Spanked Teen

Well I’d finished my school year ready to go to
university, but had really let things slip a little
before my A levels and had ended up with insufficient
grades to get into my university of choice. I needed an
A and 2 Bs, and while I had achieved my A in History,
the English and French Grades were Ds.

I could still have got to a lesser college, but I had my
heart set on my school of choice. When the results came
out I was in floods of tears knowing that I had blown

However on enquiring on admission policies I was told
that if I retook the English and French exams in the
winter they would let me in the next year, and I
consoled myself that if I studied hard until Christmas
and managed the necessary grades, I could take the rest
of the year off and travel the world, something I had
always wanted to do.

My parents were supportive, even if it meant paying for
extra tuition, so at the start of September I began to
study again. This time though it was particularly
difficult. I didn’t have the rigours of a school system
to make sure I turned up to lessons and studied between
them. I did turn up for tuition, but I did just enough
between times to give the appearance that I was working.
I was actually spending far too much time partying with
my friends, playing on my computer and listening to rock

The only consolation was my tutor. He was only five
years older than me with a first class BA degree with
English and French as his major subjects. He’d taken a
PGCE which would enable him to teach in the school
system, but wasn’t sure yet whether that was what he
really wanted to do. Meanwhile he was earning good money
by tutoring me and half a dozen others. His name was
Charlie and he was delicious.

He’d been to a good English Public School and not only
was he good looking, he kept himself super fit through
working out and playing top class club rugby. He was
about 6 ft 2 with reddish brown hair, a delightful smile
and the bluest eyes you had ever seen. As for me, like
most girls of my age I had doubts about my
attractiveness to the opposite sex. Brown hair, brown
eyes, small breasts, decent figure though.

In the past, people have said that I was pretty, but I
was conscious that maybe I weighed a couple of pounds
more than I should have and maybe I should have my
breasts enhanced, my nose was too big, my bum was too
big. Well looking back they probably weren’t, but it
seemed that way to me.

Charlie was both frustrated by me because of my lack of
progress and attracted to me physically. I suppose
inevitably we ended up making love, although he was
conscious that perhaps it was a little unethical given
that he was my teacher. We never did it during the hours
set aside for tuition, but after each lesson we went at
it like rabbits.

My parents used to comment that I always seemed to be
glowing after each lesson and assumed it was because
things were going well educationally – but they weren’t.

Charlie was beginning to get angry with me. He knew I
wasn’t doing much, if any work between lessons and
because he was fond of me he wanted me to be able to go
to my university of choice. He felt, eventually, that
there was only one route now open.

After a particularly bad teaching session he sat me
down. I was aching to get his kit off and make love but
he wouldn’t let me touch him. It was almost too much
when I wiggled out of my jeans and panties and lay back,
legs apart waiting for him to succumb.

He was actually quite angry with me, although I thought
at the time it was a bit of an act. “Look here Bonnie
(short for Bronwen – my father was Welsh). Your parents
have entrusted me, and are paying me well, to get you
through your English and French A levels with decent
grades. You’re doing virtually no work at all and I’m
afraid you’re not going to get there unless you buckle
down and study at home.

“As nothing I’ve done yet seems to have had any effect
I’m going to implement the old British school remedy
which is now unfashionable, and probably illegal. I’m
going to put you over my knee and leather your bottom
until you learn the error of your ways – and its good of
you to have taken off your jeans and panties already –
saves me the trouble.”

So saying he grabbed me by the arm and before I could
even utter a word of protest he had me over his knee,
clamped my legs still between his own and started to
spank me methodically. Well although I struggled, he was
really strong and soon my bottom was bright scarlet and
stinging like crazy. I’d never been spanked before and
it hurt like hell.

I struggled and wiggled and still he spanked on – I
think he gave me about 70 before he stopped. I just lay
there sobbing, but also aware not only of an extremely
warm sensation in my bottom (well really hot), but also
between my legs. I sensed I was incredibly wet and very
excited. I found it hard to believe that I had been
turned-on so much by something so inherently painful –
and Charlie had spanked me really hard.

Charlie realised that too – well I was so wet there that
I’d made a damp patch on his lap. “So you like that
Bonnie do you?” he said as his fingers started to
explore my pussy.

Well, I came there, and then with the biggest orgasm I’d
ever had and as he kept on playing with me I kept on
coming. Eventually he stood me up and hugged me. I
kissed him hard pressing my body against him, while
reaching down to undo his trousers.

We went into his bedroom and lay on the bed while he
continued to caress my pussy. I had his cock in my mouth
in no time, sliding it in and out as I caressed his
balls. He came fast and hard his warm cum tasting so

When it was all over we lay in each other’s arms for
what seemed like sweet ages.

“I’m not sure that spanking you is going to work as a
punishment,” Charlie said with a broad smile. “But
perhaps not spanking you will. From now on, if you do
your work, you’ll get a nice sensual spanking from me.
If you don’t – no spanking and no sex. And you’d better
bloody well work.”

Well it did work for me. Charlie’s spankings were
wonderful. Over time he even tried out experiments on
me, we tried pussy spanking – incredibly erotic – light
bondage, all experimental for both of us and had
brilliant sex.

The harder I worked, the more I was spanked – the more
sex we had. I called it my winter of orgasms.

I sailed through my exams when they came.

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