The bisex trio

Dora was having trouble with her husband Chuck. It was all about sex. They had been married for 3 years and he was constantly asking her to suck his cock as part of foreplay. She wasn’t that keen and the more he asked for it the less keen she became. The other problem was his

Turned On Mom 2.

“Come on, babe. Don’t make the crowd unhappy,” Chet moaned as he reached down and grabbed her thighs tightly. He pulled her back and jammed three more inches of cock up her virgin butt. “NO! NOOOO! NOOOOMGGGFFF!” Hilda screamed in a muffled tone as Anna shut her up with her banging pussy. “Yeah! Yeah!” Chet

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His two hands gripped her hips, his thumbs almost touched near her spine, the tips of his middle fingers brushed each other, halfway between her pubis and her belly button. Veins and muscle fibers telegraphed through the skin on his forearms, bearing her weight and pulling him down toward his hips. Legs kicked frantically at