Under the Desk

As I walked into John’s office, the first thing that I noticed was his desk. It was littered with books and papers and computer disks. The second thing that I noticed was that he was not in it. I took a moment to refresh my lipstick, a bright shade of red, and returned to the

Four Exposures

His offer: I have four frames remaining in my old manual drive Olympus. Each time you see me with this camera you may nod assent or call it quits. If assent is given, I will advance the film one frame. You may offer no further protest until the shutter has been released. I choose the

Better Than Chocolate

She was eating chokito, dark moist chocolate cake layered with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and whipped cream. She was moaning as she ate, rich satisfied little sounds of utter pleasure that were going straight to his cock. “This,” Colleen pronounced, “is totally orgasmic.” He would never get rid of this woodie. Never. Colleen eyes him

A Night with Kathy

He had just gotten off work in the computer lab. Kathy waited patiently by the door. She smiled seductively, because she knew what was about to happen. He was nervous because he had never been with such a beautiful woman before and he really wanted to impress her. Kathy was so sexy, she even walked

Lusting After My Landlady 2.

I couldn’t sleep that night after Mrs. Lee left my room. In my mind, the whole sexual experience played out again and again like it was a movie on replay. I couldn’t believe that I had actually achieved my dream of having sex with her, and it all happened within a single day! I couldn’t

Early Morning Necessities

The faint glow of early morning sifted through the heavy drapes of the room. Her eyes popped open in sudden remembrance of her location. Not moving a muscle, a smile spread across her face as she heard his deep, regular breathing. Without turning, she pictured his long frame stretched across the bed. Even as she