Why Aren’t You in Uniform 1.

Clete decided to stop for a sandwich. It was 7:30 in the evening and
he had been hungry for an hour. The downtown area was suffering from
urban decay, but there were several delicatessens Clete liked in the
area. The one on B street always seemed to make outstanding sandwiches
so Clete pulled in there.

Inside the rock music was blasting from the stereo. There was only one
other customer in the whole place. There were two college age girls
looking quite bored behind the counter, and a guy at the end making

Clete looked sharp. He was wearing a brand new uniform. He always had
his uniforms tailored so they looked just right. Although a month shy
of his 41’st birthday, Clete’s hair was still thick and dark. His body
showed just a hint of a belly, but otherwise he looked very fit. With
yesterday’s haircut and today’s shoe shine, Clete looked sharp.

Clete looked at the two girls at the counter. The taller of the two was
an absolute attention-grabber. She had thick dark brown hair, blue eyes,
and a tight T shirt that showed off her flat abdomen and breasts which
were noteworthy for size, shape and firmness (Clete loved to categorize
his thoughts). In fact Clete focused so much on her, that he didn’t
even notice the other girl.

He ordered his sandwich and a cup of coffee. While waiting he struck
up a conversation with the girls. They seemed quite friendly and a
bit taken by his appearance. Clete focused his attention on the
taller one, almost ignoring the other (a move he would later regret).
Clete fantasized in his mind what it would be like to hold her in his
arms, to feel her waist, her hips, her smooth skin, and her firm full
breasts. In his mind he featured her open response to his masculine
touch. He admired her beauty and her youth. The mental picture was
growing into a full-blown X-rated fantasy when he was startled by the
radio on his belt squawked, “7 Adam 23, 25, 27 and 29 you are all
clear for Code-7”. Clete said, “7 Adam 29, 10-4″ into the radio. He
then told the girls it was time for him to go eat. He paid for his
food, then drove away in his black-and-white to go enjoy his meal.

Clete returned to the deli several times in the next month. Each time
he hoped the taller one would wait on him. He learned her name was
Marianne. As he spoke with Marianne he realized she was extremely
immature. He decided not to ask her out, even though her appearance
was outstanding. He was twice her age and their worlds were too far
apart. It was clear from the look on Marianne’s eye that she was just
waiting for Clete to ask her out. Clete’s trips to the deli became
less frequent, after he gave up on Marianne without even one date.

One night Clete had to work overtime. Several of the guys on the late
night shift had called-in sick with the flu. Clete made a stop at the
deli at 11 P.M. for a cup of coffee to carry him through the late
hours. Marianne wasn’t there, but the other girl was. She told him
Marianne had quit, dropped-out of college and moved away.

Clete realized he had never known her name. They spoke briefly while
he got his coffee. He asked her name. She said it was Becky. Becky
had thick, curly dark brown hair and green eyes. She was about 5’1”,
and thin build, bordering on too-thin. Clete guessed she weighed
90 lbs. She had small breasts and a nicely curved butt, shown off by
her jeans. Clete hadn’t even given her a thought while noticing
Marianne. Now he looked and decided her appearance was so-so. At 6’3,
he felt he was too tall, etc., etc.

A couple weeks later Clete was on patrol when he received a call of
a disturbance at the B Street Deli. Dispatch assigned the call to 7
Adam 29, Clete.

Clete liked working downtown, even though the area had lots of problems.
It certainly wasn’t the kind of area where most people would want to

Clete arrived before the back-up officer. He went inside and saw that
a crazed looking man was knocking things down, screaming nonsense,
and creating quite a mess. Clete had a lot of experience talking to
crazies, and felt real confident about this one. Clete spoke with the
man for about 10 minutes. Clete was able to persuade the man to
surrender, and to get into the black-and-white for the ride to the
mental health hospital. Clete was able to do it all without any
struggle. Clete didn’t even notice Becky was watching him intently
during the whole episode.

After Clete had the man secured in the patrol car, he returned inside
and asked who had phoned for the police. Becky said she was the one.
Clete welcomed the chance to speak with her. He enjoyed taking her
statement but found himself asking irrelevant questions, just to
prolong the conversation with her. After concluding the interview
of Becky, he took the man to the hospital.

Later that night Clete was driving past a coffee house. It was a
place frequented by young people. Clete didn’t go in there because
he felt too old, and besides he didn’t understand all the varied
flavor drinks they served. To Clete all that mattered was “black
coffee”. As Clete drove by he saw a number of people outside. In
that group he saw Becky. He also saw a man he had arrested several
times. This was the kind of guy who hated anybody wearing a dark
blue uniform. Clete couldn’t resist the temptation. He stopped to
talk to Becky. That way this man couldn’t help but seeing the smiles
and friendly conversation. Clete fancied this as a real feather in
his cap because he got to speak with Becky and do a bit of one-
upsmanship with his former arrestee.

Becky told Clete she was going to college to become a psychologist.
She was fascinated by the way he had spoken to the crazy man in the
deli earlier. Clete and Becky talked about ways of conversing with
disturbed persons. Then, just as Clete was enjoying the conversation
and thinking it could develop into something, 7 Adam 29 received a
radio call and had to leave.

Two days later Clete came to work absolutely wiped-out. He had worked
overtime the night before, then gotten up early and spent the whole
day in court. Now he felt like going to bed, but still had to work
his swing shift. He parked his shiny Porsche at the employee lot at
the station. He then walked over to B Street to get a large coffee.
When he came out of the deli, Becky was leaving, too. It was payday
and she had stopped in to get her check.

“Clete, You looked wiped–out”, she said.

“I am.” was about the best reply he could offer.

“Just get off from work?” she asked.

“I start in 20 minutes”, he answered. “In fact I’ve got to walk up to
the station now.”

“I live just two blocks past the station,” Becky said.

“You’re welcome to walk with me”. Clete offered, suddenly realizing how
much he was hoping she would accept the offer. He was pleased when she
accepted his offer. Clete was amazed that she lived in this part of
town. “Why would anybody this bright live here?” he thought to himself.

As they walked, she talked about her college classes. He was too tired
to listen, but pretended to pay attention. Then Becky grabbed his
attention by saying,

“How about if I make dinner for you tonight?”

Clete said he would love that, but he could never be sure when he
would get his meal break. Becky said she would wait up so he could
drop by whenever he got the break.

At 7:30 it was past time for him to eat. The dispatcher wouldn’t
clear him to eat because there were only 4 cars available for calls
in that sector. All Clete could think about was getting that meal
break, and getting to Becky’s place.

By 8 P.M. there were 7 cars in the sector but they were getting
radio calls, so he couldn’t stop to eat. Clete could have cared
less about going to calls and serving the public. His mind was
on Becky 100%.

Finally at 8:45 the city quieted down a bit and 7 Adam 29 was
clear for code-7. Clete drove towards the address Becky had
given. He parked in front of a run down house that looked about
75 years old. He parked in front and walked up the driveway to
the in-law type cottage behind. He was really thinking with his
hormones, because better judgment wouldn’t have allowed him to
leave his police car unattended in a neighborhood like this
where it would be subject to vandalism.

As Clete walked up the way he remembered the shorts Becky had
been wearing when they walked from the deli earlier. She truly
had a great butt. He also thought of the tight fitting French-
cut T shirt that showed her petite features to advantage.

Clete thought nothing of it when his highly polished boots
walked across the sagging deck boards to Becky’s front door.
As he knocked on her door, some of the paint peeled off and
flaked away.

When Becky answered he felt nothing but disappointment. The
shorts and T had been replaced by tattered sweat pants and an
oversized T shirt in need of laundering. Unlike Clete’s neatly
appointed condo, this place was furnished in Salvation Army
style. Clete was sure she hadn’t paid over $200 to decorate
the entire place.

She welcomed him in and sat him down at the table. She served
a pasta dinner which Clete considered somewhat above average
but definitely not great. They talked during the dinner of
their common desires to help people. Clete liked the dinner,
but enjoyed Becky’s company even more than the food. As she
turned around when clearing the table Clete noticed a
substantial hole in the rear of her sweat pants. “No
underwear”, he said to himself. “Maybe this won’t be so bad.”

Clete admired Becky’s self-sufficiency. She had her own meager
home, and was paying for college on her salary from the part-
time job at the deli. Not bad. Also, as they spoke, Clete
noticed Becky seemed to have an unusually high level of social
insight for a person half his age.

After dinner, Becky said,

“It’s time for desert. want some?”

Clete looked at his watch. There were only 8 minutes left of his
half hour lunch break. Damnit!!!! How could the precious minutes
slip away so quickly? No way was he ready to leave. Could he
stretch it beyond the 30 minutes without the Sergeant finding
out???? No, he couldn’t push it. This was the same sergeant who
covered for Clete four times last month when Clete was late for
work because his Porsche wouldn’t start. He owed the Sergeant.
He had to get back on the street on-time.

“What’s for desert?” Clete asked.

“You.” Becky said.

Becky leaned over and kissed Clete. She started running her
hands over Clete’s legs. When her hand passed over his balls
a few times he gave-in. He undid his gun belt and dropped it
to the floor. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down.

Becky stoked Clete’s cock from outside the underwear a few
times. That’s something that always made Clete rock hard.
Next she pulled down his underwear and kissed the side of
his temporary stiffness gently once as she gently stroked
his balls.. She held up a condom and said, “safety first,
officer”. She opened the wrapper and slipped the condom onto
his shaft.

Clete was in stress. He knew he had to be back out on the
street in four to six minutes or so, but he was as horny
as could be. He wanted her so much he could die for her.
Becky sensed delight that she had him in a pickle. Here
was this big, strong, powerful street cop and for at least
the moment, she held the power. She began a process of
tickling his balls while sucking on his dick. She continued
to such while running her hands all over his legs, balls
and ass. Clete’s mind raced a mile a minute, between Becky’s
beauty, the wonderful sensations he was feeling, her youth-
fulness, enthusiastic sucking, and his fleeting lunch break,
and his supervisor. Becky had all the right moves, and she
won out. Clete shot a healthy wad into the condom.

Just as Clete’s orgasm subsided he heard the sound of the
radio, “7 Adam 29, what is your status?” Clete hurriedly
answered and got dressed. Becky took some amusement at
Clete’s predicament. He knew it was tasteless to run out
the door 90 seconds after a fuck, but he had no choice..
Still he wanted more. He realized he hadn’t even gotten
started before he was done. He wanted to hold Becky in his
arms. Hell, he hadn’t even seen her naked, hadn’t felt her
breasts, and what about that gorgeous ass? Clete wanted
more, much more. Leaving was tearing him up inside. Clete
kissed Becky and excused himself. As he approached the door,
Becky said, “Clete, what time does your shift end?”

“Midnight, if there’s no overtime,” said Clete.

“Ever hear the Motel 6 ad?” asked Becky.

“Sure, what of it?” asked Clete, puzzled.

“I’ll leave the light on for you,” said Becky with a knowing smile
on her face.