The bisex trio

Dora was having trouble with her husband Chuck. It was all about sex. They had been married for 3 years and he was constantly asking her to suck his cock as part of foreplay. She wasn’t that keen and the more he asked for it the less keen she became. The other problem was his suggestion that he fuck her anally. To say she was against it 100% would be an understatement. She could not see how anal sex would be enjoyable. In fact she thought it was disgusting. But still he persisted.

This disagreement festered and became a major problem in their marriage. Finally she had had enough and said if he thought sucking cock was so great maybe he should try it. He was a bit taken back by her suggestion. “I am not gay” he insisted and the subject was dropped. Well for a couple of weeks anyway. But of course he hadn’t given up hope and again, one night, he began to push her again. He was very surprised when she went down on his and did indeed suck him. Not a full blowjob, just enough to get him hard. “Oh baby that is so good” he moaned. The next day, over breakfast, Dora asked if he had enjoyed it. “Oh God yes” he said “it was great”. Nothing more was said.

The following day was Saturday and Dora seemed upbeat. They went shopping and then home for lunch. Dora kept looking at her watch. Chuck was curious but said nothing. It was a little before 3pm when Dora, who had gone to the bedroom, came out naked. Chuck looked at her lustfully. “I am feeling so horny darling” she said smiling “want to take care of that urge?” “You better believe it” Chuck replied and she ran back to the bedroom with her husband close behind. She sat on the edge of the bed while he threw his clothes off. “Come here” she said and began to fondle his cock and balls. “Quick, get on the bed” she said “time for some cock sucking”. He leaped on the bed ready to get what he always wanted.

Suddenly he heard footsteps coming down the hall. He looked up and was stunned to see a guy standing in the doorway. He was naked. Chuck recognised Karl. He was a Personal Trainer at Chuck and Dora’s gym. He had seen Karl flirting with his wife and recently he seemed to be spending time assisting Chuck although it was needed. “What the fuck?” Chuck screamed. Dora laughed. “I told you that I would teach you what it was like sucking cock” she said “Karl come over here. Chuck honey, suck his cock”. Chuck looked shocked “what are you talking about?” he yelled. “Well darling” answered Dora “if you ever what me to suck your cock again you need to see what it is like”. Karl moved to the edge of the bed, his erect cock twitching “yes Chuck” he said “do what your wife tells you”.

There seemed no way out. Dora had challenged him and if he ever wanted oral sex again he had to submit. He moved to the edge of the bed and fondled Karl manhood. Karl moaned as Chuck first stroked his cock and then, taking a deep breath, began to suck it. Dora looked on intently as she watched her husband performing oral sex on a guy. She noticed that Chuck cock was still rock hard. “My God” she mused “he is turned on”. Indeed Chuck was performing perfectly and Karl’s moans grew louder. “Oh fuck” he wailed “that is so good”. “OK boys” Dora said “why don’t you get into a 69 position. Chuck, you get on top and then Karl can suck you while you suck him”. Immediately they spun around as she told them and began mutually sucking each other.

Chuck heard a noise but he was too busy to look up. He was engrossed in the moment. He felt the bed move and then something pushed against his anal opening. “You know what sucking cock is like” he heard Dora say “now know what anal sex is like” and she rammed a lubricated strap-on dildo into his bum hole. “OH FUCK” Chuck screamed, his voice muffled as his mouth was full of Karl’s cock. “Yes baby” shouted Dora “scream all you like. I am going to fuck you” and so she did, brutally. But as Dora was thrusting her 9” strap-on into her husband’s arse she started to hear him moaning. My God, was he loving it?”

Several minutes later she pulled out and took off the strap-on. The whole episode had her shaking with lust. “Stop” she cried “Chuck fuck me right now”. Chuck and Karl quickly separated and Chuck grabbed Dora and threw her on the bed on her back. He immediately mounted her. “So you think you can teach me a lesson” he growled “well here is MY lesson” and he thrust his cock balls deep with his first thrust. Dora squealed and moaned as Chuck went to work on her. “Yes Baby” she yelled “give it to me darling”. Chuck had every intention of doing so. But the fun wasn’t over quite yet. While Chuck pounded his wife Karl was applying KY Gel to his cock.

Chuck was pacing himself as he was determined to ravage his wife for as long as he could before unloading. The bed moved and Chuck found himself being mounted by Karl. “Give me it all” Chuck mumbled. Dora was surprised. Karl was excited and he thrust in all the way. Still stretched by Dora’s strap-on, Chuck anal canal took Karl’s cock with ease. As Chuck continued to pound Dora so Karl was pounding Chuck. The room echoed with squeals, moans and groans as the threesome pleasured each other. Suddenly Chuck groaned and climaxed. His head was spinning as he filled Dora with his cum. Buy still Karl was thrusting furiously. It was another couple of minutes before he exploded deep in Chuck’s arse.

The three of them separated and lay on the bed puffing. No-one spoke for maybe two minutes. Then Dora looked at her husband “my God” she said staring at him “you actually enjoyed all that didn’t you”. Chuck smiled “yes honey” he said, and kissed her “I haven’t done that since University”. Dora’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped. “What do you mean?” she said. Chuck, still smiling, told Dora that when he was in University he had had a relationship with another guy. It had gone on for 18 months before they ended it. Karl chipped “yes Dora, I got the impression that today wasn’t his first time sucking cock”.

Dora sat on the bed trying to compute what Chuck was saying. “I think I had better go” said Karl and quickly walked out of the bedroom, dressed and left. “How did you organising this” asked Chuck. “Dora, now regaining her senses admitted that she had planned the whole thing. She quested that Karl was bisexual and worded him up on her plan. She had secretly ordered the strap-on. On that day she had arranged for Karl to come to the house at 3pm. She had left the front down unlocked. The only think she didn’t know was that Chuck had already enjoyed the pleasures of MM sex. The only failure in her plan. But as it turned out, not a total failure. Now she knew Chuck’s little secret she would be able to plan future encounters. She knew Karl would be a certain starter and she knew Chuck wouldn’t say no.