Unexpected Secret

My neighbour and I get together almost every day after my
husband goes to work. We have become very good friends. We go
shopping, watch soaps, play cards, cook together, all kinds of stuff.
Her name is Linda. She recently revealed to me that she has a
secret and isn’t all that she appears to be. Linda said she is a man
who has been living full time as a woman for ten years now. She
said she had breast implants and electrolysis. I couldn’t believe it!
She is feminine in every way. Her looks, mannerisms, clothes,
make-up, body language, voice, everything, is always a woman. So,
I told her to prove it. Linda put my hand under her skirt, and sure
enough, I could actually feel balls under her panties! I would have
never guessed. She started to cry, so I hugged her and comforted
her. We had a very long and heart to heart talk that day. I really
felt a lot of love for her.

From that day on, I started having all kinds of sexual fantasies
about Linda. Then one day about a month after I knew, we started
talking about sex. Linda told me that the only sex she got anymore
was by masturbation because of being afraid to let anyone know her
secret. I asked all kinds of questions about what she liked. I told
her that I often masturbated during the day. My husband thought
it was “dirty” so I can’t do it around him. Linda asked how I did it.

So I got very bold, and asked her if she wanted to join me and
watch. She said yes! I took her hand and led her into the bedroom.
I told her to make herself comfortable and I was going to freshen
up. I went into the bathroom, stripped, and stepped into the
shower. The curtain soon slid open, and Linda joined me. I
couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. I took some soap, and
began to lather her up. Her breasts were perfectly formed. I
guessed a 36-C. But what I couldn’t get over was her dick. It
started off very small, probably only about two inches long. But as
I soaped and stroked it, it grew right in my hands to a good six or
seven inches, and was very hard. It was so sexy feeling it grow. Her
balls were large and firm. Then she washed me. She spent a long
time soaping my cunt. She knew exactly where my clit was, and
just how to finger it. I never thought I’d ever let another woman do
me that way. My breathing became heavy, and I was afraid I’d fall.
So I suggested we go to bed.

After we dried off, we went into the bedroom and fell in. Linda held
me in her arms and we kissed passionately. Our tongues met and
caressed each other. I loved the feeling of her breasts against mine.
I reached down and held her balls. I was very tempted to fuck her
brains out right then and there. Linda must have read my mind,
because she said “Eve, I thought we were going to masturbate”. So
I pulled away, and said “Okay, you first”.

Linda laid on her back and started stroking her dick. She started
very close to the base, and went almost to the head. I held her
balls, feeling and caressing them. A drop of clear pre-cum formed
at the tip of her cock. I couldn’t resist. I licked it up. Then I
licked the whole head. Finally I took the top of her cock into my

She stopped stroking and I was able to take more of her into me. I
started going up and down, taking more and more cock in my
mouth with every stroke. Eventually, my lips were all the way to
the base, and the top of her dick was actually in my throat. By
now we were both very turned on. I hadn’t sucked cock since
cheer-leading days. It’s another thing my husband won’t let me do.

I was very tempted to have her cum in my mouth, but I wanted to
see her do it by hand. So I lifted my head off of her, and rested it
on her thigh. Linda went back to stroking herself, but this time
with a vengeance. I could tell by the look on her face and the
intensity of her stroking, that it wouldn’t be long. I felt her balls.
I could actually feel her orgasm start in her balls before it happened.
When she came, the semen spurted out and formed little pools on
her stomach. The look on her face was pure pleasure. She finally
finished. Her cock once again shrunk down. I scooped up some of
her cum with my fingers and tasted it. Linda must have been
watching because she did the same.

“Your turn, Eve,” she said and smiled. I got up and retrieved my
vibrator from it’s hiding place. I plugged it in and laid on my back.
I spread my legs wide and using one hand to hold my cunt lips
open. I used the other to stroke my clitoris. Linda moved her head
close to it. I knew she was seeing every secret part of me, because I
always keep my pubic hair completely clean shaven. I do it for my
husband. Anyway, I first teased my clit by running my fingers
around it, then finally stroking it. Linda reached up and started
feeling my tits. I was already very turned on by what had already
happened. I felt some of my juices run from my pussy. I took hold
of her hand and said “Linda, finger fuck me!” She put one, then
two fingers in my cunt-hole. She first moved her fingers around in
circles, then moved them in and out. I got the vibrator and put it
to my clit. I started at slow speed, but quickly turned it up.

Sometimes the vibrator would touch Linda’s hand and the
vibrations went clean up inside of me. Then, almost without
warning, I came. Did I ever! It was so strong, that I actually
passed out for a moment. That scarred Linda. But I held her and
told her everything was fine. Wonderful, in fact.

That is one magnificent day I’ll never forget. We now get it on
almost every weekday, after my husband goes to work. We have
had every kind of sex we can think of since then. But our favourite
thing always seems to be masturbation. Sometimes we do ourselves,
sometimes we do each other.

Linda has found that she really likes anal stimulation. She has a
couple of dildos she butt-fucks herself with. I have found that I like
to sometimes watch porno videos while we play. I think it’s fun to
try and time our orgasms with those on the screen. Linda and I
have been talking about making our own private video some day.

We have both gained a lot from all of this. I get a lot of satisfaction
my husband isn’t willing to give. And Linda has learned to better
accept herself just as she is.