The Evolution of Carol

Carol looked around the room at all the bodies in various stages of
undress. Now all of them were asleep, or passed out, or for whatever
reason seemingly inert. It had been quiet a night…and she had been the
Queen of it all. As she looked over the room, she thought back to the
beginning of the summer.

What a great day it had been, a Saturday of hiking in the awe inspiring
Rocky Mountains. Bob and Carol Maddox had met their hiking club at a
familiar trail head just west of Boulder, early that morning, and had spent
the day in the mountains. Bob and Carol loved the outdoors and
particularly hiking. They had formed the club less than a year before just
for days like this. People had come and gone, but at present the club
consisted of four couples. Bob and Carol had met each of them through
various social activities and were pleased to find them as enthusiastic
about hiking as they were.

In truth Bob had been both surprised and delighted when Carol had agreed
to join him in his hiking. She had always been such a ‘proper’ lady.
Always dressed to the hilt, in charge of her emotions, always the lady.
Hiking seemed foreign to her, in Bob’s mind, but she had taken to it
eagerly. It was the first of many things that indicated how little Bob
really knew of his wife.

Over the year of it’s existence the club had become a close knit group,
the members having much in common. They pursued a number of activities
together in addition to hiking, like dining, theater, partying. They had
become, ‘the gang’. All of them were quite bright, good looking and
reasonably mature, between the ages of 28 and 38. They were all more or
less successful professionals or ‘yuppies’ as Bob like to refer to them.
They were all physical fitness ‘nuts’ into tight bodies. And all of them
were modern day explorers who loved getting together to hike new trails, of
various types, as it turned out.

This particular day in the mountains had been outstanding. The weather
was perfect, and the trail challenging as they explored around a peak,
north west of Boulder. It had been a great day. And it had been capped
that evening by a delightful dinner at their favorite local french
restaurant. The hiking, the food, the service, not to mention the
conversation, had been enjoyable.

The gang did it’s share of flirting, double entendre and probably a lot
more. Carol enjoyed the banter and was good at it, but until tonight, she
had always considered it totally innocent. Tonight Joe Daniels had sat on
Carol’s left and Tom Parsons on her right. Her husband sat directly across
the table. Dr. Joe Daniels was an incurable flirt, the worst in the gang,
and was constantly coming on to Carol, in a very low key way. Carol
admitted to herself she enjoyed the attention. She frequently wondered how
far Joe would go if she let him and what Joe would be like in bed. In fact
she often wondered what most of the men she associated with, would be like
in bed. But that was as far as it had gone.

After dinner as they chatted over cognac, Carol noticed the drinks
seemed to have effected Joe more than usual tonight. He was a little
louder and a bit more risque in his stories. But even with that, it took
Carol by total surprise when she felt Joe’s hand fall lightly on her bare
leg under the table. At first she wasn’t sure what to do. One of her
first thoughts was that she was glad it was dimly lit in the restaurant as
she looked around to see if anyone else noticed what was going on.

Tom Parson, young corporate executive, was engaged in a animated
conversation with Vickie Baden, a psychotherapist who specialized in
aberrant behavior. Looking at Bob across from her he seemed unaware of
where Joe’s hand was. After a few seconds she placed her hand on top of
Joe’s and as casually as she could, moved it away. Joe had looked at her
and winked and continued his conservation with Bob. Carol had just passed
it off as a bit of over-playfulness on Joe’s part. That is until a few
minutes later she felt his hand back on her leg again, this time a bit
higher and more on her inner thigh.

She almost spilled her wine and Bob asked if she were alright. Carol,
not wishing to cause a scene, assured him she was fine as she felt Joe’s
hand slide higher and squeeze her bare upper thigh. She remained calm, at
least outwardly, as she waited for the right moment to move Joe’s wandering
hand once more, hopefully so no one would notice. She had to admit it was
exciting. Then Joe slid his hand even higher, taking advantage of her
hesitancy to act. His hand was stopped only by Carol’s firm thighs
pressing together.

Carol to this day, isn’t sure what made her do it, but she looked over
at Joe and when their eyes met she relaxed her legs and allowed them to
part. Immediately she felt Joe’s hand slide higher beneath her short
skirt, to brush against her panty-covered crotch. As he touched her she
jumped slightly. Joe lightly rubbed his finger up and down her outer labia
through her panties. Carol froze, sort of, and did nothing for several
minutes allowing Joe to carress her so intimately. Then as she realized
how wet she was becoming she caught his hand in hers. She held it
motionless against her pubic mound for a brief moment, more excited than
she even cared to admit that Joe was playing with her there, and in public.
The fact that it was public and with their friends around them excited
Carol terribly.

After another moment she again gently moved his wandering hand away.

The party broke up soon and nothing else occurred until the group was
outside saying goodnight amidst the obligatory hugs. When Joe and Carol
faced each other, he smiled and pulled her into his arms. She was still
turned on. She felt his hands drop to her trim ass. Looking up at Joe and
she smiled and said softly, “Behave yourself, Doctor Daniels.”

And she hugged him, longer that normal, tightly as she felt his large
hands squeeze her cute ass.


At home, Bob and Carol prepared for bed after their full day. Now as
Carol thought about Joe’s behavior, she realized she was terribly horny.
As she walked back and forth, to and from the master bathroom, she wore
less and less each time, giving Bob a progressive show with her own intent
in mind.

Needless to say, Bob enjoyed the gradual strip tease of his wife’s lush

The physical activities they both enjoyed seemed to keep them in
outstanding shape. Carol particularly was in truly spectacular shape. Her
full firm breasts were not the silicon ‘Playmate’ style but large,
none-the-less delightful, and quite eye catching. Her waist was small,
flaring out into nicely rounded hips and a full tight little ass that
caused heads to turn. She was beautiful and none of it was wasted on Bob,
or for that matter, most of the men who knew her.

Bob, too, was well built, strikingly handsome in a boyish sort of way,
and a lot of fun. A psychotherapist by trade and a very gentle, caring,
and shy man, always eager to please.

As he enjoyed leering at his wife, in his mind he found himself hoping,
once again, that she might take the lead in their sexual activities
tonight. He longed for her to become the real aggressor, even if just once.
If she would only roll over and just once demand that he ‘service’ her, in
the crudest of terms, he felt like he could die happy. He began to have an
erection as he thought of his beautiful wife standing over him in one of
her thin silk teddies, demanding he perform sex act after lewd sex act on
her…. and he sighed loudly as his fantasy unwound in his mind. Then he
thought, ‘Damn…I counsel tons of people on their sex life, why can’t I
ask Carol for what I want?’

Carol was slowly brushing her hair, seated at her dressing table. She
heard Bob’s sigh. She could feel Bob’s eyes locked on her body and she
felt her small nipples begin to harden and become increasingly sensitive as
her excitement grew. She looked up at Bob in the mirror and enjoyed the
way he stared at her. In her mind, she fantasized about Bob walking over,
scooping her up, throwing her on the bed, tearing her silk nighty off as he
ravished her forcefully. Forcing her to do all the nasty things she has
always refused to do.

She sighed and put her brush down meeting Bob’s eyes for an instant.
They both recognized the lust in each other’s eyes and they both hoped….

She broke the reverie and moved to their large bed. Bob moved to join
her, turning out the lights. He pulled her gently into his arms feeling
her soft body meet his, feeling his partial erection press into her. Their
lips met, softly, then lightly exploring, waiting for the other to make the
next move.

After a few seconds, as he had done for the ten years of their marriage,
Bob gave up on Carol taking the initiative and his hands wandered gently,
if somewhat predictably, to her lovely breasts, freeing them from her
nighty for his hands and mouth and tongue to explore lingeringly. They
were full and soft and warm in his hands. He loved that feeling. Her skin
was so smooth and soft under his fingers. He suckled first one turgid
nipple then the other, his tongue a live thing on and around those swollen
sensitive tips. Carol loved this and shortly she gasped softly, and her
entire body stiffened as she had one of her small orgasms. Bob instantly
stopped his manipulation of her hard nipples, letting her come down from
her brief flight.

When her breath returned to normal, his gentle hands spread her long
trim legs and his fingers trailed lightly around and over her delightful
mound of venus. Bob’s fingers slowly explored her swollen outer labia with
a feather touch, then finding the rising moisture within. His fingers
moved higher, lightly brushing her erect clitoris. It took only a moment
of Bob’s manipulation until Carol stiffened again and had her second
mini-orgasm. Bob froze, once more, waiting for her recovery.

Carol thought, and wanted to scream, ‘No damn it, don’t stop… oh
please… just once… don’t stop.’

When she stopped shaking, Carol eagerly sought Bob’s rigid tool with
both hands and eased it between her engorged outer lips, rubbing it up and
down, slowly, from near her rectum, to her still tingling clitoris. Then,
in a well rehearsed pas-de-deux, Carol rolled over onto her back, as Bob
rolled with her, pressing his maleness slowly into her warm, wet, inviting
sheath. They both moaned softly from the intimate pleasure of joining, the
wetness, the sexual stretching, the total engulfing of his member. After a
moment Bob began to move slowly. Carol’s hips rose to meet his thrusts as
they increased in depth and tempo. It didn’t take much of this and they
were both grunting and straining into each other with a vengeance as first
Carol climaxed, followed almost immediately by Bob …. and then …

Carol smiled to herself, it had been good, very good and very satisfying
even … yet …. and she remembered another time, another partner making
love to her long ago…. no, he hadn’t made love to her, he had fucked
her, hard and rough, non-stop as she came repeatedly to his pounding, to
his loud demands that she squeeze his cock with her cunt, that she fuck him
back. She had loved it and continued to hope… hope that Bob would
somehow know what she wanted, needed….. forget she was a lady and give
it to her…

Bob rolled over on his back beside her, his tool limp and wet from
Carol’s and his mixed juices. Bob sighed thinking, hmm good… but if she
could just once forget she is a lady. What was that old saying, ‘a lady in
public and a slut in bed’, yeah if she could be his demanding slut in

Bob got up and got a warm washcloth and washed Carol gently, lovingly,
then as he returned it to the dirty clothes hamper he cleaned his own limp
member. Back in bed he cuddled with Carol and said, “I love you Carol.
That was great.”

“Hmmm, I love you too honey, it sure was.”

But Carol was laying there, wondering what Joe might have done in Bob’s
place. She guessed he would be rough, demanding. She still couldn’t
believe what had happened earlier at the restaurant. She decided it
probably would be best not to mention it to Bob.

After a short pause as they lay there side by side in their big bed,
each alone with their thoughts, Bob spoke, “Remember our discussions about
finding a physical fitness trainer? Well I checked on it yesterday. I
talked to Charlie over at the gym. He says it should be no problem to
arrange for a physical fitness trainer to come to the house three days a
week. He even suggested one. He seemed to think we could set up Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays like we discussed. That is, if she accepts us as
clients. Charlie said she was very good, very much in demand and very
selective about who she will work with. Charlie seem to think we’re the
kind of people she likes though, what ever that means. Since you get home
before I do I thought we could scheduled her with you an hour before I get
here and then another hour with me.”

“That sounds fine, did you ask about the gang, you know, would she train
all eight of us as a group?”

“I mentioned it to Charlie. He seemed to think she would, but suggested
you and I work with her for a while, until we know her better, to see if we
want her to do the whole club.”

“Sounds great, I appreciate your getting the data honey. Will you go
ahead and arrange it for us? See when she can start and, by the way,
what’s her name?”

“Yeah I’ll see if I can set it up soon. Monday at four for you, five
for me. And her name is Alexandria. Charlie pointed her out to me. She
is something else! Very fit, damned gorgeous really, obviously a strong,
take charge type. I think she will add some discipline to our lives.
Charlie also said she is very demanding and if you aren’t willing to work
her way she will tell you to get another trainer.”

“She sounds fascinating and we both could use a bit more discipline…
we are much too easy on ourselves. I’m eager to meet her and get started.”


They soon were sound asleep. That night Carol dreamed she was in bed
with Dr Joe Daniels in a sleazy motel. Joe was a dominant controlling
lover, taking complete charge and harshly directing Carol to take care of
his needs in a number of ways. He spanked her cute bare ass smartly with
his bare hand when Carol did not comply quickly enough. In her dream her
ass cheeks burned, but she climaxed like she never had before. She loved
it. Also in her dream a faceless Alexandria stood watching her, and Joe,
have sex…. directing Carol’s performance beneath Joe.

When Joe was done with her body Alex had crawled on the bed with Carol
and f****d Carol’s head down between her legs, ordering Carol to do her.
In her dream Carol had eagerly done as Alex ordered.

The Evolution of Carol

Chapter 2

Is This What Carol Needs?

As Joe and Janette Daniels drove home from the restaurant that night,
Janette placed her cool hand on the back of Joe’s neck and lightly stroked
it. Joe was the guy all the ladies found cute and cuddly. He had used
that attribute a lot as he enjoyed his favorite sport of seduction.
Janette, his gorgeous wife, also an MD, was of Italian descent, a dark eyed
beauty who exuded sex appeal. Joe and Janette quietly enjoyed a lot of
‘extra-curricular’ activities, both individually and as a couple. They had
an open marriage, an ‘understanding’. Janette smiled at Joe and asked
softly, “What was going on between you and Carol tonight? It looked like
you might have been playing around a bit under the table. The look on
Carol’s face was priceless. Can I assume it was because you were playing
with her under the table? I couldn’t help but wonder just how high your
hand was my love. I thought we weren’t going to hit on anyone in the
hiking club?” “Janette, you don’t miss a thing do you? I guess the wine
and cognac got to me. All of a sudden I wanted to see how high I could get
my hand up miss tight ass’s leg. Pretty damn high. She surprised me, she
actually spread her legs enough for me to reach her damp panties. Maybe
Carol isn’t the tight ass I thought.” “That is interesting. I also noticed
a long tight hug between the two of you as we left, might Carol be
interested in more? If she is, does that mean all of the club are fair
game now?” “I’m not sure about Carol. Maybe… We will see… maybe we
should have Carol and Bob over for brunch tomorrow. If you would be so
kind as to keep Bob engaged I would certainly enjoy exploring a bit farther
with Carol. As far as I am concerned what ever you do with Bob or any
others in the club is fine. Hiking new trails might take on a whole new
meaning.” ***** The next morning Bob and Carol were awakened about 9:00 by
the phone. It was Janette Daniels, inviting them over for brunch. Carol,
without consulting Bob, accepted immediately. When she hung up the phone
she was surprised that she had not asked Bob first. Surprised at how
eagerly she had accepted. She began to wonder what to expect from Joe….
and herself. Then as casually as she could, she told Bob they were going
to brunch. Bob thought it was a great idea to have brunch with the
Daniels. He enjoyed Janette a great deal. Janette Daniels had once thought
about specializing in Psychiatry before she opted for a general practice
like Joe. Bob enjoyed talking ‘psychology shop’ with Janette. It seemed
to Bob that Janette particularly liked to talk about the sexier cases Bob
did therapy with. Bob enjoyed it too. Sometimes even inventing a few more
exotic events to share with Janette. Janette seemed to enjoy even his
wildest cases. He enjoyed her openness. He frequently wondered if Janette
were as open in bed. ***** Near by in the same neighborhood that morning,
Vickie Baden fixed the coffee and looked out the large window into their
manicured back yard as she thought, ‘That damned Tom Parson is still in the
middle ages’. His conversation from the night before still irritated her.
God, that man still thought of women as mere toys for men’s pleasure. She
would like to show him. The way he talked about executive secretaries
being there to ‘accommodate’ their bosses in any way the exec required.
She remembered she had asked him if female execs should have male toys. He
had winked at her and replied, male or female, her choice. He was
infuriating. I would like to have him in my bed for a few hours,
restrained tightly. He would beg…. how he would beg. Just like Ray

***** Even farther across town Sue Parson awoke and stretched, smiling
as she remembered how good the sex had been the night before. Tom was
already out of bed. She wished he didn’t wake up so early… she wished
he were here next to her now, she wanted, needed… more.. Seemed like
she always wanted more.. was always ready for more. She got out of bed,
delightfully, nude, and walked into the kitchen looking for Tom. They had
all day with nothing else scheduled. She smiled as she hunted her prey.
Fortunately Tom had a sex drive equal to Sue’s and was only too happy to be
hunted by his insatiable sexy wife. ***** As Bob rang the Daniels’ door
bell, he turned to look at his lovely wife. She had surprised him with her
dress this morning. He had watched, intrigued, as she prepared. Sheer,
extreme french cut panties, barely more than a string between the cheeks of
her cute ass and only a small triangle of sheer lace material in front that
covered little and hid nothing. A very short mini-skirt, no bra and a silk
blouse that hugged her full firm breasts. He could clearly see the outline
of her nipples. ‘Damn she looked sexy’, Bob had thought and he had
whistled softly for her benefit. She had winked at him as she put the
finishing touches on her makeup. She knew he wouldn’t object. He never
took that strong of a stance. She answered his unasked question with ‘I
felt like being a little daring today. You don’t mind if I tease Joe a
little today do you?’. Bob didn’t answer, just smiled. But it excited Bob
unbelievably. He liked it, he particularly liked the idea of Carol teasing
Joe with her body. He wondered if Joe would appreciate the show… ‘Of
course he would’ and Bob smiled to himself. The door opened and they were
properly welcomed and escorted into the Daniels’ large country kitchen. A
table was prepared overlooking the large pool in the back yard. Neither
Joe or Janette missed Carol’s attire. Joe winked at Janette and they both
smiled. Perhaps it was just coincidence that Carol had dressed as she
had… like a red flag to a bull.

A large breakfast was laid out and the four of them ate, sipped
champaign and talked. More and more it became two twosomes talking as Bob
and Janette explored his cases of aberrant sexuality and Joe and Carol’s
conversation seemed to jump around to everything but what was on their
minds. Janette suggested to Bob that they go into the den with their
coffee where it was more comfortable …she had some questions about one
particular case he had mentioned. Joe motioned for them to go ahead, that
he and Carol would find something to do. When they were gone Joe said to

“I love your outfit Carol. I haven’t seen you in such ‘casual’ attire
before. Looks good on you. Damned sexy.” “Thanks Joe… don’t know why I
put this on today… just felt like a change. Its nice occasionally to
try something new and different.” Joe stood up and reached for Carol’s
hand. Without a word Carol let him take her hand as she stood up.

“Let’s go for a walk in the yard.” Joe held her hand as they went out
the back door. Neither of them said a word as he led her around the pool
and into the pool house. As the door closed behind them Carol spoke,

“Joe… I don’t think we should be here like this. This would appear
very unusual to say the least.” Joe didn’t say a word but gently took her
into his arms and pulled her body close to his. Carol slid her hands up
onto his shoulders as she looked up at him scared, excited and expecting
something to happen. Joe held her and she felt his hands slowly slide down
from her waist to her ass cheeks. He patted and squeezed her ass, pulling
her cheeks apart as he had the night before. She made no move to stop him
as she wondered what he would do next. She enjoyed his hands on her …
it was new to her. “You feel so good Carol. I have wanted to get my hands
on your cute ass since the day I met you. I have always been an ass man
and you have the cutest.” When Carol said nothing, made no move, Joe
dropped his handsand slid them back up under her skirt onto her bare ass.
As hefondled her gently Carol sighed softly. Joe spoke again, “Did you
dress like this for me Carol? After I touched you last night…. did you
dress knowing my hands would be exploring you again? It feels like you are
naked under your skirt…. hmmm, feels so nice.” Carol was starting to
breath heavily, her breasts rising and falling against Joe’s chest. She
sighed, “Joe I….” But she let her words trail off and she lay her head on
Joe’s shoulder. The friction against her nipples through the thin blouse
was causing Carol to thrill with tiny sensuous pleasures. Her fingers
opened and closed repeatedly on his chest. Carol seemed to have no control
over her own body…wanted no control over her own body. Joe squeezed her
smooth bare ass in his hands again and thenCarol felt his hands lightly
glide around her sides, onto her soft abdomen as he pushed her back enough
to allow his hands towander. She flinched and sucked in her breath as
Joe’s handsslowly moved over her bare tummy… and then lower. When
hishands touched the top edge of her brief panties, he paused only asecond.
Carol felt one of Joe’s hands pull her panties out awayfrom her body as his
other hand slipped boldly down inside ontoher mound. His hand moved again
and Carol jumped and groanedloudly as his fingers found her swollen
clitoris and pinched itlightly. “No Joe…. No…. oh damn…. you
shouldn’t… ” Carol shook as he gently masturbated her clit. She
couldn’thelp herself, she gasped as her entire body went rigid, then she
let out a groan that was more of a growl as she started to cum. Joe met
her open lips with his, their tongues dueling. Hecontinued rapidly
stimulating her clit with his fingers as shereturned the pressure against
his hand. Joe’s moved his other hand back to her darling bare ass and he
pressed her lower body between his hands. One of hisfingers disappeared
between her cheeks and toyed with her tinyanal rose. Carol sucked in her
breathe, shocked at the tingles ofpleasure that gave her. She had never
even imagined that. Bobhad never touched her there. She moaned as two
more fingersfound her moist vagina and easily entered into it’s warm
wetness.His fingers pressed deeper into both openings and Carol screamed.
She stiffened in Joe’s arms as she climaxed violently, againand again. Joe
did not slacken his attentions until Carol atlast went totally limp and
slumped against him. Joe held her fora few moments then gently sat her on
the chaise lounge nearby. In a moment or two Carol looked up at Joe. Her
blouse hadworked completely open and her great breasts were bared.
Herskirt was up around her waist. Her brief panties were stilltwisted to
one side and her downy love nest was in clear view,glistening with her
moisture. Joe looked her over and smiledsaying, “You are so beautiful….
You do go off like a bomb Carol. I love to see a lady enjoy herself. I
thought you would be awildcat in bed.” “Joe I can’t believe any of this….
Last night,… thismorning. … I know I shouldn’t be here … I’ve
never… ” Carol looked down at her body, now so totally revealed. Then
she looked back at Joe and said, “I’m lying here totally exposed to
you…feeling so sexy. I just had the best orgasm I’ve had in a very long
time. Part ofme is about to panic,….. but Joe, the other part wants to
do itall again.” Joe sat beside Carol and caught her hand and placed it
onhis erection through his pants. Carol, without hesitationwrapped her
long fingers around it and looked up at Joe as shestroked him. Joe smiled
and cupped one of her large bare breaststhrough her open blouse. As he
caressed it lovingly he kissed herlips lightly several times and said,
“Carol… I want you. I want your body in lots of ways. Not just a
quicky in the pool house but regularly. I want you tomeet me somewhere
where we can make love all day long. Where wecan try it all. I know you
want it too. Open up Carol…explore with me.” Carol sighed and squeezed
his cock harder and answered. “Joe this is going much too fast. I have
never doneanything like this since Bob and I got married. I need some
timeto think, with my head not my sex. I am enjoying this way toomuch.”

Bob stood up and unzipped his pants. He reached inside andhis rigid
cock stood out free in front of Carol’s face. Carolstared at it, the
swollen vein running down it, the purple headso near her lips. Carol
understood what Joe was silently askingfor and she wrapped her fingers
around him again and opened herlips to give him what he wanted. What she
wanted…. As she swallowed the last of Joe’s offering she let his nowlimp
member fall free as she stood up. She smiled to herself,thinking how she
had always refused to do that for Bob. Todayshe loved doing it. Joe
kissed her, to her surprise. He didn’tseem to mind at all that she tasted
strongly of his sperm. Itwas a long kiss and when it broke Joe patted her
bare love nestfamiliarly as he said, “Carol I want to enjoy this soon….
and regularly.” “Joe….. right now I want to say yes… anytime…
thesooner the better. But let me have some time to think, to see ifI can
deal with this if it goes any farther. Can I do this andstill look at Bob.
You know I want to. What about Janette?” “Janette and I agreed some time
ago that we did not own eachother. We are both free to pursue all of our
interests both withand apart from each other. She may be trying to seduce
Bob as wespeak.” Carol laughed softly, saying, “Hmmm that sounds intriguing
Joe. I wonder how hard Janettewill have to work to seduce Bob. Possibly
not very hard I think. Neither of you ever gets jealous… sharing?”
“No… why should we. You don’t get jealous if Bob danceswith another
woman do you? We have just extended that. Wealways return home to number
one. Could you deal with itif Bob and Janette had sex?” “Strangely I think
maybe I could. The idea excites me.Especially if I were there to watch. I
guess standing here nakedwith you colors my thinking a bit.” They both
laughed and Joe said, “Carol I will call you tomorrow. I beg you to
makearrangements to meet me soon. It could be so nice, new,different,
exciting. I know you would love it. And Bob won’tmiss a thing.” Carol
walked over and looked at her self in a full lengthmirror. She looked at
all of her charms so revealed and sheloved the way she looked, hot and
ready, a little slutty. Joewalked up behind her and his hands slid around
her and cupped herfull bare breasts, caressing them as she watched in the
mirror. It was so damned exciting. After a few moments she
reluctantlyremoved his hands and slowly began to straighten her clothing.
She looked at Joe and said, “We better get back Joe, but my mouth still
tastes like you.Do you have anything out here for that?” Joe walked to a
refrigerator and opened a coke, handing itto her. She drank and swished it
around in her mouth before sheswallowed. Joe took it and drank from it
too. After washing up,they headed back to the house. As they walked
brushing against each other Joe said, “Carol I want you…. all day long.”
“Joe. I want it too … soon… maybe often. Call metomorrow morning at
home. Bob leaves about 9…. I think Imay take the day off. If I have
the guts.” As she said that Carol stopped walking, shivered and hadanother
tiny orgasm as she closed her eyes and squeezed Joe’sarm.

The Evolution of Carol Chapter 3 My .. How Carol Has Changed!

As Carol and Joe entered the house through the kitchen Joecalled out,
“Hello, where is everyone?” He stepped up behind Carol and took her in his
arms. Hekissed her neck lightly and his hands filled with her soft
fullbreasts again thru her blouse as he said softly, “That was to give Bob
and Janette warning… just in case.” Carol put her hands on top of his
and pulled them harderinto her fabulous breasts as she laughed deep in her
throatasking, “Do you suppose… they did anything? I would love to
peek.” “Janette will share with me when I ask her and I will letyou know if
things got interesting between our spouses too. Whenit happens you will
have your chance to ‘peek’.” After a couple of moments they heard Janette
and Bob’svoices as they obviously were coming to join them in the
kitchen.The four of them chatted for a while longer over coffee, saidtheir
goodbyes and Carol and Bob took their leave. As Bob drove homeward Carol
literally inspected him, lookingfor some sign. Was that a damp spot on the
front of histrousers? Was he a bit flushed? He seemed to be talking
fasterthan normal, a sure sign he was nervous. Carol smiled, enjoyingthe
little game immensely. Then she wondered, ‘What would it belike to have a
lover, to know her husband was with anotherwoman, even a foursome?’ She
found all of the ideas extremelyexciting. She smiled as she asked Bob, “Did
you and Janette have a nice…. discussion?” He coughed nervously and
answered, “About the usual…. and you?” “I enjoyed Joe but nothing worth
mentioning really.” But she thought, ‘I only gave Joe a blow job.’ As Bob
pulled into their driveway, Carol yawned and statedshe felt like taking a
lazy afternoon nap. After Carol headedfor their bedroom, Bob paced around
the house for a few minutesobviously very distracted. He went to his study
to consider allthat had transpired that morning. His head was still
whirling. He had fantasized about Janette’s fine body often before.
Butthis morning as they had discussed a particular case of Bob’s,this
husband who couldn’t seem to resist any available female. When his wife
had learned about his affairs she raised all kindsof hell. Janette looked
at Bob with a sultry smile on her faceand said, “Why don’t you tell her she
should join him, do it too.” Janette then espoused a solution where the
couple could both have other sexual partners, whenever they felt like
it,alone and/or together. Bob had asked if she were serious and
wassurprised when Janette had admitted that it had been the solutionto her
problem, between she and Joe. When she had learned thatJoe was sleeping
around she had confronted him and then she hadsuggested they work it out
that way. Now they were both free totake as many lovers as they liked.
They both had been pleasedwith her solution, it had worked wonderfully for
a couple ofyears now.

Bob had a million questions and found himself terriblyexcited over her
announcement. He bashfully asked Janette – whatwas it like, any problems,
did they watch each other, how many, how often? She calmly answered all of
his questions and then shehad smiled and asked, “Bob… I think I would
like for you to…. be my nextlover?” Bob stared at her as if mesmerized
and realized how hard hisheart was pounding, how erect he had become. It
was like heheard someone else’s voice answer, “I would love that.” Janette
leaned toward Bob and kissed him, letting her tongueexplore. Bob’s hands
had touched, then cupped her soft breasts. His heart was really pounding
now. Unfortunately they wereinterrupted as they had heard Joe calling…..
Now at home Bob leaned back in his study chair and lookedout the window.
What was he going to do? Was he really going tobe unfaithful to Carol? He
ached to explore things with Janette.He was sure she would be clear in what
she wanted. Demanding ofBob. Then he shook his head as if that would get
rid of theideas. When that didn’t work he decided he needed to get
busywith something else, to drive to the fitness center to see if hecould
put the final arrangements on a personal trainer. Hefigured he would be
back long before Carol woke up. As he drove,his mind kept returning to
Janette and her offer. Then he beganto wonder what Carol would do if she
found out.

At the fitness center Charley introduced him to Alexandria.She was
working out with dead weights, more than Bob could lift.She, indeed, was a
commanding presence. She stood as tall asBob and looked into his eyes as
if she were angry with him, as ifhe had offended her somehow. All of a
sudden Bob felt like achild as Alexandria looked him over slowly from head
to foot. Heobeyed immediately when she told him to turn around,
somehowneeding to please this lady. As she asked him all sorts ofquestions
about he and Carol, even about their sex life,Alexandria ran her hands over
his trim body like she was judginga dog show. She slid her hands around,
pressing and squeezing,his legs, his tummy, his ass, as she made brief
expressions like’Hmmm’ and ‘loose’ and ‘needs work’. Then to Bob’s
surprise herhand brushed lightly over his limp cock. Bob couldn’t
believeshe had done that. Was it an accident? He looked into her eyesand
saw a twinkle he thought. Neither of them mentioned it butBob’s mind was
again in a whirl, broken when Alexandria spoke. “Not bad Bob, you have real
potential. But there are someconditions for me to work with you. First I
prefer beingaddressed as Alex. Second I will brook absolutely no
argumentsabout training technique. Either you and your wife will doexactly
as I say or forget it. Third I will train your body andyour mind a bit. I
am unorthodox and demanding. I will changeyour lives if you work with
me…. but I think you may be thekind of people that will respond to me
rapidly. I think you willeagerly bend to my ways.” Bob’s mind was racing.
His eyes ran over her amazon-likebody in her skin tight, sweaty wet
exercise suit. Her body wasextraordinary and every detail was clearly
outlined through herthin outfit including her nipples and even her labia.
Bob felt astrong sexual attraction to this lady. He felt his tool
growingas he wondered what might come from her ‘training’. He looked ather
and softly said, “I think we should give it a try Alex. We will abide
withyour terms. If possible we would like to start tomorrow, Carolat 4:00
and me at 5:00, three days a week?” Alex responded, “That should work fine,
be prepared to work hard. And Bob, Ihave no patience with false modesty or
lack of discipline. Weare all adults.” Bob stammered and then said,
“Whatever you say.” “Good, I think this will be interesting for all of us.”
***** Carol woke to the jangling of the phone. She wondered whyBob didn’t
answer it. Finally she was alert enough to pick itup. “Hi Carol, Joe here,
where’s your husband?” “I don’t know, he must be gone or he would have
caught thephone.” “Good I wanted to talk to you privately, I just called
totell you how much I enjoyed this morning. What you did withyour mouth
was fabulous.” “Joe, you’re embarrassing me. I still can’t believe I
didthat. I haven’t even kissed another man besides Bob before thismorning.
Let alone that.” Joe laughed in the phone and said, “What Carol?” “Joe…
you certainly know what.” “I do.. but I want to hear you say it. I want
to hear yousay you sucked my cock.” Carol shivered as he said it. The
sound of the ‘dirty’words by her potential lover thrilled her to the core.
She wassilent for a second and Joe prompted her again, “Say it.” “I can’t
believe…. I…. sucked your cock this morning.” “That’s better. I want
to hear you talk like that. Iloved cumming in your beautiful mouth Carol.
You were great.” “You mean I am a good little cock sucker Joe?” “Yeah…
you are a great cock sucker Carol. I can hardlywait to feel your mouth on
my cock again.” “Is my mouth all you want Joe?” “Not by a long shot. I
want everything you have.” “Joe …. I ….like the words too, the really
dirty words. Tell me what you want please.” “I want to eat your little
pussy for hours, and fuck it, andmaybe fuck your ass too. I want every
thing you can give mesexually.” Carol’s hand had slipped under her skirt
and she had pulledthe crotch of her brief panties to the side. She was
enjoyingplaying with herself as she listened to Joe go on at length
aboutwhat he intended to do to her. Then Joe said, “Carol honey, I think
Bob and Janette may be close togetting together. Janette told him about
our open marriage andasked if he would like to be her next lover.
Suggested they meetat a hotel sometime soon. Bob was eager to agree.” “He
did? She told you that? I’m surprised…. and I thinkdelighted. Maybe I
have underestimated Bob. I didn’t think hehad the guts for an affair. Did
you tell Janette about what wedid?” “A little, I told her that you give
great head. I reallydidn’t have to say much, the way you dressed this
morning, thefact we went out to the pool house, she knew we didn’t just
talk.I admitted to her that I didn’t fuck you … not yet. She wantedto
know when I was going to remedy that terrible oversight. Itold her I would
take care of that in the morning.” Carol was rubbing herself rapidly and
she came as Joe saidthat. It was obvious what was happening even over the
phone andJoe waited until her breathing calmed again and then said, “Carol,
I will be at your place at 9:15 in the morning. Leave the front door
unlocked and be in your bed nude and readyfor me. Make sure Bob is gone
unless you want him to watch mefuck his gorgeous sexy wife.” Carol groaned
loudly as she heard the ‘click’ as Joe hung upthe phone. She lay there
just staring at her phone and shecouldn’t believe she fully intended to let
Joe do whatever hewanted to her body. She hung the phone up as she heard
Bob pullinto in the drive way. ***** Bob entered the bedroom and was a
little shocked andpleasantly surprised as he looked down at his wife on the
bed. She looked like an unmade bed. Her clothes askew, her handburied
between her legs. He had never seen her like that before.She looked up at
him and said, “I am so horny darling, please come here.” Bob couldn’t
believe his ears. Carol had always been soproper. Now she was being more
what he had long hoped for. Bobstripped quickly and was between her legs
giving her what shewanted. He went a little wild, first Janette’s teasing,
thenAlexandria’s unspoken promise and now finding his wife layingthere like
a hot little slut, asking him to fuck her. He wentcrazy and pounded into
her ruthlessly. Carol couldn’t believe iteither and she wrapped her legs
around his ass and cried outloudly, “Yes… oh yes Bob… fuck me hard
honey…. it’s so good..” It was absolutely the best sex the two of them
had evershared. Carol and Bob both wore these huge grins as they
cuddledtogether afterwards. To Bob’s great surprise and delight, aftera
few minutes Carol grinned wickedly at him and slowly reversedherself on top
of him, taking his limp cock in her hands. Hethrilled as he felt her wet
mouth engulf his rising member. Hegroaned loudly with pleasure. Her legs
then shifted to straddledhis head. The aroma was intoxicating and all he
had to do wasstick out his tongue. Carol jumped as his tongue darted
abouther clit, first tentatively and then with abandon. Bob
stronglyencouraged by her response, caught her cute ass in his hands
anddove into it the way he had long yearned to. Much later they lay on
their bed still panting. They lookedat each other with new found interest.
They talked animatedlythrough dinner and until late into the night. About
how great ithad been and they wondered aloud why this hadn’t happened
before.Why had it happened now? They talked about what else they
mightenjoy, might do to open things up even more. Carol said, “I have
always wanted to be sexy, even a little slutty, butI never dared, even at
home with you. That seems to be changing.I have always avoided using all
the sexual words for fear ofshocking you…. but the truth is, I love
using them. And I wantto hear you use them with me. They turn me
on….and I lovebeing turned on.” They talked about Alexandria and their
impressions, aboutJoe and Janette with some pretty interesting hints from
both ofthem about wanting to see a lot more of the Daniels socially. *****
The next morning Carol awoke reluctantly when the alarm wentoff. As Bob
got up and staggered in for his shower she lay inbed, still delightfully
nude. She stretched languidly and thoughtabout Joe’s impending visit…
and she grinned from ear to ear. What was she going to do? Maybe she
should call him and tell himnot to come over. Sex with Bob had been the
best they had everhad last night. She was eager for tonight to come so she
couldexplore more new stuff with her husband. Her thoughts flipped toJoe.
If she had sex with Joe would it take anything away fromshe and Bob? Could
she keep both men happy with her body? Maybeshe would get new ideas from
Joe to please Bob with. She shiveredwith pleasure as she thought about it
all. Bob came back into the room and started dressing. Carolslid out of
bed and into her silk robe as she headed for thekitchen to fix the coffee.
Fortunately that was all either ofthem ever wanted for breakfast. As she
passed Bob she stopped,turned, she slid her arms around him and kissed him
deeply as shetold him how much she enjoyed sex the previous night. As
Bobgrinned proudly Carol felt his manhood start to swell. ThenCarol told
him she was going to stay at home today to do somequiet catch-up work.
After a pause she added that she wouldappreciate it if he didn’t call or
come home and interrupt whatshe was going to be doing. She stroked the
front of his trousersand said that she would be eagerly awaiting him that
nightthough. As she plugged the coffee pot in she looked out the windowand
thought to herself, ‘you really are going through with it,with Joe aren’t
you, you little slut!’ Then she said out loudjust to herself, “You are
going to let Joe fuck you……’ *****

The Evolution of Carol Chapter 4 Alexandria Comes, but After Joe

Carol gave Bob a very passionate kiss goodbye at the door, apromise of
what was in store for him that night. As he walked tohis car Carol glanced
at her watch. Joe should be here in justover 15 minutes. She walked to
the front door and unlocked it asshe watched Bob’s car pull away through
the living room window.Smiling to herself she shivered with anticipation as
she walkedto her bedroom and a quick shower. She lay propped up on the
pillows on their big bed,completely nude, she could see herself in the
dresser mirror. She liked what she saw and what Joe would see shortly.
When afterwhat seemed an eternity, she heard the front door open and
closeshe was terribly nervous. It seemed like another eternity untilJoe
stepped into her bedroom. When his eyes slowly ran over herbody and her
revealed charms, charms she was eagerly offering tohim with no reservation,
her case of nerves disappeared. “Carol you are gorgeous, you look so
fuckable.” Carol smiled and spread her legs a little farther apart. Joe
slowly undressed, never taking his eyes off of her. Carolsoon was looking
at his exposed, hard cock, for the second time. It stood up waving at her.
She remembered what it had felt likein her mouth, tasted like. She was
eager for him to use it onher. But instead, he crawled on the bed from the
foot anddropped his face between her long trim legs. For the next
30minutes he brought her off, over and over, with his tongue andfingers.
She groaned, moaned, gasped and screamed. Then as Joesucked her small hard
clit, he wet one finger in her welllubricated cunt and slipped it up her
tight back door, then twoother fingers entered her wet cunt. Carol
screamed and buckedwildly as she came, gasping, barely able to breathe.
After a fewmoments she sighed, “Oh damn Joe, that feels so nice. I had no
idea something inmy butt could feel that nice. That’s all new to me.” Joe
stroked his finger in and out of her tight little puckeras he expertly
continued to lick her labia and clit. Carolslowly moved her hips to meet
his fingers and groaned loudly,saying, “Oh Yes Joe… it feels so good.”
Joe raised his mouth up briefly and looked into her eyes ashe slipped a
second finger into her ass and said, “Carol darling, you know I am going to
fuck your tight ass.Tell me you want me to.” Carol came again at the idea
and sighed softly, “Yes Joe I want you to…. to fuck my ass, and anything
elseyou want. Just tell me, I am dying to be your hot little slut.”
“Like… you will do anything I say, no matter what?” “Yes… yes…
anything…” Joe slid up and entered her wet cunt in one hard thrust.
Carol sucked her breathe in sharply and wrapped her legs aroundhim,
hunching to meet his thrusts as she never had dreamedpossible before,
trying to get every inch of his cock buried inher. The rest of the day was
a blur for Carol as they explored.She remembered clearly though, Joe
telling her to roll over onher knees. She felt his cock slowly ease into
her virgin asshole, inch by inch and she came several times even before it
wasall the way in. He had been so gentle taking it very slowly. She loved
the way it stretched and filled her. She told him soover and over. His
fingers were on her nipples and her clit as hedrove hard into her. And she
chanted, “yes… yes… yes…” With every stroke. He finally filled her
with his spend and it overflowed,dripping out all over the bed. Carol
smiled as he withdrew andlay beside her. She had done it, she had let
another man fuckher…. everywhere. She had many new things to suggest to
Bob.Would she shock Bob? Would he wonder where she had learned thesenew
games? Probably but he would just have to get used to it.Later Joe and
Carol showered and had lunch only to hurry back tobed to do it all over
again. When it was time for Joe to leave, he dressed and asked, “When can
we get together again my sexy little minx?” “Anytime. I’m afraid I may be
hooked on this new game. I thought I could never cheat on Bob. But I’m
afraid it was tooeasy and sooo good. I’m sorry I waited so long to try it.
Wecan meet here anytime you can get away Joe.” Joe smiled, and said, “What
if Bob comes home and catches us?” “That might even be fun. He can join
us… I want the same arrangement you and Janette have. I think Bob can
be easilytalked into it. Maybe the four of us could have fun together.
Iwant to be free to have it all…. others, even some of mystudents at the
University. They flirt with me all the time. From now on I will want
more… a lot more.” Joe kissed her goodby and was gone. Carol headed for
theshower after quickly changing the sheets. As she stepped into theshower
she thought, ‘I just fucked another man other than myhusband’, and she
shivered with pleasure. She thought about Joeand Bob and her students and
others and she couldn’t get the grinoff of her face. She had never felt so
free. Out of the showershe dried her body and slipped into her workout
suit and a lightrobe. ***** Alexandria showed up exactly on time and Carol
met her atthe door. Carol looked her over and she was everything Bob
hadsaid…. Commanding. Alex brought in some equipment including asturdy
table and a large exercise pad she placed in the middle ofthe living room
floor. She looked Carol over with a tightscrutiny and said, “Good, you are
ready to start. First I want to see what Ihave to work with, take off your
robe and let me look at you.” Carol dropped her robe to the floor without
hesitation andposed sexily for Alex. Carol was surprised at herself…
why didshe want to look sexy for Alex? Alex noticed the pose and smiledas
she walked around Carol. She noticed Carol’s swollen nipples,her clit
pressing against her tights and her labia even appearedswollen through the
thin material. Alex thought, ‘This is goingto be easier than I thought.
The little slut is going to be likeputty.’ Alex continued her detailed
inspection, now touching Carol,letting her fingers trail lightly over her
firm legs and ass andback. She occasionally probed a muscle and squeezed
here andthere. Carol felt herself enjoying Alex’s touch, gettingexcited.
In a moment Alex said, “Carol, you and Bob do understand I will take
completecharge. Think about that, are you ready to do my biding? Fornow I
need to see which of your muscles are strong and which needwork. Now stand
up straight, spread your feet about 18 inchesapart and lock your hands
behind your neck. Just relax, don’t beupset by my probing. It is quiet
necessary. Relax, you may evenenjoy it.” Carol obeyed without hesitation
and found her obedienceexciting. She was something to behold as she stood
there. Herbreasts were lifted high and they swayed nicely from side to
sideas she moved. Again Alex walked around her and trailed herfingers over
her body, her tummy. Then Alex thought, ‘Now I willsee if I’m right about
little Carol.’ And she slid her fingers down across Carols sexy mons, still
terribly sensitive from Joe’shard use. When her finger traced across her
clit Carol gasped,she couldn’t remember it being so sensitive. Alex
seeminglyignored her reaction but she thought ‘I do believe she’s
mineanytime I want her.’ as she continued, moving her hand slowly upto
Carol’s firm breasts. Again Carol gasped as Alex probed andthen squeezed
her breasts. Carol closed her eyes. She had noidea Alexandria would be so
… personal… but far fromobjecting, she found herself welcoming it.
Alex asked, “Tell me Carol, you seem very sexual, I would guess you arevery
active…have sex pretty often, am I right?” “Well yes… I do enjoy it a
lot… especially lately.” “I think from the feel of your body it hasn’t
been very longsince you had sex, less than an hour, am I right?” “Uhhh
right Alexandria. How did you know? What does thathave to do with
training?” “Your labia is still swollen dear, like your nipples andyour
clitoris…. swollen and very sensitive. I think you musthave had a lover
minutes ago, but it was not Bob I think. I havetalked to Bob several times
today at his office. I think you havebeen very naughty. Don’t worry dear
Carol, it doesn’t matter tome who it was. Sex is a great exercise too,
perhaps the best,certainly the most fun. Tell me little one, you are built
forpleasure, full and resilient. Do you want to develop your bodyto be
lean and tight, or stay full and sexy? A body that can hikeall day or make
love all day?” Carol giggled and replied, “Full and sexy Alex ….. and
can hike all day and make loveall night, can you do that?” They both
laughed, “Carol I think we will get along very well, you aren’tafraid to
say what you think or want.” Carol responded, “The truth is this is all
very new to me. Alex, I havealways been terribly reserved….almost
retarded sexually. Asyou seemed to know already, I enjoyed my first lover
thismorning. At first I wasn’t sure I could do that, even though Iwanted
to. But it was easy and so nice. He left just before yougot here. I
barely had time to shower. I assume this can be oursecret?” Alex smiled
and nodded. She patted Carol’s trim ass and justsmiled. Then they got
down to business as Alex directed Carol inseveral sets of stretching
exercises followed by sets of gruelingstrength moves. Carol was sweating
hard. Following these she hadCarol stand up again, huffing and puffing
from the exercises andAlex stepped up behind her and slipped her hands
under her armsand cupped her breasts again squeezing them hard. Carol
moanedbut stood very still. Then Alex said, “Lovers are wonderful aren’t
they sweet little Carol. Now Iwant you to flex your lovely pec’s for me
darling. As hard asyou can.” Carol did as she was told, several times. As
she did Carolrealized Alex was pinching her nipples lightly making her
veryhorny, again, her breathing heavier. Was Alex going to train heror
make love to her? Then Alex interrupted her thoughts asking, “Do you know
what your pubis coccus muscles is little love?” “I think so, the one I
would use to squeeze with downthere?” “Right Carol, the one you would use
to squeeze a big hardcock right?” Again they laughed. Alex stated, “I want
to see how firm those muscles are Carol. There isonly one way to do that.
I don’t think you will mind too bad.” Carol was a little less shocked this
time as she felt Alex’shand drop to cover her mons. It felt wonderful to
Carol. Carolautomatically spread her legs as she felt one of Alex’s
longfingers slip under her outfit and into her now very wet cunt.Carol
sighed and said, “Hmm Alex…. what are you doing to me? What ever it
isdon’t stop.” “Shhh Carol… relax while I check these muscles.” Somehow
it seemed completely natural what Alex was doing.When Alexandria’s finger
was all the way in she said, “Squeeze my finger Carol, as hard as you can.
Show me howgood your love muscles are.” Carol once again obeyed. Squeezing
and thinking how goodit felt. Carol relaxed and Alex’s finger lingered in
her cunt,moving in and out slightly. It was beginning to feel so good
andCarol’s breathing grew deeper… huskier. Without thinking aboutit
Carol beginning moving her hips to enhance the feeling Alexwas causing.
Soon Carol gasped and came. Alex supported her andmoved yet another finger
to Carol’s clit to help her through agreat orgasm. Just as she finished
Alex removed her fingers. For a momentCarol thought she was going to fall
but Alex caught her. Alexsat down on one of the chairs and pulled Carol
across her lap,her cute ass stuck up in the air. Carol saw a blur in her
peripheral vision and she shriekedas she felt Alex’s hand swat her ass
smartly. Carol turned tolook at Alex as she felt a second and third sting
her ass. Carolwas confused to say the least. It stung like hell but she
alsofelt a rush of heat in her cunt. It twitched and tingled morewith each
swat. The amazing part to Carol was she just lay thereand let it happen,
and began to like it. Carol looked up at Alexwith a tear in her eye and a
puzzled look on her face. Alexasked, “Tell me darling, what did you feel
as I spanked your lovelyass?” “Ouch Alex… my ass stinging for sure, …
but also inmy cunt. How did that….” Before Alex could comment, a small
clock alarm went off inAlex’s bag. Alex said “Our time is almost up baby,
at least until Wednesday, Bobwill be here shortly. I called him today,
apparently while youwere entertaining your new lover, to instruct him not
to come inuntil exactly 5:00.” Carol shifted sitting on Alex’s knee, her
ass stilltingling. . Alex looked her over and asked, “Well Carol, do you
still want to work with me? As today,no part of you will escape my
attention. I think you are verybeautiful and very sexy. I am eager to do
a lot more with you…and Bob. There is a lot I can teach you both to make
your lifemuch more interesting. Have you heard about domination?
Milddomination? It is a little game where one person is in completecharge
of what happens. I think after today you would love to bedominated as well
as perhaps learn to dominate others. Bob Ithink longs to be dominated. I
think you know what I mean. Tellme, shall we continue with everything or
would you rather seek amore conventional trainer?” Carol found herself
eagerly saying in a very small shyvoice, “I would like to continue
everything with you Alex. I neverwould have dreamed it would be like this
but….” Alex pulled Carol to her and hugged her… then kissedCarol’s
lips lightly. Carol found herself returning the kiss. Alex smiled at
Carol and said, “Darling we will have a lot of fun and we will get you
inshape to handle all of your many future lovers as well as yourhusband.
And maybe a very demanding mistress. I will expect youto do what I tell
you. And Carol I promise you will learn tolove it all. Think about it,
about what I might insist on youdoing, with me … or perhaps even others.
Physically andsexually, for you are a very sexy lady. I think you have a
verylarge and growing appetite. I will help you satisfy it beyondanything
you have ever known.” Carol felt Alex’s hands squeeze her full breasts and
thenrun lightly over her ass, still extra sensitive from the swats,and then
again over her barely covered love nest. As she strokedher damp pussy
lightly Carol spread her legs and Alex asked, “Have you ever had a female
lover?” “No…. but… I think I am about to….” Alex kissed her lightly
again and sent her to the shower. Carol left without a word but with a
head full of questions andgreat excitement. ***** Carol stood at the top
of the stairs and waited until Bobarrived. She watched silently as Alex
commanded Bob through aroutine, standing before her, almost at attention.
He wasbeautiful. She watched Alex position him and walk around himprobing
and squeezing. She watched fascinated as Bob’s cockstarted to get hard
showing clearly through his sweats. Shecouldn’t hear what was said but she
watched closely as Alex stoodbehind Bob and it became obvious that she was
probing Bob’s body,how and where she couldn’t tell. The look on his face
wasdelightful to Carol and it really surprised her when his cockswelled
even harder and larger. And he made no complaint. He exercised then to
Alex’s instruction for sometime andCarol went in to her shower. All Carol
knew is she was dying forher next appointment to come. ***** Carol stepped
from the shower as Bob walked into theirbathroom. They looked at each
other, knowing what had gone onphysically today and guessing what was going
on in each othersheads. Bob pulled Carol back into the shower with him and
soonhad her bent over against the wall as he pounded hard into hishot wife.
Never had he suggested sex anywhere but their bed.Somehow to Carol it
seemed they had entered some sort of a sexualtwilight zone. Today Bob just
took her. After enjoying Bob’sattention for several moments, Carol turned
her head and Bobkissed her deeply. Carol then said softly, “Have you ever
fucked a woman’s ass Bob?” “Yes. Long ago.” “I want you to do that to me.”
Bob didn’t answer but slowly shifted from one opening to theother. He was
amazed at how easy he slipped in. He was equallyamazed at Carol’s reaction
as she went wild. He had no idea shewanted this. Much later without
exchanging words, but with a lotof smiles, they dressed, each lost in their
thoughts of all therecent activity, and they went into the kitchen to
prepare andeat their supper. They ate quietly amid a lot of touching
andoccasional light kisses. The love and genuine warmth, not tomention the
growing lust, between them was nice. After supperthey began to discuss
exactly what had gone on between Alex andeach of them. Neither of them
seemed surprised or commented otherthan the description of what had
happened, and that in greatdetail. Alex had not gotten as personal with
Bob as with Carol. Over their third after dinner drink, Carol told him how
hotand excited Alex had gotten her. Bob agreed that she effectedhim the
same way. Then Bob looked into Carol’s eyes and asked, “Carol, how
attracted are you to Alex… it sounds like youwant to have sex with her?”
There was a long pause. “Oh …Bob .. honey… oh damn it…. I do….I
want tohave sex with her… so bad. I have never seriously consideredsex
with another woman before…. I think it may happen. Oh hellI want it to
happen. Could you handle it if I did?” “Maybe….I think so .. funny but
I do think so…. it isexciting to think about…. I would like to
watch… the two ofyou…” “Hmm I would like that…” There was a pause as
Carol took a deep drink of her brandy and then asked,

“Bob… would you want to have sex with Alex too?”

“Maybe… I guess so…. would that bother you?”

“I’m not sure. .. I think I might like that. Like you, the idea of
watching you with Alex is exciting. Maybe the three of us….”

Another long pause as the two of them thought about it. Then Carol said,

“Bob I am feeling a little drunk over all that is happening? Our life
seems to be changing so fast. I have to admit I like where it seems to be
heading. All the things that have happened. I wonder how much more is our
life going to change? Are we really going to start having sex with other
people? The idea of you having sex with Alex is interesting. You said you
wanted to watch Alex and me make love…. I love that idea too…. but
honey… what would you think…. about…. another man with me? What
would you say if I let another man make love to me?”


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The Evolution of Carol

Chapter 5

Is He Ever Going To Answer That Question?

Bob slid his arm around Carol and pulled her to him for a long deep
kiss. It was hot and passionate and obviously both of them were nervous and
terribly excited. Bob unbuttoned her blouse slowly, button by button.
When the last button was done he slipped his hands inside and cupped her
bare beauties. She loved the feel of his hands squeezing and rolling. As
he toyed with her hard nipples he watched her them darken and swell as
Carol moaned with pleasure. He kissed and sucked on each of them and then
he looked at her lovingly, lustfully for a long time without saying

He was struggling with the question she had just asked, ‘What if she let
another man fuck her?’

Bob’s mind was racing from thought to thought. The idea of another man
with his wife shook him a little but excited him even more than he cared to
admit. But would Carol think he didn’t love her any more if he admitted
his own desire for her to be with another man? She had said she wanted to
watch him make love with Alex, that blew his mind. What happened to his
‘proper’ little wife? The idea of his wife making love with another
woman… damn that sounded hot but so unlike Carol… or was it? Since
she said she wanted him to make love to Alex does that mean Carol would be
OK with his having Janette too? Did she already have a man in mind she
wanted? Who? Could it be Joe? What had the two of them been doing while
he and Janette had talked yesterday? Was she already having an affair?
Where was all of this leading? Carol seemed so hot now…it was all so
damned sexy…. he loved the way Carol had changed. His dreams about her
as a more aggressive lover were starting to come true. Whatever had caused
all this, he liked it…. or at least he thought so….

Carol winked at Bob as she leaned forward and opened his pants, pulling
his hard cock free. She shifted until she was astraddle his upright tool
and she slowly sank down, engulfing it. They both sighed with pleasure as
the sensations permeated both of them. They just lay there for a moment.
Bob had still not answered the question and the tension was palpable.
Carol began to rise and drop very slowly, almost agonizingly, on Bob’s now
very vertical pole. She paused in her movements, smiled at him and said,

“Hmm this feels so nice…. honey… So much has happened in the last
couple of days huh? We both know, our sex life had been getting a little
boring. But now… this week end seems to have changed all that. I love
the way it seems to be changing. I know a couple of things that happened
this week end that has caused some of this. Somehow since we got home from
the Daniels, our sex has been great, so much hotter. Now all of sudden I
really crave sex a lot… not only that but I like the idea of watching
you with another woman. You want me to have sex with Alex… and maybe
even with another man… who knows, what else might happen. Do you know
what I am talking about? I can’t believe that I just asked you if it would
be OK with you if I let another man have me.”

Bob sighed and after a long pause answered,

“I know Carol, I have to admit there are a lot of changes going on. I
love the changes in both of us and all that seems to be happening now. The
idea of you and another man is damned exciting to me I admit. It may take
me a little while to get used to that as a reality. Give me a little time

Carol smiled and squeezed his cock the way she had squeezed Joe’s cock
that morning and Alex’s finger that afternoon, with her cunt. She was
having trouble breathing again from the excitement and she panted as she
resumed stroking on Bob,

“Bob.. honey.. just … think about.. watching.. me suck.. and
fuck.. another man’s… cock… I think… you… already.. like…
that …. idea… don’t … you? I… think…. you are …. dying
to…. watch me do that.”

Bob seemed to go a little crazy. He flipped Carol over forcefully and
raised her long trim legs up on his shoulders and pounded into Carol like a
mad man. Carol grinned and closed her eyes, thrilling at the hard deep
penetrations, imagining a string of lovers doing this to her. Bob was too
excited and shortly shot a enormous amount of cum in his darling wife as
she screamed her way through her own orgasm.

They collapsed in a pile of arms and legs and body parts. Carol lay on
her back next to Bob as her thoughts took a strange turn. After letting
Bob rest for a few minutes, she kissed his ear tonguing it and then

“Bob .. I want you to eat me ….. now sweetheart. I want you to go
down on me and lick all of your stuff out of me. Do it… for me
honey…I want you to do it… damn it Bob, do it!”

Bob looked at Carol surprised and delighted at her command. He smiled
to himself as he slipped lower and lower on her body. He kissed and
tongued each hard nipple, her naval, her clit, holding her tight as she
bucked under him. Then he began to lick her pussy from her ass to her
clit, sucking all of their combined juices from her full little cunt.
Doing something he had wanted to do for a long time, but never dared.

Carol groaned, loving his touch, loving his obedience, and loving the
‘nastiness’ of what she had made him do. She remembered Alex’s words about
dominating and about Bob. How much could she push Bob into? Then she
wondered if any of Joe’s cum was still in her from that morning. That
thought caused her to shudder and climax really hard. Somehow the idea of
Bob eating another man’s cum from her cunt was unbelievably exciting. Bob
was now enthusiastic about eating her out. Realizing that he enjoyed it
far more than he would have believed.

Later they showered and headed for bed. As they cuddled in bed Carol
smiled and said,

“Bob…I need to tell you I love you … and… I love all of this so
much … we have had more and better sex in the last 48 hours than I can
ever remember. I do love it. I can’t seem to get enough.”

“Yeah …Me too Carol… the truth is I have wanted you to be more
aggressive ever since we got married….and not so prim. I have dreamed
about you acting the bossy slut. I have fantasized a lot about our sex
life. I wanted you to tell me what to do. I loved it when you ‘ordered’
me to eat you tonight.”

“Yes honey..I liked that too… tell me, what else have you fantasized
about? Have you fantasized about other women? Tell me who? I want to
know really. I love feeling so sexy….just kinda wallowing in sex, if you
understand that. I feel so free all of a sudden. You know my sweet
husband, you better keep me well serviced, I could be dangerous to all of
our male friends..”

They both laughed, both thinking about the truth behind her joke. Then
Bob said,

“I guess that really is true. …. you are so hot now Carol and I love
you like this. About my fantasies, I have fantasized about a lot of
things… about having sex with you in public… in a number of different
places.. both of us with another women. In fact all the women in the
hiking club, especially Janette. Plus some others I know. Now you can add
Alex to that group. With Alex I feel like a little c***d, I want to be a
obedient little boy for her. There are so many things that I think about..
that turn me on.”

“Hmm me too Bob, you know what sounds really hot to me is for you and
Alex and I to have a threesome. Damn that would be so hot…. can you
believe this is me?”

“It would be hot… maybe you and she could start it and I could join
you. Are you sure you are OK, that is for me to have sex with Alex? If I
do… I guess that would give you permission to be with other men?”

“Honey, I am so very OK with you and Alex it scares me. The idea of
watching the two of you makes me almost crazy with desire. I do plan on
joining in for sure. The possibilities in a threesome sound great to me.
…. About other men… you seem a little hesitant honey… maybe I
should hold off.. or maybe I should quietly try it with some other guy
without your even knowing about it and see how it feels.”

Bob didn’t say a word about her suggestion and Carol knew she had his
unspoken permission. Carol shifted and found Bob’s cock very hard again.
She caught it in both hands and kissed the head, licking it all over like a
ice cream cone. Then she looked up at Bob and said softly,

“Maybe I will invite some guy into our bedroom and suck his cock like

And she took Bob’s cock deep in her mouth, licking and sucking it. Bob
watched as her cheeks went hollow each time she sucked. His imagination
going wild. Then she raised up off his wet cock and said,

“Maybe I will let him fuck me, and eat me, and fuck my ass… do you
like that idea?”

It was too much for him and Bob exploded, shooting his cum high in the
air. The image of Carol with another guy was just too much for him… too
hot… he knew he wanted it to happen…. Carol caught his second burst in
her mouth and swallowed it eagerly. Then she drained Bob and slid up,
letting his limp cock fall free. She caught his face in her hands and
kissed him hard. Bob tasted his cum on her lips and tongue and then felt
Carol transfer a large amount of his warm cum into his mouth. He was a
little shocked but swallowed it and realized… even this excited him.