The blonde married waitress

Years ago when I was in the Army I went with a detachment of around 500 soldiers to a small town in Norther California. Our presence overwhelmed the town and surrounding area and we became a feeding frenzy for girls of high school age to married women of all ages. Me, well I liked the mothers more than the daughters and took up with that crowd. They were not demanding and all had a car.

When I had first come to this small town I met a young blonde married woman who worked at the local restaurant. During slow times at work she would set and talk endlessly with me. She may have been my age or slightly older but she was somewhat naive and seemed to me by her speech and actions to be much younger. As she would talk about her marriage I could see flashes of a young teenager in her face. In her eyes, not always, but occasionally, I would see a look of panic.

One afternoon she drove by when I was walking back to the barracks and asked me if I wanted to take a ride. There is not much to see so she asked me if I was driving would I take her out in the dessert. I of course said yes I would do that and probably make a pass at you. Off to the desert we went on a well word road the eventually ended at the town’s unofficial dump. She stopped at a place she could pull off the road and turned to me and said what would you do now. So I moved in on her and we were kissing and pawing on each other like teenagers. It ended with her blonde head in my lap with her lips around my dick. It was my first ever complete blow job. At that moment I would have married her.

She had to be at work in a couple of hours so she asked if I minded going home with her so she could change. So the ride ended at a trailer park home she shared with her husband. She had me duck when she pulled alongside her home. We went in her house and she began changing into the uniform she wore to work. She got as far as her bra and panties before I shoved her back over her bed. In those day twice a day was easy. I remember that day especially because we were both nude on her bed fucking and I could see out the window just above her head the next door neighbor cutting his lawn. He could also see us. He kept looking through the window of her bedroom as he made circular patterns in his rounds. The shade was up so I pushed the small curtain aside so he could get a better look. He made his turns walking slower and slower as he passed her window.

The girl was pretty with soft blue eyes that would change brightness with her mood. Pretty blonde hair, and a very sexy mouth. A mouth that could take the strength from a man’s legs. Her breasts were large and soft like pillows. Her inner thighs were also soft and because she was young I thought she was just losing her baby fat. She was a very unhappy woman; she had gone directly from a small high school where she was special because she was dating an older man, to the initial excitement of marriage. The man she married was 9 years her senior, a big difference in age considering she was only sixteen when they married. It was not long before the excitement of marriage ended and the realization that she was becoming her mother became evident. She knew her life lay out before her like a straight road with no exists. Routine and boredom would now be her constant companions interrupted occasionally with excitement garnered from another man. To witness her rebelling against the inevitability of her life sadden me.

Perhaps she confided in me because I could understand and empathize with the position she found herself. As for me, well I had learned early in life not to have any scruples about fucking another man’s wife. In fact, when doing so my goal was to impregnate her with my c***d, I believe like other animals we human males are always more excited with the pleasure of taking another man’s pussy. For a time that spring we fucked in her house; in her car and once with her leaning over a picnic table. I can still see her large white breasts spread out on the table and her hands grasping each side as I pounded her hard and fast from behind.
We did not officially end the affair or say goodbye. It ended when she ran away with another soldier for a weekend in Reno. She did return to her husband but her family gathered around her and kept her away from places she could come in contact with other soldiers. They did this as if guarding the soldiers against her. I am however confident that she did not go willing into her life as a wife and mother but instead I believe she lived the rest of her life in a state of quiet and absolute desperation.

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