Spanking at school

I thought I’d start with a little bit about myself. My name is John Wilson, I am 6ft 1ins tall, with a slim athletic build. Short dark hair and a clean shaven face. Whilst not a Brad Pitt contender I am fairly hansom with a rugged non nonsense look about me. I taught science for many years at a private school before starting my own business in the form of a book shop. I’ve always loved books and when a local shop came up for sale I jumped at the chance for a lifestyle change. I ensured I stocked A – Level and University books to ensure the local girls and boys would come to the shop.

I have always liked younger girls, not too young mind you. I have never done anything illegal, my preferred age is 18+ but for the right girl I would drop to 16 years old – but never any lower of course.

I have a strong preference for shy, demure, submissive ladies who like to be with an assertive, dominant man. During my time as a teacher, whilst I never abused my position I did have cause to spank and cane many boys and girls over the years. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a number of submissive girlfriends, so I have fairly extensive experience in that department.

I first met Katie when she came into my shop to buy books for her A – Levels. She was 16. She had just finished her GCSEs and was starting 6th form to do her A – Levels. She was about 5”4, slim but not skinny. Long brown hair and brown eyes. She had a clear fresh complexion. From what I could tell through her clothing she had fairly large boobs for her size, maybe a 34C. Her bum looked amazing, pert and very shapely. She came into my shop to buy books on computing for her A – Levels. She spent quite a while looking around, glancing over and smiling at me. Eventually she brought a book over to the till.

She introduced herself as Katie and said she was just starting her A – Levels. I introduced myself as Mr Wilson – as a hangover from my school days I guess I still go by Mr Wilson to people of this age rather than John. My shop had recently opened so Katie asked me a little about that. She came across as a bright, sharp, friendly girl. After paying for the book she left, looking back at me from the door and smiling.

There was a coffee shop close by where I had seen her a few times previously with her friends. Though she had looked over we had never actually met until she came into my shop. The following day after seeing her in my shop I saw her in the coffee shop at breakfast time. She was with a group of friends, but looked over and gave me a shy little smile and a little wave. I nodded, a little smile on my lips and gave her a little wave back.

I always keep my shop open after school closed in case anyone leaving school needed books – they could call in and buy them straight away. Katie and her friends called into my shop a few times over the next week or so, she was always with them so we didn’t speak beyond hello. Her friends usually bought a book or two as they figured out what they needed for school.

About a week and a half after I had first met Katie, after school had finished one day the door to my shop opened and Katie came in on her own. She glanced over and I thought she looked a little embarrassed, I thought I must be imagining things. She headed for the computer book isles and looked around there for a few minutes, glancing over occasionally. Eventually she selected a book and came over to the till.

“Hi Mr Wilson” she said, smiling but still looking a little red faced.

“Hi Katie, nice to see you again” I smiled back.

Katie handed me the book and said “I’d like this one please”, she paused for a second then continued “I errrrm… I know a girl who used to go to the school you used to teach at Mr Wilson. She told me she remembered you as you had ermmmmm spanked her a couple of times and caned her once. ”

“I see” I smiled back, “and does she think she didn’t deserve them?” I asked.

“Actually she told me she deserved the first one, but the others she said she errrmmmm, she got from being naughty on purpose as she wanted you to spank her again” Katie said with a small shy giggle.

“Ahh, I see” I replied smiling. “Some girls like to be spanked and caned but I wasn’t aware of anyone from my old school who did things on purpose to have me spank or cane them. What was her name?” I enquired.

“Lisa, Lisa Hughes” Katie said.

I vaguely remembered a Lisa Hughes, but nothing too specific, I certainly couldn’t remember her being naughty purposefully or remember specifically spanking or caning her. I told Katie as such.

“What did you mean Mr Wilson when you said some girls like to be spanked or caned?” Katie asked, her face reddening.

I was sure Katie knew exactly what I mean, as her friend had told her she had been purposefully naughty to be spanked, so I guessed this was just a way for Katie to keep discussing the subject. I decided to play along and see where this went.

“Well Katie, some girls like to be with an assertive dominant man, they like to be submissive to such a man. Sometimes they like to be spanked and caned, some like to be humiliated and embarrassed” I informed her.

“How?” Katie asked, her eyes darting nervously around, sometimes looking at me then shooting away.

“Lots of different ways. Being made to do as she is told, whatever she is told. Being made to be naked when the man is dressed, perhaps standing in a corner and walking about nude. Being made to submit to a spanking or caning. Being tied up. Doing what she is told sexually. A lot of ladies enjoy things like that” I left that last statement hanging in the air, looking at Katie.

“I see” Katie replied quietly, her cheeks reddening further. “Well, thanks Mr Wilson” Katie said as she paid for the book. “See you later” she said as she walked quickly out of the shop, not looking back.

Interesting I thought, she is obviously interested in this area. I hoped she would come back and we could discuss it further. I would definitely love to play with that tight little body.

The following day after school closed Katie came back into the shop, again alone. Rather than browse the shelves she can walking right over to the counter, eyes nervously scanning the floor.

“Hi Mr Wilson” she said.

“Hi Katie, how can I help you today?” I replied.

“Well, ermmm… you remember what we were talking about yesterday?” she asked.

“What was that Katie?” I asked, hiding a smile, wanting her to have to say it to me out loud.

“Errrm…. about some girls wanting to be spanked and to be submissive?” Katie said, her face now burning, eyes down cast.

“Ah yes, I remember”.

“Well Mr Wilson……I would like to…errrrmmmm try something like that” she said quietly.

“I see, and would you like me to recommend a book? I’m not sure I have anything in the shop on those subjects Katie” I teased.

“Errrmm, no I don’t want a book Mr Wilson. I was thinking that maybe you could show me” she looked up at me as she said it.

“Me? Aren’t I a little old for you Katie? Surely a gorgeous sexy young lady like you has a boyfriend you can do things like that with?” I continued teasing, knowing full well a young man wouldn’t be able to give her what she wanted in this regard.

“I do Mr Wilson, but he couldn’t to these kinds of things. When I imaging doing them I always imaging an older, eerrrmmmmm more assertive man…” her cheeks were on fire. “I imaging you Mr Wilson” she finished, eyes glued to the floor.

I paused for a while, letting her words hang in the air, keeping her waiting. After a while she shyly glanced up at me before looking back at the floor.

“I see. I am flattered Katie. I do have experience in this area, and you are a very attractive young lady, but I am not sure you would be willing to do what I would expect in such a relationship. I’m not sure you’d be willing to do the things you mentioned yesterday, being naked, being spanked, being made to sexually please someone” I paused.

“I would Mr Wilson, I would” Katie immediately assured me as she looked up at me, eyes pleading.

I looked back at her for a little while. “OK Katie, I’ll tell you what…Today is Thursday, you think on it and if you still want to, come to my house on Saturday at 2:00 sharp and we will go from there”.

“Oh thank you Mr Wilson” Katie beamed at me.

I wrote down my home address, it was not far away, and she would have to go past it on her way home from school so she would have no trouble finding it.

“I will expect you to be an obedient young lady Kate and do as instructed. ”

“Yes Mr Wilson” Katie beamed at me.

“I expect you to wear a knee length skirt and blouse, hair tied up. ” I said.

“Yes Mr Wilson” Katie replied, still smiling at me.

I gave her a few more instructions and then said goodbye as she left the shop.

Friday seemed to drag on and on, finally Saturday came. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this hot sixteen year old. I had instructed her to shower and put on clean clothes. I had also instructed her to use the bathroom just before heading over, I didn’t want her nervously needing to pee soon after arriving. I had also instructed her to have her hair tied up so it was out of her face, in a ponytail for example.

I was wearing my usual attire, trousers with a black leather belt and a shirt.

I sat nervously, glancing at the clock. I have quite a large front room with a large bay window looking out onto the front garden. I have quite a large front and back garden with high hedges running around the property, so no nosey neighbours or passers – by could see in to the garden or house. Furniture wise there is a sofa towards the back wall, but centred left to right. There is a coffee table in front of the Sofa (which I had currently moved to one side) and a side table on either side. I have a large book case on one wall filled with books and photos. There is also a TV fixed to the wall.

At 1:58 I saw Katie walking slowly up the drive towards the house. She was dressed as I had instructed, a skirt which came to just above her knees, a blouse style top, trainers with ankle height socks and she also had on a baseball cap. She had her head down but was glancing around the garden. She looked quite nervous.

As the clock tipped over to 2:00 I heard her rapping on the front door with a light, timid little knock. Had I not been waiting for her I doubt I would have heard it. Getting up I headed into the hall and opened the door. Katie stood there with her eyes cast down, face already red with embarrassment.

“Hi Katie, come on in” I said as I stood to one side and held the door open.

“Thank you Mr Wilson” Katie replied in a voice as timid as her knock on the door had been as she walked inside. She had never been to my home before and as she walked inside I could see her furtively glancing around. The hall was fairly sparse with a set of coat hooks and a wooden chair near the front door and a book case along one wall.

Closing the front door behind her I walked down the hall towards the front room, instructing Katie to follow me. Once in the front room I sat down in the middle of the sofa and told Katie to stand in the middle of the room facing me.

Katie stood in the centre of the room fidgeting nervously and shifting her weight from foot to foot. She had her hands clasped together in front of her, eyes cast down to the floor in embarrassment and an increasing red colour spreading from her neck to her face.

“Well Katie, welcome to my house. I must say you look adorable”.

“Thanks Mr Wilson” she shyly replied, smiling and looking up at me.

“You live at home with your parents don’t you?” I enquired.

“Yep” she said looking a little uncomfortable.

“Where do they think you are?” I asked.

“Oh, I told them I was going out with my friend Emma” Katie smiled.

“I see, and where does Emma think you are Katie?”

“She knows I am here Mr Wilson” Katie said, turning a little red in the cheeks.

“Ah, I see. Does she know why you are here Katie” I asked.

“Yes Mr Wilson” Katie replied, her cheeks burning now. My mind whirled, if this Emma knew why Katie was here, and if things went the way I hoped they would perhaps in the near future I could get this Emma round to see me as well as Katie.

Smiling back at her I said “Now Katie, I know we briefly discussed this before but to ensure we are both on the same page and have the same expectations I would like you to tell me why you’re here, what you expect and what you want to get out of this experience? I in turn will set out my expectations and if we both agree we are aligned we can continue. If not, we can go our separate ways with no bad feelings. OK?”.

Smiling at me she began “Yes sure Mr Wilson. ” Her eyes moved to the floor again and she turned a deeper shade of red.

She continued, “I errrmmmm, I have a boyfriend whom I’ve been seeing for about 6 months. He is the only person I’ve been with, if you know what I mean and it’s good and all but I fantasise about more. I fantasise about doing other things and having other things done to me”. She fell silent at this point, obviously embarrassed.

“I see” I replied. “Please continue”.

“I fantasise about being with a dominant assertive man. A man who would make me do what he wants, who would…. ” she paused, obviously struggling to get the words out, I waited patiently. “Who would……put me over his knee and spank me”.

“Is that all?” I asked. “Just to spank you?”.

“No”, she replied. “I fantasise about being spanked, being told what to do. Being made to strip and stand naked for a man. Being made to do what a man wants to please him”.

“Being caned?” I asked.

“If that is what he wants to do to me then yes” Katie replied. “I have imagined being spanked and caned and it really turns me on. ” She struggled to say those last word, I couldn’t help but smile at this beautiful 16 year old girl standing in front of me staring intently at the floor, hands fidgeting nervously in front of me as she told me her deepest desires.

She continued “I have seen some BDSM videos where girls are badly beaten, slapped in the face, have wax dripped on them, called slut and whore, put in cages or treated like a dog. I’m not sure I like the thought of any of that. I don’t want to be hurt badly or called names or treated like a dog. I just want a man to dominate me, to make me submissive to him. Make me please him. The idea of being embarrassed and to a degree humiliated by the man controlling me is a real turn on”.

“I see”, I replied. “And you want to do those things with me?”

“Yes Mr Wilson”, her face burned….

“And how hard or how much would you like to be spanked or caned Katie?” I asked. This was a key question and would determine a lot about how we proceeded.

“Errrrmmmm…. Until I am kicking and squirming and crying and begging you to stop Sir” she replied, hugely embarrassed. Mmmm I thought, perfect…. “I want to feel dominated Sir, made to take the spanking you think I need despite my discomfort Sir”.

“Why me Katie and not someone closer to your own age?” I asked.

“In my fantasises it is always with an older man Mr Wilson. Never someone my own age. An older man with more experience who can make me do what he wants. I can’t imagine doing things like this with someone my own age. From the times we’ve met Mr Wilson you’ve always been nice to me and as an ex teacher I guess you know how to ermmmmm, discipline girls….. Plus you’re fit, good looking and very sexy… for an older man” she smiled, glancing up at me.

“Well Katie, thank you for being so open with me about what you imagine and fantasise about. I know that wasn’t easy to say but it will help ensure we both get the most out of the experiences we have together” I said smiling at her. She glanced up at me, smiling back, some of the redness fading a little.

“You are a very attractive young lady and any man would be lucky to have you to do those things with. I believe we are very much aligned on the kinds of things we enjoy. I have seen the types of BDSM movies you mentioned and also find them distasteful. Whilst there needs to be obedience between the dominant and the submissive there must also always be respect. Some people like calling a girl a slut or whore, slapping her face, caging and treating her like a dog – and whilst that is absolutely fine if that is what they both enjoy it is not where my interests lie. I expect a girl to do as she is told and to please me, and will punish her if she doesn’t, but it must always remain respectful. Name calling or slapping her around are not respectful and don’t interest me”. I purposefully left out the area around treating her like a dog, whilst that doesn’t interest me, putting a leash on her someday might and I didn’t want to get into that level of detail at this early stage.

“Ok, so, let me outline my expectations. I won’t cover everything I have in mind as finding out over time will be part of the fun but I will cover enough so you have clear a clear understanding of what I have in mind and will expect. Firstly, when we meet outside of this type of scenario, in the coffee shop for example you will continue to call me Mr Wilson and act as if we are passing acquaintances. When you are here you will address me only as Sir. Understand?”

“Yes Sir” Katie replied.

“You will be spending the majority of your time here completely naked, both inside the house and when weather permits, in the garden. It is not overlooked so should not be an issue. Did you notice the coat hooks and wooden chair by the front door?” I asked as I watched the redness returning to her face when I said she would be naked most of the time – and especially when I mentioned the garden.

“Yes Sir, I noticed the coat hooks and chair” Katie advised.

“From now on whenever you come here I will unlock the front door so you can open it from outside. You will let yourself in and unless specifically instructed otherwise you are to remove your shoes and all of your clothes and fold them neatly on the chair. Shoes beneath the chair. Coat if you have one on the coat hook. You will then walk directly into this room and stand in the corner over there facing the wall, legs shoulder width apart, arms by your sides. You will not look at me. You will not speak until spoken to. You will not move until instructed” I pointed to the corner and she looked over before looking back at the floor. “Understand?” I asked.

“Yes Sir” Katie replied.

“I will generally be dressed, only removing my clothes when necessary. I will instruct you when to move and what to do. I may have you posing for me. Making me a drink and serving me, returning to the corner when each task is complete. When I touch you, you are to stand still until I have finished, and then continue on with what you were doing. Understand?”

“Yes Sir” Katie replied.

“I will expect you to please me, sexually. In whatever manner and how ever often I instruct you to. ”

“Yes Sir” Katie replied still looking red faced at the floor.

“Now, on to the spanking. I agree with you that many of those BDSM movies are too extreme and cause too much pain and damage to the ladies. I have no interest in that, however, there is no point putting a naughty young lady over your knee and gently spanking her. When I spank you Katie, naked over my knee, I will spank you until you are kicking and squirming and crying out and sobbing. Until you cannot take anymore. And then Katie, you will take a little more to please me, won’t you!”

“Owwwwww yes Sir, I would Sir” Katie replied, her body shaking a little with nerves and excitement. I knew I had the approach and level of control right for her from that one little statement and body give – away. We were definitely going to have fun her and me.

“Similarly with the cane Katie. I will cane you until you are sobbing and not wanting any more, but you will take a little more for me, won’t you Katie. To please me. ” It was not a question.

“Yes Sir, I will Sir”. She didn’t seem to notice we had moved away from me simply outlining my expectations to me securing her agreement on each one.

“Good. There will be marks on your behind Katie, so you will need to hide your bottom from your parents, friends and boyfriend. ”

“Yes Sir, that won’t be a problem. My Mum and Dad never see my bottom anymore anyway. I can easily hide it from my friends in showers. Will be more difficult with my boyfriend but I can figure it out. He doesn’t usually look at me naked much or my bottom anyway. He normally just wants to get inside me” she advised. I mentally noted this as I was going to probe more into her acts with her boyfriend later.

“Now Katie, do you know what safe words are?”

“Yes Sir. ”

“Explain the concept to me Katie”.

“Well, they are so you know when to stop. When it is too much” she said.

“Exactly Katie. Now over my years as a teacher I have spanked and caned a lot of people, boys as well as girls. Not in situations like this mind you, but in school punishment scenarios, so I generally have a good feel for how much a young lady can take. When I spank you, you can sob, cry, kick, squirm, say no, ask me to stop all you want and I will continue as long as I feel it is needed and you can take it and I expect you to comply. However, we are both here to enjoy the things we do together, and whilst some will be painful the aim is still for you to enjoy them and not be pushed too far. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir” Katie replied.

“I have two safe words Katie. Red and Amber. Red means stop immediately. If you say the word RED I will immediately cease what we are doing. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir” Katie replied.

“Amber means you are nearing your limits. It doesn’t mean stop, but it lets me know you are close to your limits and will allow me to slow things down and avoid a RED safe word being needed. I don’t expect you to use an Amber safe word just because I am spanking you Katie and it is hurting – it is to be used sparingly. Do you understand Katie?”

“Yes Sir, I won’t use it” Katie replied.

“You will Katie, and I want you to. In the beginning especially I will be learning your limits so use of these safe words are vital for us both. ”

“Yes Sir” Katie replied looking up at me and smiling.

“I expect and require you to be open and honest with me Katie. I will be asking you lots of questions and I expect truthful answers. For example, you can continue seeing your boyfriend, and I encourage you to do so, but if you split up and or you plan on seeing someone else I expect you to tell me. I have no intention of curtailing your activities with boys but I will expect to be kept informed. Understand?”

“Yes Sir” Katie replied.

“Now Katie. You’ve told me your fantasies and what you hope to get out of our relationship. I’ve explained my expectations. So, I think we are well aligned and would like to continue and see where this goes. What about you?” I asked, smiling at her.

Katie looked up at me and for the first time looked me in the eyes. “I want to continue Sir, please…. ”

I was still sat on the sofa, looking up at this sexy 16 year old girl standing in front of me. She was still shaking with a mixture of nerves and excitement.

“Okay Katie. I take it you are wearing underwear beneath your clothes?”

“Yes Sir”

“Good, take your clothes off, leaving your underwear on for now. Fold and hand each piece to me as you remove them” I instructed her. This was the moment of truth, would she really go ahead with it…

There was a slight pause as Katie gathered herself, she took a deep breath and then crouched down and began to undo her shoes. She kept her knees together so I couldn’t see up her skirt but I got a good look at her shapely thighs. She removed her shoes and stepping forwards handed them to me. She then repeated the process with her socks. She reached up and began to quickly unbutton her blouse.

“Slowly” I instructed.

Katie immediately slowed down and finished unbuttoning her blouse. As she pulled the sides apart her flat stomach, slender waist and bra came in to view, it was a simple white lacy bra. Nothing fancy but her tits looks amazing in it. It was clear the bra wasn’t holding her tits in place at all, they looked firm and perky on their own. I could see a slight darkening of the area around her nipples. Her nipples themselves were clearly on show pushing against the fabric of her bra. I couldn’t wait to get my hands and mouth on them. I hope they’re sensitive and she loves them being sucked and played with thought.

She reached out to hand her blouse to me.

“Katie, what did I say about folding your clothes?” I asked.

“Sorry Sir, I forgot” she replied, slowly folding her bra and holding it out to me.

Once I’d taken it she reached for the fastener on her skirt. She undid it slowly, glancing up to me as she did before looking back to the floor. Once undone she let it go and it fell to the floor. She now stood before me in just her knickers and bra. Like her bra, her knickers were white and fairly simple. White cotton with a picture of a rainbow on the front. As she bent over to pick up her skirt I got a quick view of her tits dangling down inside her bra. She folded her skirt and handed it to me.

Taking the skirt I piled all of her clothes together, with her trainers on top and handed them back to her. She took them, looking confused. “Take them and put them on the chair by the front door. Shoes beneath” I instructed her.

Katie glanced at the door, obviously realising she was going to have to walk over, out of the room and back in again in just her underwear – knowing I would have a lovely view of her bottom as she walked away from me. Adjusting the clothes in her hands she turned and walked to the door. Her bum was just gorgeous. Perfectly shaped and very pert, it giggled deliciously inside her knickers as she walked. I could barely wait to get her naked bum wriggling over my knee and I spanked this lovely 16 year old girl.

I waited for a few seconds and saw her walk back in, still red faced. My eyes flicked from her knicker clad pussy to her bra covered breasts to her face. She walked over and stood in front of me again, nervously fidgeting with her hands, unsure of where to put them, after a few moments she let them simply hand by her sides.

I sat and looked at her standing in front of me in her underwear for a minute. Katie continued to look primarily at the floor, glancing up at me occasionally. I stood up and slowly walked around, looking at her from the side to see how her breasts jutted out from her slim form. Her bum was deliciously framed by her knickers. Her hair in a ponytail fell between her shoulder blades. I couldn’t wait to see this body writhing and hear her moaning as I made her cum…

Walking around to stand in front of her I said “Katie, look up at me”. She complied, cheeks reddening. “Take your bra off honey” I instructed her. Katie’s hands went behind her back, “Keeping looking at me Katie”… she undid her bra looking me in the eyes as she did so. Her arms fell back to her sides, her bra in one hand. I smiled and looked down from her eyes to her breasts. They looked rather large on her slim frame, but perfectly shaped jutting out proudly from her chest. Her nipples were a nice size, not too big or small – and looked very suckable. They pushed out erect, slightly up turned with dark brown areola circling each.

“Put your bra on the chair in the hall Katie” I instructed her. Katie said nothing but walked over to the door and out of the room, with me staring at her bottom as she did. When she came back in I watched her breasts bouncing and jostling as she walked back over to stand immediately in front of me again.

During her whole time in my house I has purposefully not touched her in any way. I stood looking at her breasts and walked around her again. Standing in front of her I asked, “Now Katie, tell me, do you like your breasts being played with? Are your nipples sensitive?”.

“Yes Sir” Katie replied.

“Yes what Katie?” I asked.

“Yes Sir, I like my boobs played with and my nipples are very sensitive” Katie said in a small, timid voice.

“Does your boyfriend suck your nipples Katie?” I asked.

“Yes Sir” she replied, quietly.

“I can’t hear you Katie. Speak up please. Does your boyfriend suck your nipples?”

“Yes Sir, my boyfriend sucks my nipples Sir” Katie said in a louder, firmer voice.

“Good” I replied. “I am going to be asking you lots of questions Katie, many about what you and this boyfriend of yours get up to and I expect you to tell me openly, honestly and clearly Katie. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir”, Katie replied. “I understand”.

“Good girl. Does he play with your boobs and nipples gently, or roughly?” I asked

“Gently Sir, he squeezes them a lot but never too hard. He always sucks my nipples gently and never bites them”.

“Would you like him to bite them Katie? Would you like your nipples bitten and teased more roughly?”

“Yes Sir, I would” Katie replied.

“Mmmmmmm. Now Katie, put your hands on your head please, elbows pulled back and stand with your legs shoulder width apart”.

Katie complied, whilst this had the effect of lifting her chest he boobs barely moved, as tight and firm as they looked with no sag what so ever. I could see her knickers disappearing between her now open legs.

“You have very nice boobs Katie” I assured her.

“Thank you Sir” Katie replied grinning. It was all I could do to stop myself leaning down and taking one of her nipples into my mouth – but I resisted the urge.

All this while I was simply standing in front of her, looking her up and down. The majority of the time her eyes were cast down to the floor, with her occasionally glancing upwards towards my crotch. She must have known my cock was hard, she must have been able to see it straining my trousers.

I walked round her again, savouring the moment before touching her for the first time. After completing a full circuit around her I stopped, standing in front of her and slightly off to one side. I reached out my right hand and touched her for the first time, gently stroking her knicker clad pussy with one finger bottom to top. Her knickers were already wet. Katie jumped as soon my finger touched her, her whole body jerking slightly. Her feet remained where they were and her hands remained on her head but her elbows pulled in quickly before she quickly pushed them back out again. Her hips also pushed back briefly away from me, not enough to break contact with my fingers on her knickers, but enough for it to be very noticeable.

“I’m sorry” Katie blushed, standing stock still again as my fingers very gently moved back down her slit over her knickers.

“A little nervous are we?” I asked smiling.

“Yes” she replies, with her eyes fixed firmly on the floor and her face bright red.

I stop stroking her knicker clad pussy and move my hand away.

“What is the proper way to address me young lady?” I sternly ask.

She thinks for a moment and then responds, her face burning “Sir. Yes Sir. Sorry Sir”.

“Good girl” I reply as I smile and reaching back out start stroking her knicker clad pussy again. She didn’t jump when my fingers touched her this time. Stroking up over the front of her pussy I could feel her soft pubic hair beneath the material of her knickers, I stroked it softly wondering how it would look when she was naked in front of me. Mmmmm, time to ramp things up I thought.

“Please keep in mind young lady that if you disobey me, or displease me you will be punished. As you are here to be spanked and caned and used, your punishment cannot be those things. If you disobey, displease or disappoint me I will not play with you. You may be made to stand in the corner, ignored for your whole time here. You may be sent immediately home. For significant infractions I may put you over my knee and spank you far harder and longer than you would like. The punishment will be proportionate to the level you disobey, displease or disappoint me”, I informed her.

“Do you understand young lady?” I asked?

“Yes Sir” came the immediate reply.

“I intend to use you for my pleasure, as I see fit. I will very much enjoy making you cum, however on occasions I may not let you cum while you are here and may further instruct you that you are not allowed to make yourself cum before your next visit to me. I would expect you to follow any such instructions without question. Do you understand Katie?”

“Yes Sir, I understand” came the reply.

All the while I am gently stroking her knicker clad pussy, eliciting little soft sighs from her.

“Would you like to take your knickers off Katie?” I asked as I asserted a little more pressure on her pussy on the up and down strokes as I said it, slightly pushing the fabric of her knickers into her slit, she moaned out loud for the first time. Her knickers were getting really wet at this point.

“Ooooooooooo, yes Sir, please Sir” Katie eagerly replied.

“Ask me nicely to allow you to Katie” I said as I continued to stroke her, reducing the pressure slightly.

“Mmmmm, ooooo Sir, Sir, please may I take my knickers off?” Katie asked.

“Certainly Katie, as you asked so nicely” I replied as I took my hand away and sat back down in front of her, eyes glued on her knickers. I couldn’t wait to see this 16 years old pussy for the first time.

I stepped back and sat back down on the sofa, adjusting my crotch as I did so to relieve the pressure on my rock hard cock. Katie’s hand reached up and her fingers went into the waist band of her knickers at each hip. Slowly she started to pull them down. Her pubic mound came into view, she had a dark covering of trimmed pubic hair, neatly shaped. As her knickers came down further I saw them peel away from her pussy lips having been previously stuck to her by the copious moisture from her pussy. Her pussy lips looks to be hairless, like she had shaved them recently. Katie lifted each leg in turn and stepped out of here knickers, putting her hands by her sides she stood in front of me completely naked for the first time.

“Now Katie, what do you need to do with those?” I indicated towards her knickers.

“Put them on the chair Sir” Katie replied.

I nodded and Katie turned and walked out of the room to the chair in the hall, my eyes glued to her bum as she left and scanning her naked form when she returned. She walked to stand in front of me again.

“Legs shoulder width apart Katie, hands clasped together behind your back” I instructed her. Katie complied, moving her feet apart and clasping her hands behind her back.

“You are a very beautiful young lady Kate”.

“Thank you Sir”.

Standing up I stepped back over to her and began to run my hands all over her body. I walked around her stroking her hips, back, her bottom, her stomach, feeling her breasts and squeezing her nipples. After a while I ran my hand across the front of her public mound and played with her public hair between my fingers. I looked at her face to see her looking at me longingly….

“Now what would you like me to do Katie? Would you like me to stroke your pussy?” I asked, smiling.

“Ohhh yes please Sir, please will your stroke my little pussy….. ” Katie begged.

“Certainly Katie” I replied. I removed my hand from her pubic hair and reached between her legs to the bottom of her pussy slit. I gently ran one finger along her slit, back to front, dragging it over her clit before sliding it back down again.

“Mmmmmm, or God that’s so nice, mmmm” Katie moaned as I continued to run my finger up and down her soaking slit. After a few strokes I moved my finger to her pussy lips and used a second finger on the other side and stroked her like that a few time. Katie continued moaning softly.

“I take it you shaved your pussy lips and trimmed your pubic hair recently?” I asked.

“Yes Sir” Katie replied, struggling to focus as I played with her pussy.

“Do you usually keep everything so neat?” I probed.

“Yes Sir, it’s easier for things like swimming. Also my boyfriend likes it like this”.

“I see” I replied.

“Look at me Katie” I told her. As she looked at me I slowly pushed a finger between her pussy lips and ran my finger tip on the entrance to her pussy, she was soaking wet. Her eyes opened wide and she gave a soft sigh and I felt her hips push down a little, trying to push my finger inside her. I pulled my hand back a little, keeping my finger tip outside her, still circling the entrance to her hot tight little pussy.

“Now Katie, ask me nicely to put my fingers inside your tight little fanny”.

“Please Sir, please put your fingers inside my tight little fanny Sir. Please finger me Sir, please…… I so want your fingers up me” Katie begged.

Katie kept her eyes open, looking at me and moaned loudly as I slowly pushed one finger inside her. I felt her push her hips down again but this time I pushed up sliding my finger fully inside her to my knuckle.

“Owwwwwwwww, owwww, mmmmmm” Katie gasped and moaned as she ground her pussy don my finger and pressed her lips and clit against my hand. Sliding my finger out to the tip I put my other hand on her hip as I pushed my finger back inside her. I repeated fingering her a few times before I moved a second finger inside her, eliciting a deeper louder moan from the is 16 year old girl standing naked in front of me, letting me finger her.

After a few further strokes I removed my fingers from her pussy.

“Please don’t stop Sir, pleaseeeee” Katie begged.

I walked over and sat down on the sofa. “Don’t worry Katie, we will get back to that again later” I assured her, loving the disappointed look on her face.

“For now, I want a better look at you. Hand back on your head Katie, elbows pulled back”.

Katie complied. “Now Katie, turn around please and spread your legs wide apart. ”.

Red faced still, turning round Katie spread her legs. This slightly split her bottom cheeks wider apart and gave me a lovely view of her bum and pussy.

“Bend over Katie, as far as you can please”.

Katie bent over until her torso was horizontal to her legs. This spread her bottom fully, completely exposing her little arsehole to me. Her pussy was beautifully displayed in this position. I couldn’t wait to get my cock up this tight little teenage girl, both her pussy and her tight little bottom. That would wait though.

Her boobs hung down, still looking firm and taut with her elbows pulled back, her nipples remained very erect. I could smell her arousal in the air. I knew I could walk over and ram my cock up her right now, burying it to the hilt in one thrust, but I resisted. There were other things I wanted before I fucked her.

“Good girl Katie” I said. “Now, stand up and face me again please. Feet shoulder width apart, arms behind your back”. Katie complied, looking a little shy and embarrassed again.

“A little humiliating is it to be naked with me fully dressed? And to be made to expose yourself like that? Showing me your little arsehole Katie?”.

“Yes Sir. ”

“But you are enjoying this aren’t you Katie” it was a statement, not a question. “You want me to humiliate and embarrass you. ”

“Yes Sir, I love feeling humiliated and embarrassed with you. It turns me on soooo much Sir”.

I smiled. “Good girl”.

“Now Kate, let’s talk about you and your boyfriend and the things you get up to. You said earlier he is the only person you’ve’ been with?” I asked.

“Yes Sir, he is the only one” Katie replied.

“By been with, do you mean the only boy whose fucked you, or the only boy you’ve done anything with?”

Katie blushed again “The only one I’ve done anything with Sir, other than kissing. I did kiss another boy before meeting my boyfriend, but we only kissed”.

“I see, and how old were you when you kissed your first boy Katie?” I asked.

“14 Sir, we went out a couple of times and he snogged me. But he moved away so I couldn’t see him anymore”.

“And you didn’t meet anyone else until your current boyfriend?”

“No Sir”.

“How did you meet your current boyfriend?”

“At school Sir. I started seeing him about 6 months ago”.

“I see” I replied. “So that was about 3 months before you turned 16?”

“Yes Sir”.

“How long were you seeing him before he fucked you Katie?” Her cheeks burned.

“Three and a half months Sir. We first did it a couple of weeks after my 16th birthday”.

“Did it Kate? You mean he first fucked you a couple of weeks after your 16th birthday”

“Yes Sir” Katie replied.

“Then say that Katie” I instructed.

“He first fucked me a couple of weeks after my 16th birthday Sir”.

“When was the last time he fucked you Katie?” I inquired.

“Last Saturday night Sir”. Today was Wednesday, so she last had a cock up her four days ago.

“Tell me Katie, where do you usually go for him to fuck you, and what position do you usually do it in?”

“We’ve only done it a few times Sir. Maybe 15 times. Usually in his car Sir, he is 17 so has his own car his Dad bought him. Depends though, sometimes in my bedroom, sometimes his if his parents are out. If we are in his car I usually sit on him”

“Facing him or facing away Katie?” I asked.

“Facing him Sir. If we are in mine or his bedroom I lie on my back with him on top” Katie kept her eyes firmly glued on the floor as she told me all of this.

“Which position do you prefer Kate?” I asked.

“On my back Sir, with him on top of me” she replied.

“Why do you prefer that position?”

“Because I like to feel his weight on top of me Sir. Feel his hips pushing mine apart as he errrmmmm, fucks me Sir. And I like to feel him grip me tightly and his body shake as he cums”.

“Do you use a condom Katie?” I asked.

“Yes Sir, I don’t want to get pregnant Sir”.

“Good Kate, good. You must always use a condom with him Katie, and with anyone else you might let fuck you”.

“I wouldn’t let anyone else fuck me Sir except him and ermmmmm… and errmmmm” her eyes flew down to the floor, her head bowed in embarrassment.

“And whom Katie?” I pushed.

“And you Sir. ” She coyly replied.

“Good girl, but I don’t mind if you see other boys – or girls, as long as you tell me about it Katie and you use a condom. Is that clear?”

“Yes Sir” Katie replied.

“Good Kate, good. Now, to be clear from the outset, I will not be using a condom. I had a vasectomy a few years back so I cannot get you pregnant, I don’t sleep around and am regularly tested so I am safe in that respect. I will be the only person fucking you without a condom and I will be the only person cumming inside you Katie, is that clear?”

“Yes Sir. ”

“Say it back to me Katie”.

“You won’t be using a condom when you fuck me and you will be the only person cumming inside me Sir”.

“Good girl. Now, back to you and your boyfriend. Do you ever suck his cock Katie?”

“Yes Sir” she blushed again.

“How often?” I asked.

“Most of the times I see him Sir he has me suck him before he fucks me. Not always, sometimes he just wants it up me, but usually I suck him a little first”.

“Do you ever suck him off Katie? Suck him until he cums in your mouth?” I could barely wait to hear the answer to this one. Irrespective of the answer I knew she would be sucking me off regularly and swallowing what I gave her.

“I’ve only done that a few times Sir. When we can’t find anywhere quite to fuck he has me suck him off”.

“And he cums in your mouth Katie?”

“Yes Sir”.

“And do you swallow it like a good girl Katie?”

“No Sir, I spit it out into a tissue I keep ready”.

“I see “ I replied, a little sternly. “With me Katie spitting it out will not be allowed. I expect and require you to swallow my cum when I shoot it into your mouth. Do you understand me Katie?”

“Yes Sir” she replied.

“Say it back to me Katie, I want to ensure we are clear”.

“I will swallow your cum Sir whenever you shoot it into my mouth”.

“Good girl. For now, when you do suck your boyfriend off, continue to spit it out. Mine will be the only cum you are swallowing Katie”.

“Yes Sir, yours will be the only cum I will swallow Sir”. She was learning quickly how to reply now.

“Good girl. Now Katie, mmm actually, what is your boyfriends name? First name only please?” I enquired.

“Steve Sir”.

“Does Steve ever cum anywhere except in your pussy or mouth Katie? Has he even cum on your face or on your tits for example? Or anywhere else?”

“No Sir he has never cum on my face or tits. I gave him a hand job one time and he came on my hand but that’s it” Katie informed me.

“OK, so Katie, when Steve fucks you, do you usually cum?” I asked.

“I’ve only cum a few times with him Sir. I usually find it easier to cum when I am sitting on him in the car, I’ve only cum once when he was on top of me”.

“Despite you preferring him on top?” I asked.

“Yes Sir. I prefer it that way but find it easier to cum when I am sitting on him and can more control the movements. Also he usually cums quicker when he is on top of me so I have less time to get off Sir”, I chucked at hearing that.

“A couple of times he has gotten me off…”

“He’s made you cum” I interjected firmly.

“Sorry Sir, a couple of times he has made me cum with his fingers when we are in the car, before I sucked him off Sir”.

“The one time you came with him on top of you, why did you cum that time Katie?”

“My parents were out for the afternoon Sir, so Steve was there for a long time. I sucked him off first, which turned me on but he didn’t make me cum then. After a while he fucked me and as he had cum recently he lasted longer. With me being horny from sucking him off as well I came while he fucked me. It was sooo nice cumming with him on top of me, holding me beneath him” she smiled as she remembered it.

“I’ll bet it was Katie” I smiled at her as she stood completely naked in front of me, tell me all about her sexual exploits with her boyfriend. “Did you cum on Saturday night?” I asked.

“No Sir. We did it, errrmm I mean he fucked me in the car with me sat on him but I didn’t cum that time”.

This whole time I had been sitting on the sofa looking at this naked gorgeous 16 year old girl standing in front of me, hands on her head, elbows back and legs apart. I stood up and stepped towards her, she remained motionless, looking at me with wide expectant eyes. Moving round her I put my hand on her right hip and dragged it round to her lower back as I stepped round her.

“I see. Tell me Kate, how often do you play with yourself when you’re on your own?” I asked as I slid my hand down her lower back and over the soft cheeks of her bottom, initially just stroking her but then softly squeezing her resilient arse cheeks.

“Normally once or twice a week Sir” she replied.

“And you always cum when you play with yourself?”

“Yes Sir. ”

“You know Kate, I will expect you to play with yourself for me, while I watch you. Has Steve ever watched you pleasure yourself?” I asked.

“God no Sir” she blurted out.

“Why God no Kate?”

“It would be so embarrassing for him to see me do THAT Sir”.

“I see. But you said you liked feeling embarrassed and humiliated Katie?”

“Yes Sir, with you Sir. But not with him Sir” she replied.

“I see. You understand you will be doing it while I watch you don’t you Kate” I pressed.

“Yes Sir. ” She replied, red faced.

I continued to run my hands over her bum while we talked. I gently ran a finger down the crack of her bottom and between her legs to her pussy lips. She gave a low moan and I felt her push her hips back ever so slightly pushing her pussy more firmly onto my stroking finger. Smiling I ran the finger back up her bottom and continued over her left buttock cheek. She gave a small moan of disappointment as my finger left her pussy lips.

Moving back round in front of her I reached up with both hands and caressed her breasts. I started squeezing them gently at first, getting firming. I moved to her nipples and lightly stroked them before taking them in my fingers and gently squeezing.

“Please Sir, harder” moaned Kate.

“Certainly Kate, as you asked so nicely” I replied as I squeezed her nipples harder, causing her to gasp and shudder a little. I left one hand fondling her breasts and left the other hand slowly run down her stomach to her pussy. I played with her neatly trimmed public hair before slowly and gentle running my fingers over her pussy lips and down her slit. Touching her very lightly, teasing her. God she was sopping wet. I continued to talk to her as I touched her up.

“Now Kate, this next bit is very important so listen carefully. When you cum with Steve do you let go fully, moaning and fully feeling it, or do you suppress it, stifling any noises and physical reactions?” I probed.

“It’s a bit embarrassing, and I’m a bit self – conscious I guess to let go… so I guess I stifle it. I don’t moan as much or writhe around as much as when I am at home alone and my parents are out. ”

“That’s normal Katie. BUT, when you’re here with me and you cum I expect you to hold nothing back! Nothing at all. I don’t want you moaning loudly to please me, or writhing about more than you would if you were alone to please me. I want you to cum exactly like you do when you’re alone, holding nothing back but accentuating nothing either. Is that clear Kate?” I continued to stroke her breast with my left hand whilst my right softly stroked her pussy. I pressed my finger between her pussy lips and gently ran the tip of my finger around the entrance to her pussy, being careful not to press inside her this time. I ran my soaking finger up her inner lips and softly over her clit, circling round it ever so gently. I knew if I increased the pressure she would cum, so I held back just enough to tease her and prevent her climax starting.

Her breathing was increasing and deepening now due to the attention I was giving her pussy. I knew she was desperate to come, not that I was going to let her yet of course. I backed off a little, eliciting a soft moan of protest from her – she said nothing of course but I could feel her hips moving as she tried to increase the pressure from my fingers on her pussy.

“Yes Sir, I understand. I’ll cum like I do when I’m alone, not holding back but not putting anything on either. ”

“Good girl” I said. “That part is very important. I want to see and hear you enjoying yourself, but I want to see it as you let no one else see you. In return, I will do the same Kate. ”

“Thank you Sir” Katie replied.

“Now Kate, all that being said, I do want you to do some specific things when you cum in my presence. Firstly, when you feel you are about to cum, I want you to say out loud that you’re going to cum. I expect you to remember that Katie” I instructed her.

“Yes Sir, I will tell you when I feel I am about to cum” Katie replied.

“Secondly, if your legs are spread when you cum I expect you to try to keep them open and not to close them together. Is all of that clear young lady?” I pressed.

“Yes Sir”.

“Lastly, if you are facing away from me, this doesn’t apply, but if you are facing me I expect you to look me in the eyes as you cum and for you to keep your eyes open. Is that clear? I know it will be difficult, and the struggle for you to look at me and keep your eyes open is part of what I want to see. Do you understand these three things Katie?” I asked.

“Yes Sir, I understand” Katie replied.

“Repeat them back to me Katie” I pressed further to ensure the message had sunk in.

“Just before I cum Sir I will tell you, I will say “I’m gonna” cum or something like that. I will keep my legs open if they are spread when I cum and I will keep my eyes open and look at you as I cum Sir” Katie assured me, her breathing very heavy now, her chest rising and failing with each breath. She was close to cumming as I stroked her pussy and fondled her breasts, squeezing her nipple hard now……

“Good girl Kate. We are going to have a lot of run together you and I” I said back to her.

Her eyes remained open looking at me but were beginning to glaze over, her breath getting faster and faster as I continued stroking her pussy and gently caressing her clit. Just as her eyes began to widen and her body tense with her orgasm about to crash over her she inhaled deeply and looked about to speak – I assume to tell me she was going to cum. Before she could speak I abruptly stopped touching her, removing my right hand from between her legs and my left hand from her breast.

“Noooooooooo” she cried out, struggling to maintain her posture, “I was sooooooo close. Please, please Sir, please make me cum……. ” she begged.

I was finding it difficult not to make her cum, I so wanted to look into her eyes and hear her moans the first time I made her cum, but I needed to focus on what was best for her the first time she was with me. I always wanted a girl to be as horny as possible the first time I spanked her. That was why I had been gentle up to this point, teasing her only, bringing her close to orgasm and them pulling back. I wanted her climbing the walls, DESPERATE to cum the first time I took her over my knee.

She was ready.

I sat down on the seat in the middle of the sofa and looked at her.

“It’s time for you to go over my knee young lady” I said sternly.

She suddenly looked nervous and shy again. “Yes Sir” I heard her whisper softly, eyes down cast.

“Come here Kate, over my knee to have your bare bottom spanked like a naughty little girl. ”

Katie’s face burned…. She slowly stepped over, I was purposefully sat at a slight angle so when she was over my knee her feet would extend to the floor. She put her left knee and left hand on the sofa either side of me as she laid down over my lap. Once she was flat she pushed her left leg out straight. She had her head on the sofa seat to my left and her legs extended onto the floor to my right. I grabbed her far hip and pulled her into me.

“Push your bottom up and spread your legs apart a little, I want to be able to see and touch your pussy while you are over my knee” I ordered her.

Katie pushed her bottom up and opened her legs.

“Good girl. Now, remember this position Katie. This is how I expect you to lie over my lap. I won’t always spank you on the sofa, but however I have you I expect you to do what you can to position yourself like this. Bottom pushed up and legs apart. Do you understand?” all the while I was running my hands over her creamy white behind. I could feel her body shivering with nerves as she lay over my knee waiting to be spanked.

“Yes Sir” she said softly.

“As this is your first time Katie I will start out slowly and build up, but have no doubts, before I am finished you will be kicking and squirming and crying, wanting it to stop. You can wiggle and cry and scream and beg me to stop all you want Katie but I will continue as long as I feel necessary. No one can hear any noise you make from this house, so make as much as you feel you need to. If it really is too much for you however you can use the safe words. Do you understand Katie?”

“Yes Sir, I understand”.

I knew if she used a safe word I would have failed. It was my responsibility to know when she was at her limit, so she got the most out of the experience and wasn’t pushed too far, not yet anyway!

“I expect you to remember this Katie, after I have finished and tell you to stand up I expect you to stand back where you were and you will thank me for spanking you. ” I kept stroking her lovely bottom as I spoke.

“Yes Sir, I will remember Sir”.

I tightened up my grip on her right hip with my left hand as I took my right hand off her lovely creamy arse cheeks and gave her, her first spank. Not too hard, but enough to make her body jerk with shock. I quickly repeated the spank on her other bottom cheek. She didn’t jump nearly as much this time. I continues spanking each check intermittently, maintaining the same tempo and force. Each individual spank wouldn’t be overly painful, but as they built up and her creamy bottom started to turn red she would begin to feel each one more keenly. She lay silent and stoic, accepting the spanking. I smiled, she wouldn’t be silent and stoic for long I thought. After a while I stopped and went back to stroking her bum, now a nice shade of red.

After 30 seconds or so of stroking her bottom I started spanking her again, the same tempo and force as previously. After a little while she began to move her hips a bit with each smack and small sounds were beginning to come from her. I continued steadily. After another 20 or so smacks she was wriggling about a lot more and making a small noise on each strike. I stopped again and stroked her bottom. Her legs were still open, I ran my fingers down the crack of her bum and down her pussy slit. She was sopping wet at this point. As soon as my fingers touched her pussy she moaned and pushed her pussy back onto my probing fingers. I kept the pressure light. I ran my fingers down her slit but stopped just short of her clit, running my fingers back up again I continued until I push my finger through the crease of her bottom and touched her arsehole. She stiffened a little and clenched her buttocks when she felt my finger touch her tight little bum hole.

“Relax!” I instructed sternly. I felt her relax back down and her buttocks unclench. I continued to stroke my well lubricated finger over her little arsehole.

“Tell me Katie, has Steve ever fucked you up the bum?” I knew the answer would be no, but wanted to ensure she had to tell me.

“No” she replied. I took my finger off her arse hole and gave her four hard rapid spanks on her bottom, alternating on each cheek. The spanks were much hard than before, and faster and made her cry out louder and jerk on my lap as she received them.

“No what Katie” I replied.

“No Sir, Steve has never fucked me up the bum” Katie gasped out.

I went back to touching her arsehole with my finger tip. I used my other hand to spread her cheeks a little apart.

“As I expected” I said to her. “Well Katie, not on this visit, but if you do come to see me again after today, you will have MY cock up your bottom and you had better get used to it Katie as I will be fucking you up the bum quite often. Do you understand young lady?” I pushed the tip of my finger just inside her arsehole as I said this. She squirmed beneath my probing finger.

“Yes Sir, I understand” she replied. “If I come back again you will put your cock up my bum, and you will expect to fuck me up the bum quite often”.

“Precisely Katie, good girl” I said.

I removed my finger tip from her bum and taking a firm hold of her hips with my left hand I started to spank her again, this time in earnest. A little harder and quicker than previous but still with a steady pace, not too hard or fast for her first time. Katie accepted the first dozen or so spanks stoically but as I continued she started to wriggle and gasp at each strike. By the end of the next dozen she was wriggling like mad and crying out a little with each spank. He legs were no longer open, she had clamped them shut in discomfort.

“Owwwwwww, ohhhhhh, arrrghhhhhh” Katie cried out as I continued to spank her.

“Open your legs Katie” I instructed her as I continued to spank her now red bottom.

She opened her legs as I continued. After a short while her legs were kicking madly, her hips and bottom wiggling deliciously and she was openly crying out now. I slowed the pace a little but kept spanking her constantly moving bottom. She started to sob and try to pull away. Using my left hand I held her hips firmly in place as I continued to spank the little 16 year olds naked bottom.

As I continued her crying and kicking and wriggling intensified. I kept a close watch on her, looking for signs of her approaching her limit – I didn’t want her to have to use a safe word the first time she was spanked. She needed to know I could determine her limits, if it looked like I couldn’t it would destroy any trust I was working to build up between us.

She was openly crying now, her hands were trying to cover her bottom and I had to use my forearm to hold them back while my left hand remained on her hip. She was crying out “Please Sir, my bottom is sooo sore Sir… It hurts so much Sir… Pleaseeeeeee…. pleaasseeeeee”.

After only a couple more smacks she started tensing up more and grunting more than crying out with each strike. This was the sign I had been watching for. I slowed and reduced the force considerably before stopping and going back to gently stroking her now burning fiercely red bottom.

“Mmmmm, good girl Katie. Good girl” I assured her, softly stroking her bottom. I could tell by the whimpers even that was painful for her. “You did VERY well Katie, especially considering this is the first time you’ve been over a man’s knee”. My cock was rock hard at this point, she must have been able to feel it beneath her, pressing up into her.

As she lay there limp and sobbing over my lap I started to stroke the crack of her bum and moved my fingers down to her pussy. I gently pushed her right leg and felt her open them wider. I started running my fingers up and down her slit, each time I came to her clit I circled it and rubbed over the top of it as I dragged my fingers back up her sopping little slit. She was moaning loudly now and wriggling her hips again madly, but this time due to a very different cause and feeling. I knew she would cum quickly. After a few more strokes I stopped moving up and down her slit and concentrated on her hard little clit. Katie moaned…

“Mmmmmmmm, oooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…. awwwwwwwmmmmmm, oh my God, oh my God, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna….. aaaaarrrrgghhhhhhh” she literally screamed. She was wriggling like mad now, it was all I could do to hold her on my lap.

“Keep your legs open” I demanded when I noticed them beginning to close together. Katie immediately pushed her legs apart again as her orgasm continued.

“Aaaarrggghhhhh, owwwwwwwwwww” her breath was coming in gagged gasps now as he cries and moans abated and her wriggling and kicking slowed. She now lay limp and totally exhausted over my knee, moaning softly as her orgasm faded. I moved my fingers back up her little slit, causing her to shudder slightly and went back to gently stroking her bottom.

I let her lie there for a while, recovering.

“Oh my God” she said after a while, her voice a little shaky. “I’ve cum lots of times before but never like THAT Sir. That was amazing, that was sooooooo GOOD, sooooo NICE sir” she said, still laying prone over me knee.

“You deserved it Katie” I said, smiling. “You have been a very good girl and took your first ever spanking very well – I was proud of you!! You deserved to cum so hard afterwards. Are you going to continue to be a good girl Katie?” I asked.

“Yes Sir, of course Sir” Katie replied.

“Good, stand up Katie, back where you were before”.

Katie stood up, her legs obviously shaky. She went back to where she had been previously, and without my prompting she put her hands on her head, elbows pulled back thrusting her breast towards me.

“Turn slowly around Katie”. She turned, showing me her bottom. It was very red, and looked like it might bruise a little in some areas – expected of course as she had never been spanked before. She turned back to face me at my prompting.

“Now Katie, it is time for you to please me” I said.

“Yes Sir” she said, smiling.

I took a pillow from the sofa and put it down in front of her.

“Kneel down on the pillow” I instructed her. “Hands behind your back”.

She knelt down, looking at the floor and I positioned myself to stand in front of her, my crotch immediately in front of her face.

“Now Katie, look up at me” she raised her eyes to meet mine “I expect you to suck me off AND you will swallow what I shoot into your mouth. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Sir, I will suck you off and swallow your cum Sir”.

“Can you deep throat Katie” I asked.

“Errrrm, no Sir” she said, her eyes glancing down but immediately coming back up to meet mine.

“That’s OK Katie. You can learn how to do that. Now, you have not yet earned the privilege of touching my cock with your hands, so you will undo my tousers and pull them down to my ankles an off. You will then pull my underwear down and remove it, taking care to lift the top over the head of my cock but at no time are you to touch or feel my cock through my trousers, underwear or when it is released. Do you understand me Katie?”

“Yes Sir” Katie replied, cheeks burning again as she realised she was soon to be seeing my cock for the first time before she was expected to suck me off.

“Once my trousers and underwear are off you will put your hands behind your back again and look at me cock but do nothing more than look. OK, go ahead Katie”.

Katie reached out with trembling fingers and undid my belt. She then undid the button and pulled down my zip. Grasping the waste band of my trousers Katie pulled them away from my hips and down my legs until they were at my ankles. I say he glance up at my underwear covered cock before she looked back down and took my trousers fully off as I stepped out of each leg.

“Fold them and put them on the sofa Katie, but do NOT stand up, remain on your knees” I instructed.

Katie folded my trousers and waddled around me to the sofa on her knees, making her boobs bounce and jiggle as she moved. She came back over to kneel before me on the cushion.

Katie looked at my crotch, my boxers pushed out by my hard straining cock. Slowly reaching up again, fingers still trembling Kate grasped the waist band of my boxer shorts and pulled them away from my stomach and out beyond the head of my cock. She pulled them down past my cock, being careful not to touch my cock with her hand as she did so. Her eyes were glued to my rock hard throbbing cock just inches from her face. She pulled my boxers off with me stepping out of them – her eyes never leaving my cock. Without my telling her she folded my boxers and walked on her knees to the sofa where she placed them on top of my trousers. She then waddled back over to kneel back in front of me, my cock again inches from her face. She clasped her hands behind her back and looked up expectantly at me, her big brown eyes wide and excited.

My cock is about 7 inches long, and while not hugely wide it has a fair girth to it. I keep my dark pubic hair neatly trimmed but I remove the hair from my balls.

Katie sat there, staring at my hard cock, knowing it would soon be inside her, first her mouth and then her pussy. Katie also knew it was going to go up her bum when she came back again. She struggled to imagine how it would fit up there but couldn’t wait to find out. She was so excited to start playing with Mr Wilson and make him cum.

“Besides your boyfriends, have you ever seen another man’s cock Katie?” I inquired.

“No Sir, not really. In pictures and in films of course, but never in real life Sir” Katie responded.

“Would you like to lick and suck it Katie?” I asked.

“Yes please Sir” Katie replied.

“Ask me nicely Katie. Ask me to allow you to lick and suck my cock”.

“Please Sir, please may I lick and suck your hard cock?” Katie begged.

“Yes Katie, as you asked so nicely you may kiss and lick it. But don’t put it into your mouth until I tell you”.

Katie’s eyes dropped from mine back to me cock as she leaned forwards and gently kissed the head of my cock. At the first feel of her lips I shuddered slightly, it was all I could do from grabbing her head and forcing me cock between her lips and down her throat. That would come late I thought….

Kate reached out her tongue and licked the underside of the head of my cock. She then lowered her head and with the full width of her tongue licked from the back of my cock all the way to the top. She did that a few times, each time she applied too much pressure my cock moved and she would have to change angle to keep kissing and licking it. Each time she licked the head I could tell she wanted desperately to take it into her mouth, but wouldn’t dare until I told her.

“Don’t forget to lick my balls as well Katie”.

Katie bent her head down and reaching out her tongue started to lick my balls. I spread my legs wider to give her better access. From this position I was looking down on her upturned face between my legs as she lapped at my ball sack and ran her tongue up around and over my cock. I imagined how she would react if I suddenly shot my load all over her un – expecting face. I smiled at the thought of her jerking as she felt my hot cum hitting her nose, cheeks and eyes. Staying where she was to take the full load. Another time I though, still smiling.

After a few minutes I said “Now Katie, keeping your eyes looking up at me and take my cock into your mouth and hold it there. Do not suck it, just hold it in your mouth Katie”. I reached down and grasping my cock I held it horizontally so Katie could look up at me as she took it into her mouth.

Katie slide her tongue along the shaft of my cock, looking straight up at me. When she reached my knob she slowly wrapped her lips around it and pushed about 2 inches of my throbbing cock into her mouth before stopping. I could feel her lips wrapped tightly around my shaft and the hot wetness of her mouth engulfing my cock. I could feel her tongue on the underside, moving slightly. Her eyes remained locked on mine.

“Good girl” I said. “Now, don’t move, but start sucking Katie”.

Katie started to suck gently on my cock. Not moving her head at all. As I stood looking at her she increased the pressure of her sucking mouth. I moaned out loud and her eyes sparkled as I did, she was enjoying giving me pleasure like that.

“Good girl Katie. Now, keeping your hands behind your back you will suck me off. I’ll give you a warning when I am about to cum so you don’t have too much of my cock in your mouth when I do. I expect you to swallow every drop. Keep my cock in your mouth Katie and tell me you understand?”

“Mmmm, I unmmmmssddd” Katie mumbled, her mouth full of my cock.

She lowered her eyes and started sucking me in earnest. I could tell she didn’t have much experience and she couldn’t take much of my cock in her mouth before she gagged, but what she lacked in experience she made up for in enthusiasm. I stood there watching her head bob back and forwards on my hard cock, feeling her tongue licking the underside and her sucking mouth eagerly pulling me in. I started to think of other things so as not to cum too quickly in this little ladies mouth. After a while I could feel the burn in my balls start. I reached out and took her head in my hands, one hand on either side. I started to move my hips back and forth, fucking her hot little mouth.

“That’s it Katie, suck my cock. I’m going to fill your sexy little mouth with cum young lady” I said to her.

“Mmmmffffff” she mumbled something, struggling a little as the head of my cock kept bumping into the back of her throat.

I felt myself getting close and increased the pressure on her head as I fucked her hot little mouth, increasing the tempo slightly.

“I’m going to cum Katie, I’m going to cum in your mouth” I advised her, holding her head tight and steady, my cock now shallower in me her little mouth, her lips still wrapped tightly around my shaft.

“Mmmmmm………. aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh….. arrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I moaned out loudly as I came, my orgasm rocketing through my body, my hips pushing my cock a little further into Katie’s mouth, my hands squeezing her head and holding her so I didn’t push too much of my cock inside her mouth – that would come with practice. I felt spurt after spurt of cum shoot from the tip of my cock.

My cum shot out and hitting the roof of her mouth and back of her throat. It coated her tongue and filled her mouth to capacity very quickly. Grimacing she quickly swallowed just as another spurt filled her mouth again. Katie continued to swallow the cum being shot into her mouth as I held the pressure of my hands on her head steady, holding her firmly in place. I have no idea how much cum she had taken in her mouth but I knew it was a lot. It took three full swallows to get rid of it all. All throughout I’m sure Katie could hear me moaning as I came.

Letting go of her head I said to her “Stay still and keep my cock in your mouth Katie. Don’t move, but you can suck gently if you want”. She complied of course. I stood there for a further minute, my semi hard cock remaining in Katie’s mouth, her sucking very gently on it.

I stepped back and she looked up at me smiling. “Well done Katie. That was excellent for a first time”. She beamed back at me.

“Tell me, how did if feel?” I asked.

“Yes Sir, I didn’t like the taste very much Sir bit I loved the feeling of your cum shooting out and hitting the roof of my mouth and filling my mouth with cum. I loved the feeling of you squeezing my head and making me do this and swallow it all Sir. I loved hearing you moaning as you came, knowing I made you cum Sir” she beamed up at me.

“We need to work on your deep throating, but we will have plenty of time to practice that. It is some of the homework I will be setting you”. Katie looked at me quizzically, obviously confused but said nothing.

“Now Katie, I’d like a drink please. Go into the kitchen, in the fridge is some orange juice. Help yourself to some and drink it in there before bringing me a glass. Then I expect you to stand in the corner facing the wall, feet shoulder width apart” I indicated to the corner I have pointed out earlier.

“Yes Sir” Katie said as she stood up and walked through the open kitchen door. I put my boxers and trousers back on and sat down on the sofa and waited for her to return. Katie walk back into the room, completely naked and carrying a glass or Orange. She walked over and handed it to me before turning around and walking to the corner, facing the wall as instructed. Her hands were clasped behind her back.

I sat drinking my orange slowly, looking at her red bottom. She stood reasonably still, but nervously fidgeting a little. I thought back to how her face looked as she sucked my cock and I imagined how she will look when I have her beneath me, taking my hard cock up her tight little fanny.

I finished my orange and stood up, taking the glass out to the kitchen. I knew Katie would hear me leave and would wondering what would happen next. When would I come back in. I knew she would be embarrassed and a little humiliated having to stand naked in the corner, her bright red bottom fully on display.

I was already hard again remembering he hot sucking mouth engulfing my cock. Time for the next steps I thought smiling to myself. I purposefully remained in the kitchen for a few more minutes, leaving Katie standing alone in the front room. After a while I walked back into the room to see Katie hadn’t moved. Such a good girl she was. I pulled a large coffee table into the centre of the room, in front of the sofa. I knew Katie could hear me moving it but she didn’t look around. Shame I, I would have liked to have dragged her over my knee and rattled her arse again – this time for disobedience, but probably best not on her first visit I thought.

I sat down on the sofa again. “Come here Katie” I told her. Katie turned, glanced at the coffee table and walked over to stand before me again, her face flushing red again.

“Now Katie, I would like a better look at you. So I am going to have you pose again for me. I will instruct you what to do and I expect you to fully comply no matter how lewd or embarrassed you feel. At times I will touch and feek you and I expect you to hold the pose until I am finished and tell you to move. Do you understand?” I asked.

“Yes Sir, I understand” Katie replied.

For the next 30 minutes or so I had Katie in all kinds of poses. Initially just standing still while I touched her all over again. Turning round and bending over, using her hands to prise apart her buttocks so I could see her little puckered arsehole. I had her kneel on all fours on the coffee table, then push her head down still on all fours, thrusting her bum in the air. I had her lying on her back on the coffee table, legs spread wide apart while she used her fingers to spread her pussy lips before pulling her knees up to her chest. In each pose I squeezed and stroked her body, her breasts, her pussy and bum. I squeezed her nipples hard and pulled on them, eliciting gasps of mixed pain and pleasure from her. I slide my fingers inside her pussy and stroked her arsehole – never putting my fingers up her bum, that would wait for her next visit. I pulled at her pussy lips and stroked and rubbed her clit, turning her on and making her moan, but never letting her cum. My cock was rock hard throughout. I couldn’t wait much longer to fuck this little sixteen year old girl.

Katie was currently on her hands and knees again on the coffee table, looking up at me standing before her. I unzipped my trousers and reaching in pushed down my boxers a little and pulled out my rock hard cock, her eyes dropped from my face to look at my cock just in front of her. I stepped forwards and began to rub the head of my cock all over her face. Her eyes, her cheeks, her chin, I pressed the length of my cock against her face, my balls on her chin, my cock running up alongside her nose up her forehead. I pulled my hips back and pressed the head of my cock against her lips, which she immediately parted accepting my cock into her mouth. I felt her tongue lick the underside of my throbbing cock and felt her start to suck it. After a short while I started moving it in and out, fucking her mouth. After a dozen or so strokes I started to push deeper into her mouth, gradually pushing into the top of her throat. Katie started to gag on each inward thrust but she didn’t pull away or complain, she accepted my cock pushing its way into her throat like a good little girl. After a few minutes she was taking my cock in the top of her throat without gagging.

“Good girl Kaite!” I said as I stroked my cock in and out of her mouth. “Now, I am going to push my cock as dep down your throat as I can. I expect you to resist gagging for as long as you can. When you do gag too much I will pull out”.

“Mmmmppffffff” Kate mumbled, her mouth stuffed with cock.

I slowly pushed my cock further into her mouth than before, I felt the head slide into and down her throat a little. She gagged a bit but stayed still so I pushed a little further. She had about half of my cock in her mouth know and I could feel her throat closing around my cock. I held still, letting her get used to the feeling. After a few seconds she started gagging more and pulling back a little. I slowly pulled my cock out of her throat and mouth, her saliva clining to my cock as it left her lips, some dripping onto her chin.

She looked up to me, wanting to know how she did I assume.

“Well done Katie., that was an excellent and very promising start. We will need to practice that a lot more though. Very soon I expect you to be able to take my full cock in your mouth and throat, my balls on your chin. ”

“Yes Sir, I will Sir” Katie assured me.

Beneath the bookshelf near the wall where I had instructed her to stand was a double cupboard. I told Katie to stand up and wipe her mouth and face with a tissue I gave her. I instructed Katie to open the cupboard door and bring me what was in there.

Katie walked over to the cupboard and crouched down to open the door. She took out the single item inside the cupboard and brought it over to me, handing it to me as she stood before me.

“What is it Katie” I asked, holding the item she has just handed to me.

“It is a cane Sir”, a little trepidation in her voice.

“And what am I going to do with it Katie?” I pressed.

“You are going to cane me Sir” Katie replied, quietly.

“I am going to cane your naked bottom, aren’t I Katie” I pressed further.

“Yes Sir, you are going to cane my naked bottom” Katie replied, eyes lowering to the floor.

“Now Katie, as this is your first time I will only give you six strokes of the cane. Bend over and touch your toes young lady, feet shoulder width apart” I stated.

Katie’s face blanched as she bent over and touched her toes, my bottom still bright red from her earlier spanking was now pushed out ready for the cane. I walked behind her and gave her stroked her pussy lips a few times eliciting a moan from deep in her throat. She was very turned on and desperate to cum again, a perfect time for her first caning.

“I know this will be uncomfortable young lady, but this is why you are here, and you know it will please me for you to take them, and you are here to please me aren’t you Katie” as usual it was not a question.

“Yes Sir, I am here to please you” Katie replied quietly.

“I expect you to take all six strokes like a good girl. You will count out loud after each one. At the end when I tell you to stand up and face me you will thank me for caning your naughty little bottom. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I will take all six like a good girl and I will count each stoke and thank you at the end”.

I touched the cane to Katie’s bottom and rubbed it up and down, over her cheeks. Pull my hand back I delivered the first strike right on the centre of her bum across both cheeks. I took care not to hit her too hard, but still gave a firm solid stroke. Katie howled and immediately jumped up, her hands shooting to her bottom and rubbing her cheeks furiously. She was shifting her weigh from foot to foot as she rubbed her smarting bottom.

“Back into position” I said firmly. I waited.

Katie, eyes cast down to the floor slowly moved back into position. I could clearly see the red welt from the cane already rising up on her bum. I waited patiently for her to remember to count. After a short while Katie said “Ohhhh, one…. Sorry Sir”.

“Normally Katie I would redo that stroke as you forgot to count, AND as you moved and did not hold your position. If you take the remaining 5 well and count them prompted I will forget this initial lapse. Do you understand young lady?”

“Yes Sir, I understand Sir” Katie replied, standing in position.

Once again I touched the cane to her bottom and rubbed it over. Pulling back I delivered the second stroke, again Katie wailed out loud and her bottom jerked deliciously, but she held her position.

“Two” Katie said, her voice quivering.

I delivered the third stroke, Katie remained still and counted three with a shaky quivering voice. By the fifth stroke she was openly sobbing, but like the good girl she was she remaining in position and counted out five.

“The last one Katie, you’ve been very good” I assured her as I stroked the cane across her bottom. Pulling my hand back I saw her tense, her buttock clenching. As I delivered the stroke, a little harder than the rest Katie screamed out “Arrrrghhh………. Aggghhhhhh…. six Sir, six” openly crying. I reached out and stroked her bottom with my finger tips, making her wince as I touched her. I stroked my fingers down between her legs to her pussy. It was still sopping wet.

“Stand up and face me Katie” I instructed her. Katie stood and turned to face me, tears streaming down her face.

“Thank you Sir for caning my naughty little bottom” she said between sobs, eyes down cast to the floor, her chest heaving with each breath.

“Good girl Katie. Now, tell me what you would like to do next Katie?” I asked firmly.

“Sir?” Katie questioned, looking at me.

“What would you like to happen next Katie?”

“Errrmmmmm….. I errrm….. I would like, you know…. errrmmmmm” Katie stammered, eyes down, face buring even more than previous

“Katie, I asked you a question, and I expect an answer your lady” I said firmly.

Her face burned, “I would like you to fuck me Sir” Katie said in a soft hushed voice.

“What was that Katie, I didn’t hear you?”

“I would like you to fuck me please Sir” she said, a little louder.

“Very well Katie, since you asked so nicely” I replied, still in a firm voice. “Take my trousers and boxers off, but again do not touch my cock. ” I instructed her.

Katie stepped over and kneeling down removed my trousers and boxers, my hard cock springing free and almost slapping her in the face. She remained on her knees in front of me, unsure of what to do next.

I knew she wanted to be taken at this point, fucked hard and be made to submit. I reached down and roughly grabbed her hair pulling her to her feet, ignoring her gasp as I did so. Still holding her hair I maneuvered her to the coffee table.

“Kneel on the table, head down” I said firmly, I still kept one hand holding her hair tightly. She knelt down, pushing her head down on to the table, causing her hair to pull in the process as I retained my grip on her. Her knees were on the table edge so her pussy was fully accessible. I grabbed my cock with one hand and held her hair with the other. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy and paused….

“Say please”.

“Please Sir, please put your cock up my fanny” Katie begged.

I pushed my hips forwards hard, pulling back on her hair at the same time as I rammed my entire cock up the sixteen year olds pussy for the first time. I pushed my entire length up her in one go, sliding in easily despite her being so tight due to her being so wet and turned on. Due to my pulling her hair and head back and my other hand grabbing and holding her hips as soon as the tip of my cock had entered her she was bend backwards, her lower back arching. I felt her pussy lips gripping me base of my cock as my entire length felt like it was on fire inside her.

“Mmmmmmm……. aaaaaarrghhhhhhhhhhhhh…. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Katie moaned as I slide fully up her, she pushed back hard against me wiggling her hips a little when she felt me bottom out. “Oooohhhhhhhh Sir………… ohhhhhh that’s ssssooooooo gggggoooooooood”.

I held her steady for a few second, feeling her wriggling her bum against me before I slide out half way and slammed it back home again, again pulling her hair firmly towards me.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, arrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh” Katie continued to moan.

I continued to fuck her, sometimes sliding almost fully out, sometimes just a little. Despite having cum in her mouth recently I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long in this position. I remembered what she said about like it most when her boyfriend was on top of her, holding her beneath him. Some people dismiss the missionary position as dull or boring but I love the feel of a girl held firmly beneath me, legs spread wide, taking me up her at my pace, my pleasure. After a short while I pulled out of her completely, eliciting a moan of frustration from her. I still had her hair in my hand. I pulled her hair firmly, and pulled her hips with my other, moving her to a standing position.

Directing her forcefully by the hair and hips I pushed her away from the coffee table to an area of open carpet and I pulled and pushed her down on to her back on the floor. Still holding her hair I pushed my way between her legs and positioned my cock against her tight wet slit. I held myself on my elbows but lay a lot of my weight onto Katie, one hand still wrapped in her hair, the other on her shoulder, holding her firmly beneath me as I rammed my hips forwards and f****d my cock up her again in one trust. She moaned out loud, her legs wrapping around my waist as her arms tightened around my shoulders and neck. With my being 6ft 1 and Katie only being 5ft 4 she felt so small and delicate beneath me.

“You’re going to take my cock young lady” I said as I pulled her head back forcing her face to look up at me as I thrust in and out of her. I continued to hold her firmly beneath me as I fucked her as hard as I could, ramming my cock in and out of her tight little cunt feeling her sixteen year old body jerk and jump with the impact of each thrust up her. I could feel her hips thrusting up to meet me as her legs and arms squeezed me hard. I held firmly onto her shoulder, pulling me down to meet each of my upwards thrusts. I also kept tight grip on her hair, holding her head back ensuring her eyes were looking at me. After a short while I felt her whole body begin to shake.

“Oh god oh god oh god” she cried “ ohhhhhhhh…. aaaarrghhhhhh…. fuck me Mr Wilson FUCK ME…. I’m gonna CUM MR WILSON, I’M GONNA CUM SIR I’M GONNA CUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMM AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH” her body heaved and thrashed beneath me, her arms and legs squeezing me tightly as her orgasm swept over her. I looked straight into her eyes as she came, her eyes were wide and glazed over – staring straight at my face, her face a picture of ecstasy with her mouth open moaning and screaming as she lost control. It is a good job I have a detached house, or my neighbours might be banging on the door.

I was doing what I could to hold off on my own orgasm, as I kept fucking her she kept cumming and cumming and cumming, heaving and straining against me, thrashing about widely beneath but not moving out from under me as I held he lithe body firmly beneath mine. I knew I couldn’t last much longer, seeing and hearing this sixteen year old girl cum so hard beneath me was pushing me over the edge. I felt my balls start to burn and contract as my cock engorged and looking down as Katie’s still ecstatic face I cried out…

“Here it comes young lady” and I released my spunk inside her moaning loudly as I came. This set Katie off cumming again and she squeezed me hard, her arms, legs and her pussy gripping me, she thrust her hips madly against me writhing beneath me, our now sweaty bodies slipping and moving together. I roared as I rammed my cock as deeply as I could up her cunt and held it there as my orgasm subsides. Katie also began to calm beneath me.

I relaxed, letting more of my weigh fall onto the prone girl beneath me, pinned her down harder, my cock still deep inside her. My forehead was on the carpet next to hers, I let go of her hair and took hold of her shoulder, one now in each hand. I could hear her breathing heavily.

“Ohhhhhh, mmmmmm, ohhhhhh Mr Wilson that was unbelievable. Oh my God, oh my God. I’ve never been fucked like that before. I’ve never cum that hard or that many times before. Oh Sir, thank you Sir, thank you” Katie gasped between breaths, he body still twitching beneath me, her pussy still intermittently squeezing my softening cock.

We stayed like that for a few minutes before the heat of our bodies became uncomfortable. I lifted off her, my now flaccid cock falling from her pussy. I knelt up and looked down at her. She was soaked with sweat and her pussy, still engorged with b***d and lay open before me.

I stood up, her eyes flitting from my face to me cock. “Now Katie” I said, “when you were in the kitchen did you notice a door on the far side?” I asked her.

“Yes Sir” she said, still lying prone on the carpet.

“Good. That is the door to the down stairs bathroom. Please go there and get cleaned up. Take a shower and wash your hair. There is a new tooth brush in there for you. Take whatever time you need. Once done, I expect you to come back out and return to your corner. Understood?”

“Yes Sir” Katie replied.

She almost fell over when she tried to stand, her legs giving way the first time. She tried a little slower and managed to stand, albeit shakily. She walked slowly out of the room and I heard her go into the down stairs bathroom. I would shower and change later so I simply got dressed, moved the coffee table back and sat waiting for her.

After about 20 minutes I heard the bathroom door open and Katie walked into the front room, without looking at me she walked over to the corner and stood, feet shoulder width apart, hands clasped behind her back looking at the wall. She had washed and dried her hair, putting it back into a pony tail. Her face looked fresh but still a little red around the eyes from where she had been crying. Her bottom was still very red with six individual welts crossing both cheeks. She would feel that sitting down for a few days I thought to myself smiling.

I stood and went into the kitchen, mooching about for a few minutes, letting her stand naked in the front room, waiting for my return. I took some salve out of a draw and went back into the front room, sitting back down.

“Come here Katie, back over my knee” I said sternly.

Katie turned around and slowly walked over to me, she looked a little scared and like she wanted to object. I knew her bum must be really sore at this point and I knew she would be worried about being spanked again, that was part of the reason I called her back over, to see if she would comply.

Her bottom lip quivered a little like she might start to cry, but she obediently lay down over my lap, moving herself into position with her legs apart and her hands clasped behind her back. I grasped her hip with one hand and used the other to stroke her red and obviously very sore bottom.

“Good girl” I said soothingly as I stroked her behind. I reached out and opened the slave, grasping her hip again with one hand I used the other to start to spread the salve over her ravaged bum. I felt her relax as soon as I started and she realised she was not going to be spanked again. Rubbing the balm all over her bum I spoke to her. ”

“This should help sooth the burn and bruises a little. Don’t expect to get this every time though”.

“No Sir, thank you Sir” Katie replied.

“So Katie, how will you hide your red bottom from your boyfriend?” I asked.

“It won’t be difficult Sir, he almost never sees my bum anyway, he just wants his cock in me” she said.

I smiled as I finished, “Ok Katie, stand up please”. Katie got off my lap and stood back in front of me. I looked her up and down, God she has such an amazing figure.

“I hope our time together was as you hoped it would be Katie” I said.

“Oh yes Sir, it was amazing Sir. Sooooo much better than I imagined. I can’t believe how good it all was Sir” Katie gushed, blushing again.

“I’m glad Katie. I also very much enjoyed our time together. You were a very good obedient girl. I’d be very happy for you to visit me again in this same capacity” I graciously offered.

“Yes Sir, I would love that. Thank you Sir” Katie beamed.

“And what will happen next time you come here Katie?” I asked, to see if she remembered.

“I will strip at the door Sir and come in and stand in the corner” she replied.

“Anything else specific we’ve discussed that will happen if you come again?” I pressed

She stood and though for a moment, then her face flushing she replied “You will put your cock up my bum Sir” she said, eyes down cast again.

“Good girl. Now, take this” I handed her a long thin box. She took it, looking questioningly.

“Open it Katie” I said. She opened the box, eyes widening as she pulled out a 7 inch fairly wide dildo.

“Now Katie, you will take that home. I don’t want you using it on your pussy or bum, I expect you to use it to practice deep throating. When you come back you can show me how much progress you’ve made. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir, I understand”.

“Good girl. Now, you may go and get dressed and head back to see your friend Katie. I expect to see you back here on Saturday next weekend, at the same time, 2:00. If we do bump into each other mid – week, please remember to continue our interactions in the same way as we did before today. No more, no less. ”

“Yes Sir, thank you” she smiled as she turned her naked body away and walked into the hall, her still red bottom wiggling as she walked. I heard her dress and the door open and close as she left.

Mmmmmm, a very promising start I though as I headed upstairs for a bath and clean clothes.