wild incessant pounding his sperm-bloated balls were
giving them. She was nothing short of being on the verge of
sensual insanity …
“Oooooohhh now … I’m cummmiinnnngggg …!” Peggy screamed,
her hands frantically winding in Carol’s long blonde hair as she
smothered the younger girl’s face tighter against the wide-split
opening of her hotly spewing cunt!
Slave-like, Carol gave herself completely to the pleasure-
bringing task, knowing the heavenly delight the other had to be
reveling in as she fucked her fingers brutally up into the wet,
clutching heat of Peggy’s spasming cunt and anus! Gently she
tongue-stroked the straining little bud in heir mouth, while her
stiffened fingers continued to plunge in and out, in and out …
and then she had to stop!
She raised her own head and cunt-smeared face to choke out a
throaty, animalish cry. Her glazed eyes grew round and unseeing.
“Oooohhhh! It’s too much! I’m going wild …” but her voice
choked into a strangled mixture of sob and ragged sigh, her head
beginning to toss frantically up and down, her long, ash-blonde
hair streaming as she began the first erotic contractions of a
violent orgasm! Wildly, she skewered her undulating buttocks back
onto Sultan’s long thick cock in sluttish frenzy!
The first seizure struck her with all the force of a lightning
bolt and she slammed her naked ass-cheeks back hard onto the deep-
thrust red animal-cock with a desperate lunge. Simultaneously,
Sultan fucked forward with a deep growl, his massive animal
hardness beginning to spew its scalding dog-sperm deep up into her
madly churning belly in long hard spurts!
“0h God oh God I’m cum … c-cummmmmiinnnggggg!” Carol
whimpered, her jerking buttocks beginning to contract convulsively
to the eruption exploding like a boiling geyser in her soft white
belly and loins! She threw her head from side to side in the
ecstasy of her release … at last gaping at the mirror to see the
combination of human-animal cum oozing whitely from her clenching
cuntal mouth still milking hungrily at her beautiful German
shepherd’s slowly deflating cock. Thin rivulets of their sticky
white fluids ran hotly down her smooth inner-thighs … and when
she could no longer watch, she pitched forward on her breasts, her
face nestling against Peggy White’s cum-flooded loins as a sigh of
ultimate pleasure slowly escaped her lips …

Chapter 5

Sunshine brightened her bedroom. Carol opened her eyes to it,
looking vacantly around until she saw Sultan’s big, stretched-out
form on the floor beside her. As always, his presence gave her a
warm, protected feeling, but then as she lay there open-eyed for a
short moment, an unpleasantness began to spread through her.
Her head throbbed. She remembered it was Saturday … and
then, she began to recall much more. Abruptly, the blonde-haired
girl sat nakedly upright in her bed and glanced over at the empty
space beside her. The indentation in the pillow was evidence
enough if she still needed it! Peg had been there … there was
even a strand of dark brown hair clinging to the pillow slip!
The whole shameful picture came flooding back in waves of
shocking mental scenes, like something out of a pornographic book,
her resisting brain rejecting each and every sequence at first,
then reluctantly admitting to their individual truths as she began
to vividly remember. But in final hope for escape, the naked girl
kicked back the sheet and looked down between her spread thighs at
the cum-soaked blonde curls tightly sprinkling her young loins.
With discerning fingers, Carol began to examine, immediately
detecting the bruised soreness of her fleshy vaginal lips, and then
the more intense irritation of her sensitive vagina! God, he had!
He had done it to her! She’d let Sultan fuck her …
Her own dog!
In itself, the knowledge that she’d allowed her beautiful pet
to make love to her played a very unimportant part in the guilt
Carol Dorsett felt as she came from the bath after showering for a
full thirty-minutes. It was the realization that all of her other
mentally recalled scenes were just as true … those forbidden acts
with Peggy, and they had been utterly obscene … it was those
shockingly lewd memories that were tearing at her self-appalled
She’d been drunk … not to blame! Peg had taken lustful
advantage of her! She was a lesbian, of course, and knew how to
seduce a normal girl under the influence of liquor! She, herself,
had been the perfect dupe, passionate and hungering for sexual love
… what else?
God, she could never face that girl again … not after what
she’d done … licking her cunt and sticking her finger up Peggy’s
anus … actually sucking her clitoris when the older girl was
cumming! Not that the act itself was so bad … but the way Peggy
had lured her into it when she was drunk …!
Carol brushed feverishly at her long blonde hair as the lurid
scenes unfolded graphically now again and again in her self-
deploring mind, the tight little tangles in her silken tresses
almost as difficult for her to eliminate as the unwanted knowledge
of her unnatural acts with Peggy. Beside her lay Sultan, looking
up with innocent eyes, waiting for just a word of love.
“Oh darling, Carol isn’t angry with you!” she said, hunching
down to stroke his massive head, her tight green shorts pulling too
snugly against the sensitive soreness up between her thighs. She
straightened up and slipped on a loose, over-blouse. In a way, she
was sorry now that she’d asked Mark Cannon for dinner … but how
could she have known that this was ever going to happen?
Sultan rose to his feet and lovingly brushed against her. The
feel of his heavy body rubbing hotly along her thigh made her
remember again. God, what a breathtaking experience her darling
had been! Even with all the rest …! Peggy had been right!
“Come on, baby? Let’s go get some breakfast,” she smiled down
at him, the aspirin she’d gulped beginning to soothe the ache in
her head. “Jonny used to say that nothing is as bad as it’s
painted … and maybe, it isn’t. Come on, darling, let’s cook up a
bushel of eggs and bacon …

* * *

Mark Cannon sipped at his third cup of coffee. He always
enjoyed one before breakfast, one during, and then any number
after. He smoked a cigarette and stared toward where he knew the
window was. He was still not convinced that he ought to use her.
She could be vulnerable as hell, especially against the likes of
the people he wanted. But … but where did his loyalty lie? What
did he know about her? Supposing she was just another neighborhood
hooker with a more refined approach? Maybe she was hung-up, too.
These bitches had habits they’d kill for. He ought to know that!
Yeah … you ought to know that, Mr. Cannon! You’ve got no eyes,
remember? And it was just one such darling little bitch who had
thrown the acid that destroyed them!
Mark sighed and drew at his cigarette. He hadn’t slept worth
a damn, his brain working overtime trying desperately to form an
image of what Carol Dorsett looked like. He knew she was tall from
where her voice had sounded when she walked beside him. He doubted
that she was heavy because of her Iight footfalls and smooth,
measured step. But such things as facial features, body contours,
short or long-hair, blonde, brunette, redhead, or … or bald,
dammit to hell … those were the things that drove him damned near
A man didn’t forget what female beauty was like in three
years, especially such a lusty bird-watcher as he’d been. Christ,
if he’d ever known that this affliction had been headed his way he
would have stocked in a mental library of female pulchritude! To
look at a beautiful face again, heavy young breasts, the rounded
curves of touchable hips and buttocks, a well-turned calf and trim
ankles … God, what he wouldn’t give! He shook his head in the
inner anguish eating at him.
Nancy had been a beautiful girl, Mark remembered, not wanting
to but unable to help himself. A man denied sex as long as he had
been was apt to think of the young, curvaceous wife he had enjoyed
it with so much. Oh, there were plenty of whores around he could
have for the going price, cheap enough too in the crummy
neighborhood, some of them mighty cute little bitches, he’d wager,
but his years in the department, to say nothing of the teenage
hooker who had blinded him, had left him cold and bitter toward
them. Their callused commodity destroyed any beauty they might
possess … and like everything else, a man could learn to live
without it … up until the point where a sultry voice like Carol
Dorsett’s made all his red corpuscles stand up and nudge each
other. Dammit!
He thought of Nancy again, visualizing her naked beauty, her
long chestnut hair streaming down her tapered, white back … the
full up-thrust of her perfect, dark-nippled breasts. God, what a
slender waist she’d had, and the sweeping flare of those hips and
voluptuously rounded buttocks! He remembered her long legs, the
fullness of her white thighs … and the vee-shaped mass of dark
pubic curls up between! Sonofabitch … he was going to drive
himself right up the frigging wall!
He tried to put her out of his mind, not a difficult task when
it came to any sense of feeling for her, because that was long
dead, but from the standpoint of sex … yeah, there was the rub!
Damn, how she’d loved to fuck … or suck … or anything else that
had to do with a man’s cock! He doubted that he would ever come
across another like her, not with her beauty and insatiable hunger
for bed romping. Oh, somewhere she had sisters-in-kind running
free no doubt, but they weren’t for the likes of a blind-man …
anymore than she had been, once he’d gotten out of the hospital and
come home to sit in a chair and stare in numbed bitterness at a
wall he couldn’t see.
Maybe he shouldn’t blame her. What a hell of a life to offer
a girl of twenty-eight, a handicapped husband of the same age, with
nothing to look forward to but a paltry police pension for the rest
of their life. It was no damned wonder she’d wanted to get out and
go to work, the way he had sat around for an entire year feeling
sorry for himself … but on the other hand, she could have waited
a little longer for the adjustment period to run its course, too.
Instead, she’d started moving out on him, going by herself to
parties when he refused, and finding male escorts from the office
where she worked.
At first, it hadn’t bothered him too much; he’d been so
goddamned concerned with his own self-pity, but sitting alone two
and three nights a week had given him long, lonesome hours in which
to think, and what he’d begun to conclude wasn’t good. The loss of
one sense makes the others keener, including that of character
insight. He’d seen it coming. In bed, on those rare occasions
when he’d begun to feel like it again, she had turned into a dead-
assed log … no response … nothing there. It wasn’t hard to
figure: She was fucking someone else, one of her office friends …
maybe all of them!
One of the boys in the department, Mark had known he could
confide in had chased it down for him. Of course, he’d been right
… except there hadn’t been any office, or “friends,” just a
simple long list of “johns!” Sweet Nancy had joined the ranks of
bitches fucking for gain! She’d become a whore!
The day he’d filed divorce papers, he had also left for New
Jersey and a seeing-eye dog school, the one move that had saved him
from losing his buttons altogether. Thinking about it now, he
reached down and petted the big, faithful animal at his feet, a
feeling of warm affection flowing through him.
“Well, at least we’ve got each other, Queenie,” the handsome,
thirty-one year old man smiled at his inseparable companion and
guide. “And that’s more than a lot of people have. But … I’ll
be honest with you, girl, I wouldn’t be the one to kick a luscious
young lady out of bed, should such a creature happen along.” He
rubbed the big German shepherd’s ears, the way he knew she liked
it. “Man, how I wish you could talk, Queenie; then you could tell
me with detail exactly what our charming Miss Dorsett looks like.
Well … we’ll make it a point to find out more tonight, eh? In
the meantime, let’s heat up the coffee again. I can use another
cup before we head out after our bottle of wine … And what does
one drink with meatioaf, girl … white or red

* * *

Breakfast did wonders for Carol. She even found herself
blaming Peggy White less and less for their lewd little party of
the night before. After all, it did take two willing girls to
complete the act, and she hadn’t exactly been a reluctant one from
any stand point … but it could never happen again! She was no
lesbian and wasn’t about to let herself become one, either. There
were too many handsome, desirable men in the world, and one of
those very young men was coming to dinner tonight, she remembered
with relish, anything but sorry now that she had invited him.
She had been so right, though, about Peg and Sultan, and that
thought raising mixed emotions inside her. Even though had it not
been for her passionate neighbor’s lustful educating of the big
darling she would never have known the forbidden pleasure he could
and would bring her whenever she wanted, at the same time Carol
jealousy resented the shapely brunette’s sneaky seduction, when she
was supposed to be looking after him for her. But that would never
happen again, either! She still didn’t know what she would do with
him while she looked for employment, but he was definitely not
going to be left with Peggy …
“I wonder, baby …?” she said aloud, reaching down to toy
with his ears as she thought. “Mark Cannon might consider it. I
could pay him a little bit … so much per day … I suppose he
could use the money; everyone can … and that raises a question.
I wonder how he exists, where his money comes from? He must have
an income of sorts … and he can’t be too well off or he wouldn’t
live in this horrible section of town.”
Suddenly Sultan growled his deep-throated sound that Carol had
learned to recognize as an alarm of sorts, and she glanced down at
him just as the buzzer gave her a start. Who could that be this
early? She looked at her watch, surprised to see that it was five
minutes short of eleven o’clock.
“Come on, baby, let’s see who it is,” Carol said, moving
toward the door with the unsavory image of Ed White immediately
forming in her mind.
It was Peggy … neatly dressed in a summer suit, looking
somewhat haggard even with the benefit of carefully applied makeup,
though Carol could understand that. She hadn’t felt like any
morning-glory herself a couple of hours before from all the liquor
they’d consumed the previous night. But she hardly gave her
neighbor’s appearance much consideration; it was difficult enough
for her just to face the girl after what they’d done, and she knew
she was shamefully blushing …
“I-I can only stay a minute, Carol,” the attractive brunette
said, closing the door and leaning back against it, her hands
resting behind her on the knob. “I-I had to say good-bye to you
before I left. I might be back … I don’t know … but it
occurred to me that you’ll have to make some other arrangements for
Sultan … and … and I couldn’t go anyway without telling you
that I’m sorry … terribly sorry … you’re such a beautiful,
lovable girl …!”
Carol could only stare at her unexpected caller with open
mouth, her own shamed feelings forgotten. Myriad questions began
to rush to the forefront of her puzzled brain, but before she could
ask the first one, Peggy said:
“I’m leaving Ed. I don’t know whether it’s for good or not.
Right now, I hardly know what I’m doing. I’m going to visit my
mother in Kansas … at least for awhile … a month, maybe longer
… maybe forever!”
” Peggy! My God What’s happened … or … or can’t you tell
me?” Carol gasped, her voice lowering to a near-whisper as she
tried to search the girl’s face for answers, a sudden feeling of
being left very much alone in an undesirable situation welling up
inside her.
“No, darling … I can’t tell you … that is, it’s better if
you don’t know!” Peggy answered. “It’s something I learned only
this morning, and all this time it’s been going on … I just never
realized it!”
“B-But you can’t tell me what it is …?”
“It’s better, baby, that you don’t know!” the tall, dark-
haired girl whispered. “But … but as soon as you can, move out
of here … and get away from Westland, Carol! You don’t belong
here! Promise me you will?”
“Yes, yes, of course … I already intended to do that as soon
as possible … but … but you’re frightening me, Peg!” Carol
admitted. “And … and I don’t know what it is that I’m supposed
to be frightened of!”
“Oh God …! I wish I could tell you, but for your own sake I
can’t, baby!” Peggy said, tears glazing her eyes as she moved
forward to warmly clasp hold of Carol’s arms. “Please forgive me
… for everything, love, including last night? I should never
have let it happen … for your sake … but I couldn’t help
myself! Just … just don’t hate me, Carol! Get out of here as
soon as you can … today if possible … and everything will be
all right! Do you understand me, baby? Get as far away from here
as you can!”
“Peggy …!” Carol choked out for lack of knowing what else to
say. “Please … you can’t just run off like this … I’m in a
fog! I … I can’t just pick up and move like that … today!
What is it? My God, you’ve got to tell me …!”
Instead, the ravishing brunette kissed her fully on the lips,
hugged her tight, then swung away to jerk open the door. “Good-
bye, Carol darling … and please … don’t hate me …”
“Peggy …!” Carol called after her as the other quickly
walked to her own door where two heavy valises sat, picked them up
and hurried toward the entrance of the building without looking
back again!
Slowly, Carol closed her door, locking it. God, she wasn’t
about to chase after her! Her brain swam. Excerpts of the older
girl’s words raced pelt-mell through it, some of them making sense,
others making none at all! She went to the front window in time to
see a taxi-door close, and the vehicle suddenly speeding off! An
unpleasant emptiness filled her lower stomach. What was it Peg had
been too frightened to tell her … and what was it that could make
her leave Ed White this morning, when last night it had been he
needs me … I love him …?
A clammy chill shivered frighteningly upward along Carol’s
spine. She looked toward the building down the street where Mark
Cannon lived. Somehow, there was reassurance in knowing she had a
friend there … for outside of Sultan, she didn’t have another in
the world at that very moment!
Extremely upset, Carol backed away from the window and walked
to the small kitchenette, the powerful German shepherd’s ever
closeness rallying her. Thank God for him! She would be lost,
utterly and totally lost! Mark would understand that. Yes, more
than anyone, he would appreciate her feelings! She set the coffee-
pot onto the burner to re-heat, then reached up into cupboard to
find what was left of the brandy she’d bought months back. She had
to think … to try and decipher some meaning from Peggy’s alarming
statements, as well as calm herself enough to do it, and spiked
coffee sounded like the remedy.
Carol lighted a rare cigarette and finished her first coffee
royale, blending a second as for the fourth time she went back over
the extent of their short conversation to the best of her ability.
She had arrived, at some very definite conclusions. Either Peg had
found Ed in bed with another one of his teenagers, or he had
threatened her to the point where she didn’t dare stay in the
apartment with him any longer! Whichever the actual reason, it
hardly mattered. The poor girl was a hundred-percent better off
away from the likes of him … even though she, herself, was going
to miss Peg very, very much. Oh, not from the sexual point. Last
night had been one of those unbelievable single episodes that might
happen in any person’s life, but it was over and done with, and she
wasn’t about to ever let it happen again!
And Peg … the darling … saying … don’t hate me …
please forgive me for
everything … I couldn’t help myself … please, don’t hate
me … and then kissing her the way she had. She blamed herself
for the whole affair … the beautiful angel. In all truth, she
wasn’t anymore to blame than this blonde vixen who had wanted it
all to happen as much as Peg had … and it had been an experience
Carol would never forget, thanks in part to her animal-lover beside
her …!
Her spirits bolstered by the brandied coffees and the
brilliant sunshine pouring through the window, Carol began to enjoy
lighter feelings, no less sorrowed by Peggy’s abrupt departure from
the scene, but more and more stimulated by the thought of handsome
Mark Cannon coming to dinner. Outside of Jonny, she couldn’t
remember when a man had so appealed to her … and Jonny was long
gone, almost forgotten. Could something come of it …? Why not
…? It could if they both wanted it to … and more and more, for
her part, Carol was thinking that she did …

Chapter 6

At six-thirty, Carol finished making her canapes. After
considerable thought, she had splurged and bought two beautiful
steaks, foregoing the meatloaf bit as definitely not being up to
the occasion. She had fractured her budget, but somehow she’d
balance it out, or maybe her alimony check might be early this
month … if it came at all. Anyway, she wasn’t going to think
about that. They were going to have baked potatoes and tossed
salad, and just to be on the safe side, she had bought a bottle of
good red wine. Moreover, she’d decided to dress her best for him,
choosing her black, mini taffeta affair which was backless,
consequently leaving her without a brassiere. It was really the
nicest thing she had left.
She wished he could see her. She looked damned alluring, if
she did say so herself. The tiny ebony cameo she wore at the
hollow of her throat on a matching black ribbon did remarkable
things for the deep valley between her soft, white breasts, but he
couldn’t know that either. Carol knew that she’d gone all out for
him, wearing very little actually—just sheer black bikini
panties, a frilly half-slip and the short black dress itself. it
was too warm for pantyhose, besides, her legs were tanned enough to
give the impression of them … but of course, that too he wouldn’t
see. All the same, half of any battle was in the knowing you had
done your own part … or should she call it “Conquest?” Yes …
that was exactly the way it was shaping up, whether she was ready
to admit to it or not!
The excited blonde girl couldn’t resist haunting the front
window to see if he was coming yet. A half-dozen times she went to
her bedroom to add finishing touches to her long golden hair and
the little makeup she wore. And it was during one of those trips
that the buzzer sounded, Sultan whimpering with wagging tail rather
than offering his usual deep-throated growl …!
“Before we sit down would you like to familiarize yourself
with the surroundings, Mark?” Carol asked, surprised that she could
even think straight with the giddiness she immediately felt at the
sight of him. God, he was such a strikingly handsome man, the
slacks and sport jacket he wore fitting his tall athletic frame to
perfection. Even Queenie looked as if she might have been curried
for the occasion.
“Why … yes, I’d like that, thanks,” Mark answered, pleased
at her thoughtfulness. Few people realized the feelings of a blind
person walking into strange settings. He held out the bottle of
wine, the sound of her voice as provocative as he remembered. “The
wine,” he said with a smile.
“So, you did remember,” she said, admiring the absolutely
perfect knot of his tie and the neat cut of his starched white
“Of course. Didn’t you think I would?” he continued to smile.
“Oh … men are sometimes forgetful,” Carol said with a soft
lilt to her voice. She took the bottle from him. “But you don’t
appear to me to be the type. Now, supposing we unleash Queenie so
that she and Sultan can get to know one another and I show you
around … and it won’t take long, I assure you.”
Mark laughed, bending down to remove his guide dog’s harness,
“It’s probably a great deal like mine. Most of these older
apartments in this area are pretty much alike.”
Carol watched the two animals move across the room with tails
wagging and ears erect. She took Mark’s hand, the strong warmth of
it sending a little tingling impulse through her as it dominantly
closed around her small one with a pleasing pressure. “There are
only the three rooms and bath,” she explained, leading him slowly
and pointing out the position of objects and their arrangement.
“Every room needs painting, and the furniture is early shabby-
The feel and size of her soft, smooth hand inside his own
excitedly transmitted much to Mark. Already, his mind’s eye was
forming a clearer picture of her, the delicate fragrance of her
closeness adding sharply to it. Christ, she had to be lovely …
and that made it all the more confusing! What was a young
vivacious girl like her doing wasting time with him …?
“And last, but not least, as the cliche goes, this is the
bathroom, Mr. Cannon,” she was saying in a sprightly tone. “The
tub and shower to your left, sink on the right, and straight ahead,
you know what … So … now that you’ve taken the guest tour,
shall we return to the drawing room and tap the martinis?”
Mark laughed. “Sounds like a winner, Miss Dorsett … and may
I ask where the animals are and what they’re up to?”
“Well, they’re lying down in the corner side by side and seem
to be watching us,” Carol replied, her hand still inside his as she
led him back to the living room area, reluctant to break the
“Do you get the feeling we’re being chaperoned?” Mark
“I hadn’t thought of it that way,” she whispered back. “But
now that you’ve mentioned it, we are being observed closely … so
behave yourself, sir!”
“I’ll do my best, he lied,” Mark joked with a grin and Carol
laughed lightly with him.
“Sit here on the couch, Mark,” she invited. “It’s the most
comfortable place in the establishment. There’s a table with
cigarettes and ashtray right beside you, and if you’ll excuse me a
minute I’ll go fetch the goodies.”
The sound of soft music surprised Carol as she prepared the
tray and she looked in from the small kitchen to see that Mark had
walked to where her little transistor radio sat, had turned it onto
a particular station, and was now confidently returning to the
couch. The sight of him so tall and straight dominating her living
room caused warm sensations to flutter through her belly. It had
been so long since she’d enjoyed the company of a man, she’d almost
forgotten how exciting just their presence and companionship could
be …
“I took the liberty of finding us some listening music,” Mark
said, looking directly up at her in such a way that it was
difficult for her to believe he couldn’t see. “Are you a music
“Very much so,” she answered, moving the cocktail table in
front of them to set her tray on. “I usually have the radio
playing when I’m around the house, but … I’ll be honest with you,
Mark Cannon, your coming tonight has had me in a dither all day,
and I’m lucky if I’ve done
“My coming …?” he repeated, her admission taking him
completely by surprise, but pleasantly so. “I-I’m afraid you’ve
lost me, Carol … I don’t understand. Why should my coming …?”
“Because,” she interrupted, “you are the first man I’ve been
alone with, dated or entertained since my ex-husband, and that was
over a year ago. So … now you know that I’m just a shy girl at
heart … and here’s your martini,” she said in that voice that set
his blood to racing … or was it what she said?
One more item filed itself into his brain, though: she had
been married … He felt her weight ease down onto the couch beside
him, perhaps a foot away. The beady essence of her perfume filled
his nostrils. Christ, just to get one split-second glimpse of her
“Now, what shall we drink to … the steaks in the kitchen
waiting to be broiled?” Carol suggested. “May they be ever as
tender as the butcher promised me?”
“Steaks? I thought we were having meatloaf …?”
“I felt like splurging,” she said, smiling at his unexpectant
expression. “As I said before, Mr. Cannon, men haven’t been
frequenting my life … or my apartment … so, I wanted it all
just right.”
Mark swallowed tightly, the sound of her voice and what she
was saying like some sort of effervescent potion that was making
his brain fuzzy. He found his voice. “In that case … let’s
drink to us, Carol,” he said, his words almost a deep whisper as he
raised his glass.
“All right,” she answered, softly. “I like that toast, Mark
… to us …
“To us!”
He felt her hand covering his glass then, removing it from his
fingers and then catching at his hand. He sensed her weight
shifting on the cushions beside him and puzzled, Mark waited as she
lifted his hand upward toward her face!
“I have the advantage on you,” she breathed between them. “I
can see you. Would you like to find out what the girl beside you
looks like … down to my neck, that is? The rest you’ll have to
take my word for … and it’s 38-26-37 …”
Christ! He just couldn’t believe it! This girl was something
else, almost anticipating his every wish … and damn, she was
lovely … skin like satin, a perfect nose and lush, soft lips …!
Carol held her breath as his sensitively discerning fingers
brushed lightly over her face. When he touched her eyes, she told
him they were green, and when his warm perceptive fingers danced
over her lips she said that her mouth was too large. He laughed,
those seeing fingers tracing her cheek-bones downward to her neck,
and suddenly examining the little cameo at her throat. She
described it to him, and then he was exploring her hair, learning
its length and the way she wore it.
“It’s sort of an ash-blonde,” she told him, “maybe dizzy,
“I doubt that,” he answered, the sound of his increased
breathing reaching her. “Y-You’re beautiful, Carol! Has anyone
ever told you that … besides your husband, I mean?”
“No … not even my ex-husband. He wasn’t given to
compliments in my direction,” she answered as he slowly, almost
reluctantly drew his hand away from her face. She picked up his
cocktail then, and gave it back to him. “Besides, it is an
exaggeration, but I love you for saying it, Mark. Now, there’re
some canapes right in front of you on the table, and a whole
pitcher of martinis to be done away with. Shall we …?”
“Willingly … but I’m not finished learning about a girl
named Carol Dorsett, right from the day she was born to this damned
minute!” he said, still breathing with an increased loudness.
“And what about a certain man named Mark Cannon?” she
questioned, delighted with the intoxicating mood their relationship
was weaving around them. “I’d like to know about him … right
from the day he was born to this damned minute!”
“All right … that’s a fair exchange,” he replied, reaching
for her hand and waiting for her to give it to him, the almost
forgotten sensations of arousal the mere feel of a girl’s soft warm
touch could bring leaving him drunk with happiness. But this
wasn’t the little, willing hand of just any girl … it was Carol’s
… and for a moment it seemed that he’d been waiting a lifetime
for her … that he’d always loved her … and then, she began to
softly tell her story …
Twice, Carol refilled their glasses as they unfolded their
histories to each other, the liquor helping to loosen their tongues
when the more intimate details were touched on. She learned that
Nancy was beautiful and loved sex, and she confided that once she
and Jonny had shared a similar relationship. She held his big hand
between both of hers, her fingertips lightly brushing over the
short hairs on its back, until she’d nearly kissed it with tears in
her eyes when he told her of how he had lost his sight. The horror
of it … and Nancy becoming a prostitute, too … dear God, it was
a wonder he hadn’t lost his sanity! How he really needed someone
… a girl to love and look after him … just as she needed a man
to share a life with … and here they were together … finding
each other … she knew it was happening! They were falling in
love …!
Two hours had passed, the room shadowed in a soft veil of
darkness as they continued to speak softly, still holding hands,
yet not as much as a single kiss having passed between them. The
martini pitcher was empty. Carol had never felt so beautiful
within as she did sitting beside this handsome man whose hand she
lovingly held, listening to his gentle, masculine voice, while
romantic strains from her little radio continued to float around
them. More than anything, she hated to break that enchanting
spell, but it was after nine and she hadn’t even put the potatoes
on to bake …
He drew her to him, then, his hands suddenly slipping upward
along her naked arms to her shoulders, warm and gentle, but
demanding hands that caused Carol’s breathing to shorten, while
impulsive thrills of delight raced through her belly! Their lips
met, not fiercely, but with exploring warmth as her arms slipped
around his neck and his open hand smoothed down over the exposed
flesh of her back to draw her tighter against him! Then, the
fervency of his kisses grew more ardent, pressuring down onto the
receptive moistness of her own lips, opening them slightly … but
he went no further …
“I-I think maybe I better get out to the cooking department,”
she whispered, her breathing as heavy as his when they finally
broke their kiss, neither anxious to release the other.
“Yeah … maybe you had at that,” Mark said, finally emitting
a deep sigh, and withdrawing his hands. “I-I hope you’re not angry
… I just couldn’t resist the temptation.”
Carol smiled excitedly to herself. She reached to him,
brushing her hand meaningfully over his smooth-shaven cheeks. “I-I
think I’d have been angry if you hadn’t, darling,” she said,
quickly eluding his grasp when he started to move forward again.
“Unh-unh …not now … maybe later on a full stomach, Mr.
Cannon,” she teased, and then she was flicking on certain soft
lights for her own benefit and at the same time watching the little
smile of anguish tugging at his handsome mouth …
She made him another martini and he could hear her singing
along with the music while she prepared dinner. There was no
longer any doubt in his mind where his loyalty lay. If ever a guy
had a case on a girl, he did! He called the dogs over to pet and
play with in an effort to calm himself down. He hoped to hell she
hadn’t noticed, but his cock had been as hard as a billy-club!
There was no way he could bring himself to use her … it could get
too dangerous, and he wasn’t about to have anything happen to her
now that he’d just found her! Damn, what a luscious creature …
and she’d called him darling! She felt it, too, he was certain of
it! And … and what did she mean, maybe later on a full stomach,
Mr. Cannon …? What later? Christ … did she mean … all the
way? Why not? She was 28, been married, and … and hadn’t known
a man for over a year! Damn … should he try? Did she want him
to … him … blind as a bat … could it be for real …?

Chapter 7

Her dinner turned out superb! After, they finished the wine
and held hands across the table, both knowing for certain now where
their beautiful evening would end up. Carol couldn’t shake the
feeling of a new bride on her wedding night, once she had given
herself entirely to the delicious desire of wanting it to happen.
Mark was beside himself with the churning pressure building in his
too tong denied loins, but he was gallantly controlling it, though
unable to hide it.
The voluptuous blonde girl couldn’t keep her eyes from the
telltale bulge swelling the front of his slacks, and she was well
aware when she drew him up from the couch to dance with her that
there was no turning back!
“Y-You know what you’re doing to me, don’t you?” Mark
whispered hotly down into her face as he gently enfolded her inside
his arm, holding her other hand, yet unable to take the first step.
“You’re … you’re just about driving me toward rape, baby! And
cops aren’t supposed to do that!”
“Ex-cops, darling,” Carol answered, her voice as hushed and
raspy as his, “and … and I don’t believe it’ll be rape …
“Christ!” he hissed through his strong, white teeth. “I must
be losing my buttons … three years, Carol … three years it’s
been! I-I think I love you, but … but I’m not sure! I might say
anything right now …!”
“I know, I know, Mark … so don’t say anything … just kiss
me …!” He did, hungrily this time, his mouth crushing down
against her soft moist lips, engulfing her as if he were about to
devour her! His tongue knifed out to slice between her teeth and
into her warm, responsive mouth, his big hands immediately
smoothing down her back to encase the firm, fleshy ovals of her
buttocks, to caress and cup as he drew her soft belly and loins up
tight against his rigid cock.
“Oh goddamn! I’m going to make love to you until neither one
of us can walk!” she heard him gasp, the long, thick length of his
desire-hardened penis throbbing hotly against her trembling belly.
She couldn’t hold back the short breaths of passion escaping her
lips as they molded to his, the beautiful, lewd promise he had just
made dancing wildly in her brain, along with the heavenly feel of
masculine assurance pledged solidly against her lust-incited flesh.
“Where …?” he choked. “For God’s sake, I can’t wait any
Carol reached behind her and took his hand. “Come on … in
the bedroom … like normal lovers should …!”
“What about the dogs?”
“They’re happy, too, darling … still taken up with their
steak bones. Come on! I’m going to make you keep that promise!”
Make him keep it, Mark thought, his brain spinning crazily,
She couldn’t hold him off now with a club! He heard her snap on a
light and waited, still holding her hand. When she faced him, he
moved in on her once more, pressing her willingly yielding young
body tight to him, his lips lowering hotly to hers, his tongue
again probing the sweet, moist heat of her mouth. She sucked on it
gently, letting the vibrant contours of her body flow into his.
“Now … I’m going to find out for myself about those 38-26-37
statistics, baby,” he whispered, “and remember … I see with my
hands …! Then … then I’m going to fuck you and fuck you …
just as I promised!”
“Oh … oh darling!” Carol mewled, sensing his blood-engorged
hardness palpitating hotly against her snuggling belly and loins,
her breasts heaving with their tiny, stiffened nipples smashed
against his strong chest. “Let’s hurry and get naked! Then you
can find out anything … everything you want to know about me for
yourself …!”
Mark didn’t hesitate, quickly beginning to remove his clothes.
There were no modesty hang-ups in his lust-infused brain, he mused,
breathing heavily as he stripped naked and stood there, feeling his
swollen cock poling out from his loins as if a leaded weight had
been tied to the end of it! He heard her breath catch above the
rustle of her clothing, and he moved toward the sound.
“Darling … darling …!” Carol hissed, her eager eyes
feasting on the long, thick length of his cock and the bloated sac
of his testicles hanging handsomely between his strong thighs. She
shamelessly grasped his bobbing penis in a gentle hand as he came
close to her, curling her fingers around its rigid hotness and
feeling him jerk and gasp at her touch. His hands reached for her
and she stood perfectly still, knowingly beginning to stroke the
pulsating length of his thick sinewy cock while his discerning
fingers swept over her trembling naked curves. At last, he lowered
his head, cupped the full mound of one rounded smooth breast and
sucked its tiny, straining nipple deep into his hot mouth! Carol
swayed with erotic rapture, and he had to catch her in his arms to
keep her from losing her balance.
“Now, to the bed, little girl … you gorgeous armful …
before I cum right in your hand!” Mark warned with a quick intake
of breath.
“You better not!” Carol whispered, kissing him quickly and
drawing him over toward her bed and then down partially on top of
her. “There’re better places than my hand for that, lover!” she
added, hugging his muscular body tight to her breasts and shivering
with the sensations of burning desire building deep in her
quivering belly and feverishly moistening loins.
But she was hardly prepared for the lustful hunger that
abruptly took charge of her new friend. His eager mouth was
suddenly all over her face and throat, his lashing tongue charging
deep into her open mouth, his big hands kneading the resilient
white flesh of her sensitive breasts, twisting and rolling their
tiny nipples with an almost savage craving that took long moments
before she began to fully comprehend. Like a starved animal
offered food after a famine, his strong hands, which she knew to be
gentle, ravenously searched and explored the most intimate hollows
of her susceptible young body.
Carol whimpered with passion in the face of his obvious need,
her impulse to please and satisfy him now more intense than any
craving of her own! It was bordering on maternal, she thought, as
she hugged and loved him, smoothing her own small hands
possessively over the hard, muscular flesh of his handsome male
body! Oh God! Yes! She loved him … loved him!
Mark groaned and writhed like a boy in a man’s frame on top of
her, almost whining with pleasure when he bit at her neck, and she
spread her long legs wide, urging his naked body over between her
claiming thighs where she wanted him. “Hurry! Mark lover! It’s
been so long for you! Let me do it all this first time! Don’t
even think of me … just yourself! Fuck me hard, darting, and
fill me with your cum! Please … I want you to …!”
Drawing her legs back, Carol reached down between their
hungrily pressed bodies, his searing breaths like a blowtorch
against her breasts. Never had she been so filled with warm,
passionate love as at that moment when she levered her hand down
between her widespread thighs to find the raging hot thickness of
his beautiful penis! And, as her fingers closed around its blood-
hardened girth, she knew that, at last, all things were about to
come true for her …!
To Mark, her soft hand curling once more around his frantic
rod of flesh was enough to push him over the edge! He felt her
working his sensitive foreskin back and then guiding the rubbery
head inward toward that most sought after of secret places between
her legs! Then he could feel the hot nibbling warmth of her cuntal
mouth and the soft, tickling curls of her pussy-hair grazing his
cock-head as she slowly insinuated the spongy tip … and then she
seemed to freeze, as if waiting …!
“0h darling, darling she whispered … losing the words in a
groan which broadened as he lunged his hard-pressed cock furiously
hard up into her!
Her moist cuntal heat clasped around his aching cock like a
seething wrap of hot fluid resistance, and he gasped aloud as he
began to thrust mindlessly into her upturned pussy-mouth in long
and urgent strokes that filled her receptive vagina to greater and
greater depths!
Beneath him, Carol’s pinioned body quivered and trembled, her
pebble-hard nipples branding into his chest with a tight, burning
pressure. Her soft hot belly brushed against the tensed muscles of
his own, and her strong, full thighs clamped and unclamped around
his hips, holding and releasing him as the clasping inner flesh of
her cunt sucked and pulled at his lust-driven cock with a passion
he had forgotten … or perhaps, never known!
“Oh … oh Christ!” he groaned, sensing the seething, velvety
sheath of her inner cunt squeezing and sucking along the full
length of his love-starved rod of hardened penile flesh. He wasn’t
going to last two minutes at this rate …!
“My lover … my lover! Fuck your Carol, darling!” she
spurred him on in raspy sensual whispers, bucking and writhing
beneath him as she hugged him down tightly to her. “Don’t try to
hold it back! Cum in me, precious … shoot it all right up into
my hot belly!”
Her face moved from side to side beneath his seeing
fingertips. Tiny indentations appeared on her lush red lips where
her teeth pressed them in moments of intense passion. Then every
so often her gasping mouth came back against his, her teeth nipping
at his lips, her tongue sucking his deep inside.
“Goddamn …!” Mark choked, pulling back. “I can’t hold it
back, baby! Christ … I’m going to cummmm …!” he blurted as he
pounded his blood-inflated cock deep up into the burning sanctuary
of her churning belly with long and savage strokes. He could feel
the boiling sperm ready to burst from the reservoir of his over-
bloated balls as they beat a harsh tattoo against the cheeks of her
upturned buttocks. He thrust his plundering tongue to the depths
of her throat, and, with greedy, kneading hands, reached down to
clutch the widespread ovals of her ass-cheeks, hauling them up hard
against his fast-driving pelvis, slamming his now spewing cock
brutally up into her unresisting cuntal channel!
“Ahhh … yes! Lover! Yesss! Fill meee! Fill mee with your
hot love-cum!” Carol wantonly urged him on, at the same time
feeling the erotic bubbling taking place inside her own loins as
the turgid, pulsating head of his deeply sunk cock suddenly flared
larger and began to spurt! She could feel the streams of white-hot
semen shooting far up into her nakedly clenching belly with the
force of molten fire, churning around her dilated vagina in a
growing pool long-desired love.
Oh, how she wished she could cum with him at that very moment,
but she couldn’t … she couldn’t … not yet … almost, but not
quite! Ooohhh! Her eyes closed and all the time he was cumming
inside her, her mouth worked and quivered and her neck strained as
she threw back her head with the intensity of her passion …
And then, panting heavily, his strong, muscular body collapsed
on top of her while she continued to hold and caress him as she lay
there beneath him, neither of them speaking for several minutes.
Finally, Mark rolled part-way off her, but she wouldn’t let him go
entirely, even after his limp penis slid wetly back out of her
still nibbling vagina. Instead, she cradled him there between her
wide-open thighs and drew his head down to rest against the
softness of her rising and falling breasts.
“W-Was it good, darling?” Carol whispered, running her
fingertips over his cheek, then lovingly through his hair.
“Damn …!” he sighed. “It-it was … was … hell, there’s
no way to describe it, honey …! I just wish it could’ve been all
the way for you, too, the first time … but …”
“Shhh … don’t start apologizing. Can’t you tell how happy I
am?” Carol whispered into his eat. “My belly is filled with your
love, and I wanted it to be, darling … and now, you’re relaxed
“For a minute,” he replied, his cheek pressed into the soft,
resilient warmth of her full breast. He kissed the smooth,
yielding flesh from the side of his mouth, then teased it with his
tongue as he moved closer to the tiny hardened nipple, sucking it
between his lips in the same sideways manner. “But I’m a long way
from being finished, little girl, as you’ll see in a minute.”
“MMmmm,” she mewled, embracing his head tighter against her
naked breasts, her desire-filled young body gently squirming
beneath him. God, how had this wondrous man ever happened her way?
She loved him … there was no doubt in her mind … and she would
make him love her! She ran her fingers through his dark wavy hair
while his tongue and lips nibbling and taunting at her bursting
nipples sent delightful thrills spiraling through her. “Mark …?
Yesterday, when we first met there in the park … did you even
remotely think we might be lying together like this … and the
very next night, at that?”
“I-I wouldn’t even have dared to hope for such a spectacular
when I walked up to your door tonight!” he answered in his gentle
voice. “I still can’t believe it. Things like this don’t happen
to a dumb blind cop …”
“Stop talking like that, darling,” she reprimanded, brushing a
ringer over his lips. “You may be blind, but, to me, you can see
everything more beautifully than anyone I’ve ever known. And
you’re anything but dumb, my lover … Besides, that’s ex-cop …
isn’t it?”
For a moment, Mark didn’t answer. He hadn’t been all that
truthful with her, had he? In fact, his original plans had
involved an entirely different use of her, not that he wouldn’t
have accepted this lusty development in passing, but what he hadn’t
counted on was falling in love with her … and he had damned sure
done that! “No … not quite, Carol … Oh, I haven’t lied to you,
but I haven’t told you the whole truth, either. I’m still
connected with the police department, working on limited
assignments where I can be of value.”
“My God! Isn’t that dangerous for you?”
“No more than for anyone else, and my blindness makes a good
cover …
“But …?”
“But be quiet and let me finish,” he said. “I have to tell
you this. Yesterday, when we first met, I was friendly because I
thought I could use you. And the more we talked, the more certain
I was. You were situated perfectly, living right here in this
building. And then when you invited me to dinner … well, that
was when I intended to offer you the proposition …
“What proposition …?”
“I’m not finished yet. Just listen to me for a moment,” be
insisted. “Then, yesterday, after I got back to my apartment, I
couldn’t get you out of my mind. Your voice haunted me. I tried
to picture what you looked like … even wondered if you were a
classy hooker, but that didn’t fit with you living in Westland …
and, pretty soon, I didn’t know what to think … except that I
didn’t want to take a chance on getting you involved. I could
hardly sleep last night thinking about you, and today … well
dammit, my brain just kept going around in circles! Then, tonight
… and now this … making love, lying here as we are … I know
now … I’m in love with you, baby … honest!”
He moved up and kissed her then, their arms clinging tightly
around each other’s naked body, the depth of their feeling flowing
from one into the other with warm, passionate vibrance. But, when
he raised his head, Carol said, “What was that proposition,
“It doesn’t matter now …
“Yes, it does matter! If it’s so dangerous, then you
shouldn’t be involved! Besides, you said I was perfectly situated,
living right here in this building. Please, Mark, I’m going to be
frightened if you don’t tell me,” Carol pressed. “What were you
expecting me to do?”
“Well … actually, very little,” he replied, wondering how
brilliant he was being in telling her. “I … I just wanted you to
keep an eye on the next apartment … you know, the manager’s, and
record the number of people who come there each day, something of
what they look like, and if the same ones kept coming back. The
department would’ve paid you …
“You mean the Whites’ apartment?” Carol asked, wanting to be
“Yes … but it doesn’t matter now. I don’t want you to get
involved. It might be dangerous …”
“Then it’s dangerous for you too!” she repeated, a cold little
chill shivering over her naked body as she visualized Ed White in
her mind. Then, several things clicked in her brain. It did seem
that Peggy’s buzzer rang a great many times every day … and she
had left this morning in such a fear-filled hurry, warning her to
leave there …! “Mark, this morning, Ed White’s wife left him.
She was haggard and frightened … came over to say good-bye to me,
and …”
In detail, Carol related the story, but was careful not to
hint at anything that might give away her forbidden episode the
night before. Certainly, that skeleton was better forgotten and
swept into the closet! He listened to her every word in silence,
then said, “Peggy was right, Carol. It’s best that you leave here
as soon as possible …”
“No! I won’t unless you give up whatever it is, too!” she
insisted with a firmness that made him realize she was no clinging
vine … and maybe he liked that.
“I can’t baby; it’s my job …
“And mine from now on is to look after you! I’m going to stay
right here and help you! After all, what’s so dangerous in peeking
out my door whenever I hear their buzzer ring? No, Mark, I’m not
leaving here until you go with me! I’m going to help you!”
Mark couldn’t do anything but smile down at her, she was so
damned emphatic about it … and maybe she was right. It would
only be as risky as she made it, and she had a damned good mind …
nothing stupid in that beautiful head. But just to think that she
wanted help was enough. Christ, what a luscious creature! No girl
had ever come close to turning him on the way she did—not even
Nancy—and this was only the beginning! He kissed her and began
to stroke his hand down over the curved nakedness of her round,
full breasts, exploring again, but more discerningly this time. “I
won’t say no, honey … but let’s talk later, when I don’t have all
this soft loveliness to distract me … and this time, it’s your
turn, little girl.”
“Oh lover! Mark lover …” Carol moaned as she felt his long
thick penis stirring against her thigh once more. She slipped her
arms up around his neck while he eased his tongue between the
waiting moistness of her lips and she began to suck gently on it,
nibbling with tiny sharp nips and feeling with her fingers the
muscular shudder that moved up his naked back.
Mark felt her squirming to work one leg between his, then felt
the pressure of her smooth, warm thigh against his swelling cock,
banging it quickly to a renewed, hurting hardness. He grunted,
feeling the seminal wetness from its tiny end-slit smearing against
her leg.
“Mark … Mark … You’ve made me so happy! I-I want to know
every wonderful inch of you!” she whispered, her fingers toying at
the back of his neck, her warm breath beginning to increase in
tempo against his face. She let him move back in between her
yawning legs once more, loving him cradled that way on top of her.
She kissed him, darting her hot tongue wetly up into his mouth, and
then in and out in a lewd little semblance of what she really
wanted. His big hands trailed down her sides following the
symmetrical contours of her waist and hips and finally beneath her
to the smooth fleshy ovals of her buttocks, cupping the rounded
mounds in his palms and splayed fingers. She clung excitedly to
him, then stroked her own hands down over his lean, hard flesh,
searching eagerly into the private hollows of his body. Her head
swam with the thrilling delight of their finding each other … of
that very moment … of her fulfillment to come! Oh, how she
needed him … how she was always going to need him … how she
would love him forever and ever and ever …!
She squirmed again beneath him, whispering for him to move his
legs on the outside of hers once more and he did, his long thick
hardness pressing hotly against the supple flesh at the juncture of
her thighs, its blunt bulbous head splitting the narrow hair-
fringed slit between her cunt-lips to gently nudge at her tiny
clitoris. She undulated her hips to increase the wild erotic
stimulation and then lifted them while she moved her arms around
beneath her buttocks and, with the fingers of both hands, spread
her flushed wet vaginal lips open wider to him, offering a greater
tensing contact for his cock with her love-sensitized cunt-flesh.
Then she dropped back onto the bed, his throbbing hot length caught
tightly up between her hotly pressuring thighs.
Mark’s brain began to swirl again with the sensuous pleasures
of her voluptuously inviting body. Christ! He’d forgotten it
could be like this, that a man could completely lose all sense of
perspective once he lay caught between a lovely girl’s legs, and
she was surely the most enticing female he’d ever known! He
trailed his hands over the soft curves of her naked body again and
again, unable to get enough of her, while she began a slow rhythmic
undulation with her hips and buttocks. He could feel the long,
smooth muscles and tendons beneath her satiny flesh ripple lightly,
and thought again with lustful anticipation about how her thighs
had felt pressing firmly around his hips only moments ago when his
pulsating cock had been buried deep up between them.
She mewled like a kitten beneath him, mashing her lips up
against his, writhing her smooth, flat belly tight to his own, her
long nails sensuously taunting the flesh of his back as he drew her
hot, cum-drenched loins more snugly up to his. He tasted the
delicious sweetness of her passion-heated mouth while he moved up
and down slowly, the full length of his desire-hardened cock
insinuating itself along her wide-split cuntal flesh and massaging
it to greater and lewder wetness with every passing second. Again,
he caught her lush ass-cheeks in the palms of his hands, feeling
them grow taut and then relax as she began a more frantic rotation
up against his crazily throbbing loins, until abruptly those long,
shapely legs showed their strength, pulling out from beneath him on
either side, flailing into the air and finally encircling him to
press crab-like against the backs of his thighs in an effort to
lock him tighter into her body.
“Oooohhhhh … now, lover … now! Fuck me, darling! Fuck me
before I go mad!” she groaned against his lips, her labored breath
hot on his face, her hand worming down between their obscenely
aroused bodies to grasp his aching cock and guide it properly into
the tight little mouth of her quivering vagina.
Mark grunted as he felt her fingers close around his blood-
swollen hardness, unable to hold himself back any longer. With a
decisive movement of his raised hips, he drove forward with a
resounding fleshy smack deep up into the sizzling heat of her
greedily absorbing cunt.
“Ooooohhh!” he heard her whimper with pleasure beneath him,
while the amazing tightness of her vagina sheathed his bursting
cock with a feverish hold that raised another guttural grunt of
delight from deep in his throat.
He thrust hard, sending his Just-starved cock farther up into
her burning cunt with hellish force, driving and pounding, the flow
of her cuntal secretions coating his shaft with a slippery
frictional wetness that drove him wildly on. He felt the bloated,
spongy knob of his cock pummeling up against the cushiony tip of
her cervix deep inside, while his re-inflated balls swatted hard up
between the undulating cheeks of her buttocks.
Carol wailed with the pleasure-filled pain, writhing in a
moment of unexpected brief agony as the huge head of his thundering
hardness punished the secret depths of her ravished belly. But it
was the way she wanted it … the way she had learned to love it
… the way Johnny had always fucked her … the way she had feared
she would never know it again! With open mouth, she whined
uncontrollably, but her little cry of torment only seemed to incite
her policeman-lover toward greater lust as he drove harder,
grinding his hairy pelvis hard into the fleshy give of her soft,
vulnerable loins. She felt him flexing his deep-sunk penis at the
very apex of his stroke to raise a further groan of masochistically
desired pain from her lips … then he paused momentarily, and she
gasped for breath, running her clutching hands over his naked flesh
in joy-filled hunger.
Little purling sounds of lust continued to tumble from her
lips as she lay beneath him completely subjugated to his meagerest
whim, entirely impaled on his love-famished, cock-flesh probing the
intimate depths of her churning belly. Mark panted like he might
if he had just run a mile, looking down at her as if he could see
her. Oh Christ, what he wouldn’t give if he could! He brought one
hand up to tenderly read her facial expression, his lust increasing
when his brain visualized the wanton look of slave-like passion his
fingertips found there! God! What a breathtaking creature! Nancy
could never have even stood in her shadow … and she loved him …
loved the way he was fucking her! A feeling of almost sadistic
intoxication swept through him, causing him to flex the inflamed,
blood-engorged head of his aching cock again and again, knowing
that she wanted that, and raising a series of gurgling moans from
her sensually gasping throat.
They didn’t speak; there was no need for words. They’d found
each other in shared desire, he realized, as she labored hungrily
up against him and he ground harder into the burning wet flesh of
her cock-hugging cunt, feeling her arch her voluptuous loins
needfully up to him. Her movements lifted both of them from the
bed as she whimpered incessantly, and he began his thrusting tempo
once more. He felt her clasping thighs tighten and release around
him as she started to work up and down his hardened rod of cock-
flesh with her eagerly milking vagina until they had established a
mutual rhythm. Her head started to loll in an ungovernable pattern
from side to side while he listened to her lips murmuring in his
ear in impassioned abandon.
“Oh … ooohhh … my lover … my handsome darling! You’re
magnificent! I love you! Don’t ever leave me, Mark! Promise
you’ll never leave me, darling! I’ll do anything you want!” Carol
whimpered and begged. “Oooohhh … You’re so violently gentle!
You’re driving me crazy with love for you! Do more! Take me any
way you want! Hurt me, darling! Make me love it … Put your
finger in my ass … Shove it right up inside! Do it, lover …
please …!”
Her lewd plea set off a roaring current of lust within him,
and it raced through his twitching cock, thundered through his
brain and his clutching hands! Mark pressed his fingers underneath
her, into the smooth, widespread crevice between her upraised
buttocks and found the tiny, puckered circle of her anus with his
extended middle finger, The undulating nether circle was wet from a
thin rivulet of warm moisture that had dribbled down from where his
throbbing cock was fucking insanely up into her cunt. He felt her
shiver as he caressed her there, teasing her and lubricating the
small fleshy ring more with the balled pad of his finger before
probing inside. He sensed her full-mounded buttocks leaning back
toward his hand, onto his stiffened finger length while he pressed
forward, surprised at first at the resistance he met. In a sudden
elastic pop, the rubbery flesh seemed to open up like a small mouth
to suck his finger up inside to the first knuckle-joint! Carol
lurched beneath him almost as if she were trying to escape the
sudden intrusion, but he knew different.
“Oh … Ooooohhh! Yes … Yes, my darling!
You hurt me so beautifully, Mark! No wonder I love you!
Oooohhh … more now … slowly … more, darling! All the way …
and fuck me hard … HARD!!!”
Mark wondered if he wasn’t going dum-dum in his own crazily
building lust. His brain was a sponge, saturated with carnal need,
and his cock was screaming with the strain, as if he could never
cum again. And, if he didn’t cum pretty soon, he knew he’d go
stark raving bananas! He thrust his obscenely imbedded finger
farther up into the clasping heat of her tight, spongy rectum,
simultaneously increasing the stroke of his charging cock up into
the seething wetness of her pussy. He felt her absorbing rectal
walls generating the heat of her passion into the length of his
finger, buried now to the palm of his hand, and she bleated with
the masochistic pleasure-pain which had obviously taken control
over her, just as it always had with Nancy … but never, never
like this beautiful girl lying naked beneath him now in wanton
The love-crazed young blonde skewered her buttocks shamelessly
back down onto his stiffened middle finger, searching, pleading,
encircling it in the hotly clutching depths of her nether passage,
seeming to revel in its unnatural presence as he rotated it wildly
up inside her there! At the same time, Mark could feel the in-and-
out plunges of his sperm-heavy cock through the thin partition of
flesh separating her two brutally filled passages … feeling his
throbbing cock with his lewdly exploring middle finger and feeling
his fingertip against the hardened flesh of his straining penis!
Christ! It … she … all of it, was just too much! He was
sure as hell going to cry “uncle” if he didn’t cum again soon!
Three years of emptiness, and then suddenly this! She had to
understand … she said that she loved him! And … and he loved
her! Goddamn … yes, he loved her … loved her! And that’s why
he wasn’t about to give up! He loved her …!
He tried to establish a combination fucking rhythm of finger
and cock, until he was driving furiously up into her in syncopated
unison. He had to make her cum … had to! Carol groaned and
writhed her naked body wantonly beneath him on the bed. He felt
her long, shapely legs yawning wide to give him the greatest
possible access in his ravishment of her steaming, susceptible
loins! Abruptly, he realized that his throbbing cock was expanding
still more, growing inside her to the point where he knew it would
soon erupt! He sensed the ever-increasing, needle-like pressure
building incredulously in his bloated testicles, and knew the end
was coming.
Shit, he had to do something, or it was going to be all over
for him, but the shouting! He began slamming into her with longer,
harder strokes as his finger drubbed her wide-stretched rectal
channel. She gripped him tightly across his back with her wrapping
legs, her face beneath the seeing fingertips of his free hand
contorted in a lewd mask of animal lust, and he hoped to Christ
that she was getting ready to cum! He just couldn’t last another
minute! Then … he heard the distinctly different little moans
gurgling deep in her throat and felt her thighs opening and closing
around him as she thrust upward onto his raging cock and backward
onto his plunging middle finger to the fierce tempo of his
desperate, last-ditch fucking!
“Oooohhh … harder, Mark! Fuck me harder! Oooohhh …
harder, my lover!” Carol cried, digging her little heels into the
flesh of his back. Suddenly, she drew back her legs until they
were locked over his shoulders, presenting him with the total
widespread pIateau of her passion-inflamed loins. Her eyes, like
her teeth, were clamped tightly together, her lovely face twisting
and straining as her orgasm came over her!
“Oooooh Goddd … darling … I’m cummmmiiinngg …!”
She whimpered, cried out, then actually screamed, pulling her
thighs back tighter until the whole of her hungrily devouring cunt
was offered up to him in passionate sacrifice! She thrust her hips
ceilingward with bruising force, her mouth failing loosely open,
her nostrils flaring wide! Wail after wail squealed up out of her
as she skewered her climaxing loins up onto his battering cock and
clung there while the seething, slick walls of her slaving vagina
milked omnivorously at his screaming cock like the greedy little
mouth of a starving child!
The violence of her ecstasy stunned him for a moment! Christ,
he’d never seen anything like that, let alone been a part of it!
It stayed his own orgasm with just the incredible wonder of her,
but he continued to hammer into her, feeling the warm gushes of
wet, sticky cum bathing his charging cock! It foamed out around
his painful hardness to drench his hairy loins and flood his hotly
pulsating balls! She jerked and lurched beneath him, the nibbling
lips and ravenous vaginal throat of her amazing cunt drawing
feverishly at his bursting cock! And, as her breathing labored in
short, panting gasps, Mark sensed his boiling sperm racing up the
length of his spasming cock with mind-bending sensation. It
wracked his naked frame as it surged from the tip of his cock like
water from a fire hose, far up into her quivering hot belly! It
jerked and spewed fitfully inside her, while she ground her
hungrily swallowing cunt Possessively up tight onto its buried
“Oh darling, darling … pump all of it up into me … every
drop! It’s mine … mine … all mine!” Carol mumbled, her thighs
quaking, her belly trembling with the unleashed pool of warm
pleasure he was emptying into her. At last, he fell in exhaustion
on top of her, and once more she hugged him inside her caressing
She sighed from deep in her chest, her legs falling
shamelessly limp and open, while her heart pounded. Her sensual
body had been satisfied … dear God, yesss … totally and
beautifully satisfied …

Chapter 8

Sultan watched with keen interest as his golden-haired
mistress flitted about the shabby apartment, continuously humming a
pleasant little tune as she busied herself. Her pretty face seemed
bright, more so than he had seen it in a long time. It pleased him
when she was this way, and he lay down in his favorite corner where
he could observe her every move.
Carol could never remember being happier in her life! She
felt as if she were floating about in a dream world too beautiful
and impossible to be real. She knew it was real, yet she had to
keep pinching herself to make certain she was awake. She was in
love, not the Johnny Gains type of superficial love, but deep
emotional love that was vibrantly alive inside her young body every
single instant, even while she’d slept, and she knew with all of
her heart that Mark Cannon felt the same! What a joy it had been
to burst out of bed this morning, her brain saturated with the
memories of her magnificent new lover!
Even the apartment had suddenly taken on a glow of splendor
for her, and she realized that it was all because they had shared
such an enchanting evening there last night, finding each other,
then making breathtaking love, the likes of which she had only
dared dream of. Oh, what a great life they were going to have
together, and the thrills ahead in just the planning of it! He
would come tonight, her darling and his beautiful Queenie, to begin
discussing those plans and to set a date for their wedding, and she
wanted everything neat and perfect for him.
She would have a report to give him too. Already there had
been four young men and a girl who’d rung Ed White’s buzzer, stayed
only a matter of minutes, then left. It was difficult to see their
faces without opening her door wide, but what she had seen of them,
she’d tried to mentally record, so that she would know them if they
came back.
Carol smiled to herself. How determined Mark had been about
her not having any part in this business, whatever it was. But
when she’d stomped her foot, insisting that she wouldn’t have it
any other way if he was going to carry on with it, he’d finally
given in, hugging her and begging her to be careful. She’d loved
that, but surprisingly enough, she was intrigued with the whole
idea more than the slightest bit frightened. After all, she was
perfectly safe in doing a little peeking; besides, she had Sultan
to protect her. And, speaking of that handsome darling, he should
be out in the backyard getting some exercise!
“Would you like to go outside, Sully baby?” Carol cooed at
him, walking over and bending down to pet his massive head. God,
she couldn’t forget the delicious sensual pleasure he had brought
her either, when there had been no one else but the two of them.
Her faithful and gallant protector … with love-brimming eyes …
she wondered if he was jealous? Did dogs of his brainy caliber
know that bitter human emotion? She hoped not because she loved
him so much, and she’d never, never knowingly hurt him. And then,
it struck her that perhaps his canine affections had suddenly been
transferred toward Queenie! Could that be?
“Do … do you like Queenie?” Carol heard herself ask,
surprised at the resentful feeling she abruptly felt. He had
gotten to his feet, and she kissed him between the eyes, holding
his big head between her small hands. His tail wagged, but was it
in response to her affection or the sound of Queenie’s name? “Y-
You wouldn’t let anyone take Carol’s place … would you, darling?
She’s always going to need you. We’ve been through so much
together … I’d be lost without you, baby … and … and we’ll
still have out secret times, I promise! So don’t you run off after
some new girl friend and desert me. Promise? Do you? Well,
promise …
The towering German shepherd with ears erect and tail waving
excitedly, barked then and Carol kissed him again before
straightening up, satisfied that she hadn’t lost the loyal
attachment of her animal-darling. “All right, lover, come on,
Mama’s going to let you outside for a while, but you just remember
your promise, eh?”
Closing the back door behind him, the happy, blonde-haired
girl remembered that she had yet to shower and dress. She had
hopped out of bed to the warm, California sunshine filled with an
exuberance which had left her spinning. Tossing a housecoat over
her nakedness, she had almost danced toward the small kitchen to
make coffee, and, after a quick breakfast, had begun preparing for
Mark’s visit, which was at least twelve hours away! She had been
and still was that happy! But it was time for a shower …
The faint sound of the door buzzer in the next apartment
interrupted her thoughts. Momentarily, Carol enjoyed the thrill of
excitement rippling upward over her naked curves beneath the
housecoat. It was like a movie or TV play, and she was the secret
agent! And it was for real, too, for the department was going to
pay for her, Mark had said. But it was so simple, and hardly
dangerous, she thought, gliding toward her front door and silently
opening it to catch a quick glimpse of the teenage girl with the
long brown hair. She couldn’t be over seventeen, and dressed so
cutely … Then, she disappeared inside and Carol waited with her
door still cracked open … waited for perhaps three to five
minutes before the enticing young girl left, walking flippantly
toward the building’s front entrance. She closed her door and
dashed to the front window to see the teenager climb into an
expensive sports car driven by a long-haired boy. She watched them
speed off, at the same time mentally recording the license number
and wheeling away to find pencil and paper … Mark had never
expected her to be that alert!
Carol hurried in the shower, hopeful that she wasn’t missing
any of Ed White’s callers. With a haphazard toweling, she dried
herself, caught up her negligee hanging behind the bathroom door
and hustled toward the living room. She went to the front window,
saw nothing unusual to arouse her, then, for a moment, concentrated
on the windows of the fourth floor across the way. Behind them,
her darling Mark was doing whatever he did this time of day! God!
How she loved him, and very, very soon she would be doing anything
and everything for him …
Her own buzzer jarred the reverie so warmly sweeping over her.
Carol stiffened upright, trying to tie the sound into something
familiar. Peggy was gone! Was it Mark? She might have missed him
walking into the building if she’d gotten to the window too late
… Who else? It sounded again, more pressing this time. She
wished she’d kept Sultan inside with her as she walked toward the
door …
His foot came against it in a blocking barrier the moment
Carol drew the door a few inches inward! The first thing she saw
was his grin, the invariable cold chill coiling up her spine at the
sight! Reflexively, she leaned her weight against the door, but
she couldn’t close it!
“Good morning, Miss Dorsett,” Ed White spoke through a leer.
“Wh-What do you want?” Carol managed, drawing the folds of her
sheer negligee tighter together and trying to shield her thinly
covered breasts with her arms as she desperately attempted to force
the door closed, her whole body tensing with fear at his
“Just a little chat, lady,” he said, applying his powerful
weight and easily pushing the door, and her, inward!
Carol fell back, one hand dropping to modestly clutch at the
wispy covering she had ridiculously answered the door in,
endeavoring to hide what she knew was visible through the see-
through garment while her other arm and hand feebly tried to do the
same over her full breasts. By then, the big, white-haired man had
crowded into her living room and was closing the door behind him
… and locking it! He continued to leer at her, his lead-gray
eyes raking over her near-nakedness with open lechery. His tongue
appeared to lick at his lips and then … in one fast glance, Carol
even thought she could see his penis stir in the front of his dirty
pants …!
“J-Just what do you think you’re doing?” she shot at him,
fighting to keep the frightened quiver from her voice. “Get out of
here this instant …!”
“Keep cool, baby … you and me have to talk!” he hissed at
her, his mean eyes lewdly running up and down her nearly exposed
young curves. “You’ve been clocking my friends since seven this
morning … and that ain’t Kosher. Could it be that you’re working
with Mr. Fuzz … like that blind creep across the street?” He
laughed a harsh, grating sound. “Surprise you, doll?” You think
old Ed don’t know what’s going on … like you meeting with him in
the park yesterday and him coming here last night?” Again he
chortled. “For the record, Miss Dorsett, I’ve had that blind crumb
pegged for weeks … but now, you’ve entered the game … and
you’re too close for comfort, as the saying goes!”
It was long seconds before the blunt meaning of his words took
their full, stunning effect on Carol, though she realized that
regardless of what he had said she would have been terrified, she
so feared and detested the brutish man. But he had specifically
mentioned Mark, and from that moment on her growing fright was for
him, her own situation hardly mattering. Her brain raced as the
protective instincts of her newborn love reared up in defense, and
she said with a cold, steady voice:
“I don’t know what you’re trying to get at, Mr. White, but so
far you’ve said nothing but a lot of gibberish! If you’re
referring to Mr. Cannon, he is a friend and nothing more! And …
and that’s all I have to say to you, now get out of here before …
before I turn Sultan loose on you!”
Ed White grinned without moving. “You’re a spunky little
bitch, ain’t you? But you’re wasting your breath, baby. As for
the mutt, you just let him outside, which I been hoping you’d do
for over an hour.” He was bringing something out of his back
pants-pocket then, a small leather-cased object resembling a camera
and toying with it in his big hands. “Know what this is, Miss
Dorsett? It’s a little tape-recorder. Tiny, ain’t it? And handy
as hell. You’d be amazed the things you can do with it … like a
woman, she can carry it right inside her purse, snap it on and
leave it there … just record a whole conversation without anybody
knowing it. Take this one for instance …” he said, his eyes
gleaming as he pressed the switch and a crackling sound followed
… then a voice, a gasping female voice …!
If she had been stunned before, Carol was horrified now at the
recognition of her own lustful voice and its lurid exclamation!
She sensed her mouth falling loosely open and the blood rushing
into her face as she gaped at the menacing man who stood leering
down at her. Petrified in rising shame, she could do nothing but
stare at him, while panting whimpers and lewd wet sounds of sucking
continued to fill the room from the monstrous little gadget in his
Tears burst from Carol’s eyes and she covered her face with
her hands, her whole body suddenly convulsing with the sobs choking
from her. “Oh God, stop it! Stop it, please …” she begged,
slumping down onto the couch, her half-undressed state forgotten in
the overwhelming disgrace of being shamefully exposed.
“There’s a lot more, baby. I just happened to pick that part
out for you,” Ed White tormented. “I kind of liked the part where
Peg’s eating your cunt, and then later, when you’re eating her out
and the goddamned mutt is fucking the hell out of you …”
“Oh please … please stop!” the tear-choked girl pathetically
pleaded. “Oooohhhhh … why … why did she do this to me? How
could she … my God …?”
“Because I made her do it, baby!” Ed White answered in his
grating voice. “She had no choice if she knew what was good for
her! She does what I say, or daddy cuts off her junk, and that,
little old Peggy can’t take for very long, eh? Oh, don’t worry,
she’ll be back, doll. She’s got to have her stuff. This ain’t the
first time she’s walked out on me.”
He laughed while Carol stared up at him with unbelievable
repugnance, the meaning of his words slowly and appallingly
registering in her sickened mind. Peggy was an addict! Oh, the
poor girl …! But … but why had this despicable brute made her
do such a thing …?
Carol didn’t have to ask, only listen.
“Yesterday,” the manager was saying, “after I saw you and that
blind fuzz talking in the park, I knew I had to figure some way to
get you in the bag, chick. You could be cop yourself, but that
don’t quite jell with me. I figure Cannon’s using you, probably
paying you one way or another … maybe with his cock, though I
can’t figure a luscious bitch like you falling for a blind fink
“Leave him out of this, damn you!” Carol spat hungrily up at
him. “You’re not even fit to speak his name! And you’re wrong …
all wrong about everything you said …!”
“Soooo … that’s the way it is, eh?” the massive man sneered,
then made a guttural little laugh. “You’re hot for each other!
Well goddamn, now ain’t that just perfect, though? I wonder … do
you suppose your cock-man would like to bend an ear to this tape I
just played for you? He might like to know that his little dolly
eats a bit of pussy and digs a good dog-fucking, being an animal
lover himself!”
“Y-You wouldn’t …!” Carol gasped, half-under her breath as
she stared in growing panic at his cruel, grinning face, knowing
even as she said it that there was nothing too loathsome for him to
stoop to!
“Oh, I would, baby, and I will, if it’s necessary … but we
might be able to work something out … you and me. I’m a
reasonable guy once you get to know me.” Suddenly, he dropped down
onto the couch beside her, the sweaty smell of him stinging her
sensitive nostrils as she inwardly cringed at his nearness. “Of
course, it’s going to take a little cooperation on your part, but
under the circumstances I figure you’ll be willing. Right?”
“Wh-what do you expect me to do?” the frightened, divorced
girl heard her own question.
“Well, now … first, you draw that fuzz bastard off my back.
Make up a story, whatever you want, but make me look clean …
otherwise, I’ll have to see that he’s worked over good … maybe
eliminated altogether!”
His easily spoken statements came at her as if he were talking
about the weather, their cold deadliness inciting a feeling of
utter terror inside her, totally destroying any resistance she
might have known. For one brief instant, she visualized Mark’s
body savagely beaten … and lifeless! Dear God, he didn’t realize
the ruthlessness of this animal! He was underestimating him …
“Well?” Ed White’s voice jarred her.
“I-I … supposing he won’t listen to me?” she managed, her
green eyes reflecting the painful anxiety she was feeling. “How
can I make him do something he …?”
“That’s your problem, honey!” the big man snapped. “Mine is
to shed him! That’s why I decided to get you to help me.” He was
grinning once more and meaningfully toying with the damning tape-
recorder Peggy had carried in her purse that lewd night … “But
that’s just part of the cooperation I expect from you, Miss
Dorsett,” he went on, suddenly moving his big, hot hand forward to
suggestively settle on the negligee-shaded flesh just above her
knee. “The rest involves sex … you and me, baby … right here
… and right now …

Chapter 9

The room had begun to spin for Carol and had yet to stop! In
the center of the whirlpool she saw the abominable grinning mouth
of Ed White opening and closing as it seemed to come closer and
closer to her!
“You fainted on me, kid,” his gruff voice came down to her.
She saw then that she was stretched out on the couch and that
she was covered by her negligee now draped carelessly over her.
The white-haired man was on his knees beside her, a glass in his
hand, and she could taste the burning liquid he had poured into her
“Wh-What …?”
“You’ll be okay in a minute,” he said, watching her. “I found
some brandy and gave you a jolt.”
Carol lay perfectly still for the passing of long seconds,
trying to pull her wits together, before she realized that the
apartment house manager’s huge hand was cupping her naked breast
beneath the flimsy negligee … causing a sense of repulsion to
sweep through her! He’d stripped her naked while she was
unconscious! Oh Mark …! She moaned and tried to raise up,
pushing at his hand at the same time, but he only clutched tighter
into the sensitive, resilient flesh and caught at her long hair to
jerk her back down!
“L-Let me up! Take your filthy hands off me, damn you!” the
frightened blonde cried, her brain starting to whirl again.
“No way, baby … or maybe you’d like to hear that tape
again!” he rasped, his brutish face so close to her own that she
could smell his obnoxious breath. And as he spoke and grinned at
her she could feel his strong fingers cruelly gnarling the tiny
nipple of her breast still acutely sensitive from Mark’s hands last
night. “You and me are going to have a wild little party of our
own, doll. Nothing too fancy, but enough to shake the goddamned
hots I’ve been having for you for over a week now!”
Carol stared at him in panic, his big hand entangled in her
hair holding her head securely down. The negligee had fallen to
her waist and her naked white breasts were completely exposed to
his lecherous eyes engorging on them with vulgar lust. She knew
she was no match for him physically, but if she could only think of
something …!
“I-I’ll give you money … anything else you want,” Carol
babbled crazily as his huge hand kneaded and clutched the firm
smooth mound, pinching at the tiny hardened nipple painfully with
cruel thumb and forefinger. “Oohhh … please don’t … please
“I like the part about the money,” he said, suddenly moving
his tormenting hand to grasp the negligee and toss it onto the
floor behind him. “Where’ll you get it? From your ex-husband’s
alimony?” He sniggered. “Don’t give me that shit, baby! You
haven’t got a dime! You’re in the bag and you know it!”
Tears blinded her as she tried to think of any way she could
stop him. She started to tell him Mark was coming soon, but
thought better of that. God, she didn’t want to get him anymore
involved than he already was! Instead, she began to struggle,
squirming and kicking her long, strong legs, but the huge man
beside her only laughed, twisting his hand harder in her hair until
she thought he was going to scalp her! She fell back onto the
couch defeated, a groan of despair bubbling up out of her throat as
suddenly he fastened his teeth into the hardened little nipple of
her defenseless breast, while simultaneously his other big hand
moved possessively down over her cringing belly to the soft, blonde
curls covering the fleshy mound between her legs!
“No one’s going to bother us, baby. I’ve locked the door,” Ed
White hissed, raising his wet lips from their lurid abuse. “It’s
just you and me for the next hour or so, and I promise not to get
rough as long as you cooperate. So … just open your pretty legs
for Daddy. He wants to see how that tight little pussy feels, the
way Cannon does!”
Carol lay rigid, immobile, her brain unable to comprehend this
horror that had suddenly swept into the very privacy of her own
apartment! She was afraid to move, and at the same time, afraid
not to follow Ed White’s obscene commands! Again, she thought of
Mark being savagely beaten in his vulnerable blindness … and then
a twinge of pain shattered her thoughts. She whimpered helplessly
as the sharpness of his dirty fingernails dug at the rising swell
of her soft young pussy mound.
“Aagghhh …!” Carol winced at the repeated lewd torment,
jerking her legs apart.
“That always works, baby … just a good healthy pinch right
above, the cunt. Wider though, doll … come on, spread ’em wider
… wider!” he commanded, Carol responding until she knew the
tender pinkness between the fleshy, curl-fringed lips concealing
her vagina was now lewdly exhibited to him.
He shifted downward on his knees toward the center of her
nakedly stripped body, his big hand still hurtfully locked in her
hair, imprisoning her head. She heard his lustful grunt and knew
that he was gaping down at her helplessly displayed genitals. Her
body jerked in reflex when she felt his thick fingers brush
obscenely at her pussy’s sensitive outer folds. They began to play
there, pressing the love-swollen lips together so that the smooth
soft flesh folded provokingly around her tiny clitoris, bringing it
to a quivering, unwanted erection. Then with a fanning motion of
his fingers he spread those lips wide apart, revealing to his
lecherous eyes the moistening ovalled mouth of her tight cuntal
passage, her entire pink crevice splayed debasingly open to him!
He lowered his big head slowly downward between her wide-held
thighs until his face was less than an inch above her unprotected
loins, and suddenly as her belly recoiled, he pursed his lips and
blew his breath against the nakedly victimized flesh. An
uncontrollable tremor rippled over the prostrate girl’s smoothly
rounded curves, a gasp escaping her lips.
“Feel good, baby … like a little feather tickling that
delicate pussy flesh?” Ed White taunted, looking up at her shame-
contorted face, the lascivious expression stretching his wet mouth
only embarrassing her further. He snickered and she saw again the
sadistic gleam in his mean eyes. “Tell me, doll, does that blind
fucker like to eat your cunt?”
Carol refused to answer his filthy jeering. She tried to roll
her head away so that she wouldn’t have to look at him, but his
hand in her hair held her tight. She could do nothing but close
her eyes and moan in shame.

“Don’t like my questions, eh, Miss Dorsett?” he leered. “You
know, I can’t figure that out either … a bitch like you who eats
pussy and enjoys a good dog-tucking. But maybe you’ll be a little
more friendly after I play the tape through for Cannon, eh?”
“No! No, you can’t!” Carol blurted, opening her eyes wide.
“You said that … that if I cooperated, you wouldn’t …!”
“Shit, you don’t call this cooperating for Christ’s sake, do
you?” he snarled. “Look, bitch, I don’t intend to have to rape
you! You either give willingly, and any goddamned way I want it,
or your copper cock-man gets the working over of his life plus an
earful of that tape! You dig me clear?”
Carol groaned, fighting to hold back the burning tears
flooding her eyes. “Ooohhh … God, God, Goddd!” she whimpered,
knowing there was no way on earth she could avoid it … nothing
she could do but submit to the manager’s perverted lusts, unless
she was prepared to watch Mark and her future happiness totally
She gave a start as White’s hairy fingers continued their lewd
stroking and stretching at the tender opening of her helplessly
displayed pussy flesh, desperately forcing herself to lie still and
endure it. The sooner it was over with the better, and it would be
over that much quicker if she didn’t prolong it by resisting.
“Well, bitch?” he spat, shoving two fingers cruelly up into
her unprepared vagina, the torment spreading like a flame through
her tender belly, raising a pitiful groan to hiss through her
tightly clenched teeth. He probed viciously around up inside her,
his thumb massaging the tiny bud of her hardened clitoris to send
near-maddening sensations of pain curiously mixed with pleasure
charging through her toward her brain. Suddenly, he let go of her
hair and was sliding his free hand down beneath the fleshy mounds
of her buttocks, pushing them up tighter onto his brutally
thrusting fingers. She bit at her lip to stifle a low, throaty
moan as frantic little impulses of irresistible desire began to
stir deep in her defensively clenching belly.
Ooohhh …! Was it possible that … that this … this
brutish bastard could arouse so erotic a feeling inside her …
when she detested him so? Ooohhh …! Whatever he was doing, it
was actually exciting her, she couldn’t deny that! At … at
least, though, it would make her degradation that much more
bearable …!
“Now … that’s better, baby!” Ed White hissed, grinning as he
felt her beginning to undulate her soft, sparsely-haired loins
uncontrollably up to his probing fingers. “Daddy’s starting to get
to you, eh?” He pulled his hand from beneath her buttocks and
grasped her smaller hand in his, placing it down between his legs.
“Take it out!” he demanded. “Go on! Get it out and see what old
Ed’s got in store for you!”
Carol couldn’t help but remember what Peggy had said about it
being big … long and thick … makes me cum five, six, seven
times …! She closed her eyes and felt her way while his thick,
stimulating fingers worked lewdly around inside her dilating
vagina, a warm wetness moistening their obscene path and rapidly
eliminating the pain. Her sensate vagina had begun to throb
responsively open to the lust of his stroking fingers, and she
could feel them slipping wetly in and out between her now
unresisting thighs, feverishly massaging the smooth, nerve-filled
inner walls.
She forced her mind to turn off, refusing to think of what she
was doing as she lowered his zipper and moved her trembling hand
inside, floundering until it was beyond his shorts and she felt the
hot hard flesh of his long, desire-thickened cock! Her breath
hitched in her throat when her fingers curled around it … for it
was everything Peg had said, and then some! God, it was far bigger
than her Mark’s, or than Jonny’s had been … in fact, like the man
it grew on, it was frightening!
“Come on, for Christ’s sake, get it out!” he snarled and she
did, knowing that it had to hurt now all swollen and cramped up in
there the way it was. “Well … you know what to do with it! It
ain’t the first cock you’ve ever handled!”
Perhaps not, Carol thought, but it was definitely the longest
and thickest one! She began to automatically stroke it with her
curled fingers, sliding the fleshy foreskin back and forth over its
bulbous blood-engorged head. It jerked in her hand, causing an
unbelievable thrill of excitement to race through her, while the
licking little flames which bad begun as an infinitesimal, but
unwanted, spark in her belly, licked more salaciously now. It was
as if in her forced mindlessness a weirdly perverse sensation began
to fill her naked body at the obscene treatment he was subjecting
her to. Her very helplessness and the debasing shame of what was
being done to her only intensified the overwhelming feeling. The
pair of thick fingers lewdly fucking up into her vagina with
rhythmic thrusts were firing her with inescapable desire, and she
had already begun to squirm up against them, attempting to draw
them tighter up into her unwillingly awakened loins!
Little mewls had started to tumble from her tongue moistened
lips, as her incitement took command of her voluptuously naked
body. She felt her hips jerk involuntarily upward, seeking
shamelessly after the goading fingers thrust way up into her heated
cunt. Her legs folded slowly up and back to more readily present
her wide-split cuntal crevice, until she lay with her white thighs
agape and the entire area of her blonde, curl-rimmed pussy obliging
his pummeling fingers fucking deep up into her hot, fluid depths.
“Now, baby, now we’re getting there!” Ed White rasped. “This
tight little pussy-hole of yours is behaving the way all well-
brought up cunts ought to! Yeah … I think we’re just about ready
for the next course, don’t you?”

Carol whimpered, her passion unhidable, his constant use of
lewd four-letter words feverishly stoking the licentious coals of
glowing desire smoldering inside her. “Y-Yes … yes,” she
mumbled. “I-I’m ready …”
Ed White grinned down at her tormented face. “How’d you like
to have me lick your cunt, baby? Old Ed’s got a wild tongue, just
made for tight little cunts like yours. Well … what do you say?”
“Oooooohhhhh …” Carol groaned, her small hand excitedly
fondling his huge, poling cock, occasionally slipping beneath and
inside his pants to cup and caress his massively bloated balls.
“Yes … yesss … lick it, please …!”
He pulled free of her and, straightening up, unfastened his
pants to drop them around his ankles along with his shorts. Carol
gaped at his powerful hairy legs, her eyes then fixing on the
unbelievable hardened length of his long thick cock standing out
from his hair-covered pelvis and the bullish sac of his sperm-
filled balls hanging beneath! And he knows how to bring the best
out of a girl …! Peggy had said that …!
“Turn over, doll!” he ordered. “Get up on your knees! Move!
Over and up on your knees!”
Carol hesitated only a second—her morals, Mark, nothing any
longer a hindrance. Her traitorously aroused young loins were wet
and throbbing from the sensual stroking of his skilled fingers …
besides, any word of protest, she knew, would be futile. He’d
already made it plain that it had to be done his way. Resigned,
she turned over and pushed herself up on her knees, raising her
naked buttocks as he climbed heavily onto the couch behind her.
Ed White lecherously drank in the cock-shattering spectacle
bent slave-like before him. Christ, he couldn’t remember when he’d
seen a sight to match it! His cum-filled balls tingled and ached,
the desire to thrust his throbbing member hard up into the thin,
teasing slit swinging in the air before him without further
hesitation, almost more than he could resist. But he did. He’d
been thinking about this moment for over a week, knowing that if it
ever came his way, just how he’d enjoy it the most. He had only to
watch her walk down the street to be sure, his eyes feasting on the
provocative roll of her rounded hips, the swell of her delicious
looking ass-cheeks! Besides, there’d be more to come; he’d get it
all before he was finished. That little tape was going to keep her
ass humping for him until he glutted himself on it!
He settled back on his haunches and placed his hands on her
flinching buttocks. With his thumbs slipping into the hot deep
crevice, pried open the smoothly clenched moons, pulling them wide
apart until all of her luscious nether secrets stood open and
unprotected before him … his for the taking.
He leaned forward, lowering his face as she trembled in her
lewdly exposed nakedness before him. The aromatic smell of her
loins filled his nostrils, and he glued his open mouth to the
pinkly glistening wetness of her entire pussy from behind, pressing
his lips against the hair-fringed yielding softness of her hot
cuntal flesh and pushing hard up against her there until she whined
out in licentious pleasure. She squirmed and gasped as he gripped
his clutching hands into her ass-cheeks so that she couldn’t slip
away. Then, with one quick rush of his tongue, he thrust forward
between the hot fleshy folds of her steaming cunt.

He heard her gasp from the sudden entry up into the grasping,
moist heat of her pussy, and a surprised sigh left her lips and was
smothered deep in the cushion of the couch. She had jerked forward
with the first searing contact of his tongue with her naked pussy-
flesh in a shivering spasm of delight, but quickly shoved her
wanting loins back hard against his face. Her cunt immediately
began to contract in hungry spasms, opening and closing milkingly
around the obscenely probing length of his tongue flicking deep up
inside her belly! Christ! He’d never had pussy like this, not
even his teenage bitches from the neighborhood.
Carol’s breath exploded down into the cushion in short,
panting gasps that ended each time in mewling whimpers of delight,
and she ground her face harder and harder into the cushion as he
began a pleasureful curling and flicking with his lashing tongue
fucking deep up inside her seething vagina. And then, he began to
work at the entire smooth crevice between her nakedly spread-open
buttocks! Bs mouth pressed tight, his lips forming a suction as he
licked like an animal, abruptly surprising her by slipping his
middle finger slowly up into the heated resistance of her
unexpecting rectum! Ms mouth fastened to her simmering cunt once
more, his stiffened tongue soaring wetly up her wildly fired vagina
to send her hips and upraised buttocks dancing in a frantic
undulation of Just.
Then … then, he stopped! Carol had to steel herself to keep
from begging him for more, her hands clutching into the aged,
smelly velour of the shabby couch. She whimpered, then heard him
say: “Now, baby, it’s time for fucking … my kind of fucking, and
from what I can judge, not necessarily yours. But it will be when
I get finished, and maybe your fink-copper will like that …”
He was saying more, but the blonde girl in her obscene
position hardly heard, only knew that he had raised up and was
moving close to her from behind. She felt the fiery heat of his
turgid cock-head insinuated into the widespread crevice between her
upraised buttocks. My God! It felt huge! And then, he was
teasing her blood-flushed cuntal lips with it, slipping the hot
rubbery knob in and out, separating the moist, hair-lined pussy
folds in a taunting caress until she was mindlessly about to plead
that he shove it deep into her cunt! It was big, but she knew she
could take it, every inch, the lustful thought of its hugeness
burning up into her now totally ready vagina exciting her beyond
bearing! She waved her naked ass-cheeks lewdly backward toward it
and felt it slip out and upward along the hairless valley of her
spread-open buttocks. It brushed over her tiny sensitive anus and
caused her a new lustful tremor. His big, hot hands were spreading
her offered ass-cheeks outward again, pulling the fleshy mounds
more deliberately apart! A coot rush of air tickled against the
snug little mouth of her wet anus and she quaked against him …
suddenly realizing what lie might have in mind!
“Ooohhh … no! No! No! Not that!” she feebly whined back
at him, raising her head and craning tier neck to gape at his
brutishly grinning face.
Ed White began to meaningfully caress the tiny puckered
opening. He said: “Peg was never much good at this … maybe
you’ll be better, doll. We’re going to give it a go, anyway.
You’ve got the perfect ass for fucking … in fact it looks like a
cherry. Is it?”
“Oh … oh, God yes! I-I can’t take it there! I could never
stand it!”
“We’ll see …! Spread your knees out wider, baby,” the
perverse superintendent ordered as if she hadn’t spoken, his blunt-
headed hardness riding up and down against the tiny oval of her
tightly clenched rectal lips as he set himself.
In a fitful tension of utter dread and near-wanton desire,
Carol felt him working his knees outward on the insides of her’s,
spreading her thighs painfully apart until she thought she was
going to split up the middle! She groaned loudly, but he held her
there, his breathing coming in heavy gasps. He pressed downward at
the hollow of her back until her swollen breasts were almost
flattened out against the thin cushion, their tiny straining tips
digging sensitively into the worn velvety couch material. Again,
his thick finger began to torment the small opening of her virginal
anus … until abruptly, it wormed up inside the desperately
resisting oval, probing right up into her smarting nether passage
to the first knuckle.
Once more, the servilely bent girl moaned out her combination
of protest and sensually fired want, feeling his other hand moving
down beneath her constricted belly to find its way between her
fleshy cuntal lips, his middle finger deliberately beginning to
stroke the hardened little nerve-center of her quivering clitoris.
Electrified sensations burst through her in shock-waves of erotic
delight. She couldn’t resist skewering her elevated, opened
buttocks back lewdly onto the man’s perversely invading finger,
rotating them in lurid little circles around its buried length!
Her breath caught for a moment as she sensed the intrusion of a
second finger, a guttural moan of tormented rapture finally
escaping her lips as she began to openly revel in her debased
“You ready to try for the brass ring, Carol honey?” Ed White
asked, his eyes bugging out at her response to his lewd ravishment.
Christ, he couldn’t believe the way she was incessantly moaning
beneath him, wriggling her curved white hips and fucking her ass-
cheeks wildly back onto his fingers.
“Oh God … oh God … I don’t know if I can!” she gasped, her
mouth open, her lips sucking at the cushion beneath. “But … but
go ahead … I’ll try …! Go on! Do it … do it!”
Ed White’s cock was too hard to have the slightest
flexibility. He had to lean back on his haunches to lever its long
thick length up between her buttocks, so that it looked like a log
stretched across a chasm from his solid hairy pelvis to the smooth
vale and the little dimpled mouth separating her taut white ass-
cheeks. It ached with an anger, and his cum-bloated balls felt as
if someone had tied weights onto them. Again he dipped the blunt
tip of his bulbous cock-head into the warm pink wetness of her
pussy crevice.

Carol felt him pulling his finger out of her anus, sensed the
reluctance of her spongy rectal flesh to let go, clinging as it was
with a lewd wet sucking sound. Then, her eyes saucered in
apprehension as the blood-filled head of his huge, blood-hardened
cock began pressuring against the again tight little closed-up
opening! Oh … oh, this was outlandish! He was way too big …
She grunted fearfully before there was a trace of pain,
feeling the powerful muscles of his thick hairy thighs strain
against the soft backs of her own thighs as he pushed forward!
God, what was she doing, submitting to him this way …? Suddenly,
the pressure was like that of a fence-post being inhumanely forced
up into her back there! She tried to pull away and he clamped his
hands around his upper thighs, his fingers digging into the soft
sensitive flesh of her rounded hips!
“Ooohhh no … no … stop!” Carol cried back. “It hurts
terribly! Stop it, damn you …!”
But he only held tighter, pulling at her hips as he
mercilessly pushed. She wailed down into the cushion, helpless,
her eyes clenched to restrain the tears as the inhuman stretching
continued, and her helpless anus gave way before the relentless
pressure as the huge hard head of his brutal cock popped
salaciously up inside her rectum! She felt his fingers gouge even
tighter into the soft flesh of her upper thighs, as if she had
plans of escaping the depraved assault, and she gnashed tier teeth
in the unbelievable agony!
“There!” he rasped, as if he’d just conquered Mr. Everest.
“Ooohhh! Aauugghhh … Y-You can’t … God almighty, take it
out, pleasseee …!” Carol cried, her face contorted not only with
the excruciating pain, but from the returning flood of shame and
humiliation at his debasingly obscene sodomizing of her defenseless
virginal rectum. “Ooohhh … damn you! Damn you! Damn you! Damn
you …!” she wailed as he clutched ruthlessly at her sore, naked
hips and began thrusting the length of his burning thick hardness
with unconcerned lust until it was crammed up into her grotesquely
stretched rectum. The hot pressure of his straining thighs drove
her forward until her disheveled, blonde head was caught against
the arm of the couch.
“Never mind your love for me, bitch!” he spat at her. “Shove
back! You hear! Start fucking if you know what’s good for you!”
“Aaaaauuuugghhh … you-you’re splitting me … dear God …!”
Carol begged from her bent, trapped position, but his throbbing
hardness mercilessly continued its obscene invasion, pushing her
resistant nether flesh before it, until with a last, buttock-
flattening lunge, he had buried the fiendish thing to its pulsating
hilt up into her totally impaled rectum! “Oh! Oh! Oh!” Carol
choked, feeling his hairy pelvis with loud, jarring slaps begin to
batter her upturned ass-cheeks, while his sperm-filled balls swung
down hard against the wide-split lips of her desire-wet pussy
Ed White grunted right along with her, sensing with lecherous
hunger the warm soft flesh of her yielding buttocks pressing
tightly against his lustful loins. Fuck! What a bitching good
piece she was! He wondered how good she was at sucking cock? And
he was damn sure going to find out before he was finished with her!
He skewered viciously now up into the hot, clutching passage of her
anus, feeling the tight inner walls ripping at his sensitive
foreskin. He smoothed his big hand down underneath to her wet and
open vagina, feeling the warm, viscid moisture dribbling out to
saturate her silky blonde cunt-hair brushing tauntingly against his
inflated balls as they drubbed the blood-swollen lips of her hot
pussy. His eyes locked on the hardened rod of his sinewy cock
flesh vanishing completely up into the wide-stretched oval between
her white ass-cheeks. He pulled it half-way out, watching with
lewd fascination her raw, pink inner-flesh clinging to his
throbbing shaft, then riding with it to disappear back inside when
he rammed forward once again. His breathing came faster, the lusty
sight triggering him, and he began to pump with an increased,
almost furious tempo up into the enveloping heat of her feverishly
grasping nether channel.
“Oh … oh … ooohhh … ooohhhh!” the wickedly skewered
young blonde began to chant, more in pleasure than in pain now,
kneeling like a naked slave before him, as if maybe she was just
starting to get with it! And maybe, she’d caught the bus too late,
he was thinking! Fuck he was right on the verge …! And
suddenly, she was throwing herself back onto his sodomizing cock
like any street-whore! Her head was turning and tossing from side
to side, her long blonde hair thrashing the couch on either side of
her soft-white shoulders! Then she twisted her face to look back
at him, as if to let him see the pleasure he was bringing her!
That was it! But if it wasn’t enough, she made the mistake of
reaching down between her widespread thighs to his now orgastically
sensitive balls, cradling and caressing them with her hands, and
drawing her long nails beneath them! That was too much …!
Carol wanted to scream out the weird, lustful enchantment
completely in command of her naked, slaving body! There was still
pain blended with the almost frantic sensations of an approaching
climax, and it was this obscene combination of carnal impulses
which was driving her to the brink of insane passion! Never had
she been treated so lowly, so misused and defiled, and never had
she more needed the rushing release of orgasm to save her wits …!
She whimpered and strained with utter abandon back onto the huge
rod of penile hardness fucking furiously up into her tingling
nether passage, its blunt, pulsating head deliciously pummeling the
underside of her soft belly with goatish sensations she had never
dreamed of!
In fact, in her own mindless passion, Carol never heard Ed
White’s vile curse nor the obscenities that followed, and even as
he clutched at the naked, welted flesh of her hips in a new
fierceness, she only sensed the barbaric increase of his thrusting
cock-plunges which were insanely peaking her own moment …! But
then … she felt it burst with a cyclonic force in the depths of
her forever-stretched rectum, the seething gushes of his scalding
sperm spewing up into her in split-second squirts of dumbfounding

“Aaahhh Goddamnnn!” he cursed, even as his massive cock began
to wilt inside her.
“Oh … oh no … nnnooo!” Carol wildly screamed, gaspingly
trying to skewer her delirious young body obscenely back onto his
deflating cock, knowing even as she did it the action was useless
The sadistic apartment manager pulled the stretching, flaccid
length of his spent penis from Carol’s wetly clutching anus and got
to his feet, grinning down at where she lay panting on her belly
and gaping up at him through glazed, half-seeing eyes. She saw him
pick up her negligee and wipe off the lifeless, long length of his
now useless cock, then begin to dress.
“Maybe next time, baby,” he said, the grin still prevalent.
“Don’t get greedy, eh? I intend to fuck that sweet ass a lot from
now on, so don’t worry, one of these times we’ll bring you off.”
He laughed and fastened his belt. “In the meantime, just call the
goddamned mutt in and let him finish the job. Right now, I got
business waiting, bitch, but don’t get up-tight. Daddy’ll be back
Carol heard his lecherous laugh echoing back at her all the
way to the door, and still long after he had gone out and pulled it
shut behind him!

Chapter 10

Carol lay as if she’d been raped … though she knew well
enough that she hadn’t … or at least, if there’d been a force on
his part in the beginning, it very soon hadn’t been necessary. Her
susceptible young loins throbbed with the unfulfilled desire he had
satyrically incited, then sniggeringly walked off to leave
tormenting her. He’d known it, but that might well be a part of
his cruel sadistic satisfaction.
She wanted to cry, to spill out a pail-full of tears, but
there wasn’t time for that; her time had run out! Everything had
run out, including all of her dreams! She had to leave there …
get as far away from Mark as she could! Whatever they might have
had together, Ed White had destroyed … but not without her
sluttish assistance! She could have fought him from the beginning
to the end, at least never enjoyed it … but she had … and the
seething heat at that very moment burning inside her was all she
needed to realize the truth!
Carol sat up on the davenport, at last aware that it was
Sultan’s scratching at the back-door which had propelled her. She
picked up her negligee, but only held it in her hand, remembering
how Ed White had lewdly used it. Standing to one side, she drew
the door toward her and let him in, his big furry body a
conglomeration of tail-wags and hot, loving licks against her naked
“Oh darling, why did I ever let you out?” Carol almost whined,
squatting down in her nakedness to hug and kiss her pet. “If only
you had been in here …”
The German shepherd’s hot affectionate tongue laving over the
protruding fullness of one nipple-hardened breast was sufficient to
whet her excitement to her very heels! All of the lust that Ed
White’s selfish animalism had frantically raised in her was still
as vibrant as it had been twenty minutes before! Her soft belly
ached with its need, and although she didn’t think she’d be able to
sit down for a while, she had to have her Sultan finish it the same
way! God, it had been so licentiously devastating, beyond anything
she’d ever imagined …!
“Come on, baby! Come with mama! I need you … need you
There would still be plenty of time left to pack and
disappear, Carol heatedly reasoned, climbing onto the bed and
remaining on her knees as she had for the vile monster next door.
She spread her legs wide and turned her head to look back, seeing
the big dog still on the floor. Lewdly, patted her upturned
buttocks, beckoning him up onto the bed behind her, forcing herself
to forget Mark Cannon, and everyone else in the entire world.
Sultan did, excitedly recognizing the pleasure-bringing sight
of his mistress’s offered love-core. She had left him outside so
long that he had begun to wonder if she was in there at all.
Moving up behind her widespread white legs, he sniffed the hot
scent of arousal which filled his nostrils from that part of her
soft smooth body.

He licked out at her steaming wet pussy, and Carol sighed
beneath the gratifying rapture. Again and again, he repeated the
animalism tonguing while she mindlessly thrust her fire-filled
loins back at him, waiting for that beautiful moment when he would
mount her with heavy-hanging penis, knowing that it would come …
and it did!
It happened while she was struggling to mentally beg Mark’s
forgiveness, even as Sultan licked her ravaged cuntal-flesh. In
some sort of blinded wave of unknown passion she had begun to
babble Mark’s name, his handsome face blurred through the sensual
vision her tormented mind formed … And then, she felt her big
darling’s warm furry forelegs gently demanding at her sore,
sensitive hips.

“Mmmmmm … baby,” she whimpered, reaching down between her
open thighs for his hot, slippery red hardness that she knew would
be there! Finding it, she drew the blood-swollen dog-shaft up
beyond her cum-wet pussy-lips to the inflamed opening of her
tingling anus, her brain racing wildly as she introduced its
pointed tip there and flexed her open buttocks back toward it! “In
there, lover! Fuck me there, my precious … don’t be afraid …
come on …! Unnnggg … yes … uuunnnggg … yessss, like that,
baby … aaauuggghhh! Oh … ooohhhhhh … do it, lover! Yess …
like that! Fuck Carol’s hot asshole …!

* * *

Mark stood back with Queenie guiding him while both the
plainclothes and uniformed men swept up the operation. He still
held the tape-recorder Ed White had bitterly thrust into his hands,
and after, an officer came up to him to let him know it was all
over. Mark grinned and nodded.
“You going downtown with us, Lieutenant?” the officer asked.
“No … you go ahead … no need for me today. Lots of
processing. But we got ’em, fellow, eh? The end of another lousy
drug source.”

“Yes, sir! We sure did, thanks to you!”
Mark moved back then and stood for a few moments. Christ, how
he wished he could’ve seen it …! He remembered the tape recorder
and ran his fingers over it. What the hell did this mean? He
flicked it on …
Minutes later, Mark Cannon moved farther back, dragging
Queenie, until the wall of the building braced him! His knees felt
as if they’d turned to water! He wanted to slump down and bawl …
but instead, he straightened very tall and began to feet his way
with Queenie before him along the doorways of the apartments! His
brain was afire when he touched her knob and found it unlocked!
Gently, he cased the door inward, letting Queenie go before him,
thankful that his animal-guide had been there before!
Had a herd of wild horses suddenly galloped through the
apartment, Carol would not have heard them, and if she had they
could never have commanded her attention! Lost in a blissful
oblivion of lust-incited passion, the obscenely positioned girt
moaned and toiled with lurid gyrations beneath the massive dog
excitedly sodomizing the offered twin moons of her upturned white
buttocks. She gasped and whimpered into the bed coverlet, her
slackened face turned away from the door.

“Oooohhh, Sully lover … fuck it good! Harder, baby! Ram it
right up Carol’s ass! Harderrrr …!”
Mark froze in the open bedroom doorway, yet refusing to
believe what he knew was taking place on the bed before him! His
remaining senses were filling him in well, his mind sickeningly
picturing what had to be an absolute bestial spectacle! The
rhythmic battering sounds of flesh against flesh … animal flesh
against soft white human flesh … lewdly beat at his ear-drums,
drowned out only by the lascivious pleas of Carol’s whimpering

He stumbled into the room, Queenie watching him alertly, her
own animal-eyes torn between her master and the sight of what was
happening on the bed, her keen nostrils sensitively flaring at the
ruttish scent filling the air. Mark sensed Queenie’s reluctance to
lead him further and he dropped her leash, well remembering the
arrangement of the bed as he moved toward it. Christ, he had to
see it with his own hands to be certain! It was beyond all reason
… or was he losing his goddamned mind altogether?
Sultan saw him first, immediately recognizing Queenie’s
master, but their presence not in the least alarming the
preoccupied dog, he continued to hump his swollen hardness up into
the fleshy grasping hole where his sighing mistress had placed it.
A great heaviness had already begun to grow in his working loins
from the tight heat her nether opening was charging through his
throbbing penis, and he clung to her white body possessively as
instinct drove him harder toward his climax …

It was impossible for Mark to conceive that Carol had yet to
see him, or not be aware of his hands searching over her smooth
naked flesh that was covered with a thin film of warm perspiration!
Perhaps she did and was too stunned, or ashamed, to speak …
waiting for him to say the first word, but he’d be damned if he
would! Oh, he was going to get an explanation all right …
because there had to be an answer, even for something as wildly
obscene as this … this …!
“Mark! Oh, my God! Mark! Mark! Ooohhh!” her pathetic cry
came suddenly up to him as if it had been wrenched from the depths
of her soul, and he knew then that she’d just seen him for the
first time. “F-Forgive me … bu … but I had to … had toooo
…!” Her broken sentence whined out in a series of blurted
stammers, punctuated by the lewd sounds of Sultan’s hammering cock
fucking furiously up into her from behind!
Still, Mark didn’t speak … not yet, not until he was
positive that the massive dog was actually sodomizing her … and
he moved his hand down over the taut, rounded arch of her ass-
cheeks and then between them, until his fingertips felt Sultan’s
huge animal-hardness fucking hotly into the swollen lips of her
widely stretched anus!
“Jesus Christ!” Mark choked. “I don’t … can’t believe it!”
He steadied himself by clutching her naked back, the feel of her
damp hot flesh, along with the vivid picture his mind now held,
causing his own jerking cock to nearly burst into an unwanted
hardness. “Why … why, Carol? For God’s sake, give me an answer
before I blow my top and … and …!”

“Oh Mark, darling … I-I … love … you! I-I swear it …
Carol managed to stammer as she tried to look up at his shockingly
hurt face, the beautiful barrage of Sultan’s impaling cock-flesh
and pummeling body making the whole world quake before her. “P-
Please be-believe me … after … I’ll tell you ev-everything …!
D-Don’t … don’t let him stop, lover … I-I’ve got to … cum …
I-I’ll go maddd …!”
“Oh Christ,” Mark swore, his head reeling with the shock of it
all. Ed White flashed through his spinning brain … the tape-
recorder … his wife Peggy … all of it, and he knew that drug-
pushing bastard had played a part in it! He heard Queenie’s
whimper, but ignored it, his hand dropping unconsciously to the
straining length of his own throbbing hardness imprisoned in the
tight bind of his shorts …

Carol saw that, too, and the sight added fuel to her passion.
“Mark … lover … get naked for me! Please? Br-bring it here to
me! L-let me I-love it! … for you … lick and suck the hurt
… out of you! Please, darling … I want to … so badly …!”
He heard his own breathing like a blacksmith’s bellows
suddenly heaving up from his lungs, a series of fiery sensations
ripping through him at her ardent entreaty. Christ, she meant it,
too! She wanted to suck his cock while Sultan sodomized her!
Carol whimpered a moan of new, maddening excitement when she
saw her lover ripping at his clothes! She could sob, she was so
happy! Her love-filled eyes watched his every move, her mind a
seething cauldron of sexual hunger as she realized what she was
going to do for him … and herself! Her eyes feasted on the
lengthy thickness of his rising cock when he revealed its blood-
swollen hardness, and she remembered the erotic joy it had brought
her last night! She reached for him when he started to climb onto
the bed, just as she would all the rest of their lives … if he
would let her! She moved him around in front of her, at the same
time knowing the sensations of Sultan’s forelegs like a furry vise
clamping tightly around her soft hips, She undulated her buttocks
feverishly, giving herself fully to the breathtaking sodomy her
animal-lover was pounding into her from behind!
And then, she had manipulated Mark into a kneeling position
before her, his desire-hardened penis bobbing lewdly before her
face! Carol reached out and curled her fingers around its hotly
throbbing length, feeling it jerk at her touch. Gently, she slid
back its heavy foreskin, sensing it pulsing in her soft small hand,
its moist bulbous bead with the tiny slit at the tip intensely
thrilling her. She heard Mark’s husky groan at her tender,
stroking caresses, and saw the pearlish drop of moisture bead at
the little opening from the squeezing of her hand! Oh God … she
wanted that! Yes … yes, and all that would follow, to the very
last drop, squirting hotly up into her mouth and belly …!
Sultan had seen it all through his alert animal-eyes, but none
of it meant anything to him. Even now, as Queenie’s master knelt
before his own beloved mistress, the powerful dog knew only the
instinctive craving that drove him ferally on. He clung eagerly to
the soft smooth whiteness of her naked body and rapidly thrust the
thumping hardness of his animal cock deep up into the fleshy heat
of her nether core, watching with interest the movements taking
place before him. He saw her take the human penis in her hand, the
sighing vibrations of her trembling body clearly transmitted to
him, and he saw her small tongue dart out to wetly lick over the
tip! With an instinctive surge of energy, then, he charged deeper
and deeper into his golden mistress, his swollen dog-cock painfully
throbbing for release!

An almost frantic joy filled Carol as Sultan furiously fucked
into her inflamed rectum from behind, and she gaped at Mark’s long
hard cock jerking hotly in her clutching hand. She drew in her
breath and flicked out her eager tongue, banging it into searing
contact with the smooth rubbery tip! She swirled it around slowly,
moistly, experimentally, while Mark twisted and groaned on the bed
before her. Then she ventured her tongue toward the tiny end-split
and wiggled her tongue tip into it! Impulses of wild sensuality
rippled through her nakedly trembling body as she tasted the
pungent sweetness of his premature seminal secretions. She
smoothed her hand along the rock-hard rod to its thick base, then
downward to lovingly cup the velvety sac of his sperm-filled balls!
Slipping her warm, moistened lips over the spongy head, then, she
let it glide back along the full length of her tongue, her hot
mouth locking around it in a fervid liquid pressure.
Mark groaned above her bobbing head, seeing with lust-filled
fingertips her tightly locked lips ovalling hotly around his
burning hard cock, hardly believing the electrifying picture of her
beautiful, innocent young face so grotesquely distorted as she
began to suck him with unquestionable desire! Good Christ,
whatever or whoever had done this to her, he owed a hell of a lot
more than bitterness or narrow-minded revenge! If this was a
sample of their future together, he could never repay the
instigator! She was sucking his cock as if she were never going to
get enough … and for damn sure, neither would he!

He began a slow undulation with his naked hips, sliding his
thickly swollen hardness in and out of her lips with a slick, damp
suction, guided by her hand grasping at its base, while he entwined
one hand gently in her hair and saw it all with the fingertips of
the other. The puffing and hollowing of her cheeks intensely
captivated him as his cock moved in and out of her tight-rounded
lips. Her entire satin-fleshed body quivered in naked ripples from
the jolts of Sultan’s powerfully sodomizing cock hammering rapidly
up into her rectum from behind.
Oooohhh … ooohhh heaven …! Carol’s mind screamed. She
was caught between her two wonderful lovers’ beautiful, lust-
hardened cocks at the same time, both of them preparing to spill
their hot liquid fire deep into her craving belly from both ends!
In overwhelming rapture, she ground her widespread buttocks back
hard against Sultan’s furry, battering body, feeling the tiny
rivulets of moisture building in the smooth crevice between them.
She sensed the tiny wet streams dribbling down the backs of her
tremoring thighs, while the unnatural pressure in her stimulated
rectum matched that mounting in her inflamed loins, warning of the
climactic moment near at hand! Oh God, yes, she would cum this way
… she would!
For one brief moment, Mark wondered if he wasn’t in some sort
of drugged coma, imagining it all … but no … he was wide awake
… it was all happening! Christ, it was insane to even try to
reason it out with the roaring furnace of lust bubbling in his
churning balls! Sultan’s cock pounding violently up into the
forever-opened channel between her lush buttocks was driving her
ovalled mouth forward onto his own throbbing hardness until he
wondered why it didn’t choke her! It was reaching all the way back
to her tonsils, his pubic-hair brushing at the tip of her cute
little nose, while his sperm-inflated balls in her soft warm hands
ached in a bloating buildup of massive pressure!

Damn! She was like an animal herself with her lips locked
tightly around the length of his raging cock, increasing her
unbelievable hungry little sucking motions until he thought his
balls would turn inside out! Great swirls of heat were
concentrating in their secret depths as he felt her passion-infused
face pulling hungrily on it! He sensed the muscles of his stomach
tighten and he arched forward, pushing his throbbing penis up even
further between the searing heat of her greedily sucking lips! He
felt the tiny pink ridges pulling out from her mouth, clinging
voraciously to his lust-inflated shaft, as she pumped her lovely
head up and down, undulating her hips back at the dog in a wild
uncontrollable insanity!
Oh Christ …! Now! Strangled noises forced their way up
into Mark’s throat! “Goddamit … Carol honey suck it hard … I’m
cuummmiinngggg …
Carol heard his cry at the very moment he burst, his jerking
cock gushing forth searing hot jets of his pungent cum! It flooded
her mouth and throat with its delicious liquid heat! She sensed
her cheeks bloating and contracting as she swallowed in greedy
thick gulps, fastening her hips tightly around the spasming cock so
as not to lose a single drop! On and on, his drum-tight bails
continued to pump out the thick milk-white sperm into her mouth,
while both of his hands clutched at her head, pulling her face
harder down onto his convulsively softening penis!
The ecstasy of it was even greater than Carol had anticipated,
and the first piquant taste of his cum triggered her own climax!
She thrust her nakedly grinding ass-cheeks back harder at her
panting animal-lover, wanting the full benefit of his tremendously
expanding cock raging up into her maddening, sensation-filled
“Mmmmmmmmffffhhh!” she moaned in rapture around his violently
spending cock. Oh God, yes! Yes! Mark, yes, I’m cumming too, her
mind screamed. Every muscle of her body contracted and jerked as
she felt the super-erotic release exploding through her screaming
loins and belly! She continued to gulp and suck at her lover’s
crazily erupting cock, her soft, curl-fringed cuntal mouth
clenching and opening like an angered fist, as if it had received
the full pleasure of Sultan’s ravishing cock rather than the
hungrily contracting little mouth just beyond! Her insanely
jerking young buttocks flexed into a straining hardness and she
gurgled out a whimpering wail when her quaking body unleashed and
exploded in the moment she had been striving for!
There was no time … no space … no motion … only the
unmatchable bliss of her orgasm! Again and again she was jolted by
the unmatchable bliss of her orgasm! Again and again she was
jolted by the spasmodic twitching of every muscle and tendon in her
pleasure-filled, naked body … then Sultan began to hump forward
faster and spew his hot load of seething animal-sperm deep up into
the intricate recesses of her nether channel to her trembling
belly! Once more, she climaxed, half-screaming and still slamming
her yielding soft buttocks hard back onto his magnificently
squirting cock!

Then, too exhausted to even speak, Mark held her tightly
against him and lot her sleep. For a long time, her soft smooth
curves continued to spasm with post-orgasmic muscle contractions
even as she lay unconscious in his arms. They would talk later and
she would tell him everything, but it didn’t really matter.
Nothing mattered except that he loved her, would always love her,
and hoped to God she would still marry him …
Then, another whimpering sound caught his attention as he
recognized Queenie’s little cry … but there was something unusual
in its tone! Suddenly, he heard the unmistakable rhythm of flesh
against flesh … only it was animal-flesh solidly battering
animal-flesh this time, and he smiled to himself as he drew Carol’s
lush nakedness more snugly against his own. Everyone in the family
was being made happy this day, and how he wished he could have
actually watched it all …