Thrasher Girls 2 – Pierced

We had been discussing getting tam-tams pierced for about an
hour after we did the guys in the Lincoln. tams was pretty much
stalling on us, trying to change the subject. But nikk wouldn’t let
it alone, and neither would Nicky. He liked to watch us get pierced
and tatted, and the idea of seeing tams get it really turned him on.
She’s so innocent looking, and the way she acts you’d think she wasn’t
a slut like me and nikki. Even now, after we’d just fucked four black
guys for shit, she looked like a fucking model for some magazine.
Sometimes that pissed me and nikk off, like tonight when she was
acting all stuck-up about getting her belly-button pierced.
Mikey wasn’t much help either. He was so in love with her
that he kept trying to change the subject, too, and get her off the
hook. Josh was being Mr. Silent-Pissed-Off because I’d been fucking
the black guys in the Lincoln again. He always gets all quiet and
just stares at me, which pisses me off a lot because it’s not like he
doesn’t take the shit I get for him. As for Sean, he was just being
Sean like always. He was just sitting there watching us in his kind
of creepy way. So it was up to me and nikk and Nicky to get tam-tams
pierced, and we weren’t taking “no” for an answer.
“I’ll do it next week, okay,” tams said after nikk brought it
up again. “Just not tonight. Let’s just go do some shit and have
some fun.” She squeezed Mikey which meant she wanted to fuck him.
This, of course, was putting Mikey on her side.
“You aren’t getting out of this AGAIN!” I said to her. “It’s
the same thing every god damned time with you.”
“Why is this such a BIG DEAL to you guys anyway?” tams asked.
“Because it is!” I replied. “You’re just such a little pussy
“Hey, listen, guys,” Mikey said. “Just lay off her, okay.
Besides it’s way too late to get anything tonight. She’ll do it next
“Yeah,” tams agreed. “It is way too late. I promise I’ll get
my belly button pierced next week. We can go after school some day.
I swear. Really.”
I looked at nikk, who just flashed tams a pissed as hell look.
“Well, it wouldn’t have been so late if you weren’t here dicking us
around. Pussy-girl,” she added.
“I am not a pussy-girl,” tams said under her breath. “It’s
just too late, okay. I’ll go next week. You’ll see.”
“It ain’t too late,” Sean suddenly spoke. We all turned to
him because he never talked to any of us unless we asked him a
question first.
“What are you talking about, man?” Nicky asked.
“I know a guy,” Sean looked at Josh. “You know Simon,” he
half-asked Josh. “That guy you met the other week when we were
scrounging for amps.”
Josh came out of his silence and nodded. “Yeah,” Josh said.
“Guy has tatts and shit all over his fucking body. So’s his wife.
Like some kind of bikers or something. Scary, too,” he said.
“He does pierces and tatts,” Sean said to tams, “and he’s
probably home right now. He’d do your belly.”
nikk smiled at Sean and turned to tams. “So what is it going
to be, pussy-girl? You gonna pussy out on us again?”
“I ain’t gonna go to some scary biker guy and get my belly
pierced. I’ll get AIDS or something,” tams whined.
“Pussy-girl!” I said. “That’s what you are. nikk’s right.
You’re a pussy-girl.”
“I am not,” tams replied.
“Say you’re a pussy-girl,” nikk teased her. “Say ‘I’m a big
pussy-girl.’ Admit it!”
“You guys can go fuck off,” tams said.
“Come on, tams. Just say you’re a pussy-girl and we’ll leave
you alone, pussy-girl,” I laughed. “tam-tams the pusy-girl, tam-tams
the pussy girl.”
“Fuck you ronni!” tams looked like she was going to cry.
“Oh, look, pussy-girl’s gonna cry,” I laughed. “Just like a
“You know, we’re going to have to tell everyone what a
pussy-girl you are now,” nikk added. “That’ll be your new nickname at
school. No more tam-tams, just pussy-girl. How’s that sound, huh,
“Fuck you all!” tams said, standing up. “I ain’t no
“Then prove it,” I said.
“I will .. like I said next week.”
“Tonight!” I said. “Tonight or never. You don’t go and do it
tonight, and you’ll be pussy-girl from now on. That’s it. That’s the
She looked at me and then nikki, her two best friends. We
weren’t fucking around, and she knew this. Even Mikey was quiet now
because he didn’t want me or nikk pissed at him. We had all been
tight for years, and tams was the newbie here, and her Miss Innocent
act was getting old. It was time she did like the rest of us and
became one of the set for good.
She looked like she was going to cry at any second, and even
though I felt bad for her I wasn’t going to let her cop out of this.
Neither was nikk. We just sat there and waited for her to make the
next move. “Okay,” she whispered, “I’ll go over there and see this
guy. But if he’s some sick diseased fuck I’m outta there, okay.”
“You get the pierce tonight,” nikk said. “No bullshit!”
tams glared at nikk and me and stormed towards the door of
Magic Beans. We all got up and followed her. She stopped when we
were all outside and turned to us. “Where is this fucking guy?” she
said to Sean.
“Over on West 6th,” Sean said. “About 10 minutes from here.
I can drive.”
“I need some shit,” tams reached out to nikk who handed her a
baggie as we all followed Sean to his station wagon. nikk then doled
out the rest of the goodies, and we were all getting wrecked in about
five minutes as Sean slowly cruised down the streets to his friend’s
place. In the backseat, I got close with Josh, but he still acted all
pissed off and shit. I licked his neck and squeezed his crotch. He
tried to ignore me, but his breath picked up.
nikk was in the front seat with Sean and Nicky and she was
giggling. I looked over the back of the front seat and she had
Nicky’s cock out of his jeans and was stroking it, playing with the
row of silver balls pierced on his cock. With her other hand she was
stroking Sean’s crotch and playing with his zipper. I looked bacj
over to Mikey and tams who were next to me, swapping major spit, and
tams was gasping hard as Mikey dug his big hands into her panties.
I took some more hits and slapped my mouth over Josh’s. he
tried not to move at first, but he just kind of gave up when I
wrestled his cock out of his pants. He has a nice cock with a killer
tatt of a raven on the cock head. He also has a gold ring piercing
his cockhead right by the piss hole. When he fucks me, this rubs
against my labe and clit studs and it’s like he’s shredding my puss it
feels so fucking excellent. I like big cocks up my cunt, like the
black guys who’d just drilled me an hour earlier, but when I really
want to get fucked its a thick cock with pierces in all the right
places that makes me cum unbelievably. Josh’s cock is pretty perfect
in that respect, and even though it’s not huge it’s always hard — all
the time — and it’s over six inches which means it fills me pretty
good, too, especially when I sit on it or he fucks me doggie-style
real hard.
When his cock is finally free, he bites my tongue a little and
then takes me by my hair and pushes my head down. I take one last
hit, and my brain is all fluffy. I start giggling and aim my tongue
stud right at the raven tatt oh nis cock head. This is like Josh’s
target, and it’s real sensitive, so I work the ball on my tongue right
there for a few seconds before I move down to the ring piercing Josh’s
pisser. Two stabs and a few licks later, and he jerks around wildly
and shoves my whole mouth down around his swollen cock. He jam fucks
my throat, and I dig my hands into his shorts so I can play with his
balls. He keeps pounding my mouth harder around his prick, and I can
tell he’s still very pissed about the black guys in the Lincoln.
Whenever we fuck after I do those black guys, Josh is real hard on me
because he’s so pissed. It’s like he wants to show me he can fuck me
better than black guys. I think he’s hung up about the size of his
cock compared to them. I think this is kind of silly, but I never
tell him that he really doesn’t have anything to prove because it’s so
hot when he’s this way. He’d never understand that between fucking
black guys and white guys, not one’s better for me than the other.
It’s just different, like chocolate and vanilla ice cream. I love
them both.
His cock head is bumping the back of my throat and I gag a
little and squirm because it is a little hard to breath with some guy
jam fucking your mouth. Josh pulls my hair a little, forces me to
stay down a few seconds with my throat filled with his dick, before he
pulls me up again real slow. This makes his dick seem so huge, and I
drool down the sides just the way he likes me to. I swirl my
tongue-stud around his pisser-ring and he jams me down again, even
harder. His ass tightens up and lifts off the car seat, and he
fucking rams his cock head into my throat and holds it there while he
fires a hot load of cum. My jaws fucking ache and I gag a little, but
I suck it all in. Then he yanks me up and down by the hair so that I
can milk all the cum out of his prick. Some of the cum slops out of
my mouth and greases his pole and balls. He moves my head around by
my hair and I clean up all the cum with my tongue. Then he lets my
head rest gently in his lap and I just lick and suck his still hard
cock and he strokes my hair. Sometimes I really love Josh, I’m just
sorry he gets angry so much.
Mikey’s huge cock is out in full view and tams is stroking it
while he sucks on her small pointy tits. Her panties are down to her
ankles, and I rub her pussy which is sopping wet. She turns to me and
kind of smiles. She’s still pissed at me I know because of before,
but we’re buds always, especially in situations like these.
“Hey, you gonna fuck that big cock or what?” nikk asks from
the front seat. “cause if you’re not, I’ll climb back there and do it
for you.”
“Fuck off, nikk,” tams gasps and then she slides her cunt up
Mikey’s leg and just sits on his big cock. He presses up into her and
stuffs it between her thin, white legs. The car is still so cold that
there are goosebumps all up her thin legs. I lean over and lick her
goosebumpy thighs while she begins to slam up and down on Mikey’s
meat. “Oh, shit!” she gasps, biting Mikey on the shoulder while she
rides his slam. Then we all just watch her body glide up and down and
listen to the slap-slap of her wet cunt against his big balls. I play
with her puss and his balls and nikk leans over the front seat so that
she’s kissing and biting the back of tam’s neck and her ears. I hear
another plop-snap and see that Nicky has gotten behind nikk and
entered her cunt from behind.
So there we are — tams is riding Mikey’s big cock, while nikk
and I are playing with her, and Nicky is slamming nikki’s hot pussy
from behind. I reach up with my other hand and play with nikk’s tits
which are now inches from my face. Her nips are like tootsie-rolls
pressing out against her bra and her top. I lift her top up past her
tummy and lick the piercings in her belly button. Her tummy gets all
tight, and her abs tense up. I work the top up to her underarms, then
I tug down her bra cups so that her boobies are free. I tickle her
pierced nips, tugging on the tiny nipple rings, and she tightens up
even more. Nicky is really drilling her, too, and she is wobbling
back and forth like a blow-up doll. I run my tongue-stud over her
pierced nips and bite down on the rings. I tug at them again and she
grunts in true nikkie porno fashion. We all know when nikk is about
to cum because she starts grunting like a horse or a seal or
something, really! Over the seat I could see her slamming her ass up
and down along Nicky’s hard, pierced pole and I knew exactly what she
was feeling in her cunt. Nicky has the short fat cock that’s pierced
all over, almost to the point where his dick is more metal than flesh.
When he pumps you, it can fucking hurt, and scrape you so that there’s
blood. He fucks so hard and so good, though, that you just kind of
put up with it, even though it sometimes feels like a cheese grater
being shoved up there. When your puss is super hot, though, the pain
is pure pleasure, and that’s what nikk was getting now.
Her whole body was shivering, and she was grunting even
louder. This was getting tams and Mikey off big time, too, and Nicky
especially, When you fuck nikki p. and she’s grunting like that you
just do it even faster and harder. It inspires you. I know when I’m
eating her puss or dildo fucking her or we’re rubbing our pierce clits
together, I go wild when I hear her grunting. It makes you fuck her
harder so you can hear more of it, it’s so fucking hot. That’s
another reason we call her nikki porno, because she fucks so
unbelievably hot she should be in pornos. Too bad she’s only fifteen.
Anyways, I bite her nips right when I feel her shaking like
crazy because after fucking her so many times I know this makes her
explode when she’s cumming. She goes into a serious thrash when i do
this, and Nicky is just pounding away. I feel Josh’s hands on my puss
now, and he’s tearing down my jeans and panties. “Fuck me,” I gaps to
him as I scoot up and point my bare ass in his face. I feel his
tongue lick my cunt and asshole which are already sopping wet. I am
licking tam-tams’ ass now and she is kissing nikk on the mouth and
biting her tongue. Nicky is squeezing nikk’s tits and tugging at her
nip rings. Mikey is hammering up into tams and she is getting all
tight now. Mikey blows suddenly on a down stroke , and his cum floods
tams’ pussy and spills out over her thighs and the seat. I lick her
thighs, puss and asshole and the taste of Mikey’s cum gets me going
into warp-drive, too. “Fuck me!” I hiss at Josh again, and he stabs
his pierced prick into my puss at just the right angle, his
pisser-ring nudging my clit ring and pressing it deep into my cunt
until it grinds against the bone between my leg and puss. “Right
fucking there!” I yell as if he doesn’t know. My own tummy gets all
queasy and tight as Josh slaps in and out of my puss.
tams’ begins grinding her ass in circles around my tongue, and
I bite her clit. “Fuck!” she cries, and she bucks up and down with
Mikey’s cock still hard and inside her puss. As she cums, I lick her
clit hard imagining how much harder her skinny body would cum with a
stud pierced right on the hood of her clit. I get a mouthful of her
fresh puss juice mixed with Mikey’s cum, and I drink it all up.
“Hey, guys, I’ve been going around the block for like fifteen
minutes,” Sean suddenly says. “We gonna do this tonight or not?”
“I’d say tams is ready,” nikki giggles. She climbs off
Nicky’s cock and starts putting herself back together.
tams shrugs her shoulders and smiles stupidly. Between
getting stoned and boned, she’s all blissed out and up for just about
anything I’d imagine. I concentrate on Josh’s cock now, and slam my
butt down every time he thrusts his cock up. His pierces are rubbing
mine just the right way, like always, and he’s slamming my clit-stud
into that cunt bone every time we mash together. “Fuck it, Josh, fuck
me!” I holler and everyone in the car is cracking up. They know how
loud I get when Josh fucks me hard, and they’re always teasing me
about it.
“That’s it, Josh, fuck her,” nikk leans over and brushes her
lips against me cheek. “Feels good, doesn’t it, ron?” she whispers in
her ear as she bites my ear lobe.
“Fuck yeah,” I yell back. I find her mouth, and we french,
knocking our tongue studs together and biting the tips of out tongues
until we both taste blood. Two more slams against my cunt bone, and
Josh fucks me to a cum. My tummy gets even tighter and queasier, and
I kind of go limp like a rag doll as he fucks his cock to its own cum.
“Well, I’m fucking parking now,” Sean tells us, and as Josh
fires into my puss I feel and hear the car come to a stop. I look up
and notice we’re in a driveway in a real dark, old neighborhood. I
remember Sean saying the guy’s place was on West 6th, which is in a
pretty bad part of town. Lots of bikers, gangs, blacks, puerto
ricans, etc. I felt my cunt get wet all over again. Fucking in this
neighborhood was making me hot.
We started pulling ourselves together as Sean turned the car
off, got out, and went up to the door to check if the guy was home.
My cunt was filled and dripping with Josh’s cum, which I loved the
feel of. I hiked up my panties and pulled my jeans back on. tams was
already together again and looking as sweet and innocent as ever …
DAMN HER! She just looked so pure sitting there, like she was
untouchable. I didn’t know how she did it. She was as much a slut as
any of us, but yet she just seemed to be above all that. Fuck,
sometimes it pissed me off.
I guess that’s why nikk and I wanted to see her get her belly
pierced so much. We knew she’d cry like a little girl when that
needle punctured her belly. She’d bawled like a baby when she gotten
her little tatt, and it had turned us on so much, especially
afterwards because we both fucked her raw and made her cry some more.
This is the THING about tam-tams that makes us all want to fuck her so
bad. She’s all scared and shit, and she cries like a baby, but she’ll
still hang around and take it because she actually loves it like we
all do. That’s the fun, to make her do something she doesn’t want to
do, and then see her cry and shit but really get off on it. nikki is
especially hard on her like this. After she got that tatt, when nikki
and I fucked her, nikk did her ass with a big black dildo and tams was
crying real hard. But nikk wouldn’t stop, she just kept fucking her
ass with that dildo and saying shit like, “You like getting fucked
with my big black cock, don’t you fucking slut?” tams would be crying
“no,” and begging nikk to stop, but she came like four times while
nikk fucked her skinny ass and I ate her pussy, which was so wet I
thought I was going to drown. Then, when we were all done, tams just
kind of cuddled up to nikk and me and we kissed her for almost an
So, that’s tams for you, and I knew tonight would be no
different. Just by the way she rode Mikey’s dick, you could tell that
even though her mouth was saying “no,” her cunt was screaming “yes.”
Still, her eyes had the frightened look of a lost puppy, and she
seemed almost hopeful when Sean came back to the car. “Is he home?”
she asked, rubbing her tummy where the piercing was to go.
Sean smiled a creepy smile and said, “Yeah, come on.”
We all piled out of the car and walked up the drive to his
garage. A light was on, and when we got inside I could feel a space
heater warming the cold air. I looked through the steam of my breath
and saw three older guys and two older chicks sitting around a flat
table. Each of them was covered in tatts and pierces. Josh and Sean
hadn’t been kidding when they described them as scary biker guys.
The chicks were probably in their late twenties, maybe early thirties.
One had dirty blonde hair and a pretty ugly face with teeth missing.
The other was almost gypsy looking, very dark hair, eyes, and a pretty
face. Her teeth were fucked-up, too, though, with chips and a gap
between her front teeth and her two pointy teeth which made her kind
of look a vampire.
One of the scary biker dudes was real fat and his hair was
under a bandana. The other guy was real rad looking, kind of spiked
hair and a hot face and bod. I noticed nikk checking him out, and I
knew we would be fucking him in a few. The last guy was real thin and
pale and he looked like a serial killer. He wasn’t wearing a shirt
and his tatts were like some huge mural all over his skinny, pale
chest. Demons were coming up out of the ground, and they were
fighting angels, and kicking the crap out of them. Some big demon was
ass-raping what appeared to be Jesus with a huge spiked cock shaped
like a crucifix. Other demons were gang-raping what appeared to the
Virgin Mary. This guy was definitely creep-to-the-max, and I looked
at nikk again. She smiled and I knew it. We were going to fuck all
these guys tonight. We both looked at tam-tams who was shivering from
the cold and her terror. nikki licked her lips and rubbed tams’
skinny ass. tams would be getting it, too, tonight. nikk and I would
make sure of it.
“So these are them?” the skinny serial killer guy looked at
all of us. His eyes flashed and it terrified the fuck out of me. I
shivered and felt the cum in my puss get all hot and sticky as my own
juices started flowing again. I had to fuck this guy.
“Yeah,” Sean replied, pointing to tams. “She wants her belly
“How ’bout you girls?” he sneered at nikk and I. “What do you
He came across so pure evil that I couldn’t speak. nikk just
kind of shivered, too, and for nikk to get like that meant she was
wigging big time.
“I want to go,” tams suddenly said, her teeth chattering.
“Really, guys, I want to go.”
“Have it your way, bitch,” serial killer guy sneered. He went
back to the syringe lying on the table and the cable around his arm.
“Hey, sorry, man,” Sean glared at tams. “Fucking punk kids,”
he looked at the fat biker guy and tried to apologize.
The fat guy grunted, and the five went back to what they were
“She’ll get it,” nikki suddenly got her voice back. “I mean
we’re here, and she’s gonna get it. Don’t listen to her. She’s a
pussy-girl. She’ll do what I say.”
Serial killer guy looked up, interested again. “And who are
you, her master or something.”
“Kind of,” nikk nodded. She turned to tams. “Take off your
shirt and bra, tams,” she hissed. “Now!” she added when tams didn’t
make a move.
The five turned their attention to tams who looked like she
was going to puke she was so scared. Her eyes pled with everyone in
the room, but even Mikey didn’t look like he was about to cut her any
slack. We all wanted to see little miss sweet and innocent take off
her top in front of these five freaks. She started crying, and I
suddenly walked over to her. With everyone watching, I told her to
shut up and I began taking off her coat. She did nothing to stop me,
not even when the coat came off and I lifted up her top.
“Fucking flat as a fucking board,” hot scary guy spoke for the
first time. “What is she thirteen or something.”
“Fourteen,” I found myself saying. “She’s a freshman. We’re
sophomores, okay,” I added.
“Man, look at her shake,” fat scary guy laughed.
“How you cunts gonna pay for this?” serial killer guy asked.
“I don’t work for free.”
“You can fuck her,” nikk said nervously.
“Fuck her?” serial killer laughed. “She looks like a fucking
cherry cunt. I’d fucking kill her.”
“I ain’t no cherry,” tams finally got her voice. “I fuck.
just ask them.”
Serial killer looked at Sean. “She fucks,” Sean grinned.
“Little girl likes to fuck nigger cock, too.”
“‘Zat right, cunt,” the fat guy got up now and walked over to
where I was now sliding off tams’ bra and exposing her tiny, pointy
titties. “You fuck nigger cock?” he stretched out his beefy hands
and stroked her cheek roughly. “You like nigger cock?”>
“I … ” she didn’t finish, just nodded.
“I’ll fuck her, Simon,” he turned to serial killer guy. “I’ll
fuck her nigger-lovin’ ass real good. Show her what we do to nigger
lovin’ white trash whores.” The five freaks laughed, and the chicks
looked even more primed than they guys. “How’s that sound, girly
cunt? You want me to teach you what we do to nigger lovers around
tams burst out crying, the five laughed in response. The fat
scary guy cupped tams tiny, egg-sized tits in his callused hands and
rubbed, tweaked and squeezed them. She cried even harder and I
rubbed her shoulder, her tears making me so fucking wet I couldn’t
believe it. By the end of the night, she was going to get fucked hard
by all these scary freaks, and the thought of what lay ahead made my
head and puss swim.
“I take it you give skull, too,” the fat guy gripped her chin
with one hand, tilted her head up and made her look him in the eyes.
“I …” she couldn’t finish. She broke it out into more
SLAP! the fat guy’s blow cracked across tams’ sobbing face,
and she straightened up. “Answer me, girly cunt.”
She nodded her head desperately up and down.
“You give Norm some good skull, and maybe I’ll think about
sticking your belly, okay,” the serial killer guy called Simon told
tams. “Now get down there and show us what you’ve got, girly cunt.”
tams hesitated, but I pushed down on her shoulders and she
sank to the floor.
“You wanna see your little girly cunt friend get skulled,
don’t you?” the hot scary guy looked in my eyes. “That turns you on,
huh?” I smiled and nodded at him. “You wanna come over show me some
of your skull?” he pointed to the bulge in his black jeans. I left
tams’ side and crossed the floor to where he sat. “You some kind of
hot cunts, huh?” he laughed, grabbing me by the hair and yanking me
down to my knees before his bulging crotch. “Show me some skull,
then, cunt. Show me what kind of skull a hot little tough cunt like
you can give me.”
As I wrestled with his zipper I felt nikk slide onto the floor
next to me. SLUT! I told myself. She was always doing this, trying
to take away my cocks. I looked out of the corner of my eyes, and she
was licking the hot guy’s outstretched hand. She pulled down his
jeans after I worked the snaps apart and zipper down. I fished my
hand in and got the first handful of cock, though, and I snatched it
out into the cold air. It was hard, greasy and covered with some
serious tatt action. Flames all over the shaft and balls. His nuts
were seriously pierced, too.
My nose wrinkled at the stench of his unwashed prick, which was
even more locker-room rank than the black cocks I’d tasted earlier
that night. There was also an oily, greasy layer of fluid coating his
prick that was bitter to the taste. When i lifted up the shaft to
lick the underside, I noticed a five-inch silver chain had been
pierced into his prick flesh from the bottom of his cock head to the
base of his cock where it met his scrot sack.
nikk, the SLUT, saw it, too, and because she was at a better
angle underneath his crotch, her tongue-stud found it first. She
pressed it up against the top of the chain and then let loose with a
raspberry. He fucking jumped out of his boots when she did this, and
I knew the SLUT had him. She continued raspberrying his cock chain,
up and down his shaft, leaving me with only his oily cock head to
Pissed at my slut friend, I gouged out his piss hole with my
pierced tongue, slobbering and nibbling all around the fleshy helmet
to let him know I was down there working him. When nikk took a
breather, I took the opportunity to nudge her out of the way and
his pierced six-plus incher all the way down my throat.
“That’s it, girly cunt. Give me some skull,” he yanked me up
and down his cock by my hair, snarling it in tight bunches around his
fingers. He fucked my face brutally, his nuts smacking my chin and
throat while all the other freaks laughed. “Now let me have some of
yours,” he pulled me off his prick and shoved it’s greasy length
between nikki’s slick sucking lips. He had her red hair tangled in
his other hand, and she bobbed back and forth helplessly as he skull
fucked her pretty face.
I rubbed my puss as I watched my SLUT friend get hers.
Without thinking, I reached over, unzipped her coat, and rubbed her
big tits through her top.
“Together now,” he pressed my face against nikk’s, took his
cock out of her mouth, then aimed it between our open lips. We closed
our lips together in a kiss with his cock sliding in and out between
our lips. “That’s good,” he said. “Double skull fuck.” He kept
fucking between our lips for another minute or so before pulling away.
Our lips collided again. and I devoured nikk’s tongue. The taste of
his foul, greasy cock on her lips got me cunt real wet, as we swapped
his spit and pre-cum between our thristy mouth. “Fucking girly cunt
whores,” he spat at us and stabbed his cock between our mouths again.
Through the haze of his cock and nikk’s hot mouth I could hear
the fat guy, Norm, also ranting. I twisted my eyes around so I could
see what was happening to tams out of the corner of my eyes. Norm’s
cock was about nine-inches long, very fat and very uncut. His thick
forsekin was hanging from the base of his cock like another set of
nuts. His cock only had one piercing, right through the shaft where
his cock head met the beefy stalk. It was a ring of silver balls that
looked like a spiked dog collar. Every time he pumped his meaty shaft
between tams’ stretched-out lips, it scraped the corners of her mouth
and drew a tiny trickle of blood that dribbled down her chin.
“Clean out my foreskin, girly cunt,” he dragged her mouth down
his shaft by her hair and mashed her mouth into the thick pouch of
foreskin hanging from the base of his cock. “Get your tongue in
there, cunt,” he gasped as she obeyed him. I could see the tears
flowing from her eyes, and I could only imagine how foul the inside of
the fat man’s foreskin tasted. I could see some kind of cheesy shit
seeping out from the wrinkles, and tams was forced to suck it in, too.
“Suck it!” he commanded. “Suck my foreskin.” She could do nothing
else, and then I noticed for the first time that she had worked her
skirt and panties down and was playing with her puss furiously as he
dominated her mouth.
“Pay attention, cunt,” the hot freak I was sucking jerked my
head back to his cock and slammed its full length into my mouth. Now
nikk watched as he choke fucked me hard. I couldn’t breath, and I
began gagging as his cock head hit the lump in the back of my mouth.
I started spitting up, but he didn’t stop. nikk now opened my coat
and pulled down my top, biting and sucking my tits while he skull
fucked me and I choked.
“You like watching them, huh?” Simon appeared to be asking
Josh, Nicky and Mikey. “You like watching your cunt girlfriends?”
“It’s all right,” Nicky said.
“Yeah,” Mikey said.
Josh didn’t say anything, and I could just imagine the look in
his eyes as he watched me skull the hot freak.
“Let’s see that bod, whore,” the gypsy freak chick was by me
and nikk now. nikk was standing up, and the gypsy-looking chick was
helping her strip. I could see nikk kissing her, and my puss was so
hot. The hot freak had his cock shoved up to his nuts down my throat,
and he shook his hips back and forth, drilling even more into my
throat as his nuts slapped against the bottom of my chin.
“Owww!” tams was sobbing, and I turned over to her. With all
his pierced cock slab shoved down her throat, Norm was now strangling
her thin neck with his ham hands as he skull fucked her like a rag
doll. tams’ face was turning purple, and for the first time in my
life I actually found myself scared at getting fucked. This freak
could actually be killing tams. I tried to wrestle free of the hot
freak’s grip, but his grasp was like iron. So I watched helplessly as
the fat freak strangle fucked tams limp body. Then I saw what was
really going on.
tams was still playing with her pussy like a psycho. There
was a fucking puddle on the floor beneath her puss. Then I saw her
whole skinny body shake, and the fat freak let go. He took his beefy
cock out of her coughing mouth and cum spurted from his piss hole like
a burst water balloon. tams was shaking like a leaf as she strummed
her clit like a crazy woman. Then her eyes went all hollow and
glassy, and she collapsed with Norm’s huge cumshot pouring out of the
corners of her mouth. She had this weird smile on her mouth, too, and
she started licking the fat guy’s boots while he squeezed even more
cum out of his prick and it dripped on her face and neck.
“You ever cum like that before, cunt?” Norm teased her. tams
shook her head dumbly. “All you cunts like that, having the wind
choke-fucked out of your cunt heads,” he laughed. “Makes you fucking
cum so fucking hard, doesn’t it?” tams nodded dumbly. “You need to
get you some of this. Simon,” the fat freak laughed as took tams by
the hair and dragged her over to where Simon stood by Josh and the
I wanted to watch what happened next, but the hot freak in my
mouth picked right then to pull out of my mouth and spray a hot
cumshot all over my eyes and nose. As I tried to clear my vision, he
wiped his greasy prick all over my face and hair. “Hot fucking skull
for a girly-cunt,” he spit in my eyes again. “Your cunt as hot,
whore?” he asked.
“We’ll fucking see, asshole,” I replied without thinking.
Then I saw the flat of his hand, heard a loud CRACK! and everything
went dark for a second. When I snapped back to reality, I was only
aware of a sharp aching pain all along my jaw. I tasted blood and
figured it was my own. Another sharp pain in my scalp, and I
helplessly raised my head to look in his eyes.
“No one fucking talks to me like that,” he spit in my eye,
“especially some girly-cunt whore. You got that?”
I could only nod as I tried to wipe all the cum out of my
eyes. When my eyes cleared I saw that the gypsy chick had nikki
naked, on all fours and lapping at her puss while the other freak
chick was smacking nikk’s pink, tattooed ass with a spiked paddle.
While nikk squirmed and ate pussy, the dirty blond freak chick smacked
away with one hand and spread nikk’s pierced labes with another.
First one finger, then two, then three, until she was shoving her four
fingers into nikk’s hot puss.
Then I felt someone tearing at my jeans, and I turned to see
Sean, his thin, tattoed, pierced eight-inch cock looming above me. I
reached around and stroked his hot fuck stick and it reared back like
it was snake. He was intently focused on my asshole, dabbing his
fingers in my wet puss and using my fuck juice to lube my shitter.
Watching the blond freak chick work over nikk’s ass and puss, he was
inspired to imitate her, and he smacked my ass and finger fucked my
shit hole as I continued stroking his nice hard cock.
“You want that, huh?” he asked me.
“You know it,” I said back to him and licked my lips.
“Up your ass?” he asked, not that mattered, but I figured he
wanted to hear me say it.
“Yeah, babe, up my ass,” I replied.
“Hold her down,” Simon interrupted us, and I turned back to
where Norm, Simon and Nicky were struggling with tams. By the
terrified look in her eyes, I guess she’d come down off her fuck high
and was back in reality. Nicky was stripping her completely and the
hot freak had joined them. She was forced onto her back and set down
on the small table. Nicky had one leg, the hot freak the other, and
Norm’s fat body was sitting across her chest, facing her cunt. Norm’s
lard ass was smothering tams’ face, and every time she struggled he
sat down on her screaming mouth and farted. Simon had a needle gun
prepped and began swabbing tams tight, skinny tummy.
“Lick my asshole,” Norm grunted at tams. He put his entire
weight down on tams head, and kicked her skinny bare legs like a bug
trapped under a sharp pin. “Lick it!” he ordered again, and I could
see him ease up as tams went to work fucking her tongue in and out of
his fat lard asshole.
“Look at the cunt,” Sean gasped in my ear as he bent over me
and pressed his cock head against my sphincter. “Look at the little
whore get stuck. You like that, don’t you?”
I nodded my head and gasped when he stabbed his cock into my
ass. Although he’d lubed me up a little with my puss juice, my
asshole was still pretty dry, and it hurt like hell as I could feel
his pierced eight-inch cock scrape the tender skin inside my pooper as
he drove it in. “Hey .. ouch ..” I desperately tried to tell him to
take it easy.
“Shut the fuck up, whore,” he sneered, as he bounced himself
forward, feeding more and more of his thrasher cock up my shitter with
every thrust. It stung like hell, and I could feel more and more of
my ass-skin tear and bleed. I tried to reposition myself to take him
at a less painful angle, but he was having none of that. He pressed
his weight down on me and began really poring it on. “Hey, Josh, get
over here,” he called off. “I want to watch the whore suck your cock
while I fuck her ass.”
I looked up at Josh who was staring into my eyes with pure
pissed-off rage. He watched me drive my ass down to meet Sean’s hard
thrusts, and he saw how I was melting under the brutal buttfuck. I’m
sorry, Josh, but I guess I’m a slut. I like to fuck. I’m sorry if
that pisses you off because I’m not some kind of goody-girl who wants
you to be my one and only. That’s me, and that’s my fucking life.
Now come over here and let me suck your cock while Sean fucks my ass
Josh seemed to read what I was saying with my eyes because he
crossed the room slowly and stood before me. I reached up and
wrestled his cock out from his jeans and shorts and devoured it. I
wanted to show him that I still wanted to make him feel good, that
even though I like to fuck a lot of different people he was still
special to me. I still loved his cock — the look of it, the taste of
it, the feel of it. I ran my tongue stud all up and down the shaft,
and he shuddered.
“You were right, man,” Sean gasped as he plugged my butt.
“Her ass is a fucking dream.”
“You like that cock up your ass?” Josh asked me as he pumped
into my throat. Unable to speak with my mouth filled with his meat, I
just nodded and tried to smile.
“Look at your whore friend,” Sean moved my head sideways so I
could suck Josh and look at tams.
All the fight had gone out of her. She was limp like a skinny
blow-up doll. Nicky and the hot freak had her legs spread apart like
a wishbone. Norm was squatting on her face smothering her mouth with
his shithole. Simon was standing between her split legs with his
jeans down and his stiff, freakish cock pointing straight at her
I had never seen such a pierce job before. His seven-inch
cock was covered in what appeared to be pieces of armor. The pieces
seemed to joined together by some kind of chain mail mesh that must
have folded up like an accordion when his cock was limp. It was the
most beautiful terrifying cock I had ever seen, and tams could
obviously see it every time Norm lifted his huge lard ass off her to
give her some air. She was shrieking like a baby seal, and hearing
her made my cunt get so wet it sloshed up and further lubed my
Simon had the needle gun lying in wait against her belly
button. Then, as the others held her perfectly immobile, he stabbed
the needle into her navel at the same time he drove his armor-plated
cock deep into her tight wet cunt. Her skinny body went rigid and she
thrashed hard. The three guys holding her down did not allow her to
wiggle one inch to either side, holding her perfectly still while the
needle gun pierced her belly button and Simon ravaged her tight puss.
“Fucking do her!” nikki called out as she rubbed her face in
the gypsy freak chick’s pussy and the blond freak chick pounded her
fist into nikki porno’s ultra-hot, ultra-wet puss. I know how hot and
wet nikk can get when she’s getting done hard and watching something
as sexy as seeing tams get hardcore pierced. The blond freak chick
just kept punching her fist into nikk’s cunt while the gyspy freak
chick came in buckets all over nikk’s face. nikki licked and drank
the gypsy’s fuck all up like it was water and she’d been in the desert
for two years.
Meanwhile, Simon withdrew the needle gun from tams’ belly
button and began inserting a small silver ring. tams was weeping
hard, and the harder she cried the harder Simon fucked her tight cunt.
Judging by the way she was screeching, that cock must have felt like a
fucking armadillo burrowing up tams puss. She was white as a sheet,
too, and the more she curled up in pain the more savagely Simon tore
into her.
“Move up,” Simon told Norm as he changed needles in the gun
and groped one of tams tiny, pointy, egg-sized titties. tams felt the
cold steel against her tender tit-flesh and howled even louder before
the metal sunk into her pink nipple. She thrashed around like a wild
rabid animal, but the guys were pumped now, and they weren’t letting
her budge an inch. A trickle of blood collected on tams’ pierced nip
and Simon sucked it up and smacked his lips. Then, quickly and
skillfully, he withdrew the needle gun and slipped a nipple ring into
the entry and exit wound.
Her other puffy tit was next, and by this time tams was pretty
much exhausted from fighting it. She only moaned now as the needle
gun punched another hole in her tit-flesh and Simon sucked the blood
from tender nipple. Norm, meanwhile, had been rimmed to the point of
no return, and he took his beefy cock and dumped another load of
cumshot on tams glassy-eyed face. She licked it up with a real zoned
out expression on her face, as Simon finished her second tit and
inserted another ring. He now produced a chain from his pocket and
threaded it in between the rings on her belly button and matching
nipples. He wove the chain into a triangular pattern that pointed
to her cunt, which he was shredding with his armadillo cock.
Once the chain had been completely threaded, he tugged at it
and stimulated the various pressure points he’d pierced — her belly
button and her nips. Every time he tugged, tams would let loose a
squeal that began as agony and then melted into ecstasy as he teased
each spot and fucked her brutally. Sadistically, he seemed to be
coaxing her skinny body just to the point of cumming before backing
off and starting the whole process over again.
Her whole body was shaking uncontrollably now, bathed in
sweat. Her eyes were as big as saucers, and she was wildly impaling
herself down his armored cock, trying everything she could to cum.
Simon would not allow this, though, freezing his body in mid-thrust
and taunting her, backing away and making her chase her cum down the
length of his freaky cock while he tugged at the chain that sent
sparks through her tummy and titties.
“Please …” she gasped, licking the sweat from her lips.
“Please let me cum!”
“Say ‘Hail Satan!'” Simon the sick fuck spit at her. “Say
‘Fuck me, Satan. Make me cum!'”
“Hail Satan!” tams shrieked. “Fuck me. Make me cum!” she
cried desperately as she tried to grind her tight puss down onto
Simon’s freak cock.
“Do you want me to pierce your clit next, whore?” Simon asked.
“Yes,” she pleaded. “Pierce my clit. You can do whatever the
fuck you want, just fuck me and make me cum. FUCK!” she howled as
Simon stabbed into her and in one stroke had her cumming so hard I
thought her head might explode.
Sean watched this and plowed my ass like a madman. i was so
turned on watching tams, though, that I’d almost forgotten I had cocks
in my ass and mouth until Sean pulled out of my ass and stepped around
to where Josh was ramming my mouth. Sean opened my mouth wider and
slid his cock in alongside Josh’s, and I was suddenly gagging on two
cocks. I couldn’t fucking breath, and it only got worse as both guys
shoved their pricks even deeper into throat.
Then I felt another cock at my asshole. It was Mikey who
started banging my butt while I choked on my double decker dick
sandwich. I went limp and Josh fired in my mouth and then Sean. I
sucked them both dry til my jaw ached was numb. Then they slid their
pricks out and wiped them on my face. I zoned out for a few, then,
only slightly aware that Mikey was plowing my asshole. Then I felt
him pull out, too, and shoot a hot cumshot all over my face. As I
licked him clean, I could taste the unmistakable taste of tams on his
balls and fuck stick, and this got me hot all over again.
I got back to reality and moved my head up. tams was just
lying there on the table limp while Simon pierced her clit and played
with her tight puss. nikk was being fucked now by the hot freak lying
down below her in her puss while Norm tried in vain to wedge his fat,
pierced prick up her asshole. Now nikk’s ass fucks like a dream, and
I’ve seen her take a dp from two pretty well-hung niggers. But Norm’s
meat was not only super-thick but pierced with that weird stud collar
right below his cock head. This made getting inside nikk’s juicy
asshole pretty hard, and as he huffed and puffed his vicious stabbing
just turned nikki porno’s cunt to butter.
The hot freak fucking her felt her start going crazy and when
she started her horse grunting he just about flipped. “Shove that
fucking mule dick up her ass,” he screamed to Norm. “You gotta feel
this girly-cunt’s hot fucking body. She fucking fucks like a fucking
dream. She needs it up her ass, you fat faggot! Fuck her up the ass!
She needs it in both holes. Come on, you cocksucking faggot. Slam it
up that hot ass of hers!”
“Fucking cunt!” Norm bellowed at the top of his lungs as he
pounded up into her shitter and felt the inside of her asshole give
way and open wide. “I’ll fucking you up the ass, you fucking cunt!”
“Do it, nikk!” Nicky cheered nikki porno on as he stood by her
face and rubbed his short, thick, pierced cock along her drooling
lips. “How do you like that big pierced cock in your ass?”
“Fuck yeah!” nikk grunted and started snorting even louder.
This got both guys frying, and they tore both her holes open with no
mercy. Nicky then sprayed a heap of cum on nikk’s snorting face which
made her bark like a fucking seal. Norm’s fat cock ripped her ass so
wide it even fell out a few times on the his backstrokes. the same
happened to the hot freak’s cock in her puss, and at one point they
both plopped out at the same time and then both entered her cunt at
the same time. Two hot hard cocks fucking her puss at the same time
sent nikk into a fuck frenzy like I’d never seen before. Her grunts
and barks turned into a fucking banshee yell, and she slammed her body
down on both cocks and then collapsed in a huge cum. They continued
fucking her like a rag doll, Norm getting in her ass again and tearing
it open once more. Then both freaks shot in seconds of each other
and continued fucking her hard til they were drained completely.
The two freak chicks now descended on nikk’s blasted ass and
puss and licked her clean while she purred. I looked back at tams,
who was now on her stomach with her ass pointed in the air. Simon’s
freak cock plowed into her ass down to her balls, and as she lay there
helplessly pinned under his weight he began drawing tatts all over her
back and ass. She tried to wiggle herself up and down on Simon’s
cock, but he wouldn’t let her move as drew. She was stuffed
completely with his cock, and she just had to take it as he scoured
her back with the sharp pencil.
It was a wonder to watch him work. In the middle of a
colorful pattern of scales and roses he put drew a big-titted demon
whore. The when he reached her asscheeks, he withdrew his cock from
her shitter and worked on her skinny, fleshy cheeks. He wrote “Girly”
on her left cheek and “Cunt” on her right cheek in a real cool script
that looked like old Gothic writing. Her skinny ass bled with every
puncture, and by this time we were all sitting around getting stoned
out of our minds while watched Simon use tams’ body like a canvas.
When he was done, tams couldn’t even stand up. She was so
weak she couldn’t even dress herself. In that state, each of the
freak guys and Nickey all fucked her doggie-style while she just shook
like a leaf and drooled out of her cute mouth. Then nikk and I
dressed our little doll and got her all put back together. We’d been
there almost five hours when we left and it was starting to look like
dawn when we drove home. I was cuddled up with my head in Josh’s lap
licking his never-ending hard-on. Mikey was holding tams and rocking
her back and forth like a little baby. nikk was up in the front
getting fucked doggie by Nickey as she sucked off Sean, who was trying
to drive on the right side of the road.
Somehow we all made it home …