My Schizoid Lover

My name is Sassy Masterson and up until recently I was a psychiatrist and head of department for the National Mental Health Organization. My main job was adminis- trative but I always had a few projects running to keep the little gray cells pliant. Actually one of those projects is the subject of my story

Consenting Adults

It was crazy. Sure, he’d had a lech for Marilyn Ralston for a long time, but he’d never seriously contemplated doing anything about it. She and her husband lived in the same building as he and Laura, and they saw each other for drinks occasionally. So you get the hots for a neighbor, maybe in

Wife Rape – Porn Shorts

My wife has been in Seattle for the past week, at a conference. One of my fantasies has been for her to get sexually involved with someone at an out of town conference. I’ve told her about this fantasy on a few occasions while we were screwing. It was always a great turn on for