A business woman and the fake taxi

It had been a very long, boring day. I was in an
unfamiliar city, working with people I’d never met
before, discussing things we weren’t sure were going to
happen. And this was going to last the whole week.
Sighing, I stood outside the building, waiting for the
cab to come take me to my hotel.

I was not looking forward to the rest of the week.

Finally, the cab from the company I had called pulled
up in front. I was kind of surprised to notice the
driver was a young woman, I doubt she was even in her
thirties yet. She saw me and leaned over, calling
through the window. “Potter?”

“Yes.” Thankfully, I climbed into the back seat,
dropping my heavy briefcase onto the seat beside me. A
large notice told me to fasten my seat belt. Another
warned me not to smoke. A third informed me that the
young woman was indeed a licensed cab driver. I leaned
back and tried to relax. Cab rides always have always
scared me. The heavy wire grating separating the front
seat from the rear reminded me I was no longer in my
nice small home town.

“Where to?” the girl asked. I gave her the name of the
hotel, and we were on our way.

Like all cab drivers, she talked a lot. Unlike most cab
drivers, she talked about me. Or, more precisely, asked
about me. Where I was from, what I was doing in town,
how long I’d be here, that sort of thing. I answered
her questions automatically, not really listening to
her, gazing out the window at the tall buildings.

She began saying how nice it must be to be able to go
back to my hotel room and relax, mentioning that she
had been told the hotel I was at had a very nice hot
tub. I closed my eyes and smiled, imaging myself
sinking into the hot bubbling water. I sighed and
opened my eyes, and I noticed her eyes darting quickly
away from the mirror.

She said her name was Gloria. I already knew that from
her license, but I gave her my first name just to be
polite. Then she mentioned there was also a masseuse on
duty at the hotel, and I should think about getting a
massage before I left town. She said massages helped
her after a long day of cab driving. Once again, I
noticed she was constantly glancing at me in the

I said I would think about it, and went back to gazing
out the window as I thought of my muscles relaxing
under a masseuse’s talented hands. Then I thought of
the hot tub again and wondered what the one-two
combination would be like. Unconsciously, I closed my
eyes and smiled.

She began talking again, about hot tubs and massages
and relaxing after a hard day’s work. Sitting there in
the back seat as the cab swayed back and forth,
picturing myself relaxing in a hot tub, getting a
massage, listening to her steadily droning voice.

I seemed to slip into a bit of a dream world. I could
almost feel the hot water against my body, I could
almost feel the warm, aromatic massage oil being poured
over me. I could feel the masseuse kneading my tired
muscles, relaxing me even more. The cab driver’s voice
droned on, but I really wasn’t paying attention to her.

Then I started picturing my hotel room, the large bed,
the soft sheets against my skin. So nice to go back to
the room after a nice massage and drift off to sleep in
a nice comfortable bed. For some reason I thought of my
room number, and was dimly aware that I was quietly
murmuring it out loud. Then I was back in the hot tub,
sinking deeper and deeper into the hot, soothing water,
feeling it pulsing against my nude body, feeling it
driving away all the tensions, all the cares of the
day. Then I was lying naked on a massage table as soft,
strong hands expertly smoothed away every last bit of
remaining tension. I lay there, limp, smiling dreamily.

Someone was softly calling my name. I blinked, and
looked around, puzzled. Where was I?

The cab had stopped in front of my hotel. I took a deep
breath and exhaled, feeling absolutely wonderful. With
a bounce in my step, I got out of the cab and paid
Gloria the driver. I was already planning on making an
appointment for a massage as soon as I got to the front
desk. I gave Gloria a very large tip for some reason,
but it just seemed so – suitable.

Before she pulled away, she smiled at me. “See you
later,” she said as she drove off.

As I made my appointment for a massage, I wondered what
she had had meant by that last statement.

I soaked in the hot tub for a long, long time, my nose
barely above the steaming water. Oh, this felt so good.
Finally, I reluctantly climbed out and dried myself
off, wrapping myself in the towel and going into the
massage room where the woman was expecting me.

Just as I had dreamed, I lay there, totally limp,
luxuriating in the total relaxation. The hour went by
far too quickly, and I almost floated back to my room.
I didn’t notice a woman in the lobby watching me get on
the elevator.

I got ready for bed and sat on the bed looking through
the TV guide. I really felt wonderful, and it seemed a
shame to waste this fantastic feeling on watching TV.

There was a knock at the door.

Surprised, curious, I peered through the little

Gloria the cab driver stood there.

Dumbfounded, not really knowing why, I opened the door.

“Hello Beth,” she said softly.

“Ah… Gloria… I didn’t really expect…”

She cut me off.

“I hope you enjoyed your massage, Beth. And the hot
tub, too. Wasn’t it just great to close your eyes and
sink into the water, to feel her hands on your body, to
feel yourself relaxing totally? You are still relaxed,
aren’t you, Beth? Yes, you know you are. You still feel
so relaxed, so calm, so peaceful. So relaxed, Beth. And
deep down, you want it to continue.”

She was staring into my eyes. She had beautiful eyes. I
felt so strange, almost as if she was reading my mind.
No, more than reading it. Prodding, coaxing in the
direction she wanted me to go. But she was right, I
really did still feel very relaxed, and I did want for
it to continue. Very much so. Without knowing what else
to do, I just stood there.

“Deep down Beth. Think deep down. Deeper and deeper.
Think so deep. So deep, Beth. Deeper and deeper. Think
about relaxing, think about sinking deeper and deeper
into relaxation. You have experienced it before, you
know you enjoy the sensations of relaxation, you want
to allow it to happen. You know you want to relax, you
know that nothing can change that desire. Nothing can
change that desire. Nothing can prevent it. Nothing can
prevent you from relaxing even more. Deeper and deeper.
So deep into relaxation. Nothing can prevent it.
Nothing will prevent it. Nothing will prevent you from
sinking deeper and deeper into total relaxation, Beth.”

There was a faint ringing in my ears. I felt dreamy,
drowsy, kind of like I had in the cab, but more so. Her
eyes hovered in front of me, dark, deep, drifting
gently in the air before me. I stood silent, unmoving,
staring back at her as she spoke.

“Deeper and deeper. Total relaxation. Allow it to
happen. You want it to happen. You know it will happen.
Nothing can prevent it. Nothing will prevent it. It
will happen, Beth. You will sink deeper and deeper into
relaxation, letting yourself go, letting yourself go
totally. It is happening. It is happening even now. You
can feel it, Beth. You can feel yourself letting go
more and more, sinking deeper and deeper into total

“Do you feel this is happening right now, Beth?”

There was a silence, the ringing in my ears seeming to
drown out all other sounds but Gloria’s soft voice.
This was remarkable. I was standing there, staring at
her, and yet I felt so comfortable, so calm. Her eyes
floated in front of me, pulling me down into them.
Deeper and deeper. I wanted so much to let it happen. I
really could feel it happening.

“Yes,” I said thickly.

Her voice dropped to a whisper.

“Yes, Beth, you feel it, you cannot resist it, you want
to let it happen, to let go of yourself altogether. Let
go of yourself. Tell yourself you are letting go,
sinking deeper and deeper into relaxation.”

She continued, her voice a gentle breeze, as I slowly
repeated to myself that I was indeed letting go, that I
was indeed sinking deeper.


“You may relax even more deeply on the bed, Beth. You
have dreamed about the bed before, how warm it is, how
comfortable. How soft the sheets feel against your
skin. You can feel that, Beth. Feel it. Very slowly,
very gently, I will help you. Allow your body to
respond to my guidance, Beth. I will guide you, I will
help you sink deeper and deeper into relaxation. Now,
Beth, very slowly, very easily, I will guide you to
that soft, inviting bed.”

I felt something against my arm, a feeling of gentle
pressure. My feet moved of their own accord, and, still
gazing into Gloria’s eyes, I slowly walked backwards to
the bed.

“Very good, Beth, very good. You feel so relaxed, so at
ease. No worries, no cares. Nothing can bother you now.
Nothing will disturb you. You are free, Beth. Free to
sink deeper and deeper, to allow me to guide you. You
cannot change what is happening, you cannot resist
these pleasant sensations, your body desires so much
more, so much more pleasure. And now, Beth, you may
remove your nightgown so that you may more fully
experience the pleasure of the soft sheets against your

That made perfect sense. Everything she said made
sense. My eyes still locked helplessly on hers, I
haltingly removed my nightgown, not even caring that I
was now completely nude before her. I stood there
basking in the warm glow of pleasure which seemed to
enwrap my entire body.

“Your skin looks so soft, Beth. So soft. So smooth.
Allow yourself to enjoy the sensations of your soft
hands against your soft skin, Beth. Allow your hands to
gently caress your body, being aware of each tender
touch, of the pleasant sensations of your hands against
your flesh.”

My hands twitched. I gazed into Gloria’s eyes as my
hands slowly moved, my palms brushing lightly over my
abdomen, my sides, my hips, back around and across my
buttocks. Strangely, I felt no embarrassment, no sense
of shame. I really didn’t seem to care that Gloria was
right there watching me touch my own body. It felt so
good. Every nerve in my body tingled as my hands slid
smoothly over my soft skin.

“So good, Beth. So good. So much pleasure. You can’t
prevent the pleasure from building, Beth. You can’t
resist the growing desire for more pleasure, for deeper
relaxation. Don’t resist, Beth. Give in to your desire.
Let yourself go. Deeper and deeper.”

I knew what I was doing. I knew I was standing in front
of my cab driver, nude, caressing my body. Now I was
even gently massaging my breasts, without any trace of
embarrassment. I couldn’t resist the desire. I really
did want to let go. Deeper and deeper.

“Sit down Beth.”

Slowly, I sank to the bed. She knelt before me, still
holding my unwavering gaze with those deep, deep eyes.

“Your body looks so soft, Beth. So soft. You feel your
hands against your flesh, you feel the pleasure
building. You cannot resist the pleasure. Let go, Beth.
Let go.”

I was aware of Gloria’s hands moving, of gentle
pressure on my thighs as she parted my heavy, limp
legs. With her eyes still fixed upon mine, she leaned
closer and closer until I was looking down at her, my
hands still caressing my breasts. I was acutely aware
of my erect nipples, of the slowly building fire within
me. Every contact between my hands and my body was
registered instantly, intensely, deep within my mind.

I was aware that Gloria seemed to be sticking her
tongue out. I was aware of a sudden searing pleasure
that burst from my somehow-inflamed pussy. Staring
helplessly into Gloria’s eyes, I moaned as my body

“Feel it Beth,” she whispered. Spellbound by her eyes,
the intense sensations ricocheting throughout my body
met no resistance at all. Let go.

Of everything.

I moaned louder. The feeling of something against my
clit grew stronger. I moaned even louder, my hands
squeezing my breasts firmly.

A whispered voice from a thousand miles away. “Feel

I was shuddering constantly now as my body succumbed
completely to the pleasure. Her eyes, staring at me
from a forest of pubic hair. My hands, kneading my
breasts. My hard nipples between my fingers. Her tongue
against my pulsating clit.

“Close your eyes and lie back now, Beth.”

My eyes closed instantly and the world became one in
which there was only the sense of touch. Each and every
nerve in my body responded to Gloria’s attention, to my
own hands. Shuddering, moaning, I surrendered to total
passion that never ended.

Gloria’s soft voice from far away. “…now, wide

I opened my eyes. I was in bed. Nude. Gloria the cab
driver lay beside me, nude, smiling gently at me.
Blinking, I tried to recall how this situation had come

I took a deep breath. I felt absolutely fantastic. My
body seemed as refreshed and relaxed as if I had just
gotten a – massage?

She stared at me, her eyes shining.

Her eyes.

“How do you feel, Beth?”

Her voice.

I stirred, sending one last ripple of ecstasy up my
spine. Her arm lay across my stomach.

Her touch.

I reached for her hand, my own hand gliding smoothly
across my skin.

My touch.

I smiled.

“Relaxed,” I whispered as I reached for her.

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