The nighttime is the right time

Sacramento California , was a beautiful place to visit.. And right now heading home in my dust bucket of a Volvo I sat back
enjoying the rest of the view..The skyline was in front of me..And a lovely sunset was slipping down behind the
horizon behind me with me leaning back with my gospel music blasting!..Oh yeah baby I was set!..I did have to check my map
only once before the moon replaced that beautiful sunset in the sky..

I don’t care what you say Megan girl I couldn’t do it!..Traveling all the way there by car?..Good luck!.. Oh girl shut yo face!.. The girls was drinking and sounding
like the whores they we’re!..Hey those was my friends but them sistahs was the same as me and I ain’t about to say no damn
different!..Them was whores!..Same as me!.. Shit how many times did we all buy tickets to go chasing around behind those Rapper guys on tour?..And as
a result?..Two of those fine sithas are now baby mommas by those flighty ass guys!..My ride bounced me along then making me struggle threatening to kill me! ..Those shock
breakers better hold the fuck out!..I shouted angrily losing my religion!.. I flash my lashes up at the bright bulbs beaming straight ahead.. And as if as an answer to a prayer
straight ahead ya gurl was the blinky lights of a Motor Hotel.. Lil’ Kim’s Put Your Lighters Up was playing on a juke
box in the lobby as I entered where a janitor lazily passed a mop over the same spot numerous times watching me.. I hit the desk bell quickly
cause that shady looking guy was coming at me! ..A white lady smoking a joint come from the back.. Yeah sugar looking for
for a room?.. She ask hoarsely then coughed scratching at what looked to be a huge red pimple on her face..Lady I’ma stay in this
shit one night I ain’t crazy!..I say giving the woman attitude.. Suit yo’self..She say staring me down giving ME back
attitude!.. I gave her my visa card she swipe it and that janitor took my bags from me and said..follow me..

Thank goodness for a house key!.. I slammed that door in that junky’s face soon after like the rude woman I was before throwing my tired self body and soul
onto a surprisingly ready made clean sheet linen soft fresh smelling bed!.. My head swooned a while from the long drive as dizzy sleep took over..
I wasn’t even hungry!.. A knock interrupted my glorious restless sleep so I fumed bouncing back up to my feet scolding myself!..
Better to answer it now then to have that shit still pestering me later!.. Dinner is being served Miss..uh…this guys eyes trail my body all the way down to my three inch stilettos!
.. Wha?.. I hear myself say before clearing away the sleep..What up sista?.. He say leaning on the door eyeing me..
I had to glance up at him again!..Mrs. Callister won’t hold your food miss so I suggest you put whip to your horses!.. I ain’t hungry I manage to say to the stud..
Oh no?.. He say back..The lights was out in my room and the only light coming in was the ones from the street.. He peer pass my shoulders..
Where your guy?.. Where’s yours?..I counter.. Haha!..We both laugh.. Man this black guy didn’t talk like the dudes I was used too ..
No seriously you’um traveling alone?..I’m meeting him here tomorrow ..I didn’t lie.. Shit I told you guys I ain’t stupid..
He was checking me out..I was checking him out..Upstairs was pretty silent since everyone else was down stairs having
dinner.. What is he ..a fool?.. Cause I wouldn’t send my oh so fine woman off ahead of me if she looked anything like you..
Dammmmn..smoooth..I thought ..That line went straight to my panties!..Did I mention I was whorish?..
Oh yeah I did so keep up!.. I was still smiling at that line .. You wanna come in?.. He just didn’t come in he swagger in!..
..Oh damn!..His going looked just as good as his coming!.. You work here?..I ask without turning on my lights or closing my door..
Nah..His lips licked around the entire surface of his mouth.. I went weak in the knees.. Close it..He tell me taking my hand in his helping me shut it..
It felt like heat on heat.. Both our eyes sought out and found each others in the dark.. Oh I was so ready to fuck!..And I was so going to fuck him!..
In fact as a precaution I had already swallowed a birth control pill earlier..Tell me your name..I say as my breathing quickened..
Because never before had a man sliced his hands between my legs like that to open them up before!..And I was slowly being backed up against a wall..
My hands now deft on his manly scented sweaty clothing he was loosening his own belt buckle..Touch me baby!..
He groaned..His lips now resting in the small of my shoulders..I felt his bulge the hugeness of it.. Moist..escape his lips about my clit at the same time
as I felt him then find my center..I reach in and pull out his hard..He then showed my sundress no mercy!..He tore that thing to ribbons!..
before sliding his cock in between my legs as high as he could get them on both sides of his hips!.. I straddle him.. His massive eight inch member
was now out and pushing aside my drenched cum silken undies.. All he wanted was to pump me!.. All I wanted was to fuck him!..
The night provided the right cover..And under the cover of darkness I held nothing back!.. I found myself sliding down off that wall onto the floor..
Again no one stirred outside..but inside we let loose and got buck wild!.. I was sure my screams of pleasure was seeping through the walls!..
As he flipped me and rode me doggy-style!.. I need to know your name!.. But for the life of me he wouldn’t tell me!..
You like your Megan’s pussy baby!.. I yell it as my ass went up in the air..You like it freaky like I do!.. Ohh!.. I felt my orgasm stirring!..
I love your pussy!.. I hear him grunt low as his hands played with my large tits from where he stood above me pushing with all his might!..
The street lights hit and lit his face as my buttocks squeezed his cock for dear life!.. Both of us spurt cum simultaneously!..
Again and again hot cum and semen mixed and swriled and fused us together as one.. until our breathing at last started to labor..
Ahhhhhhhhhhh!..I felt myself cave deliciously against his now bare chest..He held me.. Damn baby where you been all my life?..
Not too far..I live in San Diego.. In fact I’m headed back there now..I’m a Retail Buyer and truthfully? ..My hubby and I are here in town to file for divorce..
He stood up then letting the flashing lights from outside play up his handsome face.. My name is Hilton Burke..
And truthfully I’m the owner of this hotel.. You hungry now Miss. Megan?..He say running his fingers between my clit..
I stood up giving him a clear view of me in all my nudity..What do you think?..
For you..I answer honestly as he back me towards the shower smiling..Yeah baby..I’m still hungry ..for you..

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