Doing a girlfriend’s mother a big favor

“Hi, Mrs. Collins, I said as she opened the back door,
almost hiding behind it, her long blonde hair tumbling
freely. Cindy home?”

She smiled and shook her head, moving out a bit so I
could see her bare shoulder. “She went to the mall
with a couple of girls. Probably have lunch out there.
You got a minute?”

“Sure,” I said and she opened the door wide and I
stepped in. She closed it and smiled at me. My cock
jerked to life.

Cindy’s mother was something. She looked like a mature
Barbie doll with her jutting boobs and her long legs
and huge mop of blonde curls. She was wearing the top
of a set of Babydoll PJs that hung from tiny straps.
It was pale yellow and almost transparent with a few
frills down the middle and at the bottom. It flared
open as she smiled at me, and I could see a knot of
blonde curls between her heavy thighs. She was big and
beautiful, a woman, not a girl. And she was almost

“Buck’s been sent over to France for six months,
Cindy’s dad, doing inspections, and I need a man.
Think you can help me?”

I blinked, nodded and said I could try as my cock

I was used to getting it almost every day, Billy, two
or three times a day on weekends. I go to the gym and
I’ve got some toys, but I really miss Buck. She turned
her back to me and put her hands on the counter and
bent over, showing me her fine, wide ass and her pink-
lined peach which looked like it might be dripping,
the fat lips kind of wiggling.

I got my belt and zipper undone in record time and
stepped up behind her hard and hot, ready for action,
my woman- pleaser thick and long, rising up and
pointing at the ceiling. It filled my hand and I could
feel the blood surging.

She looked back over her shoulder and smiled. “I’ve
heard the girls talking about you. I like it rough,

My cockhead slipped between her lips and I screwed it
in, reached up to grab her soft breasts and crushed
them as I rammed up and in and lifted her right up on
her toes.

“Oh damn!” she sobbed. “Ooh damn, damn, damn!”

I pulled back a bit and thrust hard again, getting
maybe six inches into her. I kneaded her jugs,
recoiled and rammed again, grunting with effort.

She squealed and sank to the floor, popping my aroused
prick out of her sucking cunt.

I kicked my pants and shorts away, bent my knees and
drove it back into her, all the way into her, one hand
on her shoulder and the other full of her long, blonde
hair, pulling hard and arching her back.

“Yes, yes!” she sobbed. “Give it to me!”

I was in to the balls, so I started fucking, fast and
deep. Soon we were both grunting, and I rested while
she moved her pelvis to and fro and did all the work,
giving herself six or eight inch rams and sobbing like

“Good, good, good!” she gasped.

I just grunted and got back to work as she collapsed
to the floor. I was buried in her and moving fast and
deep when she screeched and climaxed going stiff and
then soft, clawing at the tiles.

I pulled it out, rolled her over, lifted her left leg
up on my shoulder and eased it back into her, all the
way into her. Her other leg came up and wrapped about
my middle as I got to work, banging us together and
boning her as hard and fast as I could, feeling my
semen surging.

“I’m coming!” I told her through gritted teeth as she
got both of her heels pressing on my butt.

“Do it!” she gasped. “Give it to me!”

I came hard and three or four times right in a row,
gritting my teeth and trying not scream with pleasure
as I emptied myself in her and then rested on her lush
body, my face between her soft breasts.

Get up, she gasped and I pushed off of her. She
struggled to her feet, helped me up and then held my
hand and led me upstairs to the front bedroom. She
discarded her filmy wrap and flopped back on her bed,

“Come on,” she said with a smile, “you’re young. Get
back to work.”

So I got all the way undressed, climbed up on the bed
and remounted Cindy’s big, healthy mother. She spread
her legs widely, and I reached under her knees and
pushed them back, rose and started banging. She
screamed and writhed as I shook her from side to side
and pounded her silly until she came again.

Then I let her down, rolled us over and she giggled as
she got comfortable in the saddle and started fucking

That was when Cindy came in…

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