Melissa An Adult Virgin

Melissa had been a good student. Too good. She spend all of her
time in highschool working on her classes that she rarely dated.
She really didn’t have the time to spend with boys. She wanted
to receive a scholarship so badly that her studies became her main
interest. Needless to say, she remained a virgin all through her
highschool days. And her straight A average were proof that
she had better plans for her life than getting fucked.

It wasn’t that she wasn’t desirable. She could have been a
cheerleader, song girl, or even homecoming princess. She just
wanted to be the best student she could and not let outside
distractions bother her. And it wasn’t because she wasn’t
sexual. Her masturbation had been an almost nightly routine.
She loved her self induced orgasms and always felt that this
was just a sign of self love and respect. She had become so
comfortable with her fingers sliding into her vagina, and along
her clit. She had become very proficient with her hands. Why
did she had a need for some guy for sexual satisfaction. When
she needed a man it would be for love as well as sex.

Her diligence paid off. Melissa graduated with every possible
honor, class Valedictorian, and 18 year old virgin. She had
her pick of Universities to attend.

She was off to a small college in New England. Here she could
complete the goal she had set for herself while in highschool.
And she never once deviated from this goal. She also found
her greatest comfort in her own hands. And again she graduated
Summa Cum Laude, and incredibly still virginal.

She had her degree, she had her teaching credential and now
she was moving out of the area to her first job in her career as
a highschool teacher. Woodview Highschool was one of the most
gorgeous campus set ups in the world. It had been the private
estate of a very wealthy gentleman in Northern California. He
had trees brought in from all over the world. The campus had
lawns in the places where there weren’t trees. It was like a
big park. Down the hill from the campus was a small “bedroom”
community. Melissa found a nice cozy apartment just a few miles
out of town. She could drive her car to the school in 15 minutes
or so. This was all she had worked so hard for. And not at last
she could indulge herself in finding a suitable mate. She was in
no hurry, and was very selective about her choice.

The men at Woodview were very slim pickings. Bob Johnson a math
teacher was a letch who constantly tried to corner her and get her to
stop off for drinks. It was no wonder he had been married three
Harold Watson still lived with his mother and always tried to corner
her to tell her about his latest illness. And then there was James
Heald, a P.E. teacher. He certainly filled the bill as a physical
specimen. He had that all American boy face and body. He had
been married once before, which Melissa found out ended in the
death of his wife to cancer. He never got over her and spent his
free time working with the kids in the neighborhood. He seemed
to spend all his free time doing things for others.

Melissa had tried to engage James in conversation. He had a slight
southern accent and was always so soft spoken and polite. Yet
he never showed any interest in any of the single female teachers
on campus. Melissa snooped around a little more about him and
found he never was seen dating any other women. The only woman
he was ever seen with was his sister. He was a devoted uncle to
his two nieces and two nephews and a buddy with his brother in
law. she had heard indirectly that his sister said he had vowed
never to marry again. His wife was the one and only love in
his life.

She tried desperately to get the attention of James those first
few months of school. And to no avail. He was polite and
friendly. And he offered no hope.

Thanksgiving vacation was approaching. Melissa’s apartment was
being fumigated, so she left the keys with her landlord. She was
going to fly home to her parents home and surprise them with a
visit. She lent her car to one of the other teachers. She was going
to go down the hill with her bags and catch a bus to the airport.

School had ended. Melissa got her bags out of her car and said
good-bye to Lois who was going up north to her parents but would
meet Melissa at the airport Sunday night.

She started out crossing the campus and there was Harold Watson.
“I just don’t have time to hear about his latest illness today. Good
he doesn’t see me. I’ll just cross through the practice field
and through the trees,” she thought to herself.

The practice field was surrounded on all four sides by large
evergreen trees and bushes. It was lonely, but she felt safe
since it was still broad daylight. She quickly disappeared from
Harold’s possible view, and made her way through to the field
to cross it and then head to the bus stop.

She had gotten to the edge of the field when she heard a voice
call to her. “Where are you going bitch teacher,” hissed a
voice behind her. There was a man standing behind her, a
stranger. Panic hit her immediately, only to accelerate when
she looked up and saw two other equally menacing men in front of
her. “Taking a trip without saying good-bye?” snarled another man.

“Please, I have to catch a bus to make my plane flight.”

“Without saying good-bye to us? I don’t think that’s nice of you
don’t you agree boys?”

“Please, don’t do that,” she pleaded as one of the men grabbed
her suitcase.

“No, I think this bitch teacher needs to teach us right now. Why
don’t you take off your coat, and maybe even your blouse. I think
you need to teach us some science, maybe anatomy.” There was
fiendish laughter from the trio, as they clutched at Melissa and
tore her blouse off of her.

She was standing in her skirt and bra, unable to scream she
was so petrified with fear.

“Hey, those are really nice knockers you got there teach, why don’t
you let us see them up close and unobstructed,” said the first one
as he grabbed her and cut her bra off with a large knife he was
carrying. Her bra fell away exposing her bare breasts to the trio
of jackals. Then they pushed her to the ground and ripped the
remainder of her clothes off her. She lay in a heap on the cold
grass nude and terrified for her life. The one with the knife made
a large slash across her belly and b***d came oozing out. “You
will do as you are told or the next time it will be your pretty
throat and not your stomach, do you hear me bitch.”

Tears were streaming down Melissa’s eyes blurring her vision.
One of her attackers was just undoing his belt when a forth
voice was shouting from the distance. As Melissa lay sprawled
on the ground she wasn’t even aware of the other voice. She
knew she was going to be hurt. She knew they were all three going
to r**e her and then k**l her. This was the end. Her brain had
gone into shock to save her from the pain.

The trio hearing the other voice gathered all of Melissa’s clothes
and bags and ran off. The other person came running up to
Melissa. “Miss Snider, are you okay. Melissa, please look at
me. It’s James. James Heald.” James looked at her limp nude
body. “What did they do. Oh my God, why would anyone want
to hurt you. You never hurt anyone. You’re one of the sweetest
ladies on campus.” His words were falling on deaf ears as Melissa
was still in panicked shock.

He sat her up, and rubbed her hands, talking softly to her. “You’re
okay now sweet lady. Please look at me. You’re safe, I won’t let
them hurt you.”

Finally Melissa regained her composure enough to realize that
she was in safe hands. “Mr. Heald. Oh thank God it’s you. There
were three of them and they..” she started to cry uncontrollably.

James was kneeling next to her and cradled her head against his
chest. “Oh poor lady. Yes I know there were three of them, they
ran away when I came here. We need to get you to a warm dry
place. Why were you crossing this field anyway? Well never mind
that, where is your car?”

Melissa mumbled her plight. And soon it became obvious that she
was nude, her clothes had been ripped off and taken along with her
luggage. James was only wearing shorts. He had been jogging around
the campus when he saw what was happening.

“Melisssa. I’m going to take you to my home where I can dress that
wound and let you clean up. When we’re there you can call your
parents for assistance. I need to stop that bleeding.” With that,
James scooped up her body and carried her to his car. He set her
on her feet long enough to get his car key which was hidden under
his car. Once the door was open, he grabbed a blanket from the
back seat of his car and wrapped it around her. He had used a towel
to stop the bleeding on her belly.

They build up to his home, which was a nice little townhouse on the
edge of the city. He parked in his garage and escorted the still
half dazed Melissa to his home. Once there he turned on the
shower, and helped her into it. He quickly helped her shower and
proceeded to dress her wound. Color was starting to return to
Melissa’s face. Now her emotions were so mixed, relief, fear,
shame, embarrassment, anger and admiration. James was a ‘white

“Listen dear one, you lay on the couch and I’ll fix you some
warm tea to drink. I’m sorry I don’t have anything stronger, but
I don’t drink alcohol.”

“Tea would be fine.” Finally some clear words were coming out
of her mouth. “James, thank you for saving me. I just knew they
were going to k**l me.”

James was embarrassed at her thanks and just smiled at her. “They
weren’t any guys I’ve ever seen. I wanted to k**l them. While I get
the tea, why don’t you call your parents.”

“Thank you.” Melissa dialed the phone and got the long distance
operator. She wanted to place a collect call to her parents. The
phone rang and rang with no answer. Melissa wasn’t aware that
her family had decided that since she wouldn’t be home until
Christmas that they would spend Thanksgiving at a friends cabin
in the snow.

“What’s wrong Melissa.”

Her face was full of tears now, “there isn’t anyone home. What
am I to do. I’m stranded. No car, no apartment, no…”

“I’m not going anywhere this weekend. You can stay with me until
your apartment can be inhabited. You’re 5’6″?”


“About a size 9”

“Yes, but why?”

“My sister and family are coming here tomorrow. I’ll call her to
bring some clothes for you. She’s just about the same size as
you. Meanwhile that blanket is all I can offer you. I got rid of
Melodies clothes after she died. It was hard enough without
her personal things here.”

“Do you feel like eating?”

“No I need to go to sleep. I feel so tired.”

“It’s the herbal tea. I gave you a tea to help you relax. Let
me help you to my bed. Don’t worry, I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“No let me sleep on the couch. You’ve been too kind already…”
her words trailed off as she was starting to feel the affects of
the tea. James picked her up and placed her in his bed, pulling
the covers over her. “Good night dear lady.” his words went
without response.

It seemed like she had slept for hours when Melissa woke up.
She heard music coming from the living room. She got up and
opened the door just enough to view the living room. There was
James listening to music while doing some stretching exercises.
The only unusual thing to her was that he was doing them nude.
She got a full view of his very well proportioned body. He had
clear definition of all his muscles. When he stood she saw
that his ass checks were all muscle. He looked like a body builder
without a loin cloth. He turned around with his eyes closed
absorbing the music and stretching. She could see his penis and
testicles. This guy was an Adonis. He was too gorgeous for
words. He turned with his back to her and bent over touching
his palms to the floor his legs slightly apart. She almost came
unglued at the sight of his penis and testicles hanging down
between his legs. And in fact she let out a gasp. It was audible
enough for James to hear. He rose up to a full stand and turned
to the door.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I thought you would be asleep. Let me
cover up. I never where clothes in my home. I’m a nudist. Bill
and Janice and the kids are too.”

“Bill and Janice?”

“My sister and brother in law. We’ve been nudist for years. My
wife was one also. I’m sorry. I don’t usually try to startle guest.
Of course I don’t have any guest to startle. I’m..”

“No, it’s fine. You saw all there is of me, why shouldn’t I get
the same treat. Besides you’re magnificent. You look like
one of the classic statues. No. You’re body is beautiful.”

James was really embarrassed at this. This was not what he expected
or demanded. “Thank you Melissa. Are you hungry yet?”

“I think I can eat now.”

Without thinking, she stepped from the shelter of the door and
went into the living room as nude as James was.

“Do you want something to cover up with?” asked James.

“Strangely I feel very comfortable without clothes. I feel so
safe around you. If you don’t mind.”

“Mind? I’m used to the sight of beautiful young ladies ‘sans’
clothing. Here sit in this chair so we can chat while I fix

They chatted for the longest time. And the more they talked
the more at ease Melissa felt. To a point where she got up and
went over to a stool next to James while he worked on dinner.

“I still don’t understand why you were crossing the practice
field today. Why not go down the main walkway?”

“Harold was there and I didn’t have time to listen to his latest
illnesses.” James laughed knowing exactly what she was talking
about. “He has never been healthy in his adult life,” he said.

“I called the police while you were asleep and reported the attempt.
I also called Janice. She will bring clothes over tomorrow when
she and the family stop by. They’re going to the camp and are
planning on a big dinner there.”

“James. I know this sounds funny and I hope you understand
what I am saying. But I think you should sleep in your own
bed with me. I trust you.”

“That’s so kind of you to trust me. We’ll talk about it later.
But quite frankly, sex is the last thing you need from anyone

“Thank you again. You’ve been so sweet to me.”

“I’ve wanted to talk to you more ever since you came on the
campus, but I never get the chance. Maybe we can have that
chance now?”

Melissa’s heart skipped several beats. He wanted to talk with her?
She has been dreaming about talking with him for so long.

James really opened up at dinner. He talked about his marriage
his deep love for his wife. Their plans. His love for his sister
and family and how they had pulled him through all the difficult
times. Their involvement with nudism. He told her how both his
parents had died when he was 16 and Janice was 13. How he was
able to help raise her. He felt that’s why they were so close.
They had aunts, uncles and cousins, but they were all in Georgia
and Florida.

Melissa reciprocated by telling of her life. How she always had
a goal in mind and didn’t want any distractions from it. That
now she was ready to settle down in a career.

“No men in your life?” questioned James unbelieving

“Honest. In fact I’m still a virgin.” The word had leaked out
before she could stop it. “I’m sorry, I certainly didn’t mean
to get so personal about myself.”

“Melissa, that’s not personal. That’s commendable. You should
be proud. I’m proud of the fact that Melodie was the first woman
I was ever intimate with. I have been totally celibate since her

“You haven’t dated?”

“I guess I’m just really fussy. I only want to date someone I would
care to marry. Call it old fashioned. Bill and Janice are pretty
much the same way. He is totally loyal to her and she to him.”

“I thought I was weird and alone with my standards. But it
sounds like I’m in solid company.”

“I’d like to think so.”

“I really need to get to sleep. Please come to bed with me. I
don’t want to be alone tonight. Please.”

“Okay. But I don’t wear night clothes>”

“I kind of suspected that. I don’t think I’ll be wearing them
tonight myself.”

They were sound asleep in James’ bed. About three in the morning
Melissa started to get restless. She was tossing and turning.
Evidently her mind was replaying all the feelings she had been
subjected to earlier the previous day. Soon she was calling out
for help and crying in agony. James rolled over and held her
tightly. His hard nude body pressing against her soft womanly

“Melissa wake up. It’s just a dream. You’re fine. You’re

She woke up and not realizing what she was doing she wrapped
her arms around James. “It was terrible. There was an entire
group after me. And I ….” she stopped in midstream when she
realized that she was in bed nude in an embrace with a nude man.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that?”

“Do what?”

“Hug you. I mean with no clothes on. I’m really sorry. I didn’t
want to make it difficult for you.”

James laughed a warm friendly laugh. “Melissa dear, this is
not exactly an erotic embrace. Besides I was the first one to
hold you. You were in desperation and needed to be held. The
fact that you didn’t have clothes on is inconsequential. You
just needed to be held.”

In some ways Melissa was relieved and in other ways disappointed.
She certainly didn’t want James to be some kind of a eunuch.

“Even though the feel of your body against mine is very wonderful,
you need to get some rest.”



“Do you find me attractive? I mean sexy?”

“That’s a strange question to ask at three in the morning. Yes
you are very much what I would consider my ideal. You’re very
intelligent, beautiful, nicely shaped, charming, friendly, and kind.”

“That’s nice, but I don’t think you know me that well.”

“I’ve watched you closely over the last several weeks. That’s an
educated evaluation.”

“Would you consider giving me a kiss good night?”

“Only if that’s what you would like.”

“I would love it. Please.”

They embraced again. James lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her
very deeply. She could feel her crotch getting wet with that kiss.
first kiss from an adult man. She wanted to use her hand to
masturbate but held off. James also had deep feelings bubble up
in him, only his feelings became more apparent as his once flaccid
cock was getting harder. Melissa knew what to expect from him
but knowing something clinically and feeling it personally are
two different things. She now had an urge to reach over and
feel his rapidly enlarging cock. But felt she had better let
things stay where they were. James was spurred on by
this sweet little brunettes feminine aroma. He knew when the
fragrance came to his nostrils what he was smelling. He loved
the smell of a woman. He was getting to a point where he really
loved the smell of this woman. Maybe he had found someone to
live the rest of his life with. Maybe he had found a partner.
One to love, to fulfill the dreams that he and Melodie once
held sacred. As Melissa feel into a deep sleep and rolled
over, she disturbed the covers enough that even a stronger
aroma of Melissa internal juices came to his nostrils. She
smelled heavenly.

James was the first one up and had started breakfast. Melissa
came into the kitchen rubbing her eyes. The fact that she was
totally nude in no way affected her now. She sat on the stool and
watched as James made breakfast.

“I thought you were a health food fan.”

“Oh no. My folks were southerners. We eat anything. That’s why I
have to exercise so much. If it’s food, I’ll eat it.”

“That’s a relief.” Then Melissa blushed at the indication that she
was measuring James up for a future with her.

“Melissa. That kiss last night. That was the first one I have had
since I kissed Melodie good bye forever. Thank you.”

“It was my first adult kiss ever. I really loved it. I want more
of them in my life.”

“I know she loved it,” James thought to himself. “You can take
a shower if you want to. I have a little time before the biscuits
will be done.”

“Okay and I need my bandage changed. You did such a nice job last
night, and it really needs changing. Where did you learn to do
such a good medical job?” Melissa said

“I was a medic in the army and I have closed bigger wounds than
that. It should leave very little scar tissue, fortunately it was very


Melissa sighed deeply and asked, “Is there anything you can’t do?”

“I can’t lie.”

That was a strange answer. Melissa was a little concerned where
this comment might go. Was there a problem he was going to
confess? “Why do you say that James?”

“Our kiss last night. It affected me. And I know it affected
you. There is a very distinct fragrance that a woman has. It comes
from deep inside her. But that aroma was present last night after
our kiss. I knew what it was and why it was there. I think I
should sleep on the couch tonight. Because I think you realize
also how the kiss affected me.”

“Yes it did affect me. That was my first romantic kiss ever.
And I know what you are referring to about the feminine aroma.
I am affected very easily. And I might be a virgin, but I knew
immediately what I was feeling against my body. And no, I don’t
want you on the couch tonight.” with that Melissa went to James
and put her arms around him. She brought her lips to his. They
kissed very deeply and very long. Soon it was becoming obvious
to Melissa that their kiss was affecting James. She looked down
to see his cock getting bigger. She had seen photos and drawings
before, but this was real, it was close to her, and it was
because of her. She could feel her crotch getting very wet and
tingly. She was willing to give this man what she had kept for
so long. Not only willing but this is what she wanted. Their
embrace was shortened by a knock at the door. James went to
the door and peeked around the corner. It was his sister Janice.

“I brought some clothes, James,” Janice burst in. “Am I disrupting
anything?” she looked at James and then glanced down at his
still hard cock. “Oh dear, I guess I am”

“No Janice it’s fine.”

She looked at Melissa who was standing there totally nude with
this stranger, another woman, looking at her. Even if she knew
that another nude woman was very common for Janice. But her
discomfort didn’t last long as Janice ran over to her and hugged
her very tightly, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Hello Melissa.
I guess you know by now that I’m James’ sister.” She stepped
back and looked right into Melissa’s eyes, “James. She even more
beautiful than you said. My gawd, she’s absolutely breath taking.”

“Janice!” protested James.

Janice didn’t even listen to James’ protest, and turning her
attention back to Melissa she continued, “James has been talking
about you for weeks now. He is really stuck on you.”


Again Janice ignored his protest. She hugged Melissa again and
and said, “James if you dare let this lady go, I’m going to kick
your bony ass all the way back to Georgia, stomp you into the ground
there, and pee on your grave.” She turned her complete attention
back to Melissa, “I tried to bring a nice selection of clothes for
you. The panties are new, I hardly ever need them. Oh dear, I’m
afraid my bras won’t fit. Having babies does strange things to your
figure, but your breasts are so firm and high that a bra is a waste
of money. I brought a nice dress for tonight.” She turned to James.
“I made reservations for the two of you for dinner at ‘The Islands’,
I knew you would wait until the last minute and then not be able
to get in. Dinner at 6.”

“Yes sis,” said James condescendingly

“I’m sorry Melissa, I’m just so excited. I want James to find
someone so badly.” She paused to catch her breath, “we’re coming
back home tomorrow morning. Please come over to our home for
dinner. I want Bill and the kids to meet you. They love James
so much that they want to meet you. If James won’t bring you just
call and I’ll come get you.”

Melissa was so taken by Janice. Janice was so sincerely excited.
And it was obvious that James was her pride and joy. “I, uh, I
would love to meet the family,” she glanced at James, “if it’s

“Don’t look at him, my mind’s made up. Gawd I’m so excited,”
and with that Janice bounced out of the home.

“Well, I guess you’ve met Janice.”

“Is she always that bubbly?”

“Not like that. Wow, I have to get my biscuits out of the oven.”
James ran over to the oven and removed the biscuits just in time.
Breakfast was now ready and the two of them sat down.

“James. You said you couldn’t lie.”

“Yes,” he answered not knowing what would be next. “I make it
a real effort to be totally honest with people.”

“Janice said you have been talking about me for weeks?”

“Uh, er, Uh, well yes that’s true.”

Melissa didn’t say anything to that but asked further, “You
described me to her? I didn’t even think you noticed me.”

“I didn’t until you came on campus. I felt immediately that you
were special. I know that you don’t realize it but we are the only
two music majors on campus. I heard you sing with the choir one
day when I was passing by the choral room. I fell in love with
your voice. When I heard you make your presentation to the
faculty committee, your arguments were so well thought up I fell
in love with your intellect. I have wanted to ask you out for some
time but didn’t have the nerve. The accident last night was fate.
Those thugs didn’t know I jogged on that practice field. The field
is exactly a quarter mile around the perimeter and I can run on
grass. Normally I would have been finished, but I had some things
to do in my office.”

Melissa didn’t know how many more surprises she could take this
morning. She was having a difficult time keeping her heart from
beating out of her chest. Her flushed face was a beacon that did not
go unnoticed by James. The phone rang breaking this moment.
James answered it. While he was on the phone, Melissa had a
chance to think about what had gone on. “He really cares for
me,” she thought to herself, “Look dummy, don’t let him get
away. Even his sister loves you. This is what you have been
waiting for Melissa, don’t mess it up.” Her brain was going
a million miles an hour.

James returned. “That was the police. They found your purse
and wallet. The bad news is there is no money in either. The
good news is it appears that all your identification is there. And
there are three credit cards there. Did you have more?”

“No, I have a Visa Card, a Gas Card and my ATM card. That’s all.”

“They’re holding it at the police station. Let’s go get them.”

They both quickly got dressed. Melissa noticed how unnatural
wearing clothes now seemed, in fact downright uncomfortable.
All the way to the police station her mind was buzzing. She tried
to talk small talk but couldn’t get into it. They arrived at the
police station and after some formalities retrieved her belongings.
All the way back the relief of having some items which couldn’t
be replaced comfortably or at all added to the mellowness that
was sweeping her body.

They arrived back at James’s home. They went in and without
a second thought, Melissa started to remove her clothes. “Excuse
me,” said James.


“Is this a new lady I have here? I mean undressing and making
herself at home immediately? I do love it you understand.”

Melissa was caught off guard by her own brazenness. He was right.
But with an aire of defiance she said, “When in Rome….. Besides
you need to change the dressing on my wound.”

Without any warning, James went to her and held her in his arms,
he looked deeply into her eyes and said, “Janice is right. I need
you in my life. My life is so empty. I’ve mourned long enough
for Melodie. Life has to go on.” And with that he kissed her
with all the love he was feeling in his heart. She responded
with the same feelings. It wasn’t too long before they were
both aware of a mutual arousal they were feeling. Melissa was
feeling the dampness from her crotch starting to trickle inside
her thighs. James had a hardon that would penetrate steel. Their
breathing was becoming exaggerated. James moved his hands onto
Melissa’s breasts and softly molded them and warmly rubbed them.
Her reaction was mixed. She and her doctor had been the only one
ever to touch them, and her ob-gyn was a female. No man had
ever touched her breasts. And she loved the feel of James’s strong
hands as they adored her breasts. He moved his mouth from her lips
and said to her, “There is a much more comfortable place in my
house to be if we are to go any farther. Melissa, I don’t want to
go any farther without you being sure this is what you want. I’m
almost to the point of no return.”

“Yes. I want to give myself to you. I want you to be the one to
be inside me. Please, let’s go into the bedroom.”

They went to the bedroom and James carefully laid Melissa on the
bed. He sat along side of her and admired her body. His fingers
made little circles on her breasts. Soon he was crossing them over
her nipples which were responding to his touch by getting harder.
He lowered his mouth on her right nipple and gently sucked on it.
It felt to Melissa just the way she had dreamed it would feel.
She closed her eyes to concentrate on her feelings. James
continued to play with her breasts, he wanted her to be absolutely
relaxed and ready for his intrusion into her vagina. He had
been the first and only man with Melodie, and he learned from
his experience to be patient and considerate. This was a person
he cared very much about. Not a thing. He would treat her with
respect and care as if she were made of fragile crystal. He
wanted her for more than this moment, perhaps forever.

His hand moved very carefully along her belly as he moved his mouth
to again cover hers. Their lips were parted and their tongues
were crashing against each other. He was exploring the entire
inside of her mouth, tasting her, loving her. His fingers reached
the top of her mons where his fingers curled into her pubic hair.
Melissa wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do, but she tried
to follow her instincts, and wrapped her arms around his strong
lean body. She had never felt this way. It surpassed every
fantasy she ever had. It was too wonderful for her to even
try to comprehend. She had never really been in love, she had
never felt this power of lust which was taking over her mind.
His hand in her pubic hair felt so good. She had no fear, just a
desire to have his hand go further. He moved his mouth away
from her lips and ran his lips down her neck and shoulders. Her
body immediately reacted with tiny ‘goose bumps’ along it’s
entire surface. If this was what sex was about she was all for it.
She had gone way beyond any apprehension now. She was fully in
a lust filled mode. Her heart was beating heavily with the
anticipation of James’ next moves.

Those next moves came. His hand moved over her mons and onto her
outer labia. He lightly brushed her clitoris and let it know
that a new hand was going to stimulate it. Melissa’s excitement had
heightened to a point where she almost felt like she would loose
her bladder control. She had no command of her body left. She was
reacting strictly on impulse and instinct. She wasn’t even
aware that her legs had parted allowing James the unrestricted
access to her entire womanhood. His fingers moved around her
pussy like a concert pianist playing a concerto. His fingers were
now entering into her vagina, that area that had only felt her
fingers and tampons. The flow of her secretions was increasing
as her internal fountains started pumping their contents with
full force. James’ fingers were getting more slippery as her
let them explore even deeper into her. Then he removed his hand
completely from her. “Why did he stop? Where is his head going
now. Oh no, he’s not going to.. Oh that’s far too intimate for the
first time. Yes he is. Oh it feels so wooondeerrfulll. I could
never have imagined this feeling. It’s like….” her mind was
loosing all control of her body. She was a mess. She was a body
that had no control. James was free to do whatever he wanted
without objection. His tongue was dancing all over both her inner
and outer lips. He inner lips were becoming increasingly rigid.
James was sucking on her lips and drinking her vaginal flow.
He seemed to thrived on her inner juices. His tongue made it’s
main assault on her clitoris. It had already been conquered by
him and now it was begging for his tongue’s stroke. His fingers
penetrated her vagina more than her fingers had ever dared to
reach. Her throat was emitting unintelligible sounds which
she had no control over. The initial waves started to sweep
over her body. They were building in intensity as James continued
his attention to the center of her womanly feelings. Her clitoris
was swollen and erect beyond reason stretching as if to meet
his tongue and battle with it. The familiar waves intensified
within her as her orgasm formed inside. It was getting stronger
and stronger. She had never felt anything this strong in her
entire lifetime of orgasms. And yet it was getting even stronger.
She almost felt as though she would lose consciousness it was so
intense. She wasn’t even aware of the vibrations running through
her body as her ass started to bounce on the bed. She couldn’t stop
her legs from moving. Then she hit the pinnacle of her pleasure.
Her breathing stopped, her mind went blank and her entire body
crashed in one ecstatic moment. She cried out her pleasure in a
scream of joy. “Yes, yes, yes, oh God yessssssssss” and then she
slumped in a post orgasmic quiver. Slowly the feelings started to
return to her arms and legs, her mind started to function again.
James had removed his mouth and tongue from it’s assault on
her clitoris which had now retreated being totally captured. As
the fog of bliss cleared from her mind she began to appreciate
this adventure she had been on. In a feeble way she tried to
tell James how wonderful this had been but her words hung
up. James lifted his head to see her glowing face. He knew what
she was trying to say. He just moved his lips along her belly, and
put his finger gently on her lips as if to tell her not to try to
speak. His cock was now so rigid that he was afraid it would
explode without entering inside her.

“Melissa, I’m going to do it now. If I push to fast or hard you
have to let me know so I can back out.”

She indicated that she understood. Her legs voluntarily spread
even wider to allow his lower body to come between them. She
felt his engorged cock probe the entrance of her vagina. Her body
was still not completely under her control. She was still flowing
copious amounts of interal juices which made his cock’s entrance
into her depths much easier. An electric shock jolted her system
as her vagina recognized an intrusion of a much larger type than
had ever entered it. She was fully aware of James’ cock pushing
slowly inside her. He pushed until he hit an obstruction. From
this point on her vagina would never be as it came into the
world, ever again. The tip of his cock pushed slowly but yet with
determination to rupture this barrier. James studied her face
carefully for any signs that he should stop. The pinching inside
her increased in intensity. It was mixed with the demand of
her body for another orgasmic release. She bit her lip slightly as
James pushed a little harder. Suddenly with a slight pop deep
inside her, the barrier was destroyed. She would never have it
again. It was gone. James paused in his move to look for
reassurance in her face. The smile of relief that lit her face up
was what he was looking for. The crazy thought of, “that wasn’t
so bad,” jolted through her brain. Her desire for more pleasure
took control of her as her hands reached behind James’ ass cheeks
and pulled him in toward her hips. He reacted by completeing his
thrust. He seemed to go as far as he wanted and then stopped to
let his fully bloated cock feel the walls of her vagina pulse against
it. He then carefully started to back his cock out of her ,
reaching almost to the entrance of her vagina only to
run it again to her depths. Her body responded with an electric
message of pleasure which rattled in her brain. He again moved
out and back in. Soon this became a constant pattern as her
hips moved voluntarily to meet his hips. With each stroke her
body responded with an ever increasing wave of pleasure. She had
endured the worst and now she was reaping the rewards for yet
another orgasm was starting to form inside her. One entirely
different than any she had felt before. The physical pressure
inside her changed her feelings and added a new dimension to this
wave of pleasure. James started to pick up his tempo, and Melissa
eagerly met his tempo with her hips. Her body was again going
under it’s own control with no intervention from her brain.
James was now moving in and out of her with a driving force.
Her body was bouncing with his motion combined with hers. Her
breasts were rolling in circles on her chest. She was losing all
conscious contact with her body as again she was cresting. James
was spurred on by her obvious response. He could feel the almost
forgotten sensation of his semen begging to be allowed a hasty
exit from within him. It seemed to be building up pressure just
at the base of his cock. And then he exploded ejaculating his
pent up flood of semen, shooting glob after glob deep inside
Melissa. Her secretions were so full that he could feel their
combined juices extrude between his cock and her vagina.
The feel of his body inside her giving up it’s load brought Melissa
closer to this new orgasmic delight. As he pushed past his
ejaculation and continued to push into her she erupted. Again
she lost consious control of her voice and screamed with sounds
of complete fulfillment and pleasure. Both James and Melissa
were struggling to breath.

He started to slow down and then to stop, with his cock lodged
as deeply inside her as he could leave it. As his cock returned
to it’s more flaccid state he could no longer stay as deeply inside
her as he had been. Soon he was slipping out with the continued
flood pushing on his now powerless cock. He rolled off of her and
laid beside her, still breathing rapidly.

When he regained control of his breathing, he didn’t say a word.
He just rolled her against his body and hugged her. Caressing her
lips with his. She responded with cooing sounds coming from her
throat. His upper hand slid down behind her and onto her ass. With
a gently tug, he pulled her hips even closer to himself. They
stayed there for several minutes while the two of them regained
their composures. James again started to kiss her breasts, this
time with a different purpose. This time not to stimulate her but
to be close and warm with her. The afterglow that both of them
enjoyed was one of those moments you never want to end.

Later that evening they had the best Thanksgiving dinner Melissa
ever had. Food never tasted better, the music was never sweeter,
everything was wonderful. Melissa had finally fallen deeply in
love. And the object of this love was there with her.