Take Two Nurses and Call Me in the Morning

Gerald Maytag sat on the examination table with his
legs hanging over the edge, swinging back and forth. An
attractive receptionist had led him to the room and
left him there, telling him someone would be with him
momentarily. Annoying as the wait was, at least she
hadn’t asked him to change into one of those ugly blue
gowns that left the backside naked.

Momentarily, someone did arrive. She had frizzy blond
hair, brown eyes, and wore glossy red lipstick, but
Maytag’s attention was drawn to the generous display of
cleavage provided by a white cotton lab coat at least
one size too small, with its top buttons undone,
probably to allow her to breathe. A name tag to the
right of her impressive decolletage read “Biggle”, but
it went unread by Maytag until she spoke.

“I’m Nurse Biggle,” she said with a Carolina accent
with enough heat to smoke baby back ribs. “How ya doin’
today, honey?”

“Fine,” Maytag said. She was close enough to him now
that he could smell a hint of perfume, and could make
out a freckle or two on her chest.

“Well, this checkup should go just peachy, then,” she
replied. “Gerald, we have a prospective employee with
us today, would you mind terribly if she assisted me?”

“No, no, not at all.”

Nurse Biggle smiled radiantly. “That’s mighty kind of
you, sugar.”

She turned around to walk to the door. Maytag then saw
her sling-backed white high-heeled shoes, and the white
hose with backstitching that ran straight up her supple
legs to the hem of her lab coat. As she walked to the
door, Maytag noted that the hose seemed to thicken just
as they reached the bottom of the lab coat. They
couldn’t possibly be stockings instead of pantyhose,
Maytag though to himself. Could they?

Interrupting his musings, Nurse Biggle spoke as she
opened the door.

“Gerald, this is Nurse Stanton.”

Blue eyes wide with surprise and feigned innocence,
Heather Stanton entered the room. Maytag was even more
surprised by Stanton’s appearance. Her long dark hair
was tied atop her head and partially hidden by a white
cap decorated with a red cross. She wore a lab coat
that displayed her breasts as prominently as Nurse
Biggle’s, and gathered in the middle to accentuate her
slim waist. Her legs were bare, however. White cotton
socks barely covered her ankles, and she wore simple
white sneakers with a slight rise in the heel.

“Uh, hi,” was all Maytag could manage to say.

“Hello,” Stanton said flatly in return.

Nurse Biggle noticed Maytag’s discomfort. “Oh, honey,
it’s OK. Everyone’s a little nervous the first time
they visit us! But don’t worry, we don’t bite—at
least, not hard!” She winked at Maytag. “Nurse Stanton,
could you grab the stethoscope from that cabinet behind

Stanton returned to her senses. “Certainly,” she said.
The wall opposite Maytag and the exam table held a
stainless steel sink, a counter top, and above that, a
set of shelves. Stanton walked over and opened the
shelves. There was hardly anything on the shelf at eye
level, but on the shelf above she spotted a pink
plastic hose belonging to a stethoscope.

Maytag watched Stanton reach for the instrument. As her
arms went above shoulder level, they lifted the white
lab coat. The hemline rose above the tops of her
thighs, and Maytag caught a glimpse of shiny white
satin panties. He shifted his gaze quickly and Nurse
Biggle saw the quick slight turn of his head. Device in
hand, Stanton lowered her arms.

“Be a dear and grab the tongue depressors while you’re
there, Nurse Stanton,” Biggle instructed with her
honey-coated Southern drawl.

Again Stanton faced away from the patient. The tongue
depressors were on the top shelf, and she had to stand
on her tip toes and reach high above her head to grab
them. The motion exposed even more of her backside, and
one could see how the elastic sides of her satin
panties had slipped along the smooth round surface of
her ass and converged toward the middle. That is, if
one was looking. Maytag wasn’t.

“We have male nurses working her, too, if that would be
more to your liking, Gerald,” said Nurse Biggle.

Clutching the jar of tongue depressors, Stanton looked
back at Maytag with one raised eyebrow. Maytag glanced
at Stanton, then back to Biggle. “No, this is fine,” he

“So you’re just a little shy then?” Biggle asked.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Maytag agreed.

“Well, don’t be, love. We can’t evaluate your health
needs if you aren’t open with us.”

“I’ll try.”

Stanton stood in front of Maytag, set to check his
pulse. It afforded him a point blank view of her
cleavage. For instance, it was clear that, unlike
Biggle, Stanton had no freckles on her breasts. Maytag
looked back at Biggle and smiled uncomfortably.

“Something wrong, Gerald?” she asked.

Maytag shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe it would help if
there wasn’t someone watching me.”

“That’s better,” Biggle said with an approving nod. “It
helps if you’re open with us. I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

Both Maytag and Stanton watched as she left the room.
After the door shut, Stanton slapped Maytag across the
chest with the back of her hand.

“What are you doing here?” she demanded.

“When your audio went dead I decided I needed to come
in the clinic and take a look around.”

“I ditched the wire when I realized they wanted me to
get changed into this outfit,” she said, gesturing at
her skimpy lab coat.

“Yeah,” Maytag said slowly. “That’s a real nice hat you
have there.”

“Very funny, Maytag. Now, what are we going to do?”

“About what?”

“About this! This is the only health clinic I’ve heard
of that has sperm donors pay them rather than the other
way around. We’re supposed to be investigating the
clinic, not each other. You’ll pardon me for not
wanting to collect evidence, or anything else for that
matter, from you.”

“Well, I’m sorry if I offend you,” Maytag said.

“Dammit, Maytag, you know I don’t mean it like that.
It’s just…you know. I mean, it’s not as if you were
exactly comfortable in here a few minutes ago.”

“True,” Maytag admitted. “So what do we do?”

Stanton scratched her head, careful not to knock her
cap out of place. “I’m supposed to fill out your chart.
Let’s do that and then play it by ear.”

“Make sure to drop the chart a few times. Maybe the pen
every once in a while, too.”

“I’m glad to see you’re enjoying this, Maytag,” Stanton
said. “But you do have a point.” She undid two more
buttons on her lab coat. The center clasp of her bra
was in plain sight. “I might as well look like I’m
doing my job.”

When Biggle returned, Stanton handed her the clipboard.
Ignoring that for a moment, Biggle fixed her gaze on
Stanton’s bra. “Everything alright, Nurse Stanton?”

“Everything’s fine,” Stanton said coquettishly. “This
just popped open while I was working and I haven’t had
time to fix it yet.”

“Of course, darlin’. And the patient?” Biggle glanced
at the chart.

“Seems healthy,” Stanton said.

“In every way?” Biggle asked.

Stanton looked confused. Biggle stepped over to Maytag.
Without warning, the blonde nurse thrust her hand in
his crotch and fondled his package.

Biggle looked at Stanton, her tight uniform halfway
undone, her toned legs crossed one in front of the
other like a trained spokesmodel. She looked back at
Maytag and moved her face by his shoulder.

He could smell her perfume again, and felt a curly
strand of hair graze his cheek. Her warm moist breath
brushed the side of his neck as she whispered. “Are you
sure you aren’t gay, Gerald?”

“No, I’m straight,” he whispered under his breath.

Biggle moved from his shoulder and looked him in the
eye. She considered him a moment.

“Really,” Maytag insisted.

“OK, sugar. It’s time you talked to the doctor.”

Nurse Biggle and prospective employee Stanton left the
room. Maytag let out a long sigh, then walked over to
the sink to get himself a glass of water. The room had
turned very warm, and his mouth very dry.

Not long after that, the door opened again, and in
walked a man in gray pinstriped slacks, white button-
down shirt, and blue silk necktie, covered by a white
lab coat both looser and longer than what Biggle and
Stanton were wearing.

“Hello, Gerald, I’m Doctor Havelock.” The two shook

“Doctor,” Maytag greeted him equally.

“Gerald, Nurse Biggle said you might have been a little
uncomfortable during the exam. I apologize. But a lot
of our patients seem to like our approach, and we find
it’s a good way to distinguish people with real
problems. Handing out Viagra prescriptions may be a
good moneymaker, but we want to make sure people need
it. And Nurse Biggle is convinced you’re a good

Maytag nodded his head.

“So I want you to take this,” Havelock said. He handed
him a small blue pill and went to the sink to fetch a
cup of water. “We’ll observe your reaction to determine
if we can help you with therapy here.”

“OK, Doctor.” Maytag popped the pill in his mouth and
washed it down.

“Someone will be in shortly to check on you.” The
doctor turned to leave. “Oh, do you have any requests
about who comes to look in on you?”

“A blonde,” Maytag said, in hopes of averting another
meeting with Stanton.

The doctor smiled. “Anything else? Do you have tastes
in clothing? Fishnets, leather, latex?”

“Latex?” Maytag asked. This hardly seemed a normal
question to be asked by a doctor, but this was hardly a
normal clinic.

“Latex it is,” said the good doctor, and walked out
before Maytag could say anything else.

Meanwhile, Nurse Biggle and trainee Stanton had seen
two more patients, and both were more openly approving
of Stanton’s little white uniform. They weren’t shy
about watching her reach up or bend over to grab
supplies from cabinets, and they displayed fully
healthy responses to Stanton’s examinations. One of
them was even cute, Stanton thought to herself.

Next, Nurse Biggle had them stop for coffee. They were
just beginning to make small talk when one of the
doctors, in pinstriped trousers and a blue tie, poked
his head in on them.

“Excuse me, Nurse Biggle,” he said.

“Doctor Havelock,” Biggle answered. “This is Nurse
Stanton, a prospective.”

“Charmed.” Havelock said briefly. “Nurse Biggle, the
patient in S-4 is undergoing the p-test. Please use the
latex gear and then report the test findings to me.”

“Certainly, Doctor,” she answered easily.

“Thank you. Nice meeting you, Nurse Stanton.”

Stanton nodded her head in response. She recognized S-4
as the room Gerry was in, but she had no idea what the
p-test or latex gear was. “Do the room names start with
‘S’ because of the street level?”

“The ‘S’ stands for ‘straight’, honey. Upstairs is ‘G’
for ‘guess-what’. Those patients really like their
butter and jam separate, if you know what I mean.”

“Oh, I see,” Stanton replied.

“I’m so sorry, honey, but I’m going to have to leave
for a bit. Finish your coffee and feel free to look
around. I’ll meet you here in about forty-five minutes
or so.”

* * *

Maytag waited for the pill to take effect. Would his
dick simply swell up a bit and respond quickly to
stimulus? Maybe it provoked a spontaneous erection, an
instant rush of blood to his hose and a quick
stiffening. Whatever, he was resolved not to touch it,
and instead to let the drug work on its own.

As if on cue, his thoughts were interrupted again. The
door swung open and in came Nurse Biggle. Her frizzy
flaxen hair still hung loose and her lips were painted
the same shiny red, but her lab coat was gone. In its
place was a tight-fitting dress with a dull shine, the
same color green as surgical scrubs. A small white
collar ran halfway around the neck of the dress, and
the white trimmed neckline opened to a square shape
that exposed the top half of Biggle’s voluminous
breasts. The short dress ended high on her thigh and
confirmed Maytag’s earlier suspicion: Biggle wore
thigh-high stockings. The lacy elastic tops of the
stockings bordered a small sliver of bare flesh visible
below the bottom of the dress.

“Is this more to your liking?” Biggle asked.

“You look stunning,” Maytag replied.

“Why, baby, isn’t that nice of you to say,” She walked
slowly to the exam table and Maytag’s eyes followed her
as she moved.

“I heard you took a pill,” she said. Her face was close
to Maytag’s. He gazed at her shiny red lips.

Maytag swallowed. “That’s right.”

“Do you think you’ll need any help when it kicks in?”
Biggle gently placed a hand on his thigh. Maytag looked
down at the short fingernails painted the same red as
her lips. She leaned into his ear and her floral
perfume invaded his nose again. A slap across the face
couldn’t have been stronger.

“I think it’s starting to kick in now,” Maytag said.

Biggle ran her hand up his thigh and to his crotch. She
took hold of his sack, and then moved to his member,
quickly shifting and turning itself over in his pants.

“I think you’re right, Gerald,” Nurse Biggle whispered.
Maytag felt the warm wet tip of her tongue glide over
his earlobe and into his ear.

Biggle gripped his nascent erection and gave it a short
stroke. She moved her lips over his earlobe, then
kissed his temple. She planted a soft kiss on his
eyebrow, then moved down to his lips. Maytag’s cock
leaped in his pants.

“I felt that,” Biggle said teasingly, and looked at
Maytag with laughing eyes.

“Good drug,” Maytag said.

“The best.” Biggle closed her eyes and tilted her head,
pushing her lips against Maytag’s mouth. He found her
bottom lip with his and sucked hard on it before
kissing her mouth fully and sliding his tongue inside
to meet hers. Maytag slid his hands over her dress. It
fit her like a second skin, and it gripped back at his
hands in the same way.

Their lips parted company, and they paused to catch
their breath.

“What is this?” Maytag asked, running a thumb across
the shoulder of her dress.

“Latex, silly,” Biggle answered before kissing him

Her fingers deftly untucked Maytag’s shirt, loosened
his pants, unzipped him, and slid her hand through the
fly of his boxers. Stiff and warm, his cock pushed
against one side of his undershorts, and Biggle
struggled to maneuver it through the opening while
kissing at the same time.

“Mmmmmmm,” Maytag moaned quietly. He groaned again when
her face dropped from his lips down to his crotch. With
one motion her mouth enveloped his shaft. His cotton
shorts brushed against her cheeks as she sucked his

Biggle moved her head out of Maytag’s lap, and his cock
fell out of her mouth with a plopping sound. “I think
we need to get you out of those clothes,” she said.

Maytag smiled and pulled his shirt off. Biggle purred
appreciatively and moved her painted nails through the
soft curls under his navel and then onto his chest.

“Not bad,” she said.

“There’s a gym where I work out,” Maytag said,
grinning. He kicked his shoes off and Biggle pulled his
pants away from his legs. “Aren’t you still a little
too dressed?”

“Me?” Biggle asked. She ran a hand across her chest and
down the tight-fitting dress. “I thought I’d leave this
on. Besides,” she added, slightly rolling up the bottom
of the dress to reveal the carefully trimmed light-
colored curls of her bush, “there’s really nothing in
the way.”

“No, there isn’t,” Maytag agreed. He held out his hands
to bring her up on the exam table.

“One second,” she said, heading to the cabinets.

“What?” Maytag asked.

“I’m just getting a little lube,” Biggle answered.

“I’ll take care of that,” Maytag said.

Biggle smiled. “Alright. I believe you will.” Maytag
swung his legs up to lie flat on his back. She crawled
up on the table and straddled his chest. “Yes, I
believe you will.”

Maytag took hold of her ass with both hands. He
relished the feel of those solid buns wrapped in smooth
tight latex and kept his hands there after he pushed
her pussy up to his face and started to lick her creamy
slit. Using lube must have been a habit, Maytag
thought, because she certainly didn’t need it. His
tongue moved easily between her puffy lips and inside
her pink crease. Her stockinged calves rubbed against
the sides of his chest and tickled him. He moved one
hand off of her firm ass to reach down and massage her
calf. Maytag looked up as he licked her cunt and
watched her chest heave as she breathed. Biggle’s tits
strained against the latex, and Maytag wished for a
second set of hands.

“Ooooh, baby, that’s nice,” Biggle said. Maybe she gets
a kinky thrill out of wearing latex herself, Maytag
thought. He imagined her carefully covering her upper
body with talc, alone in the dressing room, rolling the
dress down her body and feeling it grip her like a
thousand tiny hands. I’ll bet that quickens her pulse,
Maytag thought momentarily as he continued licking her
pussy. He knew that if he kept at it she was bound to
come all over him.

“That’s so good, Gerald,” she said.

Maytag preferred Gerry, but it was tough to complain
about his current situation. He grabbed a handful of
ass, and swirled his tongue around her rigid little
clit. Maytag moved his hand from Nurse Biggle’s calf
and moved his thumb over her knee, and then his palm
over the bumpy surface of her stocking tops. He felt
her thigh, which was covered with a thin film of
perspiration. The outfit had to be hot.

Biggle began to rock on his mouth, pushing her pussy
down on his tongue. Maytag knew she was reaching her
peak and he tried to match her thrusts with flicks of
his tongue. He looked up and saw her nipples had
hardened and poked out against the taut green layer of
latex. He moved his free hand up to her chest to
squeeze her tits as he licked.

“Oh, Gerald! Oh, God, that’s good!” Biggle took in a
breath as she said the word good, so that it sounded
like “guh-hid.” She gripped his hair with her fingers
and held tight as she started to come. “So guh-hid!”

Biggle’s back stiffened as her orgasm burst through her
body. Maytag moved his tongue rapidly over her button
and gripped her ass to keep her pussy firmly on his
mouth. “Oh, that’s guh-hid!”

When the throes of her climax finally subsided, Nurse
Biggle leaned down and planted a kiss on Maytag’s lips.
“You smell like pussy,” she said, giggling.

“You smell delicious,” Maytag said.

“I think I’m nice and wet now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure. We can check, though.” Biggle
moved her knees back along Maytag’s sides, one after
the other. When she felt his prick she lifted herself
and took his cock in her hand. Then she sat back down
on it. Her slick lips swallowed his rod, first the
pointed tip, and then the solid shaft, all the way to
the base.

“Oh, Jesus!” Maytag cried out.

“Close! My first name is Jennifer.”

Nurse Jennifer Biggle bounced up and down on Maytag’s
cock like a pogo stick. He took hold of one buttock,
one breast, and held on for the ride. And what a ride
it was. Nurse Biggle even supplied a soundtrack.

“Oh, that cock feels so good, Gerald! Oh, Gerald! So

Maytag recognized that sound. Nurse Biggle seemed to be
enjoying the ride as much as he was.

“So guh-hid!”

Biggle’s bouncing went from a steady beat to something
more erratic. Maytag shifted both hands to her waist
and guided her up and down his shaft. Biggle continued
to moan and then he felt her cunt tighten on his cock.
The grip released but returned again just as hard.
Maytag lost control and his upper body jerked forward
as he came.

“That’s guh-hid!”

Biggle squeezed the cum from his cock as her pussy
tightened with the crests of her climax. Maytag rolled
his head back and forth in pleasure.

“Oh, Jesu—Oh, Jennifer!” he called.

Slowly the two returned to a state of calm. Maytag let
go of her waist when he could no longer concentrate.
His hands rested on her thighs, and he stroked them

“That was wonderful,” Nurse Biggle said.

“You can say that again. Those pills really work.”

Biggle laughed. “You mean the placebo worked?”

“That was just a placebo?” Maytag asked.


“So I guess I’m cured.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she said lightly. “You should
always come back for regular check-ups.”

* * *

Heather Stanton thought about wandering on the G floor
and seeing just how things worked down there but
thought better of it. She could hardly be inconspicuous
dressed as she was and she didn’t want to set off any
alarms. Instead she wandered around the S floor, poking
her head in here and there. Everywhere except S-4, that

Room after room offered women in outrageous nurse
costumes and the male patients who loved them for it.
More than once she saw sperm samples taken by hand (at
least that was what it looked like). In one room
Stanton saw the nurse costume lie crumpled atop a blue
suit on the floor, but saw no people. In another she
saw the people fucking like minks, but no sign of their
clothes (unless you counted her garter and the white
fishnet stockings). That scene was repeated in room
after room, with various styles and amounts of
undergarments. It was outrageous. Amusingly enough, her
little white uniform gave her freedom to roam about. No
one minded when she walked in, and more than once she
was invited to join in the action. The temptation grew,
as it seemed everyone was going at it but her.

That’s when she reached room S-7. If someone had
pointed out to Stanton that her last name started with
S and had seven letters, and this configuration
represented some sort of magical number for her, she
would have laughed. Nevertheless, it was room S-7 that
attracted her. She opened the door.

There seemed to be no one in the room. She could see
the examination table, and no one was on it. There was
no noise. She was about to close the door when a voice
reached her.

“Nurse?” was all he said.

“Yes?” Stanton entered the room. Around the corner
stood a man, a tall man, with dark hair covering his
chest and following a trail down to his dark curly
pubic hair. At first his dick looked to be a small
stump of flesh, but that was an optical illusion.
Stanton was looking at it end on. His prick stuck
straight out, as hard and level as a diving board. When
she moved a bit, its full length came into view.

“Can I help you?” she said, knowing damn well how she
wanted to help him.

“Oh, God, yes,” he said. “I’ve been waiting for the
nurse to come back. The doc gave me one of those Viagra
pills, and now I have this erection and the damn thing
won’t go away. I was just starting to look through
these drawers for some Vaseline or something when I
heard you come in.”

“I’d be happy if I could help,” Stanton said, honestly.

“Great,” he answered. “Is there some Vaseline around?”

“What do you need that for?” Stanton asked, moving
closer to him.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

Stanton laughed. “Don’t be silly. I can take care of
this.” She dropped into a crouch position in front of
him and admired his wood. It pointed straight at her.
Veins bulged out and snaked along its length. The head
swelled, a curious shade somewhere between pink and
purple. Wiry hairs radiated from the base like some
perverse lion’s mane. She licked it like a popsicle.

“I see,” the man said.

Stanton stopped her licking and looked up. “Will this
work for you?”

She drew him completely in her mouth.

“Oh, yeah,” he said. “That will work just fine.”
Stanton got at least three good strokes in as he
stretched out the last two words of that statement. She
slid her mouth back and forth on his rod, moving with
deliberate speed and strength, intent on relieving him
of his problem. Looking down at Stanton’s tits in her
little white uniform, the man suddenly had a different
idea. “What do you say we move over to that table?”

Stanton sat back and sized him up. “Sure,” she said.
“If you can carry me over there.”

“Like, throw you over my shoulder, and spank your ass
on the way there?”

“Not bad,” Stanton said, “but I had something else in
mind.” Without taking off the lab coat, Stanton slipped
her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. He
bent down to kiss her, and rested his hands on her
shoulders. Their lips locked and their tongues tangled,
and his hands moved confidently down her sides and to
her waist. His fingers found their way between her
legs, and discovered just how wet she was.

He bent at the knees and slid his large palms over her
thighs. He lifted her, pulled her body to him, and
leaned back slightly. With ample strength he took hold
of her by her haunches and moved her so that the tip of
his rock-hard member hovered before her juicy crease.

Stanton wrapped her arms around his neck. She was
prepared to hold him firm and guide him inside her, but
she did not have to. She slid over him easily. His cock
filled her and it seemed as if she would never stop
sinking onto his steely rod. When her mound finally
made contact with his lower abdomen, she exhaled.

“Oh, fuck,” she moaned.

Unhurried, he carried her over to the table. Each step
brought a jolt to her cunt, a fresh thrust that seemed
deeper each time. By the time they reached the table
and he laid her flat on it surface she was already
approaching orgasm.

At that point he positioned his body so that his shaft
slid over her clitoris. Slick with her juices, the hard
flesh glided over her tender flesh and plunged inside
her. She felt his dick along her clit, stretching her
lips, and impossibly circling her neck, choking off the
flow of air to her lungs and making her light-headed.
In and out he went, until Stanton tilted her head back,
opened her mouth wide, dug her nails into his back and
reached her climax.

“Oh, yes,” he cried in celebration of his own release.

Stanton was beyond speech at that point.

When he slowed his thrusts and pushed his body away
from hers, Stanton was still incapable of speech.

“Thank you, Nurse,” he said. “I can’t tell you how much
I needed that.”

“No problem,” she said, with barely-renewed powers of

“Just doing my job.”

* * *

Still a little unsteady on her feet, Stanton moved
through the hall with one hand running along the wall.
She found herself outside S-4 just as Maytag exited the
room, adjusting his clothes.

They stood and looked at one another. Maytag cleared
his throat and straightened his posture. “Nurse
Stanton,” he said formally.

“Gerald,” she replied, poker-faced.

Just then, Doctor Havelock turned into the hallway and
almost bumped into Maytag. “Oh, Gerald, I understand
you’ve responded quite well to the treatment.” He
winked at Maytag before continuing. “If you just see
the receptionist on the way out we can get your billing

He turned his attention. “Nurse Stanton, I hope your
visit went well. Maybe we should go back to my office
for an exit interview.”

Stanton and Maytag looked at one another, and then back
at Dr.


“I hate to say this, Doctor,” Stanton began, “but we
haven’t been completely honest with you.”

“We’re with the FBI,” Maytag added.

Havelock’s mirthful expression faded to seriousness.
“Ah,” he said quietly. “Then I suppose you’ll have some
questions for me to answer.”

Stanton and Maytag looked at each other and grimaced.

“Actually, I just have one question,” Maytag said.

“Me, too,” Stanton said.

“What’s that?”

“Does my health coverage cover this?” Maytag asked.

Stunned, Havelock looked at him without responding, and
then glanced at Stanton. She straightened her lab coat
and adjusted her cap. “Do you think I could keep this

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