What an incredible fuck

Bobby’s right hand was under Terri’s skirt and was slowly
sliding up her thigh. His left hand was cupping her breast and
she felt her nipple hardening under the material. She’d never
let any boy get this far before, but this time, she decided to
take the chance. This was the first date she’d been on in over
six months and she wasn’t going to blow it this time.

The last time she was asked out was just after she started
attending the new school. Things were sure different here.
Especially what the girls let guys get away with on dates. That
last time, she practically started to scream when her date his
hand on her breast. She made it clear that where she came from,
good girls didn’t let guys do that. She hadn’t been asked out

So things were going to be different this time. She told
herself she shouldn’t worry. Not after the conversation she had
with Jenny. “Look, Terri,” Jenny had said, “guys don’t want to be
told what to do. They need to be in control. Just keep telling
them it’s all right. Make like you trust them and you’ll have
all the dates you can handle.”

Jenny was real popular, so Terry figured she know what she
was talking about, but she wasn’t sure she didn’t already have
more date than she could handle. Bobby’s tongue had been
sparring with hers for almost half an hour and his hands were
becoming more insistant. She was becoming incredibly hot and
started squirming against him. Bobby took that as a sign to go
further and began to unbutton her blouse as he pressed her down
onto the couch.

As his fingers slid down her neck and slipped into her
cleavage, he asked, “Doesn’t that feel good, Terry?”

“Y-yeah, yeah, it d-does,” she stuttered. _Too good_, she
thought to herself, _I hope he doesn’t–oh, my!_

His hand slid under the cup of her bra. “O-oh, that–,” she
moaned as his fingers brushed her nipple. _His fingers–like
fire on me, oh, God, oh, God!_
“That’s nice?” Bobby asked.

“U-uh-huh,” Terry breathed as she felt her back arch
involuntarily, pushing her breast into his fondling fingers.
Bobby smiled. He pulled his other hand out from under her skirt.
He took her hand and pressed her palm against the bulge in his

_My God!_ “I-it’s b-big,” she heard herself say.

“And it’s so uncomfortable in there,” Bobby said. He took
her fingers and put them on the zipper of his jeans. She know
what she had to do. She pulled down. He undid his belt, the
jeans opened and suddenly she was holding his thick cock in her

“It–it’s so, so t-thick,” she said nervously. _Please,
don’t try to put in in me, please, please, don’t!_ She ran her fingers
along the shaft. Bobby moaned.

“And you’re real soft,” Bobby sighed. He fumbled at the
clasp at the front of her bra. _Oh, no, no!_ Her breasts
separated and fell free, her nipples hardening tighter in the
cool air. _So cool, so hot, so hot!_

“God,” Bobby whipered, “you’re beautiful.” Bending his
head, he pressed down against her breast and took her firm nipple
into his mouth.

“Oh! Oh, my!” she cried. She squeezed at the flesh in her
hand and Bobby grunted into her breast. She felt Bobby sliding
and pushing and suddenly he was lying on top of her, his knees
pressed between her legs. _How did he get there? How did

With his mouth on one breast and his left hand tight on the
other, his right hand was quickly sliding up her thigh. _Oh, no,
don’t touch my pussy, don’t touch my–_

They both gasped as his hand ran across the material of
her panties and tightly cupped her pussy. _Oh, God, I’m
so wet!_ His fingers slid up and down between the folds of her
cunt and her hips began to undulate slightly. _So good, so
good, please stop, please, please!_

“You really want it, don’t you, Terry,” Bobby whispered into
her ear.”

_No! No!_ “U-uh-huh”, she whimpered.

He slid his hand up and grabbed the wastband of her panties.
_Oh, God! Please, don’t pull my panties down! Don’t take my
panties off, I’ll be open and exposed, please, no, please no!_
He pulled them down over her hips.

“Lift your butt,” Bobby commanded. Her buttocks came off
the couch and he slid her panties down her legs. _Oh, God, oh,
God!_ He tugged at her leg as he slid the panties down over her
foot and slipped off her other leg. He dropped them onto the
floor and his hand returned to her cunt.

His fingers dug in, stroking up and down betwen her pussy
lips. _No! No!_ “Ohhh,” she moaned when he found her clit. _I
can’t–I can’t stop, I–_, she thought as her hips began to rut
into his caressing hand. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried.

“Yeah, you’re ready,” Bobby grinned.

He parted her thighs with his hips. _Oh my God!! What is
he doing?_, she thought when she felt his hips pressing down on
her thighs, parting them wide. _ No!! No!!_ He put his hand
between them and took his cock in his hand. _Oh, God, is he, is
he going to–_ “Ohh,” she gaped when she felt the tip of his
prick suddenly touching her pussy lips. _God! God! He can’t
put it in me, he can’t, he can’t!_

Terry started gasping when Bobby positioned his slick cock
between the folds of her cunt. _Don’t put your dick in me,
please, please don’t put it in me, oh God, oh God!_ He slid his
hand out from between them. _Please, Please! Don’t put your
dick in my pussy, don’t put your dick in my pus–_

“Unnggh!” Terri groaned as Bobby’s pushed his hips down and
his cockhead parted her pussy lips as it entered her
virgin channel. _Aah!! He’s putting his dick in me!! In me!! Oh,
no!! No! Oh fuck! Fuck!!_ She felt his hard flesh stretching
her pussy walls, prying her open. “Oh fuck, oh God, God, fuck!!

“Mmmm, Terri,” Bobby moaned, ” you’re so tight! So warm, so

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Terri grunted as Bobby pressed down and his
great prick f****d itself in deeper. Her mind screamed, _Oh fuck
it’s big, it’s big, oh fuck, too big, God, God, too big, too
big!_, as she felt the thick shaft diging in, stretching and

Bobby moaned in pleasure as his hips continued to press
down. When about a third of his dick was in her, his progress
slowed, then stopped. “Y-you’ve done this before,” he panted,

Terri looked up at him, her eyes wide with fear. “S-sure.
L-lots of t-times.”

With a growl, he slammed his hips into hers. Terri squealed
in pain as his cock tore through her hymen. _Fuck!! Fuck, no!!
No!!_ The massive presence swiftly drove fully into her. _Oh
fuck, oh God, oh fuck!_ She grunted loudly as she felt the base
of his prick crash down hard against her pubic mound. _Fuck,
he’s in me, he’s in me, in my pussy, my pussy, his dick in my
pussy, in me, in me!!_ “Ohh, ohh, ohh,” she moaned over and over
as she felt his thickness filling her tightly full, his balls
nestled snugly between the soft mounds of her ass.

“So sweet,” Bobby groaned, “sweet, tight pussy, oh, baby, so
tight, so sweet.”

Her cunt rippled in response to the alien flesh tight inside
her and Bobby groaned at the sensation on his prick. His hips
twitched in response and he sank deeper into her. “Ohwohhh!”
Terry cried. _Oh fuck, it’s so deep in me, so big, so full in me,
oh fuck, in me! Fuck, fuck, it’s in me!! In me!!_

“Oh, baby, you’re so tight, so sweet,” Bobby sighed as
he slid his hips up and back. Terry felt her enflamed pussy
walls contract as his dick pulled out. _Oh, God, thank God,_ she
thought, _ he’s taking it out of me, he’s–_ “Hnngh!” she
grunted when his abdomen slapped back down onto hers and his cock
jammed itself back into her throbbing cunt. Then he swiftly slid
back out, only to reverse direction again. “Uhhgh!!” she again
grunted when his body pounded back down onto her and his prick
again drove deep into her violated pussy.

He swiftly pulled out and drove in again. And again. She
grunted with each sharp thrust. _Oh God, oh God, he’s fucking
me, he’s fucking me,_ her mind cried over and over as Bobby’s
cock plunged into her pussy again and again, pounding in deeper
with each violent stab. _I don’t want to be fucked, don’t fuck
me, don’t fuck me, please stop, please stop fucking me, oh God,
stop fucking me, oh God, oh fuck, oh God!!_

But Bobby’s need was too great to think about stopping. He
raised himself up, supporting his body with his arms as his hips
beat down upon her. The base of his cock ground aganst her clit
and she suddenly felt the flames of desire licking within her.
_Oh fuck, that’s–fuck, that feels–oh, fuck!! Fuck!! Fuck!!_
Her hips began to rise to meet each thrust and she began to cry

“Oh, yeah, baby,” Bobby cried, increasting the length and
speed of his strokes, “Go, baby, sweet baby, come on my cock,
baby, yeah, come on my cock, that’s it, that’s it, sweet pussy,
sweet pussy!”

“Fuck!! Fuck!!” she screamed over and over as he rammed his
rigid cock into her rutting cunt. The shaft grated against her
clit again and again. _Oh fuck, oh fuck, we’re fucking, we’re
fucking, I’m fucking, I’m– Oh, Fuck! Fuck!! I’m coming!! I’m

“Oh, Fuck! Fuck!! Fuuuck!! Aaah!!” she wailed aloud. Her
entire body shuddered fiercely as she orgasmed. Her legs
scissored his waist, pulling him tight to her as her hips
thrashed wildly and her pussy spasmed sharply. Bobby groaned
huskily as he felt Terri’s cunt squeezing and clutching on his
prick. His thrusts became sharper and deeper and he grunted with
each brutal blow.

“Sweet, sweet pussy,” Bobby hissed through his clenched
teeth. “Oh, yeah, suck on my dick, sweet pussy– gonna come in
that sweet sucking pussy, oh, baby– suck my cum, sweet pussy,
sweet cunt, sweet pussy– gonna come in you– gonna come–”

Terri’s body continued to shake in estascy as her mind froze
in terror. _No!! No!! Don’t come in me!! Don’t come in me!!
Please, please, pull out! Pull out!! Oh God, oh fuck, don’t put
sperm in my pussy!! I’ll get pregnant!! I’ll get pregnant!!
Fuck, fuck, please, fuck, don’t come in my pussy, don’t make me
pregnant, fuck, please, please, don’t make me pregnant!!_

“Nuh! Nuh!! NUH!! NUUHH!!” she squealed as her hips beat
uncontrollably into his groin, urging him on. Her cunt spasmed
over and over, clenching tight on his thrusting cock, driving him
over the edge. Her eyes widened in horror as she saw his face
grimace suddenly. _Oh, fuck, no!!_ His head snapped back, his
back arched and his hips hammered sharply down into her, driving
his swelling cock deep into her cunt. _Fuck!! Fuck!!_ Her eyes
squeezed shut as she felt his prick force itself tightly into her
pussy, the head striking hard agains her cervix. “Oh, fuck!!
Fuck!! Fuck!!” she screamed as she felt Bobby’s cock jerk
fiercely within her as his thick semen jetted out and onto her

Her mind screamed in panic, _He’s coming!! He’s coming in
me!! He’s spurting his cum in my pussy, cum in my pussy, he’s
coming in me, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck!!_ Bobby’s powerful thrusts
drove his throbbing cock pounding into her cervix again and
again, squirting pulse after thick pulse of his virile seed into
her grasping pussy. Her thirsty cunt sucked at the potent syrup,
pulling it high up into her womb.

“Suck my cum, sweet pussy. Suck it in, baby, sweet sucking
pussy, suck my cum, suck my cum,” Bobby moaned over and over as
his cock pumped and spat jet after jet of his thick cream into
her pulling, spasming pussy.

“Fuck, oh, fuck, oh, fuck,” Terri cried again and again.
_Fuck, I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant, I’ve got a baby in me, he put
a baby in me, he made me pregnant, fuck, oh God, oh fuck, fuck!!_
She felt the cruel spike pierce in again and again, throbbing and
spurting again and again, pumping more and more of his cum inside
her. _Please, fuck, please stop, please, no more cum in me, no
more, please, no more, no more!!_ She felt herself filled to
overflowing, his semen squirting thickly out of her pussy, running
down into the crack of her full bottom.

And still his prick pumped and pulsed, spurting long, thick
jets of cum into her spasming, grasping pussy. She screamed over
and over, in orgasm and in fear, knowing her womb was awash with
sperm, bathing the fertile egg inside her, impregnating it,
impregnating her. “Fuck!! Fuck!!” she howled again and again,
even as Bobby’s balls were finally drained, even after he
collapsed onto her, panting and spent, crushing her into the
cushions of the couch.

“Wow,” Bobby gasped, fighting for breath, “what an
incredible fuck! God, Terri, you’re good. Real good.”

Terri fought to keep from sobbing. “I–I am?”

“Oh, yeah! Where the hell did you learn to fuck like that?”

“I–I g-guess it just comes n-naturally,” she mumbled.

What didn’t come naturally was her next period. Terri
proved to be a very fertile girl. She hid her bulging belly from
her parents by wearing loose clothing. She knew she had to tell
then sooner or later. Later was okay.

She didn’t tell Bobby he was the father. After he spread
the word, she became real popular. She was out with a different
guy every night and did what came naturally. It probably wasn’t
even his.