Seatmate’s Sis

It had been a few weeks since I had returned from the conference in Chicago. The events that had transpired had been mind blowing. I had met a short little black girl in her mid-20s named Mya. She had an apparent fantasy about finding a white boyfriend. She found that and me and in the

Hot Twister

“This is me,” Megan said, pointing to a charming Victorian-style two-story with strands of ivy ascending the old brick walls. She turned off the tree-shaded sidewalk, through the creaky white picket gate, and headed down the winding garden path as I followed along. “If my stepmom is home, she’ll be all chatty,” she warned. “Just

Ass to mouth

She stripped naked. Becky turned the shower on and looked in the mirror at her nude curves before stepping in the shower. Tonight was the big game for her beloved Cougars. Where she slept was decked out in school colors: red and white. She left the shower curtain open. She was kind of in a

Becoming a Submissive Teacher Pet

The figure trembled as it stroked the last pair of mind-controlled panties it had made. The fun of this game was exquisite. It savored shaping young girls’ minds into its sluts. Turning good girls into whores, bad girls into virgins, and a whole host of other naughty designs. But too much of a good thing