Tasting Lora

I was 21 years old when I decided to finally try
sex with another girl. I had thought about it since I
was a pre-teen, but had never had the courage to
attempt anything, mainly because I was afraid the word
would get out all over town. A little background
My parents were in their mid 40’s when I was 21; I
had two sisters, Lora (18) and Lisa (18); My parents
were not open-minded about “alternate lifestyles”.

My sisters and I were not the most attractive
girls in school, but we weren’t homely either. We all
had long, brown hair, green eyes, and pale skin. At
21, I had a good figure (36C-24-37) and always had
guys sniffing around me. My sisters had hardly any
breasts at all and seemed to take after our mother who
was almost flat chested. All the women in the
household paraded around naked unless my father was
home, so we all were pretty familiar with each other’s
bodies. I had noticed on many occasions that Lora
would try to look at my naked body without getting
caught. I never let on that I knew, but I started
getting the feeling that she might like other girls
like I did.

Our house was located in an area that wasn’t in
the city, but not in the “country” either. We had
neighbors, but their houses were a minimum of one
hundred yard away, some further than that. Our pool
was located in the backyard, which was surrounded by a
tall privacy fence. All the women in the house swam
in the nude now and then, but we didn’t sunbathe at
all since we were so fair skinned.

My first, wonderful, sweet experience with
another girl was with my sister Lora, and it started
with us swimming naked on an early day in June. I had
been in the pool for a few minutes when Lora came
prancing out of the house, stark naked, and took a
header into the pool. We laughed and splashed each
other and had a great time for ten minutes or so. We
made our way to the shallow end of the pool and
lounged on the steps. I pretended to stretch, leaning
back and arching my back as far as I could, trying to
thrust my breasts out as far as possible but still
keep an eye on Lora. Sure enough, I noticed her
checking me out. When I finished stretching, I looked
closely at Lora and noticed that she seemed to be
crying a little.

I put my hand on Lora’a shoulder and asked her
what was the matter. Lora looked away for a moment,
then back at me. “Lydia, you are built so perfect. I
wish I had boobs like yours.” Even our mother had
commented on my looks from time to time, and we had
all made fun of me being a “Dolly Parton” on occasion,
but I had always thought it was good-natured fun, not
jealousy. I took a deep breath before replying,
“Lora, I think you look perfect just the way you are!
Why in the world would you want big boobs like me? I
think you have a better body than I do.”
Lora’s mouth flopped open and she laughed bitterly,
“How can you say that Lydia? Everyone looks at you
and wants you, wants to look like you and be like you.
Nobody wants me that way.” Before I knew what was
happening, I reached out and took Lora’s chin in my
hand and turned her to face me. “Lora, I want you
that way.”

The words were out of my mouth before I realized
what happened. I had fantasized about having sex with
my mother and both my sisters, but I always had doubts
about it ever happening, especially with my mother.
The looks that Lora gave me sometimes always made me
feel that she would be more receptive, but I still had
my doubts. Suddenly, the face that Lora made erased
all my doubts. “Lydia, I figured that you liked
women, but I wasn’t sure. I like women too.” I was a
little shocked and asked her how she knew I liked
women. Lora laughed a little and smiled, “Lydia, we
would be at the mall together and you would be
checking out all the good looking girls. I never saw
you checking out guys.”

Lora and I sat in the pool and talked a bit. We
both seemed to want another woman so bad, but we had
been afraid to say anything to anybody. We both had
suspicions about two girls in school, but were just
too afraid to approach them. I reached out and pulled
Lora to me and we hugged a little, not a sexual type
hug, but a hug between sisters. However, we both
seemed to realize that we were hugging and stark naked
at the same time. I looked deeply into Lora’s eyes
and made the suggestion that we could have fun
together and nobody else would have to know. Lora
smiled at me and got out of the pool. She looked over
her shoulder at me, smiled, winked, and started
walking to the house. I watched her for a second,
then started following her, marvelling at her perfect,
bare ass.

Lisa was away at summer camp, and our parents
were at work till 6:00 PM or later. I looked at the
clock when we went inside and saw that it was almost
noon. My heart felt like it would pound itself right
out of my body as I followed Lora up the stairs. I
was a little surprised when Lora went into the big
bathroom, but I followed her anyway. Lora sat down on
the toilet and I heard her pee hit the water. I
looked at her face and noticed her smiling at me, so I
smiled back. For some reason, me standing there,
naked, watching her peeing was turning me on so much!
Lora finished and stood up without wiping herself. I
moved to the toilet and sat down with her standing
right next to me. I moaned a little as I started
peeing and I felt flushed as Lora’s hand found its way
to my back and started rubbing me, up and down. I
flushed the toilet as I stood up, and Lora moved to
the shower and turned the water on.

To this day, I can still remember how quiet we
were, standing naked together, waiting for the water
to reach the right temperature. Lora looked at me and
I felt an overwhelming lust for her, wanting her so
badly. I moved to her and hugged her naked body to
mine, rubbing her back, then her naked ass. We both
seemed to take a deep breath, then started kissing.
To be honest, my whole body felt like it was on fire
at that moment. Lora’s body felt hot to my touch,
almost too hot! We finally broke our embrace and
climbed into the shower together, where we took our
time cleaning our bodies from top to bottom. The
single defining moment for me was when I was soaping
Lora’s pussy and I slipped my middle finger inside.

We finished our shower and dried each other with
big, thirsty towels. I noticed that Lora’s look was
VERY intense as she dried my breasts. I smiled and
held them for her, offering my stiff nipples to my
sister. Lora giggled and bent down to suck one
nipple, then the other. I closed my eyes and my head
was spinning as I felt her hot mouth on my sensitive
nipples. I groaned when Lora stopped sucking and
started walking out of the bathroom. Once again, I
followed her.

Lora and I wound up in her bedroom at the end of
the long, upstairs hallway. I remember trembling and
not being able to stop. Lora and I climbed onto her
bed and kissed, nuzzled, massaged and explored each
other. We both seemed to be working ourselves to a
frenzy, relishing each other’s tastes and smells. I
finally took the initiative and found myself looking
at my sister’s pussy, moving closer and closer to it
till her pubic hair was touching my face. I moved
around so that I could lie between her legs and start
licking her pussy for the very first time, but not the
last, to be sure. I cleary remember tasting my
sister’s pussy for the first time and thinking to
myself, “God, this is what I’ve been wanting!” The
smell and taste seemed to be perfect in every way. I
had tasted my own pussy juice before, but Lora’s
seemed to be so much better than mine.

I had dreamed about licking and sucking a willing
pussy, but I didn’t have the experience. I guess my
youthful enthusiasm made up for my lack of experience
because Lora finally came, moaning and groaning, her
body was writhing while I held on for dear life.
Afterwards, be both sighed, then started laughing. We
laughed till we cried, then laughed some more. Lora
finally surprised me by climbing between my legs and
started giving as good as she got, if not better! I
noticed that Lora was using her fingers inside me
while she licked and sucked my clit, which drove me
insane! I made a mental note to do the same for her
next time. I came harder than ever before when Lora
slipped one of her slender fingers into my asshole
while her tongue moved up and down my wet slit.

Lora and I stayed in bed together, cuddling and
kissing, laughing and talking. We talked about what
we wanted to try next time, and wound up in a very hot
69. Lora tried the top position first, then I tried
it for awhile. We both came again, then one more
I looked at the clock and noticed that it was almost
5:00 PM. Yikes! We ran to the shower and quickly
washed ourselves again, pausing to kiss a couple of
times. We both giggled as we groped each other and
had a blast. Our parents finally came home to find us
watching TV together. (With our clothes on, of