Stepson fantasies – The trio

For Steve and Dana, the rest of the drive back home from the pool hall was made in silence. Steve was busted by Dana for having compromising photos on his phone of Peggy from the basketball court. Dana did not say that she was shocked to see her mother in such a situation, but she was a bit surprised she would let anyone photograph her while she was sucking those boy’s dicks. It made Dana realize that her mom was more adventurous than she thought.

Steve and Dana arrived back home much earlier than if they had gone to a movie. They didn’t want to make a scene, so they quietly re-entered the house. They were so quiet that they could hear wild grunting and groaning coming from their parent’s bedroom. Dana grinned, and then snuck over to their door to listen. She heard Peggy say something like “stick your finger in my ass”. Peggy waved for Steve to come listen too. Steve stood there and listened as they could hear Peggy growl out the order to “stick more fingers in me!”. Then they heard a lot more grunting, groaning and bed spring noises. Sounded like a lot more than just two people in their bedroom. Dana suddenly wondered if there could be more than just Mom and her stepdad in there, fucking.

Both kids were amused, and a bit turned on by the pornographic movie sounds coming out of that bedroom. Standing closely together, listening to the incredible fucking going on was making both kids sexually aroused. Steve was a bit jealous that his dad was apparently getting to ass fuck Peggy. He wanted to try that too. Dana was still a bit worked up from dancing on the pool table. Being “forced” to dance and take off her clothes was quite a turn-on for her, she discovered. She had no idea she had a bit of exhibitionist in her.

Dana touched Steve lightly on the shoulder. When he turned around, she gave him a kiss. She whispered “Thank you for rescuing me tonight. Those nasty guys might have raped me if you and Joey had not gotten me out of there. You deserve a reward”. She grabbed his hand and quietly led him to her bedroom on the other side of the house.

She closed the bedroom door behind her after the two entered. Dana told him to sit on the bed. She wanted to finish her dance for him. Steve took the hint and got his phone to play more stripper music but this time with the volume way down. Dana sped up her performance by quickly jettisoning her shorts and blouse since Steve had already seen her in just bra and panties. She continued her seductive dance and reached behind and popped open the clasp of her bra. She had incredibly large breasts for a girl her age. She had really developed quickly. Her nipples were the size of silver dollars and stood out like pencil erasers. Dana was so turned on by dancing for Steve that her nipples tingled.

The next song came on, and it was a good one. The perfect song for a girl to take off her panties and expose her bare cunt to a boy. She was glad she was freshly shaved, even though she really did not have much pubic hair anyway. Blonde headed girls don’t seem to have much pussy hair. But she shaved it all. She dared to be bare, as they said in her gym class. Steve was focused intently on Dana as he watched her slowly gyrate and move to the beat of the music. It was mesmerizing to see her sway back and forth with her pendulous breasts on display. She tugged at her panties and drew them up tight against her snatch, revealing the outline of her pussy lips to him. She could feel her cunt get that familiar wetness that she enjoyed when she masturbated

She toyed with her panties. Pulling them to the side, then up, and then gently pulled them down completely. She carefully stepped out of them and tossed them to Steve. He was too intent on watching her to even react as the panties hit him in the face. She then danced forward to him and grabbed his head and pulled his face in between her luscious breasts. They were warm and soft against his cheeks. He automatically reached up with both hands and squeezed her tits and mashed them against his face. His mouth began kissing the tender skin on one breast, then the other. Her nipples were swollen and sensitive as they were inadvertently rubbed against his face. She nearly came just from the sensations.

Dana pulled back and told him to strip. She was not going to be the only one in the room that was naked. She wanted to see his dick. In no time he was, and she pushed him on his back on to the mattress. Dana straddled his face and shoved her wet cunt on to his mouth. His tongue immediately probed her wet slit. She grabbed the headboard and began hunching Steve’s face at a frantic pace. In no time, she reached her peak and climaxed all over Steve. Her squirt covered his face and neck.

Just then, the music on Steve’s phone stopped as a call was coming thru. Steve wanted to ignore it, but Dana saw that it was Joey, calling. She reached down and answered it as she continued to straddle Steve’s face. Joey had pulled up outside the house and wanted to come in. Since he was half of the rescue team, she told him to come to the back door. She was still naked as she slipped out the house and found Joey in the yard. He was shocked to see that see was buck naked. She did not say a word, just walked up to him and gave him a deep, slow kiss. “That’s for being my hero, she said, “And if you come inside, I will thank you even better”.

Joey had no idea what was going on, but dutifully followed his naked friend inside. When he got to her bedroom, and found a naked Steve laying on the bed, he was dumbfounded. “What the hell? Are you guys fucking?” Dana turned to him and said, “yes, now get your clothes off”. He did not have to be told twice.

Dana bent over and began sucking Steve’s dick as he lay prone on the bed. Joey did not wait for an invite, he just stepped up behind her and eased his rigid dick inside her wet cunt as she leaned over Steve. Joey grabbed her hips and worked himself in and out of her tight young twat. Her juices sloshed out of her hole as Joey filled her. He was quite large and stretched her to the max. For Joey, it had only been a few weeks since had gotten a hand job and later a blow job from Dana’s mom. Now he was fucking her daughter! Unbelievable. What a family! He kept on pumping away in her snatch.

Dana abruptly stopped giving Steve a blowjob. She told them to switch places. Now Steve was behind her and Joey was on his back getting a glorious blow job from her. Steve shoved his erection into her cunt. It was not as tight as he had anticipated but then remembered that Joey’s dick was huge and had stretched her out. Dana tasted her own juices on Joey’s dick as she slobbered all over his lovely prick. She was in heaven. Nothing like getting spit roasted by friends!

There was one last position that Dana was dying to try. She crawled up on Joey’s crotch and impaled herself on his massive prick. Her young cunt was filled to the max. She then had Steve get behind her. She wanted him in her ass. Steve, always the gentleman, did as she begged and eased into her asshole. Now the three were fucking in unison, like a well-oiled machine. The body heat coming off the trio was incredible. The noises they made were uncontrollable. The feeling of fullness pushed Dana over the edge, and she climaxed first. Steve erupted into her ass next and then, right on cue, Joey blew his load into her cunt.

They stayed locked together in a sweaty passionate bundle until Dana broke the silence by asking Steve to get off. Then she popped off Joey. She felt the combined juices of all three of them leaking from her satisfied holes. The trio collapsed together in an exhausted heap on the bed. How sex could get any better than that, Dana could not imagine. The boys looked at each other and smiled with satisfied grins about what they had just done. Going to the movies had never been so entertaining.