My Hangover Cure

I had the hangover from hell and felt like shit, but it didn’t matter, I still had to go to work. Served me right I suppose, just partied a bit too much but what the hell, its only life. I showered, shaved and put a suit on, feeling slightly better, but not much. At least

Licking a Mature Lady

I met Roger sometime in the sixties. We grew into the very interesting seventies. When least expected, we were best buddies. Roger is some 3 years older than myself, so besides being a great friend, he was some sort of teacher. Roger and me shared the first woman, and of course, Roger was there when

Pussy eating and rimming

My first sexual experience was with an older woman (girl). I was fourteen she was twenty. I would do yard work for her. She would have me come in to ‘cool’ off. As time went by she would wear things that revealed more and more and make a point to bend down to where could

The plumper landlord

I’m a good tenant. I always pay my rent on time. I’m not too loud. Sometimes I’ll play music or sing the shower but I don’t make nearly as much racket as she does. The thing is, Barbara blasts music until the wee-hours of the morning. I have no idea why. I’m not sure if

I fucked my wifes aunt

My wife Vanessa 29 and her aunt Cindy 42 both have Daughters that are both Cheerleaders in the same school and same grade.I didn’t know my wife aunt sniffs so much coke and she will do anything for it sucks swallows fucks anal anything! Vanessa and Cindy had a Competition in Texas and the sponcer