Tammy’s Game

Men in general, but my boyfriend in particular, have a
problem. They spend way too much time playing video games. Something
usually suffers as a result, for instance the laundry or your sex
life. This comes about not just because of the time spent on one
pursuit that could be spent on another. There is also the problem of
the message of most popular video games, which seems to be violent
action, endlessly repeated.

Now far be it from me to talk about the weather and not do
anything about it. After no small amount of rumination I have decided
to advance my own proposal for a video game, on the theory that it’s
best to meet the opposition half way. I welcome any inquiries from
software manufacturers that would like to license my design.

My game has the working title “Make Me Come”. Quite obviously,
the game is of a sexual nature. The object, and the subject, of the
game is Tammy Ng, masturbating to orgasm. The first of my innovations
is that the player scores the most points by taking the _longest_ time
possible to make me utter that little squeal of helpless surrender.

I think this point alone will make the game successful. Women
might actually go out and buy this game for their lovers, putting
aside their discomfort at having their man stare at a beautiful
Chinese girl for hours on end, when the benefit is that this guy will
be learning how to tease the breath out of them in bed. I’ve surveyed
several women who agree that if men could somehow be taught that sex
was not a race to the finish line, the world would be a better place.
In this game, it is not death, but orgasm that is inevitable, and
staving off the inevitable takes on a wonderful, rewarding value.

I have in mind a very unusual user interface. Most of the
screen is a picture of me, alone in my apartment. Initially, I’m
sitting in a big chair watching TV, fully dressed in a short skirt and
top. Next to my chair is a floor lamp and a little table. The
perspective of the player is from a little above the TV, looking
towards me. I think the artwork should be like a charcoal sketch,
evocative, but not overly concerned with realism or detail. The sounds
should be my pulse, my breathing, the rustling of my clothes, the
white noises of skin on skin, the scratching of nails through pubic
hair, the liquid sounds of my mouth and pussy.

At first I thought that the player should just be given
control of my body. I would be like a puppet that the player
manipulated. Click on my thigh, and hook my leg over the arm of the
chair. The skirt slides upwards and my panties come into view. Click
my hand and drag it downwards between my legs. The player is rewarded
with a little catch in my breath and an increase in my pulse. Click on
my middle finger and begin to rub the pale strip of cloth that hides
my pussy and wait for my sigh.

With this interface certain actions that would be hard for the
player to accomplish with one point control could be handled with
transitional animations (if I’ve been aroused enough by the players
choices). Things like pulling the top over my head to bare my breasts,
or slipping the panties off, and letting them drop on the floor might
be handled this way.

Once the player has my top off and my panties down around my
ankles, it’s pretty easy to figure out what to do. Don’t make me pick
my nose, or use the remote control as a dildo, just keep up the
contact between my hands and the rest of my body in various wonderful
ways. Bonus points for making me wet my fingers at certain critical

There might be an interruption. The phone might ring. Ignore
it or answer it? It might depend on how undressed I am, how deep my
finger is inside me. It might be Mom, in which case you might as well
reboot the machine. It might be Deidre, and I can get in two or three
orgasms before she realizes that I m not grunting at all the right
places in the conversation. It might be my boyfriend and you can score
double points for desperate phone sex orgasms. As a digression, all
of these things have happened in real life, except that when I was
talking to Deidre I was getting fucked. And once I was expecting John
(my boyfriend) to call and I got myself all in a lather and the phone
rang. I picked it up and it was just the right moment and I said, “Oh
baby, oh fuck me o ffu-,” and then I was coming really hard and very
noisily, too. It was a telemarketing salesrep from Nebraska Steaks By
Mail. I think it was the high point of his career.

Like I said, my first design. With a few embellishments, like
a bonus level of me playing with a real slippery dildo, and I’m sure
it would be a million seller. But I thought about it for a while, and
decided that it wasn’t enough. After a while, there was just not
enough challenge. The player could learn how to pace my level of
excitement, how to make me luxuriate on a plateau by switching away
from direct stimulation of my clitoris to something more indirect,
such as massaging my breasts, or running my finger along the inside of
my thigh. But I was tempting the player into a repetitive stress
injury, and reinforcing the importance of the physical at the expense
of a more holistic approach.

So I rethought the interface. In my new design, the player
does not have direct control over my actions. Instead, the player is
cast in the role of the filter between my subconscious and my
conscious thinking, suggesting thoughts for me to think. On the screen
will be a little area that corresponds to the three or four thoughts
that a bouncing around in my head at any one time. On the screen they
look like short loops of animation, playing over and over again. I
think this situation is pretty normal, unless I’m concentrating on
something like practicing a piece of music or very aware of how
electric my finger is as it glides across the throbbing head of my

The player is in control of a pool of thoughts that can be
promoted to consciousness when one of the thoughts in the currently
conscious group goes away. All the player has to do is drag a thought
out of the subconscious area and drop it into the conscious area. The
pool of possibilities changes as the group of conscious thoughts
change. For instance I might start out in the chair with my head
filled the thoughts:

Change Channel
Beer Commercial
Laugh Track
Bang, Bang, Scream

From that situation, it wouldn’t be possible for the player to
suggest Remove Panties as a thought, it’s just too much of a leap. But
Change Channel would be available, and Turn TV Off might be. So the
player has to nudge me in the direction of choice by suggesting
thoughts that will get me to turn the TV off, stretch, think about
nice things, think about kissing, hug myself, etc. As the scene
becomes more sexually charged, the players choices fill up with a mix
of the images and actions that turn me on. One of the things I like
about this is that it becomes possible for the player to push me over
into orgasm by changing the image I’m holding in mind at the time. For
instance, Sucking Him might be a loop of images showing my lips
sliding down a cock that fills my mouth. Changing over to Coming In My
Mouth, which shows me lapping up the white cream spilling from the
head of a beautiful stiff cock and some of it smearing across my
cheek, usually puts me over the edge, not the action of rubbing my
clit as quickly as I can. The wonderful part is that everything the
player learns about turning on the virtual Tammy is applicable to the
real world woman they’ve been having so many problems relating to! The
player learns from the inside what turns me on, and is rewarded with a
peek at my very private way of pleasuring myself. He promotes the
fantasy thought Kisses Along My Thigh and watches me stoke the soft
skin of my out-turned leg. What blockhead could miss the message that
maybe they should try this the next time they find themselves with
their head between the legs of their partner.
sexy girl
I’d love it if this became a real game. I’d play it myself.
I’d like to play the version where the player has to manage the
thoughts of two people, and they’ve both had a hard day, and it’s not
enough to let them get off separately, you have to get them in bed
together and soothe the others tensions and get them out of their self
centered moods so they can make really earth moving love to each
other. Now, that would be a game that really could change the world.