The truck drivers wife

I was woken up by the rumbling of a big semi-truck, it was 6:15 am. I took a peek out my bedroom window and saw my new neighbors, Mr. G and Mrs. G were hugging and kissing in front of Mr. G’s big red semi-truck. Mrs. G was wearing a really short pink silk robe, showing her curvy tone legs that seem to go on forever. When Mr. G picked her up for one final kiss, the robe rose above her ass. I could see she was wearing sexy white lace panties, I had a perfect view of that amazing devine ass. Mrs. G’s white lace panties didn’t even cover half of her plump ass checks. I instantly got a raging boner, I was lost in the moment. Mr. G put Mrs. G down and climbed into the semi-truck and waved to his wife goodbye, he shut the door and started driving off into the long road. Mrs. G turned around to walk back into her apartment, a cold morning breeze was blowing that morning, I noticed Mrs. G’s nipples were hard. Her nipples seemed to want to cut through her silk robe, they looked long and thick. With every step her C cup perky tits would gently bounce, they seem to dance to a song that only they could hear. As she got closer to her apartment, I was getting a better view of her body. Her silk robe clung to every dangerous curve of her body.

With no warning a strong breeze blew and caught Mrs. G by surprise. Her robe opened up and for a half a second, seemed like an hour to me, she stood with her big awe inspiring tits and her hard gum drop nipples exposed. Mrs. G looked up towards me, we made eye contact, I couldn’t break eye contact. She grabbed both sides of her opened robe and slowly shut my view into paradise. I tried to move my hands to close the curtains, but my right hand couldn’t let go of my hard cock. My left hand was pressed against my window. Mrs. G continued walking towards her apartment, before she walked out of sight, she turned towards me and gave me a mischievous grin. She definitely knew that I saw her tits when her robe opened up. Now out of sight, I returned to my bed and focused my attention to my concrete pillar cock. I need to use the recently acquired image of Mrs.’s naked flawless tits and her white lace panty covered juicy ass before I stored it in my spank bank.

I was close to cuming when all the sudden my cell phone vibrated, it was a text from Mrs. G.I let go of my cock and quickly unlocked my phone, a million thoughts ran through my head. I imagine the text might read; come over and fuck me, that would be great. Shit, most likely it read, I saw you, you pervert, I’m going to talk to your parents. My mom had giving my cell number to Mr. G a few days ago after he asked if I would be available to help them set up their WIFI. Now I was nervous, I opened the text. It simply read; We need to talk, do you have time today? I responded; yes, is 10am fine? 10 is fine, it should be quick, I won’t take much of your day. she answered. Ok, must be about the WIFI, she didn’t even mention what just happened,I thought. I couldn’t focus on the mental image of Mrs. G naked , hard nippled tits, so I left my cock in peace and spent the next 4 hours anxiously waiting to see Mrs. G.

I was supposed to meet up with my boys at the basketball court at 11am. I couldn’t wait to tell them what I had seen that morning. I figured I’ll stop by Mrs. G’s house on my way to the basketball court. I had convinced myself that she just wanted me to set up her WIFI. If she was mad, she wouldn’t have given me that sexy look. It was 10am and time to go visit Mrs. G and have our talk. I stood in front of her door and gave a soft tap, almost hoping she wouldn’t answer the door.

I was looking down at the door mat that read; Jesus is Love. The door squeaked open, I slowly started looking up. Mrs. G’s perfectly pedicured toes came into my view, she was wearing pink thong flip flops. At that instant I felt like kneeling and sucking at her toes. I had never thought about sucking on a girl’s toes, but Mrs. G had some sexy toes. As I kept moving my eyes up her legs, I could closely admire her curvy tan legs, they looked silky smooth as her robe did that morning. I could imagine her legs up in the air resting on my shoulders as I fucked her brains out. My fantasy was disrupted by her sexy voice. “Hi, thanks for coming. Come on in”, said Mrs. G. I quickly tried to make eye contact, so she wouldn’t notice I was looking at her sexy legs. Now that I was looking up at Mrs. G, I could see her entire body. She was wearing cut off jean shorts, they wear really short shorts. The interior of the jeans’ pocket hung from the bottom of her shorts, her hips were almost fully exposed, the shorts were cut all the way to the waist band. The shorts were barely covering her panties, or maybe she isn’t even wearing any panties, I thought. Mrs. G tits were almost popping out her tight, light purple halter top shirt. Her shirt was at least two sizes too short for her, but I wasn’t complaining. I could clearly see she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples peaked through the thin fabric of her shirt. Mrs. G’s nipples weren’t hard, like earlier this morning, but they were still fighting to escape her shirt. I managed to make eye contact, I knew she had noticed that I had checked out her body. Mrs. G had that same mischievous look in her face.

“Hi Mrs. G” I replied. I was trying not to look at her big, round tits that were pouring out the top of her shirt. “Are going to go play some basketball? Mrs. G asked. “Yes ma’am, as soon as I’m done with you, I mean done helping you” I answered. “I like your basketball shorts, baby blue is my favorite color”, said Mrs. G, “Come on in and none if this ma’am and Mrs. Gutierrez stuff, I’m only a few years older than you. Just call me Eva, like I was one of your friends”. “Ok, I like your shorts too, I like jean shorts” I replied.” Thank you, I made them from some old pants I had laying around, but I think I cut them too short. What do you think? “Eva said, with a mischievous look on her face. She then began to spin around slowly, so I could see her handy work. When her ass came to view, I could see she had cut them really short. Her back pockets were completely useless, she had cut them in half. Eva’s short stood no chance against her big, apple shape ass. The center seam of her short vanished in between her ass. What little fabric that made up her shorts looked faded and thin, in contrast to her soft, silky smooth skin. The frayed white strings that remained after she cut the jeans, hung like tassels like on a school graduation cap. Eva’s ass was eating up those poor little jean shorts, half of her ass was hanging from the bottom of her shorts. Her perfectly shapes ass cheeks have way to a pair of long curvy legs, that seemed to go on forever.” I think they are the perfect fit, you look amazing” I answered,” sorry, you look nice, didn’t mean to disrespect you, sorry”. Eva looked at me and said,” don’t apologize, it has been a long time since I have received a complement, especially about my clothes. My husband doesn’t like me wearing this type of clothes, he said they make me look trashy”. “ I think you should wear whatever makes you comfortable”, I replied. “ Your right, in many ways my husband is just really old school, well let me show you what I need”, Eva said as she began to lead me to her kitchen.

With every step Eva took, her plump ass cheeks would shake and rebound to their original perky state. Her hips would sway from side to side and with every step it seemed like her short would rip apart in what little seams remain. It was hypnotizing, she could have asked me to jump off a bridge and would have gladly done it. I just kept following behind and didn’t notice that Eva had reached her fridge, she turned around and started explaining something to me. I was still mesmerized by her ass that I missed the first words that came out of her full, red lips. “ Are you alright?” Eva asked. “ Yes , sorry, can you say that again”, a I answered. As I looked up at her face, she had that same look she had giving me earlier that morning when her robe opened apart. Eva opened the fridge door and said, “ I don’t know was wrong with this thing, it’s not cold”. She took a step back and motion me to take a look inside the fridge. I walked up to Eva and turned to face the fridge, I leaned inside the fridge to peek around. All the sudden I felt two firm objects resting on my back, was Eva leaning over me? Were her tits resting on my back? All the blood in my body rushed to y cock, it was hard as a rock. “So, what do you think? Can you fix it?”, asked Eva. “ I think so”. I answered, I noticed that the temperature knob was set on the least cold setting. I didn’t want to fix it right away, I was enjoying having Eva’s tits on my back. “ Ok ill stop bothering you and let you figure this out”, Eva said as she lifted her tits off my back. I quickly changed the setting of the temperature knob to the coldest setting, I didn’t want her to walk away. “I think I found out what was wrong, the temp knob was in the warmest setting, but know it’s in the coldest setting”, I said as I stood up not realizing that my cock was ready to burst out of my shorts. “ Wow, that was fast, I guess my husband changed the settings and forgot to change it back to cold”, Eva said as her eyes travel down to my crouch area. I wanted to cover my hard cock with my hands, but it was too late, she was already staring at it. She got that mischievous look again and said,” Maybe you could help me with something else?”, Eva said as she played with the frayed fabric of her jean shorts, “ When I made my shorts I tried to cut as much of these annoying little strings as I could, but I missed a bunch of them. I was hoping you could help me cut them off?” Eva extended her arm towards me, she had something clinched in her hand. “Ok, I guess I can help you with that”, I said as Eva opened her hand. She had a pair of nail clippers. I took the nail clippers from her hand and stared at them.

When I looked back up at Eva, she had turned around with both her hands on the dinner table. “ Get the ones back here, those are the ones that really bother me the most,” Eva said as she arched her back, making her firm ass pop out. I knelt down, Eva’s plump ass was just a few inches away from my face. I could imagen myself spreading her ass checks apart and eat her ass. “I must taste as good as it looks”, I thought to myself. I started cutting the white frayed strings that hung from her shorts, first I cut the ones that where easy to reach . I manage to cut all the strings that ran from her hips to her inner thighs, I wanted to touch her ass , but resisted. I didn’t want Eva to see me as some pervert, but then I saw her legs spread open a bit.” You think you can reach the ones in the middle, those are the ones that sometimes tickle me when I walk”, Eva said as she spread her legs. Her jean short became a thong as her ass swallowed what little fabric remain. “ Ok ill try to get them all”, I said as I reached between her thick, smooth legs. I could feel the warmth of her inner thighs and pussy. My hands where already sweaty , but now I was having trouble gripping the nail clipper, my hands were shaking. I was too nervous to concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing. The center seam of Eva’s shorts was digging into her pussy, I could see her pussy lips flowing from both sides of the seam. With my left hand I grab a string and with my other hand I tried to close the nail clipper so it will cut the strings. I managed to cut the first string, but I lost control of the clippers lever. The lever sprung up and hit Eva’s pussy. Eva’s body twitched and I heard a faint moaning sound come from Eva. I was frozen, what had just happened? Did I hurt Eva’s pussy? But that moan sounded like she liked the lever hitting her pussy. I didn’t say anything and grabbed another piece of string with my left hand. This time I was going to hold firmly the clippers, but I decided I was going to find out if that twitch and moan meant. I cautiously cut the second string, but as I slowly released the lever I gently taped Eva’s pussy with the back of my index finger. Again, Eva’s body twitched, but this time her moan was louder. I think Eva is enjoying getting her pussy touched, I thought. I reached for another string, this time as I reached in with the nail clippers, I purposely rub my right index finger on the seam that just was covering her pussy. I heard Eva moan louder and her body stiffened up, she began to slowly move her hips back and forth. I started to put more pressure on the jean’s center seam, soon I could feel Eva’s pussy clutching my finger.

Her pussy was dripping wet now and my cock was rock hard. I couldn’t resist any longer, I needed to feel Eva’s ass, but my right hand was busy rubbing her pussy and my left hand keeping Eva’s legs spread apart. So, I stuck my face as deep into her ass as I could, I could feel her firm, smooth ass checks on my face. I kept moving my head side to side to separate her ass apart and get in deeper. “Stop, stop”, Eva said as she stood up straight, I had no choice but to remove my face from her ass and stop playing with her pussy. Eva turned around and said, ” stand up”. I stood up, my cock was harder that I had ever felt it. ” Look what you have done, your shorts are ruin”, said Eva as she reached out to touch the wet spot that my precum had made on my shorts. I felt her soft touch on the tip of my cock, Eva started to gently rub the tip of my cock with her right index finger. “ It feels hot”, she said as she removed her finger from the tip of my cock. Eva’s finger was covered with the precum she rubbed from my shorts, she held her finger in front of her face. It seemed she was examining the substance that covered her finger. Eva took a quick sniff of the precum, she looked up at me with that mischievous look and licked her finger clean.” Umm, taste good. Its been a long time since I tasted a man’s cum,” she said. In a single motion Eva knelt in front of me, grab and lowered my shorts. My cock jumped out like a clown head in a jack in a box, it was a few inches from Eva’s face.” Wow, how big are you? Like 7, 8 inches?” Eva said with amazed. “ I never actually measured it, but I think I’m around 7 inches”, I said with confidences. “ Its thick too, it might take me a few tries to get it all in my mouth”, Eva said. Eva grab the base of my cock and with her mouth wide open, she placed my cock on her tongue.

I looked down at her, there was Eva on her knees, mouth wide open and my cock resting on the soft wet tongue. I had never seen a more whoreish sight in my life, here was this beautiful married slut with my cock in her mouth, looking up at me with her big brown eyes. She started to swirl her tongue around the head of my cock, pre cum snaring around her tongue. I guess Eva taught I have had enough teasing with her tongue, she locked her lips around my cock and started sucking on the tip. It felt like she was trying to suck my balls out through my cock, I could feel her warm saliva bathing my cock. Eva was slowly taking more of my cock in her mouth, she had about half my cock in her mouth, her eyes where tearing up. She removed my cock from her warm mouth and said,” Your cock tastes so good, I’m going to get all your cock in my mouth. Might need some help from you, put your hands on the back of my head. When I stop just gently pull my head towards you, ok”. I extended my arms over Eva’s head and placed my hands on top of her head. Eva smiled up at me and said,” here we go”. Eva opened her mouth wide open and slowly started to shove my cock in her mouth. She got about half my cock in her mouth when she stopped, Eva looked up at me and shrugged her eyebrows. I took that as the sign that she needed help. I gently started to pull her head towards me, I could feel my cock scraping the back of her mouth. Eva shut her eyes, she was clearly concentrating on the job at hand. I began to feel Eva’s gag reflex on my cock, but I kept pulling her head towards me, a mixture of her saliva and my precum began running down the sides of her mouth. Her tits where being covered by her drool mixture. Eva manage to get most of my cock on her throat, she started to pull away but her mouth felts so good that I didn’t want to leave her mouth.

With both hand I grabbed a hand full of Eva’s air and stopper her from releasing my cock from her mouth. She looked up at me with a bewilder look.” Your mouth feels really good, I don’t want this to stop”, I said. I held Eva’s head as still as possible, she had begun to her head from side to side. “You wanted to take all my cock and now you are”, I said as I began to thrust my cock deep in her throat. Eva’s eye where watery , but she was no longer fighting what was happening to her. “ I’m going to fuck your mouth like the dirty whore you are”, I said to Eva so she could get ready for the mouth fucking I was planning on giving her. She placed her hands on my legs and began to dig her nails. As I felt the slight pain caused by her nails on my legs, I would thrust harder into her mouth. My balls bounce off her chin as she took my cock to the base. Drool now completely covered her tits and ran in between her tits like a river thru the mountains. I could feel pressure building up in my balls, I pulled my cock from Eva’s mouth, she gasped for air and spat out all the precum onto her tits. “ I want you to cum in my mouth ok”, said Eva as she tried to catch her breath. “I’m going to unload all my cum deep in your throat and you are going to swallow it like the good dirty whore you are”, I said as I placed my cock back in her mouth. I could feel her soft , moist lip rap around the shaft of my cock. Once I felt the warmth of Eva’s mouth, I started thrusting my hips and pull on her hair, make her forehead bounce off my crotch. I could hear her gurgling deep in her throat, when my cock was as deep as it would go in her throat, I would hold her head in place until I could feel her trying to pull her head back to catch her breath. The drool the managed to escape from the side of her mouth was dripping all over my balls. I would release her to let her breath once I saw tears rolling from her eyes, while she would catch her breath, I would remined her of the nasty married whore she was. “You like getting mouth fucked? Look at the mess you made, your tits are all cover with our juices. Your going to let your husband kiss your tits knowing they were cover with my precum?” I said as I reached down to fondle her big firm tits. I shoved my cock back into Eva’s mouth, I could no longer hold back, I needed to release all the pressure that had built up in my balls.

I grabbed tight to Eva’s hair. I had found a good rhythm, I would thrust my cock deep into her throat as I would pull her head as hard I could towards me. ”I can’t hold it back anymore, your going to swallow every drop of cum I give you, you dirty whore” I screamed as I unloaded rope after rope of cum into Eva’s mouth. I could feel Eva still sucking on my cock, she was softly massaging my balls, she wanted every drop of cum that was in there. Eva released my cock from her cum filled mouth, she opened wide her mouth so I could see all the cum I had shot. She tried to give me that mischievous smile while her mouth was wide open, she snapped her mouth closed and took a big gulp of cum. Eva opened her mouth to show me that she had swallowed all the cum.” Look, I’m a good dirty whore? “, she said proudly,” Ohh, look at your cock, it’s still hard did I not do a good enough job?”. Eva was gently massaging on my cock, she stood up and said,” I’m going to show you how dirty of a whore I can be, follow me to the living room.”

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