Slutwife Adventures

In my last letter, I told you that I would be going on
a mini vacation this past weekend. Well, Tom and I
went to the city for a little fun, and I’ll tell you
all about it in this letter.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Bobbi
Sue, and I have turned out to be quite the exhibition-
ist. Well, I guess that is putting it mildly. You see,
I don’t just like to show off, I really enjoy following
through. You’ll get a better idea after you read this

I am 5’1″ tall and weigh about 105 lbs. My measurements
are 34A-22-34, and I have shoulder-length blond hair
and blue eyes. I enjoy running, biking, roller-blading
and cross country skiing, and I keep my body in very
good shape. I’ve been told that my best feature is my
well-toned ass.

Tom and I left town after work on Friday, and we drove
for four hours (with a stop for supper) to reach our
destination. There aren’t any big stores where we
live, so once in a while we go to the city to do some
shopping. I also like these trips for another reason.
We stay in a hotel, and I get to show off to the other

The last time we were at this particular hotel, I ended
up letting a guy fuck me from behind in the ice machine
room. Then I met him and a friend later for a three-
some. It was pretty wild, and I was looking forward to
more of the same on this trip.

It was about ten o’clock when we checked into the
hotel, and the parking lot was full and the no vacancy
sign was lit.

I got excited just thinking about all of the guys who
must be inside those rooms, and I told Tom about it.

He suggested that we try out the hot tub by the indoor
pool and see who else was there. I put on a thong
swimsuit (not my briefest one, but it was still sexy-
looking). Tom put on his sorts and we wrapped our-
selves in towels and headed for the pool.

Once we were in the elevator, I took my towel off. Tom
told me that he could see the outline of my nipples,
and I knew that my ass was bare, too. I left my towel
off as the elevator door opened, and as we walked down
the hall to the pool I was aware of the cool air on my
exposed skin. My nipples became very erect, and I knew
they would be visible from a ways off.

There was no one in the hall, but when we entered the
pool area, there were two other couples, and two guys
in the hot tub.

It was about an eight person hot tub, so there was room
for us, but it would be pretty cozy. We put our towels
on a chair (of course I made sure to face away frrm the
people in the hot tub so they could see my bare ass!),
and then walked down the steps into the hot swirling

Here’s how people were seated. There was one couple on
each side, with the two guys sitting at the end. As Tom
and I walked down the stairs, the couples each moved
over closer to the stairs to make more room. One of
the two guys moved closer to the couple next to him,
but before his friend could move, I turned around and
sat down between them!

Then Tom sat down between the couple on his side and
the guy next to me. The guy between us asked if we’d
like to sit together, and before Tom could say any-
thing, I said, “Oh, that’s okay, we’re together all of
the time. I don’t think it will hurt us to be seper-
ated just this once.

Then I started talking to the guys on either side of
me. Tom got in on the conversation, too, and every-
thing seemed pretty normal.

While we were sitting there, the timer ran out and the
whirlpool jets quit working. I wanted to show these
guys who was sitting next to them, so I volunteered to
turn the timer back on.

As I stood up and walked up the stairs, I knew that
they would be looking at my bare ass. I took my time
walking to the timer, and then when I turned it back
on, I turned and walked back into the tub. My suit was
wet and my hard nipples were very visible through the
wet fabric.

I smiled at one of the guys as I caught him looking at
my breasts, and then as I turned around and sat down
between them again, I put a hand on each of their

One of the couples said that they were getting too hot,
so they got up and left. When one of my guys started
spreading out to fill the occupied space I said, “Hey,
don’t you like sitting next to me?”

He mumbled something about not minding, so I said,
“Well then, why don’t you stay right here where I can
talk to you.”

Then his friend said, “Well we should be going anyway.
We’ve got to get up pretty early.”

I couldn’t believe this guy! Here he was sitting next
to a practically naked girl, and he was worried about
how much sleep he was going to get. So, I said, “Why
don’t you wait just a little while. You can tell me
where I can go shopping tomorrow.”

When I said that, I moved my hand up his leg a little.
Just then, the other couple said they were leaving and
wished everyone a good night.

As they walked out of the pool area, I moved my hands
up to the top of my suit, and I pulled the material to
the sides, exposing my breasts underwater. With the
swirling, frothy water, the guys couldn’t see what I
had done, but I felt so wicked just sitting there be-
tween them with my boobs floating free in the water.

I rested one hand on each guys thigh as I asked where
the shopping malls were. I figured that these guys
thought I was playing around without my husband’s know-
ledge, and it made things even more exciting.

As we talked, they tried to act nonchalant, even as I
moved my hands further and further up their legs. Just
before I got to their cocks, the timer ran out again,
and the water stopped swirling around. As the bubbles
died out, you could see underneath the surface of the
water, and my two new friends noticed what I’d done
with my top.

As the two of them tried not to look at my tits, I
asked Tom if he would turn the timer back on. From
where he sat he couldn’t see my breasts, because of
the guy between us. I crossed my arms as he got up
so he still wouldn’t be able to see them, but after
he’d passed by, I lowered my arms and revealed them
to the guys sitting beside me.

As Tom climbed out of the hot tub, I moved my hands up
a little further and stroked my guys’ cocks through
their suits. I turned to the guy on my right and asked
in a whisper if he’d like to show me the sauna. I told
him that I’d make it worth his while, then I gave his
cock a squeeze.

The sauna was in a room right by the hot tub. It was
completely enclosed with no windows, so I knew we’d
have some privacy.

After Tom turned the timer back on, the water started
swirling and frothing, and my nudity was once again
hidden. When he sat back down in the hot tub, I told
him that David (the guy on my right) was going to show
me the sauna. Under the cover of the swirling water,
I covered my breasts, then I stood, taking David by
the hand.

I led him out of the water and right into the sauna.
I know that Tom probably saw that David was erect, and
I knew Tom had an idea what we’d be doing in the sauna,
but I didn’t think either of these two guys suspected
that Tom knew what was going on.

As soon as I got David in the sauna, I sat down on the
bench in front of where he stood. I pulled my top to
the side, then I pulled down his shorts. I sucked his
hard cock into my mouth while he protested that Tom
would catch us.

I pulled his cock from between my lips and told him
that it would be okay if we didn’t take too long. Then
I sucked him back into my mouth and pulled him towards

I really worked his cock, stopping to tell him how much
I wanted to taste his cum, then taking him back into my
mouth. I sucked him for almost five minutes, when I
felt him tense.

I didn’t know this guy so I thought maybe I shouldn’t
swallow his cum. I pulled him from my mouth and as I
stroked his shaft, I told him, “Cum on my face, baby.”

He did, too! It was so hot in the sauna, his cum
actually felt a little cool as it hit my face. I kept
jacking him off until he was done, and then I rubbed
his cum from my face and spread it over my tits.

When he’d gotten soft, I told him we had better go be-
fore Tom found out what was going on. I covered my
breasts back up and just before I opened the door, I
asked him for his room number.

The hot tub felt cool compared to the sauna. Tom asked
if it was hot in the sauna, and I said, “You wouldn’t
believe how hot it was.” Then I told him he should try

Tom didn’t miss a beat. “Maybe I will he said,” and
then he got up and walked over and into the sauna. I
turned to Karl (David’s friend) and I said, “Guess
what David and I did in the sauna?”

When he declined to guess, I told David to tell him.
And When David declined to tell Karl, I told Karl,
“Maybe I should just show you.”

I used both hands to pull Karl’s cock from his shorts,
then I ducked my head under water and took him in my
mouth. His cock was really long! Probably ten inches!
I only sucked him for a second, but I felt so nasty!

When I came to the surface, I asked if he would fuck
me. “Come here,” I instructed. I stood and walked to
the steps. I stopped just when my ass had cleared the
water and held on to the railing. “Get behind me

When he stepped up behind me, I reached back and guided
his big beautiful cock up between my legs and alongside
my thong.

I stopped when I felt the head of his dick between my
pussy lips. He was standing one step below me, and the
height was just right. We were facing the door of the
pool area, so if anyone came in, all he would have to
do was sit back down in the water, and they wouldn’t
see anything.

“Stick it in me,” I urged. Karl straightened up and
shoved about seven inches of cock into my pussy. He
was a little taller than me, but not enough to be in a
position where he could give me all of that long cock,
but it was enough!

“Now fuck me,” I told him. Karl started out carefully
and slowly, just moving his cock back and forth a few
inches, but it felt really good. I told him that he had
better hurry if he wanted to cum before Tom got done
with his sauna, and he started fucking me a little

I stood with my legs almost together, and I could tell
that Karl liked the position. The shaft of his cock
rubbed up and down between my thighs as his cock head
moved in and out of me. When he said he was getting
ready to cum, I told him to cum on my ass.

I felt him pull out and then I felt the distinct feel
of hot cum on my ass. I reached back and rubbed the
head of his cock around my ass, then I turned around
and sank down, rubbing his cock on my face.

We both sat back down to collect ourselves. I thanked
the guys for livening up my shopping trip, then I told
them that I had better check on Tom before he got too
suspicious. I told them that I might see them again
if they were going to be there all weekend (and they
said they were), and then I got up to join Tom in the

Tom ate me out when I joined him, while I told him
about what had happened. Then we went up to bed and he
fucked me long and hard.

The next evening was even more fun, and I’ll tell you
all about it in my next letter. Until then, think
about me stroking those guys’ cocks as Tom was off
turning the hot tub timer back on.

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