The nastiest pleasures

I squeezed the lovely hills of Pat’s buttocks for awhile,
then reached around under her to open the sweet mound of
her vulva. Her hips squirmed, and she moaned behind the

“Fantasy,” she’d said, “utter trust, anything you want, no holds
barred.” The sons were out with their Aunt, and we were alone
for the first time in a long time. “The nastiest pleasures you
can imagine.” And she’d leered at me.

“Who first?”

“Flip you for it!”

I’d won. Now I knelt naked behind her, trying to decide just
where to put my stiffening penis. As I pondered, I untied her
ankles from each other, and tied each one to a bedpost. That
opened her up very nicely. I smeared some oil in between her
buttocks, but then decided that her pussy was just too perfect
to waste. I slid forward over her back, and slipped into her.
The wet warmth of her engulfed me, and I pumped in and out,
long strokes, my cock swelling. The flesh of her ass moved
enticingly as I penetrated her. I smiled, and slid my thumb
between her buttocks, pressed it into the warm oiled bud of her

As I groaned and pumped faster, I felt her sphincter spasming
around my probing thumb, sweet bands of muscle tensing and
relaxing as I fucked her. Too soon, I came, my cock exploding
deliciously, my thumb far into her hot ass. With a groan, I
collapsed onto her back, sticky and happy. After awhile, I
untied her, took off the gag, rolled her over. She was gorgeous
and sweaty. Then she slapped me.

“You FUCKER!” she shouted. “THAT’S your fantasy? Maybe you’d
like to ball my little sister while the MAILMAN fucks me from
behind! Does THAT sound good?” I stared, open-mouthed. Her
face was flushed, her big boobs swayed exquisitely as she sat
up. Her hand was back for another slap; I got up quickly.

“Maybe you’d like to smear me with SHIT and suck on my nipples
for awhile!? How about watching me suck off my FATHER while you
fuck my Mom’s TITS?? You fucking PERVERT!”

“But… I…” I ventured weakly. She stood facing me, her
nipples brushing my chest as her body quivered in rage, her eyes
boring into me. I could smell her strongly.

“You have no fucking IDEA!” she yelled, and she grabbed my arms
and pulled me to her and kissed me hard on the mouth, biting at
my lips and licking my teeth. “No fucking idea how turned ON I
am!!” And she pulled me backwards onto the bed and rolled over
onto me, and impaled herself on my suddenly hard cock, and she
came and came and came, with my hands on her ass and her hips
thrusting wildly.

We may be a little bit twisted, but we have a real good time.