Teaching Swapping 1.

The warm spring had finally come to Winter Garden, Florida.
The light overland breeze from the nearby Gulf of Mexico no longer
held that slightly chill dampness of a week ago, and the southern
sun hanging low in the west was like a molten gold coin in the
perfect unbroken blue of the sky. Everybody was soaking up the
sun, starting their first tan of the year with the still gentle
rays — another week and it would be so scorching hot here by the
pool the skin would blister and peel, but now it would slowly
foster a bronze, bum-proof skin good for the rest of the summer.
At the semi-exclusive Teachers’ Country Club, the fine
weather had brought out the members in droves. The swimming pool
glistened blue-green beneath the gracefully dipping palm trees,
and the bolder teachers had come with their swim suits prepared to
take advantage of the inviting, freshly cleaned pool.
Lying side by side at the edge of the sparkling clear water,
two attractive wives so much alike they could be twins were
exposing as much of themselves to the sun as they could in public.
They lay as though asleep or dead, only the slow rise and fall of
the smooth tautness of their bellies attesting to the fact that
they were very much alive.
Watching the two blondes sunning themselves, Fred Furness
wondered for the hundredth time why the one who was Tommy
Singleton’s wife, Linda, turned him on so much. Sure, she had
long, sleekly tapering legs that flared out from her wide inviting
hips into shapely thighs and calves. But so did his own wife
Grace Iying beside her. True, she had firmly pointed breasts out
to here, but they were no better than Grace’s. Fred couldn’t deny
that Linda Singleton had lusciously rounded ass-cheeks, almost
completely visible under the scanty bikini when she walked, but
Grace would not suffer from comparison.
Then, why, he asked himself again, why did Tommy’s wife
interest him so much he could hardly take his eyes off her young
body whenever they were together? Fred Furness looked back and
forth from his wife to his friend’s wife over and over, at the
same time reminding himself that he had absolutely no complaints
about his own wife as a woman h bed. She was more than enough for
any man, even one as naturally horny as he himself had always
Suddenly, he thought he had the answer to his own question.
Maybe it was because Linda Singleton thought she was above it
all. She was so aloof in her manner that it somehow bugged Fred
Furness. It was as though she knew his mind was obsessed by sex
and passion, and to her that made him dirty, beneath contempt.
She never seemed to vie with the other women for the attentions of
men, no matter on how innocent a level it was conducted. Most of
the wives occasionally flirted with husbands not their own, even
the women who would never dream of being unfaithful and going to
bed with another man. But Linda had had a very puritanical
upbringing. She thought that that kind of thing with any man
except her own husband was an unforgivable transgression against
her marriage vows. In other words, he thought, she was what he
called a goody-goody girl, and such people always presented a
challenge to him he could not ignore.
It was true, he reflected, that the Singletons had been
married only a few weeks, and maybe her attitude was
understandable. But Furness and Tommy Singleton had been
colleagues as high school coaches for a long time, and he had
known his friend’s new bride Linda almost as long as her husband.
They had been dating each other for over a year before finally
getting married, and from Tommy’s stories, as well as from his own
personal observations, Fred had sized up her prudishness. He had
even warned Tommy in private that such a woman might prove to be a
problem after they were married. Naturally, Tommy could only
think of the delights her body promised him, and Linda had had
enough instinctive femininity to let Tommy get tantalizingly close
from time to time, always putting off the moment of truth until
after the wedding. The old carrot-in-front-of-the-horse game,
Fred mused sarcastically.
As he watched from his rattan chair near the poolside where
he and Tommy Singleton had been having a drink, the two wives
walked past him toward the low diving board. They were going to
cool themselves in the water again after fifteen minutes in the
hot, slow-broiling sun. Fred Furness deliberately let Linda
Singleton catch him staring lasciviously at her swinging loins
barely covered by the brief white bikini. When she walked, she
inadvertently swayed her hips in an enticing manner that some
women had to practice for years. Her blue eyes opened wide at his
undisguised interest, and he playfully winked at her, making the
action obscenely suggestive enough to make her blush. She jerked
her head disdainfully, turning her eyes away from his and forming
a little pout of disgust with her full lips that had a damp
sparkle to them.
He decided then and there that he would find a way to get
into her prissy little panties, and soon. He would teach her to
treat his natural impulses as though they were crude and coarse.
The self-satisfied little bitch, he growled softly to himself as
he made a f****d smile for his wife’s benefit. He could see that
Grace had noticed what had happened and sensed what his reaction
would be. Thank God, he thought, that Grace felt about these
matters just as he did. In the past she had even helped him to
make out with other women, and he had never hesitated to let her
have a little fun on the side either. They had found after the
first five years of their marriage that an occasional taste of
“strange,” as they called it, made what they had together even
As the wives climbed the short ladder to the diving board,
Fred glanced toward the self-service bar to see if he could spot
Tommy getting them new gin and tonics.
As her hands grasped the cool metal of the iron ladder, Linda
Singleton stole another secret look at Fred Furness, his head
turned away as if he were looking for someone. What a disgusting
man, the lovely young blonde thought. Although she knew he
couldn’t be over thirty-five at the most, he had developed a
slight paunch from inactivity, his otherwise muscular body
slightly flabby for the same reason. She could see that he must
have been a well-built, ruggedly handsome man at one time like her
husband Tommy, and she hoped that Tommy would take better care of
himself than that. Fred’s stomach was covered by coarse black
strands of hair thickening toward the waistband of his scarlet
swimming trunks, but that wouldn’t bother her if it weren’t for
the slight bulge. And the thinning hair forming a black widow’s
peak above his forehead would look distinguished if his face
beneath weren’t so vulgar with the full sensual lips and deep-set
dark eyes that always seemed to be undressing women.
She reached the top of the ladder and watched Grace ahead of
her preparing to take a dive. Still young and vivacious at
twenty-eight, it would be easy to believe it if Grace said she was
twenty-one. Her flesh was still smooth and supple, even at the
creased juncture of her upper thighs and softly rounded buttocks
where most women started showing their age very early. As Linda
watched her friend in front of her flex her calf muscles and
prepare to make a spring, she wondered how such a sweet girl could
stand kissing her animal brute of a husband, not to mention having
his rough hirsute fingers touching the tender curves of her body.
Shivering slightly as she thought of it, Linda told herself it was
bad enough putting up with the insistent nightly demands of her
own husband Tommy these last few weeks, and she hoped and prayed
that he would soon get over his initial hunger for her flesh and
settle for making love once or twice a week.
But he seemed to be getting worse, not better, she reflected.
Just last night, for instance, Tommy had tried to get her to put
her mouth on him down there under the covers, only giving up when
she had burst into tears and begged him not to make her do it.
After that, he had mumbled something she didn’t understand under
his breath and turned on his side, his back to her.
The innocent young bride still couldn’t quite believe that
the man she had married had tried to force her to do that. It was
something she had only heard some of the bolder girls at school
whispering about, an act so obviously perverse and degrading that
she was sure only the most debased and lewd professional
prostitutes would submit to performing it on any man.
Thankfully, her thoughts returned to the present as Grace
rose from the spring-board in front of her in a graceful toe-
touching dive and entered the water without a splash. Linda
watched as her body plunged deep into the pool and then arched and
broke through the rippled surface at the far end of the pool.
Grace began treading water with effortless ease and looked back in
Linda’s direction, giving her head a shake to throw her wet golden
hair back over her shoulders.
“Come on, Linda. It feels sooo good,” she laughed.
Without hesitating, Linda took two steps and bounced upward
once from the board, doing a jackknife just as perfectly as her
companion. She curved through the water and bobbed up to the
surface a few inches away from Grace, her skin thrilling from the
refreshing coolness of the water. Then together they swam lazily
across the length of the pool and pulled themselves dripping up
the ladder out of the water. Half a minute later, they were
stretched out once more side by side, this time on their stomachs.
Fred Furness had watched with appreciation the two wives
plunging one after the other into ‘the pool, feeling a sudden warm
tingle down in his loins at the view of Linda’s tautly stretched
buttocks when she doubled over in the air to touch her toes. Boy,
would I like to get into her from behind like that, he groaned to
himself. And then he noticed Tommy crossing the patio with the
It was obvious to Fred as he watched the young coach weaving
his way through the scattered chairs and assorted sunbathers that
Tommy was staring with greedy relish at the provocatively swaying
hips not of his own wife, but of Fred’s wife, Grace. The germ of
an idea began to form in Fred’s head, and by the time the ladies
were abandoning themselves to the sun’s rays again and Tommy had
taken his seat beside him, Fred had concocted a plan. He knew
that Grace would go along with it — she had always done so in the
“She’s quite a woman, isn’t she,” Furness said in an
insinuating tone.
“Who?” Tommy Singleton asked innocently, embarrassed to think
that his friend might have seen him ogling his wife Grace.
“I mean both of them,” Fred laughed. “No need to get nervous
about it, Tommy. I don’t blame you for looking. I’d do the same
in your place.” He made a short pause, and then added, “I wish I
could do more than that.” His voice seemed sad and wistful.
“What do you mean?” Tommy demanded. This was the first he
had heard of any problems of this kind between Fred and Grace.
“I mean just what it sounds like,” Fred answered a little
defensively. “At first I was a little ashamed to admit it, but
our doctor says it happens to a lot of guys. He insists that it’s
only temporary impotence — probably psychological, and it’ll cure
itself in time. But it’s hell to go through, let me tell you.”
Tommy didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t think of a worse
fate for a man — especially if he was married to a woman as
lively and alluring as Grace. Without meaning to, he glanced once
more at the supine figure of Fred’s wife. She was reaching behind
her back to undo the snap of her bikini top, unconsciously
squirming her hips against the red towel she was Iying on as she
struggled with the clasp. Finally she managed to get it loose,
and the restraining fabric fell away from her full mounds, giving
him a brief unexpected glimpse of the white firmness of her right
breast before she pressed her torso back down onto the towel.
Then she wriggled her firmly rounded buttocks once or twice to get
comfortable, and Tommy felt a slight tremble and jerk of his penis
inside his tight swimming trunks. God, that woman couldn’t help
but look sexy, whatever she did!
“Yeah,” Fred Furness breathed hoarsely beside him. “It’s
even worse for poor Grace. She’s always been almost insatiable in
bed, and now …” he let his voice trail away, a look of anxiety
crossing his features.
“And now, what?” Tommy asked softly, wondering what else
could be bothering him.
“Hell, I can’t expect her to go on forever without a little
action from time to time. I just hope she has the good sense to
get it from somebody who won’t get any ideas of splitting us up or
causing some kind of trouble,” Furness scowled. “We’ve had too
many good years together. We’re really a good match under normal
circumstances, and I don’t relish the idea of some perfect
stranger screwing us up.” He chewed his lower lip for a moment in
a nervous gesture Tommy had seen him use when he was worried about
his football team losing a game. “Oh, well, what happens,
happens, and that’s all there is to it,” he added at length,
pretending bitterness, and then he lifted his gin and tonic and
drank over half of it without stopping for breath.
“Hey, take it easy on that stuff, Coach,” Tommy chided him.
He hated to see his long-time friend in such a state. “The season
may be over, but you can’t afford to break training at your age,”
the younger men laughed half-heartedly.
“What do you mean, at my age? You clown, I’ll race you five
lengths of the pool right now,” he growled in a realistic tone of
belligerence, slipping his feet out of the rubber sandals he was
wearing and plunging into the pool after three running strides.
Tommy was surprised, but nevertheless he hit the water only a
split second behind him, and they swam to the far end of the pool
and kicked off from the wall together. Their wives watched with
interest as their two athletic husbands raced back and forth,
their faces distorted out of shape each time they heaved
themselves up at the end of a lap and gasped for air to fill their
lungs. Neither of them could gain an inch on the other, and they
finally touched the concrete on the fifth lap at exactly the same
instant, making it a tie.
“Bravo, Hercules!” Grace Furness shouted, clapping her hands,
forgetting for the moment her breasts were uncovered. Then she
squealed in laugher and cupped them in the tiny halter, but not
before the winded swimmers had glimpsed the rosy hardened tips of
her nipples.
Linda Singleton was both proud of her own husband and amazed
that Fred Furness could keep up with him. Then when she saw the
unmistakable look of desire pass over her husband Tommy’s face as
he stared at Grace’s full breasts exposed briefly to his view, she
was filled with an uncontrollable jealous anger, turning her face
away from his smile when he looked at her. The nerve, she
thought. It’s bad enough that he has a one-track mind with me at
home, but to stare brazenly at his friend’s wife like that is too
Tommy noticed her look of distaste and felt mildly annoyed
that it should bother her. It was perfectly natural and human for
him to look at women — and he wasn’t going to stop just because
he was now married.
Later the four of them had dinner together in the club before
they would have to return to the condominium apartments they had
bought in the same complex of buildings. When the two wives
excused themselves to go to the powder room, Fred Furness again
brought up the subject of his problem with Grace.
“I’ve been thinking, Tommy,” he began. “You and I have known
each other for a long time now. I consider you one of my best
friends. I know that I could trust you.”
Tommy Singleton wondered what Fred was leading up to, but
didn’t say anything. It was obviously doing Fred good in his
dejected state to talk.
“I think Grace really digs you,” Furness went on. “And
unless I’m wrong, you kind of like her too. Right?”
Tommy’s heart was suddenly beating loudly in his temples.
Slowly it was dawning on him what his friend was trying to say,
and the thought both confused and excited the frustrated young
“What I’m trying to say is, why don’t you do me a big favor
— and Grace, and yourself — by dropping over some afternoon when
I’m not around. Let whatever happens between you happen, and
maybe she won’t be f****d to go looking around for some dumb
salesman or garage attendant to satisfy her needs.” The look on
Fred Furness’ face was sincerely pleading for understanding.
Tommy couldn’t believe his ears. He was actually being
offered a chance to screw his friend’s wife, an idea that had
crossed his mind over and over again long before he had met and
recently married Linda. He had always rejected the impulse for
fear of alienating his good friend, but here the older man was
offering his woman freely with no strings attached as though she
were a piece of property to be passed around at will.
“Uh, I’d like to help you out, Fred, but you can imagine how
Linda would feel,” he stalled for time. “And what about Grace?
She might not like being treated like a piece of furniture that
you can do what you want to with.” At the same time as Tommy was
offering up objections, his mind was already picturing the
physical treats this more experienced woman could offer him with
her body. It might be the best thing that ever happened to him,
with his bride Linda holding so much of herself back. He didn’t
know how much longer he could hold out without doing a little
running around himself or, what would be worse, losing his
patience and perhaps turning his wife against him forever.
“There’s no reason why Linda would ever have to know,” Fred
insisted as he worked to persuade Tommy to agree to at least try.
“And I’ll talk to Grace about it tonight when we get home. From
things she said in the past, though, I think she’ll like the
idea.” Furness waved his hand as if putting aside all the
possible objections that Tommy could come up with. “After all,
she has a hunger that has to be fed, and if I know women, it’ll be
a while before your wife Linda will be able to satisfy your
appetite. Why shouldn’t the two of you get together? And knowing
as I do the way Grace gets so turned on she abandons herself
completely to sex, I’d rather know who it is giving her a tumble
in my bed.”
At that moment, the two wives returned to the table, and the
proposal was left that way — Fred would call Tommy from his
office in the gym the next day and tell him what Grace thought of
the idea.
Even though he knew it was an idea that only a short time ago
would have been unthinkable for him, Tommy now found it so
exciting that he could hardly keep his eyes off Grace, imagining
the things he would like to do to her in bed.
Naturally, his new young wife Linda noticed everything, but
it only made things worse. That night, she refused to let Tommy
make love to her, saying she didn’t appreciate his getting heated
up by looking at another woman all evening and then taking it out
on her. That settled it for Tommy Singleton.
If he was going to stick out this marriage until Linda got
over some of her sexual hang-ups, he was going to have to release
his tensions elsewhere. By the time he was falling into a
troubled sleep beside the softly breathing warmth of Linda’s body,
it was all he could do to keep from masturbating to ease the
unsatisfied ache in his loins. Instead, he merely rolled onto his
side when he was sure Linda was sound asleep and lightly rested
the full length of his rigidly erect penis in the tantalizing
narrow crease between her rounded buttocks. Jesus Chrlst, he
muttered to himself angrily when she unconsciously cringed away
from the pulsing hotness of his excitedly throbbing shaft. Even
in her sleep she reacts against sexual passion.
Her action of repulsion angered him even further and caused
his hardness to suddenly subside as if he had been dashed with
cold water. He finally dropped off to sleep feeling utterly
rejected by her, dreaming of a beautiful mermaid who called to him
to come to her and feed her craving, abruptly waking up in the
middle of the night from a wet dream. The mermaid had been slowly
lowering her soft mouth down over his pulsating, hard cock and his
dammed-up semen had spurted endlessly between her sensual lips
turned up in a seductive smile around his thick shaft. He got up
and showered before returning to sleep, first hiding the sperm-
soaked pajamas where Linda wouldn’t find them.
It’ll serve the frigid little bitch right if I have to fuck
another woman to be satisfied, he mumbled to himself through
clenched teeth as he lay on the bed as far away from her as he
could get.