When Two Becomes Four

Quickly glancing from her watch to her husband and back again, she was unable to hide the anxiety and anticipation she was feeling. They were about to take a giant leap in their relationship as Husband and Wife – a leap she was hoping they were ready for. For years they had talked about their fantasies, softly whispered them during nights of passion and now they had decided it was time to bring the fantasy into their reality.

They had chosen two people very close to them, people that they had shared a great deal of themselves with during the years. The innuendos had always been there since they had all first met, the flirting and teasing, but now was the time to take things further. She knew they both still had some reservations, but they all knew this weekend was only going to go as far as what they were all comfortable with.

One man and one woman were now on their way to meet with them in a little out of the way spot, far enough away from their real lives so they can all be lost in the moment. She had arrived with her Husband the previous night, nerves already surfacing, which were quickly silenced with the help of the mini-bar in their motel room. They spent the night talking about all the things they wanted to try while they slowly made love. He wanted to watch her make love to another woman, she wanted to be with her husband and another man, and they both wanted to see where to four of them could take these fantasies and see if they could make new ones along the way.

Now they were waiting for them to arrive for dinner. They sat at a private table on a secluded balcony overlooking a lake, there was a gentle breeze cooling their heated skin, music from the bar drifted out through the open french doors and they could already feel the effects of the wine they had been slowly slipping at the table. Looking at her watch again, she looked back through the restaurant and bar her eyes instantly connecting to theirs. They were here and now even across this distance she could still feel the attraction and chemistry they all shared.

They all sat comfortably around the table, chatting away as they always did. Laughing and teasing, making promises of things to come. They were all so at ease with each other, which helped to lessen some of their earlier hesitation. Once dinner had finished, while they were waiting for their coffee and dessert, the games began. They all knew why they were here, they all felt the attraction for one another, and now they all knew that the time for innuendos and teasing was over – it was time to play.

Her Husband leaned over and whispered “Are you ready?”

As she looked to him, movement form under the edge of her table caught her eye; Rachael had already made the first move.

She looked directly into his eyes and told him she was ready before she moved herself closer to the other man who was now such a big part of their lives. David looked at her and smiled and offered to refill her wine glass. Taking her glass she settled into her seat and leant against the warmth of his body while she watched her Husband and Rachael across the table.

They could tell by this stage that Rachael must have removed her Husband’s cock from his pants, as the slight movement of her arm coupled with his soft moans gave it away. The next thing she and David knew, Rachael slipped under the table out of sight. Within seconds it was clear to her that Rachael now had his cock in her mouth, as she had seen that look of pure joy on her Husband’s face so many times before.

Shifting in her seat as her own arousal grew, she turned to face David to find his eyes were already fixed on her. Moving closer to him, she kissed him softly then ran her tongue along his bottom lip.

“I have been wanting to taste you for such a long time”

With that she kissed him again, and disappeared under the table.

Once under the table, she was instantly confronted with the image of Rachael thoroughly enjoying her Husbands cock, something by the sounds of things from above the table, he was also enjoying.

Leaning in a little closer and she watched her Husbands hard cock disappearing in and out of Rachael’s warm mouth, reminding her of the reason why she was now under the table. With a gentle caress of Rachael’s covered breast, she could feel her hardened and excited nipples and debated whether or not she should take the time now to explore any further.

Still cupping her Rachael’s breast, she slid her other had up the middle of her back and to the base of her neck, softly rubbing and softly pushing Rachael’s mouth further down her Husbands cock. Letting go of Rachael she turned to what she wanted to be doing, but felt Rachael’s hand grab her before she had a chance to leave.

Looking at Rachael, with her moist lips and flushed face was all she needed to see to know whether or not she was ready to be with another woman, and with that decision now cemented in her mind she leaned in closer to Rachael and slowly touched her own lips to hers. Within seconds hesitation gave way to want and they were both locked in a passionate embrace. They sensuously caressed each other tongues and explored one another’s mouths as they pulled one another closer.

It was if the world had completely stopped for them and all that mattered was that kiss and the feel of their bodies pressed against one another. A small moan escaped her lips as she felt Rachael’s hand begin to gently knead her own breasts. This moan was enough to let Richard and David know why the festivities for them had suddenly ceased.

*cough cough*

Quickly breaking away from one another, they were now looking directly into the faces of the guys they had just completely forgotten about.

“Rachael, do you think you could untangle yourself from my wife?? I think he is feeling a little lonely” motioning to his still rock hard cock. Rachael smiled at her, kissed her again and moved back to Richard, once again taking her Husband’s cock into her willing mouth.

Looking a little sheepishly at David, she moved back over towards him. Running her hands across his thighs, and up to his belt, which she began to undo when David’s hands came down over the top of hers. He held them for the briefest moment, then continued to undo his belt and slide down his zipper for her.

From her position between his legs, she could see just how hard and ready he was. In moments David had freed his aching cock from his jeans. Subconsciously she licked her lips then gently took the head of David’s hard cock into her mouth. She heard David quietly moan as she explored him with her tongue while she gently caressed his balls with her hand. Stroking his shaft, she kissed and licked and explored the now swollen head of his cock.

She was enjoying the taste and feel of him in her mouth, while subconsciously comparing the differences between him and her Husband. Removing her hand from his balls, which she quickly replaced with her mouth. Gently she sucked each of them into her warm mouth while caressing and massaging them with her tongue.

Hearing soft moans from above the table encouraged her further as did the slight raise from David’s hips, pushing himself further into her mouth.

Removing his balls from her mouth, she began to lick her way back up his shaft, running her tongue along and across each throbbing vein she felt along the way. With a quick swirl of her tongue around the head of his cock, she took him completely into her mouth, and then she held him there for a moment.

Holding him deep in her mouth, she massaged the base of his cock with her tongue before she slowly began to raise her head back up along his length. She could taste his pre-cum already and licked it from the head of his cock before she slowly took him back into her mouth again. Increasing her rhythm now, she cradled his balls gently rolling them around her fingers, feeling them tighten under her touch.

She could hear Rachael’s muffled moans coming from behind her, Richard’ and David’s from above her. She knew her husband was close to his release, but she wanted to watch him cum. Feeling David’s fingers stroke her hair, and his hips raising to meet her hungry mouth, coupled with the moans was nearly enough to push her into her own release.

David’s thrusts were coming a little quicker now, and his hands a little more firmer on each side of his head – she decided to leave him with control for now – turning her attention back to his balls while David’s cock was sliding in and out of her moist mouth.

She moaned around his cock as she felt it swell, knowing that it time to take things back into her control again. Slowing down the pace a little, she kissed and licked the head of David’s cock again then started to stroke his shaft firmly from base to her mouth, which was still wrapped around the swollen head.

With the deep groan from above, the increased tightness of his balls she knew he was there, so she took him as quickly and deeply into her mouth as she could. Sucking his cock deeply into her mouth she felt the final swell as he started to fill her mouth with his hot cum. She took spurt after spurt, swallowing quickly so that her mouth was ready for the next load, using her tongue to coax out all that he was willing to give her.

As his body stopped its thrusting, and his breathing started to return to normal, she slowly and teasingly began to clean his cock, running her tongue around the now sensitive shaft and head, making sure she licked and kissed all that not made it down her throat.

With one last kiss to the head of his cock, she carefully put his cock out of harms way and zipped up his jeans. Turning back to the scene behind her, she found Rachael watching and slowly stroking her Husbands cock.

Reaching for Rachael she kissed her again quickly, tasting her Husband’s pre-cum on her lips, letting her taste David’s on her own mouth. With one last peck, she checked to make sure the coast was clear and climbed back into her seat above the table.

Smiling at David she licked her lips and took a sip of her drink, then comfortably leant against him as she watched the pleasure on her Husbands face as Rachael took him back into her mouth.

From her vantage point across the table, it was not long before Laura watched her Husband’s release wash over his face as he tried to stifle the groans that were threatening to escape past his lips. Leaning back in his seat, eyes closed – he finally allowed himself a satisfied sigh before he reached down to help Rachael back out from under the table. Knowing looks passed between each of them, eyes shining with anticipation as they picked their conversation back up and finished their after dinner drinks and coffee’s before heading back to their motel rooms.

Once leaving the restaurant, they walked towards their respective rooms. David and Rachael both had their own separate rooms, a few doors up from Laura and her Husband. They were both so turned on at this point that they had a little trouble with fumbling fingers as they each took a turn with the key while trying to undo buttons, pull down zippers and release their bodies from the clothing that was now frustratingly in the way.

They managed to make a few steps inside the room before her skirt was pulled up over her hips, her moist panties dropped down to her ankles and within seconds her husband bent her over the back of the sofa and quickly thrust his cock past her wet folds and deep into her over-heated pussy. They needed each other hard and fast, neither was in the mood to wait. It wasn’t long before she felt the tingle of her orgasm rise from the very tips of her toes and race across her flushed skin. Pushing herself back to meet her Husband’s thrusts, she cried out for him to fuck her harder.

“Come on fuck me, make me cum!” She screamed out to him, digging her fingers into the soft cushions of the sofa.

Hearing her cry out to him, to beg him was all Richard needed to push him over the edge. Grabbing her hips he slammed into Laura’s body one last time as the cum rose from his balls and flooded his Wife’s hot pussy. In the throes of her own orgasm, she was now clamping down around his cock milking every last drop from him.

As their knees began to buckle from the force of their release, they were quickly brought back to earth with the sound of applause. Turning to see Rachael and David standing in the doorway, all they could do was laugh as their faces turned red from feeling a little embarrassed.

“Come on you two, don’t let us interrupt anything” David laughed, as Richard quickly pulled up his pants and ushered them both into the room, making sure that this time he closed the door properly. Pointing Rachael in the direction of the mini-bar, Laura excused herself and took off for the shower.

Standing in the bathroom, she was a little surprised at the reflection of the woman that stood before her. Her skin was flushed, her hair was a mess and there was the unmistakable gleam of excitement shining in her now bright blue eyes. Stepping out of the rest of her clothes, she turned on the shower as hot as she could stand it on her skin, and slipped under the cascading water. She marvelled at the feel of her body, her breasts felt as if they were swollen and her skin was alive as the lightest touch of her fingertips sent waves of electricity throughout her body.

Lost in her thoughts and exploration of herself, she failed to hear the bathroom door open or the shower screen. The first she knew she was no longer alone was when arms reached around her and hands began to cup and caress her breasts. Naturally assuming that it was her Husband, Laura leaned back into him only to feel another pair breasts press against her back.

Laura’s heart was now racing, the increasing pace was thumping in her ears and drowning out everything except the feel of the hot water beating down on her skin, the hard nipples pressing into her back, and the hands now lovingly caressing her body. Thoughts were running rampant, as she watched Rachael’s fingers gently pinch and roll her nipples, allowing her own fingers make their first tentative reach towards another woman’s flesh.

Breaking contact with Rachael, she turned to face her sexy friend to find her eyes filled with the same passion and excitement they shown when they shared their first steamy kiss. Reaching for her, Laura wove her fingers through Rachael’s hair and pulled her closer – this time they were free to take their time, to enjoy and explore further what they had started earlier in the evening.

With one last smile to each other, they closed the last of the distance between them and pulled their bodies tightly together as they softly teased and tasted each other’s lips. Laura let out a deep moan as she felt Rachael’s tongue begin to caress her own. While her friend was exploring her mouth Laura began to caress her body; she brushed her fingertips playfully over her skin, feeling the softness and Rachael’s body arch in response.

As the kiss intensified, Laura made her first move to touch another woman’s pussy and gently she pushed her fingers through Rachael’s wet folds and into the heated treasure within. As she brushed her fingers over her swollen clit, Laura was rewarded with a deep groan from Rachael and was encouraged to explore further. Soon Rachael followed suit, and they were both now locked in a passionate embrace – their mouths locked together in a deep soul-searching kiss, their bodies pressed against one another, and both girls now had their hands exploring the most intimate of places of their best friend.

With a whimper from Laura, Rachael broke the kiss as she slowly sunk to her knees. She reached out and cupped Laura’s butt, pulling her closer, and before long Rachael’s tongue delved past the folds and found Laura’s swollen and sensitive clit. Grabbing the shower walls for support, Laura cried out as Rachael teased her with soft quick licks as she slid her fingers deep within her pussy.

Rachael began to massage Laura, her fingers exploring, feeling and teasing her while she kissed, licked and nibble Laura’s erect clit bringing her friends explosive orgasm closer and closer to the surface. Laura’s knee’s started to buckle under the strain of the sensations and emotions running wildly through her body, she felt as if she was going to be consumed by a fire-fuelled passion.

Reaching down for Rachael, Laura gently stroked her hair before tangling her fingers in her cascading locks and pulling Rachael’s head closer and pushing her mouth down harder over her swollen clit, then just as Laura thought she couldn’t possible experience any more pleasure, she felt the fleeting touch of Rachael’s teeth brush over her sensitive clit sending her into a trembling and overpowering orgasm.

Crying out for Rachael, Laura moaned through the first flood of pleasure that washed over her awakened body arching her back which in turn caused her to thrust herself harder on Rachael’s swift fingers and waiting mouth, sending more shock waves through her body.

Just as she thought she was going to collapse, Rachael stood and pulled her close to her body supporting Laura and gently caressed her, as she held her Rachael began whispering promises of things to come , telling her how much she loved the taste of her and the hopes that she would get to taste her again soon.

Sighing in deep contentment, Laura brought Rachael’s mouth down on hers, kissing her with such a passion that she didn’t know she was capable of sharing with someone else – let alone another woman. She was surprised in herself, surprised in her feelings for Rachael, and surprised in her need to show Rachael just how much she enjoyed what they had just shared.

Lost once again in the feelings of their bodies pressed tightly, their tongues dancing together, they were completely oblivious to everything around them – so much so that it took a good few seconds before either of them realised that the water in the shower had finally ran cold. With shrieks and giggles, the two girls jumped from the shower in search of towels… though as they pulled each other close they realised that they were in no need of trying to warm their bodies as their flesh was still radiating the heat of their arousal.

Finally pulling away from one another, they quickly dried themselves off before wrapping their bodies in the thick luxurious bathrobes, with one last kiss they headed back out to the boys hand in hand…The pleasure they had just shared was still clearly visible, as excitement followed by anticipation flashed through their eyes.

Taking the offered drinks from Richard, the girls sat together on the sofa. Nobody was commenting on what they had been up to during their long absence in the bathroom, and they never offered any information, but while they sat there talking, Laura thought about all that had happened this evening. She was a little shocked at what had already taken place, considering they had only been in each other’s company for a few hours, though she had to admit to herself that the time they had left and the endless possibilities kept her on the very edge of her excitement.

For a while they drank and talked about some of the things they would like to do over the next few days, ordinary things, touristy things and the girls chatted about the shopping possibilities. Further inhibitions were stripped away with each freshly poured drink, and the conversations inevitably became flirtatious and full of innuendoes again. It was bound to happen, their conversations had always been like this. (As Rachael liked to call them – Smutty) Not that any of them minded, it just seemed to be happening so much more now and Laura wondered if that was because, for one thing – they could actually act upon it, and secondly everyone was more than ready to get things moving along… but were a little unsure about where and with whom to start.

Laura glanced over at Rachael and just smiled as the guys continued to ask why they had looked so pleased with themselves, and Laura knew that they already had a good idea about what they got up to, and the growing bulges forming in their pants just proved, they knew how to and were already imagining what had taken place in the bathroom. Rachael leaned over to whisper to Laura, and through the brief exchange they had decided that it may excite the boys a little more if they showed them what had happened. Laura was quick to agree, knowing that watching her with Rachael was something that Richard had really been waiting for, so with nerves now washed away by alcohol, Laura stood up from the lounge let her robe drop and slowly sank to her knees between Rachael’s parted thighs.

All talk ceased between the guys, no one spoke, the only sound that filled the room was their breathing as they watched and waited to see what happened next. Rachael smiled down at Laura as she undone the tie holding her robe together, then opened her arms as her friend leaned in to press her body against her own. There was still a passion burning between them as their lips touched once more, with the same sensual teasing and exploring that had happened between them before. Neither of them felt any apprehension or self-consciousness now, and they way their tongues tasted, teased and caressed, it was if they had been this intimate with each other all their lives. Rachael moaned into the kiss, as she arched her body against her best friend.

Laura responded instantly, increasing the need of the kiss and running her hands down around behind Rachael and gently grabbing hold of her arse. Rachael moved willingly, as Laura moved her closer to the edge of the lounge and with her body now reclined, she broke the kiss, and Laura began to tease her way down her friends’ body, taking time to lick and gently bite Rachael’s nipples before trailing her tongue and lips down the rest of her body. The whole time Laura was exploring and tasting Rachael’s body, she was quite conscious of Richard and David behind her, and her heart raced as she heard the sounds of shuffling and zippers behind her.

As Rachael lifted her hips to meet Laura’s mouth, Richard approached the girls, his cock already hard, and needing. He stopped by his wife’s side, running his fingers down the length of her back loving the way she moved with his touch. There was no denying the pleasure he felt watching Laura tease Rachael’s clit with her tongue, and as his hand ran over her arse and his fingers went in search of her pussy – there was no denying the pleasure his wife was feeling as his fingers sunk into her wetness.

Laura moaned in pleasure and pushed back on Richards hand as his knowing fingers started to rhythmically bring her closer to her orgasm, only to groan in frustration as she felt his fingers leave her body. Looking up at her husband questioningly, she watched as he sat beside Rachael and pulled her towards him. Rachael moved towards Richard without hesitation, and while still facing and watching her friend, she slowly lowered herself onto Richards cock. She beckoned Laura towards her as she began to rise and fall on his hardness.

For a moment all Laura could do was watch as Rachael began to fuck her Husband, she knew this was going to happen, knew that this was what they all wanted – but for a time she watched with a strange detachment as her husbands hands gripped Rachael’s waist, guiding her but allowing her to set the pace. She knew exactly what it felt like, she had been in that position so many times in the past, but to actually watch someone else completely shook her for a minute. As Rachael beckoned, Laura snapped herself back into the moment and once again found herself between her friends parted thighs as she went back to teasing her clit, occasionally taking the time to lick and suck Richards balls, or caressing his cock with her tongue as Rachael rose along it’s length.

David watched the three of them lost in their passion from the sidelines for the moment, he was enjoying the scene and was, for now, quite content to watch them all lose themselves in the moment. He noticed Laura’s brief hesitation as Rachael began to ride Richard, guessing she must have realised they had completely crossed the line, and then he saw the need and the lust wash back over her face as she once again settled between Rachael’s opened thighs. The sight of the three of them was always something he wanted to experience, and ultimately be apart of and even though he was now going to get his chance he still couldn’t quite believe it.

The only thing that distracted him from his thoughts and self appointed role of voyeur was when his eyes caught the movement of Laura’s arse as she moved in time with the pace set by Rachael. Knelt between Rachael’s thighs, David wondered if Laura knew or was very much unaware of the invitation she was sending to him – he doubted that she had even thought about it, and with that he decided it was an invitation he could no longer ignore.

Moving from his vantage point, he crossed the room to the trio smiling at Rachael as she watched his approach, and within seconds he was kneeling behind Laura and could have almost sunk his cock into her. From his position, he could now see just how wet and ready Laura was – but he was looking forward to touching her, to feeling her skin under his fingertips and unable to wait any longer he hands began to caress thighs, which she then immediately parted for him.

Trying to ignore how much closer his cock was to her; He ran his hands over her arse enjoying the feel of her flesh, before continuing along her sides and finally grabbing her shoulders. He could hear Laura’s moans as he began to caress her neck and back, and was enthralled with the way her body moved towards his touch as if trying to anticipate his fingers next move. Lost in his exploration of her he did not noticed her pushing herself back towards him, and as Laura pushed herself over his cock, all he could do was groan and grip her hips and he felt her pussy contract around him.

They both held still once he was completely enveloped in her warm depths, until David let out a long sigh as he began to withdraw his cock from her, revelling in the feeling of her pussy trying to draw him back in. He had not even thought that they would take things this far, and here he was now buried deep inside her, lost in the pleasure of her body caressing his cock each time he withdrew and pushed back into her again.

Laura was taken aback by the sensations flooding her body. Every time one wave of emotion and pleasure washed over her, there was a new one flowing quickly behind it, she felt like she was going to drown in them if she didn’t hang onto something… and she was loving every minute of it. She felt David’s fingers grip into her hips tighter, and his thrusting became more determined and more controlled as Laura pushed back to meet him every stroke. She was moving closer and closer to her release, but soon found that concentrating at the task at hand, or rather her tongue, pushed it back a little under the surface.

The once silent room was now full of groans and the sound of skin on skin, the smell of sex was in the air and it only heightened the feeling of passion and lust for the four of them. As David and Laura settled into rhythm, he let the sights and sounds as well as the pleasure wash over him. He had the best place in the house right now, everything was happening right before his eyes, he saw and felt it all. Finding it harder and harder to keep control, he knew it was not going to be long before he came, he didn’t think it was going to be too long before one of them started the chain reaction that would explode through all of them.

Rachael had increased her pace and was grinding herself onto Richards cock, as he alternated between kneading her tits or pinching her nipples and reaching down to caress his wife’s head as Laura tried to keep focused on Rachael’s clit and her husbands balls. But with the increased pace and the urging for Richard to fuck her harder, Rachael was the first one to give into her orgasm, she cried out in the pleasure of it and gripped Laura’s head, keeping her friend’s mouth locked on her clit.

Laura never resisted her friends fingers, now hooked in her hair she just kept working Rachael’s clit, as she tasted her cum on her tongue for the first time. Before Laura could even think about what she tasted like, she heard her husband groan out his release and she tasted his cum mixed with Rachael’s as he filled her pussy with load after load of hot cum. Richard soon held Rachael tight down on his cock, stopping her movements as they both tried to catch their breath. After a few moments, Rachael moved from his lap and curled up beside him on the lounge, giving Laura unrestricted access to her Husband’s cock.

David watched as Laura took Richards cock completely into her mouth, and was reminded of how good her mouth had felt earlier in the evening. Richard laid back his head and closed his eyes, sighing in satisfaction as his Wife began to clean his and Rachael’s cum from his cock.

Laura revelled in the taste of them both, and as she moaned around her Husbands cock, she heard David groan from behind her as he began to really fuck her now. She gripped onto Richards thighs for support, and pushed back to meet him again and again. Richard looked down at his wife, her tousled hair falling around his lap, her skin flushed with arousal as another man fucked her, and it surprised him as he felt the stirrings of his own arousal again. Reaching down, he began to caress his wife’s back and shoulders, his fingers trailing the beads of sweat running across her heated skin. He knew she was close to cumming, he could hear it through her muffled moans, and see it in the way she pushed back onto David’s cock that she had held back as long as she could.

Lifting Laura’s head from his lap, he pulled her gaze to his and for the first time since this had started they spoke.

“Tell David what you what him to do”

Laura’s gaze never left his as she told him.

“I want him to fuck me harder… I want to feel him cum” she said just above a murmur.

Richard smiled down at his wife, leant down to kiss her and whispered to her.

“Tell him”

Looking straight into her Husband’s eyes, she told David what she wanted, she begged him.

“Fuck me David please!! I want to feel you cum”

She cried out as David’s fingers dug into her hips a little deeper, and moaned into her husband’s mouth as he kissed her again, the suddenly she felt the soft touch of Rachael’s fingers on her clit, she couldn’t hold back anymore. Laura gave over to the pleasure consuming her body, she didn’t know where one sensation stopped and another began. There was three sets of hands teasing her body, as well as David’s cock and her Husbands mouth. Her body tensed as her orgasm shook her, her fingers digging into Richard’s thighs as she tried to steady herself.

Hearing Laura cum was almost enough to finish David, he thought he was doing so well in holding on, until he felt her pussy tighten around his cock. Each time her body shook with the force of her orgasm, he was held tight within her hot pussy and the feeling of it was more than David could take. Laura and David were moaning in unison, as he came. He pulled her to him as his completely filled her, shot after shot of hot cum flooded her as she kept cumming on his cock.

Still lost in the aftermath of her orgasm, Laura was only vaguely aware of what was going on around her, she heard Rachael talking to Richard, and she felt him move out from under her and leave the lounge. She felt David begin to move behind her, and she just moved with him, she didn’t really have the energy, or the mind to move anywhere at that moment.

David, still completely in awe of what had just happened between them all, wasn’t quite ready to give up the feeling of Laura’s still shuddering pussy around his cock. Slowly he began to fall back on his heels, and he moved his hands around to Laura’s waist so that he could gently pull her with him. She relaxed against him as his lips found her neck, and sighed as his hands came around to cup her breasts and pull her closer to him.

Before Laura even had the chance to wonder where Richard had run off to, he was back with a tray of drinks and some food, and with a smile on his face and a wink he started to hand out the drinks.

“I don’t know about you three, but I need a good drink and something to eat before we go again”
…friendly, erotic and funloving sex – definitely the way to go.