Husband finds out wife has been cheating on him with a black co-worker

Carol’s job was hosting a Christmas party. She decided to wear a skirt and no panties. I was turned on by the idea. The company party was being held at a hotel about a half hour from where we lived. She said that they expected about 30 people to show up. We arrived at the

Sex in the office

I work early mornings stacking shelves in a supermarket. There is just me, the cleaner, and two guys out the back with the trucks. The cleaner is a beautiful middle eastern woman in her mid thirties. She has great tits. It’s funny, in her work clothes you can barely see the extent of their size

The blonde married waitress

Years ago when I was in the Army I went with a detachment of around 500 soldiers to a small town in Norther California. Our presence overwhelmed the town and surrounding area and we became a feeding frenzy for girls of high school age to married women of all ages. Me, well I liked the