The Greatheads Make New Friends

The girls needed more hot underwear so we decided one
Saturday morning to hotfoot it over to the mall and
visit the local lingerie shop. The saleslady regarded
us curiously, a man and two women.

Her name was Sally, according to her name clip, and I
was regarding her curiously too. She was one of those
slim dames with big tasty hooters, sort of a nervous,
birdy face. Nice looking though. She followed Liz and
Pat around as they gathered armfuls of stuff to try

Even when they went giggling off to the dressing room
she continued to hover in the neighborhood. She was
pretty surprised when Liz came prancing out in red bra
and G-string, and not much bra either. She shot a
quick look at the door, but no one was there.

“What do you think?” asked Liz.

“I don’t know,” I replied, getting behind her and
grabbing her tits. “C’mere Sally,” I said as I pushed
Liz’s bouncers up, nearly overflowing the cup. “Do you
have something that does this to her knockers?”

Sally shot a shocked look at Liz who laughed and said,
“Oh Gunner, you’re such a pig.”

“Uh, yeah”, said Sally uncertainly. “I think so.”

Pretty soon she produced some more goods, and off
toddled Liz.

“Nice tits,” I said looking at Sally’s.

“I beg your pardon?” she said, shocked again.

“Liz,” I said pointing to the dressing room. “She’s
got nice tits.”

After a pause she said, “Yes, I suppose she does.”

“Now, Pat”, I continued, “The other one in there,
she’s flat as a pancake. Not that I mind, ’cause she’s
just sexy as all hell. But she’s kind of nervous about
it. You might not understand that,” I said again
staring at her healthy shelf.

“No,” she said quickly, “I mean, yes, I do understand,
I … we often get ah … less endowed women in here.”

“Great!” I said. “Listen, maybe you could help her
out? You know, pick out a few things for her to try

“Sure,” she said and went off collecting things from
here and there. By the time she got back Liz was out
of the dressing room again wearing next to nothing.
She was quite a sight. I had a hard-on down to my
knee. As Sally watched stupefied Liz went thru a
series of poses. She bent down and wiggled her tits
around, she turned around and grabbed her ankles
showing off one spectacular ass, and then she turned
back around and squatted with her legs spread wide
apart. Sally was getting pretty nervous.

On the one hand she was clearly worried someone would
come into the store, on the other she was pretty
stimulated by our antics. Just then Pat came out
wearing a see-thru body stocking, and I do mean see-
thru. Sally gasped, again partially in fear and
partially because of Pat’s superb little body and
shaved beaver.

“Oh my!” said Pat looking at Liz. “You look like a
Penthouse center-fold!”

“You look pretty tasty yourself,” said Liz eyeing Pat
from head to foot.

“Yeah!” I said. “I have half a mind to jump on you
right here.”

Sally sort of groaned.

“Oh,” I said, “Pat, Sally here has some things for you
to try on.”

“Good,” said Pat, smiling at Sally. Sally handed Pat
the stuff and blushed.

As Pat started back to the dressing room I said, “We
gotta have that body stocking though. It’s mega-sexy.”

“Jesus,” said Liz watching Pat walk off before herself
heading back. “That is one sweet ass!”

“Amen,” said I to Sally. I hope the stuff you gave her
shows off that ass. An asset like that needs to be
flaunted, don’t you think?”

“Yes,” she whispered, obviously relieved the two girls
were out of sight.

“What do you show off?” I asked.

That got her. She was speechless.

“I mean, you certainly do have some nice features.”

She was just about to say something when out came Pat
stark naked except for some flimsy pants thing pulled
up one leg.

“Excuse me,” she said. “Could you help me with this? I
just don’t seem to understand it.”

Sally was in such a panic she nearly shoved Pat back
into the dressing room. I was left alone. I could hear
them talking though, discussing what the thing was and
how to put it on. Soon Liz had joined them, and there
was much talk about how sexy they each looked. Then
Liz said the magic words.

“What do you look like in this Sally? I’ll bet you
look super!”

“Oh yes!” said Pat. “I’ll bet you do. Try it on. I
want to see how you look.”

“Oh, great idea!” said Liz. “Oh don’t worry, no one’s
out there but the Gunner. He’ll take care of

“Hey Gunner!” she called. “Let us know if any
customers come in, OK?”

“Sure thing,” I said, ’cause you can depend on me.

Well, soon Pat was saying, “Oh what nice tits, what
perfect little nipples!”, and Liz was chiming in with
“Beautiful legs too, and Gunner would go nuts over
that ass.” I was going nuts too, just listening to
them. Then Sally said, in a very quiet voice, “What
are you doing?”

“Oh,” said Pat, shaky. “Please don’t mind. You’re just
so sexy and I got really turned on.”

Liz laughed. “Pat loves to rub her clit,” she said.
“Don’t pay any attention to her. If it really bothers
you she’ll stop. Now let’s see what your tits look
like hanging out of this thing. Maybe if we mushed
them up a little higher like this.”

Suddenly it got pretty quiet. Then gradually it got
not so quiet. First I could distinguish Pat’s heavy
breathing, and then someone else was having trouble
breathing regularly and was even beginning to moan a
bit. I figured it must be Sally. Next, Liz says, “Lick
her clit Pat, her sweet juicy clit”, and then Pat
said, “Put this foot up on the seat like that,” and
then Sally really started moaning. My cock was ripping
thru my pants.

“Jesus,” I thought, “if a woman comes in here now
she’s in big trouble.”

Just then in walked this total babe.

Yeah, yeah, she was over 40 and her face wasn’t all
that great, but hey, I’m eclectic. Besides, she had a
boffo bod. She was wearing this short little skirt and
high-heeled clogs and her legs were perfect, or at
least one of the several varieties of perfect. They
were long and calfy and slightly bow-legged. And if
they weren’t enough to make me cream my jeans her tits
certainly were.

Her tank-top was fighting a losing battle. She started
rummaging around while I just gawked at her and
listened to the shenanigans inside the dressing room,
which the new babe was too far away to hear. Finally,
she looked at me and held up this lacy black bra.

“Do you have this in a 36D?” she asked.

“Do I?” I said, or rather tried to say. My voice just
squeaked however. After clearing my throat I said,
“Uh, let me look and see.”

I went over to her and started rummaging around in the
bras. She must have noticed my pants sticking out in
front, but I was beyond embarrassment. Finally I found
a 36C bra, but it was different than hers.

“Well,” I said. “This is your size and I bet you’d
look great in it.”

“Oh, do you think so?” she said, and took it and held
it up to her tits.

“Mmm,” I said. “Very nice. Even with the tank-top.”

“OK,” she said. “I’ll try it on.”

“No! Wait!” I cried, and she looked at me, startled.

“I mean, don’t you want to get a few other things
together first? So you can try them all on at the same

“Well, I was thinking of some new stockings…”

All too soon I had her fixed up with a few pairs of
hot stockings, some new undies, and a couple of garter
belts. Again she started toward the dressing room.

“Oh gee,” I said. “I forgot. The dressing rooms are
closed for repair.”

“Why that’s ridiculous!” she said. “Where can I try
these on?”

“Um, well, over there in that corner behind that rack
of dresses is pretty private,” I said.

She looked mighty suspicious at first, but then she
gradually softened and smiled.

“OK,” she said. And off she went leaving me feeling
pretty shaky in the middle of the store.

“Excuse me,” she called a minute later. “Could you
come here a second?”

No sooner said than done, lady. She was standing
behind the clothes rack still dressed as before.

“What do you think of this?” she said, pulling up her
tank top but not removing it. She had on the bra I had
picked out.

“Oh my,” I moaned. “They’re, I mean, that’s

She pulled her shirt back down with a huge grin.

“Do you have any of those open ones?” she asked.

Be still my beating heart, I thought, and trundled off
to see what I could find. When I returned she was
wearing some white net stockings.

“How do you like these?” she said, turning her legs
this way and that. She had marvelous quads and calves.

“Very nice,” I said. “How far up do they go?”

Quite coyly she bit her lip and started edging her
skirt higher and higher. Since it was short to begin
with it didn’t take long to reach the top of the

“Oh,” I said. “You have on one of the garter belts I

“Yes,” she said, pulling her skirt up to her waist.
“Like it?”

“I sure do,” I said trying to adjust my clothes around
my hard-on, which made her laugh. “The panties are
nice too. French cut. Let’s see the back.”

She turned around and I nearly pounced on her right
there. Her ass was just beautiful, so smooth, so firm,
and her legs from the back were as good as from the

“God,” I said in sheer admiration. “What a body you

“Let me try on that bra,” she said turning back around
and taking the open-faced bra from me. “Turn around.”

A minute later she said I could look. Good God. Her
nipples were small and pink and standing to attention,
all puckered up. Her face was flushed and as she held
her tank-top up she pushed her breasts together with
her forearms.

“You know,” I said. “You are one sexy woman. A fucking
vision, a walking wet dream.”

She said nothing but she ate it up. After a few
seconds of feasting my eyes she reached back and undid
the bra.

“Well,” she said rather shakily. “You better pack this
stuff up.”

As she removed the bra she brushed her arms across her
nipples and shuddered. So did I. Leaving her shirt up
around her neck she reached down and undid the snaps
on her garter belt, then slowly rolled down the
stockings. Next came the garter belt, and then turning
her back to me she bent down and stripped off the
panties. I moved up to her ass and caressed it.

When she stood back up I reached around and fondled
her tits, massaging them and rolling the nipples
around. I also started Frenching her ear and neck and
pretty soon her breath was ragged as hell. Mine too. I
trailed one hand down her front and found her bush.
She was drenched. I like that. I was about to suggest
we retire to the back room when Pat burst out of the
dressing room.

She had all her clothes back on, but she was still
pretty breathless. She startled us and we broke our
clinch and I turned around. The woman hid behind me
pulling her shirt down and getting herself together.
When Pat saw us she stopped for just a second, then
ran up and grabbed me.

“C’mon Gunner,” she said. “They need your help in
there. Sally especially needs your help.”

“B-but…” I babbled and indicated the babe in the
short skirt.

“Don’t worry,” said Pat. “I’ll take care of your

And she pushed me into the dressing room. It was real
easy to figure out what stall Liz and Sally were in. I
just followed the groaning and smell of pussy. I found
them on the floor crushing their cunts together and
writhing about frantically.

“Quick!” said Liz. “Sally needs a cock!”

Well, that’s why I’m around. I had it in my hand in no

“Put it in my mouth!” Sally gasped.

Why surely.

She was a damned good cocksucker. You could tell she
liked doing it. She tickled my balls too, and I always
like that.

“Don’t come yet,” she said. “I need to get fucked

Whatever you say, lady.

She let go of my dick and flipped over on her hands
and knees.

“Now!” she said. “Do it to me now!”

Man, I just love sliding into a super wet beaver, and
between Pat and Liz this beaver was wet! Liz laid down
under Sally and started tonguing her clit while
playing with her own. We were beginning to really get
the rhythm when suddenly a man was yelling out in the

“Oh my God!” cried Sally, and we jumped up, quickly
adjusted our clothing, and ran out of the dressing

There we found this bald-headed guy grabbing the 40
year old babe by the shoulder and yelling, “What the
fuck is going on here?”

“What s-seems to be the p-problem?” stammered Sally
clearly flushed with sexual excitement.

“The problem?” the guy yelled. “I come in here and
find my wife, my wife, this woman (indicating Pat),
this woman and and…”

He didn’t seem able to get it out for sputtering.

“What were you doing?” I asked Pat calmly.

“I was sucking her cunt,” she replied, just as calmly.
“I had her bent over the counter and was eating her
from behind. It was quite nice, wasn’t it?” The woman
almost said yes, but her old man was at it again,
ranting and raving. Just as I was wondering what we
should do with him he stopped dead in his tracks.

I followed his gaze and there in the doorway to the
back room stood Liz. I’ve said before that Liz was a
big broad, and now she had on this leather outfit just
like the S&M types wear. Spike-heeled boots, garter
belt, black leather gloves and bra. And a whip.

“You!” she hissed. “Shut your trap and get over here!”

The guy was mesmerized. He staggered over to her.

“On your knees, pig!” she growled, and the guy flopped
down on his knees. “Now crawl into the back room”, and
she waved the rest of us in too. Inside she said, “Now
scum. You need to be punished, don’t you?”, and the
guy nodded dumbly. “Gunner here got Sally’s cunt juice
all over his nice big cock and I want you to clean it

The guy shot me a look of fear. I just scratched my

Whack! She hit him on the back with the whip and the
guy like to jump thru the roof. He liked it though,
you could tell.

“Crawl over to the Gunner,” she said, and the guy did.

“Undo his belt.” He did.

“Pull down his zipper with your teeth.” He did.

“Hmm,” I thought. “She’s serious. Am I gonna let this
dweeb suck my dick?”

Then I noticed his wife watching and she was way hot
about the whole scene, as well as grooving on hubby’s
humiliation. Well, who am I to dis-appoint a lady?

“Fish his dick out – carefully!”

“Lick it clean!”

“Now suck!”

Geez, the guy wasn’t half bad. Of course it helps when
you’re enthused and he was that. The shit probably
always wanted to suck a big dick but was too much of a
weasel to just go do it. He needed Liz and her whip to
“force” him into it. Liz had him take down his pants
so she could give it to him on his bare ass. The guy
just ate it up, pun intended. Meanwhile, Pat and his
wife were going at it again. The woman was bending
over leaning on the back of a chair while Pat knelt
behind her with her nose up her cunt licking her clit.

Jesus, Pat loves to eat cunt.

Sally was standing in the doorway keeping one eye on
us and one on the store, and busily rubbing her
crotch. All in all, it was a fun time for everyone.
Then Liz whips out this big vibrator and stuffs it up
her cunt so she’s coming while she’s whacking this
guy. After some of that she bends down and rams the
vibe up the guy’s ass. Jesus, talk about instant deep
throat! The guy jumped forward which of course crammed
my dick right down his throat.

At first, he started c*****g and gagging, but then he
caught the rhythm and opened his throat. The worm was
in seventh heaven. Meat up both ends, and even if the
meat up his ass was really plastic at least it had
some great motion. Between watching her old man and
getting tongued by Pat the wife was into one long
succession of orgasms. Sally was having a few too,
spazzing up against the door jamb.

Then Liz decided the guy should sit up and masturbate
while I schtupped his wife. Well now, that was a
damned fine idea. I’d wanted to fuck her back an hour
or so ago in the store but hadn’t been able to, so Pat
scooted further under the woman and continued licking
her clit while I fucked her from behind. She had a
nice cunt too, and it’s great to fuck a woman who’s
just coming constantly.

“OK, now,” said Liz after a bit. “Don’t come yet
Gunner. We want to save it for Ol’ Baldy here. He’s
gonna swallow everything you got. But first you need
some more cunt juice on your cock. Fuck Sally next,
then Pat, then me.”

Sally was so hot she didn’t waste any time at all. She
whipped up her skirt and bent over the wife’s back,
reaching around and grabbing her lovely tits. Her
panties, of course, were history. After Sally had a
few orgasms, thanks partly to Pat doing things
underneath her and the wife, she got back to watching
the store and Pat took her place. Pat, of course, came
a ton, as she always does, then went back to Frenching
the wife. Liz was next. She bent over the guy, still
moving the vibrator around in his ass, and I slipped
it to her.

“I don’t know how much longer I can hold out,” I told
her as she hit him here and there with the butt of the
whip. Just then she came. Always timely, that one.

“Now,” she said. “Stick it back in his face.”

Well, he went right back to deep throating and
groaning and licking and sucking like his life
depended on it, and I wasn’t going to hold out much
longer. That guy was getting to be a great cocksucker.

Liz looked at me and said, “You may fire when ready

So I did. And did. And did. I mean, I came a ton, and
as I was I noticed I could see the guy’s hard-on in
this mirror and he was doing the damnedest thing.
Every time I shot a wad, he swallowed it then shot one
of his own. No one was touching him, but he was coming
just the same, and every time I did. It was like I was
shooting come right thru him and out his dick. It was
totally weird.

Well, when I finally ran out of sperm I leaned back
against the wall and watched Liz knock the guy around
some more. His wife was shuddering and yelling, “Uh!
Uh! Uh!” over and over as Pat nearly had her head up
the woman’s cunt, and Sally was shivering up against
the door jamb again.

I wrote my phone number on a piece of paper and gave
it to the wife. She smiled, got herself together, and
said, “Come on Harvey, let’s go home.”

Harvey got up, dressed sheepishly and slinked off
without looking at me. That’s gratitude for you. The
three of us grappled with Sally some, and then said,
well, time to go, but we’ll be back some time, and off
we went. Out in the parking lot we realized we hadn’t
bought any new undies.

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