Helping The Good Doctor

As I am helping the good doctor out the phone rings, its my mom, cos I hear doc saying, Yes, your son is here, he is very helpful, thank you for letting him help me, Yes, sure, no problem, I got food here, you want to talk to him, he gives me the phone, Yes mommy, she tells me, she asked the doctor if I can stay longer cos she’ll be getting out of work late and she can’t get a hold of my babysitter, my best friend, so doc said, Yes, and not to worry about food cos his got enough, I said, ok mommy, Yes mommy, I will do as he says mommy, ok, am happy cos I can stay longer, I like helping the good Doc out, I ask, so doc what else can I help you with today? He says, answer the door son, someone is ringing, I go and its my so called new girlfriend, Kissing girl, WOW, 🙂 she asks, hi sweetie, how is my new boyfriend doing? And gives me a kiss, I blush and I say, am happy to see you and I giggled, she looks so beautiful in that white button open tight blouse that I can see her big tits and her blue miniskirt school uniform with long knee high white socks, for a girl who’s 12 years old she is tall and has big tits, almost coming out of her blouse, she is taller then me too, she goes to Doc and says, hi Uncle and gives him a kiss in the mouth, I see Doc likes to squeeze her ass too and she giggles saying, Uncle you are so naughty but I love you, and she comes to me and she asks, so what you been doing here? I said, you don’t want to know, she says tell me sweetie, I said, well, I met your brother, I think we are getting alone well, I helped him pee but he sprayed me with his CUM on my face and in my mouth, so Yeap, I can say, we are getting along fine, J giggled she laughs and says, Hmmm, Yes, he is a hand full, she goes on to her brother and says, hi Bro, and he lifts up her miniskirt, I can see her white panties inside her pretty white puffy ass crack, she says, well, I see you are happy to see me too, OK Bro, easy with my delicate ass, you must remember, I am your sister not your girl OK, then she comes to me and says, see, he is the one I need your help with, then she stops and says Ooh, come sit next to me I have good news, I ask, what is the good news? She holds my hand and says, I spoke with the bosses, right away I grabbed my ass as nervous that I get, she says, NO, No, no, baby, no worries, as she kisses my hand, they not going to bother you no more, your sexy jelly bubble butt is mine now, no more 3 big fat pencils jobs up your asshole ok, I bought you out, I ask, what means you bought me out? She said, well, look, don’t get mad with me ok, I said, why would I get mad at you if you freed me from the bosses, she said, well,,,,, you see,,,,, I,,,,, Amm,,,,, Ooh,,,,, hmm,,,,, OK look, the only way they were letting you go was if I do all 3 of them at the same time, Ooh, pleaseeezz, pleaseeezz, pleaseeezz, don’t get mad at me, I asked, but why you keep saying don’t get mad at you? And what do you mean, do all 3 of them at the same time? She said, Ooh,,,,, Amm,,,,, hmm,,,,, well, never mind, you ask to many questions, don’t worry your ass is mine now and that’s all that matters, OK, I said, OK, cool, cos I like you, no one ever stood up for me like you did, so tell me, what do I have to do for what you did for me, she said, well,,,,,, Amm,,,,, hmm,,,,, nothing really, but I need a litter, tinny favor, I will tell you the true story, you see, my brother is really my stepbrother, and he is a case all by himself, as you notice he is a little slow, I asked, he is? Really? I didn’t noticed, actually I was being sarcastic, hehehe, she said, Yes, anyway, he doesn’t see me as his stepsister only as a girl to fuck with, look, my mom made the mistake of bathing us together since we were kids and his body kept growing though his mind stood as a k*d, his mind wants to play games but his body wants to FUCK the hell out of me every chance he gets, he noticed my girly changes so as you can see, I stand out a lot from my chest and is hard for him now to see me as his stepsister, my mom see it as he is a k*d and don’t see anything wrong when he molested me so she told me I have to deal with it cos he is my mom’s man son and my stepdaddy have already accepted me so its only fare if I also accept him, but I can’t do him cos he is my stepfather son that makes him not my real brother but we grow up as siblings, I asked, and how am I to help you with this problem? She says, Well,,,,, Ahhh,,,,, I,,,,, hmm,,,,, Mmm,,,,, ok look baby, I have an idea, just hear me out, its a crazy idea but I really feel it will work, look, I have clothes that can fit you, I cut her off and I said, OK wait, hold on a minute, Ahhh,,,,, Hmm,,,,, did,,,,, did I hear you correctly, they are your clothes??? she says, well Yes, honey,,,,, and it has my perfume on them too, you see baby, the idea is to make him think you are me, I can fix you up to be me, you have long curly brunette hair like me, you have puffier ass like me, I cut her off again and I said, Ooh NO, No, no, my ass is jelly Bubble Butt not puffy, she laughs and says, OK, OK, OK, so you have a better ass then me OK, your happy now, I said, am delighted, she laughs I giggled, I said, but you’re forgetting, I have no big tits like you, she said, it’s OK, we can fix that, beside he never goes for my tits just my ass and pussy, I asked, well, don’t you think he will notice that my pussy is my asshole my love? She says, No honey, is not like he knows what he is doing, he just looks for a hole to shove his dick and CUM, all you have to do is guide him in you and he will do the rest, trust me, he cums fast, his mind is not out to please no one but himself, I said, well, am not sure about that but he IS a hell of a good kisser, she says, Hmm, I didn’t know about his kisses, he never tried to kiss me, anyways, so once I dress you up and put my make up on you, you could be me and let him have his way with you so he can think he got me as his girlfriend, get it, I said, Hmm, thinking to myself, I think I would had been better off with the 3 big hot pencils in my asshole with the bosses, hehehe, so I say to her, I don’t know if I am going to like the idea of dressing up as a girl though, its bad enough my ass belongs to everyone and now this dressing up game, tell me how is this way better for me then the bosses, I mean, am still getting fucked, she says in a very sexy way and sexy voice and touching me all over, Ooh baby, if you do this for me, I will do what ever you want or need done, and I will be all yours, besides, it will be a fun and different game that you will enjoy, PLEASEEEZZ, pretty pleaseeezz, I asked, Hmm, but how is this going to help you when I am not around and he wants more? She said, look honey, he only bothers me when he is horny, I thought to myself, Hmm, can you blame him, hehehe, she continues, I feel sorry that I can’t personally help him, though my stepfather tells me it’s OK to play like his girlfriend cos he really is not my real brother but I don’t see it like that, we grew up together and I feel weird to do him, though he is cute, anyways, so once you take good care of him, he will leave me alone, pleaseeezz sweetie, do this for me, I said, I love the way you beg with those puppy eyes, OK, OK, OK, it’s a deal, but I don’t know how am I going to feel with your girly clothes, she says, trust me, I am taller but we are the same size in clothes, when I was dressing you up in the ally way at school I checked your size clothes, I will be honest, it is a different world when you are dressed as a girl, ok, but, we will try it and if you don’t like it we stop, nothing to loose, now let me get the clothes I’ll be right back, mean while Doc calls me, as I went skipping to him, sweetie boy spanks me as I go by him, I evil smile at him and continued skipping to doc, he is sitting on his desk chair, he says, baby, do me a favor can you scratch me here my hands are busy up here making medicine and am sterilized so I can’t touch myself, he points to his front pants, I said, sure, where Doc? So he points to this huge bulge in his front pants, I asked but giggling, hey Doc, is that your cock under that tent? He says laughing, Yes son, it is, you are very smart, but we are friends right, you help me like I help you, I said, sure doc, we are very good friends, and I ask, but am I being a good boy if I help you with this special job with your cock, Doc? He says, sure, if you are scratching me then you are being a good boy for helping me with it, I said, ok Doc, I will do it but for 3 blow pops ok, cos this is a special job, he said, Hmm, very, very smart boy, I like that, you are growing up and getting smarter, ok deal, I said, I don’t mind helping you but I like something in return for the hard efforts I put in it ok, he said, Yes, Yes, I completely understand, smart boy, my smart pretty boy, no problem, I really do understand, so I get under his office desk and I unzipped his pants, I take his big hard cock out and I start rubbing it, I say with my little squeaky boy voice, hey Doc, for an older man you have a big pretty fat cock, Yes in deed you do, I like it and I giggled, so there I am, under the good doctors desk, doing him a favor and scratching his cock, well ok, more like stroking the good doctor out with my two little hands, I notice his cock got harder faster and he is breathing heavier so this shouldn’t take long, my girlfriend walks in with some clothes in her hands, I said, Hi honey, I will be with you in a minute, I have my hands full now, I giggled, she laughs saying, I will give you a hand as I drop the outfit in the next room, I said, OK, good, cos Doc’s cock is heavy, so she comes to me and gets under the desk with me, the good doctor is almost done I can feel his cock pulsing fast, he got 4 little hands stroking him faster and faster now, my girlfriends starts licking his precum off, she orders me to do the same so we can finish faster, I did and as fast as my tongue touched his cock, he shoots on my face, 4 very creamy thick wet hot CUMS, I tell my girlfriend, this is just great, GRRRRRRR, first your brother sprayed my face with his 3 hot CUMS and now the good doctor creams me all over again, am having a CUM of a day, my girl was laughing so hard she rolled on the floor and her miniskirt raised up as her legs did too, she had no panties on, WOW, she has a beautiful big hairy pussy for her age, I ordered her to lick my face clean, she says, ok sweetie, I am all yours and she did, she licked all the cum off my face, I see her stepbrother was just laughing and rubbing his dick over his pants, he must had seen his sister’s naked hairy pussy, I put doc’s now soft cock back in his pants and I zippered him up, we get out from under the desk and Doc gives me my 3 pops and he thanks us for our help, he kisses me and my girlfriend in our mouths, I give one to my girlfriend, the bell rings and doc tells me to answer it, I opened the door and he gets a visit from an old male friend of doc’s, they went to medical school together, my girl yelled, SHIT, this is going to delay our plan, this new doctor man I will call, POPEYE, cos he has a smoking pipe in his mouth and a semi closed eye, besides he looks in shape for en older man, so Popeye goes to doc and they talk but doc points to us kids as they chat, my girlfriend, sweetie boy, and me, I asked, why are you upset honey? She says, cos I know what this man doctor is here for, him and doc goes way back and this man and doc like to play games, I asked again, and that is bad, why? She says, Ooh, No, no, it’s not that it’s bad, like I said, just that it will delay our plans baby, again I ask, but why? She asks, baby, are you not paying attention to what am saying? Cos now they will want to play with us, any kids in the office here they will play with, I say, Ooh, I see, well honey, we’ll play a little then we go do what we had planned, we are not in a hurry cos you and sweetie live here and my mom is going to be late, she called us on this, she says, well, I hope this time Popeye is fast cos he is strong, he last longer on the games, I tell her, look honey, you take doc and let me handle Popeye ok, I got my ways of making him not last long, she says, ok good, but we can not let my stepbro play cos then he won’t see you as me, that will detour our plans, I said, ok then, take sweetie boy to the other room where you put the outfit and tell him to take a nap and we’ll handle the rest, she says, good idea, I’ll be right back, I see her taking him to the back room and as he goes he grabs on to my girlfriends ass, doc calls me, I go to him and he picks me up and puts me on top of the examination bed and introduces me to Dr. Popeye, they talk right in front of me and Doc ask Popeye, did you noticed when I put him on the bed? And Dr. Popeye said, indeed I did, Wow, this k*d is so special and beautiful, he must have a really big opening to have such a special gift, Doc says, well that’s why I called you over, I have not yet been in him but I will let you try it first, so Dr. Popeye says to me, well hello young man, am very thrilled to meet you, he kisses my hand and he asks, do you like to play games son? I said, am sure the pleasure will be mine to have meet you Sir, Dr. Popeye, and Yes, I do love to play games, so what do you have in mind, Sir, Dr. Popeye? And I kiss his hand, don’t ask me why, I thought at the time, it was the right thing to do, He says, just call me Dr. Popeye, not Sir ok son, I said, ok Sir,,,,, I mean, Dr. Popeye, then the good doctor requests, hey, lets play, HIDE THE SALAMI, I said to myself, I heard of this game but I don’t remember playing it, so Doc tells me, its a game that will test your ability to show your asshole strength, we will cover your eyes and you will be naked and bend over on this bed then we will hide this rubber stick called salami in you deep to see how long you can hold it in you, the more you can hold it the more blow pops you get, I said to Doc, but I don’t know this Dr. Popeye well, I didn’t know we were going to play these games, I thought it was other games, I asked, am I being bad if I don’t want to play Doc? He said, well, he did came here specially to meet you, No your not being bad if you don’t want to play but it will make me look bad cos I recommended you but if you can’t help me then their is no need for you to come here, I will have to tell your mom that your help is no longer needed son, I replied fast, Ooh, NO, No, no, it’s ok Doc, if you need this done I will help you ok, pleaseeezz, then Doc says, I don’t know son, I don’t want you to feel you have too, I begged, PLEASEEEZZ, DOC, PLEASEEEZZ, I CAN DO THIS GOOD FOR YOU OK, I WANT TO COME BACK HERE, I LIKE COMING HERE DOC, I will do anything ok, pleaseeezz, pleaseeezz, so Doc looks at Dr. Popeye and says to him, I like this k*d coming here to help me so what do you say? Dr. Popeye says, lets give him a chance, then Doc agrees, Dr. Popeye tells me, ok son, show me what you got, lets get you naked, I stand up on the bed and he strips me naked, all this time am thinking to myself, where is my girlfriend? Did she forget to come back? Dr. Popeye tells me to get in a doggy position, I do as he says, now Doc is covering my eyes and I feel my asshole getting filled with a warm jelly but he puts so, so much inside, Dr. Popeye tells me, ok son, the game begins, spread your legs and your sexy jelly BB with your two hands, I do as am told, I want to be good cos I want to keep coming back, I feel bad cos I made Doc doubt on me and I must gain his trust back, I now feel like a fat long cock going in me very slowly, WOW, it’s so, so long and fat, I can really feel the veins pulsing in me that’s how tight it feels, Ooh My Goodness, I am getting weak and loving it fast cos he is doing me so fucking slow, I can still feel him going in deeper and deeper, this is no rubber stick like Doc said it will be, this is a very, very long fat cock, I moan, OOH MY, OOH MY, OOH MY GOODNESS, OOH MY GOODNESS, IT’S STILL GOING IN ME, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, then I hear my girlfriend yelling, OOH WOW, YOU GUYS STARTED THE HIDE THE SALAMI GAME WITHOUT ME, THAT’S NOT FAIR, I WANTEDTO PLAY, so Doc tells her, come here to me sweetheart, I will play with you, let Dr. Popeye and BB have their private fun too, Doc tells her, get ready for me sweetheart, my girlfriend gets close to me naked and in the same doggy position, I can’t see her but am sure she is also blindfolded as I am, I ask her in a moaning girlish voice as am getting fucked with this long cock still going in me that I can almost feel that fat pulsing long cock in my throat now, Ooh baby, Ooh my, what took you so long? She says, sorry baby, but my stepbro wouldn’t take his nap till I give him my tits to suck on as my mom does, then he went to sleep, I hear her moaning now, OOH YES DOC, OOH YES DOC, WOW, WOW, I LOVE THIS GAME, YES, HIDE THAT SALAMI IN ME GOOD DOC, YES, YES, YESS, now I feel this very long fat pulsing cock coming out of me, I am having orgasms just feeling how slow Dr. Popeye cock is coming out and being so long is like an ever lasting feeling, I go crazy and moan, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, OOH MY GOODNESS, OOH MY GOODNESS, YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY, AMMM, FUCK ME ALREADY DR. POPEYE, JUST FUCK ME ALREADY, HMMM, DON’T TEASE ME NO MORE, OOH FUCK ME, OOH FUCK ME HARD, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, AHÍ, UFFFF, and Dr. Popeye spanks me hard for using the bad word FUCK, I shake as I go into more orgasms and I scream like a bitch, AHÍ YES, AHÍ YES, AHÍ YES, AHÍ YES, SPANK ME, SPANK ME MORE AND HARDER, OOH, AM SO BAD, OOH AM SO NAUGHTY, FUCK ME SLUT HOLE GOOD DR. POPEYE, AHÍ YES, AHÍ YES, AHÍ YES, UFFFF, I grab my hurting hard pee, pee and I practice my jerking off as my best friend taught me cos am ready to burst, Dr. Popeye now starts jamming and shoving that mile of a cock in and out faster and faster with no mercy, I was so feeling that cock in my throat in every jam he pushed in me, my mouth just kept opening in every hard shove Dr. Popeye implied, I really thought Dr. Popeye was going to CUM in me and I was going to spit out his CUM through my throat that’s how long I felt that fat cock in me, by the way, Dr. Popeye was a white older male with a black mans cock, he kept whispering in my ear that he can’t believe how I hold on so long without Cuming, I just kept squeezing my nuts cos I didn’t wanted it to stop by me Cuming, I started my anal massages on Dr. Popeye and he couldn’t hold it, my girlfriend and the good Doc had finished their game 20 minutes ago, she was now in front of me giving me her famous kisses, as I get fucked, and Doc was taking a nap on the office sofa, it was a slow day at work so he closed office early for paper work so he says, I feel Dr. Popeye pulsing very fast then all of a sudden jet streaming swimming in me 7 hot CUM shots so deep in me I felt like swallowing fast cos I thought it was coming out of my mouth but my slut hole was getting filled with so, so much of Dr. Popeye CUM, as I am also now Cuming I moan as I count his jetting CUMS, 1, AHÍ YES, AHÍ YES, 2, MMM FILL ME UP DR. POPEYE, 3, HMMM, SO GOOD DOCTOR, 4, OOH MY, OOH MY, 5, FUCK ME HARDER, 6, PLEASEEEZZ MORE SPANKING, 7, OOH, WHAT A FET LONG COCK, AHÍ, AHÍ, UFFFF, my girlfriend asks, why were you counting? I said, cos am horny like that, I giggle she laughs, Dr. Popeye was getting ready to pop out of me and I yelled, DON’T YOU DARE PULL OUT OF ME JUST YET MR. DR. POPEYE, YOU WAIT TILL I SAY SO, everyone was in shock of my reaction so as am getting weak and tired I collapsed on the bed saying, YES, AM A BITCH THAT WAY TOO, so Dr. Popeye cooperated and stood plugged in to me till I told him to pull out, my girlfriend was all over me kissing me and saying, that was so amazing my love, WOW, how did you do that, you are a pro with your hole, I envy you, you showed him good, what a great show my love, I was too tired to reply, after 10 minutes I tell Dr. Popeye to pull out but as he did I closed my anal fast cos I didn’t wanted to loose his seed gift he planted in me, so I squeezed my anal hard and perked my ass up that way no leaks would accord, Dr. Popeye finishes and says goodbye to sleeping Doc, we are alone now, my girl and I, so I asked her, ok, now what? So she takes me to the empty room that Doc keeps boxes in, just me and her cos sweetie had waken up and is now in the lobby, Doc got up to finish his paper work in his office,

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