Anal diary

His two hands gripped her hips, his thumbs almost touched near her spine, the tips of his middle fingers brushed each other, halfway between her pubis and her belly button. Veins and muscle fibers telegraphed through the skin on his forearms, bearing her weight and pulling him down toward his hips. Legs kicked frantically at

Becoming Enzo’s Bitch

One night while we were lying on the floor drinking wine, smoking marijuana and listening to music he had a silly idea and I went along. I had a bit too much wine. I was too agreeable. I couldn’t really believe he would let anything happen. He was just testing me. It started out with

A “ringmaster” at the circus gets a workout from some of the circus animals

I heard that Enzos Niki the doglover was going to be the guest ringmaster at the circus. I hate the circus but I couldn’t miss the chance to see Enzos Niki in person. A chance like that only comes around once in a lifetime. She looked fantastic, she entered the arena on a beautiful black