The big cheat

Plans for dinner for both teams at a local tapas restaurant were set, but by the time we met in the hotel lobby everybody but John and me had dropped out. John offered

to drive and we took off in his rental.

John did turn out to be an engaging dinner companion. We ordered plate after small plate of the little appetizers and lingered over the bottle of wine I ordered. We learned all there was to learn about each other’s families, spouses, college sports and business experience. I was becoming more and more enamored with John and it seemed like there was some attraction from his direction.

What was coming over me? I’d been faithful for ten years. But my husband, Eric’s, and my travels and my period had prevented us from having sex for over three weeks. And here I was in the back corner of a tiny little restaurant with this charming man. I put a strawberry between his teeth and touched his leg with my bare foot. He put a strawberry in my mouth and smiled as he chewed oh the fruit.

Saying I’d been faithful for so long was, I suppose, misleading. A couple months after i married Eric we were at another wedding. I needed to go back to the room for something – I forget what – and as i walked down the hall, an old boyfriend, Juan, happened to open the door to one of the rooms and step out into the hall. He’d been sitting way across the reception hall at dinner and I hadn’t even noticed him leave. Suddenly, there we were face to face only four feet apart. We moved closer and exchanged innocent kisses on the cheeks,but those were followed by a very non-innocent kiss. Juan unlocked his door and pulled me in.

The passion we had shared years ago rekindled as we started to make out. I let him unzip the back of my dress, pull it off my shoulders and open my bra. I had his pants open and I started stroking him. He started to suck on my nipples but I was getting nervous and said, “We have to be quick.”

He sat me on the edge of the bed and pulled off my pantyhose. His head disappeared under my petticoat and he started to lick me, but I was still nervous, “Fuck me. Fuck me now.” He pushed my skirt up and entered me. It wasn’t long before my adultery was complete. I cleaned up in his bathroom and got my clothes back on. He checked the hall and let me out. I vowed right then to clean up my act, or my marriage would not last.

So here I was in Seattle in one of those nobody has to know situations. I paid for dinner – he was the customer after all – and we hurried out to his car and started kissing while we were still in the parking lot. His hand was on my breast and I was gripping his hard cock through his pants.

“I don’t know what’s come over me,” I said and related the part about being faithful for ten years.He said he’d never cheated either.

“Maybe if we, you know, don’t …” he started.

“Go all the way, hehe?”


“Maybe” And we started down the path of so many virginal teenagers – well the advanced version of that. I had unzipped his fly and his hand was now up under my top pushing my bra up. It was winter and his hand felt delightfully cool on my breasts. His nice-sized cock came out and I was rubbing it for all it was worth.

He unzipped my pants on the side and his hand found its way into my panties where his fingers pushed between my pussy lips. Then I leaned across the center panel and took him in my mouth. As awkward as it was he managed to get two fingers into my vagina.

We were both almost ready to cum, him from my vigorous sucking and me from his fingers and thumb that seemed to know exactly what to do. “Uh oh,” he exclaimed as he pulled his hand out of my panties, Someone’s coming this way. Don’t sit up!”

John started the car and, well, I kept sucking. He was laughing uproariously as we pulled out of the lot. “Oh Oh Oh. I can’t Oh OH believe this OHHHH is happening,” and then it was more than his cock that was filling my mouth. I swallowed everything I could and wiped off a drop or two that got on his pants. Then i sat up and put myself back together as best i could and brushed my hair in the visor mirror.

He was dropping me off at the front door to the hotel so nobody would be suspicious when we walked through the lobby. But I was frustrated that I hadn’t climaxed in the car. “Will you come to my room,” I asked. “Maybe in an hour so we can call home and all?”

I called Eric and told him how much I missed him, hoping that my voice didn’t reveal what was going on. I summarized our meetings and followed with, “We went out to a tapas place for dinner. It was pretty good.”

Then I showered and got into my nightie. It was nothing special but it was silky and my nipples showed through the thin fabric. I checked the mirror across the room, and you could tell I wasn’t wearing panties. I was right by the door when John knocked. As I opened it he was nervously checking up and down the hall and slid in. (If anyone had seen him, his surreptitious checking would have actually told anyone exactly what was going on, LOL.)

John is such a sensual man. His hand barely brushed the fabric over my nipple. It felt so nice. And even when he held my breasts in his hand he caressed them softly and tenderly. I loved it when he pushed the silky fabric between my legs and rubbed me gently there. I’m sure he appreciated the way the fabric was getting wet. It wasn’t long before my nightie was off and it was his turn to get undressed.

I had already pulled down the sheets and we laid next to each other kissing and fondling and playing with our sex. He started to climb down between my legs, which I desperately wanted, but I interrupted him, “Do you and Connie do 69?”

“She doesn’t even like oral sex, especially the part about putting my penis in her mouth.”

“So you’ve never …”


So I twisted around and said, “Lay on your side.” There I was face to face with his cock again and I could feel John kissing and licking my leg – the other knee was up in the air for, you know, maximum exposure. As I started licking his balls and his shaft, I felt him kissing my pussy lips. Then his tongue was licking the crack between my pussy and my leg. He took my vulva in his mouth and I felt his tongue playing between those lips.

Whatever Connie’s reservations and his never having 69, I was obviously not the first girl he’d gone down on. Soon I was sucking away on his cock and he had f****d his face into my sex, his tongue flicking in and out of my love hole. My orgasm came first and it was HUGE – I just hoped that no one out in the hall heard me, especially my team mates. And it wasn’t long before I was tasting his semen for the second time that night.

I turned back up and put my head on the pillow next to John’s. We pulled the covers up and laid there kissing and touching and telling each other how wonderful that was. One of his hands never came off my breasts and the other one fondled my rear before it slid between my legs and ever so gently brushed my very messy pussy.

“I guess that really was cheating, wasn’t it,” I admitted.

“Yeah, but it was wonderful.”

We laid there a while longer kissing and holding each other. We were both getting aroused again and I had his cock in my hand. “John?” I started.


“I want you,”


“Really. … Inside me. …”

“Really? But we …”

“Fuck me John. Fuck me now!”

I was so ready for him. He climbed over me under the covers and slid in easily.

“Oh Yes Yes. So good. So good,” I moaned as another orgasm swept over me.

But after all that had happened already, it was going to take John a long time to finish. We switched to doggy and he gave me another orgasm. John finally came when I was sitting on him, facing him and leaning back so he could watch his cock slide in and out or my very happy vagina.

I’ll admit I cried a bit in the bathroom when I went to pee. But I wiped off my tears and went back to him. “You’ll stay won’t you?” I asked.

“I’d love that. … Your eyes are red. … Is everything OK?”

“Yes, Yes, just a bit of emotion.”

We made love again a bit later and then drifted off to sleep. We’d set an alarm so he could make a show of having stayed in his room. But we showered together and made love in there, too.

I bawled like crazy after he left. It’s been three years now. John and I manage to coordinate our trips to Seattle two or three times a year. But of course it’s never like the first time.

A couple times in the last year, he’s visited our company when Eric was out of town. If I felt guilty when I cheated in that hotel room, think how I felt when our play on the living room sofa and kitchen table migrated into my marriage bed and I woke up with a different man than Eric in my bed.

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