Wife and Sister-in-Law

I recently told you the true story of my sweet teenage sister-in-law and how I took her virginity. Since that time, Karie and I had been fucking regularly for the last six months. We both knew that it was wrong and felt guilty about it but we were addicted to each other. Forbidden fruit always taste sweeter. The sight of her firm teenage tits and her tight snatch was more than I could resist. Karie had tried dating boys her age and fucking them, but she always came back to me because she said they could not satisfy her like I could. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife. We have a very active sex life and a strong relationship. It’s just that I really enjoy fucking my teenage sister-in-law. Who wouldn’t? She is gorgeous and has a tight athletic body, firm pert tits and an insatiable sexual appetite. My wife Jen is also hot. She and Karie are total opposites. Karie is shorter, she stands about 5’4” blonde hair with blue eyes and smaller 34-B tits. A tight little ass and she keeps her body in shape by doing gymnastics. Jen on the other hand is taller 5’7” long legs that climb all the way up to her firm round ass; it’s also small but has a nice round shape to it. She has dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Her tits are 36-C, with large, brown, nipples. Jen stays in shape by swimming every day. The two of them standing side by side do not even resemble sisters.

As I mentioned earlier, Jen and I have a strong relationship and sex life. We normally fuck three times a week or more. Jen loves oral sex, both giving and receiving. Many times I have been watching TV. or working in my home office and she will come up to me and undo my pants, pull my cock out and start sucking it. She has the most incredible technique I have ever felt in my life. She can deep throat my entire 8 inch cock down her throat creating a tight vacuum seal and sucking as she slowly pulls it out of her mouth. She will continue to suck, nibble, lick and stroke my shaft until I cum in her mouth. Jen loves the taste of cum and eagerly swallows my load. That is one thing the sisters have in common, they both love the taste of my cum.

One afternoon Karie and I had just finished one of our marathon fuck sessions. I had started to feel guilty about fucking Karie behind Jen’s back. I told Karie that I didn’t think that it was a good idea to continue our relationship because neither one of us wanted to hurt Jen. We both loved her and it wasn’t right to see each other behind her back. Karie agreed with me but then came up with the ingenious idea of instead of fucking behind Jen’s back, to include her. It was every guy’s fantasy. Two girls at the same time and sisters, the thought of it made me instantly hard. I immediately rolled over and mounted Karie. Sliding my hard shaft into her already slick, wet, seventeen year old pussy. I never tire of watching the head of my cock, part those slick puffy pussy lips and sliding into her. Her cunt is so incredibly tight. All of those years of gymnastic training has made her not only flexible, but has tightened up her ass and cunt muscles. When she clamps down on my cock with those cunt muscles it feels like a soft velvet vise clamping down around my shaft increasing the friction and squeezing it as I slowly pull out. She then relaxes her cunt as I plunge back into her slick pussy, until my balls slap against that tight ass. I start slowly at first but build to a rapid jack hammer pass. Pounding and slamming into her hole until we are both bathing in sweat. Karie easily cums several times as I continue to slam my 8 inch cock deep into her. She loves to reach down and stroke and tickle my ball sack as I am fucking her. I have taught her that if she feels them tightening up too soon to pull them back away to help delay my orgasm as I continue to fuck her tight pussy. I finally need release and slam into her one final time and spraying her cervix with my load as she clamps down on my cock with her pussy to milk every last drop from it.

A few days later, Karie and I devise our plan to include Jen in on our fun. Jen and I had talked a few times about the possibility of bringing every man’s fantasy to life by bringing in another woman to our bed. But mostly it was talk. We had playfully looked at other woman at bars and restaurants and imagined bringing them home with us and what we could sexually with them. Jen said she would be willing to try it, but I knew that deep down, she was hesitant and insecure with the idea. That was how Karie and I devised our scheme. Karie, Jen, and I had decided to go hiking one weekend and wanted to get an early start so Karie was going to stay overnight in our guest bedroom. I took them out to a nice dinner where the wine freely flowed. Both Jen and Karie were dressed to the hilt and turned many heads as we walked into the restaurant. I could feel the jealousy from many of the patrons with two gorgeous woman on my arms. During the course of the evening, I would reach down and stroke Jen’s legs. Her short skirt made it easy to stroke her inner thigh and pussy. By the time dessert came, Jen’s pussy was soaking wet and she was so horny all she just wanted to get home and jump me.

When we arrived home, Jen and I immediately went to the bedroom. As we headed to the bedroom, Jen started to disrobe. Removing her shoes by the door, her belt was left in the living room, her blouse in the hallway and by the time we had reached our bedroom, she was totally nude. I took my time undressing in order to tease Jen. She laid on the bed rubbing herself and sucking on the wonderful tits of hers. I purposely, had left the door to our bedroom slightly open so that Karie and my plan could continue. When I finally joined Jen on the bed, I immediately went down on her. Her pussy was already swollen and wet from our foreplay in the restaurant. Her clit was hard and protruding from its hood. I eagerly began to lick her wet pussy and finger her tight snatch. Meanwhile, Karie had also gotten naked and was watching Jen and I from the hallway waiting for my signal. When I had Jen on the brink of cumming, I motioned for Karie to come in and join us. Jen was building to a massive orgasm and did not notice that Karie had slipped into our room and joined us in the bed where she had replaced me in giving Jen the oral pleasure she was receiving. As Jen reached her first orgasm from Karie’s talented tongue, I started to suck on Jen’s ample tits. It took Jen a minute or two to realize someone else was in the bed with us and when she did it was too late, she was cumming and could not stop or orgasm. She was about to protest but then it was too late, she started to shake and moan and I knew immediately there was no stopping her. When she finally relaxed she was confused and in shock at what had just happened but we didn’t give her a chance to ask any questions or to jump up and scream at us or leave. I immediately changed places with Karie sliding
my hard cock into my wife’s sopping wet cunt, while Karie straddled Jen placing her engorged pussy directly above my wife mouth. Jen eagerly begins to lick her sister’s pussy while I continue to knife my 8 inch spear back and forth, in and out of her juicy slit. I continue to fuck Jen and suck on Karie’s tits while Jen continues to suck and lick on her sister’s clit. We continue this action for the next few minutes until I could feel Jen’s cunt muscles start to really tighten around my shaft and I see Karie throw her head back as she started to gurgle deep down in the back of her throat and emit a low moan. I know from my experience fucking both of these beauties that they were close to cumming, so I increase my pace, pounding my cock harder and deeper into Jen’s tight tunnel until I feel her cunt muscles really clamp down on my cock. My balls tighten and I release my load deep into my wife’s cunt while I am passionately kissing Karie and fondling her perky tits.

As I pull out of my wife’s still twitching twat, the site of me fucking my wife with my hot sister-in-law getting her pussy sucked by my wife has left me still rock hard, I immediately pull Karie around so that her fantastic ass is sticking up in the air and her soaking wet cunt is accessible to me and I immediately bury my cock into her cunt. What is ironic to me as I am sliding into my sister-in-law is how much her cunt feels so much like my wife’s cunt. Two sisters that look and act so much different and have different body types can have cunts that are so similar. They seem to have the same ridges and the same tightness. If I were blindfolded and could not use my hands, I would have a difficult time distinguishing their cunts from one another. I grab onto Karie’s slim hips as I bury my cock into her and pull her ass tight into my pelvis and start to fuck my teenage sister in law, In the mean time, Jen gets under us to view our fucking and starts to lick my balls and Karie starts to eat out Jen’s freshly fucked pussy. Tasting our mixed juices and loving every lick. The site sounds and feelings are indescribable. My rock hard cock slick from my wife’s cunt, sliding into my sister-in-laws incredibly wet cunt while my sister is eating out my wife as my wife is licking my shaft and fucking her sister. I can feel Karie’s cunt muscles contracting down around my shaft as I am fucking her and my wife is moaning as she is again coming close to cumming. My balls start to tighten up and I too know that I am close to cumming so I tighten my grip on Karie’s hips and start to pound at her young pussy. With each stroke I am getting closer to another climax. Karie starts to grind her ass into me as I am pounding her and my wife starts thrashing her head and bucking her hips. Finally, I pull Karie into me as I release my seed deep into my sister-in-law’s womb and she starts screaming a high pitch “Yeeeeeeeessssssss!!!!!!” and her cunt muscles tightening around my spewing cock to milk every last drop of cum. My wife screams out in ecstasy as she starts to cum and we all collapse in a sweaty, exhausted pile on the bed.

When we all start regaining our composure and reality starts to set in, my wife sits up and looks at us both and asks “what the hell just happened.” We start to laugh and both sit up and kiss her. We tell her about our encounter at her parent’s house and how we have been fucking for the last six months. I expect Jen to go ballistic and start yelling but she kisses me passionately and then turns and kisses Karie, hugs us both and tells me that this is also a fantasy of hers. She tells us that she loves us both so much and if I were going to have a lover, she is glad that it’s her sister. She says that I have her permission to fuck Karie as much as we like as long as she has the same privilege and we also continue to have these threesomes on a regular basis as well. Karie squeals with delight and hugs her sister. I can’t believe my luck I have my wife’s permission to continue to fuck this teenage goddess.

Three months later, Karie has graduated from high school and moves into our guest bedroom so she can be closer to college and to work as my assistant in my web design business. I have the perfect set up. Some nights I sleep with Jen, some nights I sleep with Karie and other nights, all three of us sleep together in the same bed. Life is wonderful! Am I am the luckiest fucker on the planet.