The french madame

On my completion of my mba. I tried to learn french as i was trying to work in france. So i searched for some classes in chennai. Later i found a homely french tution were a married muslim lady of age 2e3 is taking class. So i enquired the fees and joined there and i found only three members are only studying. First i will describe about faridha the heroine of this story a very fantastic figure with normal boob size and and she looks beautiful in her pardha. On the first day itself i sawn her beauty and tried to enjoy her . .
Later it went for one week and i watched the suitatiobs in her home and cane to conclusion that afternoon is best time to enjoy her . and to my luck she agreed. Every day i used to go by wearing tight tshirts and tigt pants were my tighs look more sexy and cick also.
She only wears saree in her home without parda. One minth i went to het class and i was seeibg fully and listening fotlr ten minutes. I was getting hornier everyday and one day i came to know know that hus husband going to dubai for famoly job and will come after 2 years. Faridas parentin laws also went to dubai for one month leaving ger alone.
So i started to workout my plan. From that day onwards i went ti her class without wearing underwears so my cock will be clearly visibled. One day farida called me closer and explained vovels that time her boobs was visibling very clear. My cock was getting like a rock and started to disturb her shoulder. She firt thought it as mosquitoes and leave again and again my cock gave her beatings and i left the suitation like that neacause i didnt fear. Later she catched my cock and started to fuck and later we fucked each other for whole day and finally she dramked my cum and told that ur my reel husband and i didnt get my whole pleasure with my real husband like this.
Then we fucked like this whenever we got chance.

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