Watching My Wife

My wife and I have been married for 15 years now, and
in most of that time we’ve gotten along pretty well.
She’s gone from being quite conservative on sexual
topics to sucking dick, taking it up the ass, and
licking and sucking my balls. Quite a distance from
when we first got married at the ripe old age of 18!

Over the years our sex life has been, for the most
part, uneventful, but I’ve encouraged her to try new
things. One of those thangs involved going out to bars
at night and flirting with men while I watched from a
comfortable distance.

She’d never actually fuck them, she’d just tease them
and then we’d go home and fuck our brains out. Not that
I didn’t encourage her to sleep with them, but she just
wouldn’t hear of it.

We started doing the bar scene about a year ago and in
that time I’ve seen dozens of men ogling my wife only
to be denied at the last moment. But about two months
ago something very strange, for her, took place.

She’d met a particularly fine looking guy, as far as
she was concerned, and was really getting into the
conversation with the occasional flash. (She always
wears a very revealing blouse when she hits the bars, a
slight bend and the man she’s talking with gets a great
tit shot.)

Anyway, she’d been flirting and flashing this
particular man for about an hour when he asked, as they
all do, whether she’d like to go out for a while. (Some
say out for a walk, while others say out for a ride,
still others invite her to their homes for a drink.)

That’s generally her sign to back away and say
something like, “Oh, I’d love to but I’ve got to get
going myself… early day at work tomorrow.”

She did the same thing this time and discreetly walked
out of the bar. I, who had been watching the whole
thing from a distance, joined her moments later in our
car. I could tell immediately she was very aroused this
time because she slid over next to me and said, “That
guy was quite a hunk! I thought for a minute I’d never
be able to walk away!” With that she reached over and
started stroking my cock through my pants.

“Why’d you leave so soon?” I asked.

“Well, he wanted me to go out with him, and you know
that’s always my signal to walk away,” she replied, all
the while feeling my cock. I reached over and slipped
my hand up her dress and began fingering her pussy.

She’s always wet after these encounters, but this time
was something else! Her panties were literally soaked,
something I’d never felt before. My fingers slipped
into her pussy like it was coated with k-y jelly and I
could tell she was quite swollen down there.

This got me very excited because I’ve tried for years
to get her to fuck someone else while I watched. As I
slid first two, then three, then four fingers in her
willing hole, I said, “Why don’t you go back in and
invite him to OUR place? I’ll go home and sneak into
the closet for a peak… and maybe you can fuck this

She immediately said “No, I don’t want to do that.”

But her pussy said otherwise, so I continued to press
her. “Your pussy has never been this wet before, I know
you’d like to fuck him… why don’t you?” I asked

She giggled and said, “He really is cute… but I don’t
think I should fuck him… you know I don’t want to do
that… besides, it might not feel right.”

I resonded by asking her, “Have you ever had a real
fuck that didn’t feel good?”
She said, “No…”

And I jumped in with, “Then go back in there…and see
if you can get him to bring you home… If he doesn’t,
give me a call and I’ll come pick you up… give it a
shot, you might like it!”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t be mad?” she asked, and I
knew she wanted this guy’s dick.

“No, I don’t know why, but I’ve wanted to watch you
fuck some stranger for years…this might be the only
time I’ll be able to do it.”

With that she said, “At least let me suck you some
before I go in… then maybe I won’t feel so guilty
about it all.” She started unzipping my pants, right
there in the car, as we sat parked in one of those
high-rise garages.

I didn’t complain and let her do her work. SHe started
by stroking my dick ever so gently…and the started
licking it… “Show me how you’d like to suck his
dick..” I said, and she, without saying a word, began
sucking first on the head of my cock…and then shoved
the whole thing into her mouth.

“Do you think you’ll let him come in your mouth?” I
asked… she didn’t say a word but started going up and
down on my shaft that much faster…. she kept it up
until I exploded in her mouth and she swallowed every

As she sat up I reached over and started fingering her
pussy again. it was still as wet as ever, and we
started kissing. She was the first to pull back. “I
guess I’d better go see if he’s still inside, you wait
here and if I’m not back in 5 minutes… go home. And
I’ll see you there…

I waited… she didn’t come back in five minutes. I
drove home, parking in front of the neighbor’s house so
that my drive looked empty, and went inside the house,
all the time with visions of what must be going on back
at the bar in my mind. I didn’t have long to wait.

I was only home aobut 10 minutes when I saw a car pull
into the drive. I quickly ran into the bedroom and
jumped into the closet… I was just pulling the door
shut when I heard my wife’s keys going into the front

“You’ll have to excuse the mess…” she was saying…
“As I told you, my husband’s away for the week, and I
usually don’t clean up while he’s gone…”

Her “date” responded… “Oh, don’t worry, you should
see my place… a constant mess! And my wife never
cleans, whether I’m home or not!”

So… he too, was a married man, I thought.

“Would you like something to drink?” I heard my wife
“No… I think I’ve had more than enough already,” he

Then I heard my wife say something so bold that it
stunned me… “I guess we both know why we came here,
so why don’t we go back to the bedroom and fuck for a
while? You know, so we can get that awkward moment over
with and then enjoy ourselves.”

I could tell by his response that he was also

“Well…uh, I guess… uh… why not? Where is it?”

I heard them both coming down the hall, my wife talking
all the while.”It’s this way, come on hon, I’m so wet I
can harly stand it.”

They both walked into our bedroom. Our closet has
louvered doors, the kind with slats from top to bottom
so you can actually see out while you’re inside it. But
you can’t see in unless you walk right up to the door
and look up into one of the cracks, and I could tell
he was in no mood to be check closets.

The two of them sat on the bed and he reached over and
pulled my wife close to him and they began to kiss. I
was getting hard as I watched this stranger seducing my
As they kissed his hands began rubbing my wife’s back,
and then they dropped down to her nicly shaped ass.
Then in no time one of them made its way to her breasts
and he started feeling them.

My honey responded, without a word; she began rubbing
his cock in much the same way she always rubbed mine in
the car… through the pants, without actually taking
it out.

After what seemed like hours they both pulled away from
each other. He said, “How would you like to do this?”

My wife responded, “Lets get naked, then play it by

They both stood up and began disrobing. As he pulled
off his underwear I was surprised by the size of his
cock! It had to have been at least 10 inches long when
fully erect. (And it was fully erect) I could tell by
the look on my wife’s face that she was anixious to
have that monster between her legs, but first she fell
to her knees and started sucking him.

To my amazement she just took him in, there was no
licking or anything like that… she immediately began
sucking on him like she couldn’t get enough. He stood
there stroking her hair all the while. I could tell
that he was loving this. And I have to admit that my
wife looked really hot down there kneeling on the floor
with this strange man’s cock poking her throat.

After several minutes of this he reached down and
picked up my wife and laid her on our bed, just enough
so that her ass and pussy were hanging over the edge.
And without saying anything he positioned himself
between her legs (fortunately I still had a great
view..from behind…) He grabbed his dick and began
rubbing it on her slick pussy lips. I heard my wife
begin to moan as he teased her with the head of his

Finally he said.. “Now… how would you like it baby?”

My wife replied… “Just stick it in me…and fuck
me… oh god, fuck the shit out of me, I need you so

I could tell she was extremely excited by the way her
breath was coming and by the way she was talking
dirty… she usually does that only when she’s very
turned on.

Then he said, “Do you want it all at once… or a
little bit at a time?”

My cock jumped into my hand when she responded saying,
“Just fuck me… fuck me… FUCK ME GOD DAMIT!!”

He chuckled and said, “Okay… here goes…” and in one
strong shove he rammed his full length in her pussy.

I heard her gasp for a moment, and he did too because
he asked, “Does that hurt?”

She replied, “Oh no, that feels so good, please, please
fuck me, fuck the shit out of me!”

And started pumping hard and fast. “Most women don’t
like me all the way inside of them,” he said almost in
a breathless whisper…

“Oh, but I want you… I want that huge fucking dick so
deep in me that I can feel it coming out of my throat!”
she almost screamed.

He liked it and continued to pump away, while holding
her legs up near his shoulders. I noticed he’d make
kind of a cicular motion with his hips as he pumped in
and out, and in about 3 minutes I heard my wife
starting to come.

I knew she was coming because I could see her toes
starting to curl and she started clawing at his back.
And her asshole was making all kinds of squeezing

She screamed, “Oh my god!! Your dick feels so fucking
good!! Fuck the SHIT out of me!!” Then she then started
coming in ernist as her body jerked with each spasm. He
showed no signs of coming himself and continued to pump

After several minutes at had become clear that my wife
had come, but that he still had not. I heard my wife
say, “What’s wrong? Does it not feel good to you?”

He said, “Oh, that’s not it at all, it’s the booze and
all… I’ll come… don’t worry… your cunt feels
great believe me.”

My wife asked abligingly, “Can I help in any way?”

To which he responded, “You keep saying ‘fuck the shit
out of me..’ is that what you really want?”

I could tell my wife was perplexed by this but she
said, “yes… I’ve never had such a big dick in me
before…and god…it felt so good… yes… I do want
you to fuck the shit out of me again.”

He stopped pumping for a moment and holding himself
poised above her body said, “If that’s what you want,
let me show you something.” He pulled out of my wifes
pussy and lefted her legs a little higher. He put his
dick against her asshole and in one fell swoop pushed
himself into her butt. This all happened in about two
seconds, there was no warning for me, or for my wife.

One second he was fucking her pussy, the next he’s
pumping in and out of her asshole. I heard her shriek
for just a moment at the unexpected invasion of her
virgin bung-hole… but he didnt stop pumping.

“You want me to come, right?” he asked.

She responded, breathlessly, “Yes…but…”

“And you want me to fuck the shit out of you, right?”
he interrupted.

“Well, yes,” she said, still obviously in a bit of pain
as her body squirmed beneith him, “but you should have
warned me you wanted to fuck me in the butt,” she

All the time they were talking he kept going in and out
of her asshole and I could tell she was beginning to
relax… in fact in just a few more strokes I could see
that my wife was starting to get really into it again.

“If I’d have asked to fuck you ass, what would you have

“Oh… god that feels good…” Was all that my wife
could say.

“You would never have let me put this cock up your
ass… right?” he asked again.

“Probably not,” she replied. “But oh god that feels so
good now… I can’t believe it… god fuck me harder!”

She started coming again, only this time I could tell
that he was also ready to come, and sure enough just as
she finished hers he began to breath in deeply and
taking longer strokes… finally shoving the full
lenght of his cock up her ass and holding himself
imbedding in her as he filled her nether-hole with his

I could see his balls jumping as he emptied himself.

Afterward, they both lay there… he with that giant
tool up my wife’s ass breathing heavily, and she with
her legs still wrapped around his waist. After a few
minutes he pulled out and I could see the come running
out of her asshole. He got up and walked into our
bathroom and closed the door, giving me a chance to
peak out and say, “Are you okay?”

She just looked at me and smiled while nodding her
head yes.

They both dressed and moved to our living room. After a
few more minutes I heard him say, “Well… I guess I’d
better head home… can I give you a ride back to the
bar?” I thought that was a strange request, and was
surprised when my wife said “yes. I’m supposed to meet
my sister there at closing.”

I came out of the closet after they had left and looked
over at the cum-stained bed. I was rock hard and
couldn’t wait to pick my wife up, so I quickly headed
outside got in the car and drove to the bar, where she
was waiting for me outside.

“What did you think?” was her first question to me,
“were you surprised when he fucked my ass?”

“Was I surprised!” I said, “I bet you were surprised
more than I was!”

She told me it had hurt at first, but after a few
minutes it began to feel really good and maybe we could
try the same thing sometime.

Since that day my wife has become a big fan of the bar
scene. Nowdays when she finds a man she likes, she does
more than just tease…

I guess some would say she’s become a big slut, but I
like it and we’ve even swapped roles a few times, with
her watching me fuck women that I picked up. I like
that very much too.

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