Stud R**e

The day started out as it usually does. I rolled out of
bed, showered, drank a cup of coffee and off to work I
went. Although my job is boring, I felt secretly
excited. Under my no-nonsense business suit, bunned hair
and slight frown, lurked a sensual woman clad in sexy
underthings. Shivers went through me at the feel of silk
on my skin throughout the day.

Driving home, I reflected on the men at work. I’d dated
and bedded more than a few of them with the same
results. Being a high-powered female executive with the
power to hire and fire seemed to always get in the way
of relationships. Most of the men I finally did go out
with were just as stuffy in bed as out.

The workday was finally over and after the usual hour
long commute I was home. Opening the door I wished for
a little excitement, a small adventure.

Deciding on a bath, I was heading for the bedroom when
a hand closed over my mouth. Instantly my adrenaline
soared and I felt more afraid than I ever had. I
struggled against my attacker until I felt the cold
steel against my throat. It was at his whispered threat
that I fainted.

I don’t know how long it was before I woke. I opened my
eyes to a blindfold and when I tried to sit I realized
that I was tied spread-eagle with pillows under my butt
and my pussy arching upwards. I was trying to free
myself when I heard footsteps approaching and lay back
very still. As he sat next to me and placed a hand upon
my stomach, I jumped. My sudden jerk belied my conscious
state and I heard him whisper, “This will be warm,

I felt the oil being slowly poured over my breasts then
down towards and finally on my pussy. His hands were
slowly massaging the oil into my skin. His breath was
warm on my nipple just before his lips covered first one
then the other, rolling them in his mouth and caressing
them with his tongue until, I realized they were
standing erect.

His hands were roving my body as my mind whirled in a
confusion of thoughts. Who was this man? Was this a
r**e? How could I free myself? I heard his whispers of
things to come. I felt his tongue following where his
hands had gone. He was licking my thighs moving slowly
towards my private parts. My pussy. I tried in vain to
close my legs but I was tied in place.

His mouth was gently sucking my outer lips as his
fingers softly parted me. When I was opened to him and
there was nothing I could do about it. There was a pause
in his movements as though he was waiting for my
consent. Just as I admitted how much I craved for him to
continue his tongue slid up my inner folds and he sucked
my clit into his mouth and tongued it. The sensation was
delicious. His finger slid deep into my hole, pulling in
and out as his lips and tongue stroked my pussy. My back
arched and my orgasm came rushing on me, when he stopped
and left the bed. I felt the bonds come free and my
hands rushed to my face when I heard him whisper, “If
you remove it, you’ll have to die.”

I felt sudden terror, but as his lips again encircled
and gently sucked my nipples my already primed body
sought the denied orgasm. He positioned himself between
my legs and I felt his stiff cock pressing into me. My
legs went up around his back as he entered me and my
arms wound around his neck to pull him closer as our
rhythms began to match.

Ordinarily I would have been revolted by this vial
intrusion of my body, and frightened by the diseases
that I might catch. But for some reason the fact that I
was at his mercy, and could do nothing to stop this, I
just went with it and my arousal climbed to before
unknown heights.

Harder and harder we slammed into each other. My moans
became screams as my mind and body exploded with an
orgasm so intense that I was once again rendered
temporarily unconscious.

I woke to find myself warm under the sheets with oil
slicked skin and quite alone. If not for the pleasant
ache between my legs I would have thought it a dream.

Several days passed before he returned to fulfill my
secret longings again and we continued this way until
four months had passed and he said, “Tonight you can
remove the blindfold before I leave. I think it’s time
we met.” I was suddenly very afraid. The past months had
turned my fears into wild abandon, my fantasies into
reality and my delight was complete.

When I removed the blindfold I saw that it was the guy
from work, the one that worked in the mailroom.
Apparently he had watched my encounters and
disappointments over the years and kept track of my

For some reason it didn’t matter that he was a low paid
hourly employee with no real future on the job. So what
if he made less than my monthly expenses. He was a stud
in bed, and I craved him, and I always get what I want
in the end.

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