Very Memorable Birthday Party

I had come home from an out-of-town consulting trip, weary of
travelling and looking forward to a quiet evening at home with my
wife. My drive home from the airport was long and uneventful,
and only served to further tire an already tired body. I was
sincerely looking forward only to a good night’s sleep.

When I arrived home I was in for a most pleasant shock. I pulled
into the garage and went to the front door as usual, my luggage
in hand. To my surprise, I was greeted there by my nude wife,
Shiela, and by an even bigger surprise inside.

We belong to a nudist society, and have enjoyed it for a number
of years now. We have even had a few nudist parties at our home.
Unknown by me, my darling wife had arranged a nude birthday party
for me! And what a party!

About twenty of our closest (and barest friends) were there, and
were already well on their way to having a good time. It was
fairly late by my clock–about 11PM, but these people tend to be
a late group, and were just beginning to warm up. As I found
out, they had been drinking beer and wine for a couple of hours,
and most of them were very loose.

The evening began with a striptease–mine. The eleven women that
were there had all agreed to strip me when I arrived home, and it
was all I could do to remain civilized (i.e., flaccid). Once
nude, I was ushered by my wife into the kitchen, where a very
strong frozen Margarita awaited. While I quickly drank down the
cold tequila, I explored the rest of the house as my lovely wife
headed for our media room.

Since we live out in the country, many people are reluctant to
stay very late, as the drive back to civilization can be quite
lengthy. To solve this problem, my wife had invited all our
friends to sleep over, so most of our guests had brought sleeping
bags for the evening. Things were beginning to get very
interesting, indeed.

While most of the house was filled with mellow people enjoying
good drinks, good smoke, and lively conversation, one room in
particular caught my attention. Behind a closed door in the
media room, about a half-dozen people were avidly caught up in
our collection of XXX-rated movies on our big-screen TV. I
whispered hello and walked into the darkened room, shutting the
door behind me and sat down on a large pillow in front of the
television. Once my eyesight adjusted to the dark, the view was
something to behold.

There were seven people in the room, watching some lithe and
well-tanned actors on the television gently manipulating each
others genitals in every possible way. The three couples in the
room were doing their level-best to keep up with the action on
the screen, while my wife–sitting down beside me on the pillow–
shot me a wicked grin. On the large television screen, a young
blonde was doing her best to swallow one of the more well-endowed
actors in his magnificent entirety. Her shiny lips slipped wetly
up and down the length of an enormously erect and gorgeous cock.
The three other couples in the room were attempting to duplicate
the action on the television. Watching three gorgeous women
sucking three very large cocks was an incredible turn-on. My
wife Shiela smiled sweetly at me and kissed me wetly, and then
got up from floor beside me to open the door. I could see her
gently beckon to someone in the other room.

Two of our friends, Marcia and Linda, were soon in the room,
where they and Shiela sank to the floor beside me. Sheila is a
brunette, 5’4″ with smallish breasts and a firm ass, while Marcia
is a beautiful red-head with very large breasts and huge, pink
nipples. Linda was a natural blonde–all over–with the supple
figure of an olympian athelete. Shiela and I had discussed both
Marcia and Linda before, as they were both women of the type I
had sexual fantasies about. Since this was my 31st birthday and
I had been feeling sorry for myself for a couple of weeks for
being “over the hill,” Shiela had talked Marcia and Linda into
making my birthday a very special one.

Both Marcia and Linda began by kissing me on and about the face,
while Shiela began somewhat lower. She took my semi-soft penis
into her mouth, and gently sucked on it until it was as hard as a
rock–which naturally didn’t take long. As my cock swelled to
its fullest proportions, Marcia pressed her large breasts into my
face, while Linda began sucking my nipples. I experienced a
rushing feeling that I had never felt before! My entire body
felt as if it were on fire.

While I gently sucked on Marcias’ ample breasts, Linda
reciprocated by licking and pinching my nipples, while Shiela
manipulated my rock-hard cock by sliding it in and out of her
succulent lips. I was delirious with pleasure as the other
couples in the room shifted so that they could watch us. They
must have enjoyed what they were watching, because in moment they
joined us as well…

I was in sexual heaven. Two wonderful sets of female lips were
sucking on my nipples, as they themselves were being eaten by
their mates. Two of the other women in the room were taking
turns offering their ample breasts to my mouth while their lovers
took a brief break to watch the action. Meanwhile, my wife
Shiela was busy sucking my love shaft, while the remaining two
women licked my scrotum and gently fingered my ass!

Needless to say, it didn’t take me long to ejaculate what felt
like a quart of semen deep into my wife’s throat. As she gently
licked the last remains of come from the tip of my cock, I laid
back and accepted hugs from the entire group.

This wasn’t the end of the evening by any means, but that is
another story altogether…