Under the Desk

As I walked into John’s office, the first thing that I noticed
was his desk. It was littered with books and papers and computer
disks. The second thing that I noticed was that he was not in it. I
took a moment to refresh my lipstick, a bright shade of red, and
returned to the receptionist’s desk.

“Oh yes, I’m sorry,” she said. “He’s gone to lunch. He should
be back in 10 minutes or so. Feel free to wait in his office if you
like.” I nodded and headed back down the hallway to John’s office.

I sat down in the high-backed leather chair behind his desk
and considered how to best use this time alone. I had simply been
planning on surprising him with a visit, although given my clothing,
it was definitely surprise with sexual possibility. I was wearing a
short red and black plaid skirt, black stockings and heels, and a
black shirt that showed off my round breasts quite nicely. The outfit
was definitely too risque for the office, but that was the whole

I examined my nails, painted the same bright red as my lips,
and began examining the possible ways to deviously make use of this
extra time. “Let’s see… ” I thought to myself. “I could have him
find me naked in his chair or masturbating and soaking wet and ready
to fuck or… ” I sat bolt upright in the chair. The corners of my
lips turned up in a devilish smile. “Or I could wait for him under the
desk and suck him bone dry when he gets back.”

As I checked out the size of the space under the desk for me
to hide in, I could feel my cunt growing wetter. Since I wanted to be
sure to be hidden under the desk when John returned, I slid off the
chair onto my hands and knees and crawled into the cramped space.

The privacy afforded by the large wooden desk was welcome,
since I was able to slip my hand under my skirt and down my stockings
and underwear to touch my wet sex. I parted my lips gently with my
fingers, touching the warm wetness with my fingertips. I slid my hand
out of my panties and brought it up to my lips, tasting my own juices.
My hand returned to my sex, moving from my cunt to my clit, soaking
myself in wetness. I focused my touch on my clit, slowly and gently at
first, then harder and faster.

I thought of the feel of John’s fingers on my sex when I give
him head, touching my clit, thrusting one then two then three into me,
all the while my lips and tongue are fucking his cock. I thought of
the feel of his cock sliding into me for the first time, slowing
easing into me, filling me up with his large, hard dick. God, I wanted
it inside of me so much that I was delirious with desire. I got up on
one knees, pulled my stocking and panties down to my knees, and thrust
two fingers inside of me, then three. I couldn’t get enough. I wanted
a cock inside of me. I thrust four fingers inside of me, up past my
knuckles, again and again.

I imagined myself to be lowering my cunt onto my enormous 8
inch dildo with John watching nearby as I thrust four fingers inside
of me. My legs began to shake and my temperature skyrocketed as my sex
began to explode. As I lost all feeling in my hands and feet, I
struggled to continue fucking myself with my fingers, prolonging the
glorious sensation that racked my body.

As I began to come down from my orgasm, John walked into the
office, closing the door behind him. He was alone. He walked around
the desk, sat in large leather chair, and turned his computer monitor
on. I whispered “Hey lover, you wanna get your cock sucked?” He jumped
slightly in his seat and quickly gasped for air. His yes grew wide at
the sight of me crouched underneath his desk, my stocking and panties
pulled down to my knees, my fingers buried in my wet cunt. He
shuddered, unbuttoned his pants, and pulled them and his sexy red
underwear down around his knees, revealing his already hard cock.

I whispered for him to lean back in the chair so that I could
have access to the full length of his large cock. I knelt before him,
one hand still buried in my dripping wet cunt, the other wrapped
around the shaft of his cock. I slowly licked the head of his cock,
exploring it with my tongue. I licked down the underside of his cock,
rolling my tongue all over this sensitive area. I could feel his legs
beginning to shake underneath of me and his moans, although he was
obviously trying to muffle them, were getting louder.

As I wrapped my lips around the head, I took my sopping wet
hand from my panties to the shaft of his penis, using my own wetness
to lubricate him. His eyes grew wide as he felt the warm wetness from
my hand on his cock, and he moaned softly as I moved my hand up and
down his shaft and my mouth caressed his head. I began pumping his
rock hard shaft with my hand, my mouth following the pace of my

I slowed my pace, wrapping my mouth as far down his shaft as
possible, and slowly, working my way up to the tip, my tongue seeking
out every sensitive area. I made love to his hard cock, greedily
sucking and licking, for what seemed like an eternity.

I quickened the pace gradually, moving my hand and mouth up and
down his cock in unison. His legs began shaking and twitching and in
between loud, raspy breaths he whispered, “I’m gonna come. Oh God, I’m
gonna come.” I wrapped my lips tighter around his cock and caressed
his tight balls until he let out a huge moan and began coming in my
mouth. I slowed my pace as his cum squirted inside of my mouth, until
there was no more to swallow. I slowly sucked the shaft of his penis,
licking off every last drop of cum. He slumped into the chair, his
eyes fluttering.

I rested my head against his thigh for a moment and then stood
up, pulling him to his feet as I rose. I pulled up his pants,
rebuttoned and re-zipped him, and then sat him back down again.

“So dear,” I asked innocently, “are you ready to get back to
work yet?”

He rolled his eyes at me. “Uh huh.”