Oral and Anal

I’m Terri, named after my father Terrance. He was 62 when I was born, my mother
33; I guess that’s why I find older men so attractive.

It wasn’t until I was 19 or 20 that I first began to realize I wasn’t as
ugly as I had always felt. Throughout grade school and junior high, I was so
gangly and awkward, I felt like a misfit. I would look myself over in the
mirror and I just looked awkward. I was already 5’6+” but 115 lbs and looked
like a string bean. My parents moved to Florida and I was accepted by the
University of Florida at Gainesville.

My sophomore year is when I started to get attention. I was not really that
sexually active — always having been monogomous. After I graduated I
just kicked around in Gainesville, working at a wine-and-cheese shop for
four years. I had primarily two steady boyfriends — not at the same time—
but back and forth every half-year or so. I had a few flings in between but
nothing promiscuous. (For example, a photographer who was shown at the New
York Art Gallery was in Gainesville for a showing. We catered to a party.
He wanted to photograph me — I did some artistic black-and-white and it
seemed so natural to have sex with him.)

Oral and Anal Sex

It was Gavin who coached my cocksucking. I prefer the guy on his back, legs
spread with hhis head propped up— so he can watch me and so I can watch
him. Every man loves his cocked sucked but from what I’ve been told and the
way a guy will bounce his ass on the bed I know I’m good. And I just love
Gavin introduced me to the warm-water blow-job. Just rinse your mouth out
with as hot water as you can stand. Gavin gave me an idea of what it was
like by eating my pussy that way— it felt like a nice warm cock was in
me but there was no cock! Just a warm tonguing and lips licking and sucking
my clit into oblivion. It apparently has the same effect on men.

Jim clued me into playing with his asshole while I was sucking him. It
didn’t take long before I discovered that a finger well-lubed with Albolene
could give a prostate massage. You can really tell the difference in the
amount of semen when you’re pushing on that button. And, of course, it
was my sweet, sexy husband who turned me onto the joys of anal sex. Wow!
I never knew what I was missing!! But am I making up for it!!!

I had had guys poking their fingers into my asshole before while I was
fucking them and it just didn’t feel good. But, I remember the 1st time
with Jim. We had spent a lazy afternnon just screwing our brains out.
Jim jacked off for me (I really like watching guys do that) while I played
with myself. The bed was really wet and sticky. Jim went down on my
pussy for another helping, licked around my thighs, and sucked on my hips
— rtight on those muscles. Wow! Then he rolled me onto my stomach and
started on the backs of my thighs and stroking the cheeks of my ass. Oh,
did that feel heavenly. I felt his tongue trying to reach my pussy (at
least then that’s what I thought he was going after!) and then tracing my
ass, all the while he was giving my ass a nice tickle. I felt him go to
the top of my crack and slurp slow troughs down. Wowie. I felt his nose
buried into me and I could feel his tongue when it reached my asshole. Oh,
it was like an electric shock!! Jim kept licking and kissing away and I
couldn’t help but snake a hand down to my pussy, it all felt so good. I could
feel Jim’s tongue pushing away and I just felt like sugar disolving in boiling
water. Just pure sweet pleasure. I couldn’t believe it! I felt my cheeks
being pulled apart and Jim’s face really pushing his tongue into my asshole.
There was just no description, I couldn’t believe the feelings snaking
up my back. I felt so relaxed— Jim had his lips pressed against my asshole
as it opened to his tongue!! I was grinding back into him I just wanted more
and more. Jim licked me deep and alternated between sucking and blowing
into my anus!! Wowie!! He brought up a finger and started circling my
rosebud, and that tickle went through my stomach and blwe out the top of
my head. It was sort of like the first orgasm, but just continuing. At once
I had a sensation of cold— Jim said don’t worry sweetheart, it’s just
Albolene. I really didn’t feel when his finger entered me, it seemed like
all of a sudden it was way, way into my ass— and the pleasure and the
suprise almost made me faint!! Oh, god, that felt super, super. By this time
I was so relaxed and horney, horney, horney. I didn’t know it (Jim told me
later) but Jim had gently pleasured my asshole open to three fingers and he
began fingerfucking my ass. I really felt like passing out. It was either
a second or a century of intense pleasure later Jim put his left
arm under my hips and started to pull me up on my knees. I knew he was going
to fuck me in the ass and boy did I want him to!! I reached back to fondle
his prick to get it stiff or stiffer and was I in a shock!! I had never
felt him so hard!! And this was after he had fucked me 3 or 4 times and had
jacked off!! I had to scoot over to the corner of the bed… and kneel a
bit more than when I’m going to get it doggie-style. It seemed that Jim
swirled the tip of his cock over and over my asshole for eternity. Oh, I
just needed it! Even though I had never had a cock in my ass before!
Wowie!!! The next thing I knew I had my spine impale my head, I had these
spasms like never before!! My muscles just locked up, I had never felt such
pleasure before. It was pure dyn-o-mite!! Jim would just do long, slow, deep
strokes— I could feel the head of his prick deep inside me and his balls
mushed against my cheeks and then he’d withdraw until the head was locked
against my asshole. My whole body was on fire, like an electric shock.

I don’t remember in the same detail all the times Jim or a guy fucked me in
the ass, but that one was just super!! And adding to it is that it is all
so forbidden!! But I love it. And experimented quite a bit. I’ve finger
fucked myself in the ass as well as in my pussy and I can just imagine the
difference in feel it makes to a guy. Of course, the visual stimulation is
an immense turnon, not to mention the fact— according to Jim— is that a
chick who delights in assfucking is definitely a sexy woman. I can’t imagine
a good session of fucking without doing any anal sex.

We have learned to be squeaky clean before we begin. Nothing kinky about it
but irrigating your bowels before is a must. It is definitely not a turnon
to keep getting up to wash or whatever.


I just love teasing, exposing, exhibiting, turning men on and getting them
appreciative of me. I get really wet when I’m doing that. Perhaps I’m really
shy, but I never do anything blatantly. It’s such a thrill to be ‘accidently’
seen. I agree with Jim that a woman who tries to look sexy or whatever looks
silly, like a man trying to look macho looks like he’s trying to look macho.

All this happened before I discovered the joys of free swinging…

Jim and I had met just days before he was moving to Texas. But, we had
chemistry!! So, he flew me out to Houston so we could drive back up to
Austin. I knew I was in a good mood, and I played with his
crotch and he with my pussy as we drove. I don’t know why, but I undid
my blouse, removed my bra and played with my tits while he drove. The
effect on Jim was enormous!! Jim almost begged me to take off my blouse.
I felt so shy, almost embarrassed, I said people could see… wait till
it gets darker. Actually, oh, did I really want to, but something kept
me back. We talked about the thrills and all that, and that was the first
I had known that really turned Jim on. He — like all men AND women —
are voyeurs and the sneak view is a turn on. To him, the sheer fact that
it’s happening is a turn-on. But, also, to Jim, any interest a woman
expresses in anything to do with sex makes her sexy. So my deliberately
exposing, teasing, ficking, etc. makes me sexy. And that is fine with me!!
Because I just love it. Period.

That drive I actually did go topless, but only when it was dark. I
was trembling the whole time, especially when we passed trucks. But I didn’t
know if that was because they could see me or whether they couldn’t!!

What really got me going was the CB converter Jim has. We have portable
CB’s but the converter just hooks into the radio and monitors stuff, like
channel 19— the truckers channel. No special antenna, and just a monitor,
all you can do is hear. But, what you can hear!! I never knew all the
stuff truckers talked about. And without an antenna, they don’t know that
we are eavesdropping. It is like being a voyeur!!

The 1st real ‘sex’ drive was from Austin to Dallas, the next day. Jim said
there always is a lot of traffic on Mondays and this seemed to be no exception
I guess. We had the monitor on, and more than once when we passed an 18
wheeler did we hear, “checkout the seatcovers”. Also heard something about
“moviestar” and Jim explained that meant really goodlooking chick. Oh. I
felt a little tingle. I was wearing a shift and not really showing any leg.
Jim said, let’s do a little experiment. We passed this one truck, where I had
hiked the shift just over my knees and the radio exploded as we passed. Hey
Red Ball, clean your windows. We passed Red Ball — the truck ahead —
and heard “Thanks buddy, the buffalo got’s a winner.” Buffalo meant Jim.
Anyway, I could feel an excitement, especially around my pussy. Jim let off
the gas and our friends passed us. I pulled my skirt up to my thighs and
spread my legs, reaching over to rub Jim’s crotch. Stiff. Jim sped up to
pass the two. As we got abreast of the 1st one, the monitor fired up. Indeed,
was I inspected and appreciated— a lot of static but I heard something about
legs, legs, legs. I acted just so oblivious as we passed the Red Ball. I
felt Jim’s crotch— his dick was super hard!! And I know I was wet. And Red
Ball reported on how the leggy moviestar had her hand on the buffalo’s dick!!
Oh, I felt so wicked.

We stayed ahead of them. My whole body felt as though it were in a vise. I
didn’t know what had come over me. It was Jim’s suggestion — and did I
like it! — that I tempt their fantasies. Wowie! I put the seat all the way
back and reclined the backrest as far as it would go, sort of like a sun chair
position. The two passed us, Jim waited a while and then here we went. I
heard them say slow down and let them pass us. Ooh! They were watching for
me. I lay back and pulled my skirt up to my panties. The radio almost blew
off the dash!! “I don’t know whether that made my day or ruined it!” There
was a third truck ahead who had picked up on the chatter and he was warned to
watch out for the blue 4-wheeler. As we passed the second truck, I played
with the buttons on my blouse. “Wow, I think she’s goona take her dress off!”
Now, that really got me tingling! Jim said just to keep playing with the
buttons and I could taker off my dress on the next leap frog. Well, it all
felt so good I could help but rub my clit when we pass truck 3— who thanked
the others and reported that the beaver was playing with her beaver. Wow!!

We stayed ahead of them until we hit some slow pokes where the four of us
kind of stacked up to pass. After we did, Jim pulled into the right lane and
our three friends passed us. “Make them pass, but don’t make it obvious” I
heard. Can you imagine that! Here I am trying to subtley let them view
me and they didn’t want to spoil anything!! I snaked my hand into my panties
and gave my clit a nice massage, was I getting horney!! While we were still
behind them Jim told me to take my bra off. I said sure, when were passing
them! (I think Jim liked that.) Well, sure enough, Jim noted that they had
slowed almost imperceptibly, so he moved over to pass them. I unbuttoned one
button for my arm and was snaking the one strap over my other arm when we
slowly passed the first truck. I hadn’t noticed it until I heard it over
the radio that my panties were showing and she’s doing something. Ooh! I
had the other strap off by the time we were even with the second truck and
I heard “I think she’s either taking off her brassiere or giving her tits a
massage.” I had fished it out by the time we passed the third truck and
started to fold it, cup into cup. “With a bra like that it has to be more than
a mouthful.” Oohh!! I would have masturbated right there!! We passed and
kept ahead of them while I got to work on my clit a bit. We heard one of
them say he had to stop at the rest stop coming up for an air check or
something like that. His good buddy’s told him they’d keep him company.
Well, Jim sped up a little bit and turned off into the stop! Said, they
might as well get to see what you really look like.

That gave me an idea. My suitcase was in the back. By the time they had
rolled in, there I was at the tailgate, picking out a pair of shorts and a
halter top. I made sure they got a good full length view of me, as well as
what I was doing. Anyway, they did whatever they had to and then they
pulled out. Jim waited a second and then off we went. It kept me excited
that the first thing we heard on the monitor was what I looked like, and
did ya see what she was doing? Boy, I’d like to see her in that, and Hell,
I’d like to see her not in that.

I put up the seat and kept inspecting the top and shorts. There was no
chatter on the monitor. Jim said they must have switched and then picked
them up on 33 or something. Hmm, said Jim. They must want a privte chat.
I unbuttoned my blouse before we got up to Red Ball, and he must have had a
telescope because he said it looked like I was going to take off my blouse!
Which I was going to do! I pulled out my blouse and set my breasts free.
Oohh, did that feel good. As we pulled alongside Red Ball we heard “You
guys ain’t gonna believe this!!” “Oh, is that sweet thing BE-YOU-tiful!!”
Oohh. I was just trembling from the excitement. I felt like a zombie
except every part of me was tingling. As we passed alongside the second truck
I heard “It’s kinda hard driving with one hand.” I hope I was making it
harder for him because I was “struggling” out of my blouse. “I’m in heaven”
“Naw, they don’t have tits like that in heaven.” Jim really took his time
in passing. I now was naked to my belly button. That’s what we heard!!
By the time we pulled alongside truck 3, I was busy trying to get a knot out
of my halter top. Not really, I just wanted to give him a nice view of my
breasts, which were tingling just like my whole body was and my pussy in
particular!! After we passed them I could help but get my hand into Jim’s
crotch, which must have had two dicks in there!!

We finished the leap frog and the monitor was just blasting— “Do you think
she’s gonna take off her skirt?” “What do you think her pussy looks like?”
I was just dripping wet.

We caught up with them and undid the zipper and popped the button off. And
then I started to slink out of my skirt. Red Ball really enjoyed the view!!
“Oh, is she gorgeous!!” and a whole bunch of stuff. I had my skirt down to my
knees by the time we passed the second one and completely free by the time we
we were passing the lead truck. I folded my skirt but kept my legs apart so he
could get an eyeball-ful of my panties. I hadn’t noticed but it came over the
monitor that Jim had set his prick free and was fondling it!! “Hell, he’s got
a better view than we do!!” “I think I’ll do the same!!” Wowie. There was
a little bit of traffic so we ping-ponged alongside. I asked Jim if he thought
they’d like me to remove my panties— I was just teasing him. Anyway, I
hooked the elastic and slowly rolled my panties, bouncing a bit to get them
free and the seat felt good on my ass. I had to resist the urge to play with
myself. “Oh, my God! She is stark naked and what a pussy!” I could have cum
right there!!

I put the seat back again and just stretched out. It felt so good to be naked
with my secret voyeurs oogling my body. Jim was so turned on I just had to
jack him off. Wowie, did he squirt!! And I just had to rub my clit! It felt
like the first time my boy friend went down on me. I just couldn’t believe
the waves of pleasure I was feeling.

There was another truck ahead… Jim switched back to 19. Sure enough. The
word got out to watch the movie star in the blue wagon. She is as gorgeous
as she is naked. Wowie. Jim pulled along side and I could feel like X-ray
eyes on me. I kept my had busy on my clit and he


Oh, do I love being an exhibitionist! I think that goes back to when I was an
ugly duckling. I just needed assurance. One time Jim and I took off for a
weekend in Houston. Took off Friday morning to check into the Marriot and
shopping at the Galeria. Shopping always always turns me on and there was
Fredericks at the mall. Well, I’m not into whore clothes or anything like
like that. I like dreesing chicly— it’s the attitude projected that makes
thing sexy. But, there was this pair of panty hose that was not just crotchless
but more like a garter belt with stockings. Just a band above my hips and ass
and flowing down the sides to regular hose— all one piece. I must admit I
had fantasies looking at my self in the mirror— I just Jim could have been
with me in the dressing room, what with checking myself out in the mirror—
and giving my clit a few rubs! I mean I reall started to get a nice glow.
So I tucked my half-slip, pantyhose, pantis and bra into my bag, put on those
yummy pantyhose, put back on my blouse and white pleated skirt. I had on
button earrings and I think I looked pretty good. With the pumps I had the
hem was tastefully just over the knee. When I got out Jim sensed there was
something different… I showed him my slip and bra in my bag and I could see
a slight bulge growing in his crotch area. Oh, did I feel like flashing, I
mean I was wet and getting wetter. Anyway, we pay for the purchase and reenter
the mall area. I’ve gone pantyless many times but this had a thrilling element
of wickedness. I always get a good share of attention from guys— I like
being looked at and lusted after and being responsible for ‘involuntary’
erections— and every good looking guy there I was giving mental telepathy
to: ‘hey, I’m like naked under this skirt’.

We looked at a few more shops when inside Dillards (of all places) there was
this hubba shoe salesman. I asked Jim if we wanted to have fun. Jim is ALWAYS
ready. So I waited until he was free and I idled over to inspect the displays.
The cute one came over and asked if he could help me, ma’am. Jim had busied
himself perusing the nearby jewelry—giving me these lecherous looks. I said
I was looking for something in a pump, maybe onionskin, Robert. (His name was
on his Dillard’s badge.) His ears were red and I could feel that I had already
turned him on. What size? Well, I’m not really sure. Would you have a seat?
I followed him and hitched a little of my skirt under my belt. Robert was
sliding over the foot stool as I placed my bags on the next chair and twirled
to sit down. I’ve practiced these moves before, in front of the mirror, with
Jim coaching, and can do them innocently and naturally. From making sure just
enough of my breats are exposed, or a nipple can be eyeballed, or the back of
my thighs show, or my crotch is ‘accidently’ exposed. (I’ve talked with
several other girls: we don’t do anything accidently.) As I sat, I placed
my hands on either side and pulled my skirt up over my ass. Wowie!! Did that
leather feel cool!! The seat was slanted back and I sat all the way back with
my legs straight on the floor. Being 5’7 made it no problem. I kept my
knees together, and my skirt was an inch or two above my knees. I got Jim’s
attention, he was nodding in approval. He just loves when I get to do my thing
which just adds to my excitement.

Anyway, Robert has the footsizer ready and of course I didn’t make any move
to remove my shoe. And of course after that brief instant he cupped my right
calf to lift and began to remove my shoe. I kept my toes locked a bit to make
it difficult, he got the shoe removed. I took off my sunglasses and scooted
forward on the chair— to increase the angle of my thighs. Robert slid the
footsize under and moved the gizmos, saying 71/2. I told him it problem should
be an 8, my left one is larger. With that I raised slightly my leftfoot, for
him to take off the left shoe. With that, I parted my knees quite naturally.
Since I had my skirt tugged in around me it didn’t drape down. (I’ve worked
on all kinds to maneuvers, like how to pull down my skirt for modesty— and
attention!— only to have it creep up more, etc.) Any way, Robert checks
and sure enough like an 8 on my left. (Of course! I had pressed down really
hard and although my left foot is a tad larger, certainly not even a quarter
size.) So off goes Robert. He had on pleated pants and I thought I could
make out a slight bulge. I glanced at Jim who had kept tastefully busy; he
had a knowing smile.

Robert came back with 6 boxes, but not until I managed to get my skirt 4 or
5 inches above my knee. I had no doubt— since I’ve rehearsed this before—
that the 45 degree angle or so my legs were at, and with the cheeks of my ass on
the end of the chair that I could arrange a nice teasing view for Robert.
I had my knees together so I could spread them for attention. Robert opened
all the boxes and said he had both sizes.

Robert straddled the stool and placed my right foot onto the tread, then gently
fit the right shoe on. Wowie. With my left foot planted flat on the floor and
my right leg really raised, I just slowly parted my knees. From the way
Robert suddenly went silent I knew he had copped a look. I was cautious—
when I give a private showing I don’t like others gawking (well, that depends,
but you know what I mean!!). I put my right foot down and we repeated the
process with the left shoe except I had subtlely tucked my skirt more to keep
it taut. Robert seemed to carress my left calf on that one. I asked him have
it looked, deliberately not saying ‘they’. Robert fired back with “I think
that’s you, miss.” Oh, I could feel pussy juice.

Well, I got up and let my skirt drape naturally — shopping for shoes still
turns me on!! I walked over to the floor mirror, Robert watching approvingly
and gave another customer some more service. I made sure my pleated skirt
twirled and I carefully inspected the shoes, keeping my calves as taut as
possible. I walked back and sat down. It seemed like Jim was trying to
supress a laugh. Oh, I felt wicked.

Robert came back and asked how they were. I told him I was going to take them
but, being a woman I simply had to try on the others, to avoid disgrace.
Robert had a natural chuckle on that one. He straddled the stool again and
put his hands around both shoes, bending down as he did. Well, what could I
do?? I slowly wiggled my right foot free and up and slowly rested it onto the
angled tread and then slowly lifted out of the left one a little higher and
held it a brief instant more before bringing it down. I could see the outline
of an erection down his pantleg!! He asked how the size was (not how they
“feel”— we were really playing at double meanings!! I think I wet some
more— I wish I could have been flitting my clit!!). His head was right at
my knees. I told him I thought it (not “they”) would be pleasantly snug.
(By this time his prick was stiff down his pantleg!!)

Robert unboxed another pair and showed it to me. I said, I at least have
to try it on, don’t I? This time I put my right foot on the stool for Robert
to fit the shoe on. I kept my knees apart and my skirt taut. Robert had
a bee-line shot at my pussy, no doubt about that. I took time to wiggle
my foot in, then I swung my foot off and lifter my left leg. As I did this
I spread my legs further. Robert took more time on that one. I told him
“It’s bigger, that’s why you’re having so much difficulty!!”

So, that little episode is one of many. I think I’ve made quite a few men


I had sent three of my former boyfriends neat photos Jim had taken of me. In
particular — since it was Valentine’s Day— Jim had body-painted a heart
around my ass pointing up. Of course, I wasn’t in that position when he took
the shots! And oh was that difficult, curling up that way without getting any
paint on the bed. We took two series. The 1st normal. For the second, Jim
lubed up my asshole and used a dildo on it, to make it look like I had just
had a cock up my rear. (He had said he wished he hadn’t painted me first.
Then he could fuck my ass into the right shape. Oh, was I agreeing with him!)
I stuggled back into position and Jim adjusted the floods, to catch a sheen
around my rosebud. After 6 shots or so, Jim said Terri don’t move yet. Then
he briefly left and the next thing I feel is something cool flowing onto my
asshole! (And I’m not supposed to move?) Jim had filled my hole with liquid
soap and I could feel a streak dripping down my crack. Anyway, with that
Jim finished the series. When we got the prints back, wow! It was only to Gav
that I sent that last set, together with a nice letter. And we stayed in con-
tact with each other, we’re in Txas and Gavin still in Florida. A number of
times I gave Gavin a jack-off call, usually with Jim eating my pussy, and
describe every single thing to Gavin. Occasionally Gavin would give me a
call, but it just wasn’t that exciting without Jim participating. And I’d
send Gavin some action shots. (He and I had done nudes when we were together
but not even softcore.)

Anyway, one fine August the word from Gavin is that he’s going to LA, is it
ok if he visited. Oh, the fantasies I had!!


One sunny Thursday Jim came home late afternoon and I virtually raped him.
I had strewn my clothes across the livingroom floor and got on my spead kness
on the couch. (Not the whole time, but I was ready!!) Jim walks in, I hear
some shuffling, I hear him come into the living room and without saying a
word I could hear his zipper come down, a button snap, and next thing I knew
that splendid prick of his was rubbing against my pussy and pushing in! Wow.
After Jim fucked me I pulled him down onto the couch and almost swallowed his
cock, limp and sticky and sweet. I kept that up and got him hard again in
almost no time and jacked him off into my mouth. After Jim cooled down his
very first words were “OK Terri, who’d you meet today?”

Well, I had been at the pool the afternoon and this hulk showed up to do
laps. I hadn’t seen him before, but did he have georgeuos body and what
a chest and cute ass. I had given him all kinds of good views— every so
often I’d take a little dip to cool off. Bullshit. That was to give my clit
a little attention, get my nipples erect, and pull my bikini into my crack.
And then “struggle” to get out the pull back to my sunchair. But he just
kept to himself and I don’t think he even saw me. Oh, did that make me
horney. And that’s why I was so ready for Jim.

The next Thursday afternoon Jim and I spent a few hours at the pool. Who
shows up? Hunk. Ooh. Watching that body just gave me the thrills. I
repeated all the moves I had made the previous week. Jim said he couldn’t
detect any interest on hunk’s part, who just seemed so aloof. Anyway, Jim
is the extra-extrovert and engages in a conversation with hunk… I was laying
flat down on my sunchair, x-raying every chest hair. Jim comes back, sez the
guy’s name is Greg. He doesn’t live in the complex, lifts weights, swims for
exersize, and works for the ***** newspaper. Why he was so ‘aloof’ was simply
that he was really trespassing and just didn’t want to cause any trouble.
Oh, he was causing me trouble! I told Jim I really just had to fuck Greg.
We sauntered past Greg’s spot (he had been sitting on the shallow end of the
pool— the better chairs are at the diving end), Jim introduced me (oh!) but
Greg was obviously getting ready to leave (a little paranoid about not being
a resident, no doubt). Needless to say, when Jim and I got back, I fucked his
brains out and my ass off— with my own fantasies.

The next Thursday I got all ready. Satin sheets on the bed, coolers, the whole
works (especially when my holes needed some working on.) I had bought a pair
of white crochetted bikinis— identical. Jim asked why? Why identical, that
is? When he saw me model them he knew. I had snipped out all the linings from
the second pair. Jim really liked that! Not only what he was seeing but what
was going through my head! Out to the pool. With the protected bikini.

And I wait. And wait. Wait. Oh. I was so frustrated when Jim came home.
I really wanted a fantastic one-on-one with Greg. Tsk.

The next Thursday I had to work. Jim gives me a call. Sez Greg is over,
they’re sipping beers, Jim told Greg that I wanted to fuck him, and that Greg
didn’t believe it. Would I like to talk with Greg? Greg goes on the phone
and I tell him (and you can imagine the shock I was in) yes Greg, I really
told my husband that. Oohh. Wowies. When I got home that night, Jim filled
me in on what had happened. Greg had shown up sort of like the usual time,
Jim was working at the pool, cooler intact. Jim started chatting with Greg,
whole bunch of topics, etc., offered beer and munchies, and they had mentalk.
Greg didn’t know that Jim and I were married or even paired. Greg told Jim
that that was one hell of a chick that frequents the pool. (ME!!) Turned
out he was so discreet not even Jim caught on that Greg was really oogling
me. Well, Jim — ever so out going — let on that we were married, had an
open relationship, etc., etc., and that I had told Jim that I wanted to
fuck Greg. Greg hadn’t believed it, after all, Jim and I are not the average
couple, you might say. So Jim invited Greg up for a beer. And proceeds to
offer for Greg’s perusal some of our albums. Now, that got Greg’s attention!!
And that’s how that call to me originated.

Damn. Listening to Jim relate the events got me so horney again I had to
r**e him repeatedly.

Next Thursday. Now this is FOUR weeks after I had seen Greg. Jim and are
at the pool. Prepared. Greg shows up!! We’re at the deep end as usual and
Greg takes his place at the shallow, just as usual. Greg took his laps and
went back to his chair. I slipped into the pool, did my routine— oh did my
clit have butterflies!!— and struglled out. This time, Jim said, yep, Greg
has you targeted. Jim Laps and all that.

So we walked back to our apartment. Jim in the lead, me next, and Greg
following. (All according to plan. Gave Greg more security and a better view
of my bikinied ass— I was so glad I had taken the time to switch to the
unlined one! And up the stairs. Into the living room and we just lay back
and chat. Jim popped a few beers and we chatted. And chatted. Whatever
shyness Greg had displayed was dissolved— he was just protecting himself.
Jim again brought up swinging, threesomes, etc. I don’t think Greg really
believed us nor his luck. I fetched an album that Jim said he hadn’t shown

So, we are in the bedroom, Greg and I side by side from Jim. Jim said, hey
for starters, why not take off each others’ suits? Wow. I undid my top which
just fell away and then started on Greg’s trunks. |He rolled done my bikini
bottom. Oh. Did he have a gorgeous cock. Fat, not yet stick. We kissed and
embraced and I got one hand around Greg’s prick while he immediately went for
my pussy. Jim rolled away his trunks, his dick just at perfect attention.
Said why don’t we get horizontal. So we gropped onto the bed, Greg on my right
and Jim on my left. Jim started right on my nipples— leaving the best
goodies for our guest. Greg’s cock really swelled with all the pumping I was
doing on it. And nice scumptious balls, too! It was just heaven. I just lay
there with my legs spread with Greg getting his fingers wetter and wetter
in my pussy and a lot of kissing with Greg while Jim was really making my
nipples make me feel good. I had a good feel of both their cocks.

Bless sweet Jim. I don’t know how he sensed it, but he got up to get a cooler
and I slid around to the end of the bed to start on Greg’s cock. Greg lay back
but I made sure he could not just feel what I was doing but see it also. His
cock was so fat and stiff. I got both hands busy on Greg’s cock and balls
and gave that fat tip a good licking and kissing while I watched Greg watch-
ing me. And then I started some really serious sucking on his prick. I
tickled his ass, for sure. I tugged at Greg’s ankles to have him shift down
the bed, then I swung around and lay scissored next to him, keeping my lips,
tongue, and mouth on his cock. Oh, I was so wet!! Greg ran his hands on my
leg, and when I rocked my ass back and forth started the frenzy on my cheeks.
I lifted my left leg really really high over Greg to swing hit over him. I
took my time to let him savor my pussy and ass as I did it. He got the idea!
As I lay on top of him he jousted for position to get to my pussy. I lifted
and knleat over Greg’s head— I told him to stuff a few pillows under his
head. Then he and I settled into some serious 69. Greg had such a strong
tongue and I know I was just leaking buckets of pussy juice. That fat
cock of his was just super stiff!!

Jim had come to the foot of the bed, watching me suck Greg’s cock and giving
himself a slow jack with one hand and caressing my ear with his other. I
made sure Jim could see the prick in my mouth. I’d take as much of that fat
cock in as far as possible, really tighten my lips in a circle around it, and
slowly pull Greg’s dick out, keeping my lips as tight as possible. And keep
them in a tight circle as I “f****d” his prick back in. I could tell that
Greg liked that by the way he was thrusting up. And I could tell that Jim
liked that by the way his prick seemed to swell in his hand. I’ve seen from
the videos we made what it looks like when I get a cock going into my
asshole and had practiced without Jim’s knowledge with a dildo in my mouth
in front of the mirror. Jim raised his eyebrows a bit— I know that look,
it was asking if it was time for Albolene. Well, what I really wanted to
get Greg’s prick into me.

I raised up off of Greg’s cock (though I kept a nice firm slow jack on it)
and sat my pussy firm onto Greg’s mouth. Then I waddled on my knees of
his mouth and down onto his hips, raising up to clear his cock. Greg caught
on and put his hands on my hips. I turned back to him, my face wet, and
Greg’s mouth sloshed. There had been only heavy breathing and it was Greg
who said the first words in a long time “Terri, boy are you sweet-tasting”.
I smiled back and told him he was really good at laps. With that I took
Greg’s hand, moved it to his cock, and them placed my hand over it. And
then, holding his hand which was holding his cock, I started to tease my
pussy with the tip. Then I started to open my pussy with the head of his
cock. Greg’s hipping started some involuntary jerks so I pulled his hand
from his cock and said I think I can handle this. It took enough some in
and out strokes but I finally got enough of his prick inside to do some
riding on him. Nice and slow. Greg, who was watching my ass going up and
down and his glistening prick gliding in and out said I was the sexiest
woman he ever saw. I told him I had wanted to fuck him the minute I saw
him and it took 4 weeks to get it.

I had been fondling Jim’s balls and he stroking my nipples when I motioned
him over to the side of the bed. Greg and I were positioned on the
right side of the bed, almost the edge so it was no problem for me to
twist to him and take his cock into my mouth. Greg kept his hands on
my hips and ass so I had both arms free. I did the same thing to Jim’s
cock as I had to Greg’s, a nice tight “O” on it, full-dynamic length. I’d
look up at Jim — whose balls must have been bursting— and I could look back
at Greg, who was really interested in the view. Greg started spasms of some
sort and was saying that he was having trouble holding back. I giggled,
said no problem. With that I unsucked Jim’s cock, rolled off Greg slowly,
and onto my back along side Greg. Greg rolled toward me and got between my
legs, which I had spread open for him.

I asked Greg to pull over the pillows and put them under my ass. Then I lifted
up my legs and put them over Gregs shoulders. Wow, Greg put that fat cock
of his back into my pussy, and he started to fuck me. And fuck me. I pinched
his nipples and I think he really liked that. When he came he really plowed
into me and I could feel his sperm flowing in!! Oh, needless to say, I hadn’t
counted the number of orgasms I had. Anyway, I’m glad Greg waited until he
was fucking me before coming— if he had done that while I was sucking his
prick I think I would have choked. After the urgencies had cooled down a bit,
I lay back with Greg on my side, stroking his cock which was sticky, sticky,
sticky. I felt it stiffen a bit so I snuggled down again between his legs
to give him another blow job. But, I put my ass in the air and Jim got the
message. His dick must have been red hot and his balls blue. Jim slipped
his sweet cock into me and started quick deep strokes which I matched on
Greg’s cock. While Greg’s cock wasn’t limp, it wasn’t getting stiff, at least
not the way my ego likes it!

While Jim was still rocking me from behind, I took my mouth from Greg’s cock,
lifted up to my elbows, and —with Greg’s cock still in my hand— asked
Greg if he would mind doing us a little favor. What? I turned back to Jim
and asked him — with that smile so he knew what was going on— if he would
mind if Greg took some pix of us. Well, sure. Then he asked Greg if he would
mind taking some polaroids of us?? While still fucking me. I could feel a
little excitement in Greg’s cock. Greg mumbled an affirmative— I’m sure
he was still in disbelief from what we had been doing the last hour and a half.
I asked Jim where the SX was, Jim says I think under the night stand on the
other side. (Of course, we both knew where it was!!). I let Gre of Gregs
cock but fondle his balls and around to his ass as he got up to fetch the

Greg got the camera and came around to thr right side of the bed. I’m on
my knees, ass up high, back arched and resteing my head on my hands looking
back. I could tell Greg’s cock was stirring again. Working at the newspaper
he was no slouch with the camera. Jim was giving me long slow strokes for
maximum visual effect. (Oh! I didn’t mind what my pussy and clit were
feeling like either!!). Jim had put his hand on my cheeks and I could feel
them spread with each thrust of Jim’s cock. And I started to pulse my
asshole to match the rhythm. And put a hand back to my clit. Jim started
tickling my asshole and I pushed back against his fingers when he pressed
it. Jim said, just a second, Terri, don’t go away. Went to the nightside
on his side of the bed and fetched the jar of Albolene. Greg asked if we
were going to do what it looked like? I asked what did it look like? Well,
you guys are really something, Jim going to fuck you in the ass!! (He
had his hand around his cock, which was definitely getting some more b***d.)
I said I hope so!!

Anyway. Jim started with tonguing my asshole— I was making sure Greg had
some shots of that. Then, and I gues Jim was in a hurry, Jim put a generous
helping of Albolene on my rosebud and started working his finger in. I asked
Greg if he like what he was seeing!! Oops, last picture. No problem, more in
the nightstand drawer. By this time that fat cock was getting fatter!! Jim
just kept on working his finger in until Greg slapped in the next pack. And
then I felt Jim’s prick like a rocket— I let out an ung or two, but that
fire just got me again. Whole body electrified. I gave my clit some relief
and reached under to play with Jim’s balls. (Later, the polaroids showed me
what it looked like to Jim and Greg! From that delicious tip at my asshole
to his balls scrunched against my ass with his cock deep in my rectum.) Jim
got really busy— I could keep the rhythm and then errupted. The way I had
felt Greg fill my pussy with sperm, I could feel Jim’s warm sperm blowing into
my ass. (From the pictures that must a been a b***d-burning sight. You could
tell the before and during pictures of Jim cock at my asshole. The during—
when he was using full-length strokes— should a perfect pink rosebud, opened
in an O, the size of his cock and just waiting to get penetrated again!!)

Greg, who hadn’t been that wordy during our session said that he really loved
greek, that I had a fantastic ass (I know I do!), that he had never been in
a trheesome like this, had never been taking pictures, etc. Jim, who had been
still fucking me after he had come asked Greg if he would like to fuck “my
wife” in her ass? And disappointed me (?!) by withdrawing. But, he said Greg
get a shot of this and I could feel his hands spread my cheeks wide. THAT
picture showed cum and shiney stuff just drooling from my asshole, not down
my legs but a hanging drip straight down. Greg’s cock as fat as it was was now
straight out. I reahed back and cupped Greg byhis balls, which where kind of
like walnuts since they had fed so much skin to his cock. Keep the camera and
get behind me. I let go and then reached back through my legs to put Greg’s
prick to my asshole. He was stiffer than before he fucked me the first time.
I heard the whiz of the camera as I felt his prick against me. I asked Jim if
he would help? Sure— and Greg said sure. So Jim grasped Gregs cock, I had
his balls, and pushed back as Greg’s cock made it past my sphincter. I’ve had
bigger cocks before but just the same I’m glad I got fucked in the ass by Jim
BEFORE Greg was going to. Another click-whrrr. (That picture also was
inspired, but what was more exciting was the situation. Here’s a stunning,
sexy woman, on her knees, with a guy photographing her hasband greek her.
Then, here is that just-fucked rosebud, the husband forcing the guy’s prick
into his wife’s asshole with the wife assisting the guy’s nuts while the
guy is photographing the action!! Wowie!!)

Anyway, Greg had given the camera to Jim and had me by the hips as he finally
got his cock deep inside. Greg was not not as shy as he had been, saying
oh did he love this, my pussy was phenomenal but my ass was heavenly, did
he love assfucking!! By now I had turned my head so I couldsee the action
from the wall mirros on my side of the bed. I could reach back under Greg’s
balls and feel the base of that mighty cock, sort of like the roots of a mighty
oak. Actually, Greg helped by shifting and spreading his stance slightly. So
I took some swipes of Albolene (and Jim’s sperm) which was leaking around the
tight fit back there, and reached back further until I reached Greg’s asshole.
When I only just touched it I could feel his cock surge in appreciation. Greg
said he really liked that, you guys are fantastic!! And he buried his cock
deep in my ass— which I loved— so I could rub his asshole with my finger.
Greg said ooh that feels good. My asshole? Sure, but your finger in my ass.
(Jim had taken a picture from straight behind and under Greg!!) I told Greg
that I was the lucky one, I had his cock in my ass. (I was being bold!!)

I don’t know why but I could feel Greg’s cock get stiffer and he increased
the speed of thrusting and he was doing full strokes!! I could feel his
deep in my rectum, in my toes and up my spine. I could keep my hand on
his asshole or balls but even so I had to get it onto my clit. Jim had put
down the camera and was just watching Greg plowing (literallY!) into my
ass. Oh yummie!! I was having lots of little oes. Greg then went furious
and took over my thrusting with his powerful hands and arms in complete control
of my hips and ass. It felt as though he had stopped impaling me and instead
was using my ass to jack himself off!! When he came he almost knocked me off
my knees, but he sure went deep!!

After the tremors had subsided Greg slowly removed his cock and from the way
it felt when the head of his prick withdrew from my asshole, it seemed he was
still swollen. (I’ve noticed this before. Men get so turned on by ass fucking
— or at least by fucking me in the ass— that they stay excited. Indeed,
and especially with Jim, I’ve been ass-fucked only to have the same stiff
cock go back into my asshole and fuck me a second time!! Oh,oh, does that
make me happy.) Jim snapped off that picture. (Saw it later. Massive fat
cock two inches or so from my open asshole, my ass and his cock shiney from
the Albolene and a thick strand of semen hanging from the tip of his prick
and draping into my rosebud. There was no doubt at all in the picture what
had just transpired!!) I rolled over onto my back. Greg was standing right
there at the foot of the bed, breathing heavy, his hand on his swollen but
not stiff fat cock. Greg was saying like Terri you have one hell of an ass.
I told him I’m glad you like it, would you like to see me cum, ’cause I’m
going to masturbate right now. I drew my legs back, spread them openinto
a V, put both my hands onto my pussy and went to work. Oh, did that feel
good!! I tried to keep direct eye contact with Greg, but did I feel a Big
O starting to grab me. I can’t write what sounds I was making but all three of
us knew when I went into oblivion. Oh. Now, I was the one out of breath.

When I could see again, Greg was still in place, slowing pumping his cock
while Jim was kneeling at the foot of the bed. I hadn’t known it, but I
was so into working on my pussy in front of Greg that I didn’t notice that
Jim had gone down and had slipped a finger into my asshole and was matching
what I was doing, stroke for stroke. No wonder that was such a pow!! It
had excited Jim ; his dick was a ramrod. Anyway, there was still Greg
the hunk there. I got the towel off the night stand and moved over to wipe
off some of the Albolene from Greg’s cock. I kept at it, alternately with
the towel and my tongue, checking it out with a good mouthful of cock. I
tugged at his cock, pulling him onto the bed and then had him get on his
back. I spread his legs, got a dollop of Albolene from the jar, and went
to gently work on his asshole. I think his cock liked what I was doing!!

I had his fat stiff cock in one hand and I was giving his ass a nice slow
deep finger fuck. Boy, was he having spasms. I kept my lips around his
cock and began to jack that sucker, until I had a good rhythm matching his
cock and my finger in him. He was really giving out gasps and all that
and I could tell he was just ready to cum. And so I really went deep into
his ass, touching his prostate, speeding up the jacking, with my mouth wide
open at the tip of his cock.

Wowie!! Did he bounce on the bed!! He didn’t shoot quarts or pints but
wowies did his jism SHOOT out!! No oozing, no dribble, just slam dunks.
I didn’t even have to, but I licked and sucked on his cock till there for
sure wasn’t anything left. I corkscrewed my finger out of his ass.

I felt Jim pulling back on my hips and rocking slightly. Greg was on the
rightside of the bed and Jim positioned me diagonal toward the left foot.
Then he rolled me over. Yes, his cock looked like it was ready to burst.
Anyway, and we have done this some many delicious times, Jim crawled onto
the bed and swung over me and then was kneeling over my face— sort of
the 69 position. I spread my legs to make room for his head. At the same
time, laying flat on my back, head toward Greg and legs going to the opposite
foot of the bed, I used my hand to get Jim’s cock to my lips. I asked Greg if
he had a good view, ’cause Jim was going to fuck me in the mouth. Greg said
do you mind if I watch? I said I would mind if he didn’t!!

Well, Jim spread his legs over me enough to get his prick into me and I could
feel him bury his head between my legs and gently start tonguing my pussy lips
and clit. And slowly did he start pumping his cock into my mouth, his balls
in my face. I reached over the right cheek of his ass and started massaging
his asshole— Greg’s eyes were not a foot away. And with my left arm I was
able to reach down and start stroking Greg’s cock. Greg put his hand over mine
and started a slow jack, guiding my hand. And Jim picked up the pace in
fucking my mouth, especially when I got my finger well into his asshole.
It really didn’t take Jim long after that, I could feel his starting to cum
which I blocked with my tongue to give him an extra kick. Greg started moving
my hand faster and applying pressure. It took longer this time, but he
flinched a few times and I felt just a little fluid come out.

Whew!! Jim rolled over and turned around and the three of us just lay side
by side. Jim and Greg gently would brush my pussy or tweak my nipples and
I had a cock in either hand.

Well, the pictures and experience were fantastic. We told Greg he was welcome
anytime, if he wanted to bring somebody else that’s fine. If he just wanted
an afternoon with me that was fine, if he wanted an afternoon with just Jim
better check with Jim first!

You know, Greg never again came by or even called. ??

A pleasant day

Did we have a great time this week end. The weather finally was OK and
Jim and I were at the pool. Hot and sunny and sweaty. Jim would brush
my thighs and tease me. Jim says don’t look now, but your “friends” are
back. Friends? A couple of days ago we were out and these two gorgeous
hunks were here. Both tall and brown hair and such tempting looking
crotches. Jim knew I wanted to fuck both of them into oblivion. Hmmm.
I was laying on my stomach but I turned my head to take a squint and
sure enough, there they are! And I could tell that they were
eye-balling me. Well, I couldn`t disappoint them! I lifted up a
little to reach for my drink. Not really, I just wanted to flash a
little tit. I could feel their eyes x-raying my every move.
Ooh, did that feel good. I would have given anything to flip over and
start on my clit.

Jim asked if I wanted to “play”… our little way of getting something
going. Hell, I was getting this incredible itch that needed some
scratching. I took my time “struggling” to tie my bikini top— I’m
sure the hulks were really thinking about the freebies they were getting,
and if they only knew!! (Jim didn’t help matters by having his prick
peeking out of his suit, that just made me hornier.) Anyway, I got up
and told Jim just a second. I quickly slithered into the pool, not to
cool off but to get my bikini as see-through as possible and pull the
bottom as far into my ass as it would go. The water was cold and it
hardened my nipples a little, which was a fringe benefit. (I was ready
to do some ‘hard-oning’ myself!) I took my time getting out of the
pool, I knew my ass would get their attention. Jim chuckled saying it
looks as though I was giving them a hard time. And off I went to the
condo. I took the long way so I’d have to walk past them, giving them
plenty of time to check me out from the front and from the rear. Wow,
they looked even better close-up, and the one had a nice, fat bulge in
his crotch area. The one spoke out a nice friendly ‘hi’ and I smiled a
hi back. (Actually, I wanted to say ‘Do you guys want to fuck me?’, but
I kept back the words.) I did manage after I passed them to tangle one
of my clogs. Of course, I took my time bending over to straighten it
out. (Jim told me later that when I did that trick the two of them just
looked at each other smiling with their good luck.)

Well, back in the condo and I got the camera, some more coolers, and I
tossed in a tube of AlboJime. (Not that I thought I’d get to use it at
the pool, but it makes for interesting conversation.) I considered
putting in the ben wa balls, but, I was already so wet I knew I
would push them out. I did rub a wine cooler against my nipples, and
got them chewable and definitely visible. I tightened my top to make
sure they were sticking out and back to the pool.

I took the same route back and I think they appreciated it. Both of
them had nice bulges and a laid back look. (Oh, what I would
have given to have been laid on my back right there!!) The one asked me
if my shoes were feeling better. I chuckled and said yes thank you.

Anyway, . I got back to Jim and he said what do you got? I said
do you want to take some shots of me? Tee-hee. So, I posed by the
pool, on the lawn chair, while Jim was clicking. I stood at the edge of
the pool, with my ass facing the hulks, and Jim snapped a few. He said,
Terri, take off your top. Wowie, . I took my time untying it and
held it up while Jim photographed me, just dangling the bikini top with
my left hand. With my back to them and my top in my hand they knew
perfectly well what the view was that Jim had. Oh, I just love
teasing like that. Jim was saying in a low voice, Terri, you have some
admirers. I tied my top on, real slow, but made sure that my admirers
didn’t get a straight view. Jim wasn’t helping; his prick was
straight arrow through his suit, that nice hooded tip just needing to get
my lips around it.

Jim said, Terri, let’s pick up the pace a little bit. Oh? With that,
we walked over to those gorgeous hulks. Jim introduced us. Dave and
Tom were just visiting from New York. Jim asked if they would mind
helping out on a few shots. Helping out?? The sooner I could
have both their cocks the better. And, I think they both were
interested in fucking me. Anyway, Jim asked if they could do a pyramid
with me on top. Pyramid, hell. I wanted to 69 them both! Anyway, we
got into the pool and I just had to rub against both of them. God, did
Dave have a raging hardon, ! I got behind them and started to
climb on. Boy, did I rub against them. I’m glad I didn’t have the ben
wa balls in my pussy, I would have blown them out for sure! I was
covered with oil and kept slipping. Boy was that fun climbing on them.
Dave had really powerful hands and helped me onto their shoulders. Jim
clicked off the camera and asked if iI could stand on their heads. With
both Dave and Tom helping (did I say ‘helping’, ! Tom was helping
himself to a nice, stoJim feelie of my ass. God, ! I tightened my
buttocks— just to let him know I felt his hand on my cheeks— and he
gave it a nice slow squeeze!) I finally got up there. Jim was clicking
away and said, Terri, wave the flag. Oh, that made my clit rise. I
felt so horney it didn’t take but a second for me to undo my top and
hold it like a flag. I asked them not to look— actually I wanted
to make sure they knew what I was doing! Anyway, after two pictures,
with my top still waving I “slipped” off. And when I hit, my nipples
went even rock harder. Everybody was laughing. I asked Tom if he would
help me and I turned my back to him so he could tie my top. And I
pushed my ass into his crotch. Did he have an erection!!

Anyway, we get out of the pool and offer them coolers. And strike up an
interesting conversation. Photography came up. Dave took a shot of Jim
and me and Jim suggested a couple of poses with Dave and Tom. There
still was only the four of us out and Jim asked if they would mind my
posing with them but topless! Boy, were they cool. Nooo
problem. So, I took turns sitting on their laps. (Laps, hell,
only two layers of cloth kept their pricks from me!!) And then the three
of us standing. I got to feel both their cute asses, and I think they got
the hint! I took my time putting my top back on but I know they were just
feasting on my nipples. Oh, were they erect!!

Well, Jim asked if anyone liked dacquiris. (That is our special code
for Terri, do you want to play bigtime?) Sure. So we invite to our
place. I led the way— I had really scrunched up my bikini to show ass
to these hulks. And I think they were liking what they were
fantasizing. We get in, Jim goes into the kitchen to stir up dacquiris,
and I take them into the den. A lot of small talk. I say I just have
to get the chlorine off, excuse me. Oh, did they want a quick rinse.
Well, sure. With that, dacquiris in hand, the four of us went to the
master shower. I removed my bikini in front of them, as though it were
the most natural thing to do and I bent over from the hips to unsling my
clogs. Dave said “Terri, you sure have a pair of nice looking shoes.”
They both had a little trouble peeling off their suits. And, no
wonder!! What gorgeous pricks they had! Dave’s was straight out and
Tom’s was up in the air. Anyway, we get in the shower, water on, and I
pressed my backside into Jim to get soaped up. Jim says this is the way
we do it. Everybody wet and I have all the soap on my body. I embraced
Dave and rubbed my body against his. Then I did Jim, and then Tom.
Boy, did I get them soapy. I asked Tom to get my back and pressed
against him, rubbing my ass into his cock. Dave turned around and I
soaped him up real good. I couldn’t help but reach around him and give
his cock and balls a little massage. We all got into the action and
sort of just spun around. You can’t believe it. Oh, I just
couldn’t wait to fuck everybody in sight.

Anyway, we rinse off, step out and I toweled everybody dry. I gave
special attention to all those massive pricks. Jim asked if anybody
would mind if he took some pictures. I had my hands on both of their
cocks and was giving them a slow jack which may have influenced their
answers. Dave finally found my pussy and was giving my clit a little
exploration while Tom was squeezing one of my nipples and chewing on the
other. I was just dripping buckets. I couldn’t help it. Right
there and then— I can’t believe I was that bold– I looked at
Dave shyly and asked him if he liked anal sex! I took his hand and
placed it right on my asshole and pushed back. Oh, did that feel good!!
I really needed to get massively fucked. I mean when I get horney
like that, I like to feel a cock up my ass— my skin jumps all over and
I can feel it to my toes. Jim says there’s something sexy about a woman
who likes anal sex and likes to be watched while getting greeked. Well,
, I don’t know if I’m sexy, but I sure like both being fucked in my
ass and being watched, photgraphed, and taped.

Leading Dave by his prick I sat on the edge of the bed and engulfed that
nice fat cock with slurpy lips, looking up at Dave to get his reaction.
(I already had his Erection in my mouth to my tonsils, !). I held
his ass with both hands and I fucked his prick with my mouth, as deep as
I could take it, leaving lots of saliva when I’d get just to the tip of
it with a nice round kiss. Jim asked Dave if he had ever fucked a chick
in the ass. Dave had trouble saying no. I kept my lips as perfect a
tight circle and as puckered as I could around Dave’s hardening prick as
I slid over it and almost out of my mouth. Jim said well he was getting a
preview right now. I had taken one hand off Dave’s ass— he was trying
to avoid jack-hammering his prick into my mouth— and winked my index
finger to Tom, so he’d move closer. So while I was sucking Dave’s cock
I was caressing the bottom of Tom’s balls— his prick was way up at
attention, sort of like bobbing in the air.

Jim fetched the jar of Albolene jar while I knealt on the bed and rocked
my ass back and forth. I really got busy on my clit while Jim opened the jar.
I lifted my ass up while Jim was busy probing my asshole with a lot of
Albolene. Oh, did that feel super!! Dave was watching and slowly
jacking his prick and Tom jumped on the bed and spread his legs around
my face. Well, what the hell. He had an enormous erection which I
just had to start nibbling on. I managed to lean on one shoulder and
get one hand onto that beautiful cock and the other cupped around his
cute ass so I could start on his asshole. Jim was saying to Dave to
just take it easy, it’ll get in, don’t worry. Boy did I feel it when Dave
finally started to poke his cock into my asshole. Oh, that was
dyn-o-mite!! I pushed back against him and he just felt so stiff and
strong and when his prick tickled my asshole I thought I would die. I
felt him pushing the tip against my asshole and just a wave of pleasure
shook my whole body as my asshole was twitching and relaxing. Oh, I
felt it slip into me, first the head— oh what an exquisite feeling—
amd then more stiff cock, filling into my rectum. After a few strokes
my ass was sufficiently lubed and he really started to fuck my ass deep.
There can be no more exquisite feeling than having a nice hard
prick in my ass— I love it, i love the idea, and I love being watched!
Jim leaned over and started to play with my clit. I was on the brink of
orgasm. I reached back to play with Dave’s balls. And got some
Albolene on my fingers. (I was having a little trouble sticking my
finger up Tom’s asshole.) No problem. With Dave’s dick stirring fires
in my ass and Jim playing with my clit, I kept a nice rhythm on Tom’s
cock and really snaked his asshole deep. I think he really liked that
cause he keep bouncing his ass on the bed. And I just had to have Tom’s
prick inside me. Which was a good thing. Dave started to pile drive
into me and the next thing I knew he was spewing cum into my ass and
doing an oh god oh god. I slid forward off his prick and turned around
so I could sit on Tom’s cock. I straddled Tom, with my just-fucked-ass
facing him, so to speak. I could feel Dave’s sperm dripping out of my
asshole as I positioned my pussy onto Tom’s dick and finally got it into
me. Oh, god, did that feel good. Jim asked Dave if he would
mind holding the camera cause he wanted to have me suck his cock. Hmmm.

Jim put that sweet cock of his up to my lips and I put my hand around
the shaft and started to jack him off into my mouth, bouncing my pussy
against that stiff prick Tom was giving me. Dave started to rub his
cock but I told him not to waste it, I wasn’t finished with him.
Meanwhile, Tom was getting some ideas— he had been holding my ass but
now he began fingering my asshole and finally (!) started in with his
finger. Oh, damn. I just had to go faster on his prick, and I matched
that speed on Jim’s cock. Wowie!! Did Jim errupt in spurts! I got
every drop and then some, and slowly let it ooze from the corner of my
mouth (Jim says it is really a turn-on to watch, .)

Anyway, I was busy rubbing my clit— oh, did that feel good. Jim
started to suck my nipple and gave me those teeny bites that make me
feel as though I’ve been electrocuted. And Tom`s finger in my asshole
was just heaven, . I just wanted him to fuck me harder so I asked
him if he wanted to try it doggie style. So, I lifted off and got on my
hands and knees, my ass high in the air. What a suprise. I felt a nice
fat cock slipping into my pussy, but since I still had Tom’s cock in my hand
it wasn’t his. Dave had given the camera to Jim and plunged his cock
into me and really started like a piston. Boy, was he fucking
me!! I reached back and gave his nuts a nice squeeze and told him it was
Tom’s turn. Tom hopped off the bed, held my ass firmly, rubbed against
my pussy and then his cock split me wide open. Oh, . He kept on
and kept on, but then all of a sudden he popped out and I could feel the
head of his prick against my asshole. It slid right in and just in time
cause Tom did one or two strokes and really buried his cock into my
ass. I mean his balls were all over my clit, . Anyway, he kept
impaling me, and then the next thing I knew he had crammed it back into my
pussy and just blasted away— it was hard to tell just where his cock
was, my pussy and ass were simply a flame of pleasure.

What can I say? By that time I really lost track of who was fucking
me and where. I had semen dripping all over me and did it smell good.
The last thing I did was just lie on the bed with Jim, Dave, and Tom
watching while I masturbated for them. I kept my knees spead wide and
took my time rubbing and stroking on my clit. All three of them looked so
good, stroking their pricks, watching me. Did I love that! When I
get into a threesome or more every part of me stays tingly and my whole
body feels like a gigantic orgasm. And the guys seem to stay erect.
Jim said this was too much. Would Tom and Dave mind watching and using
the camera while he fucked his wife? I lay there with my legs spread,
just stroking my pussy. Jim put two pillows under my ass, knelt between
my legs, and put my legs over his shoulders. Oh, when a guy
fucks me in that position, can I feel his prick go in deep! Jim stuck
his cock in slowly, gave me a few deep slow strokes, and slowly slid
out. He said, Dave catch this shot. His prick was glistening and there
was a strand of semen from the tip of his prick connecting into my
pussy. Jim entered me again and continued slow, deep strokes. I swear
I could feel him in my belly. I started pinching my nipples—
everything felt good! Tom was jacking off while Dave was getting some
good angles. Jim asked Dave if he would mind taking over. With that,
the two exchanged positions, I slung my legs over Dave’s shoulders, and
Dave continued the fucking pace that Jim had started. Jim said Tom it’s
your turn. Wowie, was I getting gang-fucked. Tom replaced Dave,
whose prick was straight out again, Tom starting fucking me the same way
Jim and Dave had. I hadn’t had that much cock since Dallas!!! They
kept up the “rotation”, all with raging hardons! And Jim or Dave with
the camera. Oh, I wish we had a ceiling mirror, I would have
loved to see all this in action. Jim said Terri, this is it. Tom moved
over and started pinching my nipples the way I had been, and Daveg got
on the other side of the bed and played with my asshole. Oh, I could
had died!! He got the message and slid in finger in deep… I could
feel that in my toes!! And Jim really started to pump away. I felt him
shudder and squeeze as much semen as he could into me. Wowie. Then Tom
took Jim’s place and didn’t last more than 10 strokes when I felt him
tighten up, all the while Dave is really giving my asshole a reaming.
Then Dave took over and pile-drived like superman!! Wowie, !

You know, . I’ve been fucked by 3 guys before, but this was
fantastic!! Whew, I’m trembling right now, as though it were still
going on. I really started to get exhausted. When Dave pulled out his
cock I could only lie there and vibrate. I kept my legs spead apart
while they inspected the “damage”. There was pussy juice, wet spots,
and sperm everywhere!

We showered again, lots of soap and Jim, Dave, and Tom really gave
me a body shampoo, rubbing their soapy bodies all over me. I really
hand fun washing three cocks and six balls. Dave and Tom are
circumsized, but Jim has that beautiful foreskin that I love to play
with. And did I have such a glowing feeling. Anyway, we get out and
towel dry. I gave Jim a sly smile and lay down on the bed, face down,
with my legs spead. Jim got the idea. I didn’t feel the urgency for
any more fucking, but, I do simply love to get my ass eaten.
And Jim didn’t disappointment me. He snuggled between my legs and I
could feel his breath on my ass as he played with the cheeks of my ass.
He pulled them apart and I could that warmth on my asshole and his
tongue doing circles around it. Oh, I love that! He flattened
his tongue up and down across my asshole slowly squeezing my cheeks
together and them spreading them apart. Oh! Then I felt Jim get his
tongue pointy and start to probe into my rosebud. I love being
fucked in the ass, but there is absolutely nothing like a stiff tongue
giving your well-cocked asshole a little massage! No prick, no finger,
no dildo, just a nice wet tongue, going soft and flat over my rosebud,
and then getting stiff and pointed and getting in and into my asshole!!
It’s absolutley better than a massage or anything and I felt just so
dreamy with Jim getting his tongue in and around and… Dave and Tom
were slowly pulling on their cocks, but they weren’t getting stiff.
Just staying fat. Oh, what a time! But, I guess I fell asleep,
what with the coolers and dacquiris and the excitement and the
relaxation and the constant barrage of orgasms and just nonstop cock and
fucking. When I awoke, Dave and Tom were gone and my hairy Jim was
lying next to me, on his back, with that delicious prick of his at ease.

Jim said that while I was asleep they took turns eating my ass and
licking my asshole. He said it was really twitching and winking and
that I would hum a soft moan whenever they got a tongue in my rosebud.
I really don’t recall— I was really out of it. It turns out that not
only was I the first woman Dave and Tom had fucked in the ass— though
they had had fantasies about it— they had never even thought of the
pleasures of rimming or tonguing into a woman’s asshole!!

The washer and dryer

One Saturday we were busy working over the condo. A hose had burst on the
washing machine earlier in the week while we were out and had like flooded
the nook, kitchen, blew up the dryer, just all yuckie. Anyway, our insurance
would cover it but we like doing things and got things dried and whatnot.
We had started the day with tennis and everything just felt good and
productive. Jim was busy away laying carpet tiles and I was arranging things
the way I liked. Jim had on his coveralls with his name on it. I had my
hair up in a tie and had on one of Jim’s shirts as a smock, with thongs

Well, it was like afternoon and ding-dong. I’ll get it. So I go to the door
and here is this tall— at least 6-4 —goodlooking guy in a service uniform.
Checked the name and address, apologies, they are short today, running late
he’s got the washer and dryer. He looked good. And I could tell from the
way he sort of had to say the words as though he had memorized them that I
had taken him by suprise. I did feel bubbly and perky. Hmmm…

I showed him in and led him to the utility niche. I explained that I (not WE)
had major water damage and had just got MY place repaired. Jim was working
on the floor but we exchanged looks — we really have a neat way of communi-
cating. He asked if I had power? I played like dumb blonde, huh? He said
he’d be right back.

Ooh. I started to get ideas. I put my finger to my lips and dashed off to
our bedroom. I had on a bra — I don’t like my breasts banging all over the
place when I’m working and no panties— that freedom I like. So I quickly
took off the bra and picked out a pair of red candystriped panties. And back
to the kitchen.

Brad (I got his name later, but it’s easier to use his name here) came in with
a tool box took out a meter and wires and stuff. Phone rings right there and
I answer. Shit! It’s for Jim. I put my hand over the phone and said in a
neutral voice, uh, I think this is for you. Jim gets up comes over and takes
the phone. Impressive. I don’t know who was on the other side but it sounded
just so business like. “… I can’t get to that today… Tuesday at the
earliest…” I was going to give him more credit than he deserved until I
saw his finger holding the hook down!! Hangs up and says thanks to me, walks
up to Brad and says this place was pretty bad when he saw it — working
banter. Ooh, sweet, Jim, going along with it all. I started to feel a
little tingely.

About 5 minutes later Brad rolled in the washing machine and up to the niche.
I said just a second, let me make sure it’s clean. So I fetch the dust mop
and run it quickly over the floor, inspecting. I bent over from the hips,
legs straight, to pick up a non-existent nit. I was hoping that Brad would
do some inspecting of his own. I really wish I could have been watching!!
Jim said later that it was a perfect move. The tail of my shirt rose up enough
to show the cheeks of my ass under the candy-striped panties. (No accident!
I’ve practiced all kinds of moves.) Jim said Brad got a nice hungry, eyeful
and they looked at each other with the kind of look men give each other, like
can you believe that! I said “There, that makes me feel so much better now”
Like a dumb blonde. But I always feel better when I’m being viewed!!

I kept up a little banter, like how glad I was to have my washer again, I
couldn’t wait to test it. I had a small plastic laudry basket and put in the
dish towels around the kitchen, fetched a few towels from the front bathroom,
took down the cafe curtains, bemoaning that I had just had the laundry done
that morning. (Not really, there were a few baskets in our closet.) What
could I wash? I think Brad picked up on my dedication whatever. Well, Brad
couldn’t see me but Jim could. I stared at him as he watched me take off
those red candy-striped panties and heap them on top. Brad was busy but I
placed the basket on the counter where he just couldn’t miss it. And then
I busied about.

Jim and Brad were out but I waited until they got back to try the “test”
wash. (Jim said that when I had disappeared and Brad had the machine
connected, that Brad had given Jim a psst, and when he had Jim’s attention
had picked up my panties from the top of the basket and dropped them back.
Just to share with Jim what I had so naively done. And then rolled his eyes.
Oh. I wish I could have been watching that!!) Anyway, as they were bringing
in the dryer I called out if it was OK to try it? It won’t get in the way?
No problem. So I opened the door — I prefer the front loading machines,
they do get things cleaner and you can always keep stuff on top of the machine,
but the fringe benefits, I admit, I hadn’t appreciated— bending to put the
wash in. My shirt didn’t go up as high as before, but then it didn’t have
to this time. I got it to where I was just showing the bottom of the cheeks
of my ass, a nice tempting peek. (Jim said later that Brad didn’t bother
exchanging glances with him, just kept his eyes burning the brief time.)
I let out a few oo’s — Jim knows what those sound like — of happiness
and again babbled how good it felt to be able to do that again, it had been
more than a week! (All true. The last flashing I did had been last week!!)

Well, they busy with the dryer and I’m busily doing whatever. I liked showing
leg to Brad!! And chatting. Like a dumb blonde. When it looked like they
were almost done I asked if they would like anything to drink, a beer, or I
could mix up some dacquiris? After a little pause Jim said dacquiris would be
primo, what about you Brad? Sure, nothing left on the truck. Now, Jim and I
have all kinds of moves, looks, and little code phrases. My asking like that,
the three choices meant 1) shall I/we abandon what we’re doing, 2) keep it
playful, or start something hardball? Jim picking dacquiris (the hardest of
the three) meant let’s go for it. Wowie. I was feeling good. I got out the
pitcher, and cubes, and glasses, and limes, and mix… taking my time until
they were done and invited them to set at the counter/bar separating the
kitchen. Then…

I went to the range and reached for the cabinet door above the hood. (I know
Jim was puzzled, but he and I always have had pleasant suprises for each
other.) And, of course, could just barely get the door open. So, I pushed
the kitchen stool out, folded out the bottom step, stood on it, got the door
open, and fished around, would they prefer white or gold rum? Of course,
that’s not all I was doing.

First, while they were out, I had moved the liquor to that cabinet. Heck,
nobody but nobody ever uses that silly space for anything. Second, in
standing wearing a shirt like Jim’s, with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows
like I had, it is such a simple but invisible move to hook your elbows into
the sleeves. You want the back to come up an inch, you move your arms out an
inch; up 12 inches, out 12 inches. I could have taken it up to the small of my
back— but that might have been too obvious!! I could feel the back of the
shirt inch up, hit the bottom of my cheeks, and then I continued until I felt
my crack bared. I had my legs spead as far as possible on the step so I had
to reach more. (Jim said later that my performance was fantastic!! That he
got a raging erection! There was my mouthwatering ass, with legs Vee’d just
enough to show a slight tuft of dark blonde pussy hair. Jim said Brad’s face
went flush red, just flush red.) Jim said that the gold always has a much
better taste but it’s so rare. I clanked a few bottles and said you boys have
done so much for me that I had plenty for you two boys, this treat is on me.
(Jim said he had thrust out his tongue as though he were inserting it into my
pussy. I though I had heard like a supressed laugh from Brad!!) With my
visual appetizer served, I finally selected the gold rum and skooted back
to the floor and an obviously red-faced Brad.

I mixed the 1st batch, just enough for 3, but a little strong. The buzzer went
off as I was doing that so I quickly took a little break. I had the wrong
angle from where they were sitting to really do much in removing the load from
the washer, but I did manage to catch the slide slit on the open door. (Oh,
what luck!! I know I’m good, but I’m not that good!!) It lifted enough away
so that for the 1st time, if Brad were trying, he could get some freebies at
my pussy. I caught out the corner of my eye that he hadn’t disappointed me!!
(Oh, by the way. I know I’m not the only woman who like to flash or exhibit.
Jim IS rare in that my ‘hobby’ really turns him on. I was guessing how much
he was ‘on’ now. He said he was ready to jack off or r**e me or something!)
Well, we sip, I propose a toast for all they had done, and down that stuff
went. Without even asking, I started on a full pitcher, and asked if they’d
be more comfortable in the den. I motioned to the obvious direction — oh and
take off your shoes!— and kept talking while I took my time with the pitcher.
The shoes stuff had nothing to do with keeping the rug clean. It just makes it
much less awkward later on maybe, and it does make one relax a bit more.
I just had to rub my clit, it had been giving me those tingles just begging for
attention. I unbuttoned another button on the top of my shirt as well as the
last button, leaving the ones by my belly button and above. I gave my nipples
a little shock treatment with an ice cube — wowie — and dryed with with a
paper towel. Then picked up the pitcher and went to the den, flicking off my
clogs as I entered.

Jim and Brad were seated on the couch. I placed the pitcher and my glass
on the table and stood straight to remove my head band and shake my hair free,
making small talk, how good that felt. I filled Jim’s glass first and then
talking wwith Jim but straight across from Brad and filled Brad’s glass.
I had to bend over to do that and I am quite sure Brad had a fantastic view
of my breasts. I then poured my glass, pitcher down, and then knealt on my
side of the table.

And back to the small talk. Challenge? Jim and I know each other quite well
and we can get to any topic you like. It was neat. Another fillup. Hey,
boys, sit back and relax, you can put your feet on the table. Jim took the
lead followed by Brad and stretched back, stockinged feet up. I kept up the
playful mood and went “cootchie” “cootchie” to both of them, everyone laughing.
I shifted my position, sitting straight up with my legs under the table, my
shirt covering my thighs. Initially, that is.

Anyway, the conversation goes around to philosophy, etc., freedom of speech,
hangups, taboos, inhibitions, sex (!!), pornography, etc. I’m getting hornier
and hornier and everyone with a glow (and two of us with erections!!). I
bubble and giggle with how thankful I am for all the servicing you have given
me. Jim says you mean “service, you said ‘servicing’, Terri”— we were all
on first name basis. “Oh, did I say that?” Giggle. “Must have been a freudian
slip.” “Brad, can’t be, I’m not wearing a slip”. Giggle Brad was having a
pleasant smile on his face. I had been working on creeping the bottom of my
shirt open and since I could get a peripheral shot of my pussy hair, I fig-
ured that from Brad’s side, he had a splendid view, even though it was through
the glass. Since he had shifter his legs on the table it was either to
relieve the pain on his cock — his erection was f****d sideways from what
I could tell— or to get a better view.

I asked if anyone would like some music, I had a nice CD. Sure. Sure.
I slid back from under the table, rolled over to my knees, and crawled the
4 feet or so directly away from them to the stereo. I said I had a neat
system, a great collection, and if no one minded I feel like some Weather
Report. I got the Birdland CD, slipped in it, and popped on the system, which.
I rose upright on my knees and twisted back to them. “Do you like them? Isn’t
that fantastic?!” Jim said great, Brad said “Thanks, Terri, that’s just what I

(Well, Jim described it to me later. As I had turned from them and crawled, the
back of my shirt came up, and the view was electrifying. By the time I had
reached the stereo and fetched the CD, my shirt was over my ass, to the small
of my back — that was not an accident! And reaching on the floor for the CD
made it look that I was just bgging for it doggie style — which was true!!
Brad had been rearranging his cock and shaking his head. Jim poking out his
tongue. When I had raised, my shirt had caught on top of my buttocks, giving
a b***d-powdering view. And when I had turned, I looked so innocent and
oblivious to what I was showing!! Ooh, I wish I could have been hearing
that when I was doing it.)

I got up and turned around, but had made shirt my shirt was hanging split open
from my belly-button. As I stood, the sgirt draped shut, but very slowly!!
I kept saying, “Isn’t that great?! I love it.” The truth for both reasons.

I walked back to the couch and asked them to make room for me, it’s better
facing the system. Brad scooted his butt towards me, away from Jim to create
a spot, but kept his legs on the table. Facing Brad, I put one leg way over
his legs and steadied myself with one arm on his shoulder. That spread open
my shirt and Brad was 18 inches from my exposed pussy. I completed the
maneuver and nestled in between them, sitting on the edge. I took a sip,
put the glass down, and started to sit back, and then stopped suddenly.

“Oh, dear!” “What” says Jim. “Oh, you guys look so comfortable, I wanted
to lay back like you boys, but I can’t!” “Why, not?” from Brad. I giggle.
“Well, … I’m not wearing any panties”, as though that were a confession.
Jim sez “I don’t mind if Brad doesn’t mind.” Brad sez “Go for it, Terri!
We’re all grownups!” Giggle. So, I snuggle in and then cork and then
straighten my legs onto the table, holding shut my shirt. All that to tease
and get maximum attention, of course. I put my hand on Jim’s thigh and Jim
matched that by placing his forearm over mine and clasped my left thigh,
through my shirt. Brad caught the maneuver. I said “Here, Brad, you get
equal treatment” and placed his hand on top of my right thigh, giggling.
Brad — in shock and probably lightheaded from the rum and too much b***d
in his cock — just let it sit there. Giggle. “Jim, Brad… don’t be so
shy!” Giggle. Haven’t you ever felt the inside of a girl’s thigh before?”
And with that, I opened my legs, pulled away my shirt from under there hands
and simultaneously moved both their hands to the soft parts of the inside
of my thighs!! “There, doesn’t that feel much better??” And then I placed
my hands on their thighs and started give little throbs to them.

Well, that did it!! I bimboed again how great I felt, how thankful I was
for all they have done to make my place so livable again, how great the music
was, how nice they all were, that I just had to do something special to reward
them. Brad says “Terri, this seems reward enough.”

I gently squirmed free, sat forward, and took my glass again. And the I stood
up, and asked them to lift their legs. As they did I rolled back the coffee
table and took a few steps away. “I’ve got an idea, if you boys don’t mind…”

I stared innocently at Brad, unbuttoned the last two buttons of my shirt,
struggled my arms free, and let the shirt drop. Tweaking a nipple with one
hand and lightly stroking my pussy with my other, I asked so simply, “Would you
boys like to fuck me???” Wowie!!

Jim stood up and began to unzip his coveralls. I gave my hand to Brad and
helped him stand up. I started on his buckle; he took over and continued,
while I unbutooned his shirt for him. Seconds later, there’s Jim with
his cock flaring out and Brad with as perfectly straight cock I’ve ever seen,
not a curve on it. I first embraced Jim and we began kissing. Jim had his
hands on my the cheeks of my ass, but I removed one arm from around him and
felt back for Brad’s prick. I found it with his hand around it! I pushed it
down and pulled him into my back, cradling it with my crack and rubbing my
ass against him. With his hand free, I drew his arm around and place his hand
on my breast. Brad sooned followed with his other arm and was kneading both my
tits with his hands and pressing his prick against my ass. I kept grinding
my ass against him and Jim was flexing the cheeks of my ass as he was really
make it feel good. I had a good hold of Jim’s prick and had cupped Brad’s
balls with my other hand. I was cooing out that this just felt so good, which
it DID!

I gestured Jim back and with my hand around Brad’s prick, short-stepped over to
the couch. I turned and sat down and told them that I just wanted to look at
then a second. Which sure as hell is true!! I brought my feet up on the
couch, planted them, and spread my legs open, as I started playing with
my pussy and clit for them. Not any subtle teasing any more, but, I know the
effect that has. Then I moved sideways, got on my knees, my ass at high up as
I could get it, and arched my back and head down, resting my chin on my hands
and looking at them. (I’ve done that pose many times, Jim and others say it
is the most exciting and inviting position there can be.) I had my legs parted
and KNOW Brad had a compltete view of my ass, my asshole, and my pussy lips.
I wiggled my ass and asked Brad if he would like to the first! Brad got behind
me, played with my pussy a bit — my hand was there to greet his! — and said
what a fantastic body I had, he couldn’t believe it. i asked him if we would
have any trouble with the fit. He rubbed his cock against my pussy and I
could feel his trying to probe. I asked him to to stand still a second. He
said only a second. I rocked back and forth, getting his cock in further and
more lubricated. Every cycle I backed onto more of his cock. When I stopped
he said there’s a lot more left. I told him, no problem, one size fits all.
And then he took over. Deep, DEEP, strokes. The tip of his cock was
pushing against my cervix— not many men have been there before and that’s
what I told him. Jim had come along side to watch, dacquiri in hand. Well,
Brad picked up the pace, kept a steady rhythm plowing my pussy with his cock
and then suddenly quickened, letting out some yi-yi’s, O’s, and I was pretty
sure he had gushed a fair amount of semen into my pussy. He kept a slow pump
against me, although I could feel the slackness in his cock. I was out of
breath and he was breathing hard as he withdrew. I said, come on Jim, you’re

Just a second. I moved down the couch, same position, but where I was at
the armrest. I felt Jim behind me, swirl his cock around my open pussy lips
and slowly push his prick into me, replacing the cock which had just fucked
me. Ooh, that felt good. I asked Brad to come around to the arm rest. As
Jim proceeded to fuck me slow, I got a hand around Brad’s cock and asked him
if he minded if I sucked his cock while Jim fucked me. (That gave his prick
a surge!) Well, as best I can recall, Jim finished fucking me before I got
Brad to come in my mouth but it was worth it.

What an afternoon. Brad fucked me twice more (after the blowjob I gave him)
before he was no longer stiff, and played with himself as I gave Jim a half
blowjob, have hand job into my mouth. We were three happy, naked, sticky
bodies resting on the rug, sipping on the last of the dacquiris. We were
sitting on the floor, resting against the couch with me between Jim and
Brad. Some casual touching and brushing. I’d every now and then lean over
and kiss Brad’s cock or Jim’s cock, and they took turns given my tummy a
tickle or idly tracing a finger through my pussy, open, wet, and sticky. Brad,
who gave me new thrills he liked my body so much, asked me how I had managed to
stay single. He had a mouthful of dacquiri when I responded “Oh, but Brad,
I AM married!” He almost spit it out, he was so suprised. He asked,
seriously, what would happen if your husband found out you cheated on him. I
said “I never cheat on my husband.” Brad is now a little confused. He says,
I meant you spent the afternoon fucking Jim and me. What would your husband
say? My hand was on Jim’s prick now and I caught a little stir there. Oh,
that would turn him on, he’d love it! Brad said I can’t believe that! I said
let me see if I can give you an example.

I slid forward and over, spreading Brad’s legs and got between as best I could.
I put as much as I could of Brad’s prick into my mouth and got my tongue going
on the tip, just staring at Brad. I withdrew it, loaded with saliva to say,
“My husband loves me to fuck other men, suck, and even watch. I put his prick
back in— it was starting to come to life. I kept on the head, and jacked at
the shaft. It was growing. Even though we hadn’t played with anybodies
rosebuds, I put my finger to his asshole and applied pressure. Brad’s cock
was getting stiff to hard. I got the tip of my finger in and now he was
hard— I had to slide some out— but I kept sucking on the tip. I said,
really, my husband loves to watch me fucking. With his cock stiff enough,
I turned my ass to Brad, straddled his hips, placed the tip of his cock into
my pussy, and slowly sat on it, squeezing as hard as I could with my pussy.
I asked Brad if he liked the view, his prick disappearing into my cunt as
I was fucking him. Brad had a little pleasure in his voice. “I never
have seen such exciting stuff before.” I reached back and placed his hand
and my ass and moved his finger over my asshole, then pushed on his finger.
I could feel his prick get stiffer and stiffer. I tugged at Jim’s ankle
and he got the idea — since he already had gotten erect!! He knealt with
his prick out as I turned sideways to give Brad a good view as I opened my
mouth wide, put my tongue under Jim’s prick, and smothered noisily as much
of it as I could. My eyes looked directly in to Brad’s. I slurped for a
little while and asked Brad if my pussy were feeling good, did he like
watching his prick going in and out, did he like watching Jim’s cock in
my mouth? Did he like my ass, my asshole? “Terri, this is like a fantasy.”

Well, Brad, my husband likes to watch, too! It’s as simple as that. Brad
said “But doesn’t he mind if you’re fucking like this. I giggled and giggled.
“Why don’t you ask him?! Jim’s my husband!!” Brad had this blank expression
for a moment, then started a smile and then broke into a grin. Jim simply had
responded with a nod of his head, flashing Brad a thumb’s up, and put his cock
back to my lips. His cock was definitely harder. An so was Brad’s. Brad was
saying things like “damn”, “umm”, “I didn’t know I had it in me”. When he
said that I had to blow out Jim’s cock and chuckle. “Brad”, I asked. How’s
you’re eyesight? You have it in me, not you!!” Then I asked, do you want to
make this one special, different?” I looked up at Jim, quickly looked back
toward my ass, and then a quick flick to the bedroom and back. Jim winked back
both eyes. He got my request!

Anyway, gave my mouth one quick lunge, pulled out his stiff prick, and said
he’d be right back. I kept my up and down motion on Brad’s prick, Brad letting
out low sounds, moans?

Jim comes back — with our jar — and I lift off, saying Brad let’s change
the position a bit. I got up and went to the couch, kneeling in the same
position where it had all started. “Brad”, a little singsong in my voice,
“do you like anal sex?” Brad, who looked rejuvenated, just laughed, like
the question was meaningless. Meanwhile, Jim had the jar open and started to
apply some Albolene to my asshole. I think that got Brad’s attention. Then
Jim entered my rosebud with one finger and rotated it. Jim was saying
to Brad, “Watch, I’m getting Terri ready for you.” Brad said he had tried
it once before, but his girlfriend screamed bloody m****r and he had never
had the nerve to even try again. Oh, did it thrill me me to tell Brad don’t
worry, I love being fucked in my ass!! I could feel Jim probing in two
fingers and did I have a tingling buzz in my asshole and rectum. Jim explained
that you just have to take your time, that’s all. OK, that’s it, go for it.
And Jim stepped back, slowly jacking himself.

Well, I felt the tip of Brad’s prick and pushed back. With what seemed a pop
all of a sudden the head was in. Brad was saying “oh, goddamn, oh goddamn.”
I impaled myself back and forth on his prick— he seemed motionless. I said
Brad, come on, fuck me, fuck me. Whew. Brad, started a few slow strokes
and then sped up— that cock of his went deeper in me than any man had before!
Then Brad seemed to vibrate, grab my ass really tight and I knew he had come.
I could feel him just standing up against my ass, shaking. Jim asked, hey
Brad are you all right.??” Brad slowly said, “Oh, Terri your pussy is so
like velvet but your ass is so tight, grasping, I can’t believe it.” Meanwhile
I was still rubbing my clit, I wished Brad had lasted longer!! I asked Jim if
he’d continue. Jim always obliges. As I felt him enter me, I could see
Brad looking intently. Jim kidded Brad with, “If you never have fucked a
woman in her ass, you no doubt ever saw a man fuck his wife in the ass.” Jim
kept steady deep strokes into me, and I was having all kinds of O’s. I felt
Jim jerk and come, but he still kept up the pace until he felt me relax.

Wowie. I slumped onto the couch, Jim sat next to me and straightened me
out, and Brad finally sat down. Jim up and fetched our glasses. And we
all cooled down. No one had really expected an encore. Brad said that we
were something else. Both Jim and I supplied our little philosophy, no pain
and if it felt good, do it, and take it seriously. I lay on the couch with my
head in Jim’s lap and I had one leg across Brad’s thighs and the other swung
over on the back of the couch, behind Brad’s head. I wasn’t horney, but no
sense in wasting a tantalizing view!! I mean my legs spread WIDE open for
Brad to check out. Brad’s prick was at rest on my calf, and his fingers
were very gently exploring between my legs. I think we were really all
done this session.