A cheating wife must tell her husband she has a venereal disease

My marriage is over, and it is entirely my fault. I
felt like my whole life was over. I sat in my car in
the parking lot of the clinic, crying too hard right
now to even attempt to drive. How could I have been so

I thought back to the conversation I just had with the
doctor. “Mrs. Parks, the b***d test has confirmed what
your physical symptoms indicated. You have contracted
case of gonorrhea. Gonorrhea responds very well to
conventional antibiotic treatment, so we can clear this
up very easily. You are very fortunate that you weren’t
exposed to anything untreatable. The law requires that
I report this to the county health department, and I
must ask you for the names of any recent sexual

“I have only been with two men. One is my husband, and
the other is Dan, I mean Daniel Jones.”

“Well, I am required to notify each of them by
certified mail. I strongly suggest that you talk to
both of them before they receive the letter. I know you
must be in shock right now, but you aren’t the first
woman whose husband gave her something more than she
wanted. My nurse will give you a shot of broad spectrum
antibiotic to start your treatment. Here is a
prescription for a ten day supply of oral medication.
After you complete the oral antibiotics, come back in
for a follow up b***d test. Avoid all sexual contact
until after we have confirmed your infection is gone.”

I gave him the addresses for the letters he must send
and walked to my car. I had not even had the courage to
tell him that his guess was wrong. My husband was
absolutely faithful to me. I was the one who had given
him something he didn’t want, as the doctor had phrased

David and I had been married for 22 years. We had two
kids, a daughter 19 and a son 17. Sharon was a
sophomore at a small state university in Alpine, about
200 miles from El Paso. She was far enough away to be
“out of the nest” but still close enough to drive home
any weekend. Our son, Jerry, was almost 18, and a
senior in high school, so next year we would truly be
empty nesters. I was now terrified that my nest might
end up even more empty that I had expected.

I loved David totally and had never even thought of
cheating on him. Then seven months ago Dan had
transferred to El Paso from our Dallas office. He was
the new manager of the engineering group for the civil
engineering firm where I worked. I am the manager of
the drafting department, so Dan and I worked very
closely from the first day he arrived.

He was descended from African slaves, 32 years old, 6′
3″ tall, and 210 pounds of solid muscle. As far as the
looks department, no one in Hollywood was in his
league. He was just flat gorgeous. I am 43, and not bad
looking for a middle aged housewife, but I am certainly
no movie star. I’m 5′ 4″ tall, and at 135 pounds, I’m
not fat, but certainly not fashion model thin either.

After about a month Dan began to make little flattering
comments about how nice I looked in today’s outfit, or
how flattering my hair style was, that sort of thing. I
have to admit, it felt very good to know a younger,
great looking man seemed to think I was attractive. We
began to have lunch together regularly, and then the
firm landed a new design contract that required a lot
of extra hours. Dan and I were spending more time
together than David and I.

After a month of long hours, Dan asked me out for a
drink following a particularly hard day. We had beaten
a critical deadline by a full week, and were both in a
mood to celebrate. I was not worried about getting home
late because David was in Phoenix for the next two days
attending an in-house training class his company was
putting on to roll out their new accounting software.
Jerry was also out of town at an away game. He played
short stop for the baseball team.

One drink led to another, then a third. By then it was
8:00 and the live band was starting to perform. Dan
asked me to dance. After a couple of fast songs, the
band played a slow number. Dan pulled me against him
and we began to sway in time to the music, his rock
hard body pressed tight against me. Half way through
the song, I felt something new. He had become erect and
I could feel his hardness pushing against me. If I had
been sober I would have pulled away, but the alcohol
had shoved my better judgment to the back of my mind.
This beautiful man had a hard on for me, an average
looking middle aged woman!

After another drink and another half hour of dancing we
left for his apartment. Dan lived alone in a one
bedroom apartment on the west side of town. He had told
me several weeks ago that the failure of his marriage
was part of the reason he had asked to transfer to the
El Paso office.

As soon as we got inside the door, we were all over
each other, acting like horny teenagers. We hugged
tightly, kissed, and caressed each other for several
minutes, and then he began to unbutton my blouse. This
was my last chance to change my mind, and I didn’t even
hesitate for a second. I wanted him as much as he
wanted me. I did truly love David, but the thrill of
another man wanting me built a level of passion I
hadn’t felt for a long time.

While he removed my blouse, I reached for his belt and
began to unfasten his pants. I wasn’t long before we
were both naked, still groping each other in the living
room. I was a little surprised by his cock. He was
actually a little bit smaller than my husband. So much
for the story that all black men are hung like
stallions. He did have the body of a god. He was rock
hard all over, and had abs you could use to grate

He locked his lips against mine and at the same time
picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. He started
by laying me on my stomach and began to rub my neck and
shoulders. He slowly worked his way down my entire
body, both massaging and kissing every inch as he went.
By the time he turned me over; I was so wet he could
probably have pushed his whole arm into me.

He continued to kiss my front just as he had my back,
until he reached my public hair. He blew gently all
around my pussy, allowing his lips to barely touch my
labia. I was so turned on I was whimpering. After a
couple of minutes I couldn’t take it any more. I
grabbed his head and pulled him into me. His tongue
instantly went to work on my clit, and I had my first
orgasm of the night in less than a minute. God, this
guy knew how to lick a pussy.

After I stopped shaking, he moved up on top of me and
pushed himself into me in one thrust. His cock was only
about 6 inches long by 1 and 1/2 inches thick, but it
felt just perfect to me. I had my second orgasm ten
minutes later, and after I came, he was still going
strong. He grabbed my hips, turned over and put me on
top without ever breaking contact with my pussy. I rode
him for another half hour and had come twice more
before he finally tensed up and began to release into

My next surprise of the evening was that after he came,
he didn’t loose his erection. I could not tell any
difference at all. He rolled me off and pulled me onto
my hands and knees. He then entered me from the back,
and he pumped into me for another half hour before he
came again. I was climaxing in almost one long
continuous orgasm when he finally got off for the
second time.

He pulled his now softening dick out of me and lay down
beside be. I turned on my side and snuggled next to
him, tracing little circles on his chest and abs with
my finger tips. The next thing I knew, I woke up. I
didn’t even remember going to sleep. I looked at the
alarm clock, and it was one in the morning. I had slept
for about an hour. I told Dan I had to go home and he
picked me up and carried me to the shower. We showered
together which led to another quickie standing up in
the tub. It was after 3:00 AM by the time I finally
arrived home and crawled into my own bed. I hadn’t come
so many times in one night since David and I were

The next morning at seven I really hated my alarm
clock. It was all I could do to make myself get up
after only four hours sleep. I didn’t need to bath,
since it had only been a few hours since Dan and I had
showered at his place.

I was afraid things would be very awkward at work, but
Dan behaved as if we had never gone past the friends
having lunch stage. He was all business right up until
5:00, and then he asked me if I would like to have
another drink. I told him I couldn’t this evening,
since my son would be home from the road trip and I had
to lick him up when the bus arrived.

Early the next month David had to leave town again, and
I let Dan know I would be alone for an evening. I told
him I couldn’t stay out too late because Jerry was
home, but if he wanted to skip dinner and drinks, we
could spend a few hours at his place. It was almost a
repeat of the last time, except this evening it was me
who was doing the rub down on him. I am not a great fan
of giving head, but it had felt so wonderful when he
went down on me, I felt like I had to return the favor.

I made it very clear to him, however, that I could not
handle the idea of him cumming in my mouth. After I had
sucked him to the point that my jaws were aching, I
crawled up his body and lowered myself onto his shaft.
This time he lasted even longer than before. He used me
in every position we could think of for well over an
hour before he began to come inside me. I had always
thought the “sixty minute man” was wishful thinking. By
the time he finally spent himself into me I had
climaxed at least a dozen times, and felt as limp as a
rag doll.

For the next three months I continued to see Dan
whenever I could. I knew that some husbands get
suspicious because their wives begin to show little,
subtle changes when they are cheating. I was extremely
careful. I made sure that my sex life with David was
the same as before, and I made sure he knew I wanted
him. That was really easy, because in spite of my time
screwing Dan, David was the one man I truly loved. Dan
was just raw, animal sex, not the emotional bond I had
with David.

Then came the Thursday morning when I woke up with a
burning sensation while I urinated, and a nasty looking
discharge. After my trip to the clinic, I knew that all
my attempts to be careful were useless. I had to go
home and tell David what I had done. I had already
called in sick for the day, so I went straight home. It
was almost 11 when I got there, so I went ahead and
called Dan. I was more than a little pissed off, so I
probably should have cooled off before I called.

“This is Dan.”

“Dan, you son of a bitch, this is Janet.”

“Hey, whoa, what’s the matter with you?”

“I have gonorrhea, that’s what the matter is.”

“WHAT? Look, I don’t know what you are trying to pull,
but you didn’t catch the clap from me.” He hung up on
me. I called my boss and told him I was still sick and
would not be in until Monday. Since I had only taken
two days of sick time in the last five years, he didn’t
question it at all.

For the rest of the afternoon I alternated between
being furious at Dan and crying over what I had done to
David. There was no possible way that I could avoid
telling him. I mean, the timing was such that he might
not be infected, but since the doctor had David’s name
he was going to find out anyway in a couple of days. I
beat myself up over and over for being such an idiot.

David got home about 5:30 and he could tell by looking
I was a wreck over something. Major train wreck is more
like it; I was both angry and terrified at the same
time. My stress level was so high it was a miracle I
didn’t have a stroke.

“Honey, what’s wrong? Oh my God, its one of the kids!
He said.” I must have really looked horrible if he
thought the news was going to be that bad.

“No, the kids are fine, but we need to talk.” I led him
to the sofa and sat next to him. He put his arms around
me and I immediately broke down sobbing again.

Between sobs I managed to mumble out what I had to say.
“David, there is no reason to beat around the bush, I
have VD.” I sobbed aloud again. He could not have
looked more shocked if I had stabbed him.

“That is not possible, I couldn’t have given you an
SDT, I have never been with anyone�” He stopped talking
in the middle of the sentence and all the color drained
out of his face.

After a few seconds, his face began to change from
white to beet red. “What the fuck have you done,
Janet?” he yelled at me.

“Oh god honey, I am so sorry. Please believe me, I love

“If you love me, just how the hell did you catch the
clap? Who have you been fucking around with, and for
how long? Or maybe you expect me to believe the old ‘I
got it off a toilet seat’ story?”

“Honey, I swear it has only happened once. I made a
mistake with a man at work. I have been seeing him for
the past few weeks. I found out this morning that I
have gonorrhea.”

“You cheating whore, don’t you dare call this a
‘mistake’. Fucking another man is not just a mistake.
Adding the check book wrong is a mistake, this is a
major fuck up.” He immediately went up stairs and I
could hear the closet open. I ran up after him and he
already had a suitcase open and was grabbing some

“Please, honey, don’t leave. I love you and I know we
can work this out.”

“Don’t say one fucking word, Janet. Don’t even look at
me right now, you cheap slut.” With that he snapped the
suitcase shut and started for the door. I thought about
trying to put my arms around him, but one look in his
eyes told me that would be a worse mistake than the one
I had already made.

I sat on the bed and started sobbing again. In a few
seconds I heard the front door slam, followed by
David’s car starting up and pulling out of the

I was still on the bed sobbing a half hour later when
Jerry got home. He heard me and walked in. “Mom, what’s
wrong? Where is dad? What has happened?”

“Jer, your dad left a little while ago.”

“You mean he had to go out of town again?”

“No son, I mean he left me. I did something horribly
stupid, and David is furious with me.”

“What are you talking about, Mom?”

“Jerry, I cheated on your father. Now that is all I am
going to say, so please don’t ask anything else.”

Jerry looked at me like I had grown a second head. “You
cheated on dad? Shit!” He had never in his life uttered
a curse word around me before. This time it was my
bedroom door that slammed when he stomped out. I
started crying even harder. Now both the men in my
life, my husband and my son, were furious and disgusted
with me. At this point suicide looked good.

Friday morning David went to the clinic to have a b***d
test. The doctor was surprised to find that he was free
of any infection. “Mr. Parks, I am happy to tell you
that you do not have a type of STD. Given that your
wife tested positive, I was not expecting this result.
Such infections are almost always passed from husband
to wife, not the other way around.”

“Its fortunate for me that she must have caught it very
recently and has not had the opportunity to pass it on
to me,” said David. The good news didn’t make him feel
any more kindly toward Janet.

Janet didn’t know it until later, but Jerry had
immediately called his sister when he stomped out of
her room. He told her she needed to come home this
weekend, and why. She showed up Friday evening about 7.
“Mom, Jerry said you and dad were splitting up over
another guy. I didn’t want to believe him, but he swore
it was true. Please tell me this is some kind of sick
high school prank.”

“I was going to call you this weekend. I didn’t know
Jerry had already phoned you. I have hurt you father
very, very badly. He walked out and I am not sure yet
if it is permanent or not. I have tried to call him,
but he won’t take my calls.”

“Do you know where he is?”

“He called Jerry and told him he was at the Marriott
over by the airport. All he said to Jerry was that he
needed some time alone. I am afraid I have hurt him too
much to save our marriage.”

“Damn it, Mom, what were you thinking? Dad worships
you. Jerry and I could tell how much he loves you, even
if you were too stupid to notice.”

“I do know that David loved me, or at least I knew he
felt that way until yesterday. What happened had
nothing to do with love.”

“Oh, so it’s OK to fuck around on your husband as long
as you don’t love the other guy?”

“I know I screwed up Sharon, I don’t need a lecture
right now.”

“No, you are right; you needed the lecture a long time
before you did this. I am going to try to find dad.”

Shit, now the only three people in the whole world who
mattered were all angry with me. I started crying

As soon as Sharon arrived at the Marriott, she went to
a house phone and asked for Mr. Parks’ room. David
thought about ignoring the phone, but he decided if it
was Janet he could hang up. “Hello,” is all he said.

“Dad, this is Sharon.”

“Hi. How is my beautiful daughter, and how’s school?”

“School’s fine, dad. I guess right now school is the
only thing that’s fine. Jerry called me.”

“Oh, then you know why I’m at a hotel.”

“Yeah, look Dad, I’m in the lobby. Can I come up?
What’s your room number?”
“I’m in 414.”

David heard the knock and opened the door immediately.
The first thing he did was to grab his daughter and hug
her like a drowning man holding a life preserver. He
had one thing in common with a drowning man right now,
he felt like his life was going to end at any second.

“I guess Jerry told you all about it.”

“Well, I don’t know any details and don’t want to.
Jerry just said you and mom were splitting up, and mom
admitted she had cheated on you.”

“I don’t know what hurts worse. The fact she did this,
or the circumstances that caused her to confess to me,”
said David. “I had no idea she had ever even thought of
another man until Thursday after work when she told me
she had VD.”

“WHAT!!! Mom has VD? Oh fuck, daddy, why aren’t you
home beating the shit out of her?”

“I’m sorry Dad. I shouldn’t have said that. And I’m
sorry for the foul language. You don’t need to hear
that from me. What are you going to do, divorce her?”

“I’ve heard those words before and so have you. I’ve
even said them before and I’m sure you have too, but
you know that nothing could ever make me strike your
mother. I have not idea what to do. I have never even
dreamed that I might have to face something this bad.
At least you and Jerry are OK. You know, when I first
saw your mother’s face Thursday evening, she looked so
bad that my first thought was something had happened to
one of you kids. I can not imagine life without Janet,
but right now I can not imagine ever touching her again
either. God, what am I going to do?” While David didn’t
start to sob, tears did start rolling own his cheeks.

Sharon put her arms around her dad and held his head
against her shoulder. As soon as his head touched her
he did begin to cry out loud. He had held her many
times over the past 19 years. Whether it was skinned
knees, or a lost pet, or the boyfriend who dumped her
in the tenth grade, Dad was always there. The bond of
love she had with this man was different from the love
she felt for her mother, but in some ways it was even
deeper. She was glad she wasn’t home right now. The
mood she was in, she might actually enjoy punching mom
in the nose.

After a few minutes David had it out of his system, at
least for a little while. He stood up and went to wash
his face. It was now almost 9:00. David said, “I know
its getting late, but why don’t we go see your mom. I
hate to put this on you, but maybe you can referee. Do
you think we can moderate without taking sides?”

“I don’t know, Dad. Right now I am pretty pissed at mom
but I will try.”

When they arrived, David knocked on the door instead of
just walking in. When Janet answered, he asked, “May we
come in?”

“Honey, you don’t have to ask permissions to come in
your own house.”

“I’m not certain it is my house any more.”

“Oh, god,” was all Janet got out before she started
sobbing again. David’s first instinct was to take her
in his arms. After all, he had cherished this woman for
over 20 years. Before he could take a step Sharon
grabbed her mom by the shoulders and pushed her toward
the bathroom. She got her to wash up and get control,
and then they went back to the living room. David was
sitting in his recliner. Sharon directed her mom to the
couch, and then she sat down on the other end.

David spoke first. “Janet, I really need to know why.
What was wrong that you felt you wanted someone else?”

“Honey, I am so sorry. I wish I could tell you why, but
I don’t even know. I was not unhappy, I knew you loved
me, and I do love you in spite of what you are thinking
right now. When he started paying attention to me,
telling how nice I looked, and on and on, it was like I
was a fifteen year old again. I’m over 40, a little
over weight, and starting to feel every gray hair. He
is more 10 years younger than me. When a young, good
looking guy let me know he thought I was attractive, I
just completely quit using my brain.”

“What, you thought I no longer found you to be

“No, it is even more stupid that that. I know you love
me, or at least you did before I fucked up so badly. I
was just so flattered that I didn’t think at all. I’m
sorry Sharon, I shouldn’t talk like that.”

David actually laughed for the first time in over 24
hours. “Like mother, like daughter. That’s the second
Parks woman who has used that word around me tonight,
although the context was a little different. Sharon
suggested I should consider a physical punishment for

“No, what I said was that Dad should beat the shit out
of you.”

They all three laughed now. Janet said, “Maybe you
should beat the shit out of me. I might actually be
able to learn from that kind of lesson.”

With the tension broken a little David said, “Janet, I
had a few crushes in high school, but there is only one
woman on earth I have ever truly loved. Are you willing
to work, and I mean work your ass off to get through
this? I am talking about professional counseling, and
some major behavior change.”

“David Parks, in spite of what I have done, I love you
with all my heart and I will do anything it takes to
make you want to stay with me. And I mean anything.”

“OK, first thing Monday we will find a reputable
marriage counselor and set up appointments. In the mean
time, I will check out of the hotel in the morning and
come back home. Sharon, since you drove, I need you to
take me back to the Marriott.”

Sharon returned home after dropping him off. By now it
was almost midnight, but Janet was still up. In fact,
she hadn’t slept but a couple of hours since David
walked out Thursday evening.

She sat down opposite her mom. “I can’t imagine what
happened to your so called mind. Dad worshipped you and
you shit on him. By the way, you didn’t mention that
you had the clap.”

“Sharon, this isn’t something I want to discuss with my

“Well I don’t know how it will end up with dad, but if
you ever want to have a relationship with me, and
someday with your grandkids, you damn well are going to
discuss it with me.”

Janet was shocked. She had not even thought about the
possibility that her beloved first born, her own
daughter would cut her out of her life. “Shit, I have
ruined everything, my life, your love, Jerry’s love,
and worst of all, David’s love.”

“You have hurt us all, hurt dad the worst, but it isn’t
ruined if dad is willing to at least talk to you. Now
what the hell happened?”

Janet went back to the start, to when Brad had first
moved to town and, and told Sharon the whole story. All
she left out were the details of the sex. When she
finished Sharon looked her right in the eye and said,
“Mom, I know you are not stupid because Jerry and I
didn’t get all our smarts from dad. But right now I
wonder how you were smart enough to live to get grown.
From what you just told me, you have been acting like
you had an IQ that equals you bra size. Did you ever
once think that this asshole might be just applying
enough oil to get you wet? Did you ever wonder why his
first marriage was such a failure that he had to leave
town and move here? I’ll bet he has a habit of fucking
middle aged women and that’s why his ex kicked his ass
out of Dallas.”

Janet’s brain cells finally began to function. ‘God
Damn It,’ she thought. When he gave her the clap, he
had certainly caught it from someone besides her in the
first place. She shared that thought with Sharon.
“Honey, you are right, I must be the stupidest woman on
earth to have fallen for his bullshit. If he hadn’t
been screwing other women, he wouldn’t have had
gonorrhea, and then given it to me. How am I going to
ever get your father to want me, much less touch me
again?” The tears started again. It seemed like all she
had done was cry since leaving the clinic.

Just as promised, David moved back home the next
morning. There was a high level of tension around the
house, but everyone was very polite and civil just to
keep from fighting. First thing Monday morning they
made an appointment with a woman who was supposed to be
one of the top marriage counselors in El Paso. The
first couple of sessions were very, very formal, but
Dr. Martin knew from the beginning, based on her
experience with hundreds of couples, that this marriage
was salvageable. They met with her every other week,
and they made good progress over the next three months.

By David’s 45th birthday, things were certainly not
perfect, but it looked like they would get past it all.
Janet stayed home that day and made a formal dinner,
complete with candles. She set the table with the good
China and crystal, and had bought a $200.00 bottle of
wine to complement the meal. She placed a romantic card
on his plate, addressed to ‘The World’s Most Perfect
Husband.’ When David read the address line, then read
the card, he walked around the table and kissed his
wife more deeply that he had in a long time.

After dinner they cleared the table, then she handed
him a small wrapped gift. “David, I told you I would do
anything and everything to make you happy. I truly
meant that when I said it, and I still mean it now.” By
the time he got the little package unwrapped she was
standing at the dining room door with her back to him,
looking over her shoulder.

David looked at the gift with a puzzled expression.
“What the hell is this? What am I supposed to do with a
tube of KY Jelly?”

“I told you I would do anything.” She pulled up her
skirt and wiggled her ass at him. She was wearing a
garter belt and hose, but no panties. She broke and ran
up the stairs with David right behind her. Her outfit
might not survive the night, but their marriage
certainly would. Yep, this was going to work out OK
after all.

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