The Swinging Sixties

The swinging sixties! What a fabulous decade for
teenagers; Most things were again normal after the end
of the cruel and bitter 2nd World War. Young people for
the first time easily found jobs; which helped to put
money in their pockets, at last we had found a sort of
freedom. Many young people rebelled against society,
and the strict codes of our upbringing; we had our own
music, and we took great delight playing it knowing it
would upset the elder generations.

Fashions too had changed; no more long thick skirts and
baggy sweaters that made girls look like a sack of
spuds. We had mini skirts in all sorts of styles and
bright colours; blouses, or tops as they are now
called, were made from many new and different
materials, some clingy; others see through which showed
off a girls figure; although most of us wore a bra
underneath the tops; there were some exceptions.

My name is Jennifer, Jenny for short; in 1964 I was
seventeen years old, I lived in London with my parents
and two younger brothers, I worked in the office of my
father’s very successful import/export company. My
boyfriend at the time was Timothy, whom I called Timmy
he was a year older at eighteen. Timmy’s parents were
quite well off; his father ran a building company; as
you can imagine, there was a great need for new houses
and other buildings after the war. Timmy was training
to be a structural engineer.

It was the era of the Mods and Rockers. For those who
don’t know, they were two different teenage factions;
Mods wore suits, or other equally smart casual
clothing, the boys wore their hair short and in neat
styles. Mods rode around on scooters such as Lambretas,
Timmy had a German scooter, an NSU Prima, which was a
scarlet colour; like all the other scooters.

Every bit of space was covered in lights and mirrors,
stickers and emblems; it looked fantastic and we had
some wonderful times with it. Rockers on the other hand
rode motorbikes; Triumph, BSA, Norton and even many
foreign makes that were beginning to flood the country.
Most rockers tended to have long hair, many of them it
seemed never washed it; almost all were dressed in
leather clothing, even the girls.

Both groups normally kept apart; although there were
clashes, these clashes soon became more frequent. Both
sides set up clubs, or gangs, and would often set off
for the seaside; or other places of interest at
weekends and bank holidays. Timmy and I however
belonged to no such clubs or gangs; just preferring to
do our own thing, and go wherever we wanted; there is
no way that we would ever get involved with the
violence and trouble that seemed to follow the Mods and
Rockers around.

One Saturday we set off for the day to go to Clacton, a
seaside resort not to far from London, Timmy had
relatives there so we had intended to drop in and see
them. The rout we took would take us close to
Colchester; which is the oldest recorded town in
England. Just on the outskirts of Colchester the
scooter gave a few coughs, splutters and jerks and
slowly came to a standstill; we stood there looking at
it and I asked. “Has it run out of petrol?”

Without checking, Timmy replied, “No I filled the tank
up last night ready for today.” We could hear a loud
roaring noise in the distance; the noise gradually got
closer and became clearer; motorbikes; there was no
mistaking the noise their engines make. We watched as
they came over the brow of a low hill, there seemed to
be a lot of them; as they got closer we counted
seventeen. Timmy said, “I don’t like the look of this.”
He looked afraid.

“Don’t worry Timmy; I don’t think they’ll hurt us; they
might even know what’s wrong with the scooter.” The
bikers pulled in around us. “What we got here then?”
Another said. “Looks like two Mods, out on their own in
the middle of nowhere.”

They all laughed.

“Please we don’t want any trouble; we just broke down,”
Timmy whined.

One of the bikers dismounted and stooped to look at the
scooter. That’s when I chipped in, “Can you help us?
Can it be fixed? Can you do any thing for us?”

There was another round of laughter.

The man looking at the scooter stood up; looked at
Timmy and shook his head. “Your bikes had it.”

I thought he said something about a belt had broken.
“We’ll run you into Colchester; you better leave the
bike in that old shed over there, in case somebody
nicks it.”

I hadn’t noticed the shed across the field before;
feeling more at ease with these men; now they had
offered to help us we set off across the field to the
shed; which turned out to be a barn; they all followed
along with us. I heard snatches of their conversation
such as ride, jump and gangbang; it wasn’t until we got
to the barn that I realised what they meant; I heard
one of them say, “Whose going to shag her first?” There
was more laughter as I panicked and tried to run.

Hands grabbed me; I screamed. Someone shouted into my
ear, “Shut up you cunt; nobody can hear you.” The
shout; temporarily deafened me. As I was dragged over
to some bales of hay that had been placed in an open
area of the barn I whimpered, “Please don’t hurt me;
don’t do anything to me I’m a virgin!”

“Not for long honey,” I heard someone say. More
laughter; the men sat me on the hay bales; I was crying
all the time. “You can co-operate and make it easy on
yourself; or you can struggle all you like; either way
were going to fuck you!” The man speaking was a big
man, with a big belly. “Now what’s it to be?” He
continued. I looked around at the men closest to me;
one of them had his cock out and was stroking it; it
looked huge; I screamed again; then pissed myself.

More laughter.

Meanwhile, Timmy had been taken over to a wooden post
that must have been there to help hold the barn roof
up; I had heard some of the words that were said to
him, “Get them off;” Timmy pleading, “No; no please
don’t hurt me!”

“Get them off you bastard; or we’ll rip the fucking
things off!” I could hear Timmy crying.

“Do as your told; or I’ll bend you over and shove this
up your arse!” Another voice said. I assumed the owner
of the voice was referring to his cock. “Look at that;
fuck me; he aint got a dick; he must be a girl!” Timmy
squealed as one of the men must have grabbed him to
check. “No he aint; he aint got a fanny; but he’s got a
big set of balls!” Timmy screamed loudly; as the man
fondling him gave his testicles a hard squeeze.

Two of the men were now pulling off my clothes; my
jumper first, followed by my top. “Christ; look at her
tits; she’s got a lovely pair.” Hands were grabbing at
them; squeezing them; my bra was pulled off over my
head; then someone took my left tit into their mouth
and sucked really hard on it. “Stand up!” I was
ordered; then my jeans were pulled down. “Fucking hell;
she’s pissed herself!” The man removing them said as if
shocked; he shoved his hand into the face of another

“Smell her piss; go on have a taste of it.” there was a
huge roar of laughter; the man tried to dodge out of
the way but the wet fingers went into his mouth. “You
dirty bastard; I’ll k**l you for that you dirty cunt!”
Spitting my piss from his mouth; he began grappling
with his tormentor. I was knocked flat on my back in
the struggle; the man sucking my tit; tried to hang on
to it by clamping his teeth onto my nipple; I screamed
in agony; the man wouldn’t let go and fell on top of
me; my tit still in his mouth.

Someone pulled him off me. “You mad fucker; you just
bit her nipple off!” a hand started feeling my breast.
“No it’s ok; she’s lucky it’s still there.”

I lifted my own hand to examine it; my breast was
swelling and my nipple seemed huge and was rock hard.
The two men stopped their wrestling around on the
floor; then I felt someone pulling my knickers off; I
was now naked; several pairs of hands lifted me, and I
was placed on my back on the bales of hay.

Looking over to where Timmy was, I could see there was
no way he could help me; he was naked and tied to the
wooden post with baling wire; there was also wire tied
round his neck; which looked extremely tight. Some of
the rockers were teasing Timmy; I could see one of them
feeling between his legs; he shouted with glee.

“I’ve found his cock; look he has got one; it’s only
titchy but he has got one.” Someone else said, “Give
him a wank, rub his dick for him and see how big it

“Fuck off!” Snapped the man who had found Timmy’s
penis; “You’re the queer round here; you give him a
wank; or better still; take him in your mouth and give
him a gobble!” Timmy was crying like a baby; despite my
own predicament; my heart went out to him.

Both my arms were being held by a man either side of
me; I felt my legs pulled wide; then one of the rockers
got on top of me; I screamed, “No; please no; don’t
r**e me please; I’m a virgin!”

The man was probing for the opening to my vagina; I
could feel his hard penis as he kept on trying to get
into me. “Oh stop; don’t!” I squealed; as his dick
slipped between my outer lips and tried to push into my

“Fuck; she’s as tight as a drum; her fanny’s bone dry!”
the rocker complained. What did he expect; I was a
virgin and being raped; neither did any of them use any
foreplay; which might have caused me to lubricate even
just a little. He carried on trying to force his way
into me; it was really painful.

After what seemed like ages someone suggested greasing
me up. “I’ll get some oil from the bikes to rub on her
fanny; that should grease her up real good.” The oil
was brought over and the man got off me; I tried to
hold my legs shut, but they were to strong for me and
wrenched them wide apart; I felt gooey liquid being
applied to my vagina and someone rubbed it in.

“Make sure you get plenty inside her hole.” Someone
said; fingers were pushed up into me, making me wince;
then scream out in pain the further up my fanny they
went. The fingers were suddenly removed. “That should
do the trick.” The same man climbed back on me.

I could again feel him trying to gain entrance; he
eased himself down a bit and thrust forward. “Agh;
stop; your hurting me; take it out; p-please take it
out!” He had his knob inside; he tried to push further
in; then moaned to the others.

“She’s still too tight; she must have a cunt like a
baby!” He held my shoulders tightly with his hands;
then rammed forward as hard as he could; I felt
something give inside me; then he had his whole cock
buried deep; I remember feeling his balls slap against
my arse.

The pain was excruciating; I opened my mouth to scream;
no sound came out; my eyes were bulging; and it seemed
as though my hair was standing on end; sweat was
running from every pore of my body. Then he spoke,
“Fucking hell; what a pussy; I’ve bottomed out in her;
it feels like my cocks in a vice!” He began to push his
penis in and out of my vagina; never taking it out
completely. Now the pain was different from the first
insertion; on his inward thrusts, I felt his dick
pressing hard against my cervix; when he withdrew, it
felt like my vagina was being pulled inside out.

My voice returned and I began to wail like a banshee; I
pleaded with him to stop. “I’m begging you; take it
out; oh my god, I’ll do anything if you take it out?”
The rocker was now moving his dick faster. “Bloody
hell; even with the grease she’s still tight; it feels
as though my knob is being sandpapered.” He gave a few
grunts; pushed in as deep as he could; then I felt his
cock jerking; erupting; its disgusting fluids inside
me; it never entered my head that he might be making me

He began moving again, and with the sperm he had pumped
into me his prick was able to slide in and out more
easily; he kept going for a couple of minuets until he
lost his erection, he pulled out of me and just lay on
me for a moment, before climbing off. My vagina was
very sore, and I was getting these sharp pains in my
stomach. The rockers were all standing just looking at
me: I heard a voice.

“Who’s going next? Come on who wants the next jump?”
They looked at each other. I got the impression they
were unsure what to do. I tried to get up off the hay
bales; my whole groin area hurt; someone held my
shoulders and lay me back down; I saw another man undo
his trousers and pull out his cock; he stepped forward
and got between my legs; I cried out, “Oh god; no;
please don’t let them do it to me anymore!”

I felt the penis push into me, it didn’t hurt as much
this time and slid in all the way, I guess it was made
easier by the spunk of my first rapist. This man didn’t
take long; a couple of minuets at most and he came
inside me, his friends started taking the piss out of
him, calling him, “Quick shot, fast Eddie, and other
insulting comments.”

Another rocker replaced him immediately and drove his
dick into me; he was riding me like a madman; ramming
it in me as hard as he could; the force was actually
pushing me off the bales; another man knelt beside my
head which was overhanging the bales and f****d his
prick into my mouth. “Suck this Mod; suck my cock and
you better swallow my spunk.” Afraid of what might
happen to me, I did as he said.

The man shagging me like a maniac shouted, “I’m coming;
I’m going to give you a baby to remember me by!” This
was the first time I realised that I might get
pregnant. As his cock erupted inside me I panicked; I
bit down on the cock in my mouth, bringing a loud howl
from its owner.

“Agheeya…stop; your biting my cock.” he grabbed my
cheeks and squeezed to make me loosen my grip and
pulled his dick from my mouth; there was laughter
throughout the barn; I got a slap in the face for my
trouble. After inspecting his penis he made me suck it
again and swallow his sperm.

“Hey look; little dicks got a hard on.” everyone turned
to where Timmy was tied to the post; I was pulled up by
my arm and taken over to where Timmy was; I saw that he
did have an erection and whoever called out was right.
“Timmy did have a little dick, it was about three and a
half inches long, and as thick as my thumb. “Do you
like getting off seeing your girlfriend being shagged;
does it turn you on?” Timmy went a crimson colour. The
man who was taunting Timmy reached out and grabbed hold
of his dick, he wanked him half a dozen times and Timmy
shot his load, to a loud round of applause.

A couple of the hay bales were brought over in front of
where Timmy was tied; again I was f****d to lay down
and my a***e continued; I had lost all the will to
fight them by now; my whole body ached, and my vagina
had been used so much, that the only feeling I had
there was a sort of numbness. I just lay there and let
them do whatever they wanted to me; some of them made
me suck their cocks, and without being told I swallowed
every drop of spunk.

I don’t know how many men fucked me; I know we counted
seventeen motorbikes, and I know some of them had
pillion passengers. I don’t think all the rockers took
part in my r**e; I think some of them left when they
realised that things were starting to get serious. As I
was being shagged the first time, I heard several
motorbikes leaving; maybe they thought it would just be
a bit of fun to frighten Timmy and me, but realised
that it had gone too far when I was actually raped.

Whatever the reason for them leaving; I will never
forgive them, or forget, that they might have prevented
everything that happened if they had stayed to help us.
After all; Timmy and I were no different to them, we
were all teenagers out to enjoy ourselves. We just used
a different mode of transport.

After the rockers had finished with me there was an
awkward silence; no more of the false bravado, laughter
and piss taking; just an embarrassed murmuring among
themselves. When they left, it took me a good fifteen
minuets to pull myself together; I just sat on the
bales crying. I could hear Timmy speaking to me.
“Jenny; Jenny; untie me; get this wire off me.”

I remember looking at him and seeing that he had
another hard on; I thought if I freed him he would fuck
me too. Nothing seemed to register right in my mind.
Then Timmy’s voice again, “Jenny; for gods sake undo
this wire before they come back!” This quickly cleared
my mind, I got up and went to Timmy; I saw his dick and
stopped. “You bastard; your dicks stiff again; you
fucking pervert you did enjoy watching them stuffing me
didn’t you?”

Timmy tried to plead his innocence, “No Jenny; No I…
I just couldn’t help it; they were messing with me and
it just got hard!”

“Well; why have you got a hard on now?” He began to cry
again. “It’s called blue balls; it happens when a man
doesn’t get relief by coming.”

Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered hearing
about blue balls, my friends and I had joked about it.
I tried to undo Timmy, but the wire was too tight. I
quickly put on my clothes and said I would have to get
help. “No; Timmy whined; N…o don’t leave me here!” I
walked towards the door; the dirty bastard; I turned
back to him. “You already came once; what made you get
another hard on?” There was a look of despair on
Timmy’s face and he stammered, “I’m, s-sorry Jenny; I-I
couldn’t help it!” I left the barn in tears, shouting
back. “I hate you!”

As I made my way across the field to the road, I
couldn’t help feeling that I had been betrayed by
Timmy’s hard on; I think that if the rockers had given
him the opportunity he would have screwed me too.

I knew we hadn’t gone past any houses as we came along
the road, so I walked in the direction we had been
heading; after ten minuets or so I noticed a house down
a driveway, and made my way to it, as I got to the door
a woman came out of a nearby shed, “Can I help you?” I
blurted out that I needed help. “Rockers; raped
me…in… barn; boyfriend…naked…tied up!”

“Calm down dear; come in doors and tell me what
happened.” as I was explaining; she phoned the police.
After fifteen minuets or so two police cars arrived at
the house with several officers; the woman; Mrs.
Willets was her name, explained what I had told her,
and I filled in the details. While I waited at the
house with a police woman; Mrs. Willets took the other
officers to the barn, which belonged to her. A while
later one of the police cars came back to pick the
police woman and myself up; there sitting in the back
as I got in was Timmy; minus his hard on.

After making our statements at the local police
station, Timmy and I were taken home by our own
parents. I tried to Contact Timmy several times, but he
would have nothing to do with me; I think he and his
parents somehow blamed me for everything; it made me
feel disgusted with him; after all, I was the one who
was raped and robbed of my virginity; I was the one
made pregnant by those animals; yes my nightmare didn’t
end with my r**e.

The only bad thing to happen to Timmy was to be
stripped naked, tied up and wanked off by one of the
rockers; he must have enjoyed watching them shag me;
why else would he get a hard on.

After months of investigations there were no arrests,
the police picked up several bikers and I attended a
couple of ID parades; but I honestly can’t remember a
single one of their faces. There was quite a lot of
news coverage, but no one ever came forward with any
information; no one was ever charged with my r**e, or
Timmy’s a***e. Word got out after a while of what
exactly happened. “I didn’t spread it.”

Timmy was made a laughing stock by his friends for his
part in our ordeal; he never got over the shame; I’m
not sure if it was shame of not helping me more,
although I know he couldn’t have done anything; or
shame of being wanked off by another man; people seemed
to think he was a queer, which is untrue, I should
know. A few years later I heard that he had committed
suicide, such a sad waste of life.

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl; after a lot of
deliberation and agreement from my parents I decided to
keep her; it was the best decision I ever made, we have
had a wonderful life together. My daughter married a
lovely caring man, now I am the proud grandmother to
their three c******n. I myself never married, I never
felt comfortable with men, and always at the back of my
mind was the fear that men were out to hurt me; I did
have male friends but I was never able to get close to
any of them.

Sometimes I think back to the sixties, all the great
times Timmy and I had with the scooter, such fond
memories; then I think of the rockers and all the pain
and heartache they brought to Timmy and I. They
probably never realised the consequences of their
actions that day. Timmy’s suicide, caused his parents
anguish. They changed my life forever, but they also
gave me a beautiful baby; I miss Timmy, we might even
have married some day, I loved him and maybe I would
have loved his little dick too.

It turned out that the only thing wrong with the
scooter, was dirt in the petrol tank.