Taiwan Babe

I was taking a CS class and got to know this cute girl from
Taiwan. She was quite petite, about 4’11” and 78 lbs with a sweet
almost cartoony voice which when combined with her accented
English I found irresistibly alluring. She attended a different
lecture but we’d see each other in lab, and I got to know her
through a mutual friend.

One Friday evening, I was working in lab and I invited her to work
on the assignment together. We were the only ones there, and as it
got late we become distractions to one another. She was sitting
very close next to me and I thought, the hell with it, and lifted
her up onto my lap. This broke considerable ice. The obvious
attraction was made explicit, and with the tension eased, we
relaxed and wondered what next as we kissed and continued to make
a token effort with the school work before us. Finally at well
past midnight we packed our things up and I drove her home, a
couple miles away. My commute was much more distant, and so after
she invited me in, it became clear that I should spend the night.

She had her own room on the first floor of a house, sharing a
kitchen, bathroom, and living area with one or two other Oriental
girls. We quietly stepped to her room and put our stuff down. We
lay down on her bed; she on her back with her eyes closed. As I
began to gently touch her and feel under her top, I noticed she
did not protest or even open her eyes. This emboldened me and I
began to undress her. I pulled the oversized sweatshirt she was
wearing over her head, exposing the small lightweight white bra
that supported her cute little breasts. The excitement this
brought me caused me to rush some, as I quickly took off her shoes
and socks and for a moment held her foot, which was entirely
contained between the finger tips and heal of my hand.

After resting her foot, I undid her jeans and she began to softly
moan. As I pulled them off she gently writhed, all the while never
opening her eyes, and I thought, yeah, her motion is helping but
she acts more like an animal in heat than someone offering
practical assistance. I savored the moment and perhaps teased her
as I just stopped and looked at what lay before me. She had such
perfect form. Her skin just a light brown and flawlessly smooth. I
quickly took off my clothes and returned to her.

Her bra was quite brief. The straps were single half inch strips
and the cups were, well, cup sized. It opened in front, and as I
unhooked the cups she arched her back and moaned further. Her
small mounds fit within my palms and I gently pulled and twisted
her dark erect nipples which only elicited a louder response.

All that clothed her now were her equally modest panties. Pressing
my fingers against the panty crease caused by her vulva only
soaked the area and I teasingly admonished her for wetting
herself. Slipping off this final garment revealed her glistening
pussy. Though she was past twenty it still had a prepubescent
tightness to it, with the top of the otherwise smooth lips
interrupted by an at most plum sized patch of fine dark straight
hair. Had I tweezers with me, I would have plucked out these few
dozen offending hairs making her skin entirely smooth. Though she
seemed to be trying to play passive and modest, at the same time
she was very responsive in an almost uncontrolled or involuntary
way. I’d press a finger between her lips and she’d open in legs
and arch reflexively.

I had enough dancing around the edges. I dove in. I used my thumbs
to spread and push back her labias and exposed her succulent erect
clit. Licking up to and around it, I settled in, sucking tightly,
while a finger probed deeper. She had a light sweet taste which I
enjoyed all the more as my mouth filled with her juice.

Her ass began to shake as her pussy convulsed in orgasm. I held
her small body steady and remained firmly attached as I rode her
through successive waves, punctuated by her now loud and abrupt
moans and yelps. I was determined not only to please her to
exhaustion but provide as lubricated and swollen a track for my
long impatient stiff cock. Finally I stopped and pulled her sweaty
but sweet scented body toward my tool, and kneeling before her
wide pussy proceeded to guide my cock through the small but now
supple opening. Her virginal state notwithstanding, I managed past
her intact hymen with minimal complaint, her total orgasmic
pleasure both anesthetizing the pain and allowing it stretch to
maximum. Once in, I thrusted fully and began to pump her deeply. I
was now fully on top of her, my upper body resting on my elbows so
as not to smoother her, my hands fondling her little tits, playing
with one nipple as I sucked the other. Just before I came, I
wrapped my arms around her and pulled her on top of me, her head
around my neck and my hands pressing her cute ass against my
thrusting pelvis. I managed to hold my load until I felt gripped
by the contractions of her final orgasm and let her spasms milk my
driving cock, sending exploding spurts of sperm deep within her.
Myself finally spent, we continued to lay like that, still
attached, in exhausted ecstasy, as our open lips kissed and we
drifted off to sleep.