A Close Friend’s Gift of Massage

We were close but nothing more then occasional flirting
had happened. I felt pretty comfortable around you and
am not all that shy about my body with you because we
have shared a few summers as friends and you have seen
me numerous times in bathing suits etc. Over the last
few months you had been certified as a masseuse, to make
some extra money and continue your interest in fitness.

You had on many occasions offered to give me a massage
so I finally decided to take you up on this offer of one
as a b day present since I love a professional massage
but they are a little expensive.

My husband is all for it because of his little secret
fantasy of seeing me with another man, he figures it
will be somewhat fun to watch me get a massage but he
has never had one and doesn’t realize how vulnerable you
are during one. He offers to make us a nice dinner while
I get the massage, which gives him a decent view into
the den.

You come over and after a little talk you set up the
massage table and ask me to get ready. I have gotten
massages before so I knew the drill, I went and took off
all my clothes and wrapped myself with a robe. I also
grabbed a large bath towel and came down. I realized
that the bath towels at massage places are a lot bigger
then mine but figured mine would do. You were very
professional when I got down asking me if any areas
bothered me more then others. I said no I needed every
inch massaged and I laughed.

Most massage people leave the room so you can strip and
get under the towel but since we were in the Den or
because we were friends you just turned around and told
me to get under the towel on my stomach. I did as you
said and covered my butt with the towel. You turned
around and shifted the towel lengthwise and folded it so
that my butt was covered but the rest of me was bare. I
have to a admit at this point I felt a little tingle
inside being so close to naked in front of you like

The massage goes well with a great amount of time spent
on my neck and shoulders and arms. As you pull my arms
and works them I realize that you may be getting a very
nice look at the sides of my breasts. I further realize
or feel that as you do my back your brushing the sides
of my breasts more then I remember ever happening during
a massage.

I figure its just me and continue to enjoy my massage.
As you get to my lower back you folds the towel down a
bit, I seems a bit low but I cant really tell without
turning around but my husband notices that a little
crack is showing. Once you do the lower back you move
the towel back up but then folds the side up giving
access to outer thighs. Again its hard to tell how far
the towel is but my husband notices that a little cheek
is showing on both sides and as you massages the sides
your hand also catch a bit of my ass.

I feel a little awkward at this point because I am not
sure if you’re taking a little advantage or I am
imagining it. Well I continue to enjoy the great massage
as you get to my legs. Now you fold the towel sides back
down and folds the bottom up a bit, it feels to me like
I am covered but I am not sure. Again my husband notices
the towel as it barely covers my rear.

As you work my legs I relax and enjoy it while my
husband becomes a little concerned. From his view point
he figures that every time you moves my leg a bit during
massage and bends a bit towards me you get a great view
of all of me under the towel. You continue this fine
work on my legs and feet. Your hands come up pretty high
on my thighs and at certain points spread my legs an
inch or two but never touch anything private. My husband
however is convinced as he watches that you have enjoyed
his view.

You complete the massage and tell me to flip over and I
notice that you have turned your back. I fail to notice
that you turned your back to get some more oil and as I
am turning under the towel you turn around. I was almost
under the towel when you did but I was pretty sure you
saw my right side all the way up. I was a bit taken back
by your quick turn but I didn’t say anything as you
acted so matter of fact about it like you didn’t see

I lie down and start to relax again as you do a great
job on my temples, head and shoulders. Then you fold my
towel sides up exposing sides of breasts, stomach,
thighs and butt. You start to massage my sides going
down, again I realize a slight side breast touch and
then you concentrate on my leg muscle.

As you finish the sides you slip your hands under the
towel and softly do my stomach area, now this feels
wonderful. Your hands go from just under my breasts,
down to my navel. You go quite low coming what feels
like very close to my pubic area.

While you are doing this I don’t realize it but the
towel moves quite a bit with your hand under it and my
husband notices a nipple exposed for a moment. You
finish my stomach and proceed to my legs, as before you
fold down the sides of towel and folds up bottom, again
I feel pretty covered as you do this but as when I was
on my stomach, your angle and leg movements will give
you an unobstructed view of my private area’s. You do a
great job on my legs and finish the massage. Then you
excuse yourself to wash your hands and I get up and
cover up.

I get dressed feeling pretty sexy and after a while you

My husband tells me what he thinks he saw but I dismiss
him as being overly suspicious.