A lonely wife

When I arrived Pam was already in a bath robe and obviously had just got out of the shower. As soon as the door was closed that fell away and she greeted me completely naked and kissed me so passionately I was dragging my clothes off as we kissed.

In less than a minute I had my cock deep inside her fucking her hard on the bare floor. She came almost immediately, and her moans were of a woman that was enjoying the release of her bodily pent up emotions and frustrations. Pam’s orgasm was fantastic and possibly better than many I have had with some of the women in the ring. She let months of pent up emotions release and really let herself go. I could not believe it was only the day before we had done the same thing but this time it was just so much better. Yesterday she hadn’t been able to relax but she had achieved two orgasms with me. Today she was at home and relaxed and confident we could make love and she didn’t have to worry. Also she had the knowledge and confidence in me to treat her well and with respect. This time she really wanted it and let it all out.

Both of us took a few minutes to recover. It had been a fast urgent and furious fuck and she was still wet from the shower. It had been instantaneous and spontaneous I had not even had time to roll the condom on.

After that we picked up our clothes and she said you can take them to the bedroom. I realized I still had my sox on. Then we went into the lounge, the two us totally naked and she poured me a drink.

Pam started to talk and then she said “oh hell” and noticed she was beginning to leak a bit from my load of hot cum I had filled her with . It was obvious as I could see it slowly creeping down the insides of her thighs. She stood up to obviously get something to wipe herself with.

“I said stay there, don’t move”, and I put my drink down and walked over and held her and we kissed again.

She gave herself to me completely and the kissing became very passionate as out tongues intertwined and my cock became erect and was squeezed between us as we pressed our bodies together as if we were trying to get inside each other. My cum still continued to leak from her.

She whispered as she felt it between us. ’God I miss that, you are my savior’.

Gradually I began to ease the passion from our lips and I began to slowly kiss her ears, neck and then slip down to her breasts. They were on the small side but hard and firm and a beautiful slight uplift with the nipples proudly displayed at the top of each breast. I held each one in my hands and kissed her nipples. They were hard and red and her areola a dark maroon color. I flicked then with my tongue, sucked gently and rubbed and squeezed each one between my lips. Then I gently applied pressure to each nipple with my teeth, lightly biting each one. She shivered with the sensation I was giving her.

“Oh god she said I will come on the spot if you keep that up”

Then I moved down to her belly button. She shivered with the exquisite pleasure as each of her erogenous zones reacted to my lips and she shivered at times with the pleasure and excitement of my attentions.
After her belly button I quickly slid down to the apex of her beautifully shaped legs. There in the mound of hair that she had, was her now soaking wet cunt, the scent of her after her shower and our sex was magnificent. I put my hands up and held hers as I slipped my tongue down to her now quivering vagina. She had opened her legs a little and I started to lick the baby juice that was now beginning to drip in strings from within her.

Pam asked ‘what are you doing?’

“cleaning up the residue of our passion”.

That was enough to turn her tap on and her love juices mixed with my semen began flowing from the opening of her vagina, her labia wet and shiny with the wonderful mix of our sex juices. It wasn’t the first time I had done this so I was accustomed to the taste of my cum mixed with the exquisite female love nectar. I began to lick and suck her clean.

She moaned with the pleasure my tongue gave her as I licked at the opening and down the insides of her thighs.

I pulled her down to the floor and she lay back lifted her knees and I gently spread her legs to open her wide and make her vagina look like the cup of Venus, her juices were really flowing and filled it to the brim of lovemaking mix. Having spread her legs wide I devoured every drop that I could from her.

She pressed herself to meet my busy tongue and lips. I used my fingers to open her cunt even wider and view the internal parts of her which form part of the sensual center of a woman’s pleasure.

Before me lay one of the most beautiful sights I had seen. A mature and beautifully formed vagina surrounded with magnificent labia lips. These were partially hidden within her crop of what was once maiden hair. Now her pubic region was fully grown and perfectly proportioned. Her hair was short and strong, but not manicured; I decided that I would make plans to beautify that too. Her inner lips were small but firm and not protruding beyond the outer lips, absolutely perfect in my eyes. At the apex was the pod of pleasure all women are born with and is awoken later in life. It provides them with the sensual pleasure of orgasm. Her clitoris was small but already slightly protruding from its sheath. I could tell that she had orgasm’d recently as the pod was scarlet with excitement and engorged with b***d as a penis is when erect. It was ready and waiting for its next sensual arousal which was not far off.

I was totally engrossed with its beauty and looked at her opening and admired its magnificent appearance. I prepared her for the final clean up and lifted each cheek of her petite little ass in both my hands then spread her legs even wider and lifted each leg over my shoulders. In this position I had complete control over the access I wanted to her magnificent vagina.

Now I was ready and pressed my mouth to her wide open cavern, sucked her gently, swallowed her sweet nectar of love juice mixed with my semen, and then licked her dry. I used both hands to lift the small firm cheeks of her ass up off the floor and she pulled her legs back over her head to expose her tight tiny pink ass hole and ran my tongue around that and ringed her.

She murmured gently as that happened as she obviously gained a lot of pleasure from my attention.

I returned to her slit and licked and rubbed my tongue over her clit. She lowered her legs to rest on my shoulders. The treatment I was giving her was all too much for this wonderful obviously sex starved young wife. A complete waste on her husband obviously as he had never aroused her sensuality this level. She couldn’t control herself and immediately I felt the emotion in her busting forth I covered her with my mouth again as she had an extremely physical orgasm. She was extremely vocal, sort of making funny sounds that were unintelligible but were sounds of exquisite pleasure she was enjoying. I had difficulty keeping my mouth on her as she bucked her pelvis about getting purchase from her legs still over my shoulders and I sucked her juices into my mouth and swallowed them. I could get drunk on the scent and taste of this woman – she was a virtual virgin as far as sexual experience was concerned, even after my initial experience with her. After I had finished her off I lowered her cheeks back down to the floor. Even the feel of the skin on the firm and small cheeks of her ass were sensual to me.

‘That has never happened to me before, that is without doubt the most exquisite experience I have ever had.”

I lifted my mouth off her and said “be prepared for it to happen more often, its one of my really special treats for really special girls like you”.

“I have never experienced oral sex before Dale never even mentioned it’, she said.

“I said well that was just a taste of what’s to come”.

“Pam said I couldn’t believe you could do that, I must smell terrible after I you cum in me”.

I replied “ well there was a very slight scent of a woman and the mixture of love juice, sweat and semen all mixed together. I loved it. I have done that often so I know what its like and I never get tired of it. It’s a wonderful sex cocktail using exquisite ingredients and comes in a cup unlike anything else in the world”.

She had showered and I had already cum in her and I had often licked women out after I had cum in them, so to me she was perfectly normal.

“There is some gardening to do down there I would prefer you with shorter and less hair, have you ever shaved yourself.”

“It never entered my head and I haven’t seen another women’s private parts since I was in college”.

“Well that’s something else I can do for you another day”

“No – Today please” she said – “I want you to make me beautiful and perfect for you.”

By now I was ready to finish my drink from the glass – that is, and I helped her to her feet and we both sat together on her lounge beautifully naked.

While we are doing nothing, I asked, why don’t I do some gardening and make that little Garden of Eden look more beautiful than it is.

She went to her bedroom and returned with a women’s razor that she used on her legs and a pack of new blades. I asked for scissors too. I proceeded to cut her hair short to about a few millimeters and then asked if she had shaving cream and she went and got some from the cabinet in the bathroom that her husband uses. I lathered her pubic hair up and then we talked about what shape she would like and she informed me it was mine to do what I wanted with and I suggested a heart shape. She giggled and said “I can’t wait”.

I proceeded to shave her hair into a perfect heart shape and she loved it.
“If Dale came home now he could only be impressed but would want to know who else has seen it. I may have to let I grow out before he comes home”. I spent about 20 minutes shaving her and she was a smooth as a babies bottom when I had finished and it looked beautiful and she was extremely pleased with its appearance.

“How long have you been married”

“7 months, and I was a virgin on my wedding day. I can’t believe I have come to this so soon. My husband has had a couple of girl friends at college and had sex with them but I was very naive when we married. My mother would die if she knew what I was doing with you”.

I replied “as you can see most of the women have affairs while their men are away and they are doing the same overseas. I know my mother and father all are involved in the ring we are in. I have even had sex with a woman who admitted she has had sex with my father and is totally amused by the fact his son now fucks her. My mother has some of the men around when she thinks I don’t know, as well as being in the ring. I know what the smell of sex is like and I have smelled it in our house quite a bit. Dora who runs the ring has got to be careful she makes sure my mother won’t be available or invited if she has me there. Incest is one thing I don’t think I could handle, particularly my own mother. I said I bet your husband has tried the local girls wherever he is”.

Pam said “I can read between the lines and I think his whole crew is having affairs. I know what he is like before we were married and now he has forgotten he is married to me and has gone back to his single ways. When we realized he would be posted overseas we married and thought we may start a c***d before he leaves. Unfortunately I didn’t fall pregnant before he left. Now I am glad.

I asked her “are you on the pill, if you aren’t then I could have you pregnant already”.

Pam smiled at me and said – “I wish” – “but when I was told about the ring I immediately went bank onto them again, just in case. Dora said most of the men use condoms because they are the rules of the ring but a few want it without, and Dora told me being young they would pressure me to do it unprotected. Dora also told me how powerful those men are and she said I don’t mean physically, they pull rank on wives as well as their men.”.

I told her that I put a few noses out of joint because I am fucking their wives, and being so young the older women really but some demands on me at times. Also my father being the colonel and also uses the women there has a few of the men a bit worried.

As I finished my drink Pam asked me “would you like another one”.
I said “yes but not out of a glass, I prefer the exquisite pink cup of yours”.

She laughed “come on lets do this in comfort” and she took my hand pulled me to my feet and led me to her bedroom.

This time we took our time about actually getting it together. We hugged and kissed and I played with her breasts and fingered he vagina lightly. She let out little murmurs of pleasure as I touched sensitive spots like her nipples, G spot and clitoris.

A I continued to stimulate her she told me “I have never done this with Dale, we always just have sex. He and I have never really had the time to really spend time working out what sex is all about. We enjoyed the intimate side of intercourse and that’s what made us happy so that’s all we did”.

Not remembering she told me the day before when I asked “do you orgasm regularly when you fuck with him?”

She blushed a little and said “No – never, I only orgasm masturbating and I have been doing that more and more since he left. It was only when Dora suggested I come over one day I found out what happens there and it was month before I got the courage to go. In fact it was Dora who told me about you coming yesterday and that I was young like you and we just might click.
I was shaking when I arrived and when I met you I relaxed a bit and realized it was going to be easier to say yes than I thought. I couldn’t say no. Now I am the happiest woman alive. Little did I know you would take me over the moon and back, and last night all I could think of was you, and I masturbated three times as I thought of having you make love to me again”.

“I said lets not waste any more time lets just have a normal fuck and then we will see what we can do to add a bit of variety to it”.

I got up and rolled over onto her as she opened her legs and drew her knees up ready for me to enter her, she was soaking wet with the pleasure I had been working her up to with my fingers.

“I haven’t asked, how do I compare in size to your husband”.

You are about the same, he is 7inches and about as thick.

“I am just over 7 so it won’t be much different”.

It is already different, what we did yesterday was completely different to having sex with Dale. I had more pleasure with you yesterday despite being scarred stiff, than I have had with him in 7 months. With him we just have sex; with you its more than that, it’s great. I can’t wait to feel you inside me again”.

I then positioned myself and she looked down as I guided my hot cock into her warm and inviting vagina. I had to admit she was great, she was warm, wet and tight. Most of the women in the ring are well used and are nowhere near as tight as she is. Many have had kids. I could feel the head of my cock finding it way deep inside her, and as I like to do when I am right up tight and into her as far as I can go, I rest and let the woman adjust to the sensation of having a cock deep inside her. I watched her face as I slid my cock slowly all the way in. At first she sort of bit her lip then realized I wasn’t going to hurt her going in. Then I could feel her sensing the feeling of my cock going in slowly, she squeezed her vaginal muscles as I went in a couple of times, and I smiled at her acknowledging her action, she didn’t say anything but just smiled back with a look of concentration on her face as if to say I am not going to miss one second of this.

Once I was right in and my balls were up tight against her beautiful firm tight ass and her legs were over my arms, I was pressing my entire body to hers.

She whispered to me, “I am in heaven I have never ever felt the sensation before while being penetrated, that was wonderful, I felt you every fraction all the way in and now that feeling of having you deep inside me, being able to feel it and knowing what it is and what we are doing is almost enough to make me cum. It is one of the most erotic feelings I have had. I never feel like this with Dale, he goes in and he starts to fuck me up and down and in a couple of minutes he cums and then pulls out and I am left in a state of what was that all about. With you I know you appreciate what I am giving you. You take care to make sure it’s a pleasure for me as well as yourself. Dale has never looked and smiled at me as he has entered me. He has never made it feel wonderful as if the two of us were making love, he was just fucking me, it was a bit like that to me yesterday but even then you seemed to make sure I was getting some pleasure from what we were doing. I didn’t want to cum yesterday because I felt what we were doing was not love making but just having fun and sex. Then I realized I was enjoying you fucking me like I had never enjoyed sex before and I let it go and had two wonderful orgasms.

I enjoyed myself yesterday more than I have ever done with Dale and you had no idea who I was and what my feelings were, but you cared. Last night I lay her naked and relived the twice you did it with me and I thought I have never enjoyed it like that and I didn’t really know you. I masturbated myself twice again and remembered how I had my orgasms with you, as my fingers quickly took me to my climax again. Last night the climaxes came easier than I can ever remember. I knew then I wanted you again more and more”.

“lets forget the talk”, I said “now I want to show you some tricks”

I proceeded to rub my cock around and move it in and out and then take it right out and slide it up and down her slit outside and generally work my cock in and around her cunt and clit just to make the sensation different and pleasurable for her.

She was now giving herself to me and she was reacting and actually joining in and making some moves herself.

It didn’t take long and she said “I can’t hold it back any longer” and she began the spasms of orgasm and I fucked her hard and fast. Her body shook and bounced as I pounded my cock hard and fast into her now hot cunt full of pleasure. She grunted with each spasm of her orgasm. Our bodies slapped together and made loud slapping noises as I drove my body down hard and into her. Her breast bounced about even as hard as they are and I worked myself up to another orgasm a fraction behind her. In fact my delay caused her to linger in the spasm of orgasm a little longer, although not quite long enough for a multiple orgasm, that would be something else when it happened. The feeling was fantastic as my cock emptied my load of hot sperm into her warm wet and exciting cunt. I felt great, then collapsed on top of her again, she really has me working harder than most women mainly because doing it with her is so much more enjoyable and she is younger and not experienced so actually gets her self physically involved as much as I do.

She is magnificent. As I lay there and could feel her heart beating I could also see the b***d vessels in her neck pulsating. We were both out of breath.
“I have never been this buggered after fucking before” she said; you are going to k**l me, and what a death it will be.

I suppose I was lying with her for a few minutes and it was wonderful, I could smell the sweat on her and knew she could possibly smell mine, even though I use a deodorant. Getting that hot and sweaty and the physical exercise releases an animal smell that is erotic I find. Once I had my senses back I immediately went down on her again and licked my cum out of her and once more she couldn’t control herself and came again.

Once she recovered, she said “this is becoming very one sided. You have done that to me twice now and I have not responded to you at all. Teach me what I have to do to give you the same pleasure, I want to have my virgin cock sucking experience”.

“Are you sure”, I said as I smiled at her.

“She said I have never been this hot before and I am enjoying it and want to be involved fully and do everything it is possible to do”.

“Well then, I am not going to try and talk you out of this. One thing we need to sort out first is when I cum are you prepared to have it in your mouth or would you prefer me to pull out and masturbate it out and cum all over you”.

“Look you are prepared to take your own semen out of me as well as the juice I make then I will do it completely. I will be fascinated to taste it as I have heard various reports about it. I think I can do it without making a fool of myself”.

I said “a lot of girls gag on it the first time, once I have cum I won’t be upset if you spit it out or whatever else you do. I know it’s new to you, and some girls spit and others swallow. I will tell you when I am about to cum, and like I said, whatever you do I can live with. I have been involved in every set of circumstances so you won’t be doing anything new for me”.

“I am ready now teach me!”.

Ok I said now let me explain first then we can get down to it.

“First the guys cock is a god and you have to worship it. You have to treat it as an absolute ‘to die for’ object. You just don’t put a cock in your mouth and move it up and down and expect you will be the worlds best cock sucker. You have to involve your hands, your lips, and your tongue, some girls can deep throat but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves”.

“I prefer a girl to take my cock in her hand then place her mouth over it. I assume you have looked carefully and studied your husbands cock; mine won’t be much different unless he is not circumcised”.

She said “he is, and the pair of you looks much the same to me”.

The head of it called the glans. The ring around the glans where it joins the shaft is the most sensitive. It’s called the corona, like a cigar.

I was hard and my cock was standing out.

“Let me have a closer look at yours, I have always been too embarrassed to try and play and look at Dales. I am beginning to like this so I won’t be embarrassed with you, as I know it’s happened to you plenty of times”.

I lay on the bed and she leaned over me, her tits pointing down looking magnificent.

She got down between my legs and I could feel her hot breath on my cock, she was that close.

She took it in her hand and said “Oh God it looks beautiful, and I can now see where the circumcision has been done. There is a ring where the skin has healed. When did you have it done?”

“It was done the day I was born, lets start you can start licking it with the tip of your tongue along the shaft from the bottom to the top”.

She did exactly as she was told holding it and licking it.

“Ok that’s the first stage, so you can practice that and I said while you are at it I won’t mind if you hold and fondle my balls in the process. They get into this act as well. Ok I can feel your tongue and notice when it hits the corona it jumps a bit, because it’s touchy and I like it.”

She said “just like my nipples”; and I said exactly.

“After you have done that a few times you can put your mouth over it. As you start just close your lips softly and slide them over the glans, and slide then down the shaft. Don’t just start sucking”.

She opened her mouth and said “I didn’t realize it’s so technical”.

“Now you can use your tongue to lubricate it and then firm your lips up and take the top of it into your mouth like it was a lollypop. That’s perfect I said as she followed my instructions perfectly. Now start sliding your lips up and down, there is no need to really suck on it but a little suction is ok if you want to. She had followed my instruction to the letter. Perfect I said – you are a pro. Now as you use your lips I won’t mind if you gently rub your hand up and down and masturbate me at the same time as you suck on it, gently, gently. She took a couple of goes to get her hand and mouth coordinated.

“That’s not as easy as it sounds”

“You are going well, I love it”.

Then she giggled and took her mouth off me and said “it’s not easy to talk and do this at the same time either”, and before I could answer she was back over me and getting the rhythm back again.

“Don’t forget my balls will you, and now she had one hand on my shaft, one on my balls and my cock in her mouth. Perfect.

“You are going great you have it completely at your mercy. I suggest a little more attention to the head with your tongue particularly around the rim and over the top. I guess there is some pre cum flowing but you will find it pretty tasteless, but you may feel the fluid”.

She nodded without taking it out.

“That is the epitome of sucking, now you have got all the movements right its just practice now. From now on you can improvise and do things you like with it but always come back to the basics. Move the cock around in your mouth, squeeze it and feel the difference in it as you lick and suck. You can take it out and lick it again whenever you want play with it with your fingers and pop it back in and use your tongue over it like before. Slap it on your tongue just have fun with it and fondle my balls gently. I will lay back and let you have some practice and I will enjoy it. After a few minutes I will go into what happens when I am about to cum. But I wont do it until I have told you what to do and expect”.

She took my cock out again and said “I haven’t had so much fun with a toy for ages, it’s wonderful”.

“I don’t know what your husband will say when he comes back and you give him the benefit of your instruction”.

“She said now that’s something else I will have to worry about when it happens. She said I am making a sauce for you too, I am gushing down below”.

“Good — I will need a drink when this is over”.

She practiced for a few minutes and I began to feel my balls working on a load of cum so I said “now let’s talk about cumming. Again if you want to take it out at the last minute I won’t mind”.

She said “I am sure I can take it, I really want to believe me”.

“Now, some girls like the cock to be well down their throat when I cum, so the cum goes pretty well straight down their throat and they don’t get much in their mouth, others like it all in their mouth before they swallow. If you are going to take it deep into your mouth be careful, if my cock hits the back of your throat you will gag on it. It’s like having a finger down your throat”.

“I think I will be getting it in my mouth first”.

“Generally guys like you to be slipping your mouth up and down as they cum like you are milking them with your lips. After I have filled your mouth, you can usually tell when I have finished as my cock goes a little bit softer. Some even feel my cum spurting into their mouth, I guess I spurt three or four times then it dribbles out. I don’t usually count them. Whether you swallow it all at once or take gulps is up to you. Once I have stopped cumming then you can squeeze my cock up and milk all my cum out. Sucking doesn’t get it out.”

“Now it’s up to you how long you want to play and practice, I can control myself pretty well but if I start cumming I will let you know in plenty of time”.

Pam worked on me trying various things and I was telling her the way I enjoy girls giving it to me but she could improvise anything she wished. She often took me out and asked a question or asked me how I was enjoying what ever she was doing. She learned without me telling her, looking up at me with my cock in her mouth was very erotic and I loved it when she smiled at me with my cock in her mouth.

After a while she said “my cheeks are getting a bit tired from the sucking bit”.

I told her sucking is not everything, it is better to suck gently and not too hard and use your lips and tongue to provide most of the pleasure together with your hand.

I began to get ready for my orgasm, she had been rubbing the rim of my glans with her tongue and that got me ready. “I will tell you a second or so before I blow” I said.

She went right down and proved I had taught her well.

I was about 2 seconds away from cumming and I gasped “get ready” – She looked up at me and our eyes met her hand softly fondled my balls and I couldnt control myself – I released a load of cum that you could have floated a boat in.

She had her lips just over the top of my cock, the head just past her lips or teeth and I shot it hard and fast into her warm wet mouth. She continued to fondle my balls beautifully and this helped me have a great orgasm. I could tell the sensation of having a cock full of cum in her mouth was something she would probably not wanted a day or so ago but now she was ready.
She sucked and swallowed once, then twice. She had her first taste of me and cum.

When she felt me wilting she took my cock out of her mouth and said “look”.
Pam opened her mouth and showed me she still had a mouthful of my cum and was swirling it around in her mouth. It was a very erotic moment for me and she was having a ball. As she did it a drop slipped out of her mouth and down onto her breast. She swallowed and said “sorry I am wasting it’.
I replied “There is plenty more where that came from”.

I said “Come up here you little vixen and kiss me – don’t swallow just yet”.

We kissed and my tongue found my cum on hers and in her mouth. For a moment we shared the milk of my body between us.

Then she had to swallow and she devoured all that I had given her and licked her lips.

“Oh my god” she said “that is the weirdest thing I have ever done. I would never have believed you could do that. You have made a complete whore out of me, I said I love it, does doing it like that have a name?”.

I said “that’s what is called snowballing, taking cum from your mouth to mine”.

We lay together for ages after that as she was engrossed with the depravity of what we had done. Oral sex to her was something only whores did.

“Not really” I told her “it is a wonderful way to enjoy sex with your partner equally as well as intercourse. Most people do it – some more than others, some girls swallow, some spit and other won’t take it at all, and their guys usually ejaculate it over their face or body”.

She asked me about my experiences, “ I said every woman in the ring swallows, but I have been with a few girls who spit, and one or two who won’t take it at all and I have to masturbate it out. I don’t mind either way as I enjoy he oral part and cumming is just another phase. I admit I prefer swallowing but that’s the girl’s decision”.

“I am glad I never met you when I was 18 you would have made me a real whore by now”.

“Its not too late – you can whore with me any time”. “I hate to say this but I haven’t met and enjoyed a woman like you ever before either. I know you are married and it’s against the rules to say it at the ring, but I could love you like nobody else”.

She shivered and held me tightly and said “I know I love you for what you do to me. I said now forget we said that”.

I said “when your husband comes home this will stop unless you can convince him to join the ring”.

“I have already decided, I am not going to join the ring. I don’t want anybody to spoil the relationship we have. I could not make love or have sex with those men now. It makes me sick just thinking of having them as old as they are over me, shoving their cock into me that has been shoved into half a dozen women before me. While I have you, I want to keep you to myself, if you don’t mind. I have no control over my feelings at the moment you and your penis has me totally consumed with desire”.

“I shouldn’t say this but I hope your husband stays overseas for ever. What you have, and can give me in future, would satisfy me for life. I know we are just going to be more and more consumed with the sexual side of our relationship. I have had many women but I have never had one as nice as you”.
I continued “there is one thing however – I don’t want to leave the ring just yet, if you can bear for me to continue with them for a while until I can ease myself out, I will be yours for as long as we can be together”.

She laughed and said “it’s on one condition – and that is you tell me who you fucked and what it was like each time. I want to know just how much I need to improve to capture you for myself alone”.

“I promise”.

Pam went on “Then there is one more thing, I know you use condoms with most of them, but I know some women don’t like them, so I want you to promise me you will always use one with any other woman you go with. I am prepared to have unprotected sex with you and do whatever you want, but I don’t want to be exposed to STD’s”.

“I promise”

I told her I knew their husbands have stuck their cocks into some exotic foreign cunts and a few have already come back with STD’s. The ring always insist upon STD checks on both men and their women once they come back before they can rejoin and the base hospital is running regular checks for them all the time. There is no stigma on most bases for having those tests done, everybody knows what goes on. My guess is that at least 75% of women on these bases have had extra marital affairs. The rings are on every base and they are the hard cases, and that not more than 10 or 15% of the women would be in them. That leaves a lot of women I know, but these are possibly sharing themselves with one or two other guys. There are at least 5 rings on this base alone that I know of. Also the kids on the bases are as promiscuous as their parents if not more so. I have spent all my life on bases and for 7 of them I have been very heavily involved sexually with kids of all ages, some as young as 13.

Pam asked me “who is the youngest girl you have slept with”

I told her she was 13 and I was 15 It was gang bang of 8 guys and she wanted more.

“Hell I am never going to have kids while he is in the service. They will all end up like me”.

I said “that’s most unlikely, you are something special”.

We spent the next six hours fulfilling every position in the sex manual we could fit into the time we had. After that she said I am too sore to do it any more today lets leave a few for tomorrow.

We showered again together and when we came back to the bedroom the room smelled of our sex. I said “well there is no doubt about what we have been doing.”

She commented she had never smelled sex like that before. “Do I smell like that?”.

“No, that’s the result of hours of our lovemaking, sweating and cumming”.

“I hope so – I would hate for me to be like that when you go down on me.”

“You taste of honey – and beautiful”.

Together we cooked and ate a meal – still totally naked. After that we watched TV for a while and then went to bed to sleep. The two of us slept together until about 3 am when we had a parting fuck and I snuck home to my own bed. I can’t wait for tomorrow now.

On my way home I thought about the two of us and that if she was not married she would make me a wonderful wife.

Three months later and after untold lovemaking sessions and me spending many nights in her bed with her, she had informed her husband she was leaving him. It seems he already knew about us and whilst he was unhappy at losing her – he had not appreciated her for what she was.

A year later when he returned, having extended his posting – he informed her he had a c***d by a woman overseas and would be bringing her home.

A sort of happy ending – I know ours was and is. She and I can still make love every day and often do. Her husband has been reposted and we never see or hear from him.